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Meets Tom Loo BUd Wou Jim, Former Proprietors of the Bon
Xcu Restaurant. 1'Aso "Aunt Lizzie" Little Graveo Dot the
Laud Hongkong and Shanghai Are Modem Cities Canton Is
Out of the Benighted Past Chinese Trains and the Hot
Towelfl That Aie Oflcrcd Passengers Chinese Guides Work the
Straaiger Pidgin English as Spoken in Canton.
I '
f (By A. V ITudlcy.)
AftT completing a vlell to the
Great Wall and the Mlnp tombs near
Nankou. one usually returns to PekiD
I to arrange for the Journey southward
to Shanghai This can be done over
, ; three dlffr rent routes. The leaBt
troublesome route Is by sea, yet one
has to repeat the long ride down the
rlor from Taku to the steamer an
j ehorage and moreover sees none of
the vast expanse of country between
, Pekin and the Yangste river.
The other two routes are by rail.
! The best known is direct to Han
kow by express train and then a 70
hour steamer trip down the river
The other Is over the recently opened
Tien Tsln-Piikov.- railway which fol-
lows the line of the Grand Canal a
! considerable part of the way and con
nects with the big ferry at Nankius
Hither route is a tiresome lourney of
two or three das on the train, stops
tiplng made over night at cerl'iln
Malions where cither hotels or side-
tracked sleeping cars are available!
by the passengers
Thickly Populated.
As the long steamer trip down from
Hankow is a monotonous one at best,
I It is probably advisable to choose the
new route to Pukow. This passes
through a portion of China which is
j tald to be the most thickly settled
part of the world. Authorities have,
stated that the number of inhabi
tants per square mile In this section
arc equal to the conditions which
would exi6t if the entire population
of the United States were crowded
within the boundaries of the state of
It does not seem possible that this
is true, as no evidence whatever of
congested population is seen on the
three days' trip. No large cities are
l;i-sed, neither of the night stops of
Tsl Nan Fu and Hsu Thow Fu being
places of great Importance, and the
only Indication that there may be a
heavy population ia the scores of llt-
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tic villages that one sees in the dis- j
tance clusters of small dwellings
Surrounded by mud walls and gran
aries. Little Graves Everywhere
As In all other parts of China, tho
land is dotted everywhere with
graves. These little conical mounds
of earth vary In height from one to
several feet according to the manner
In which they are cared for by rela
tives of the deceased. The ground Is
cultivated closely around them, tho
plow frequently gouging the sides. ',
and here and there you will see!
where the grain has been planted
directly across the mound This is
rare, however, as the ancestor wor
ship of the Chinese is a strong, in
centive to keep the mounds Intact
As one proceeds farther south, cluster.-
of graves will be seen arranged
around n larger one usually thai of
a head man In the village or the fath
er of an extensive family. In build
ing a railroad much expensi ind trou
ble Is Incurred through the necessity
of negotiating for the moving of these
graves and the amount of valuable
land occupied bv the mounds would
run Into thousands of acres.
Boys Sell at Trains.
Many Interesting sights are en
countered on these railroad jour
neyi through China, especially when
the train stops at a station where
refreshments are on snle M-en and
boys In all stapes of dilapidation and
filth line the tracks with their bas
kets of food,' fruit, etc.. or run
along beside the cars selling their
wares to passengers through the
Bread In various shapes, candied
rakes, big varnished berries spitted
on sticks, oranges, nuts, persimmons
that look like creased tomatoes and
remind one of Mary McClane's ref
erence to fat washer women tied
in the middle Then there is .1
questionable r appearing dish of boiled
eggs floating In a dark brown liquid
with squares that resemble fried liv
er. It develops that these latter ob
jects are bean cakes and that the
dark liquid in which the eggs are
boiled penetrates the Bhell, thus com
pleting the color scheme throughout
the entire dish. Taking his life in
I his hands, the investigator some
times tastes of these strange dishes
and finds that, while the flavor Is
somev. hat new to him. it would be a
long tiresome job starving to death
with such food available
Hot Stcarr, ing Towels
One of the most noticeable stunts
on a Chinese train Is the constant
distribution of hot, steaming towels
with which the passengers wipe their
faces. Later the hoy passes through
the cars to gather the towels and also
to collect a penny or two in pay
ment. He is as much like the mer
, loan train boy with the second-hand
newspaper and box of lemon drops
as one coull imagine He haggles
' with each of his customers, bluffs tho
timid into palng triple the price,
coaxes the well-to-do for an addl
. tional cent) winks wifely at the know
ing ones who understand his game
and constitutes himself a fakir of the
I first magnitude t the back of the
I train he wrings the towels out in
boiling water and starts again on his
, rounds Those used in first and
i second class cars are kept reason -
ably clean, but the ones used by the
peasants soon assume a malignant
hue which one would think would
I spread disease from one end of the
I country to the othr The custom also
! prevails at the stations, the traveler
I no more than seating himself in the
I waiting room before an attendant
' appears with a steaming towel and
j the Inevitable cup of tea
Nanking, although a famous old
city and containing some very inter
esting manufactories, is a filthy,
crowded place and should not hold
I the visitor more than three or four
I days There is considerable river
life to be seen there and one can
i engage excellent passage on several
! lines to Shanghai
Coffins Exposed.
