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c .
William Glnsroann, Publisher.
it:6LabMsbed 1870)
Tbis paper will always fight for
progress and reform. It will not know
ingly tolerate Injustice or corruption
and will alwavs fight demagogues of
all parties, it' will oppose privileged
classes tad public plunderers. It will
nover lack sympathy wi 'he poor,
it will alwavs remain devoted to the
pnhHc welfare and will never lie sat
isfies with merely printing news. It
will alwayR be, drastically independ
ent and will never be afraid to attack
wrong, whether committed by the
rich or the poor.
The official paper of Ogden City 1
anu Weber County, All legal notices
authorized by law to be published bj
eu Id city and county will appear ex
clusively In the Evening Standard.
Callfornians are not disposed to re-j
ceive Bryan as an Instructor. They
view the coming of the secretary oi j
state as 6omewhaf of an Intrusion, ol-j
though they are willing to accord hiui
a respectful hearing.
The Sun Francisco Call serves no
tice that there must be no attempt on
the part of the national administra
tion to play politics, declaring
"President Wilson has asked thai
no legislation be had on alien land
bills until Secretary of State Bryan
can reach Sacramento for the purpose
of counseling and co-operating with :
the governor and the leglalature in J
framing a law to suit the people of the :
state and that shall leave untouched
the International obligations of the j
"Courtesy to the thief executive of j
the nation will naturally lead the'
state to comply with the president s
request At the same time It should
be very clearly noted that the federal
administration perhaps not Mr. Wil
son personally, but the very astute
and able politicians who are nearest I
to him is playing a very clever game ,
of politics at the expense of the peo-j
pie of California
"If the president and his advisers
will confess openly what we are very
much Inclined to believe in the real
truth, that they are as wholly Ignor
ant of the facts and reasons behind
the alien land bills as they have virtu-
' ally acknowledged themselves to be
concerning Alaskan affairs, and if th
administration sends Bryan here for
I educative purposes, then not only he
but the rest of the cabinet will be
very welcome at Sacramento.
"If Secretary Bryan comes only a-
the bearer of the state department's
Interpretation of our treaties, he will
he listened to with respect, and Btteh
consideration as may bo given to hiu
desires will be given.
"But if Secretary Bryan is coming
here to gne us some silver tonpu' i
oratory, he will do well to conMne Ilia
rcmarkB to the benefits which I '
fornla will receive from the Democrat
ic tariff on lemons.
This state Is In no mood to be ,lec
i tured by schoolmasters or by lay
preachers. There ie a very manifest
Intent that politic shall be played
with a dangerous situation Those
who are so inclined should keep in
mind the fact that the animal which
represents California is not the goat,
but the grizzlv bear
When South America showed hos
tility toward this country Secretary
Root was sent there to allay feeling
and succeeded When Central Amer
ica was lately in a turmoil Secretaiy
Knox was sent there to pacify the tnr
buk-M elements, and did so It the
administration thinks that Japan is
all wrought up in feeling on account
bf California's proposed land legisla- j
tion. it should not be satisfied to have
Mr. Uryan stop in Sacramento, biK j
should keep him eoing on to Tokio "
The get-together meeting at the
Weber club last evening was voted
a success by all present, who ac
cepted It as the first step in bring
ing about a unity of action in the up
building of the cltv.
The speakers pointed out thai the
people of Ogden do not smg the
praises of this city as they should,
that much they might say by way of
"boost" is left unsaid. In Los An
geles, and elsewhere on the coast II
WB pointed out. there is an atmos
phere of glorification which is in-(
fectloue, even to bootblacks joining
in the laudation That the spirit of self -USertfreneM
should be manifested
in this part of Utah, wns the con
tends of opinion of those at the
banquet tables
One of the speakers said the truth j
is good enough in describing the re- j
sources and opportunities in this re-
gion. and be was right. Nowhere arc
more promising conditions to be
found by the Industrious than here
We must have more faith In the I
merits or our cause and then the
boosting spirit will expand
Any one who has traveled much,
will tell you that Ogden. in the greal
bend in the Wasatch mountains. Is'
one of the most picturesquely lo
cated cities in the United States; that :
the climate is incomparable neither j
too cold in winter nor too warm in
Ton are sure nf style there is not a more Up-to-date shoe
made comfort is assured on account of their perfect luting
iualities, and their wearing ability is well known
Nobody ever heard of a Packard shoe giving anything but
abotdute satisfaction.
ret out shoes shincd at our shine parlor
,I,IM, H M TffH mil IS HM-SJI
II Excursions East
Chicago $56.50 i Omaha $40.00
St. Louis $52 00 ; Kansas City $40.00
Memphis $59.85 ! Denver . '". $22 50
Peoria $55.40 1 Colorado Springs ... $22.50
St Paul $56.70 I Pueblo $22.50
Proportionate Rates to Other Points.
