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our line of men's shlrte for spring
la very attractive patterra nW
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to (5.
j! NYE'S
St. Louis, Mo.. April 25. The name
of former Senator Joseph W. Bailey
of Texas was brouRht Into the pro
ceedings In ihe suit of the National
Bank of Commerre of St louis to re
cover $1,500,000 worth of stock in tho
Nashville Terminal Rallwa) compnn..
here today. A statement ma made
that without the knowledge of the
bank direr tors the stork whs taken
out of the bank and sent to Senator
Bailey, the statement continued,
placed the stock in the Standard Trust
company of New York, vrtaere II re
mained three years Then it
drawn out by the Tennessee Con-i
struetion company and turned over to ,
Henry Clay Pierce of St. Louis.
Stock Was to Secure Loan.
The statement was made by George
Lockett Edwards, attorney for the
bank, at the hearing: before Hugo
Mueneh. special commissioner to take
testimony in the suit
The terminal stork, said Attorney
Edwards, was taken by the Tennessee
Construction company as security for (
the building of the terminals, and in
1904 vvas pledged b tho construction
company as security for a loan froftf
the National Bank of Commerce
I In the suit it is charged that lO.Oitii
shares of 'he stork were withdrawn
from the bank by Pierce or his agents
while the loan was still unpaid The
suit Is to recover this stock or Its
equivalent, $1,00.000.
Henry Clay Pierce testified that he
had become involved to the extent of
nearly $7,000,000 through mlspl u ed
confidence in the late J C Van Blar
com, former president of the bank.
i oo
San Francisco, April 2; Fight
Promoters Fted Hawes and Frank
O'Shea reported last night to Oscar
Hocks, chairman of the supervisors'
police committee, that Chief of Po
lice A. D. White had demanded from
them twenty-five tickets for the Hob
McAllister-Paddy Lavln fight, held
earlier in the evening The promot
ers said he got the tickets by threat -enlug
to stop the fight.
White, when questioned by the re-
porters, did not deny he held asked
for the tickets He said the y had1
been for twenty-five plain clothes j
men assigned to attend the fight to
prevent gambling
The police committee said today
thf matter would be investigated.
Gct-Togcther Meeting Proves a Great Success and Good Results
Are Predicted Three-Minute Talks by Leading Citl2ens of the
Community .How Ogden Is to Enjoy Greater Prosperity
Fifty representative business men
of Ogden met at the Weber club last
evening, rubbed elbows, partook of a
delicious dinner and boosted the city
In short talks
In addition to telling i n their ad
1 dresses jU6t what Ogden has that
rr ik s it a good city, several live
j wire sugestlona were made as to how
to make It a belter cltj
Governor William Spry was the
guest ol honor and hfl struck B pop
ular chord when he commended the
I commissioners and the Weber club for
the part they had played In settling
I the South Fork reservoir controversy
His reference to the happy ending of'
that difficulty met with applause from
I all present
The condition of the various streets
in tho city was another subject which
, came in for attention in the address- :
I es of three of the speakers and it was
J the general sentiment that good city
j roads should be one of the objects of (
I concerted boosting on the part of the
' citizens
H. M Rowe president of the We
ber club, was the toastmaster and he1
served efficiently in that capacity. In
brief, he outlined "Our Aim" by stat-1
ing that it is the policy of the We
ber club to let the world know that :
near Ogden Is the best fruit land In
the world; that the county Is a rich
agricultural district; that Ogden is!
the center of the canning industry,
thai the railroad pay roll in Ogden
is two anil one-half millions of dol-
lars annually and that Ogden cauvon
Is one of the most beautiful gorges;
In the world.
