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Declares They Misappropriated the Funds of the War Department to Secure
False Testimony in Brownsville Affair Ohio Senator Bitter in
His Denunciation of the President and Secretary Taft
Washington Jnn 12A renewal of
I the discussion of tho Brownsville af
fair lu the senate today by Senator
rorcker called out a largo gathering
that filled tho galleries to overflowing
The senator had the strictest atten
I ilon of his colleagues on the floor
1J1rl all of whom wore present to
tllhcor with n considerable number ot
members of the house who occupied
I aces In tho rear of the chamber
Among the visitors In tho gallery
there was a large number of negro
men and women many of whom have
been present on every occasion
whin Mr Foraker has defended oj
hogroesof the Twentyllfth reglnie ibj
against the charge of having sh < jl
tp1 the town of Brownsville on the
ulljhfcof August 1314 1906
Senator Forakor had prepared his
ftch very carefully but bis reading
be the manuscript had all of the in
terest of an extemporaneous ad
Washington Jan 12IIIegal di
< < mon of public funds by the Presi
dent and Wm H Taft while secretary
of war to pay for the Investigation
In private detectives into the Browns
dJIo affair was charged by Senator
Joseph B Foraker of Ohio In too
senate today In a speech In replying
to statements of Herbert J Browne
of this Cit and William G Baldwin of
Roanoke Va who wore employed by
tho secretary of war to secure evi
dence of the guilt of the negro soldiers
of the Twen fifth Infantry U S A
In shooting lip Brownsville on tho
night of August 1314 190f The gov
ernment use of the private detectives
was characterized by Mr Foraker as
atrocious shocking and revolting
This charge ot illegally diverting j
15000 from the war fund of 3000000 j
appropriated by the deficiency act of
March 3 1809 was made by Mr For
jker In concluding his remarks which
conshted of a very careful considera
tion of certain legal phases of the
Brownsville affair and the reading of
a number of affidavits by soldiers
whore testimony and confessions
Mr Browne alleged he had secured
to unnivil the mystery of the identity
of the men who did the shooting and
these affidavits denied with great par
tlculnriu nearly every statement of
Importance by the detectives I
Speaking of Ute 3000000 war fund
of 1899 appropriated as an emergency I
1o meet unforeseen contingencies con
stantly arising to be expended at tho
discretion of the President Mr For
aker said
It will probably be surprising in
formation that tho appropriation made
Ion years ago at tho close of tho Span
ish American war to enable the Presi j
dent to moot emergency army conan
genclos juch as were then arising In I
connection with our military establish 1
meat should have been construod to j
be a permanent appropriation I
Mr Foraker declared that tho
statutes directed the head of each de I
partment to make an annual report to I
congress giving a detailed statement
of tho manner In which the contingent
fund of his department has been ex
This appropriation he paid being
for tOo war department the report
should have been made by the secre 1
tary of war but BO far asI can ascer
tain no detailed or Itemized reports I
to congress of expenditures from this
fund have been made but only general
IOpotg I
Senator Foraker says that waiving
nil technical or doubtful objections I
and assuming for the sake of argu
ment that the constitutional
quoted does not apply the question I
remains whether such payments now
under consideration are legitimate I I
and proper to be made from it it
would seem that granting all I have i
Indicated they aro yet nevertheless
clearly illegal and ln violation of the
following Btatutip provision j
That no employe of the Pinkerton
detective agency or slmllai agency i
shall be employed In any government I
service or by any onlcerof the District
of Columbia
Speaking of tho use of private de I
tectives In Investigating the Browns
Yule affair Mr Forakcr declared that
It Is Impossible to find language with
which to fittingly characterize such tv I
procedure as this detective business
has been from its Inclpiencv down to
the monstrous stages It has reached
It is atrocious revolting shocking to
oxory sense of fairness justice and
Cn common decency <
Mr Foraker reviewed the state
ments made by tho President in his I
moBwiges to congress on the Browns I
vlllo affair It will bo noted ho
said that tho guilt of those soldiers
