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Washing Machine T
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I i For the Next
We will make a special contract covering a period of 11 ears for
our Carey Act land and perpetual water rights in Sunny 1 Mlllard Coun
ty Utah
By paying 5000 down you may select forty acres choice land and
pay balance monthly or yearly The second and third year payments are
figured at two dollars an acre Choice bench lands Absolutely the best
water rights In Utah Crops this year Young man nows your chance
j to become Independent Investigation earnestly invited Information
Wenger Roston >
Burtner Irrigated Lands Co
Electric Supply Fixture Co
2448 Washington Avenue
Inventory Sale
2500 On All Chandeliers and
Stand Lamps
G E Electric Irons for a Few
Days Only
Why Electric Bills Are
So Large In Winter
L There are very few persons using electric illumination who realize
Nvhy their bills are out of all proportion as compared with the summer
bills In the table given below we will assume that 630 In the morn
Ing throughout the year is the average time of rising In Summer tho
retiring hour is 1030 and In winter 9 oclock
In May Juno and July from dusk until 1030 there are only 187
hours and during the mornings these three months arising at 630
there will be no light used at all
During November December and January from dusk until 9 p m
4 there are 483 hours of light required for the evenings alone and during
tho moMtags of November December and January It only one hour jl
used eaCh day there will bo 90 hours more to bo added to 483 making
573 hours actually required as against only 187 for Summer which
makes the Winter consumption 01 light over three times as large as for
Officers Keep Him In Padded Cell
Until Time Arrives For Trans
portation to Provo
n 3
Yesterday Dominick Pantone was
committed to the state mental hos
pital and was taken to that Instltu
tlOn by Depiily SherLCCjfc 4 MurphY
and Officer Robert Burk
It will bo remembered that Mr
Pantone had been under the direction
of tho officers for a number of days
it being thought he was suffering only
from a protracted spree and that he
would recover from the effects of the
same under medical treatment here at
home He however suffered a re
lapse Saturday night and was iu a fur
ious frame of mind up to tho time he
was committed to thexho6pital at Pro
vo yeBtorday morning
He was placed Iu theiBadded cellatl
the county jail Saturday night nntlft4
IB said by the officers that be created
an exceedingly great disturbance all
the night by loud yelling hammering
the cell door and destroying whatever
he could got hold of
An Easy Way Out of Trouble
Wo simply canto onjasvwe havo
been going ho declared
t IWO are
spending more tluin Im making You
surely rdUBt bo able to underatofid
that such a state of affaire cant last
long timu 1 i V V iVi f t
Then dear sh
Bho soothingly re
plied why dont you make morel
V r h t 2 y 1oJjo1i
Audience Enjoy Musical Treat and
Discourse Upon Life and Work of
Tho Mendelssohn praise service in
the First Presbyterian church was a
musical treat last evening Miss Did
dle was at her best in Interpreting the
masters music Misa Ellen H Thomas
I sang the soprano solo In tho well
known chorus Hear Oh Hear My
Prayer This solo calls for much
fooling In Its rendition and this Miss
Thomas very Impressively bestowed
Mr Saunders though suffering from
a severe cold sang the famous tenor
solo from Elijah 1C With All Your
Hearls In a way which clearly re
vealed the rich power of his voice
Speaking from Acts 1G25 Rev Car
ver said in part
Paul and Silas were In prison where
they had been placed because of their
publicly preaching In the name ot
Christ They had had a busy day
ond doubtless had no time for their
private devotion It is midnight and
they are not only worn and wearied
with the days toil but having been
beaten with many stripes arc doubt
less in pain as well None of these
things however can deter them from I
their private devotions They soon
changed the jail into a chapel as they
join in prayer and praise Now the
singing of some of the psalms was a
new thing in that jail and the other
prisoners were soon eagerly listening
Poor wretches they had doubtless
heard but little of that kind of music
and melody and It brought to them
the word of God In a new form So
vondious did Its meaning seem to
theni that they chose rather to re
main and hear Il than to flee through
the open doors How rpal the whole
scene Is How lasting is Its message
to one who rends it well Singer
hearer and song have ages ago van
ished from earth The very stones
and bars of that jail Jiow are dust
but the influence song and praise
melody and music still lives and we
may have been today cheered by the
ame psalm as those of so long ago
heard and heeded unto the remaking
of their lives The melody of a hymn
iar ofttimos had very much to do with
he remaking of a life
The Bible is preemlnently a book
of real life It Is a record of the
work of God in the lives of men It