W. E Sanderson struck a keynote
when he urged that all citizens of the
city "get together " The "get to
gether" spirit mUBl be aroused, he
said, before great things can be done
in any city Declaring that the We
ber club off r every business man
an opportunity to absorb that spirit,
he urged that committee men of the
rlub call on those merchants who
have not united with the organization
and convince them by an abundance
of data that it Is to their advantage :
In lnln
"Quityurklkln" was Ihe toast re
sponded to bv C A Wright The
people of Ogden must become boost
ers before outsiders can be con
vinced of the desirability ot this city,
was the substance of bis speech He
declared that there are enough solid
facts concerning Ogden to convert
outsiders without relying on enthu
siasm alone He illustrated the point
by relating the story of a bootblack
in Los Angeles who was so imbued
with the spirit of boost that be told
his customers the town was so good
he wore out a cash register every
three weeks
Governor Spry Talks
Governor Spry prefaced his remarks
by stating that there Is an tangible;
spirit in Ogden that he experiences'
upon his visits and that be knew by
experience that there Is never an Og
denite who Will permit anyone to say j
I TheTopnlar Taste
runs to sweet things, provided they are pure, and there is noth
! ing purer than our fresh CANDIES and CHOCOLATES They
are purely and cleanly made of pure ingredients, and make,
delicious eating for young and old. Try a small quantity, then
i you will want more.
To top off that Sunday dinner to make it complete to
satisfy the call of every palate for the delicious dessert,
there is but one answer Try our QUALITY CREAM.
Orpheum Candy Company
Next Door to Orpheum Theater.
fl The season is now opened up for
i Rubber Heels at ihe OGDEN 8HOE
A REPAIR FACTORY. Rubber heels.
(SEW: PaLES 75 5ic
) All kinds of shoe repairing done
j while you wait- All work guaranteed
I and neatly done at 323 24th St
' a derogatory word about the city
without being called to account.
Mentioning Ihe canyon, the fruit,
the canneries and other feutures of
Ogden, he listed water as one of the
! resources and declared that the enm
; mission and committee did a most
commendable thing when they assur
ed the city and county of an Inex
BUStlble supply of wafer.
The governor declared that Brlgham
Young proved himself to be the or
iginal booster for Utah when he
urged. "We must produce markets at
home." Hp urged that homo Indus
tries be patronized, but he stated
that business principles must prevail
and that It Is not business to pay
more to get Utah goods when the
products of other manufacturers can
be more cheaply purchased
Declaring that If Utah ndvertlsed
for settlers, not by any fake Irrlga
tlon schemes or other tricks some
times practiced, that the state will
grow, despite the excessive freight
rates thut have hindered the develop
ment of the Intermountaln country
In conclusion, he urged that the
commercial clubs of the state take
the work of inducing the boys and
girls of I'tah to remain in their own
state and not give to some other
community the benefits of their brains
or muscles.
Wholesale Unity.
George Goddard was introduced by
I the toastmaster as one of our young
1 er successful manufacturers and he
, responded to the toast ' Wholesale
i Unity." Stating that although he had
been in business In Ogden only a
year, that time Is long enough, he
said, to convince him that he made
no mistake in coming to this city He
pointed out the advantages that would
result when all business men of the
city become acquainted with each
other, and he urged that other meet
ings similar to the one of last even
ing be held when the purpose of the
gathering shall be to introduce thfl
bUBlnesa men of the city to each other
Commissioner Nye Witty.
Commissioner .T C Nye spoke on
'Ogden, the ("in " lie congratulat
ed the Weber club upon conducting
BUCb a meeting, stating that aCQUalnl
a nee begets friendship and friendship
brings confidence and that confidence
Is what ever cltv needs.
He referred wittily to the rom
i plaints that come in concerning the j
.streets and said that in one way the
bad streets proved that Ogden la
growing because In many Instances
the bumps in the road are made by j
the plumbers who excavate to place ;
' pipe? for Ihe numerous houses and
' buildings that are being erected in j
the cltv
A. R Heywood Speaks.
. A. R. Heywood stated that no mat
. , ter what Is going on in California,
. ! every person who comes to Utah Is
.sure of a square deal Urging that
the boosters should get behind one
idea at a time and boost it to a BUC
' cessful conclusion, he stated that a
I joint city and county building is one
ihiug that should be pushed along.
