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Most Flagrant Attack Ever Made in Mouse Upon Chief Executive and
His ActsPassing of Roosevelt Is ThemeNew York Congressman
Characterizes Him as Gargoyle Who Is Always Good to Laugh at
Washington Jau IS Characteriz
ing President Roosevelt as a gargoyle
and as this pigmy descendant of
Dutch trades people and charging
him with having established a court
in the White House which would have
delighted the heart of his admirer
Alexander Hamilton Mr Willett of
New York in the house of represen
tatives today made one of the most
bitter attacks on tho chief exccuilve
ever heard in that body Mr VII
lelt took for his theme The Passing
of Roosevelt and in a speech of
great length dealt with numerous ot
ihe Presidents acts since he came
into office and scathingly denounced
tllemMter declaring that In the face of
all sorts of conditions Americans
acre possessed ot a universal sense
of humor Mr Willctt said to such
people it must he confessed a chief
magistrate who has himself no sense
of humor moving like a horse tender
over the hayfield of American activi
ties stirring up every drying blade
of once green grass to let it fall drlor
than before quarreling one day with
the practical politicians then with the
parlyourhalrInthcmiddle reforms
then with the socialists then with the
great Industrial corporations wresting
in agony over the spirit of Noah Web
ster and our glorious English tongue
taking a fall out of nature fakirs ex
horting our women to avoid race sui
cide cannot be an unmixocl nuisance
He plays the tyrant to be sure
but ho Is a tyrant who fears the car
nival tickler He sees things that have
a bad smell but the fresh breezo ot
Capitol Hill does not let the odor lin
ger He tries cur patience but he is al
ways good to laugh at Thank aw
en for the things that make us iuign
Without them we might easily become
inw untamed AngloSaxons maklui
much of Magna Charta bellowing
about an effete bill of rights or oven
ready to fight for freedom of thought
freedom of speech and freedom ot
press as lId our uncivilized ancestor0
at Lexington and Bunker Hill
Mr Willett gave a brief biography
of Mr Roosevelts beginning with
his experiences as a cowboy dowp to
the present time and accused hint
In his early manhood of having had
preposterlous notions of having knif
ed Secretary Long of being a war
rior alone in Cuba of having won the I
poernorship of New York by a more
lluke when the false halo of San Juan I
Hill was above his head tho bene
ficiary of assassins and last anl
crowning piece of luck the nominee
for president when all the aggressive
elements of passion wanted to seo
their own candidate defeated the
mammoth jocularlity has got to laugh
Tvlth every appearance the gargoyle
has been funny from the hour It left
Up native quarry
Continuing Mr Wlllett said
And Mr Chairman should the gen
tlemen who view this curious figure
wlth feigned admiration ask me how
ely son of Adam can be at the sam
time a hay tedder a jocularity and
a gargoyle I can only answer that
thif particular hero Is an eccentric
exception to all rules a solecism Uh
generis a mixedmetaphorvlvant an
impossibility a comet that roves at
will regardless of the limitations of
order and law that apply to earth and
moon to stars and planets
He boasts of Irish blood but no
historic Irishman would have treated
an ally as he treated Mr Harrirnan
He exults In a strain of the old
Hugenot but the French gentleman
does not fly Into a passion and lash
the horse of a timid young girl whoso
only offense is inadvertently passing
the royal party in a public highway
Even Louis XLV was not that sort of
a tyrant and l nry IV Henry ot Na
varre the great Hugenot king wore j
the white plume of noblesse oblige
He tells us that southern arlato 1
crats vere among his polyglot ances
tors but I can inform him that If till
wife of a Robert ToombB or of a Jef
ferson Davis had been treated by him I
as Mrs Minor Morris wan he would
have been called out or branded as a
coward if ho had been a thousand I
times a president I
He is proud to insist that the fam 1
ily whose name he bears cornea from
Holland but his ready surrender to
the politicians of his own party make