has not come to us like the fabulous
statue of Diana the goddess who loll
nil formed upon earth nor did we re
ceive it parrot fashion as the Koran
was said to have been whispered Into
the ear of Mahomet Our BIble came
from God but it came through the
Shunnel of human lives tolling and
working to make all that a divine
word could mean real among the lives
of men There Is not a book within
our scriptures that is not made real
end near to us by being colored with
the real tints of the joys and sorrows
the successes and failures the longing
and dreams of lives like unto our own
Now It is In just such a book as this
hat wo would expect to find much
of the real power of song and praise
for tho power of music Is purely a na
tive and natural one to the human
life In this we are not disappointed
From the first book unto the last mu
sic and praise hold a prominent place
in the lives of those chosen few Im
mortals whose names by their being
recorded here have become household
words the world round
The Hebrew Psalter has ever been
tho world most familiar song book
and there seemS to be oven today no
diminution of its popular favor It is
the book most often quoted in the
N M Testament there being one hun
dred and sixteen references to it by
New Testament writers It was tho
first book given by the early church
to her converts and it has found a
place in the worships of every historic
church Now it was doubtless one
of these old psalms that Paul and
Silas wore singing that night vrhcm
the prisoners listened and tho Jailor
and his family were led to God They
mhdhavo heard the same song often
at other times but now it had a ring
of deeper meaning in it and they
could but heed Its message and an
swer unto its call Here Is the won
drous power of a song or melody It
is capable of so very many different
interpretations that it becomes new
power in life that seeks to Intorprot
it Thus it never grows old but each
age and life can reveal some now tone
color or meaning Like the story ot
the man of Galilee it Is evor new and
But music has ever a second person
ality In it Not the performer or sing
er alone but the wrltor and compo > er
as well give to a production a cer
tain definite trond The hymns ot
Fanny Crosby will over bear tho Im
press of her deep spirituality no mat
ter by whom or whore they are sung
And a composition like the oratorio
Elijah or fiSt Paul will speak of
the characteristics of Felix Mendels
sohn no matter how atrangejy render
ed upon the orchestra or in what ion
gue or spirit they are sung To right
ly understand music their we should
kn sompthtng of the life from
which it came The life of Mendels
sohn for instance is a peculiar one
amongica1 composers Bi5rn in the
home of a wealthy family of Ham
burg ho had every opportunity and
aid and surrounded by every dom
fort and cure that wealth could give
HB homo life was ever ideal for first
Hits mother an exceptional vrohmnti
gave his training hor constant care
M that Tie was enabled to lowondj
foufi musical things at very early age
and secondly his wife a cultured and
talented woman In every way gave
him a life of deepened Joy and tran
quility His entire life was one of al
most model conditions Now this had
a great Influence upon bit life work
for music is most ready to take color
ing from its surroundings As we
read of other composers we flnrt that
Beethoven worked against growing
deadest ariil unrequited love Schu
mann was fired by his longiug to ex
cef that be might win ClKnf Wleck
and the consciousness of a dreadful I
mental malady as well Mozart and
Schubert worked to conquergrim pov
erty and wanl The woes of Poland
the sadness of his life disease and
George Sands fickleness acted as a
goad to Chopin Wagners life was
as tumultous as some of his music
But Mendelssohn lived ever in plenty
and so free was his life from sorrow
and caro that when at the ago of 3t
he lost his talented sister he could
not endure the grief and soon suc
cumbed She had been a constant I
Inspiration to him and doubtless had
composed some of his Songs without
< JSorsi 0 Jyow Ih re haro i two points
for us to note here In the first
place his life was one that had the
greatest of all temptations I e that
of case He did not need to work and
yet he did work and work grandly
No one was ever driven by dire want
to work more faithfully than he was
led to from sheer love of his work
Now the result of this Is a grace and
beauty In all his productions that Is
unsurpassed and secondly we note
that ho was only a youthful composer
Death claimed him at the ago of 30
and yet he had done so much In his
youth No one can estimate what
ripened years with their deeper and
more maturo visions would have
wrought In a life so gifted as to pro
duce tho Midsummer Night Dream at
the age of fifteen for wo have only
the promise of what ho could have
become had he been given years of
completion In which to bring to a full
ond his lifes work
Now the great lesson perchance for
you and me Is tho one of the real pos
sibility of a short life Wo saw last
