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Entered aa aeconflcla matter
at the Postofflce Ogden Utah
under Act of Congrats
Publlftnod Dally except suna11lt
hy The Standard Publishing Co
one Month 10 Advance nt 79
Six Months In Advance u 421
Tvcive Month In Advance 800
Above prices Include 8un4y
Morning Examiner Fret
Circulation guarantee
F This Certidet that tht circufation ofttf
lwaild t guaranteed the
bin rxcoaudicdar4u1 bJ
Advtrtitera Certified Circulatioa flw Rook
This Ppcr hat prorctl by snYe3frflkO
that the tircolttioo jrcorei art kept with
cere and tbe circulation stated wart lIch
Mccurecj that adrertiten nay rely on anp
stattmtat oftaczc cidc br the publishers
aatkr tbe ovrnenbfp aod management
ja control Aug 20 1908 j
In Force Feb 1 1908
Flat Bate Any Number of Inches
Changes Daily Per Inch
Once TwIce Every
each each other Every
weelI week lay da 1
26c 24c 22c 200
6 two cents per Inch extra Pages
7 and S one cent per Inch extra
TOP OF COLUMNNext to reading
matter and first following and next to
reading matter two cents per Inch
extra Other selected position one
cent per Inch extra
FIRST PAGE Fifty cents per nch I
each day on lower half of paso only
for advertisements running weekly or I
monthly without change
The Standard invites the attention I
of advertisers to the above rates for
Advertisements In The Evening Stand
ing rates In Utah
We guarantee that no other papor In
Ogden has even onehalf the bonaOdo
actual subscribers that The Evening
Standard has In fact we challeugo
the comparison of any subscription list
with that of Tho Evening Standard
One of tho most gratifying features
of tho report submitted to congress
by the Interstate Commerce commli
Blon is the announcement that In the
railway accidents In 1908 Is shown a
remarkable falling off of casualties
the death list having been decreased
from 110 in 1907 to 166 In 1908 Tha
number of employes of roads killed
In coupling accidents shows a reduc
tion of 20 per cent
There was a time not long ago
when the yearly railway death list I
assumed the proportions of casualty
reports from a battlefield
Attention Is called to the necessity
of legislation authorizing an Investi
gation under direction of the com
mission of train accidents for tho
purpose of obtaining light on the
question of preventive measures for
the future By the terms of an act
approved May 30 1908 it is made un
lawful for any common carrier en
gaged In interstate or foreign com
merce by railroad to use any locomo
tive in moving interstate or
foreign traffic that Is not
equipped with an ash pan
which can be dumped emptied and
cleaned without tho necessity of any
employe going under such locomotive
on and after the 1st day of January
1910 and the commission is charged
with tho dut of
duty enforcing the
visions of this act Numerous
o Inventions calculated to solve the
difficulty Involved In obtaining an ef
ficient device applicable to all types
of locomotives have been presented to
the commission and have been refer
red to Its block sl
signal and train
trol board for
examination and report
The Interstate Commerce Commls
lIon In Its annual report notes that
the condition of safety appliances Is
steadily Improving with the possible
exception of power brakes The solo
requirement of the present law In re
gard to power brakes IB that no train
subject to tho present act shall contain
less than 75 per cent of cars equipped I
with power brakes In operative condi
tion Cars not exceeding 25 per cent
of tho total in the train may have their
brake equipment cut out of the con
nection and no liability ensues to the
carrier If tfco
o remaining brakes
sufficient to control the speed of the
train There is an Imperative need for
regulation governing cars that are
equipped with both
hand and power
brakes operating in opposition to each
other Any action of congress looking
to this end will bo of great and lasting
value In promoting the safety of lives
limbs and property
The leading court decisions of the
year bearing upon the safetyappliance
law are discussed at length
and the
conclusion Is drawn that the
law Is so
well established that it Is confidently
believed that It will result at no dis
tent < loto In carrying out to the fullest
extent the vlown of congress In Its
enactment Each decision has tended
the moro ctrongly to
fortify the com
pr t
t mission J in Its efforts for thn > enforce
ment this law
The disregard of the demands for
Is not chargeable to
safety appliances
western railroads Tho Union Pacific
and Southern Pacific were among the
first railroads In the United States to
equip their cars with airbakes
This failure to observe ordinary
precautions in protecting their own
and safeguarding the llvos of
their employes is a severe reflection
which havo
on the big corporations
neglected this imperative duty and
gocsfnr to prove that there must bo
