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Your grocer will grind It
better iC ground at homenot
too fine
We Are
I Holiday
Proper Selection
Proper Goods
Proper Prices
Call and Inspect
322 25th St
Meals same price as Broom Res
taurant Special Dinner 25c
Lunch from 11 to 4 p m
Dinner from 4 to S p m
Cincinnati Jan 10It was re
ported today that Charles P Taft
millionaire half brother of the presi
dentelect will be appointed ambas
uador to the court of St James With
the millions of the late Dtvld Sinton
to back him Taft will have the ca
pacity of making tho social splurge In
London that many seem to think In
dispensable to the ambassadorship
there Taft declared today that ho
knew nothing of the proposed appoint
meat but local friends take this ro
port aa explanatory of Tafts graceful
withdrawal from tho Ohio senatorial
If appointed he will succeed White
lau Reid who has made himself very
popular with the English people
Returned From the EastMIss
Catherine Kane an employe of Wright
Sons company has returned from
her home In Rock Island III wfcore
she went a few weeks ago to attend
the funeral of hor father
High Class Music Appreciated by Og
den Church Goers Sermon The I
Horizon of Lifes Opportunities
The services In the First Presby I
terian church yesterday morning were I
made very attractive by the musical I
numbers given by a chorus from the
Ogden Choral society The large audi
torium was filled to overflowing when I
the hour of service arrived and tho
musical numbers wore given with ar
tistic effect The following Is tho pro
gram rendered
Prelude MacDowell Miss Joyce
Tenor Solo Resignation Roma
Mr Saunders
Chorus There isa River Buck
Ogden Choral Chorus
ertoryAndnntc Beethoven
Mr Coop V
Chorus3e Still Then Buck
Ogden Choral Chorus
Contralto SoloOIr Rest in the
Lord Mendelssohn Mrs Allison
Postlude March Mignon i Poldinl
Miss Joyce
The entire program was given In a
way which was very commendable to
those participating The chorus wan
well balanced and sang with a true ar
tistic spirit The tone quality was of
a high order and the chorus was in
point of attack and modulation and
blending praiseworthy The fine musi
cal feeling which so characterizes
Dudley Bucks compositions was felt
and expressed by the singers Mr
Coops ability as a choral leader and
accompanist and as an Interpreter of
tilt best muSic was again clearly re
vealed Mrs Allison and Mr Saundors
I are too well known to Ogden musical
I circles to need any comment or praise
V Tho selections chosen were adapted
more to reveal the sympathetic feeling
rather than the range of their voices
The morning service recalled again
the fact that Ogden people are eager to
hear hlga class music when properly
given and that we have In Ogden musi
cal talent of the very first order
I The theme of the morning sermon
was The Horizon of Lifes Opportunl
tie and In developing It Rev Carve
said In part
The morning Scripture lesson was
from that scene in the life of Jesus
Christ wherein the Master walking by
the sea of Galilee calls Peter John
and James to a higher and wider life
Heretofore the horizon of their pur
pose in life had been bounded by the
mountain ridges of the valley or Gall
lee They had been content to live
wltnln that environment and seemingly
ly had dreamed of no greater one
Then as Christ unfolded to them the
larger purpose the horizon of their life
broadened and a larger environment
of thought endeavor was found by
The horizon of the earth Is most de
ceptive in appearance Newcomb tells
us that from the point where wo arc
standing the slope of the earth duo
to Its rounding shape Is for a great
distance an ever increasing one Fol
I lowing the contour of this a point one
mile away is eight Inches lower than
it is ftore But the curveture Increases
tho farther one proceeds eo at a point
I two miles away the earth has curved
132 Inches at five miles away It has
curved 1C feet and 10 miles It has
j curved 64 feet and at 30 miles over
16000 feet So while the area between
V hero and Salt Lake City seems to be
i level ono city Is really over 10000
I feet higher or lower than the other
V at certain times of the day Thus It Is
I hat the higher one ascends the whl r
and deeper the horizon becomes and i
the same Is true of life In general as
i we rise above the smallness of selfish i
I ness and Indifference our lifes horizon
becomes both broader In view of what
life can be and deeper In view of what I
I life really Is
Knowledge and faith tend always to
give an ever enlarging conception or
lifes powers which doubt and sin
servo only to contract and dwarf
Hero Is the awful ruining power of
doubt and sin they contract the vision
of what life can be and the more life
Is surrendered to them the smaller
the life really becomes Vision Ideal