it clear enough that fat burghers who
put up their shutters at the first beat
been hlK
01 the war drum must have
progenitors He beats the Dutch
however as even his severest
must confess
Are you shocked that a chief mag
istrate should justify such characteri
zation I am shocked too Do you
cay that the place he holds should
make us all dumb before him Hear
what this fountain of Billingsgate has
said of his predecessors In that hlcn
office and own that no mans tongue
should be stilled by such a cpnsldera
tkm He quoted from President Rooeo
volts books in which the President is
alleged to hive attacked Washington
Jrfterson Monroe Jackson Tylor
Perce and ethers and said that the
President had toleration only fOr
the Adamses who stood for federalist
aristocracy and admiration for Alex
ander Hamilton the defeated cham
pion of a limited monarchy
Of course said Mr Wllleit those
condemnations roar as gently as any
cooing dove when compared with his
denunciation of John Paul Jones as a
pirate of Napoleon the Great as
utterly unscrupulous of New Eng
lands Idolized Wendell Phillips as al
ways either mischievous or rldlcul
PUS and usially both of Thomas
Paine the first champion of American
liberty as a filthy little atheist of
Miracle believing Roman Catholics as
persons of arrested mental develop
ment of Quakers as quite as undo
rirablo citizens as duelists But he
has been frank enough in abusing ott
er presidents to shut the lips of his
defenders on the dignity of the presi i
dential office
Mr Wlllett declared that consis
tence is a jewel which the gargoylo Is i
always throwing to the swine No I
Iving he said in any limited monarchy
was ever half so exigent or ever halt
so implacable For a president hg
added you must go back to Napol
eon the Great the oldest member of
the gargoyles Ananias club who used
to ask the wives of his thrifty fav I
orites whether they could only afford
cue gown a year who said once to
the wife of one of his fighting mar
shals Your dress is dirty and who
insisted on doing all the matchmaking
in his official circles
The Democracy of Lincoln he said
the bluff Americanism of Grant and
Cleveland the equally American suav
ilyoC Arthur and McKinley had pass
ed into history along with the jo
viality of Garfield and the noncon
lormlst thrift of Rutherford B HayeV
We have a king and a court now
Mr Willett exclaimed as good an I
imitation of areal tiling known to
the nobility of monarchial countries
as the scion of a family of trading
Dutchmen can concoct I
At this juncture Mr Willott called
tile roll of the socalled Ananias club
and said
The earth is intoxicated and reels
ground our jocularity Ho alone Is the
personification of sobriety tempera
ton ss of statement calmness In
speech and action The evermoving
hay tedder hurries over the field
Ihrowing upward the clover of politics
the timothy of zoology the bluegrass I
ot history and letting each blade tall i
a little drier than It wa before
Jealousy you can read in the gar
goyles distorted features You look
on those twisted lines and It is easy
oh so easy to understand the insol
ence toward Democracy the one great
figure ot the SpanishAmerican war
Die hero who took Manila with tho
worst ships a rotten bureaucracy can
find for him
The persistent defamation of Ad
mi ra1 Uley who really fought the
bat Santiago bay the insults
hen 1 General Miles whose coun
pel was Ignored in the expensive blun
ders of the land campaign at Santi
ago The President Mr Wlllett declared
rhowed his teeth at all real hers
because real heroes are gall and
wormwood to bogus ones I
Continuing his denunciation Mr
Willett charged that the President had
bulldozed President Castro had seen
tne Filipinos brutally treated had ma
jooned Colonel Stewart whom he did
not like had kept a young woman
from earning an honest living by tell
ing the truth had allpwed scandal
ous conditions to exist in the army
and navy had compelled his subor
dinates to act as hunting dogs for the
Czar of Russia In trailing down mon
who have fought for liberty had
practically reestablished the John Ad
ams alien and sedition laws had forc
ed desertions from the navy by allow
ing intolerable treatment of sailors
