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I 1
During Earth Tremor at Messina Hospital Patients Are Thrown Into Panic
and Queen Is Caught in Crush as They Crowd Through Doors
I aKing Still Superintends Work of Rescue i < 1
S Rome Jan 2Quccn Helena who
S I has been devoting herself to heroic and
selfsacrificing work among the earth
quake sufferers has been slightly iu
Jured In the course of her labor of
a love An earth tremor yesterday at
Messina created a panic among the
e patients In one of the Improvised hos
e pitals and the que n trying to allay
the fears of the patients who were
I crowding through the doors was
I caught In the crush and sustained
J slltrbt contusions on the chest The
< J hf > nf Aosta also has boon slightly
jinrij nt Palme plaster from a fall
r wall cutting f face and ono or his
< Tho king and iizre still at Mes
sina Thr king Continues to organ
I ize and superintend ILl work of res
cue and the queen k d mg everything
within her power in consoling and al
S I leviating the sufferings of the sur
vivors S
Ambassador Griscom has set forth
the best way for relief from America
to be sent to the devastated district
He recommends that through the co
operation of a committee of Ameri
cans at Rome steamers be chartered
at New Orleans Marseilles to carry
N provisions clothing and medical sup
plies of all kinds as well as doctors
and nurses to the strait of Messina
4 The hospitals and all other available
ts space for the care of the Injured in
ty the nearer coast cities of Italy are
filled to overflowing but now Catania
Palermo and Syracuse have room for
no more Naples Is rapidly becoming
overcrowded and as a result the suf
I toj ferers aro beginning to pour into
4 llome
da In this city private people aro com
idaj peting with tho authorities to give the
I refugees hospitality nnd care Tho
irhr < i sent a larco number of the
5 wxliaiw to his WIT palaces at Ca6rta
S nnd Naples Tho foreigners In Rome I
especially tho Americans are all do
aEJ Ing humane work
S It has been decided to cover the
ircsJ ruins with quicklime and this work
will be undertaken as soon as tim ma I
terial Is available The walls ntlll
stejj standing in Messina and Reggio will bo
3 blown down by dynamite
il Much has been done towards sys
dr tematizing tho work but even so
t thousands still face death by hunger
I The numbers who arc going insane in I
i2 crease with every hour
S At Messina tho weather is still cold
th and storms and many of tho Injured
tutt are succumbing to pneumonia The
an chances of the living still penned In
Qi the ruins decrease with every day that
ta passes for the rescue workers are still
not numerous enough to cope with the
4 work In hand
e Rome Tan 2Tho American gun
iI boat Scorpion will arrive at Messina
I Mondav when her commander will
place his vessel at tho disposal of the
Tbic American embassy officials and the
r J consular authorities for the assistance
rui of Americans and tho protection of
tfi their Interests in Sicily The Scorpion
55u like other foreign ships will trann
5 e port refugees from the affected dis
tricts carrying messages and co oper I
ating In all possible ways with the au
S thorities In the alleviation of distress
If In the meantime tho bodies of Con
sul Cheney and his wife aro found the
Scorpion may transport them to
Naples whence they will be shipped
to tho United States
I Returning from a visit to tho Cala
brian coast north of Reggio King Vie
j tor Emmanuel sent the following tele
1 gram to Premier Glolltti
t I have vlstctl Cannltello eight miles
north of Reggio which was literally
y razed to the ground Villa San Gio
JI vanni also was destroyed As at Men
4 Hlna the ruo work Is well organized
The fires t Messina have now been I
reduced to small proportions Three I
other British and French warships
1 have arrived at Messina
In compliance with the order of tho
I king that the royal palaces at Caserta
and Naples he placed at the disposal of
S the wounded one hundred Injured per
sons from Messina already are occupy