Sunday night how Gladstone did not
reach his life goal until ho was sixty
nine years of age and that ho was
the man of power until ho reached the
ago of eightyfour Tonight it is a
message of tho value of the youth
time of life Hearer you cannot count
upon a long life If you are called to
die young you must be ready It is
a wonderous truth that our gospel is
a gospel that you can sing There Is
joy and heartfelt praise all through
and through It It Is a blessed truth
that the life oCa Christian Is a life
of Joy and praise Ours Is a singing
praising life All that Is highest and
best in music is that which It has
been given Christian lands Heath
endom has given no melodies to cheer
the world and what is now marked is
the fact that atheism has done almost
nothing In the realm of song It takes
a life of faith to make a genuine life1
of song Now If your life has too lit
tle of joy and praise mirth and melody
iu It try this remedy Put a little
more of the faith and hope and love
of Christ in it and see if you do not
reap a harvest of song
Itching torturing skin eruptions dis
figure annoy drive one wild Doans I
Ointment brings quick relIef and 1 st
Ing cures Fifty cents at any drug
Report One of Fiercest Storms In
Their Experience Trains NOV
Running on Time
A W Lamb and George Dee of
Council Bluffs Mo both of whom are
electricians for the Union Pacific Rail
way company are recent I vIsUorsrln
Ogden Mi1 Dee having spent last
night In the city
Tho gentlemen were in tho blizzard
section of country at tho Inception of
the recent storm They say it was an
extraordinarily fierce storm and that
much damage was left in its wake
The roofs of buildings were carried
from their positions and in many in
stances landed on other buildings a
long distance away Entire structures
were thrown to the ground thousands
of dollars worth of plate glass broken
into pieces and spires and cupolas of
churches and other public buildings
were literally torn away and hurled to
tho ground
Mr Dee states that tho storm began
with a heavp downpour of rain which
was followed by a heavy fall of snow
immediately after which a terrific hur
ricane prevailed Tho temperature
suddenly dropped to a frigid condition
the cold occasioning much suffering
among tho people caught in tho path
of the storm The wind was so fierce
he stated that It seemed at times as
though overy building in the wind zone
would be destroyed The railroad
tracks however he said were intact
from Council Bluffs to Ogden and the
trains so far as he could discern were
running on schedule time
The temperature in Ogden last night
was at a high point for this season of
year it ranging between 35 and 40 de
grees above zero Tho sky was com
paratively clear during the night
there being no indications of an imme
diate storm People on the streets
were quite comfortable in light over
coats until after midnight
Coffee I
The kind that makes the break
fast real Coffee through and
through always the same I
Your grocer will grind ito
bettor ground at home not
too fine
O 1 duQ A A wJAVg
Looks Into Origin of Great Fortune
That Have Been Amassed In Pact
Few Years
Reverend William Thurston Brown
speaking from tho theme Does Might
Make Right said In part
Think what tho spiritual significance
ofour great commercial and Industrial
combinations Is They stand for noth
ing but brute force They do not ar
gue They strike They do not rest
their cause on justice but on might
They arc the creations of human be
ings but they are as remorseless as
an earthquake Through them one
group of men Is saying to the rest
We dont care whether your cause Is
Just or not That has nothing to do
with the case You are not dealing
with a soul when you deal with us You
are dealing with the inexorable We
are God
And when those who believe In
something better who hold the faith
of Jesus tho faith of brotherhood that
the world Is one family and can there
fore have no Just law except the law
of equal opportunity when these pre
sume to question the right of this sys
tem and say This is a matter for
all to solve together These institu
tions affect us all They concern the
Interests all Let ua open tho books
Let us know the facts Let us all see
what these Institutions rest on Let
us find out what Is the origin of theso
great fortunes A man retired from
tho iron busiuess ten years ago and
found himself possessed of a fortune
of 150000000 He receives on that
fortune Invested In the stock of the
now company an Income of more than
seven millions a year Twenty thou
sand dollars a day This man retires
from all productive Industry quits all
work and receives for the rest of his
lifetime 150 times as much as the pres
ident of the United States That In
come does not fall out of the clouds
It has to be produced by human toll
Thousands of people have got to pro
duce that wealth Now we want to
know where it comes from If It be
longs to this man If he has a clear
right to It If he Is worth that income
to the people of this country no one
will disturb him in Its possession But