purpose aspiration and faith alike feel
the deadening Influence when unbelief
and evil become the dominating fac
tors On the contrary when faith and
knowledge hold sway each day pre
sents a large horizon of what may and
can be accomplished Oh then count
that day in your life a great day when
to you is given a larger vision and a
wider horizon of lifes possibilities for
it Is a great day In your Ufo as It was
In the lives of these men of old when
their alms and attempts were severed
from their old moorings and the Mas
ter pointed them to dare hope and
strive for larger things
Angelo the Great we are told saw
each day a greater opportunity In tho
realm of beauty and so his life was
one of constant development The I
realm of poetry the field of art both as I
sculptor and painter and the achieve
ments of architecture gave to his fer
tile mind an ever widening range ot
Inspiration and achievement Schu
mann and the masters of music found
the world of melody ever to be an en
larging one Life therefore could not
become either dull or deadening
Give therefore to your life a now im
potus of faith hope and knowledge
A 5To remedy that does not entirely remove the cause of Catarrh from the
blood will ever make a permanent of the
Just as long as the
circulation remains contaminated with the impurities and catarrhal matters
which produce the trouble the mucous membranes or inner linings of the
body will be kept in a state of irritation and disease Sprays lotions and
other local applications will sometimes temporarily relieve the tight full
feeling ln the head
buzzing noises in the ears uncomfortable stuffy feeling
of the nostrils and help to loosen the
mucus in the throat but Catarrh is a
Constitutional blood disorder and until it has been entirely driven from the
system there can be no permanent cure S S S cures Catarrh by removing
the cause from the blood It attacks the disease at its head and by thor
ougmy purifying and cleansing the circulation and ridding it of every par
ticle of impurity and at the time
same enriching the blood allows the
inflamed and irritated membranes to heal
improves the general health and
stops every disagreeable symptom S S a reaches down to the very
bottom and leaves no trace of the disease in the system Book
and any medical advice free to all who write on Catarrh
that you too may live tho unfolding 1
life Let the faith In and truth of
ofltis Christ become your pregnant I
K > wor of an enlarging vision of lifo and
lo you lee to It that tho scope of
mind heart and soul Is larger wider
deeper for Ufos tomorrows than it wan
In lifes yesterdays Widen lifes
horizon and your lifes growth must
State Engineers Office
Salt Lake City Utah July 23 1908
Notice Is hereby given that the Og
den Water Work company by 1U
manager C H Kircher whoso post
officio address Is Ogden Utah haG
made application In accordance with
the requirements of Chapter 108 Sea
slon Laws of Utah 1905 as amcnde
by the Session LOTTS of Utah 1907 to
appropriate ten 10 cubicfeet per
second of water from springs In Tay
orc Canyon Weber County Utah
Part of said water will be diverted
from a spring which is situated at
point of diversion No 1 which bears
north G2 degrees 48 minutes west
113 foot distant from the east quar
ter corner of Section 35 Township 6
north Range 1 weqt Salt Lake base
and meridian Part of said water
vlll be diverted from a spring which
Is situated at point of diversion No
2 lchbeara north 71 degrees 3 mm
utes east 1540 feet distant from the
land corner above described Part of
said water will bo diverted from a
spring which Is situated at point of
diversion No3 which Is 349G6 feet
south tfl degrees Bl minutes east from
ho above described corner Part of
aid water will bo collected rom a
spring which Is situated at a point
oaring north 43 degrees 21 minutes
act 28206 feet distant from the point
first above described also from nu
merous small springs adjacent thereto
mid conveyed to point of diversion
No4 which bears north 44 degrees
H minutes east 25832 feet distant
from the quarter corner above descrIb
ed where It will be diverted At
point diversion No 5 which bears 11
iorth 51 degrees 33 minutes east I
24277 feet distant from the land cor i
ner above described a part of said I
Water will bo collected from small
springs situated In a side canyon which
enters the main canyon at a point
northeast of the point of diversion
last above described At point of di
version No6 which bears south 35
degrees 53 minutes cast 52338 feet dis
tant from the land corner above de
scribod the water which flows from a
sprIng situated about 100 feet east of
said point of diversion will be divert
ed The remainder of the water applied
for will be diverted at point of di
version No7 which boars south 69