as charged by tho President was ac
cording to tho President conclusive
ly established the testimony first
submitted The senator said how
err that the President recognized
the necessity of strengthening Ms
Ctsc and thereupon dispatched Mr
urdy and Mamior Blorksom to
P1Iwnsl11n to secure the evidence re
0ltod by them
In the message he sent to the son
to after the report of the committee
tIn military affaire
f roltoratod that
the facts claimed by him Uad boon by
tbat testimony thoroughly establish
WILeS tOe committee reported on
tor Foraker said everybody apparent
ly supposed thc Investigation waa end
He continued But not ao As
though conscious that notwithstand
ing all his assertions and declarations
as to the sufficiency of the testimony
It was In fact unreliable and Insuf
ficient to Justify his order of dIscharge
wo were favored with tho further mes
sage of December 14 1908 in which we
were Informed that detectives had
been employed by the war department
and that they have been at work for
months I
Speaking of the reply of the Presi
dent and of the secretary of war to a
senate resolution calling rorlnrormal1 n
on tho detectives investigations Mr
fFornkor said
This message of the Presidentwith
its exhibit and this report of too sec
retary of war present a new arid most
serious feature of this unhappy busi
ness They dQ not only disclose de
termined effort on lip part of the Pres
ident to again bolafoV up the cases
I against these TOeHV but that he has
resorted to a method in his effort to
secure such testimony that cannot bo I
fittingly characterized without the use
of language which If employed might
appear disrespectful to the chief ex
ecutive And worst of all In this en
deavor to secure such testimony the
President has himself committed the
serious offensecondemned by every
court that administers the common
law that has ever had occasion to
speak on the subject that of holding
out to these men an inducement or a
reward for giving such testimony
It does not lessen the gravity of his
offense that it appears to be imper
coptlble to him or if not so that he
has become utterly oblivious to all the
re of law decency and pro
priety In his mad purpult of these holp
Jcssvlctinia of his Hlcousldexedaction
In my opinion aeidefrom the ques
tion whether there has been a misap
propriation of public funds no precc
deit for anything so shocking can bQ
foUnd in all the history of
American crlminial jurisprudence
It will appear from the Presidents
message and exhibits thereto attached
showing the mode in which the de
tectives are operating and tho testi
mony In answer thereto that frau n
ent Impersonation misrepresentation
lying deceit treachery liquor and in
toxication coupled with promises ot
Immunity and the excitement of hope
and fear and tho offer of employment
and remunerative wages have been
been resorted to to secure the testi
mony sought for and that the socall
ud confessions are not confined to
ouch as affect tho parties making
them or to thoso affected by them
who may bo present when such con
fessions are made but extend also to
those not present when they are mace
but who are absent and without
knowledge of what Is transpiring and
Vlthout any opportunity whatever to
be heard In their own behalf oven
to make an objection that such state
ments and such confessions are un
These facts make all such testi
mony utterly Incompetent and worm
lensThe row of seats reserved for tho
President was empty throughout the
time Senator Forakor was speaking
Nearly every seat on the Republi
can sldo was occupied Only about
onefourth of tho Democrats remain
ed In their places throughout the dis
When Mr Foraker commented on
a statement of the detectives respect
Ing a letter ho had written to one or
thc discharged soldiers he laid dow
his manuscript and with considerable
ehcmcnce declared
1 have doubtless written some let
ter s needing explanation 1 Havo
doubtless written some letters that I
would not have written It I had all
the Information I got at some other
time But I have never written any
letter since I loft my mothers knee i
of which I have been ashamed or that
needed any lying to explain
As he proceeded his volco grow
n ore and more intense If I nave
shown any undue zeal in commenting
upon this proceeding he said de
porting from his manuscript It Is
not through anger but through that
indignant resentment that any golf
lespccting man feels who is spied upon
by the government he Is attempting
to serve No language can completely