at the hands of the aristocracy of
Annapolis officers had permitted the
degrading of soldiers at West Point
Nile had been put to menial work and I
had given a Scotch verdict in connec
1 tion with the alleged Panama scandal I
In conclusion he said among other
I You may say then that one indi
vidual gargoyle does not count for so
I riuch after all No not in the devel
opment of the centuries but he
counts vitally and continuously as at
lecting the people who have to live
under him And the change from a
Nero fiddling while Rome is burning
I to Vespasian calmly devoted to secur
ing as good government as tendencies I
will permit is a change to be as de
voutly welcomed by us as by the an
cient Romans
I 1 Several times in the course of Mr
Willetts remarks he was called to or
der by Mr Hughes of West Virginia
I 1 call him to order Mr Hughes
exclaimed He is going ahead with
a lot of rot that neither the house por
tho country is interested In
Mr Butler of Pennsylvania in tho
chair ruled that Mr Willet was speak
lug under the licensp of general de
bate and that he was not called upon
v indicate in advance the subject ot
his remarks Mr Willet then pro
ceeded and frequently elicited ap
iilauHc from his Democratic col
Mr Willets reference to the de
famation of Admiral Schley caused
Mr Gardner of Massachusetts to ob
ject After agood deal of sparring
the chair ruled that the words were
By this time the house was In a
furore Above the babel of voices Mr
Oardner was heard to make the point
that a member having been found out
of order in debate he was no longer
entitled to the floor
Messrs Hepburn Iowa and Mann
Illinois with copies of the rules In
their hands appealed for recognition
Mr Hepburn Insisted that Mr Willet
chould take his seat Mr Mann In the
meantime reading some rules on tho
case The chrir directed Mr Willet
to take his seat which he reluctantly
Before the chair passed on the
points of Messrs Mann and Hepburn
Mr Chandler Mississippi moved that
Mr Willet be jJlowed to proceed In
On that motion a vote was taken
with the result that by a party vote or
is to 126 the house refused further
to hear the New York member
In vain Mr Fitzgerald of Now York
ought to have the chair construe the
rules so that Mr Willet might proceed
Mr Willet had practically concluded
his remarks and he received the ver
dict of the house with a smile t
1 I
New York Physicians Are Interested
and Will Have an XRay Exam
ination Made This Week
Now York Jan 18 Medical men
are so interested the case of Flor
ence Smith a 15yearold girl or
Patchogue L I who has swallowed 1 i
half a paper of pins from which she I
has suffered comparatively little that
she will bo brought to this city thin
week for an Xray examination I
An account of the case will be pub
lished In thp Medical Journal The
child swallowed the pins numbering
about 100 three weeks ago and al
though she complained of pains phy
ofolans say that the protective walls
v hlch nature builds in such cases will
probably save her life A physician
speaking of the case said
Although about 50 pins are still
lodged In the abdominal tract the
tract does not seem to have been
badly affected by them While tho
points of the pins have unquestionably
perforated the tract the heads of tho
pins seem to have stopped up the per
orations Nature as far as we can
judge is also building adhesive walls I
around the points of the pins The
copper and zinc of the pins may cause
Miss Smith to suffer from chronic an
romia and debility all her life But
she will nevertheless get well
Pacific Grove Cal Jan 18Paris
Kllburn successively for nearly a
quarter of a century state bank com
missioner aid San Francisco harbor
commissioner died at his residence
here early today aged 76 years While
visiting friends on Saturday he was
stricken unconscious by apoplexy or
some allIed complaint and never
emerged from a state of coma Ho
leaves a widow one son C Leon Kil
burn of Berkeley and a daughter
Mrs Jessie Leighton of Syracuse N
Y The deceased formerly farmed ex
tensive tracts of land in the Salinas
Chicago Jan lSDr Emil Hirsch
in a ormon declared yesterday that I
Jews no longer were Hebrews In his
opinion either In blood or In belief