government regulation even to Ute ex
tent of forcing big railroads to prop
erly advance their own bost inter
A circular has been received at this
office which is a defense of the big
corporations of the country the lrin
cipnl argument being an attempt tr
prove that stockholders number
In the aggregate hundreds of thous
ands and hence the interests the
corporations are those of the people
and the powerful companies cannot
be injured without inflicting an Injury
upon tho American people
There Is nothing convincing in this
array of figures The United States
Steel Corporation may have 100000
stockholders the Pennsylvania mil
road an equal number the Hill road
40000 and so on through tho list but
to add these figures and offer the
total as evidence of that number of
stockholders Is misleading There
ma be not more than 100000 stock
holders in all the companies for tho
holders of stock in one company may
he holders of stock in all companies
This line of argument In behalf
of the big companies will fall flat A
better defense would be proof that
the Interests of the corporations anI
the people of the country havo become
Interrelated by reason of the em
ployment the corporations afford thaI
unreasonable demands on corporations
must result alike in Injury to the big
concerns and tho people I
A Chicago city magistrate has toen
found guilty of Illegally releasing fall
en women confined in the workhouse
and of endeavoring to bribe reporters
for the daily press to suppress ex
posure of the practice The dispatch
does not state whether tho white
slave dealers Of Chicago should have
been prosecuted as accessories Tho
justice has been removed from office
by fhe appellate court but will not
puffer Imprisonment There tho Inci
dent officially closes
Those not familiar with the method
eniployod holding these women In
brothels says the Butte InterMoun
t fain would consider incredible a
lain recital of the truth Even where
ourts are not corrupt tho women an
almost at the mercy of their masters
If recalcitrant charges of disorderly
conduct are preferred and they are
iiually convicted When in prison
If the slave dealers can procure their
release they make terms by which the
women are worse off than before their
It will not continue forever Grad
ually a kindlier vlow of such poor
GIfeatures Is prevadlng the nation The
tlay Is dawning when American Chris
tians imitating Christ will look up
on such more as victims than guilty
ones Certain it is that our present
attitude Improved as It Is over the
attitude of the pastIs hoth absurd
and inhuman for it permits to flour
Ish In the shadow of the courts and
under the spires of tho churches con
htions beside which those which caus
e the civil war were tolerable
Uncle Joe Cannon is no little dis
turbed by the evidences of popular
disapproval with his autocratic rulo
of the house of representatives has
elicited in the last year and at a re
cent banquet In Philadelphia he took
occasion In his customary pictur
esque way to make apology in this
In the chapter of accidents I be
came speaker of the house When the
minority undertook to control the
majority they were met with a re
fusal from tho majority and the
speaker The speaker would have
been like a cat in hell without claws
if he had not fought against such
Rules were formulated for the gov
ernment of the house Those rules
were right and proper Under them
the house wrote wise and proper leg
islative measures upon the statute
There were wild howls from
tially selfish newspapers and
zines because tho czar did not re
move 16 per cent ad valorem duty
on print paper and wood pulp They
said they wanted It removed because
the cost of print paper and wood
pulp had Increased 50 per cent but
they could not show that tho Increase
was due to the duty and the speaker
refused to allow the duty to be re
moved I
They were ashamed Mr Cannon
said turning to Vice PresidentElect
James Sherman who was a guest
with him at the function to explain
that this was the real reason for
tholr pounding during your cam
paign and mine
The newspapers says the Call did
not want that kind of a cat for a
speaker but they did want a man
who would not stand In the path
of progress as an obstructionist Mr
Cannons attribution of selfish mo
tives to newspapers in relation to tho
duty on wood pulp Is nonsense and
if it were true would affect not at all
tho force of tho argument made
against the speaker lo complete
his apology Uncle Joe should insist
that the whole Methodist church has
a selfish interest In wood pulp That
church denounced him vigorously
during the campaign
The new knowledge of disease and
diseasebrooding germs has corrected
the old ideas of how disease is com
municated As tho Denver Post says
our grandmothers used to tell us that
the dycstuffs In stockings were pois
onous and that serious consequences