degrees 7 minutes east 34642 feet
distant from the land corner above
described at which point the water
from numerous small springs situated
in two canyons which form the main
canyon is to be collected and diverted
Tho water from the various sources
above described will be collected and
conveyed to a point near the west lino
of Section 36 township 6 north
lange 1 west Salt Lake base and
meridian where it will bo conveyed
for about 20000 feet by means of a
pipe line to the reservoir of the ap
plicant situated east of Ogden City be
tween 22nd and 23rd streets and from
hero It will be distributed during tho
period from January 1 to December
31 Inclusive of each year bymoans
of the present system of water works
operated by the applicant and to bo
hereafter constructed and there used
for municipal purposes This appli
cation Is designated In the State En
gineers office as No 1709
All protests against the granting of
said application stating the reasons
therefor must be made by affidavit In
duplicate and filed In this office with
In thlrlty 30 days after tho complo
tlon of the publication of this notice
CALEB TANNER State Engineer
Date of first publication Doc 20
1908 date of completion of publication
Jan 25 1909
Regular annual meeting of the
shareholders of the First National
Dank will be held at their banking
room at Ogden Utah Tuesday tho
12th day of January 1909 at 10 oclock
a m for the purpose ot electing di
rectors to servo for the ensuing year
and for the transaction of such oth
r business as may properly come be
fore tho meeting
Ogden Utah December 21 1908
Regular annual meeting of the
shareholders of the Ogden Savings
Dank will be held at their banking
room at Ogden Utah Tuesday the
12th day of January 1909 at 11 oclock
a m for the purpose of electing di
rectors to serve for the ensuing year
and for the transaction of such other
business as may properly come before
the meeting
Ogden Utah December 21 1908
Rome Jan 10Pope Plus today re
colved Archbishop Ireland In private
farewell audience His holiness ox
pressed to the archbishop his grati
tude to the American people for the
prominence they are taking in giving
aid to tho earthquake sufferers say
Ing America always Is first
The pontiff authorized Archbishop
Ireland to convoy the apostolic bene
diction to the American people
Washington Jan 10Slx million
dollars of imports and 60000000 of
exports to Panama represent the
trade of that republic with tho United
States during the past five years ac
cording to a bulletin by the bureau
of statistics made public today
Doubtless says tho bulletin a
large proportion this was for the
use of persons employed upon the
canal or work pertaining thereto
though a portion was for the residents
ot Panama asldo from those engaged
actively In the canal work
oooooooooo 0
o 0
O 0
O Guam Jan 10 Residents O
O of tho little Island of Guam 0
O in midPacific both natives and 0
O Americans have raised a fund 0
O of 125 for the relief of Italian 0
O earthquake sufferers This sum O
O was the proceeds of a concert 0
O and vaudeville chow given at 0
O tho naval colony and has been 0
O sent to tho national Rod Cross 0
O at Washington o
O 0
o 0000000000
Prohibition the Theme Now Being
Agitated In State of Utah Offi
cial Declaration of L DS
Yesterday afternon at 2 oclock at
the regular Sunday services in the
Ogden Tabernacle there was an ex
ceptionally large attendance the at
traction being the presence of Elder
Nophl L Morris ot Salt Lake who
delivered a masterly address on the
topic of Prohibition In his dis
course Mr Morris made tolling points
In support of the prohibition idea
and his talk was highly appreciated
by the audience The speaker was
at his best giving much stress of
conviction to his remarks The Og
eon choir gave an appropriate mu
sical program which also was much
1 did not think when I stood here
two or three weeks ago that I should
soon again occupy this position But
as It has been explained to you I
lave boon requested to meet you for
tho purpose of discussing the ques
tion or prohibition In the Stato ot
Utah I sincerely trust that in doing
so I shall have the assistance of the
spirit of the Lord and hope that It
there is need of any special work in
the way of converting members of this
church or any one who may be with
us today that the spirit of the sub
ject connected with the spirit of the
Lord which is always In harmony
with truth and purity may work such
conversions and I sincerely trust 1
repeat that we may havo an outpour
ing of Gods Holy Spirit
The state of Utah Is today consider
ably agitated over the matter of tem
perance as some call it but to others
It has taken tho more radical aspect
that of prohibition Thoro Is quite a
difference in temperance and prohibi
tion Prohibition is the real thing