That word Is gradually disappear
ing said Dr Hirsch It crops up oc
casionally 3K in the Hebrew institute
but usually we speak of Jewish insti
tutes Jewish hospitals and the like
The Hebrew God was one of power
The Hebrew religion was one of sac
rifice It was tho cl1stom ItO offer up
the first child that tho others might be
spared ftom disease and death That
is not our belief We believe In a dif
ferent sort of God
I Chicago Jan 18 Popularity is re
sponsible for the downfall ofAlkali
Pete the Idaho cc > w puncher detect
Ivc of the Federal beef Investigation
The familfar figure which was much In
evidence In the Federal building dur
ing tho last two weeks is gone Dis
trict Attorney Sims admIt that ho
had been transferred to other fields
remarking tnat federal secret service
mans usefulness Is ended when ho
becomes a popular Idol
The name Alkali Pete which was
given to the government detective by
attaches at the Federal building
admitted to bo the pnly reason for hla
removal The name clung tonhn
and he was pointed out to visitors as
a sample of tho governments secret
service employes T
Alkali Pete was originally In
ranchman in Idaho Ho was electcdfa
sheriff in that state and was known to
be a quick man with a gun Ho after
ward became a government secret ser
vice operative and was ordered to
Chicago to assist In the investigation
of tho packing Industry
In appearance he was more than six
feet tall and of slender build had a
long flowing yellow moustache wore
long lacod boots and a broadbrimmed
I Celt hat Alkali Pote did his work
well at the stock yards where ranch
men arc common but when transfer
red to the downtown district ho was
not BO successful It might bo all
right for the western sheriff to hldo
behind boulders In the canyons but
when ho appeared behind a pillar In
the Federal building took peepn at I
tho man he wag shadowing ho failed J
in his mission
Claimed He Was Imprisoned Without I
Authority of LawCircuit Court
Dcciclon Is Upheld
Washington Jan 1SThe supreme
court of the United States today de
cided against former President Meyer
of the Western Federation of Minor
In the damage suit brought by him
against former Governor Peabody ot
Colorado on account of Moyers Im
prisonment on the governors orders
because of his alleged connection with
riots at Telluride Colo in 1101
Former Adjutant General Sherman
Bell of Colorado also was named as
a defendant There was a strike of
the miners employed in that viclnlfy
und the militia was sent to TelluriQa
to quell what UiG < governov and th
eral Bell claimed was ah insurrection
Moyer was an active factor in the ag
itation and was arrested and Impris
oned on tho charge of fomenting trou
bje He applied to the state courts
for a writ of habeas corpus and when
this was refused brought suit in Jhe
United States circuit court for the Dis
trict of Colorado for damages on the
ground that there had been no au
thority for his detention His peti >
tion was dismissed for the reason that
Judge Lewis sitting In the federal
court held that he was without Juris
diction Moyor then appealed to tho
supreme court which In an opinion
delivered by Justice Holmes of that
I court today affirmed the ruling oq the
circuit court
Vllle France Jan lSThree Amer
ican sailors from the battleships ia
the harbor had an encounter this
i morning with a gang of local ruffians
I A party of the sailors comrades came
to their rescue before anybody was
seriously hurt and by the time tho
police arrived four of the five assail
ants were prisoners In the hands of
the bluejackets Tho fifth escaped
Now York Jan 181t was learned
that Clara Morris the actress who
has been ill for a long time Is In a se
rious condition A nervous break
down caused her Illness
Miss Morris who in private life Is
Mrs Frederick C Harriott Is at her
home in Yonkers N Y She Is GO
years old
Of fAMilY 18
Bodies of All Those Who Died In Rio
Grande Disaster Have Now
Been Identified
Glcnjvood Springs Jan 18T
bodies of all those killed In the wreck
of Denver Rio Grande passenger
train NO5 at Dotsero Friday niglit
have now been identified Today tho
I bodies of the wife and three children
i of John Williams of Clarks Nab
whose body had previously been iden