sucllns blood poison might result
from such a source
Doubtless many of the pigments and
chemicals used In making such dyes
would be poisonous if swallowed but
that blood poisoning could bo causod
by them is absurd
Blood poisoning Is always produced
by infecting organisms and almost
without exception the skin must be
roken or abraded In order to make
It possible for such organisms to gain
entrance to the body and cause trouble
The unbroken skin with its protect
ing cent of scarfskin tho epidermis or
cuticle is impervious to nearly all of
the Infecting organisms For example
the virus with which vaccination is
done may be smeared over the sur
face of the unbroken scarfskin with
impunity but let this protecting coat
of mall bo scraped off or scarified and
the virus then applied and if the In
dividual Is susceptible ho will soon
develop the characteristic local and
general manifestations of vaccinia
which make him resistant to the dis
ease smallpox
If other specific organisms are so
introduced they may soon cause the
manifestations of the particular dis
ease from which they had their origin
and so serious disease and death mar
I supervene I
Figs do not grow on thistles nor do I
any of these specific diseases origi
nate except from like parent body
Scarlet fever diphtheria pneumonia
Influenza tuberculosis syphilis ery
sipelas typhoid fever blood poisoning
etc always grow and spread through
bacteria which have developed from
like growths in another organic body
The bacteria which produce Infec
tions and blood poisoning find their
way into our bodies most often
through accidental breaks or punctures
in the scarfskin such as outs or hang
nails upon the hands or chapped rub
bed or cut places upon the feet
Shoes and stockings confine the heat
and moisture of the foot in such a way
as to produce an almost ideal incuba
tor for such organisms and it is a fact
that tho shoes wo wear every day har
bor and propagate millions of them
We are made safe from this hot bed of
Infectious bacteria only because of the
unbroken cuticle which is so resistant
to them
CutS and abrasions on the feet
should bo treated with especial care
and every precaution should bo used
to cleanse them perfectly and keep
them from contnct with soiled socks
or shoes which reek with germs of a
dangerous kind
Clean sterile protecting dressings
on such cleansed wounds will save
many serious oven fatal Infections
and grandmothers myth of the
poisonous dyestuffs in stockings will
be relegated to the realm of romance
The Atlanta Constitution presents a
Southern view of Theodore Roosevelt
which is complimentary The Consti
tution is one of tao great papers of
the South It says
The election of Mr Taft and the
absorbing Intorest in his prospective
national policies has somewhat mini
mized In the public eye the present
occupant of tho White House who e
retirement therefrom is but two
months off
The critics of Mr Roosevelt and
they are numerous and persistent
have seized eagerly upon this fact
which as history shows Is but a na
tural and logical condition and are
delighting in the opportunity which It
affords them to label the retiring pres
ident already a back number
But the truth 18 if one stops to
consider It Mr Roosevelt will prob
ably be much less of a back number
than any president who has ever left
the White House to return to private
The nation is naturally interested
in what Is going to happen to it and
therefore quite logically In too man
who Is going to make things happen
Mr Roosevelt is not at present viewed
as a factor in those important future
But to presume that he will not b
an Important part and parcel of the fu
ture of the United States argues Ig
norance of conditions and denies the
force of human will and energy
Mr Roosevelt leaves tho White
House comparatively a young man he
is yet In his early fifties
Thoro has never been a president
with a stronger personal and national
following than that which Mr Roose
velt possessed and still possesses
There has perhaps never been a
president with moro native vigor of
mind and body whether or not others
may bo classed higher in executive
Despite tho enemies he has mado
and they arc as numerous as they are
in many Instances bitter and unre
lenting this condition and these per
I sonal qualities make bfmt man still
powerfully to be reckoned with
In some respects the enemies no
has made arc an Index of his strength
Mr Roosevelt will leave tho White
Houso scarcely less nationally strong
than while its occupant Ho will be
anything but a back number He will
continue W bo a revised edition up to
datea live wIre prolific with electric
sparks L
Iho merry war between tho pres
ident and congress on tho subject of
the secret service has come to close
quarters The previous exchanges
had been chiefly firing In the air but
to close
now hostilities have come