To an Irishman or a Scotchman tem
perance would be his undoing Tem
perance Is a matter of degree I be
lIeve In prohibition I believe in to
tal abstinence as being a preferable
thing for mankind In the recent
conference held in Salt Lake City
President Smith with the other gen
oral authorities of this church spoke
more on the matter of observing tho
lord of wisdom a cardinal principal
of our faith than any other subject
and it was the distinctive thought ot
the entire conference After tho re
marks In which he took every ground
In relation to liquor and its use as a
coverage a resolution was Introduced
which I desire to reaa for tho re
freshing of your memory Ho read
tho resolution recently adopted at the
October conference On motion the
immense congregation voted aye
The reference to the Sunday law is
a matter which Is entirely over
shadowed by the larger question that
ot prohibition or the liquor traffic of
our state and I assume If thc matter
of liquor wore properly systemaUsed
there would not be nearly so much
I ovll In tho Sunday law but It is a
measure which will receive attention
at the hands of the legislature which
IB convening for sixty days following
tomorrow This resolution Is tile of
ficial declaration of tho Church ot
Jesus Christ of LatterDay Saints
As a member of that church I may
speak hero this afternoon with pro
priety upon the movement of temper
ance One may speak as i citizen in
terested in the social and civil life of
your community In which you live
but first as a member of this church
In Utah conditions are somewhat ab
normal Church Influence is tho
sound for agitation and Impassion
feelings and expression In other
countries where normal conditions
prevail church Influence Is good in its
sphere A church that does not add
something to tho good of the public
to tho refinement of man and to their
culture and education has no economic I
value In any Boclal phase or com
munity A church after all Is said I
and done should be appreciated for
the kind or men andfwomen it gives
forth strictly upon an economic
standpoint and by them I will Judge
the value of your church I care very
little for your creeds for your hair
splitting doctrine for your pulpit ora I
tors your fine choir show mo tho
men and women your church gives
and by them I will judgo tho value of
your church Salvation comes with a I
man In his manner of thought and his I
conduct In relation to his fellow man
In these measures will be discovered
the real intrinsic value of man and I
the church which produces them I i
say In this regard the state should
guard very dearly tho Interests of the
church that It might exercise Influ
once In these various directions so
this may serve for a justification of
discussing the problem which Is a
mutter of municipal legislation Tho
matter of prohibition baa been ngl
totIng the United States for a number
of years Some forty years ago It was
a sort of hY3terical emotion In regard
to prohibition and some states declare
themselves In favor oC ultimate prohi
bition and measures wore adopted by
legislative enactment In many states
but tho law was never carried into
effect directly and satisfactorily for
tho reason that public sentiment had
not been sufficiently developed and
without that sentiment behind tho
laws your laws are of no effect
Eight or ton years ago this question
was agitated again It grow in tho
southern states because of tho traffic
that was going on in the liquor busi I
ness and because of tho incompetency
of tho largo number of negroes to re
sist the wiles of tho saloon man
more because of their natural ten
dency In natural directions In this I
and sometimes In their manners nnd
practices they became tho wholesale
patrons of tho saloon man And while
this Increase of people In the south I
were receiving credit in tho stores tho I
Euloon man was receiving tho money
The business man became sufficiently
encouraged to demand local option
and they had at first what is called tho
live mile law by which no saloon man
would bo permitted within five miles
of a church or public school except
tho people In that district gave per
mission for tho operation of tho Si
loon Finally counties began to vote
on this question within the boundaries
of their county And whole counties
began to vote on the question of sa
loon or no saloon and thus tho work
J nt on Stale movements then oc
cinrod Wo have today a dozen states
who have declared out and out In fa
r prohibition In addition to
these nine or ten states there aro
score of states that havo adopted by
counties tho local option law prohibit
ing absolutely tho sale of liquor In
their counties Local option IB limited
Tho Important phase of local option
Is that ono county may declare In fa
vor of local option and prohibit the