describe such a shameful perform
mice and I do not exempt anybody
from that remark who has been con
nected with It from the highest to
the lowesL
I Mr Foraker read letters from some
ot the negro soldiers denying the
statements of the detectives He re
ferred to a bundle of letters on his
desk and said tho originals were
there If anyone cared to see them Ho
added that so much suspicion had
been cast abroad he did not care to
nfisurao anything
There will be a time he said as
h throw his manuscript d > wn on his
desk and looked over tho senate chani
her when men will not lightly deal
rlth such charges and insinuations
There will be a time when they will
lie where they can be called to account
an other men can be called to ac
Reading an atlldavlt ot G of Ar
t uQld the sheriff who denied the state
meats of the detectives in relation to
I alleged confessions secured from
Boyd Conhyors the senator asked Mr
I Clay of Georgia what kind of a man
Arnold was
Senator Clay daifctfc had known Ar
fold fifteen or twenty years and that
he was a most excellent man lu OV
er respect
Idont think that Arnold needed
a certificate of character declared
Mr Foraker except only to those
who believe ill of all those who do not
agree with them
Commenting on the report of Her
bert J Browne who had charge of tho
investigation by detectives Mr For
aker declared that he had been shock
ed and horrified when he read his
statement j
I wish he Bald his voicevresound
lug throughout the chamber some
body else who prates about the dis
honesty of other people evidently
meaning thoPresident could bo
shocked and horrified
orn Judge FInallySubrhltB tAr
rent On Charge of Wrongfully
Marking Ballots
Brlgton Colo Jan 12A battle be
n nearly a hundred armed men
was narrowly averted at the county
court house here last midnight as tie
result of the election contest between
Packard Republican and Nordloh
Democrat candidates for the office of
county commissioner During the
row which started over the attempt
to arrest A H Guthell who has been
county judge for the last lour years
and who was charged with wrongful
ly marking ballots placed In his
chnrge In favor of Packard Sheriff
Hackle Republican and Sheriff
Elect Schoo Democrat drew revol
I vers and for a time a general light
seemed imminent Finally Gutheil
submitted to arrest Hackley was al
to disarmed and arrested but later
was released The arrest ot Judge I
Guthell followed a sensational trial
of the PackardNordloh case during
which charges of fraud In the counting
of ballots wore made Feeling was
Intensified over the report that Gut i
hell would refuse to vacate his office
Today Judge Gutheil was released
on bonds of 1000 for appearance I
Turkey Accepts Offer of
Indemnity From
Constantinople Jan 12The Turk
ish government accepts the Austro
HungarIan offer of 10SOOUOO Indem
nity for tho annexation of Bosnia and
Herzegovina thus removing every
posolblllty of war The grand vlsler
Klamll Pasha received Marquis Pal
Invlclnl the AustroHungarlan am
i bassador at noon today and notified
i him of th9 decision of the council of
I ministers
i This direct arrangement between
Inn two principals clears the way for
i a conference of the signatories of the
Berlin treaty which It is presumed
here will without doubt approve of a
i settlement agreeable to Turkey I
I Chicago Jan Twentyrive ca
nary blrdtt chirruping and thrilling In
the glare of a blazing fire spread an I
alarm that saved fourteen families
last night although the little golden
songsters lost their own lives
I The fire destroyed a threestors i
brick flat building and drove the X4
I families Into the cold Two firom i I
nero Injured I
ZONE AMOUNT TO 379359 1 i
Washington Jan 12 Supplies solff 1
I to the fifty thousand people Inhabjl
tixnts of the Panama canal zonoTh I
tho Panama Railroad commission dur
J ing the fiscal year of 190S amounted
to 3793597 In maintaining thS
commissary for the benefit of the emI
ployos of the canal an the Panama
I railroad the government has bcejw
criticised by tho merchants of Panigf
ma and Colon who feel that tho trad
should be given to them
During the year 5199072 ponnds ot
fresh meats valued at 333045 worj
consumed Of the seven other prin
cipal artlclr used in tho canal zono
flour was second in value 21505 bar
ruin having been purchased at a cost
of 139921 and tobacco third on1
which 117907 was spent Next ill
order of value of articles purchased
were potatoes vegetables eggs butte
and poultry
i snows J