When he asked wh It is that there
is no Southern Pacific city ticket of
I fice since the order of dissolution
was partially obeved, President Rowe
assured the speaker that the subject
I had been taken up with the railroads
J and that results may be expected at
any moment,
j His remarks that Salt Lake waited
1 until some wealthy Union Pacific
I stockholder died and the Inherltanco
tax was collected before improve
ments were commenced, brought a
good laugh from the diners In con
clusion, he urged that a broad mind
ed policy be followed to prevent the
city from becoming a one-idea town.
Suggestions by J T. Hurst.
J T lllir;! in his .-irlflrpas "Wh
Not Boost," referred In a humorou
' manner to some of the fallings of l!7?
city that are known to all and sug
gested that it would be good adver
tising to erect a welcome arch on
Twenty-fifth street near the depot
! Ho was assured bv Dr Rowe that
such a project had been planned and
would be carried out after the white
way and similar projects had been
successfully concluded.
Urges Compromise.
Ralph Bristol suggested that "Stick
Together" is perhaps an appropriate
I subject for a cemeut man He stated
J that almost every subject had been
, covered by tho speakers before him
I but his suggestions were that the spir
it of compromise should exist when
; public questions are before the peo
i pie. Only by compromise, he Btated,
can the really great work go on 1I
urged the minority to gracefullv yield
when their failure to do so will pre-
vont some public improvement from
going on to a successful conclusion
Our Ideals.
"Our Ideals." said the Rev. V. YV.
I Fleetwood "Are first, a greater Og
I den, second a cleaner Ogden ana
I third, a united Ogden."
He pointed out the difference be
tween boosting and boasting by stat
ing that the boaster points with pride
to what has been done while the
booster turns his eyes to the front
I Wanted, 1,000 Lawn Mowers!
To Make Like New
Motorcycle and bicycle work a specialty. All kinds of novelty work.
If you have a patent to workout, we do it in private.
I Ogden Novelty Works
! 2576 Washington Ave. Phone 794
and striven to do something that will
eclipse the results of lnc past
A clean city he said Is not clean
merely because the streets are flush
ed dally and the back yards are raked
and sw. pt. but that a "citv is clean In
tho same sense that we say a man
is clean He said that no lasting
good enn result to a city thnt depends
for prosperity upon the revenues ac
cruing from ce.
He stated that the third ideal of a
united Oden Is In a fair way to be
ing u realized and he rejoiced that
bickerings over religion are a thing
of the past He stated, humorously,
thai few of us hae enough religion
to fight about and those that do have
sufficient religion do not fight
Music by Quartette.
Music throughout ihe evening was
furnished by a quartette composed of
Carl Allison. Jed Ballantyne. Leo Mad
sen and George Douglass The songs
were "Drink To Me Only With Thine
Eyes.' "Sighing for You." and "Loves
Old Sweet Song" All were applaud
ed. President H M. Rowe. in introduc
ing the Blngers, paid an excellent
tribute to the Tabernacle choir He
stated that tho members of the quar
tette are members of the Ogden Tab
ernacle choir, one of the two best
choirs In the world The statement
W8C greeted with applause.
Mayor A G. Fell could not be pres
ent but he sent a communication that j
was read by Secretary J. I" Larson
of the Publicity bureau, calling atten
tion to the conditions in the city
streets and urging that good streets
be one of the objects of concerted
boosting The reading of the lelter,
which follows, brought forth applause
Mayor's Message
"Secretary Ogden Publicity Bureau
Dear Sir Replying to yours of the
22&d inst Just received Regret that
1 nlll be unable to be with you to
ninht owing to prior engagement.