Bale of liquor In its boundaries while
an adjoining county might declaro
that it Is on tho sldo of tho saloons
If Salt Lake county failed to declare
In favor of prohibition and V Davis
county voted for prohibition there
would grow up a line of saloons down
by the Hot Springs and Davis county
boozors would cross over the county
line Now to bring still closer it
Weber county did not declare in favor
ot prohibition and had Boxolder poor
Boxelder would suffer for there would
grow up a line of saloons out at tho
Hot Springs near Ogden
The church in the resolution says
We will exercise all tho Influence
we can legitimately we will do all In
our power to have laws made neces
sary to close all saloons and It
places an obligation upon every offi
cer and member or the Mormon
church to do all ho or sho can to bring
about legislative enactment to close
the saloon He then road from the
word of wisdom Strong drinks aro
rot to be taken Internally If patent
iiicdlclnes can bo regarded as alco
holic Latterday Saints should exclude
them from their homes The church
has declared Itself In favor of prohibi
tion This movement Is going to win
because God Is behind it and It is
bound to triumph The saloon man
Is the cause of this agitation Thoro
Is no one who has done PO much as
the saloonkeeper himself The sa
loon man makes his saloon as Inviting
as possible A poor man can go to a
saloon and get a freo sandwltch and
a glass of beer but he has to pay for
his glass ot beer I have here some
rather Interesting clippings from pa
pers He then quoted an item from
the newspaper about an honest sa
loon keeper from Tombstone Arizona
who V advertised his business with
enterprising frankness and declared
his customers fools V
Down in Salt Lake City n 1908 we
had 133 saloons and six clubs where
liquor was sold without restriction
The license Is 1200 per year Throe
million dollars was spent for liquor or
S4n per capita Tho city gets 15J
GOO per year from theso saloons and
payp out quite that much to take care
of criminals
In the year 1908 cloven thousand sa
loons wore voted out of existence in
the United States adding 325 square
miles in area and adding four million
three hundred people to the dry Ler
tory Beginning with Jan 1 1U09
there will be eight prohibition states
Beginning with Jan 1 1909 there will
legislative fights in nine other
slates for prohibition
Here Is something Interesting In re
gard to liquor traffic annual bill
Great Britains annual beer and wine
Mil Is over hundred million year1
for drinks The items of Great Brit
ains drink bill for 1906 The people
In the United Kingdom drank 33891
000 barrels of beer 39302402 gallons
of spirits 12328691 gallons of wine
15000000 gallons of other liquors
enough to float a hundred battle ships
livery family consumed nearly 30 gal
lons costing about US or say about
silo per family
This represents at least about a
quarter of the average British family
income For the whole kingdom the
liquor bill of 1906 amounted to SOP
million dollars British public opinion
in torn now by two insistent demands
one for old age pensions and tho other
for more battleships Navy advocates
say that the country must build two
battleships to Germanys one The
most liberal plan which goes far be
yond anything now proposed by the
government would cost a little over
onesixth of the nations drink bill
A seventh part of the remainder would
build ten new battleships which Is
more than the most enthusiastic ad
ocateg of naval expansion havo
thought to bo necessary
The railroads and largo corporations
of the government are now refusing Lo
employ men who drink Ho mentioned
the depravity In the United States
and said there would soon be a politi
cal reformation So If your repre
sentatives have not been Instructed
on this question It Is your duty to
send petitions to thorn and let them
know what you want in regard to
legislation of tho liquor question It
Is your duty to write personal letters
to them telling how you want them
to vote on this question
A saloon man will say that prohibi
tion is unconstitutional because It is
destructive of property What did
Abraham Lincoln do when ho abol
ished slavery He destroyed prop
erty Every negro had been bought
and he was depriving them of their
property A nationr rose and fought
on that question and paid by tho
lives of hundreds of thousands of tho
best citizens that the question might
be settled What did the United
I Slates do when It confiscates tho prop
erty of tho Mormons although It af
terwards refunded It On the same
principle In regard to tho property of
the saloon keepers and brewers they
will bo given time to get out But
you neednt shed any tears about these
good fellows they have been getting
tho money for years that some poor
wife should have had How crazy