Last Act Is to Reduce
Sentence of Defunct I
Bank President
Denver Colo Jan 12Rumors fn
circulation for the past month that
Governor Henry A Buchtel would par
don John E Godding president of the
defunct State Bank of Rocky Ford who
was sentenced to from eight to t n
I ears in the penitentiary for receiving
deposits when ho know the bank was
Insolvent received partial confirma
tion last night when the governor a1 J
pUci1frtlfifTast act oL Ills admlms1
tratlon signed papers commuting God
dings sentence from two to two anda
half years f
In his official order the governor
states that In the excited state of the
public mind at the time of Goddings
trial no one could have a fair trial
nnd that case ha been projudged
The language and conduct of the
prosecution during the trial is also
criticised as highly improper God
ding was sentenced on November 7
TIle reports that the governor intend
ed pardoning Godding created excite
ment in the town of Rocky Ford and
several weeks ago a delegation of de
positors of the defunct bank and other
prominent citizens appeared before
too governor and made emphatic pro
test At that time Governor Buchtel
told his visitors that the reports were
not substantially correct but gave no
intimation that he contemplated or
dering GoddIngs sentence reduced
Colorado Springs Colo Jan 12
iconslng of ore purchasers asa
means to stamp out the traffic inhigh
trade In Colorado is jropo807 by the
Cripple Creek Mine Owners and Op
fiators association and an attempt
to have this Idea made Into law At i
the annual meeting of the association
hek1 in this city a committee was
named to draft a bill to this effect
In a statement Secretary Arnold said
there Is now more highgrading In
progress than for a long time The
aim of the proposers of the new ia w
is lo reach the proprietors or socalled
high grade assay offices where stol
en specimens of rich ore finds ready
sale and make those who conduct the
business liable to heavy fine and Im I
Robbers Overpower
Woman Then Escape
With 300 in Jewelry
I Now York Jan 12Mrs II Scm
ming the wife of the New York pub I
Usher was attacked by two robbers In I
her home at Stapleton Staten Island
late yesterday dragged Into a clothes
closet and left in a semiconscious
condition while the intruders ransacK
ed the place She Is In a serious con
dition today A stove poker was used
by one of the robbers beating the
woman fifteen cuts being Inflicted on
the head Regaining her senses In
the closet Mrs Semmlng painfully
crawled through a window and gave
the alarm The robbers however
escaped with Jewelry valued at 3QO
and there is no clew to their Identity
Englishman Either Shot
by Thieves or At
tempted Suicide
New York Jan Notwithstand
ing a bullet wound through his body I
at a point two Inches above the heart
It was said at Roosovolt hospital to I
day that Robert Osborn Billiard tho
Englishman who was found dying In
Contral park last night his while shirt I
stained with blood would probably re
cover Although JHilliord said that ho
had been attacked and shot by a rob
i ber the police are inclined to think
that tho case is one of attempted sui
I fcide After some search the revolver
which was at first reported missing
I was found near the scene of tho
shooting with one chamber empty
r The weapon was of 38 calibre It had
been discharged at such closo range
that it had Ignited the wounded mans
clothing which was smouldering when
ho was found
I As the police examined letters and
newspaper clippings found on Hil
llards person it was learned that ho
j had been a guest of the Duko of New
castle at Hot Springs Ark and also
I at New Orleans One letter was a
notlco from the office of J Pierpont
Morgan Company notifying Hilliard
t that there was twenty pounds sterling
at that office to his credit received
I from tho London agents of the firm or
t Couttes Company 0
I Hilllard who is reputed to bo
wealthy Is well known at tho Waldorf
Astoria from whero he set out last
evening in evening attire apparently
In good spirits He Is known to bo
in mining In the West and it Is said
that ho has an office In Denver His
iage ie forty years and his appearance 1
distinguished During the excitement
Incident to the finding of tile prostrate I
ifonn the wounded mans name was i
given out as Hlllard hut his papers
i shown Hilllard to be correct
Denver Jan 12 Robert Osborn Hil
Hard who was shot by a highwayman
and robbed of his money in Central
park New York last night is well
known In club circles of this city and