May ' 7, 8, 10. 17. 24. 31
June 3, 7, 13, 14, 21, 28
July 2, 5, 10, 19, 23; 31
August 1, 9, 11, 16, 22; 28
September 10, 11
Diverse Routes Liberal Stopovers
Union Pacific
Automatic Electric Block Safety Signal Protection.
For further particulars regarding rates, routes, train service and for
descriptive literature, call at, phone 'or address
ljCf v 2514 Washington Ave. Phone 2500
V-W PAUL L BEEMER, City Passenger and Ticket Agent.
summer to be other than invigorat
ing; that the pure nnd unlimited wa
ter supply Is a priceless gift of na
mre perhaps not surpassed in any
other part of the United Stntea; that)
ths soil adapter! to all the products
of the temperate zone, including all
the fruits. Is nowhere excelled, that
the railroad facilities are most In
viting: and that the people are hos
pitable, intelligent and progressive.
Nothing more Is needed, esoept
that the people themselves reoognlse
those many advantages and begin to
proclaim their blessings from tho
Now thai was i he spirit of the
meeting si 'he n'ebcr club Inst nigh'
and the Standard hereby subscribes
to that sentiment, knowing that by
a campaign of earnest effort, sup
ported by this faith In the future or
the city. Ogden can be made to grow
and prosper as never before.
The United States supreme court
has declared that federal courts have
' not the power to set aside verdicts
! of juries This is a sweeping re
iersal of a practice which has been
' common lu all the courts. Here in
Utah Judges frequently declare thei
verdicts of Juries to be excessive in
damage cases against the great cor
porations. If it Is contrary to the
constitution for a federal judge to
override the judgment of a Jury, then
It must be unconstitutional for any
judge, high or low. to commit a sim
ilar abuse of constitutional rights
Followed to its logical conclusion
this means also that no Utah judge
has ihe riKht to take a case out of
a jury's hands or to enforce an in
structed crdlct The supieme court
holds that there can be no higher
method of obtaining Justice than that
accorded in a trial by jury
An eastern paper, reviewing thia
reformation in court procedure, says:
"Singularly, Justice Holmes, who
complained only the day before of a
sfere and painful heartache resulting
from the bitter criticisms of the
American people against the judicial v
in a minority opinion dissenting from
the ruling of the fitful majority, has
put himself right where he may get
a more severe pain in the heart
Justice Holmes says the decision is
wrong, although the fitful majority
against which our once velj -known
fellow citizen, William H Taft. sor
rowfully and angrily declaimed, says
It's right.
"If this light keeps breaking through
we may. In time, expect even to see
judges forbidden from suppressing j
evidence thai would convict even
when it is desired that the culprit (
be nor convicted.
"There have been cases in which
verdicts made by Judges have de
stroyed much of thp faith of the
American people in their system of
dealing out law The popular, but
erroneous, conception has been that
the courts were courts of justice It
is since the people have come to un-j
derstand that the courts are courts of
law. not justice, that the judges have
' been getting heartaches
The people want courts of Justin
' not law They have had about all
the law they can stand. Now they
I want justice And justice is what j
! they will get They are on the road
to it The ruling of the supreme
I court that judges shall no longpr set
; aside verdicts is one great proof
"Isn t It just a little singular, too
that the supreme court should have
I forbidden this autocratic practice of
; judges on the ground that it Is a clear
violation of the seventh amendment
to the constitution''
"Isn't it strange, or is it strange;
that the very men who hae talked
most of the constitution as the bul
wark, the safeguard, of our instltu
i tions should be the very men to vio
late that safeguard, to tear down that
bulwark, and ravish the rights of the
"How much can we expect from
judges who have deliberately violat
ed the sacred constitution'1 How
much, and what, may we expect form
judges who didn t even know they
were violating that sacred organic
law about which they prate so much''
But when the supreme court can
I make progress, when the supreme
I court can see a light, and make B
change we may expect almost any
thing ' Nothing ought to surprise us
Mining company gives notice of an as
sessment of 2 cents a share, delin
quent April 26 4-2C-13
hearing in the petition of bank
ruptcy of Ua id V. Wood will be held
in Salt Lake on April 30 4 30-11
I The Utah Fire Clav company is to
hold a meeting on May 7, for the pur
pose of changing its articles of in
corporation The Mullet Kelly company of Salt
Lake is to hold a meeting May 16 to
consider Changing name of company
to Kelly ( lothing company and to
increase capital stock
An election is hereby called and
will be held In each of the munici
pal wards of Ogden City at the poll
ing places hereinafter designated, on
the 2nd day of May. A. D 1913. be
tween the hours or seven o'clock a
m and seven o'clock p. m.. of said
dav durinc which time the polls will
remain open in each of said wards
for the purpose of submitting to the
taxpayers of said Ogden City school
district, entitled to vote thereat, and
voting upon, ihe question of whether
or not bonds of said district in the
amount of seventy -five thousand!