"I am a firm believer In boosting
for your own town. At the same a
boost, unless sustained by business
action, falls flat The idea of getting
together Is good, but vou must do
j more than talk
"In this connection I want to ask
you what any one thing could do more
to improve and advertise our city than
I good streets? We can boast of some
of the worst roads In the state, al
most In the very center of the citv
Vou will pardon me if I suggest mild
ly that this condition is not a creation
uf the Commission form of govern
ment. The dirt streets, particularly,
ha 1 1 been p itched up from time ir
years no permanent Improvement
having been made This condition
prevails today for the reason that
some or our leading citizens and Ian,,
property owners object to paving ih
streets because of the cost The r
suit is thai Jurisdiction to pave and
make permanent improvements can
not be obtained. ;md the endless chain
of patch work goes on
"What we need is a larger member
ship In the ranks of our progressive
citizens - members who will put fort h
their best efforts to secure permanent
Improvements, and thereby booet In
real earnest for the most advantag
eously located city In the state "
The secretary and directors of the
publicity bureau were congratulated
upon the success of the meeting which
-sas held under the auspices of the
till 11
Resolutions Adopted.
The following resolutions were
unanimously adopted by those present
at the meeting:
"Resolved, that we. the business
men of Ogden resolve to work for
greater unity and closer harmony in
city development;
"That we forget any petty grie
anees of the past and work together
for a larger and more prosperous city ;
"That we believe in the great pos
sibllitles of the city and will tell
about tnem to somebody every day in
the year,
' That we use every effort to stop
knocking and every other pessimistic
expression about Ogden or her future;
' That we make a hid for optimism
by expressing only that which is good
and noble concerning the city and ilv
That we favor public Improve
ments, better streets, better sidewalks
and better public buildings a'nd will
work for them' and
"Finally that we resolve for greater
unity, realizing that through unity
wonders may be accomplished for
greater city development and mutual
orosrverit v "
Those Present.
Those present were II W Peery
A. Stevens. Ralph E Bristol, Seth
r.rlffin, P. T Wright, C A Wright.
Hyrum Pingree, W P Monson, Ezra
Richardson. .1 S. Campbell, John
Hurst. J Abbott, 1 C Nye. J W
ForrlStall, Claude Ives, O. D, Rasmus
BOn, W D Brown, A R Mclntyro.
Frank Francis. N O. Ogden, John
.f Mills, A. M Miller, Henry Rosen
bluth Paul Beemer 1 1 M Rowe, J
D. Larson. Governor William Spry. J.
J Brummltt, George Goddard, Q W.
Porterfield. B O Olson, W W Fleet
wood. W, E Sanderson. Robert Moves,
Moroni Skeen. T. ft Browning, J. C
Hunter, W. W. Wedell, A R Hey
wood, J. 0. Carver, Charles R Hol
lingSWOrth, Senator G A Kelly. J
Jensen, LeRoy Buehmiller. Morns
Flowers and Ralph Hoag
oo 1
. ,
Recipes for Wrinkles
and Bad Complexions
(From Art and Nature )
Of all the beautv reciies in my
scrap book, here are two that have
always given complete satisfaction:
Wrinkle Remover One ounce pow
dered saxollte, dissolved in pint
witch hazel. U so as a wash lotion.
I It brings Instantaneous results.
Face Peeler Pure mercolized
wax, applied at night like cold cream,
only not rubbed In; wash off In the
morning it causes the worn-out
scarf skin to come off In tiny, almost
Invisible flnkos. a littlo each day. un
tlll the fresh young nnderskln Is
wholly In evidence The beautiful
rose-tinted complexion thus obtained
is not to be compared with one made
over with cosmetics If the old skin
is marred with freckles, pimples or
other blemishes, these defects are of
course discarded with the skin Itself
An ounce of the wax Is sufficient in
any case.
The Ingredients named are inex
pensive and can be found In any drug
store. Louise LeBlanc (Advt )
Clean white rags wanted at the
Standard office. .160 24th st
I Read the Classified Ads.