Colorado Springs He is reputed to be
wealthy and the possessor of large in
terests in Wyoming He was in this
city Jess than a month ago and made
his home at the Exclusive Denver club
He Then Attempts Sui
cide and Is in Critical
Oxford Ohio Jan 12Irs Millie
Donnelly was murdered In her home
here last night having been shot
through the head On a table In tile
room was found a note signed by I
Frank Donnelly the womans hus
band in which ho wished all goodbye I
and asked that his body be sent to Ills
sister at Shelbyvlllo lad early to
day Donnelly walked into the office
of J D Marshall at Hamilton with
his throat slashed and his wrists I
bleeding and with three pistol shots
in his head He cannot live He is
56 years old
Mecsina Lemons Go Up to 1 Per BOX I
and Regglos Flavoring Extract
Burgomot to 10 Per Pound
New York Jan 12Pnces ot
products frfom Sicily and Calabria
have Jumped In the local market from
25 to as high as 250 per cent as a ro
suit of the decreased Importations I
which naturally followed the recent
earthquake Fruit dealers looked for
a precipitation of conditions such as
followed the California disaster but 1
It Is hoped that normal conditions will
bo restored in about three months
Two million boxes of lemons are ship
ped to this country from Italy and
Messina which suffered almost total t
i destruction was the main shipping I
point The price Messina lemons
II has gone up to about 350 per box
the increase varying from 75 cents to
100 per box
California lemons have proportion
II ately Increased Two hundred thous
and boxes of lemons wore destroyed
In tho warehouses In Messina but in
asmuch as outlying plantations did
not suffer greatly other supplies will
be available as soon as conditions are
adjusted and transportation facilities
Bergomot which Is used in flavoring
extracts and which came from the I
stricken town fir Regglo exclusively
has risen In prlco from 2G5 a pound
to 10 Increases are nlso noted In
citric acid lemon oil orange oil and
other extracts
I Chicago Jan 12The Knights of I
Zion at their annual convention yes
I terday appointed a committee to pro
I mote a plan to make Palestine a Jew
ish colony Plans were also outlined
for the establishment in tho middle
west of a seminary for the teaching
of Hebrew
Francis J Heney Will
Prosecute Alleged
San Francisco Jan 12Patrlck Cal
houn of New York and San Francisco
f president of the United Railroads and
I director of several large eastern cor
porations appeared In Judge William
I P LawJors department of the su
perior court today for tho opening ses
sion of his trial on an Indictment
charging him with offering a bribe to
Fred Nicholas a former member of
the board of supervisors legtSTativev
body of the city and county of San
Francisco The charge is based 111u > n
one of nineteen indictments returned
against the railroad president by two
grand jurors and was an outcome of
I the municipal scandal of 1905 when
sixteen supervisors confessed to whole
I sale acceptance of bribes for the award
I of privileges to public service cor
poratlqns and the mayor of the city
Eugene B Schmltz was removed from
office and Imprisoned with bonds fixed
at over 1000000 Calhoun togeth
er with three other officials of the
United Railroads was accused in tho
various Indictments of having author
ized and assisted in the payment of
200000 to the supervisors who con
fessed In return for which it is al
leged the board granted to the cor
poration a permanent permit for an
overhead trolley on several of the
reads formerly operated by a cable sys
TIcry L Ford chief counsel for the
United Railroads andformer attorney
general of California was thrice tried
upon a similar indictment Twice the
jury disagreed and upon the third oc
casion a verdict of acquittal was re
Although the majority of the Indict
ments against Calhoun were returned
nearly two years ago he has not been
I tried on any of them and to the con
tinuance granted at various times his
attorneys havo repeatedly taken ex
The Calhoun trial will be held In
Carpenters hall where Francis J
Heney was shot and seriously wound
ed during the trial of Abraham Ruef
and where Ruef suffered his first con
viction and heard the Judgment of
fourteen years In the penitentiary pro
nounced by the same Judge
Todays proceedings promise to bo
I somewhat barren of development un
less the defense shall present fame
motion relative to the selection of tho
I Jury Judge Lawlor has summoned
I 150 citizens as a first panel and It is