men are for drink and how much
crazier they are after they get It
Every thinking woman In Utah
will vote against the saloon was the
statement of one of tho leaders among
women who takes an interest In pub
lic questions and a similar claim Is
often made for tho men of the state
Whatever else may be said of Colonel
Robert G Ingersoll agnostic orator
nnd scholar ho has over been credited
with being a thinker Yet to him Is
due one of the most terrible arming
incnts tho liquor traffic ever received
Hero It Is I am aware that there
Is a prejudice against any man who
manufactures alcohol I believe that
from the time It Issues from the coiled
and poisonous worm In tho dlstlllerv
until It empties Into the jaws of death
dishonor and crlmo It demoralizes
everybody that touches It from Its
source to whore It ends I do not be
lieve anybody can contemplate tho
object without bolng prejudiced
against tho liquor crime
All we havo to do gentlemen is
to think of tho wrecks on either bank
of the atroam of death of the uulcidos
of the insanity of the ignorance of
tho destitution of tho little children
tugging at the faded and withered
breast of I weeping and despairing
mothers of wives ask1ng for bread
of the men of genius I has wrecked
the men struggling with Imaginary
BorponlB produced by V this devilish
thing and when you think of the
ails of the aimshouso3 of the any
lums oftho prisons of the scaffolds
upon either bank of tho river J do not
wonder that every thoughtful man Is
prejudiced against this damned stuff
called alcohol Intemperance cuts
down youth In Its vigor mankind in
itt strength old ago in its weakness
r breaks the fathers heart bereaves
the doing mother extinguishes ma
ternal affection erases conjugal love
blots out filial attachment blights
parental hopes brings down mourn
ings ago In sorrow to the gravo It
produces weakness not strength
pfclcnoBs not health death not life
I It makes wives widows children or
phans fathers fiends and all of them
paupers and beggars It feeds rheu
matism Invokes cholera Imports pes
tllenco and embraces consumption
It covers tho land with Idleness
misery and crime It fills your jails
and supplies your almshoupcb I en
genders controversies fosters quar
rels and cherishes riots It crowds
your penitentiaries and furnishes
victims for your scaffolds It is the
lie blood of your gambler tho cle
ment of the burglar the prop of the
highwayman and support of the mid
night Incendiary It countenances
the liar respects the thief esteems
tho blasphemer It Incites the father
to butcher his helpless offspring
helps the husband to massacre his
wife and the child t grind the patricidal
cidal ax It burns up men consumes
women detests life curses God des
pises heaven I suborns witness
nurses perjury defiles the Jury box
and stains tho judicial ermine it
degrades the citizen debases tho legis
lator dishonors the statesman anti
degrades the citizen I brIng
misery not safety despair
not hope sorrow not happiness
and with the malevolence of a friend
1 calmly surveys its frightful desola
tion and unsatlated havoc It poisons
felicity kills peace ruins morals
blights confidence slays reputation
and wipes out national honor then
ruin curses the world and laughs at its
It docs all that and more I mur
dors tho soul I Is the sum of all
the vlllanlos the father of all crimes
the mother of all abominations the
devils best friend and Gds worst
I Is for you In Weber county t BO
instruct your representatives that
they will know where you stand and
tell them they need not come back
unless the stand the
they on right side
Character Building the Theme That
Interested Fathers and Mothers
of Ogden Last Evening
The Third ward mooting house was
filled to overflowing last evening to
listen to the discourse given by Dr
John T Miller on tho subject Char
acter Building Music was furnished
by the ward choir The meeting was
a very interesting ana Instructive
one Dr Miller brought out many
convincing and praiseworthy points
regarding the building of character
and the responsibility lhat rests upon
parents and educators In general in
relation to this Important part of ed
ucation that should be extended to
the youth
Bishop Peterson of the ward pre
sided over the services and In a few
ors expressed his great pleasure In
having DI Miller at the meeting to
talk on the question announced The
bishop further announced that DI
Miller would deliver a lecture In the
ward house Monday night t
on the subject of Fatherhood to
the fathers
A summary or Dr Millers address
last night follows
The most important act of life i
to harmonize our physical moral so
cial intellectual esthetic moral and
spiritual powers In order to do this
work most Intelligently we should all
bo familiar with the laws of mind