tified were recognized by the grand
parents of the children The children
arc Mildred Lulabelle and Rolla Earl
I A fouryearold boy named Bennie is
the sole survivor of tho Williams fam
I ily He is at the hospital His name
was given In the lists of Injured as
being Ramsey
I No deaths have occurred among tie
Injured but the condition of L J1z
ell of WI1J1 n N D A P Kosseaqc
of Holdredgc Neb and Mrs Lydia
Mahan of Princeton had Is coneld
erod serious
Little Reefer Torn to
Pieces and All on
Board Drowned
New York Jan IS Although life
savers worked practically all night
and resumed their endeavors early to
day a sailors reefer which was I
cast up about a quarter of a mile down
the coast from the scone of the wreck
was the only trace found of the crew
of the Illfated little fishing schooner
Swallow of S1 Johns N F which
was driven into the breakers off Long
Island and torn to pieces during tho
storm which raged Saturday night
Tho victims thought to be twelve in
number consequently are a yet un
named and the story of the disaster
will probably never be told as there
appears to be little doubt tat every
man on board perished As there aro
two schooners registered under tho
name of Swallow there was additional
mystery when the wreck was first dis
covered but Investigation seems to as
certain definitely that It was the lit
tle twomasted fishing boat from New
foundland LIfesavers will continue
their vigil along the beach throughout
the day hoping that some bodies may
be washed ashore
Washington Jan 18 Senator J B
Forakcr In a signed statement today
pet at rest the story that after his re
tirement from the senate March 4 ho
would become the counsel for the dis
charged negro soldiers of the twonty
fifth Infantry The story he says Is
not true and he adds that he could
not accept such employment should It
be tendered Both Senators Foraker
ajJ Bishop John Denny know of no
fund being raised for the defense of
tlC discharged negroes
Both Fight Desperately Against Being
Rescued One Declaring She
Wanted to Die
New York Jan 18Two young wo
men plunged Into the waters about
Now York yesterday and both of them
fought desperately against being res
cued Tho first who gave the name
of Albortlna do Cour said that she
fell off a pier at the Battery by ac
cident this notwithstanding the fact
that she struggled to ward off her res
cuers later A soldier station at Fort
i Word is the man who dragged her in
I to shallow water barely in time to
I save her life
The other young woman named
I Janette Dalton made a deliberate ef
I fort to end her life by jumping Into
i the Hudson river at tho foot of West
2Gth street Watchmen saw her leap
iml put forth boat hooks for her to
clutch but she warded them off and It
was necessary to entangle her cloth
ing to drag her ashore At a hospital
she said she was a seamstress tired
I of life and ready t die
Portland Jan 18It was reported
on Saturday that in n suit against
the Southern Pacific company for
right of way along its tracks in re
I turning its verdict in favor of the Post
al Telegraph company that the tele
graph company was also awarded dam
ages to the amount of 66000 Tho
verdict the Jury actually gave the
Postal Telegraph company the use of
the railroad company rightofway
for telegraph purposes but awarded
I tho railroad company damages in tho
amount of 66000 The railroad com
pany may take an appeal
Pueblo Jan 18Four persons wore
slightly injured in an accident that
occurred last night on the Missouri
Pacific wreck two miles west of Pult
lay Colo The accident is believed
to have been caused by spreading
The injured include Martin Tessick
Blngham Utah sprained right arm
The train was the enstbound St
Louis express from this city and was
running at the rate of thirtyfive miles
an hour when the tank of the engine
left the track derailing a train of six
taN which went over into the ditch
AH oftho Injured wore passengers
Traffic was locker for twenty hours
Washington Jan 18 The National
AntiSaloon League through Its act
I ing legislator Superintendent W H
Apdorson today sent to each membtvr
of congress a letter stating that while
the league stands for ultimate abso
lute prohibition everywhere It now be
heron that It is neither possible to