The railroad trip to Shaughal Is
I also interesting, the land appearing
much more productive than In the
northern provinces and also better
tilled. The graves are still to be
I seen on every hand hut in this sec
; Uon It is the custom to bury the dear
extended In coffins instead of in the
sitting position, building over tho
coffin or p.bove It a stone or brick
mouud. Frequently rough woodn
coffins are seen exposed oa tho sur
race indicating that the deceu.d
was poor and money was not avail
able for purchasing a permanent
resting place for the body.
Shanghai is a modern city in ev
en respect, the European section
presenting a most pleasing aspect
with Its broad streets oh asphalt, mod
ern itreel I ars. fine hotels and big
Un Office and store buildings The
Chinese Bectlon is by far the moat
Interesting and probably the fiuest to
be found In the country The strcc--are
vide and clean and the scores of
big brilliantly lighted shops, some
times of three floors, are a rev la -tiem
to the stranger. The exterior
ol" some of this, large natlv,. estab
lishments equal anything to be found
in Kurope or America in the line of
luvlsh display of electric lighting
They are a perfect blaze of brilllan;
color. lighting the street as if it
were midday and attracting thousands
to the bargains offered. Picture
shows, theaters, tea houses seatlnc
two or three thousand patrons ai .1
other amusements of every descrip
tion are to be enjoyed and the streets
are usually packed from curb to curb
uith an eager, jostling. good-natuH'l
crowd in which rowdyism Is entlre
Iv absent Strange to note, this sec
tion seems little visited by tourists
or native Europeans and one can pass
an entire evening there without en
countering a white man.
Dr Sun Yat Sen
Shanghai is at present the home of
I r Sun Yat Sen who served as the
first provisional president of the new
republic and Is recognized not only
as the It tins of the revolution" but
is unquestionably one of the most
able progressives that China has ever
He lives in a pretentious "brown
stone front in the French conces
sion, owns two automobiles and Is
the busiest man In Shanghai Inn
denl to his prominence In political
matters as well as the Several gigan
tic schemes of a commercial nadir-'
which he Is developing he is contin
ual In conference with callers at
his home, three large drawing rooms
being utilized for that purpose.
Whenever he emerges from the house
for a trip to the city, he Is closely
guarded by a big municipal police
man In uniform as it Is believed that
plots against his life arc constantly
being planned by sympathizers with
the old regime
China's Future Promising
Dr. Suns home is magnificently
iiirnished v. itli every modern con
eniece. The drawing rooms are fin
ished In white and gold with tin'
walls and upholstering in green silk
brocade A grand piano of American
manufacture occupies a portion of
the reception hall and his life-sized
portrait by a French painter ban
opposite, He diesseB in a Prince Al
bert SUll ol broadcloth and employs
a footman and several Japanese house
maids, all of whom address him in
excellent English He is at present
preparing to tlo.it a big rnilroao
scheme with English capital and
slates that, despite all opinions to
the contrary. Chinas future Is now
most nronilsinc
The three days' ocean trip from'
Shanghai to Hongkong is usually un
eventful but serves as a welcome re
spite from the exertions of sight
seeing Hongkong, as most people
know, is sltuateel on an Island about
I'd miles cast of the mouth of Can
ton river. The island Is ten miles
long about three miles wide and was
ceded to Great Britain about 7"
years ago following some internation
al difficulties which arose O'er the
persecution of English residents In
Hongkong a Great City.