ing a portion of the SanFerdlnando pal
ace the royal house providing every
thing Tho duchess of Aosta has trans
formed into a hospital tho large hall of
her palace at Capo Dl Monte Tho
Duke of Aosta has now gone to Reggie
where he is continuing his work of al
elating distress
It Is said here that a train which
left Reggio early in the morning of
the earthquake carrying passengers
and of which nothing has been heard
since was overwhelmed by the tidal
wave following the earthquake
Almost all the people of Reggio and
Messina It Is said are making up their
minds to abandon their beloved cities
As an Indication of tho progress
that is being made in bringing order
out of chaos the railway line from
Rcgglo to Cantanzaro was again put In
operation last night There Is a break
on the line however of six hundred
and fifty feet over which passengers
and freight must be transferred from
one train to another The distribution
of food also Is being made more regu
larly In the affected districts and
many of the starving people have been
relieved temporarily Many persons
Jiving along the coasts of Calabria and
Sicily paddle out In canoes to the
large steamers passing through tho
I stialts and request and receive food
from them
Pope Plus has made another gift of
200000 to the relief fund rho
pontiff has never so much regretted
too loss of the liberty he enjoyed as
patriarch of Venice Now is the time
that he would like again to be free to
pawn his pectoral cross for the benefit
of suffering mankind
Naples Jan 2Thc following Am
ericans booked pansage rrom hero
for Sicily shortly before the earth
quake S
Edward K Rogers Mrs A E Bates
of Chicago Mrs J A Hunt ot New
York Wm C Boyd of Shoert Hills
N J Mrs Susie Schrisholm Savan
nah Ga Mr and Mrs Bates Cleve
land Ohio Mrs S A McCannon Da
kota Agnes Feeney Rochester Mln
ueuola who was bound for Taormlna
Dr H P Pin of Incianapolis James
F Norton of New York who was go
ing to Palermo
Letters of Sympathy
Received by Italian
Washington Jan2Lettcra or
sjmpathy have been received at the
Italian embassy from Ambassadors
Bryce of Great Britain and Jusseranci
of Franco from the Greek minister
to the United States and from many
poisons in private Hie
This is the greatest tragedy in his
tory writes the Brazilian ambassa
dor Sicily has been an eternal
source of human tears What an cnn
to the year I cannot tell you my
feelings I have been to all those
Victims Slowly Dying of Hunger and Dead Bodies Bear Mute Testi
4 mony of Torture Before DeathSome Died From Gnawing
S Their Arms and Hands and a Woman Is Found
M With Teeth Fixed in Dead Babys Leg
i t Messina Jan 2k cordon of sol
filers nov surrounds and occupies the
4 I town which IB almost deserted Only
51 4oldieis and sailors arc olie sicn
I there M ti
The iS lII hm
Buffet orsoiis igj
ljurrellngR of jors
led In the ruins of fallen jllltllalnJ
here who iliigriom ilun
S are slowly dying
cr is awful to contemplates lean
t 2 > bodies have been found whig heal
i I Jinuto testimony of tnctorttlL9ui1
T r in before death rCllecdltl19lr t1ril
S 5 Ings Several or ih8A > rg lln
S tiled from the gnawing ate tl tIm
and hands evidently delirious from
liulu and hunger Otner bodies brought
rom the ruins had portions of shawls
Iud particles of clothing in their
waning anti one woman had hoi
teeth flunly fixed In the leg of a dead
S FastGrowlng City S
I One of the facicsturowlng cities In
the world Is Kobe Japan ils popula
I tIon increased4fiom 100000 to 300
000 In ten years <
places and I can Imagine tho catas
trophe as only those who havo been
there can I express most profound
1 and sincere sympathy
The news of tho terrible cati
rropho has filled us with grief atL
horror says the British ambassador
iu his letter Pardon me If 1 ven
ture to intrude upon your sorrow with
the expression of my deep sympathy
with you and jjour nation In this aw
ful visitation The whole world Bor
rows with you
1 cannot tell you writes Ambassa
dor Jusserand with what emotion