if It means robbery privation want
poverty Ignorance the stunting and
dwarfing of thousands of other per
sons body mind and soul we want to
know that and we are going to know
that and we are going to make it im
possible for anybody In this country
not to know exactly what It means
consideration of the rights and wdl
fare of all demands that we investi
gate this matter to the bottom
When we make that proposal what
answer do we receive We are told
that It Is not our business Wo are
met by tho same old answer of Pi
late Knowest thou not that I have
power to let you live and I have
power to crush you 1 We are told
that there is nothing discuss noth
ing to investigate Wo are met In
other words by the response of blind I
brute force We are given to under
stand that our one chance to live on
this earth depends upon our keeping
silent on these questions The only
thing we are permitted to do is to get
on the right side of this great commer
cial machine if wo can If wo can do
that we are safe though the price is
always our manhood If we can not
we are crushed
Says the man who fears to have
men know the methods of acquiring
property If you speak of these
things In the pulpit you must take
tho consequences I will not contrib
ute to the support of any man who In
sists upon applying tho law of brother
hood and throwing the light of truth
upon all the realms of human life I
will do what In me lies to silence every
such voice I wilj pay my money to
the men who keep well within the lines
of safety who preach the simple old
fashioned gospel of salvation from sin
I wlll let that man live who keeps his
hands off those things which concern
my wealth But let the man who in
sists upon telling plainly the truth
as he sees it who has anything to
say that stirs hope in the hearts of
the hopeless or courage In the souls of
the despairing that man shall starve
He shall be crushed There Is no
room on this earth for the established
order if such men are permitted to
liveThis I
This is what we are coming to ia
this country and we are coming to
it fast It is well that we should seo
it plainly and decide whero we pro
pose to stand We are going to stand
with Caesar or with Jesus But
wherever we may decide to stand in
the moral conflict of our day incom
parably a more vital conflict than that
which made the names of Theodore
Parker and William Lloyd Garrison
and Abraham Lincoln Immortallet
us not lose sight of ono thing the
creed of brute force is a lie There
does not existron this earth a single
institution which dan escape the clos
est scrutiny of Justice Justice Is a
solvent which nothing can resist It
haft dissolved empires and it will dis
solve every government that is found
ed on force It has dissolved supersti
tions and it will dissolve others
whether they bo In the realm of re
ligion or in that of Industry or poli
tics We can not hide ourselves our
property our conduct or our theories
from the light of truth Wo need to
know that truth alono is eternal Wo
live In a shadow or dream lackln
that knowledge The Caesars are gone
and their empire has melted away The
tyranny and despotism oft the tuarts
and Tudors and Georges have vanished
unwept unhonqled apd unsung I The
fleeds of the nations today of J Eng i
land In South Africa and Egypt and In I
dia of Russia In Finland and In her i
own country of Leopold Belgium I
the Congo of the United States in tho
Phillpplnesrcan not be dismissed with i
a word AsKipllng said ° Theyshall
judge your God and you The ledger
of retribution Is not by any means
I made up We shall pay to the last
farthing Tho mills of God grind
slowly but they grind exceeding
small though with patience He stands
waiting with exactness Hen grinds
Spain four hundred years ago was the
foremost nation of tho earth Today
she has fallen to therank ofta tenth
I rate power In toe days ofhor pride
the House of Hapsburg brooked no
r t
protest She appealed not to reason
or Justice or truth or humanity but
alwaysto brute force She took the
sword and though she has waited long
she has well nigh perished by tho
sword Wo boast of our AngloSaxon
race as if it were proof against the
demoralizing Infection of dishonor and
perfidy So boasted once the great
Latin race But the hand which yes
terday wielded the scepter of univer
sal empire today Is turning the crank
of a hand organ
The lqlt1 for
whIch I am contending
Js Uje samp old trutl for which Jesus
stood the truth that brute force never
decides anything that no question Is
ever decided until the solution which
truth dictates Is reached Brute force
can never consummate justice by
whomsoever exercised And we shall
have neither peace nor prosperity un
til wo have justice Tho appeal to
force from above will bo met by the
appeal to force from below The as
sassins of the avenues will continuo
to spawn the assassins of the alleys
And by the same token justice and
truth will call forth justice and truth
It lies within the power of men and
women now to say whether the social
and Industrial development of the