(75,000.00) dollars, each of the do-j
nomination ol one thousand ($1,000.- j
00) dollar bearing interest at the
rate of four and one-half per cent 1
per annum from date of issue pay
sble semi-annually, n accordance
wiUi interest coupons to be attached '
thereto and running for ; period of
twenty (20) years, with reservation of
the right to redeem said bonds, or i
any of them, nt an time after fpn i
years from date of issue, shall be
issued and sold to raise money for
the building of a gymnasium within
the limits of said city, and supplying
the same with furniture nnd neces-
sary apparatus, and for building oth
er public school buildings within Og- i
den City, If the same be found nec
essary. The following are hereby designat
ed as the polling places at said elec- i
tion within said wards, respectively
First municipal ward, at the 1'in
gree school, corner of 30th street and
Plngree avenue.
Second municipal ward, at 'he
Grant school, west side of Grant ave
nue, between 22nd and 23rd streets
Third municipal ward, at the Mound
Fort school, corner of 12th street and
Washington avenue.
Fourth municipal ward, at the Mad
ison school, east side of Madison ave
nue between 24th and 25th streets.
Fifth municipal ward, at the Lewis
school, south side of 28th street, be
tween Washington and Adams ave
nues And the following named persons
have been appointed as Judges of elec
tion thereat, namely.
For the First municipal ward R D.
PlncoCk, Mrs. Alice Collins. Henrv
M Mack
For the Second municipal ward. Da
vid W. Evans, J. E Williams. W L
For the Third municipal ward. Da
vid M Shaw, Henry Barker, W W
For the Fourth municipal ward, J.
w Wlntle, n. c. Wardlelgh, Walter
For the Fifth municipal ward C
H, Huesey, J A. Junk J. W Wil
cox. By order of toe board of education
of Onden it v rtah
pril 19, 1913, date of first publica
tion May 1. 1913, date of last publica
utlce Is hereby given by the Board
of Commissioners of Ogden City
Utah, of the intention of said Board
to make the following described im
plements, to-wit:
To create Brinker avenue from 25th
to 26th streets. Wall avenue from 20th
to 21st streets. 2'ith street from
Washington to Wall avenue as a
sewer district, and to build therein
pipe sewers connei ting with the raan
holes of the present sower system
and with such other manholes a6 may
be necessary, and to defray the whole
of the cost thereof, estimated at $4,
5G0.00, bj a local assessment on the
lots or pieces of ground lving and
being within the following district,
being the district to be benefited or
affected by said improvements, viz:
All the land lying between the out
er boundary lines of said street and
avenues, and a line drawn L32 feet
outward from and parallel to the said
cuter boundary lines.
All protests and objections to the
carrying out of such intention must
be presented In writing to the cltv
recorder on or before the 3uth day
of April. 1913. at 10 o'clock a m., that
being the time set for said Board ot
'"orxmissloners when they will hear and
consider such objections as may be
made thereto at the Mayor's office,
at the City Hall Ocden City, Utah.
By order of th Board of Commis
sioners of Ogden City Utah dated
this, the 7th day of April, 1913.
A G fell. Mayor
If. J, GRAVEN, Citv Engineer.
First publication April 9th, 1913.
Last publication. May 1st, 1913.
the Second judicial district In and
'for the county of Weber, state of
i Utah
R T Harris, plaintiff, s Melvin A.
I Hunter nnd Elsie M Hunter his wife.
W. A. Kulp. I F Splker, Doren Per-
i rine, W E. N'aylor, F A Naylor, W
R Naylor. G. 0. Naylor. Lester O.