secure nor wise to ask for a decision
from the District of Columbia The
lengue roqupsta however tho legisla
tion for local option by remonstrance
petition for the protection of residence
Nov York Jan IS Milton the
poet was an advocate of divorce ac
cording to President Jacob Gould
Schurman of Cornell university In
an address before the Society of Eth
ical Culture Dr Schurman said hero
I I am the last man in the world to
I allude to the regulation of divorce as
I a bright feature of the American
featue con
stitution I Is a shame and danger in
toe extreme t which it has gone but
the other extreme would bo just as
bad CMIlton advocated that under
certain circumstances divorces should
be permitted We In America are
enjoying today some of the best politi
cal principles which It has endeavor
Supreme Court Affirms J
Decree Against Waters
Pierce Oil Co
Washington Jan 1SThe supremo
court of the United States today af
firmed the decree of the state of Tex
as Imposing a line of 1623000 on the
WatersPierce au Company of St
Louis and ousting it from the state on
the charge of violating the Texas anti
trust law
The court also sustained the action
of the Texas state court In the ap
pointment of Robert J Eckhart a re
ceiver and thus again decided against
the company The decisions in all the
cases were unanimous
The action was begun In the state
court under the state antitrust laws
and resulted In a verdict directing the
cancellation of the companys permit I
to do business in the state and fixing
a penalty of 1623900 for the viola
tion of the laws from the time that
the permit was leaned on May 31 1900
till April 24 1907 when the action was
begun The bill charged that tho com
pany had violated the states laws
every day since it toad entered the
state through n conspiracy with the
Standard Oil Company of New Jer
sey to control the oil business In Tex
as The company denied the charge
The penalty was at the rate of 1 500
per day from May 31 1900 to April 1 I
1903 and at the rate of 50 per day I
from that time i
The case came to the supreme court
on a writ of error Justice Day an
nounced the decision of the supreme
court affirming the findings of the
Texas court The case turned upon
the point as to whether the proceed
ings of tho state against the company
had been In accordance with the con
stitutional requirement for due pro
cess of law and the court held that
such was the case While regavdlng
thte fine a very large Justice Days
opinion held that it was competent to
Impose it
Chicago Jan 1SWhat is said to
be one of the largest wedding cakes
ever made for actual use Is receiving
its finishing decorations today at a
Chicago hotel I will be gent by ex
press to Hamilton Ont
The cake is nearly six feet in
Height five feet in diameter at the
base weighs practically a quarter of I
a ton I will be served at the wed
ding of Charles P McColm of Mus
catlne Iowa to Miss Aileen Damls of
Hamilton January 27 There are to be
600 guests at the wedding reception
Some of the chief ingredients of the I
cake Ninety pounds of sugar Nino I
hundred eggs Sixty pounds of butter
Ninety pounds of currants Sixty I
pounds of raisins Sixtytwo pounds I
of citron Thirtyseven pounds of chop
pod almonds One hundred and twenty
pounds of flour One and onehalt
pounds of spice Fifteen quarts of
cognac Fifteen quarts of sherry wine
Threequarters of a nound of balling
soda All of tho fruit was soaked in
liquor for ton days
Little Rock Ark Jan 18Rock
iKland passenger train No 4H from
Memphis to El Reno Okla ran into
an open switch and crashed Into a
switch engine killing the fircirian of
the switch engine J I M Woods of
Argentina and partly demolished both
engines The engineer of tho pas I
senger train John Morrispn and his
fireman W D Doranott Jumped be
fore the crash Both were hurt
PitlsburgPa I Jan 18The Pitts
burg police have requested the au
thorities here to find William Orth
fnd liRll Ortl
Todd six years old who has been kid I
naped from Bellovlow a suburb ot
Pittaburg He wo on his way home I
I from school when a woman was seen
to entice him Into a carriage
Detectives traced thwamnl and I
I boy to Chicago where they mot a lan
i and disappeared