At the time the British acquired
the island, it was the abode of a
few bands of Chinese pirates Since
then It has grown to a population of
330,000 ol which a few thousand are
white and the remainder I binese
Hongkong Is now the largest shipping
pun in th'' world, according to BOme
authorities, and Is a most Interesting
place to visit.
The European section of the city
is built up with massive cut stone
buildings from three to eight stories
in height and very modern in appear
ance The streets are broad and cx
' cellcntly paved, a fine car system is
i in operation and the place presents
. the general aspect of any European
I city A distinctive feature in arehl
I tecture are the deep verandas or
I spacious porches which cover the en
tire face of the buildings There af
ford protection from the sun iti
i warm weather and prevent the rain
from entering the open doors during
the rainy season In hotels the ta
bles are placed on the verandas
I when possible and they are also a
favorite location for a business man s
private office, being more air than
the apartments within the building.
City on a Mountain.
I The peak Is a high mountain which
"'rises abruptlj from the principal
1 1
(j "TheWrong Road to Happiness"
Pathe's Special Drama in two parts
at "The Man From the West" I
it I Kdison's story different from the fact that the man goes from the I
West to the East to make his fort une.
I I "The Power of the Cross" I
y Lubin's two reel special, featuring Mr. Arthur Johnson in an intense I
story of circumstantial evidence.
) I ISIS ORCHESTRA with special music for this two reel feature. H
streets of the city to a height of 182i'
feet and the lower and middl slopes,
toward the summit are literally cov
ered with fine residences, hotels and
cottages Winding causeways and
roads make their way up the side of
this mountain in every direction and
, bulldinK space Is now held at a high
figure It Is one of the most re
markable residential districts in the
world, as well as sanitary and pic
turesque. Typhoon Warnings.
In a hollow on top of the moun
tain is the beautiful residence of the
I English governor of Hongkong, while I
at the uppermost point is located a!
! signal station This spot is constant
ly in the minds of the inhabitants of
Hoi i konj a - the arriYal of ships is
i Indicated with -arlous flags; also the
weather forecast. Storm signals of
various kinds, indicating the direction
of approach: etc., are displayed and
there is a system of cannon shot hIr-
I nals for nljtht time so that the ships
land thousands of house boats may be i
warned in advance of a typhoon.
I These are frequently very destruc- I
live to llfo and shipping In the har
mor and a few moments of warning
' means much to those in danger
A wire cable tramway runs to the
top of the mountain and coolies are
always in waiting with their carrying'
chairs to convey one to The Peak
where the wonderful panorama Is
'worth coming many miles to see. It
seems as If one might almost leap,
from the signal station and land in
the heart of the city many hundred
feet below Beyond is the extensive1
harbor crowded with shipping of ev
ery description and In the distance
are the rocky coasts, Islands and bits
of open water which extend to the
At night the view is also interest
ing Irom above but from below it is
wlerd in the extreme. The hundreds
of arc street lights extending across i
and up and down the face of the
mountain gives the effect of new
constellations in the sky while the
! innumerable house lights twinkle
like so many stars in the heavens.!
On a moonless night when even the
starlight fails to bring out the shad- :
owy outline of t lie mountain, it is Im
possible to distinguish the stars from
the artificial lights nor to tell where
the "handiwork of man joins that of
the Creator."
Chinnmen from Ogdcn.
The Chinese sections of Hongkong
! are well built and the better shop-
ping districts are always well pat
j ronlzed by tourists. Tom Leo and
, Wong Jim, who conducted the Bon
Ton restaurant of Ogden for twenty
years, arc now In the jewelry busi
ness on yueens Road and doing well.
Mrs. Chin Chin, who is Aunt Lizzie"
to a number of prominent Salt Lake
land Ogdcn people, resides with her
J well-to-do Chinese husband on Gough
Road She possesses a most inter
I estlng personality and Is always de
lighted to receive a call from a resi
dent of Utah, where she passed a
great part of her life. She is now
considerably past middle age and ad
mits that life in Hongkong has palled
i upon her and that she longs to re-
turn to America, especially to Cali
1 fornia where she believes her health
would he benefited. Her husband
has retired from business and Is
wealthy, She Inquired after niauy of
her Utah relatives and friends and
wisncu to DC rcineniuereu 10 uieiu.