Naylor and Jane Doe Naylor his wife.
, defendants. Sheriff's sale.
To be sold at sheriff's sale on the
'ith day of Mn T 1913. at 12
.o'clock noon, at the front door of the
county court house In Ogden City.
1 Weber county, Utah, the real prop-
I erty and premises situate, ijrihg and
being in Weber countv. Utah, to wit
A part of lot 33 block 10. South
Ogden sunej of Ogden City survey;
beginning 400 feet n of a certain
monument marked "S L L. 33." lo
cated at the Intersection of the s
line of said lot 33 and tne w tine oi
Grant avenue, thence n 50 feet, thence
w. 180 foot, more or less, to alley,
thence south 1 degree 4 feet, e BO
feet, thence e. 179 feet, more or less,
to place of beginning; located in Og
den City, Weber county. Utah.
Dated at Ogden City. Weber coun
ty, Utah, this 17th dav of April. 1913.
Sheriff of Weber Countv. Utah.
By T. A. De Vine. Deputy Sheriff.
Weber countv. state of Utah.
Frank Smejka), plaintiff, VS. Man
Smejkal, defendant Summons.
The State of Utah to the Said De
fendant You are hereby summoned to ap- .
pear within twenty days after serv- ,
ice of this summons upon you. if
served within the county in winch this
I action is brought, otherwise, within
thirty days after service, and defend,
the above entitled action; and in case,
of your failure so to do. Judgment
Will be reudered against you accord-j
ing to the demand of the complaint
which has been filed with the clerrs
of said court.
This action is brought to recover
a Judgment dissolving the bonds of
matrimony heretofore existing be
tween you and the plaintiff
Plaintiff' Attorney
P. O. address, rooms 50. HO and
oil First National Bank building. Og
den, Utah
Weber county, state of Utah.
Thelma Davis, plaintiff, vs Samuel
.1 Davis, defendant Summons.
The State ot Utah to the Said De
fendant :
You are hereby summoned to ap
pear within 20 days after tiervlce of
i his summons upon you. if served
within the county in which this ac
tion Is brought. otherwise within
thirty day? j-fter service, and defend
the above entitled action; and in case
of your failure so to do. Judgment will
be rendered acainst von according to:
the demand of the complaint, which i
has been filed with the clerk of said
This action is brought to recover
a judgment dissolving the marriage
contract now and heretofore existing
between you and the plaintiff.
Plaintiff's Attorney
P 0 address, 241 Washington ave
nue. Ogden. Utah
First publication, April 5. 1913.
Whereas the Merchants I iht &
Power company, a corporation, Is QOW
the owner of that certain franchise
granted by Ogden City. Utah. In an
ordinance passed by llie City Council
or Ogden. Utah, on February s, 1911,
and approved by the mayor of Ogden
I Ity, Utah, on February 9, 1011, giv
ing to A L Brewer, J S Lewis. M B.
Browning, Joseph Scowcroft, J N
SpnrRo and A T Wright the right to
construct, maintain and operate an
electric beating, lighting and power
system within the limits of Ogden
Whereas, in and by Section 10 (Sub
division A) of said franchise, it Is
provided that should the grantees or
their successors or assigns after bs
Ing constructed and put In operation
an electric plant nnd distributive sys
lem for electric current as herein con
templated, desire to sell the same,
then and in that event. Ogden City
shall have an option to purchase It at
n prire equal to any bona fide offer
v. hlch can be obtained from other par
ties; provided, however, that after no
flee of such offer, the city must, with
In ninety days, elect to purchase, and
must within six months after such
eleition pay to said grantees the pur
chase price of said plant; and
Whereas, the said Merchants' Light
& Power company, a corporation, has
constructed and put In operation an
electric planl and distributive system
for electric current. a6 contemplated
in said franchise; and
Whereas the said Merchants' Light
& Power company, a corporation, de
sires to sell said electric plant and
distributive system, and has an offer
ior the purchase of said system by tiv
Utah PoweT & Light company a cor
poration, nnd has applied to Ogden
City for the privilege of making such
sale; and
Whereas. Ogden City is not now in
8 position financially to purchase said
electric plant and distributive system,
and is not able to purchase the sanie
and will not be in such financial con
dition or able to purchase the same
within the next ninety days, or to pay
i or the same at any time within six
months after the expiration of the
next rfljtetj days as specified in said
ordinance; and
Whereas, if Ogden City insists up
on the terms of said Section in .Sub- I
division a. it can only detoy th
hv said Merchants Light k y?YJ
I'm any of said electric
trlbutlve system. ic.hnu I' beor ifs
out advantage to Ogden City or ITS
C,NowSt'herefore. be it resolved by j he
board of commissioners of Ogden Citjr
Utah that the said Merchants Light
A Power company be authorised and
permitted to sell Its said plant an
distributive system at this time at d
h? privileges and rights reserved to
ole n Sty In Section 10 (Subdivision
i) of said franchise be and th same
arc- hereby waived for the purpose of
SiS transfer; provided that the said
Utah Power & Light company In re
oerving and taking the transfer of said
propel undertakes and agrees O
SSS nut and complete all contrac s
heretofore made with Ogden ( ttjjbf
the said Merchants Light ft Vo"r
rompanv; and provided further that
the said Ogden City does not waive
any rights reserved to it In said ord.