quarters If tho senate and the house
desire particulars of secret service
activities affecting some of their
members they are in tho way to get
them and it may be that in short
they will be hollering for help to let
go of that bears tall
In fact the president has supplied
to Senator Halo certain detailed speci
fications of secret service work af
fecting members of congress Mr
Hale is carefully sitting on those
specifications for the present but has
suffered a small matter to leak out
that concerns Senator Tlllman This
Is not particularly Important and
probably was elected by Senator
Hale as matter for safe publicity
The other specifications are for the
present carefully guarded secret in
Mr Hales custody
Lest we forget the significance of
this episode says the Omaha Bee it
is well to recall that the effervescent
wrath of congress was first set bub
bling by a reference in tho presi
dents message to a measure limit
ing secret service activities as one
designed in tho interest of crimin
als In the dispute that followed
congress took the aide of the crim
inals It was monstrous that they
should be persecuted by tho atten
tions of the secret service officials
When a thief is found denouncing
the police honest men know what
to think and the position assumed
by congress was emphasized by a
remark in the presidents message
that possibly some congressmen had
a personal interest In limiting se
cret service work Let him whom tho
cap fits put It on
The fact that two members of con
gress from Oregon were convicted of
felony through tho efforts of secret
service men lends point to the Intima i
tions of the presidents message It
will not be doubted that other con
gressmen have been greatly annoyed
and perhaps embarrassed by official
prying into their private affairs If
there are any other reasons for ob
jecting to the use of means for de
tection and prevention of crime It Is
up to congress to produce them No
rogue eer felt the hatter draw with
good opinion of the law That sen
timent Is older than the presidents
message but It seems to belong
Rev Noble Strong Elderkin when
he stood at the head of the steps lead
ing into a gambling house and was
informed by one of the proprietors
there was nothing doing ho did not
laugh but felt like crying Now
looking backward to that night when
gambler and officer deceived him ant
politely led him away from the I
to a gay life ho not only laughs but
makes us laugh with him
Rev Elderkins sermon of Sunday
night Is rich in humor His story oC
the Raid with just a touch from
Mark Twain would be a masterpiece
Evidently Rev Elderkin did not
complete his education at college To
his fund of knowledge ho has added
much concerning the things that are
worldly since coming to Ogden and
ho no longer trusts Implicitly In the
utterances of policemen or council
men When he entered tho ministry
ho thought councilmen were above
guile and policemen were paragons of
honesty Now he distrusts both an
is thoroughly skeptical whenever
members of either branch of tho city
government approach him with assur
ances of any kind In regard to the
moral welfare of Ogden
When Rev Eldorkln halted at the
fop of the stairway to a gambling
den and turned to his companions
with the confiding trust of a child InN
a father a reproduction of a snap
shot of the expression on his face
would embellished the tale he now
tells His faith In human kind was
being tested to the utmost At last I
there came the denouement and Rev
lildorkln ceased to be gullible In the
expressive vernacular of tho street
hhe had to be shown That was a
great transformation In a minister
S 18
New York Jan 10The Hudson
memorial bridge tho latest designed
by tho New York bridge department
more Interesting perhaps from an en
gineering standpoint than any other
around Now York will serve not only
as a connecting link between New
York and Spuyten Duyvll a suburb
ibut will also commemorate the discov
er of the Hudson river by Hendrick
Hudson nearly 800 years ago
The bridge and tho approaches will
be about 1600 feet long with four semi
circular arches of 108 feet span on the
Spuyten Duyvll side and three ou the
New York side with an enormous
arch of 700 feet between them The
bridge will bo of reinforced concrete
exceeding In magnitude many Umes
any arched bridge over built of stone
brick or concrete
Use of Guillotine Revived
in France in Carrying
Out Death Penalty
Bethuna Pas De Calais France Jan
11The first inflictions of the death
sentence in France for years past were
witnessed in this town today when
four murderers were decapitated by
the guillotine The four men had form
ed a band which Lad terrorized north
ern France and southern Belgium for
several years robbing assaulting and
murdering at will
As they wore led out of prison cries
of vengeance arose from tho largo
throng present and when the knife fell