Mrs. drier. L550 Robinson avenue,
will be hostess to the W. C. T U.
ladies and their friends, Tuesda af
ternoon. April 29; at 2 3u o'clock,
when a parlor meeting will be held at
net home
Mrs. Norlne Law. author, lecturer
and vocalist, and Mrs. Lulu Shephard,
state president of the W C T V ,
will be guests of honor
Mrs. Ia will Kive a short talk on
the white slavery Question a no Wil
'also render several vocal selections.
All the W PT C ladies and their
friends aro urgeri to be present.
Mrs William Kccles is spending a
short time with friends and relatives
in Oregon.
Mrs I) O Bccles left last Wednes
day for Denver, Colo., where she will
visit for about two months.
Mrs .1 T Young of Pocatello i3 in
Ogden for a short visit with her par
ents, Mr and Mrs O, M Mitchell.
Harry Lublin. Roy Young ami Rich
ard Tucker are enjoying a pleasant
visit to California cities and points of
Mr A Seldscher of Rock Springs.
Wyo . and Mrs. David Schwartz of
Gmen River are Ogden visitors, the
guests of Mr. and Mrs B Cohen. 255
27lh street. They will spend about
two weeks In this city.
Nick Fleming, the well known rail
way mail clerk of this city, has been
transferred from the Ogden-San Fran
Cisco trip, to work between San Fran
cisco and Barstow, Cal His many
friends regret his absence from this
The April tea given by the social
board of the First Presbyterian
church on Thursday of this week at
the home of Mrs A . Barber, with
Mrs Thompson Corn. Mrs. R M Rob
inson and A. D. Barber as hostesses
was a decided success and a large
company enjoyed a very pleasant af
I ternoon.
In musical circles the forthcoming
concert of Mr Lester Hinchcllffe la
anticipated as one of the pleasantest
and most Important local musical af
fairs of the season
.Mr I ihchcliffe has reached 3 high
standard of proficiency as the quality
of his program attests Ogden will bo
proud to welcome one more of its girt
ed sons into Its musical life
.Mr Squire Coop, from whom Mr
Hinchcllffe has received his musical
education, is proud of his pupil's al
talnments and predicts for him an ac
tive and successful career in the mu
sical profession
In addition to the program already
published In these columns Mr M.i
vln Peterson of Salt Lake City will
render the prologue from the opera ol
' Paelhici-i "
The recital is om plimentary and
an invitation Is cordially extended to
Monday evening ihe following pro
gram will be rendered
Concerto No. 5 ... Beethoven
ta) Recordatl Gottschalk
(bi Song Without Words -Duet .
(c) Nocturne Chopin
(ill Etude 'Butterfly" Chopin
(a) Rhapsodic Hongroise Lls;t
tbi Marscb Mllital Schubert-Tousig
One of the pretty affairs of the
week was given yesterday afternoon
when Mrs J T Kills delightfully en
tertained a number of Ogden's so
cial set at her home, 2-00 Jackson
aenucf in honor if Mrs Merrill
Niblcy and Miss Louise Holt of Salt
Lake City and Mrs Herman Uhlein
of Milwaukee.
About 100 guests, including a num
ber from S.lt Lake and Logan were
present Imitations being Issued to
oer lf.O ladies
h rom 2 o clock until a prettily ap
pointed luncheon was served the tn
Dies being beautifully decorated with;
carnations tend smllax Dainty cards)
designated the places for each guest. I
Throughout the Ellis home peach
blossoms were effectively arranged)
and added both beauty and fragrance
to the brilliancy of the affair.
During the afternoon solos were I
sung by tho Misses. Marlon Brown-I
Ing and Elsie Shorten and Mrs. Uh-jl
lein of Milwaukee gave several songs I
in a most charming manner.
LOCAL salesman of wide acquaint
ance to represent well established
manufacturer; experience unneces
sary; straight salary and splendid
prospects to a competent man for per
manenl position and rapid advance
ment The Eclipse Paint & Mfg Co.,
j Cleveland. O.