Hud sadness we are facing day by day
tho news of this catastrophe in ItS
gravity It surpjisscs that of Pompeii
and Pelee You know what have al
ways been our sentiments toward you
r ad your admirable country and how
l eep our hearts are touched by your
corrow The conduct of your king
and queen their devotion and cour
age and the promptness ot their ac
tion are worthy of them and that in
dicates more than I can express
Professors of Columbia
and New York Univer
sities Give Opinions
New York Tan 2 Opinions given
here by two scientific men on tho phy
sical features of the terrible convuls
ion of nature in Calabria and Sicily
are highly interesting
Dr James F Kemp professor of go
elegy at Columbia university prefaced
hip opinion with the statement that
It was mere conjecture on account ot
the meagre Information at band but
he added
I cannot get away from the old
theory that the earth was at ono time
a molten maps the surface having
cooled off sufficiently to form a crust
The earth Is continually contracting
which caused the weaker portions on
the surface to cave in and It seems
to mo that this is what occurred in
the case of the Italian earthquake
I should say that for about fitly
miles parallel with the Straits of Mes
sina the land under the sea and along
the coast caved In causing the sea to
rush with great force In on the land
sweeping all before It
Professor John J Stevenson pro
fessor of geology at Now York uni
versity said In speaking of the disas
As a disturbance in the earths
crust tho Messina quake terrible as
were Its effects was only a small at
fair It may ho compared to tho ex
plosion of an Immense dynamite
bomb which does frightful execution
within a small area but Is without et
feet a short distance away Thus
while Messina and Reggio wero en
tirely devastated according to pros
cut reports Palormo was only slight
ly shaken Taormina was unharmed
and at Naples the shock was not felt
at all
Professor Stevenson then compar
ed the Italian earthquake to tho
Charleston S C earthquake which
he said was felt from the Atlantli
ocean to Arkansas and Minnesota and
New York and Maine
He Escaped From His Wife When She
Was Preparing to Put Him In
An Asylum
St Louis Jan 2lu the company
of aa ofilcor of the East St Louis po
lice department C B Needham or
S Somcrvlllo Iufllla Boston suburb
vvho is ytcd to be wealthy depart
S I a tl qr hin home ilR wife Is
limlnJJpJ1mllCIUiC of the trip Need
I n1tJ U In the Belleville UJHi
+ tit il i r
workhouse serving a sentence on tIle
charge of vagrancy i
For threo months his wife sought
for him since the day he escaped
from her in JSL Louis while sho was
preparing to have him placed In an
asylum Ho came hero In October sut
fering from a nervous breakdown i
Ho had been working In Florida Mrs
Needham located him In East St1
Louis and came from Boston and It
was while she was arranging to have I
him placed In an asylum that ho es
caped from her Recently he reap
peared In East St Louis and he was
put In the workhouse until his wife
could bo advlaed
The police say he Is suffering from
mental aberration
Arrested Begging
Col Musgrove Tells a <
Romantic Story 1
Jacksonville Fla Tan 2 Wearing
a Victorian Cross which he says was
presented to him by tho late Queen or
England and laying claim to royal
birth and fabulous wealth a man giv
ing the namo of Colonel Richard Mus
grove a poorly clad but withal pos
sessing an air of extreme gentility
yesterday faced a charge of solicit
ing alms In the city police court
Beneath this frayed flock flOws
the blood of English nobllty and In
the vaults of England a fortune ot
887000000 awaits the careworn Indl1
vidual who stands before you hu
miliated by a ride In a coach of orril
nary criminals an American patrol
wagon Jf
Waxing eloquent under plainly evi
dent chagrin at his misfoitune Col
onel Musgrove thus addressed the
courL II
Mayor Sebrlng was sent for amlr
after hearing the romantic story of I
the prisoner he was released and to
cheer him on tho advent ofthe n < stA
year several city hall employes slip