four times In rapid succession the peo
ple present did not hesitate to evince
their satisfaction
The French parliament recently
passed a resolution In favor of tho
death penalty In France and the cab
inet a fortnight ago decided to carry
out tho ruling of parliament There
remain today eighteen persons in
Franco under sentence of death
The condemned were ignorant up to
a short time before the execution that
they were to die They had slept un
disturbed in tho hope that their sen
tences would be commuted They at
tended mass and were then led out In
front of the prison whore the guillotine I
was erected
Ho and His Wife Accompanied by
Captain Bumbaugh Will Make
the Novel Trip
Los Angeles Jan 11Charles A
Coey president of the Aeroplane club
6f Chicago states that he will make an
Attempt to cross the continent in his
ballon the Chicago He has been care
fully studying the local situation from
the standpoint of a balloonist and Is
firmly conceived that the project Is
feasible Ho will be accompanied by
Mrs Cooy The L lloon Is being ship
ped to this city Captain G L Bum
hal h who will go with Mr and Mrs
Coey will come to Los Angeles about
January 20 and final arrangements for
the trip will bo considered following
his arrival
There are three ways In which the
trip may be made said Coo One
is under conditions which will permit
a shoot over tho mountains and a
straight journey without a stop A
second Is by coming down at night and
anchoring until the next morning
when tile warm sun will bring an ex
pansion of gas with a much greator lift
than tho night before As a bird ex
pedient It may be possible to go as
far as the first Inflation will carry
then refilling and going on The non
stop Journey appeals most to the bal
loonist and it may be taken from Los
Angeles to Now Yqrk some time
Boston Jan 11 Outdoing Burbank
a New England Wizard Howard S
Hill of Gardner Mass has produced
n vegetable that Is a cross between
tho cucumber and the orange It li
fine grained said to be of delicious
taste and Is yellow
I had orange and cucumber one
day and without thought mixed to
gether some pulp of the two says
Hill The product was mostly cu
cumber but the orange gave It a most
delectable flavor Then I began ex
New York Medical Authorities
Claim Dyspepsia Causes
The post mortem statistics of tire
big Now York hospitals show that
some cases of consumption are due to
unchecked dyspepsia especially when
tho victim was predisposed to tuber
Dyspepsia wears out the body and
brain the weakened irritable slom
nch Is unable to digest food the body
does not receive the required nourish
mont constipation ensues and the vie
Urn becomes thin weak and haggard
4s a result the body becomes a fertile
field for the germs of disease to lodge
and flourish
Therefore tho person who permits
dyspepsia to progress unhindered Is
guilty of contributing toward the lie
elopinent of one of the most Insidious
und fatal diseases known to mankind
Dyspepsia Is curable if properly
treated The T H Carr Drug Co sell
a remedy which they positively guar
antee will cure Indigestion or Jjs
PePsin or they will pay for all tho
medicine used during the trial This
remedy is an absolutely new medical
discovery and has been named Rex
all Dyspepsia Tablets Certainly no
offer could bo more fair and the offer
of the T H Carr Drug Co Is proof
positive that Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets
mea dependable and Infallible rem
edy Inasmuch as the medicine will
icost you nothing If It does not benefit
you wo urge you who are suffering
with Indigestion or dyspepsia to try
this remedy A twcnt five cent box
of Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets contains
enough medicine for fifteen days
treatment Remember Rexall Dyspep
sia Tablets are only sold in Ogden by
the T II Carr Drug Co Cor 2Gth mJ
Little Tot Entered Bank Through Roar
Window While Cashier Was at
Dinner and Took 992
Joplin Mo Jan 11 Charged with
looting the Noel State bank of Noel
McDonald county forty miles south
of here Oliver P Billings aged 10
was arrested here yesterday by Sher
iff Tom Carnell after a five weeks
The tot entered the bank through a
roar window while Cashier Kistslor
vas at his noonday meal and looted
the cash drawer of Its entire contents
I2 Out of proportion to his years
the boy in his confession bragged
of taking tho money and hiding it
under a set of wagon scales
The boy stated he was given a nick
el hire by a man to execute tl burg
lary but this Implication Is scouted
by Sheriff Carnell
Is Sent to Bellevue Hoopltal Where
Physicians Say He May Not
New York Jan 11A man who
was picking up objects on the side
walks of Broadway yesterday and eat
ing them was noticed by a policeman
who took him to a police station At
Eollevue hospital where he was sent
from the police elation the doctors
said that he mau was insane from