probable that the court will require tho
full morning session to hear the ex
I cuses of those who believe themselves
disqualified or otherwise exempted
from eervlce on the Jury
I Assistant District Attorneys Francis
J Honey and John OGara will con
I duct the prosecution while tho de
fendant will be reprosented by A A
Moore Stanley Moore Lewis A Bylng
tnn and William A Abbott It io pos
I sible that additions ta the staff of the
defense may be made but Assistant
District Attorney OGara last night
expressed a belief that no addition
would be made to the forces of the
Chicago Jan 12 Assistant County
Attorney Anderson recently wrote a
note to George R I owry 3733 Lox
inglon avenue Informing nun that his
father was at the county Hospital and
needed support He has received Uie
following reply from Pawtucket R I
Dear SIrYour interesting letter
of the second of January received I
was under the Impression that my
father died fortyfive years ago so
are all the rest of the ramny wno
were at the funeral If you have res
urrected him I think it t8 your duty
to look after him
Yours respectively
P SYour letter wns acdresEcd
to George R Lowry 5735 Lexington
avenue where I used to live1 I
Mr Anderson has thus far failed to
solve the mystery
Fifty to One Hundred
Miners Lose Lives
In Explosion
Bluefield W Va Jnn 12As the
result of another explosion at tHe
LIck Branch mlno at Switchback
about twenty miles from here be I
I tween fifty and one hundred minors
i were killed at S30 oclock this morn I
1 tag The number may be largely in
creased as from 280 to 300 minors I
wore at work at the time and It had
not been ascertained shortly before
noon how many had survived
This afternoon a rescue party had
I not been able to enter the mine on I
account of the intense heaL It is 1
thought that following the explosion J
tile mine caught fire although but
llttlo smoke is finding Its way out
The mine officials refuse to glvo an I
estimate of the number that may have
met death hut at the lIlt mouth It ir
now believed that over 100 have per
While time officials cannot now sug
gest a cause for the explosion min
ers place the blame on some ot the
I foreign miners who may have en
i tered with an open lamp
I On December 2S last an explosion
occurred in this mine which up to
that nine had been regarded as a mod
ol mine On that occasion the cause
wile not ascertained and th death list
reached fifty The lust body in con
I nection with that explosion was
brought to the surface only last Fri
day after which the state mine In
ppftctor declared that the mine was
cgaln safe and work could b9 r sum
en The majority of the miners who
wore engaged to resume work at me
mine were AmerlcaitVj with a row
lorclgncrs and some colored workers
ag laborers It was stated that tho
mine was examined early today be
fore the now shift went to work null
Wisjupuovted ULJigJI CfopUysiiftn Jn
ivpltcdrthl irowevjjr J poii after work
1 was begun the explosion Vcciirroii
with a death listthat will probably
far exceed that of the December ex
The mine Is the property of the Po
cohontas Consolidated Collieries com
pany and IK situated in the Tus river
dltrlct a territory that until the Do
comber explosion had been unusually
free from gas
I Enthusiastic Reception
i Accorded Him Upon
I His Return Home
San Francisco Jan 12A cheering
crowd of several hundred persons
pathered in the Ferry building lo greet
Assistant District Attorney Francis
J Heney and his wife on their re
i turn last night from an absence of
I several weeks in the cast The recep
tion accorded the prosecutor was en
tirely Informal and very urthuslnstic
In a short speech In reply ho ac
knowledged tho compliment and de
clared that he had returned to prcsr
tho graft prosecution cases until
every grafter in San Francisco Is put
I whore he belongs
I I will take personal charge of the
I prosecution of Mr Calhoun said He
noy 1 am in splendid shape pbym
cnlly and am eager to resume my
work here
I peclal Police precautions were taken
en to guard the attorney against uiy
repetition of the assault on him Twcn
tyflve patrolmen gathered closely
about him but at his own request re
frained from forcing the crowd away
t3 any distance With Dr Beaslc
who first treated him at the time he
was shot by Morris Haaa Honey was
I 1potogrnphoil several times and he
brought laughter from the crowd by
I remarking when the first Hash pow
I tier charge was unexp cry Jired
I with a report like that ot a plutoj