ped a few coins In his hands I
Musgrove who gives his age as 51
says his mother was a queen of a
province In India Queen Zeleka and
that his father was an English noble
pjaiu Ho claims that the Victorian
Cioss was presented to him for ser
vices loudeiecl in the English caval
ry in New Zealand when he was a
colonel About his waist Is a bole
aged with wear which he claims held I
a sword when two horses were shot I
beneath him during a battle Laying
claim to American citizenship which I
he places higher than English nobil I
ity Musgrove bays
In recompense for the honors con
ferred upon me in American citizen
ship which I assumed in North Da
kota 16 years ago I may be compell
ed to give up a seat In the house or
I lords when I come Into my estate I
Before this assemblage of English
noblemen I may some day proudly
slate that I have foresworn the alleg
iance to the English crown for tho dls
Unction of wearing the toga of an i
American citizen
II Mubgrove declines to give his cor
rect name but asserts that his elder
brother is now an English duke and I
that upon his death tho title will fall I
lo him and with it the millions which
he claims were left by his mother
Seattle Wash Jan 2Bvef re
serve policeman at headquarters was I
needed to heat back a mob of riot1
ers that stormed the city Jail yes
terdayl following the arrest of Tho
I mas Peterson for disorderly conduct
The mob consisting of more than a
thousand men and boys rounded
the jail and called for tho release of
the prisoner It was only by using
the full reserve force at headquarters
including the clerks and detective on
duty that Captain D F Wlllard tho
officer Iu charge could clear the
steps of the police station and scat
tered the rioters
Chicago Jan 2Pletro Cevccio Is I
suffering froma bUlet in his light
thigh another In his right hand and I
a third just above his right knee hut I
O Rome Tan 2Queon Helena 0
O has been slightly injured at 0
O Messina A despatch received O
O hore today from Minister of 0
O Justice Orlando who Is with 0
O their Majesties at Messina O
O says that a slight shock was ex O
O perlonced Messina yesterday 0
O > and the patients in one of the 0
O Improvised hospitals were 0
O thrown Into a condition of 0
0 panic 0
O Her Majesty was close by 0
O She hurried To the scene and 0 I
O tried to allay the fears of the 0
O people Sho was caught In a 0
O rush as the patients were mak 0
O ing for the open and sustained 0
O slight contusions on tho chest O
O As the Dulfo if Aosta was cross 0
O iug Uio Via Carmine In Palme 0
O the iwall of a fiousc fell and fly 0
O InKtiPas01 struck him on tho 0
O facQomniands Inillctlng slight O
O scrHchca v
O S 9
IC 0 t > O1Q f 000 0 O
k i A
ho Is cheerful Ho received his
wounds on a cheerful occasion They
came with the new year when ho
emerged from his home at midnight to
run Into a celebration Tho three but
lets struck him before ho had time
to dodge back in the house 1 dont
know who fired the shots says Jevc
cia from his hod of pain but I dont
think they meant to hit mo They
were just celebrating
Erie Pa Jan 2A lire broke out
iu the Park Opera House during the
performance last night but owing to
the coolness and work of Fireman
Abraham A Loucha a panic was
averted and nil escaped Before tho
bl audience realized It the house had
been almost emptied There were
many narrow escapes and a dozen wo
men fainted and had to bo carried
out Much of tho building was saved
from destruction Every ono of the
fifteen hundred seats In the theater
was occupied
Loucha saw smoke coming from the
flooi of the gallery and sent in a still
alarm He reached tho rear ot the
stage before the audience was ad
vised of the danger and appealed to
the actors to continue the act and
then he stepped to the front and call
ed to the audience to lie out In order
giving them to understand that the
fne was in an adjoining structure No
ono tried to crowd until smoke began
to fill the building Then a crush I
began The fuo department saved