starvation and that he might not re
paid that the man was insane from
from the Pennsylvania coal fields ana
can speak but little English He was
picking up crumbs in the street to
stop if he could the gnawings ot
hunger until he could Join the bread
Or Dcnlson Was Active In Discussion
at Last Tuberculosis Congress
In Washington
Denver Colo Jan 11Dr Charles
Douison specialist In the treatment
of tuberculosis and of worldwide fame
us a leader In the war on that disease
died at his home in this city yester
day as a result of gangrene of time
liver and acute septlcemls due to
gallstones Dr Denlson was active
In the discussion at the tuberculosis
congress at Washington last October
in opposition to the Koch theory of
tubercular contagion from bovine ba
cilli He was the author of several
accepted books and treatises on med
icine and also the Inventor of certain
Instruments much used in tho prac
tice of that profession Dr Donlaun
was born at Royalton Vt in 1845
and had been a resident of Colorado
slnco 1873
He was president of the American
Climatlologlcal association In 1805
and at tho time of his death was af
filiated as a member of several for
eign and international medical node
tics Ho leaves a widow and throe
Chicago Jan 11The first authori
tative statement of tho condition of
the Charles T Yerkes estate has been
given out by a report of the heirs
At tho time of the death of Yerkes
in December 1006 he left property
valued at 12000000 Tho three
years since brought expenses whlcli
drained this largo fortune
drined heavily
The shrinkage during this period is
I all tho debts were paid off the
estate would shrink to about 5500
000 Of this amount 4500000 rep
resented by bonds of tho Chlcngo
Consolidated Traction company is
tied up In receivership proceedings
When the estate Is settled the wid
ow will get onethird of what remains
and the other beneficiaries the rest
Chicago Jan 11In a warning
against exposure to pneumonlaHcalth
Commissioner Evans says
Men drunk from liquor and men
drunk from overeating arc more SUP
ccptlblo to the disease and die of it
Tho majority of cases of pneumonia
are of patients who contracted the
disease after a drunk debauch or who
vero drunk from overfeeding People
drunk from overfeeding I think arc
almost as Immoral as thoso who stup
ify themselves with liquor Tho effect
of pneumonia In such patients Is much
the same
Documents Arc Placed In Envelope
and Sent By Special Delivery to
Unfortunate Tenor
Now York Jan Conscientious
burglars who stole property valued
at 800 and a number of valuable
ers from the rooms of Albert Reins a
tenor at the Metropolitan Opera
house on Saturday night were
thoughtful enough to return the pap
ers by mal Enclosed In an envelope
and sent by special delivery the
ane delvery pap
ers Breached Rolss last evening A
Diamond pendant worth about 500
was among the stolon articles Kn
trance to the apartments was gained
by means of the fire escape
Salt Larke Jan Electrification
of the Salt Lake
te Sat Ogden railway
The Bamberger road will begin
within a few weeks It will be com
pleted by June If present plans for
pushing tho work aro carried out This
was tho word the reached the local of
lice of the company yesterday from
Simon Bambergor the president of the
company who is In the east
Mr Bamborger left for Chicago tho
day after Christmas for the purpose of
selling bonds on his system t enable
r him t electrify and make other im
provements Yesterday It was announced
I nounced that the Harris Trust Say
ings bank of Chicago New York and
Boston one of the largest bond houses I
In the United States had underwrit
ten the bonds and that the proceeds
would bo Immediately available for
Improvement purposes
The amount of the bond on the road
is not given out Originally Mr Bam I
berger planned t raise 600000 in this I
way Ho had all his plans matured
and arrangements made t place the
bonds eighteen months ago when the
financial slump came and knocked out
this with many other like propositions
Now it Is believed that a much larger
bond Is being sold to provide funds I
for much more extensive Improve I
ments There need be n surprise I
It Is learned that the amount exceeds
1000000 I
Information that reached the homo
office yesterday confirmed the report
of the placing also that Simon Bam
berger and his son Sidney M Bam
borger had left Chicago for the east
for tho purpose of purchasing rolling
stock machinery cables and other ma
terials needed In the electrification of
the road
Weekly Report on Contagious DIs
eases Births and Deaths I
Salt Lake Jan 11 Sixtysix new
cases of contagious and Infectious dis
eases were reported to tho local board
of health during the week ending Fri
flay night Of these 1 wore of small
pox and 15 scarlet fever Other dis
eases are Diphtheria 8 i measles 1
typhoid fever 3 chickenpox 8
whooping cought 1