Representatives of World
Subpoenaed to Appear
Before Grand Jury
New York Jan ISThe nature ot
the proceedings which have been In
stituted against the New York World
and the Indianapolis News because of
the criticisms of the method by which
the purchase of the Panama canal was
made was not disclosed In the brief
hearing in court here today Acting
under instructions believed to have
been Issued by authority of the Unit
od States government United States
District Attorney Stlmson has sub
poenaed Win B McLaughlin sporting
editor of the World and J Angus
Ahaw secretary of the Press Publish
ing to before fed
company testify a fec
oral grand jury today in an action
which was not described in the sub
poenaes I was believed however to
be tho outcome of President Roose
veiLs message to congress In which
he protested against the linking of
the name of Charles P Taft brother
of the Presidentelect and J Douglass
Robinson the Presidents brotherIll
law in criticisms of the canal pur
The examination of The Worlds
men a halted by an order obtained
by counsel for The Worlds editors
calling upon Mr Stimson to show
cause why tho subpoenaes should not
be quashed
Several other witnesses In whose be
half no information was obtained
were called Before the grand jury to
give evidence today The first to be
examined was H I Bjomsen who Is
said to be connected with the Wash
ington office of Sullivan and Cromwell
I the lawyers Mr Cromwell had a
prominent part in the acquisition of
the Panama canal Mr Bjornsen said
that he was questioned a to whether
the firm of Sullivan Cromwell had
offered to pay for the suppression 9r
stories aboutthc canal Ho said that
he replied tat he knew nothing about
it as he was otherwise engaged at tho
time of the canal negotiations
Other witnesses Who
were waiting
to go before the grand jury were D M
Engelman of an international news
service who said ho went abroad to
investigate the canal purchase and
on his return submitted a report to
the national Democratic committee
which afterward got into the rrssos
sion of the World
Jonas Whitley formerly of the
World but now in the office of Sulli
van Cromwell A C Rowsey of the
Boston American and John I Welg of
the New York American were also
waiting their turn to testify
Brief arguments were heard by Unit
ed States Circuit Judge Henry G
Ward today on the motion to quash the
subpoonaes after which an adjourn I
ment was taken until this afternoon
when Judge Ward will hear further
J M Bowers of counsel for Mr
McLaughlin and Mr Shaw argued
that the form of the subpoenaes was
Illegal inasmuch as the following con
cluding words of the subpoonae In a I
I certain cans now pending and unde
termined in this said court between
the United States wore crossed out
making the subpoenne read To testi
fy to what they may know generally
Mr Bowers held that the subpoena
was Illegal inasmuch as it did not stato
the nature of the inquiry or the per
son accused and that the proceedings
were an abuse of process
District Attorney Stimson speaking
for the Unifed States argued that tho
form of the subpoenao had been used
in practice in this district for fifty
years and were recognized by the
statutes of the United States Mr
Stimson said
The same situation arises In a cor
porate examination to find out who Is
responsible It is often impossible to
find out who is responsible In a cor
poration How can we name the man
accused until we know who Is to bo
Judge Ward Interrupted to say that
I this was a case of practice and that
no one should bo giyen an opportunity
of bringing a man before tho grand
jury and rake about his affairs to I
make a criminal of him I
Chicago Jan 18Tcxns is the most
moral state in the union says Will
Smgeant of Fort Worth who Is in
Chicago Under the existing lawn
which aro really enforced you can
not play cards on trains or in any pub
lic place the women have to forego
their euchre and bridge whist partleo
or else do away with prizes All raf
fles are prohibited The fine for car
rying a revolver Is 100 and In fact
i is hard to get hold of such a wqap
Any man who kills another now Is
quickly and surely punished The sa
loons arc hermetically scaled on Sun
days must close at midnight and