Read the Classified Ads
cut down I
tire bills I
United States Tire Co. I
132 E. 2nd So. St., I
Salt Lake City, Utah.
Look at the Suits
we show at $25.00
- they're the greatest values erwr of.
i L5 fcred, and at the price you caa af.
CIk Yoo may as -well have clothes that
fy will keep their shape wherever yo
J 1 wear than. If yon buy
rTHh f. 1 Hart Schaffner
Yp A & Marx
VA iV LJ do-tbee. that! the kind yonH get
H .-I'M M m They're here; all wool eeaiaj,
OTfwlw nH?! tailored-trx fit, the smartest styke ra
sfiii r ak ZniiSE 9 WCfr- jot the color sad pat.
I i'lLf Irh ' While we cafl yenrr particular
1 raj ! JQ attention to onr $25 Hue we'd
I 9 m like hare you know that ere
' M "l fcaTO others it more or leea,
Hi8 "Wrights' i
Mrs K Norinp Law, author, lectur
er arid vocaltBt, will be in Ogden for j
three days.
She will speak tomorrow at 11 a. ni
at the Methodist church, afternoon,
- o'clock, at the Tabernacle; evening,
8 o'clock, at the Baptist church; Mon
day, 9 to 11 at the Weber a ad nr. ,
talking to the boys and girls separ
ately Monda) afternoon, l to -i.
the Sub High school. Tuesday mom-
ing, 9 o'clock, at Ogden High school i
Tuesday afternoon, a parlor meeting
and reception at Mrs Greer's, 1560
Robinson avenue.
A cordial Imitation has been ex
tended to all ladies to the Tuesday al
ternoon meeting as well as to all oth
er public meetings
Mrs Law's book, "The Shame of H
I 5 I
S 'a I ir
Ogden and Salt Lake
Missouri River Points $-40 00
St. Louis. Mo $5 00
hlcaK. "1 $56.50
St. Paul and Minneapolis.
0 Minn- 855.70
Peoria, in 5 w
Memphis, Tenn . via Kansas
City. st. Louis or Ama-
rlllo $59 8b
Also reduced rates to other points
btop-ovoru Allowed.
Return Limit, October ".1st
May 7, 8, 10. 17
24. 31.
June 3, 7, 13, 14,
Dates of Jlllv 021' 28,A
Sal y 2- R- 10 19.
Sal 23. 31.
August 1, 9. 10 11
16. 22. 28.'
September in nnd 11
For further Information addre8'
Ooneral Agent,
Atchinson. Topeka & Santa Fe
Ry Co.
233 Judge Building
Salt Lake City. Utah.
Great Nation " on white slavery, lias
been widely rend and the press speaks
highl of her work in that line.
She is ail excellent entertainer, her
delivery being pleuslnn; also she is a
sifted Blnger, accompanying herself
on an autoharp.
Read the Classified Ads.
Gold Crowns $3.50
Bridge Work . . .$3.50
Best Set of Teeth $5.00
Painless extraction 25c
All Work Guaranteed
2468 Washington Ave.
FREE Examination
and Advice
Palace Cafel
Special Dinner . . 25c
Lunch from 11 a. m. tt 4 p. m.
Dinner from 4 p. m. to I p. m
TOM HOY, Mgr. 284 23th St
every month to our customers. Free
Coupons with each and overy 5c
Cigars, Candles, Etc. 136 25th St
322 Twenty-fifth St.
Special Dinner 25 1
Lunch from il m to 4 p m.
Dinner from 4 to 8 p m.
Let and Foon, Manager
1 "1
The appearance of our
shoe repairing is the
best you will find.
i j
Transfer I
Phona S21. 403 25th Stre'
WB have the largest van 'n
city. Quick service. Moving, ship
ping and handling pianos. Prompt
freight deliveries. Furnlturs mv' .M
Ing a specialty. Storage at rsason
sble rates.

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