scoics from jumping from the third
story firo escape by getting ladderd
Chicago Ills Jan 2Vnele H El
lis assistant United States attorney
i general is expected hero to confer
with District Attorney Sims in rein
rtion to the government packing house
f inquiry Mr Ellis was ono of those
f In the conference at Washington when
the investigation was planned Evi
dence will be submitted to the grand
jury it is said showing the methods I
15by which the claims departments ot
various railroads have been reached
1bY packing companies An effort will
be made to ascertain If these meth
odf from Indirect rebating The ques
tion of claims on railroads for dam
aged goods Is also to he gone into
For Returning Pearl
Necklace to Owner
New York Jan 2Tho G50U
pear necklace lost on New Years
i eve by Mrs Estelle L B Hamlen
I wife of Dr George D Hamlen has
I been returned and Edward C Val
inch starts the new year with 2UUU
to add to his bank account This la
the amount ho received as the reward
from Dr Hamlen With the announce
ment of the loss of the necklace the
detective department was on the alert
and plans were under way of seaich
KB every cab In the city Mrs Ham
lyn having left her apartment In a
cub on the day that the jewels were
I lost and the theory being advanced
that the necklace had been perhaps
I mislaid In tho vehicle AH a matter
I of fact It was lying on the sidewalk
j iii front of the Hamlen apartment at
j 50 Central Park west and Wallach
who was on his way to visit relatives
in the same building saw It lying
paikling on tho sidewalk Having
no particular knowledge of tho value
of tho gems he thrust it carelessly
I In his pocket until he noticed the
newspapers yesterday Exaggerated
counts appealed giving the value
oi the necklace as high as b5UUU
t which is due to an error of an added
cipher made by the police As soon
as he realized that lie had Mrs Ham
I lens propel ty In his possession Wai
lach made haste to restore the Jewels
I rind presented them to Dr and Mrs
Hamlen last night Tho necklace
was made up of six Persian pearls
sixtyone Amsterdam pearls and a dia
mond weighing a karat and a hair
1000000 IS SPENT IN
New York Jan 2A million dollars
in round numbers was spent In the
United States last year in the cam
paign against tuberculosis according
to the nnuual report of the National
Association for the Prevention and
Study of Tuberculosis The fight the
report says was tho history of medi
cine All classes of people are taking
up the crusade including labor unions
churches and laymen An important
factor was tho work of the Red Cross
with Its millions of stamps and the In
ternational exhibit hold first at Wash
ington and now open In this city im
pressed upon thousands the necessity
of properly combatting the disease
During the year more lnstlf Ions and
organizations for the curo ox tubercu
losis wore established than the to
tal number of such Institutions
In existence prior to January 1 1908
St Louifl Jan 2 Woolv steady
tPiiHory and western mediums 17a
VI fine mediums 15al7 line llali I
r i i
Manchu Plot to Which the Japanese Have Been Privy is Supppsed t
Be Back of the Dismissal From Office of the Grand Councillor t
Who Befriended Foreigners During Boxer Uprising qiil L
Peking Jan 2An edict Issued to
day dismisses from office Yuan Sill I
Hal grand councillor and commander
inchief of the fotces The reason I
given for this action Is that he has
rheumatism of tho leg The edict or
ders Yuan Shi Kal to vacate all his
offices and to return to his home add I
Thus our clemency toward you is
A second edict appoints Na Tung
comptroller of customs ann exgovcr
nor of Peking grand councillor pro
faumably In Yuan Shi Kals place
The members ot tho diplomatic
corps at Peking are wellnigh tnun I
derstiuck at the sudden dismissal 01
Yuan Shi Kat The step Is bollovecj
to be the outcome of a Manchu ploc
and there are indications that tho Jap
anese icpiesentatlvcs alone had any
inkling of what was on root
Washington Jan 2ThouSh the
news of tho downfall or Yuan Shi Kal