and body as they are explained in
physiology and human nature The
Inner life oC each person molds the
muscles of expression and modifies
the physical life
The first essential to complete Hv
Ing is health When every organ of
tne body Is composed of healthy tissue
and does Its work well there Is a
proper physical basis for the mind
but a person may Lo a physical giant
and at the same time be a mental
dwarf In this age of specialization
there Is danger of the education be
ing too unbalanced some devote
their entire time to physical labor and
others havo all mental work and no
physical exercise
Every person should be a brain
worker as well as a muscle worker
Tho successful artist when asked I
with what ho mixed his paints to get I
such excellent results icpllcd I mix
thorn with brains sir
rite stuJj of human culture must
be introduced Into our schools before
we can hope for any great Improve
ment In tho development of tho Indi
vidual or the race A quarter of a
century ago students graduated from
school without any knowledge mind
or body Now every pupil in tho pub
lic schools Is supposed to be familiar i
with physiology hygiene and sani
tary science but a large percentage I
of the students in high schools col
leges and universities graduate with
out having studied ono law of tho
mind As the skilled musician touches
the keys of the Instrument and pro
duces harmony so every person
should be ablo to manipulate tho pow
ers of tho mind In order to produco
harmony In his belngPowers that aro
too strong should be restrained and
deficient ones should bo cultivated
Social evils are causoa by perverted
action of mental powers among the
members of society The normal ac
tion of every power of the mind Is
for good and discord that results In
V V r r
The Hind You Hnvo Always Bought and which has been
i use for over 80 years has borne the slgatoo
and haa been made under his PC1
q onal supervision since Its infancy 0
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Experiments that tie with and endanger tho health o i
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment
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goric Drops and Soothing Syrups It i Pleasant It
contains neither Opium Morphine nor other Narcotic
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H C Bigelow Pres A P Blgelow Cashier
J M Browning Vice Pres R A Moyes Asst Cashier
t o I
T E DOOLY President RALPH 2 HOAG Cashier
f u
Y Y l I hil i tJJX J o
U S Depositary
Capital and Undivided Profils 27500000
David Eccle Pres M S Browning VicePros
t H Tribe V V
G VicePros John Pingree Cashier
Jas P Burton Asst Cashier V
C < It Aur M
vice crime and disease comes from
abnormal activity of some powers
Tlie principles of tie true science
of mind are so simple that a child ton
years of age possessing average in
telligence can study them The time
must soon come when tho laws of
mind will be taught In tho elementary
schools as tho laws of tho body aro
now taught thus the parents of tho
next generation will be better equip
ped for their most sacred duties
The three branches that are fun
damental In the science of character I
study and character building arc
physiology including temperaments
physiognomy and phrenological psy I
chology Persons who have not had
an opportunity to become familiar
with these studies should secure
from tho public library such books as
Wells New Physiognomy Riddells
Human Nature Explained Dr
Jacques The Temperaments Sizers
Heads and Faces and How to Study
Them Miss J A Fowlers A Manual
of A ental Science Brays HOW To
Educate the Feelings and other sim
liar books that should be found In
every public library and should be
rend by every parent teacher and
youth Tho principles explained in
those books can bo applied dally and
Tho poet expressed a vital truth
when he said Man know thyself I
the proper study of mankind Is man
When much attention will be given V I
to the study of the human plant as
to the vegetable kingdom and domes
tic animals our progress toward the
ideal life will bo much more rapid
than at tie present time
Tablets Druggists refund money If it
falls to cure EW GROVES signa
ture is on each box 25c
Honolulu Jan 10Dr John Atch
crloy fired four shots today at Dr J V
T Waysou at tho 9lllccB of the board j
of health Fortunately Atcherloya
aim was poor nnd his intended victim
escaped unhurt the bullets flying 1
wide of their mark
Dr Wayson isVa member or the
board of health and merber tho to
prominent physicians In Honolulu
Dr Atchcrloy Is said t be suffering
ing under the delusion that he is being
persecuted VV
Woman lov S a clear rosy complex
Ion Burdock Blood Bitters PUll s tho
blood clears the skin restores ruddy
sound health
T Z5c1
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