There are 22 houses under
Tere quaran
tine on account of smallpox 34 on ac
count of scarlet fever and 9 on account
of diphtheria There are still 12 cases
of smallpox at the Isolation hospital
Births numbered 40 during the week
being 24 males and 16 females There
wore 21 deaths 1C males and S fe
males Four bodies were shipped hero
for burial
New York Jan 11 Michael Rued I
a boy of 12 years Is perhaps the
youngest preacher In the city He de I
livered a sermon last night In an East I
Sidle Catholic church taking for his I
text Behold I bring you tidings of
great Joy The child composed the
entire sermon himself and was well
Boston Jan 11John Connes for
mer U S senator from California
and the last survivor of the pallbear
ers of President Lincoln fled at Ja
maica Plains Saturday night aged
I r I
Forty Degrees Above Zero In Ogden
Until Yesterday Northwest
Visited by Blizzards
During the past week up to Sat
urday at j2 oclock Ogden weather
maintained an even temperature at 40
degrees above zero an exceedingly
high temperature At that hour the
mercury began to fall and continued
j in the downward course until at 2
I oclock this morning It registered 15
1 degrees above tho zero mark Be
cause of the rather sudden change
I from the high to the low temperature
the moderately cold weather of last
night was much more noticeable than
I It would have been had it not boon
I preceded by high temperature
I The
remarkably warm winter
weather of the time indicated was
I damaging In some respects It inter
fered materially with the gathering
of ice and caused such an overflow in
the OgdCn river that the farmers In
some localities were forced to get out
with their teams and throw up dykes
for tho protection of their provisos
against the flood The snow prqIS03
fallen before the thaw camo on wns
melted and tho water fairly soaked
the ground all over town leaving the
streets veritable seas of mud which
the doctors state had a tendency to
I Impair tho health of tho people and
I bring Into active certain
actve being certn dis
ease germs
According to dispatches from sec
tons of country both north and south
of Ogden during the week extremely
cold weather prevailed Travelers
coming down from Montana and other
I cold regions were much surprised to
find the Ogden weather almost as
that experienced in the springtime It
I appears that the cold wave missed
this region altogether Last night
however was a cold clear night tho
indications being that the city will
no doubt experience a cold spell
The thermometer ID front of Brown
Ing Brothers played on uncommo
prank yesterday morning about u
oclock While the mercury was
steadily going down having reached
the 28 degree mark it suddenly
soared upward to 70 degrees There
was apparently no change In tho
weather and Just what caused the
mercury to rise so abruptly at that
time Is a sort of mystery I soon
came back however and continued
on its downward way I
The Farmers Roundup begins to
day at the state agricultural college
at Logan The subjects to bo treated
in this course of study are of special
Intercut t those who desire tojbo
come scientific and practical farmers
Following is the program
Program For Farmer8 Roundup
Monday January 11 Heavy horses
types Feeding disease
loesJay January 12 Light horses
types judging of heavy and light
horses p m
Wednesday January 13 Dairy cat
tie type Judging p m Feeding and
Thursday January HBeof cattle
type Judging p m Feeding and dis
easeFriday January 15 Hogs and poul
try types feeding and disease Judg
ing p m
Saturday January 16 Sheop types
and feeding Demonstration of meat
Monday January 18 Peach and
stone fruits pruning cultivation
pests Pruning and lime sulphur
Tuesday January 19 Apple care
and pruning spraying Pruning and
spraying demonstration p m
Wednesday January 20 Irrigation
Markets and packing of fruits
Thursday January 21 Arid farm
ing Soil fertility
Friday January 22 Sugar beets
and potatoes Machinery demonstration
Saturday January 23 Alfalfa For
age crops
Planter Portraits Popular I
Plaster portraits are the fashion
form of counterfeit
ment in London They are done in
the form of miniature busts or basre
llefa at tho loW price of half a guinea
260 apiece The are modeled by
clever artists from the sitter in 45
Ifs Worth
Your While
Some startling values put forth for this week There are hun
dreds more than those we mention here
tan menton but the following are
just t give a hint of what remarkable
remarkable bargains
gve are being
I snapped up at a lively gate by discerning shoppers 1
30c Cashmeres 15
150 Henriettas 75
125 Broadcloth 62
100 Batiste 50
75c Silkoline 37 2
125 Serge 62 2
150 Voile 75
75c Mohair 373lc
75c Cashmeres 37 2
35c Waistings 72 I
250 Bearskin 125
All Silks at HALF PRICE
Our entire line of fine Furs of all kinds at HALF PRICE

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