was not entirely unexpected In ont
clal circles here it was received Wltn
regret for the stato department has
keen recollection of the great ser
vices rendered by Yuan Shi Nat to
every Christian nation In securing
communication by secret means with
the legations besieged In the com
pound at Peking during the ramon
Boxer uprising At that time Yuan
Shi Kai was Taotal of Shanghai and
did not hesitate to use all ot his great
power to secure news from the com
po nd which gave the first assurance
to the outside world that the diplo
mats theirfamilies and attaches were
holding their own within the legation
precincts It was this information
which Yuan Shi Kal conveyed thioufin
the American consul general at Shan
hal to Mr Hay that encouraged the
European governments to Join with
America in the remarkable allied
march to Peking that resulted In the
liberation of the Icgatloners It waa
Yuan who organized tho modern Cal
nese army dropped out the spears
men and the bowmen and the bearera
of stink pots and the makers of loud
noises and substituted wendrilled
khakiclad soldiers educated by Eur
opean officers During the ijoxor up
rising with his trained troops Yuan
was almost the only viceroy in China
able to extend protection to foreign
life and property and in his later po
I sition with extended powers ne nan
planned to mako the Chinese national
army a force to be reckoned with by
any nation
Proprietor Describes the
Destruction of His
S Hotel
I RomeJan 2Slgnol Serao the
proprietor of the house In Messina
whore A J Ogston tho English con
sul resided arrived hero today He
said that outside the consulate there
has not been an American resident In
Messina for forty years past The part
of the house where Serao lives did not
The Italian rushed out of the houso
Immediately after the first shock and
met Stuart D Luplon the American
viceconsul on tho street
Together tho two men made their
way to the American consulate They
found It had collapsed completely and
they came to the conclusion that A S
Cheme the consul and his wife wero
dead They made a hurried but un
successful search for the bodies
SIgnor Serao said that with Mr Lup
ton he satisfied himself that the
guests at the Hotel Trincario which
was completely demolished were all
saved with tho exception of the Swed
ish consulate and an Italian girl He
does not believe that there wore any
Americans at this hotel
Taormina where there were a num
ber of American tourists is absolutely
safe It did not suffer from the oarlh
quako In any sorlous way Continu
ing Scrao nays
It Is Impossible for the wildest im
agination to picture anything more
terrific than the destruction Mos
sTha It seemed as If the entire city
had been suddenly transformed Into a
whirlpool We wore ipetrlfied with
fear It was next to impossible to pro
ceed amid the plledup wreckage which
effocod all traces of all former strcjpla
1 There were heartreaillng crc from
the unfortunates who had fled to the
streets I
Climbing over broken beams shat
tered walls and quantities of broken
furniture we finally the spot I
where the American consulate had
Insane Laborer Attempts
to Occupy the
Spokane Wash Jan 2Shirk nak
ed Frank Mays a strapping laborer
26 years old went suddenly Insane in
the Billy Sunday tabernacl about Ij
oclock last night and attempted to
mount the pulpit to deliver an ex
hortation to the assembled early
comers on Tho Devil The mad
man was prevented from carrying out
his purpose oy ushers with whom he
fought like n tIger Wrapped in a
blanket tho Insane man was ta on
to the city hull bound hand and toot
At the station Maya declared ho
had disrobed to prove that he was nn
angel from God Still manacled the
man was locked up in a strong cell
whore ho squirmed out of tho blanket
and began to shout that he was the
devil come to put Billy Sunday out
of business He varied these slate
ic cnts by singing hymns
Before making his spectacular at
tempt to enter the tabernacle Mays
went Into a waiting room whore ho
disrobed He was half way to tho