threequarters of the counties have
local option
Messina Tan 18Sh1ght earthquake
shocks continue to bo experienced
here at brief intervals showing that
the earth has not yet quite aottlcd
The quakes are not being registered
by the observatories In the Immediate
vicinity which is evidence that the 1
movement Is local only
Now York Jan IS Opening prices
of stocks showed a number ot ht ling
gains which were most amongst stocks
not of tho greatest prominence Nor
folk Western advanced 1 12 Now
York Central and American Cotton
Oil 1 18 Kansas City Southern 1 and
abash preferred Third Avenue Col
orado Fuel and SlocsSheCcld Sfcc
lorge fractions Amalgamated Conner
xlccllned 31
Opening gains were reduced when I
the traders sold to realize Some ot U
ric strong low priced stocks fell be I
low Saturdays closing Later support I
of the general market and a brisk ad I
vance in Now York Central pullPd I
prices up to about the opening figures I
For a time United States Steel was I
in large demand but at 53 offerings I
were in excess Prices fell back a I
fraction all around Western I
frcton Wester Mary
land rose 2 Cleveland C C t I
Louis 1 34 and SL Louis SouthwoBt I
ern preferred
Chesapeake Ohio Atchison and
American Agricultural Chemical de
clined 1 and Consolidated Gas and
New Haven 2
Bonds were firm
Amalgamated Copper 7G 18
American Car and Foundry 18 IM
American Locomotive 56
American Smelting 85 18
American Smelting pfd 102
American Sugar Refining 129 lJ
Anaconda Mining Co 47 1S
Atchison Railway 99
Atchison Railway pfd 100 12
Baltimore and Ohio 111 11
Brooklyn Rapid Transit 70 34
Canadian Paclllc 176 12
Chesapeake and Ohio 60 1S
Chicago Northwestern 177 34
Chicago Mil and St Paul 148 3 r
Colorado Fuel and Iron 10 34
Colorado and Southern CO 34
Delaware and Hudson 178
Denver and Rio Grande 38 58
Denver and Rio Grande pfd SO
Brie 30 7S
Great Northern pfd 143 12
Great < Northern Ore Ctls 7 12
Illinois Central 11414
New York Central 130 14
Rending Railway 137 14
Rock Island Co 24 3S
Rock Island Co pfd 59
Southern Pacific U9 12
Southern 1ailwaig 24
Union Pacific 179 14
United 3tates Steel 52 14
United States Steel pfd 113 34
Wabash Railway 19
Western Union 67
Standard Oil company 652
Chicago Close
Chicago Jan 1SClose Wheat
May lOG 12 July 97 3SSept U4
14 Dec 9 12
Corn Jan 57 38 May 61 1S July
61 12 Sept 61 5S
Oats May 53 5S July 45 78 Sept
3831 x
PorkJan 51707 12a10 May 1
17 12 July 1725
Lard Jan 9SO May 997 12
July 1005307 12
Ribs Jan SS7 12 May 907 13
alO July 920a22 12
RyerCash 77 May 77
BarleyCash 60 l2aG7
Timothy March 105
Clover 950
Chicago Livestock
Chicago Jan 1sCateRecelpt
estimated 28000 market steady
beeves 400a725 Texans 415a5
iOOaoGO stockers
25 western 100a560
feeders S325a500 cows and heifers
175a550 calves 775a975
HogeRecelpts estimated 46000
market to lOc higher light 555a
620 mixed 580a6SO heavy 585a
645 rough S5aGOO good to caolco
heavy 600aG45 pigs 5t10dS35
bulk of sales 000 630
Sheep Receipts 32000 market
strong natives 525a5GO western
25a560 yearlings 600a74l
lambs natives 525a790 western
Kansas City Livestock
Kansas City Jan ISCattleRO
ceipto estimated 10000 market
nitrous dative cows and heifers 800
aGOO stockers and feeders 340a5
50 bulls 325a500 calves 4UOa
S25 western steers iOOaG 40 west
ern cows 360a50Q
Receipt 12000 market
strong to fcenls higher Bulk ot
gales 57Ka620 heavy iJ615aG30
packer and butchers 500abVJ5
light 5fiOaG10 pigs l50ao50
Sheep Receipts 7000 market
SrCrIJIecelpts 470a575 lambs
Steady lambS
75 range wethers 425aU
3450a775 rngo
75 fed owes 300a425
Sugar and Coffee
New York Jan tSSugar raw
Nominal nil refining 321 centring
iml 9T5 test 371 molasses sugar a
gll est crushed 533
oo Rofined < rlshcd
H j 475 granulated 4 65
COFFEE Steady No 7 Rio 7 1la
7 ui6 NO 1 Santos S 38
St Louis Jan 18Wool unchang
SlL ulsJt western mediums 17
ed territory anewestern mclum17
n21 flno mediums lla7 flue l al1
Metal Market
18Leitti dull h
New YorkvJan Leal dul
i Sal 20 copper weak 14 lia3S Sil
vcr 52 7S
Chicago Jan 18 illcIwril Novr
bauar 30 years ml a p63toflqcclori
uommlttocl suicide early today by
Co snooting himself In tho head while I
qesPondcuf over 1call

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