nance "covering any future transfer
or transfers, should any be made
A. O. FELL. Mayor
Presented Commissioners and
adopted March 4. 1913
GEO A SEAMAN. City Recorder
State of Utah. County of Weber, ss
I George A. Seaman. City Recorder
of Ogden City , do hereby certify th"
the foregoing is a full, true and cor
rect copy of a resolution adopted and
passed bv the Board of Commission-
era of Ogden City. Utah, on the 4th
day of March. 1918, as appears of rec
ord in my office.
In witness whereof 1 have hereunto
set mv hand and affixed the corporate
seal of Ogden City. Utah, this 24th
dav of April. A D 1913.
GEO A SEAMAN. City Recorder.
I wish to announce to the public
thai the Ladies' Grill Room Is no W
running in connection with the Stim
son Cafe, 2482 Washington Ave.
The largest hydro-electric power
house in the world will le at Keokuk,
la, where the Mississippi will be
hcrnessed to give 300.000 horse pow
er Thirty mammoth vertical genera
tors are now being made by the Gen
eral Electric company
The cotton mills of North Carolina
are rapidly adopting motor drive. In
stead of large power plant and shaft
drive small motors are being coupled
to Individual machines. This gives
greater speed in operation, better ser
vlce ease of control ami economy of
Read the Classified adl
Ghent. Belgium, April 26. King
Albert of the Belgians, opened the
international exposition here this
morning The ceremony took place
in the palace of festivities.
Omaha, April 26. Secretary of
State Bryan stopped in Omaha half an
hour this morning en route to Sacra
Read the Classified Ads
Capital 150,000.00 I
Undivided profltt
and surplus 350,000.00 B
O e post ts 3,500,000.00 I
B M. S. Browning, Pres.; U R, I
B Eccles, Vice Pre.; Q. h. I
I Tribe, Vice Pres., John Wat- B
on, Vice-Pros.: John Plngree, B
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s3p lliiwi' T1 manufactuurers make nn
(Bk SB claims of hair growing qualities
Mr or curative value for Herpicide. But
V 0 e accomPanyin letter from Mrs.
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- Tw comes voluntarily and unsolicited, is
V -asSIBSa s a glowing tribute to the wonderfuul
00 power for good concealed in this
v well known scalp prophylactic.
Luverne. Ala.. Feb 16 1913.
I want to gi. e my testinion- on the wonderful results of usIiik Herpicide December
14th, 1011, we adopted a little girl from the Orphanage. Her head was almost cntiiH cov
red with what wt" term Bcald head." one side being entirely bald I uned every rented) I
eer read or heard of including i-hysician's prescriptions but they availed nothinu At last in
desperation ?nd as an experiment, because It ish't advertised for that, I began on Herpicide.
The first few applications stopper the itching. After using two and a half bottles she was
entirely cured. ;
1 wish you coub. see her hair (f 1 had used an., mure Herpl de I don'l know what
we would have done with It ps she already has hair enough for two. The bald places are
well covered and it Is peculiar that all the new hair is curly while the old half is BtralgHt
The child, whose name is Klcurtls is now eight ears old aud calls herself the "Herpicido
LJirl." MRS. C. K SHARP.
Each tliiy reveals marvelous and astonishing results achieved bj the itee of KT,KO'S
HERPICIDE' There are surprises in every Ix.ttle vfhicii iriay be experienced iv th one wliq uses
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' Herpicide eliminates all dandruff, stops itching of the scalp and prevents the hair 1
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