I and I never oven battcd all eye
Chicago Jan 12No more are the
cumuli boys of Austin to be supplied
with air guns toy pistols and other
vvapons with which to kill pigeons
shoot cats and jeopardize jthc lives or I
their playmates To complete tho
extinction of any martial spirit that
may have been implanted in them
they are to bb deprived of soldier uni
I forms
Tho Womans club or Austin HIM
I decided the slaughter of birds In Jn
I violation of the conservation of natur
al resources and the boys arc to j > o
I i dispossessed everything that tends 1
to breed In ihcm the deslns to kill
New York Jan 12 Opening prices
of stocks today were shaded for tho
most part from those prevailing at tho
close last night There was n mix
ture of gains but they wore In tho
less important stocks andi were all
rmall MolrcSolltan
clined I anti the preferred WiBJutt
preferred and Tennessee Ctfifi > or3 L
Liquidation was resumed with a fur
titer break In the Brie and New YorK
public utilities stocks particular
Consolidated Gas Selling was brisk
for a while but when the market
showed steadiness purchases fell oft
Eric first preferred dropped 3 12 Con
bolldatcd G1 2 34 Lake Eric and
Western 2 12 Tennessee Copper 1 1
Union Pac mil Eric 1 3S Ileadin
Wabash preferred Atchison an I
Northwestern 1 14 anil Rock Island
preferred Ontario Western Kan
cuts Toxaa Great Northern
rmIJ rn prclor
rod Chesapeake Ohio Kansas City
Southern ColoradoFuel InlcrborouRh
Metropolitan profcrreu and oruftl
I i Transit
II Amalgamated Copuyr Si is
American Car and Foundry IS 3S
American Locomotive 55 78
American Smelting Si 7t
I American Smelling pfd 103 11
American Sugar Refining 12S
Anaconda nlnlngto IS1
Atchlson Railway OS
Atchison Hallway pfd 101 1i
Baltimore and Ohio 100 s
I Brooklyn Rapid Transit 61 ato
Canadian racllle 175 31
I Chesapeake and Ohlotig6iiS
Chicago Northwestern 174 12
I Chicago 11 and SL Paul US 12
I Colorado Fuel mil Iron 10 7S
Colorado and Southern OYi iS
Delaware and Hudson 177
Denver and Rio Grande 3D il
Denver and Rio Grande pfd SO
I Erlo Railway 29 18 f
I Great Northern prrl 142 K1
Great Xortlieni Ore Cite 7i4
J Illinois Central 113
New York Central 125 IM
I Reading Railway 137 k
Rock Island Co 21 12
I Hock Island Co pfd t 7SJ
Southern Paclllc 117 1S
I Southern RMlway JJjJJ A
v UnionPaclflcl77 = ii > y
United SUitcs Steo1 SI 78
United States S1O1 pfd 112 7S
WabaBli Railway IS3I
Western Union 07
Standard Oil Company Goi
Chicago Livestock
Chicago Jan 12 Cattle Receipts
estimated 5000 market steady
beeves 400a735Tcxans 425aS
25 western S5OOa560 stockers and
feeders 325a500 cows and heifers
175a5BO calves 750a92t
Hogs Receipt estimated 25UOU
market 5 cents higher Light 3 30u
515 mixed 5S5afil5 heavy 5M
a620 rough 560a575 good to
choice heavy 575aG2p pigs 4 30a
335 bulk of sales 70aG05
Slieep Receipts estimated ISutiu
market steady Natives 310aB7Fi
western 315aoSE r yearlings GOOn
725 lambs native 500aSOOwesl
crn 3500aSOO I
Kansas City Livestock
Kansas City Jan 12CattleIto
ceipts 11000 market steady to
strong stockers and feeders 340a
550 bulls 325aLSO calves 4OCia
850 western steers 400aG50 west
ern cows 300a500
Hogs Rccclpls 14000 market Sc
higher Bulk of sales 5EOaG 00
heavy 590a605 packers and butrn
era 575n600 light 52oa580 pigs
Sheep Receipts 14000 market
steady lo 10 cents lower muttons f
25ao65 lambs G50a785 range
vothers 450a700 fed owes 300a
I Chicago Close
Chicago Jan 12Close Wheat
May 104 5S July 90 Kia58 Sit
r9 14
rnTal1 57 34 May 61 3Sali
July Gl 58 Sept Gl 58
Oats May 51 12 July 46 iFS Sept
3D 18
1orlc Jan GoO May 1C77 W
Lard Jnn 950 May 970 o J
70a72 12 July 9S2 12
Ribs Jan SGO May SS2 12
July 895a97 12
o Rye Cash 76 12077 May 77 5
Barley Caah GlaG7
Timothy March 1435 4
CloverMarch 940
Sugar and Coffee
Now York Jan 12SuGar raw
Jirni fair refining 323aI527 cen
trifugal Sfi lest 373a377 molasses
sugar 29SaS02
Refined steady crushed 535
powdered 475 granulated S4G5
COFFEE Steady No 7 Rio 7 13
alI No 4 Santos S1Sa3S
St i01ii5 Jan 12Wo l unchang
ed territory and western medium 17
a2l Quo mediums lgallfluie l aU
Metal Market
New York Jnn 1 Lead dull l
12 12aI22 12 copper easy14
5S Silver 52 12
J New York Jan 11lonmf A B
Talbot founder of Wall street hInll
crngc firm died yesterday of an OVT
dose of chloral according t the coroner
71 old
oner IF Talbot was 1 years
and lmrl bo6n using tho drug for tho
test fhC yfcttts for a cure for lnEomnl
Ills lifeless bOIl was fouml1 in bed

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