pulpit when he was discovered Ills
Herculean strength enabled him to
fight his captors for several minutes
before he was overcome and bound
New York Jan 2A brisk demand
for stocks carried opening prices to
day well over the level of Thursday
New York Central was a feature wltn
a gain of 1 34 The rise extended
to a point In Louisville fc Nashville
Illinois Central Wisconsin Ucntiai
Central of New Jersey Toledo ana
St Louis Southwestern Amalgamatea
Copper and American Cotton Oil and
lo large fractions In the Hill stocks
Heading Atchison Western Mary
land and Tennessee Copper
Opening prices were about tho best
of the first hour for the leading
stocks There were a few notahio
advances among the minor stocKs
Central of New Jersey and Tennessee
Copper got up three points Lake brlo
o Western prefcrrqd 2 Western Un
ion 1 12 Ontario and Western 111
and Missouri Cleveland C CJ St
L and Kansas City Southern ana
International Pump one
Tho market closed slightly Irregu
Paris Jan 2The Figaro toda
publishes the following Gispalcb from
Rome 5
As days go by the disaster appear
more horrible terrifying and im
mense It is without precedent in
1 tho history ur the world in my car
S ier dispatches I spoke of over 150
000 dpad This number countless HJI
bo exceeded for now It lo conserva 1
I tively estimated thut 200000 persons
perished julsorably in this staggering
catastrophe nnd the worst Is not I
known Thy worst scourge has nCi
yet dent Its final vvorkr
1 J
lar and active Flucluation je
sluggish outside ol r few f1 p
rtocks A rise of 1 14 la Bro
Transit stiffened the drooping tend
cy Minneapolis SL Louis Stul 4
Sle Mario was lilted 4 New York Ceo
tral 5 34 International Pmn prIU
National Biscuit 3 Cqlorado 1i
em second preferred and Noil
orn I 12 Minneapolis Noill
foil 1 M There Tvas some higj t
iing m the late r1 ngl
AmalgamatdH 1 i
AmerIcan Co t
American Locqu I 4
American Smeltt l iJ
American Smelun LL 1
Ameiican Sugar ftr t 1 <
Anaconda Mining t 1 >
Atchison 100 7JS >
Atchison pCcJ101 13
Baltimore nntLOhlo 11 4
Brooklyn Transit 72 j
Canadian Pacific 177 S fit
Chesapeake and Ohio 57 1 4
Chicago Nor lnstern Hio
Chicago Mil and St Paul Iv 1 I o
Colorado Fuel and Iron 41
Colorado and Southern 97 12
Delaware anti Hudson 181 38
Denver and Rio Grande 39 31
Denver and Rio Grande prd H 2
Erie Railway 31 34
Great Northern pfd 117 tM
Gieat Northern OtiiCtfs 73 13
Illinois Central US 58
New York Central 130 3L
Reading 1432
Rock Island I
Rock Island Cg lr 6Z
Southern PacLfic1114
Southern allvhty87r t
j Union Pifc t EIi
5 United SUtton Stt U
Wabash Railway 1 <
AVestotn Union 7O1L j
Standard Oil company 617 r
ij 5 a4
Chicago Livestock t t
Chicago Jan 2CattIee
estimated 100 market 8tcfiryv trv
IOOa750 Texans 93S5niGO
ems 375a5 70 stockors antl4e
els 2S5a4 CO cows nnd heifers U
0a515 calves 7aOaOBO J
HogsReceipts estimated JTO
market strong to fie higher light
30a5f5 mixed 5 G0afila4rncvy
Ga1i25 rough 565a5SS good
cnoico heavy 5S5a2B J irgs iI
5SO bulk of sale J 57M510
Slieop Receipts estlnr1
market steady natives f J
vvcstorns 300a5 26 rlt 5
aG 80 ambs1ia7ii5 C
K nt ls1City Livcsta
Kansas City Ian 24 I
ceipts 2OpO market at 5to
ore and feeders 300a52S
00a475 calves 400a71 stot
steers 400a5G0 west ri i
70n450 r
Hogs Receipts 7000 i t t
higher bullcfof soles
heavy 590atjOO packer fburt
ers 570aR95 light 5r
450ao25 I
4 i I
S Sheep Noi receipts S
lunlly steady Mutton j
lanfbs GOOa750 rang ami
OOaG30 fed owes 3UOaj S
Chicago Prod
Chicago 1an Clo Who
May 5107 9 4
95 12 iS
Corn Jan 57 18 31
Cl 38 Sept 61 12
Pork Jan 1630al I ij
1035 i
Ribs Jan 5837 12
aS7Q July SS2 12 iii
Lord Jan D47 1r El
72 12 July 9S2 2j
Rye Cash 75 12
iJarley Cash U9a74
Dogs and Swine Enraged by Hunger pringTJpoilthe
and Devour ThemJ of Boiling Water pourJ1Om
crevasses Mn 1eby the Earthquakei1e nd r 5
j Lj Famine Claim Victims 7 Jti
4 r < JL j <
this jct at hipUIn
hipUInThe diflC ot thu
5r ic pokoned wthi L mat
bkTb 5 i tinf hieretilan rntn ti

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