Canton's Millions.
A trip to China would be far from
complete without a visit to Canton,
the great commercial capital of
southern China situated SO miles up
the Canton river from Hongkong. Its
population is estimated at over 3,
000,000 and its chief attraction lies in
the utter absence of modernization
While other large cities of China
have become partially westernized by
Europeans, Canton retains all its pris
tine ugliness in architecture as well
as wretchedness and filth.
The streets are so narrow and
crooked that carriages, horses and
even rlkishas are prohibited, in faet,
it would be quite impossible for them
to be used, owing to the conditions of
the flagged trails which serve the pur
pose of streets There are a number
of interesting places to see and many
quaint Industries which are well worth
inapt Cting These include the Temple
of the 500 Genii; the prisons and po
lice courts, several pagodas, temples
and shrines, the market where edible
birds' nests are sold embroidery, iv
ory working and picture painting es
tablishments, curio shops and the jew
elry workers who transfer kingfisher
feathers to gold and enameled sur
I faces, produc ing a most unique and
attractive form of jewelry
Much Exaggerated City.
Canton Is probably the most exag
gerated city in the world, the average
tourist, missionary and writer (ex
perienced as well as embryo I evident
ly considering himself the only white
person who ever entered the walls and
expecting to be the last to leave Us
precincts. Hence the characteristic
hysteria and rot :iIoiik the line of the
"tremendous dangers to be encounter
ed, the threatening gestures, evil
glances and innumerable pitfalls for
the stranger." Surelv a close observ
er will realize tluH he attracting
h las attention in the crowded streeU
of Canton than he did in any city In
Japan, the shopkeepers treat him te
speetfully with an entire lack of "Jew
I ing ' and. If he can blindfold, gag and
3ecurely bind the e ver aaslsting guide,
there is a chance that he will not
lose more than 90 per cent in his
Guides Are Artful
The Chinese guide, who cannot
work htmseif i D t - the absolute and
unquestioning eonf iVr.ee nf a white
stranger In the course of an hour is a
human mistake, a freak, something
w hich should be Immediately eliminat
ed from the local horizon They exist
in extremely small numbers and are
I practically extinct The ordinary spec
imen will lead you to a shop for the
! inspection of certain kinds of goods
! and stand demurely in the entrance
: watching the crowds and evidently im
' patient for you to finish the bazaar
and have done with your bargaining
As the haggling over pri -h i ontinues
' you begin to wish he was more like
' "other guides" and gel in on the trail
1 saetlon to some extent
You finally get the shopkeeper down
, to what he terms a ruinous price and
are about to close the bargain when
auduenlv the guide comes to lite.
I strides up to the merchant nnd Indig
nantly snatching the article from your
! hand tells him in vociferous "pidgin
English r that he is charging yon dou
I ble as much as It Is worth
You no talkee ploper pllce n
i man Hongkong side can catcbee more
I cheap. This no b'long all same My
flk-nd no savvy, you no talkee true."
Stranger lc Worked.
With that he takes half the amount
you had removed from your purse.
I thrusts it into the merchant's hand
'ami drags you away with the prize.
M FLORIDA nj - 3 "I Strange how
grows flow- TlliS tS pwwwwjpsjpipBaeissBBn Tne ready- j careless om;
ers and moat . E Uol I towar Coats, I An- Kg
I everything 1 Store 'Cst, Suits, Skirts, i otner ,etter PT K
y but chest I "" I that stay found on the i
II uts j Sens hZr. good inokingll, SiS.-Tha If
MCocoanut Grove, Fla., April 23rd kl
Dear Helen: II '
I was glad to hear you found just the suit you wanted at M BR
hi Paine & Hurst's I knew you would. In these days of high cost of M Bp
l living you have to look well after the dollars, and 1 always found. II HK
pr their prices resonable and the quality of goods sold reliable. Tha: fj Br
ka is a thing I understand, is characteristic of the Wooltex people Bv;
l whose goods they handle, I believe exclusively in Ogden. With SI W
Stj income tax and the minimum wage and all the other things of II K
r sundry expense that is Looming large, we must be careful in our K
bJ expenditures. Is there any reason why you should PAY for good Ig B
HB style and transportation and higher prices by going to Salt Lake and II E
doing your trading. know the Ogden stores have ample supply w M
KA of the latest goods, and further more, I have found they positively w
II sell cheaper. L
v'i I am having the time of my life, regaining my health, and JB
kA hope to be home ere long to help your dear old Dad carry the bur- ki w
den. Every your own loving
i P. S Which stands for pleasant sensations. A new line of jfl fc''
II Beautiful Ratine in silk, cotton and wool, now on display at the store IB
where the women trade. Fl f.
ImT iSfiKa TSSfrri nr nrSfSfc 'TtrrffrT ttrmrt rwSTTSST TiTTf StJ
' i r having blown a bank or held up
an Overland Limited, you Bympatbizt
.it bthe poor Bhopkeeper ;md mental
ly consider the advisability of "eomlui;
hack that way-' and paying him a rea
sonable price Bu! don't do it. Your
man Is not a Riiide. he i an actO
and he and the merchant have re
hearsed the same stunt so many times
with other visitors that they do it m
chanically They got a big price for
the goods, the guide collected a hand
some i ommlSBfOD the next day and
you became so trustful in your
'fliend1 that ou wanted him to carry
'.our poekethook for safetv.
This so called pidgin Knglish" is a
most astonishinp conglomeration of I
distorteil fragments of speech and so
utterly unnecessary that one wonders
how it ever became permanent as a
medium of eonersatlon lr Zam
enboff wotild turn over in his grave
(if he were deadt and exclaim thai
Ksperanto was indeed In vain
In their mad haste to transac t bus
iness the Chinese and English traders
never stopped to learn each other's
language and. as the Britisher was
rln most eloquent and somewhat OVer
iwed hla slant e yed commercial oppo
nent, the lattpr absorbed a few of the
English words and pronounced them
as best he could on short acquaint-1
ance. Then to facilitate matters the
white man adopted those pronuncia
tions and they have never been alter
ed since that time. It Is the best
English the Celestial is acquainted
with, hearing no other from the Bng
lish residents, and the latter with
more versatility than logic use it com
monly In trading
Pidgin Eng'ish
Should ou ask a mild-mannered
Methodist missionary whom you
chanced to meet where might be the
t Bl place to buy a sun hat. he wou'd
probably lead you to a Chinese shop
and nter Into negotiations with the
proprietor Their conversation would
be something like this-
Minister of the Cospel -M) wan
chee number one hat all same mj
fliend have catcbee this side before
time My fliend talkee my b'long two
a.-.ll'-.i rnr. nlrro
Slant-eyed Celestial (taking down a
hat worth one dollar) -My savvy You
fliend wanchee Ilckshn go top side He
Catchee hat and go top side c hop chop
I his velly good hat B'lonc all same
ou f Ik nd have catchee
Minister of the GoBpel (excitedly)
This no b'long all same This hat my
fliend haw catchee this side b'long
more big. so fashion Can do?
Slant-eyed Celestial (taking down a
better hat nnd displaying It) This
ha1 no can do two dollar B'long three
c.lh.r nv man can see this b'long
number one kind No man Hongkong
Bide can catchee more cheap. S'pose.
some man talkee so fashion, he no
talkee true ione time my do ima
pidgin and no see all same cheap
Long time mv savvy you. Savvy you
fllond all same My talkee you ploper
plice Can do'
This discussion continues for some
time, resulting in your "fliend " the I
minister securing the hat for you at
SO cents and assuring you thai the
proprietor makes a good sized profit
at that.
Ml of which makes China what it
Ellm Lutheran Corner r'.rd street
aud Jefferson avenue. Erik Florcen.
pastor Sunday school at 10 a m.
English services at 8 p m Special
music The Indies Aid meets Wed
aesday afternoon at the home of m-s
Carl Johnson. 301 31st street.
Church of the Good Shepherd (Epis
copal William W Fleetwood, rector.
Holy communion at 8 a. m Sunday
iChOOl at 9 45 Morning prayer and
s-rmon at 11 Evensong at 4:30
R. White, soloist
Reorganized Church of Jesus Chrift
ot Latter-day Saints Comer 16th and
Washington avenue Rev. J E. Van
derwood. pastor Sunday school at 10 I
a. m. Preaching at 11 a m aud 7 :80
p. m. All will be made welcome at
any or all of these services. Con.e
and hear our message.
Fini Baptist On (Jrant. Rev. H. U.
Zimmerman, pastor. Bible school at
10 o'clock. 11:15. morning worship
with sermon Subject. The Destruc
tive renknife " 7 o clock, li. Y. P. U, ,
Topic. "Baptist Bible Work' Meeting
in charge of missionary committee.
8, evening service. 'Mrs. E Norine
Law author of "The Shame of a tSreat
Nation,' will speak 8 Thursday, reg
ui.ir mid-week meeting. Monthb in
mess meeting with reports. Robert
Green well, morning soloist, and Miss
I- II. i Pruett, evening soloist
Christian Reformed Holland serv
ices Sunday afternoon at o'clock.
Sunday evening at 8 o'clock Sunday
school at 10 a. in al 3031 Adams aven
ue Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock,
Sunda) afternoon and Wednesday
j evening at central Park Presbyterian
church corner 1st and Washington
Sunday evening at 603 30th slreet.
German Evangelical St Paul's i
Twenty-third and Jefferson avenue.
Sundnv morning service at 11 o'clock
Sabbath school at 9:45 Every one
welcome. On Thursday, ascension
day, there will be services at 11
o'clock P Ph Hester, pastor.
First Congregational Adams aven
ue and 25th street Frank G. Brain
erd, minister; Miss Alice Gray, pian
ist; E. L. Howes, soloist 11 o'clock,
morning sermon, "The Pathwav ol
Life." 8 o'clock, evening sermon,
"The Call of the Blood." 12:15 Sun
I day school 7 p. m . Crlstian Bndeai
or meeting
First Presbyterian John ESd ttll'd
Carver, p. if tor Morning worship at
11 Theme. "The Message of the
Great Boaster." Sunday school at
12:15 Young People's meeting at 7.
Evening preaching at 8 o'clock
Theme. 'The Nature of the Resurrec
tion Body." Midweek prayer meeting
Wednesday at 7:45 o'clock. Church
supper Friday.
First Methodist Epiaeopal I'.-l 24th
street Rev. G. F Rassweiler, pas
tor. 10 a m.. Sundav school. 11 a. m,.
morning service addressed by Mrs E
Norine Law of Los Angeles, one of the
national speakers of the V. C T I
and author of the hook. "The Shame
of a Great Nation " This gifted speak
er will talk on the important subject WIS
of social purity. 7 p ra . Epworth
league S p m. evening service.
Theme "That Sporty Devil." Tues-
day night, practice for "That Old
Time School." Wednesday, choir
practice Wednesday at 4 p. m.. In
terraediate League. Thursday night,
class meetings as follows: Class No. H
1 at the home of Mrs Stark. 1908 'M
Adams avenue, class No. 2 at the
church, class No. 3 at the home of
Mrs Kellev. 240:', Quincy, Fridav
night. 7:30, K O. K A.
First Church of Christ Scientist SI.
Sunday services at 11 a m Subject.
"Probation After Death." Sunday
school at 9:45 a. m. W ednesday even
ing testimonial meeting at S o'clock. t
Central Park Presbyterian. Corner w$,( '.
Washington avenue and Thirty -first m
street Rev A. F Wittenherger, mLiL
minister Preaching service. 11:00 a.
m. and 8; 00 p m Sabbath school F
m i i. ice at in a m and Young Peo-
j pie's meeting at 7.15 p. m t
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A. R Mclntyre. 2421 Wash Ave
S an income. A small Ideal fruit, chicken and garden farm.
B Close in. New 5-room modern brick bungalow extra well j
built. City water, sidewalks, 7 chicken houses, tools, etc.
U Half block from car line. Will take
I a good lot, or a place in town in including two lots
you can build on to I
Bj trade rent, or a fine place j
for green houses, and II
W. H. VOORHIES, Owner 2S, "fT" "w I
sell with or without i i
I 445 13th St Phone 2445-W. lots. I
I The Crowds Arc Far I
Beyond the Capacity I
j of Our Store., I
I To-day I
K t inn v a vrnii ..1 ' N;ti l.sfac, nui -
Ocean of Bargains to greet ' a- you inter II
"Closing out the Toggery j
320 25th St.

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