coming years shall be peaceful and
happy or warlike and sorrowful 1
Nero accused the Christians with
setting fire to Rome and thousands
of them were murdered in con
sequence Ho could easily make that
charge plausible for he could provo
that the faith of tho Christians was
morally opposite to that of the em
pire and that Its success meant tho
downfall of tho empire But every
student of history believes that Nero
was the Incendiary
It Is easy for our modern Noros to
accuse the men of today who hold
the faith of Jesus with being Incendi
aries because the triumph of tho pres
ent struggle means the displacement
of that system which produces Neros
But they are no more Incendiaries than
were Jesus and the Christians of
Rome Itis still Nero who Is the In
cendiary He Is guilty of treason who
repudiates the only principle upon
which a just society can be founded
not he who repudiates the violators of
that principle He is the Incendiary
who sternly refuses to submit his
cause to the arbitrament of reason ami
discussion who plants himself
squarely on tho creed of might and
tramples on the rights of others not
he who demands that all things be
submitted to the arbitrament of jus
tice and truth
The day has gone by which any man
could separate himself from his fel <
low Your Interests are mine and my
Interests are yours You can not life
your hand you can not launch your
life into the world of Industry without
taking the destinies of others in your
keeping You are answerable not sim
ply to your own conscience but to the
awakening world conscience No man
today can permitted to wield power
of any kind save as that power is
under the control of all the people and
subject to their immediate demand
A Simple Prescription For the
In the good old days our mothers
used to tell us to use garden sage
for dandruff and falling hair A sim
ple Infusion was made of the common
garden sage and applied to the roots
of the hair This old time remedy Is
still used in many sections of tho coun
try to this day It has also been dis
covered that the Indians of tho north
west used to make a brew or tea
of the wild sage sage brush and ap
ply it for all scalp affections White
people also used this sage brush tea
with good results A careful study
has been made of the different kinds
of sage and it has been found that
the wild sage or sage brush contains
much more of this certain curative
property than does the tame sage
The reason for this is apparent The
wild sage growing as it does In a soil
rich In sulphur and volcanic ash nat
urally contains much more medicinal
Ono of the main objections to the
use of these crude preparations es
pecially BO of the wild sage was tho
disagreeable odor of the brush This
objection has been overcome after
three years of careful experimenting
in a laboratory especially fitted ror
the purpose so that you can now pro
cure a preparation free from all the
disagreeable odors but still containing
all tho active principles of the wild
sage This preparation Is guaranteed
to cure dandruff and stop falling hair
and will do so if directions are care
fully followed
Ask for Sage Brush Hair Tonic For
sale at all the leading Drug Stores
and Barber Shops In this city
Clayton Gannett of Salt Lake spent
a short time In Ogden last evening
while on his way to Rawhide Nov
where he is interested In mining and
other business enterprises Mr Gan
nett stated that things generally are
in a flourishing condition at Rawhide
and that the business outlook there for
the year is very bright
The more prominent mining proper
ties in the camp Mr Gannett said are
looking fine and the work of develop
ment Is progressing with renewed ig
or and that weather conditions are
exceptionally favorable Ho stated
that the winter had been very mild
the camp having been comparatively
free from heavy snows and excessively
cold weather No blizzards such as
have visited the eastern country ho
said have come to our section of
country and everything points to an
early open spring
District Attorney N J Harris has
filed a complaint in the municipal
court charging B G McGulre B E
Dramlett John K Garrett and James
Fleming alias Doublln with robbery
alleged to have been Committed on
Dec mpi 11 1908 at the Apex saloon
looml 1g quarters In Ogden The com
plaint sets forth that tho parties
named robbed one John Golf of 360
while ho was a guest ol the rooming
apartments In question
The three first named parties have
heretofore been before Judge Mur
phy in a preliminary hearing for the
same offense and were Abound over
to the district court The mtorma
tlon fllod In the district court against
them however was defective In that
it did not state the placQ in which
lUe offense was alleged to have beed
coranlltted and the court declining tq
permit the prosecutor to amend the
same so as vto confjbrmt With the pn
Visions of the Bfalutes the district
attorney dhfiulssecl the cast lass
wr <
January Clearance Sale
14 tO 12 OH
On our entire line of Ladies Suits Coats Skirt wi
Suits and Overcoats You can get anything In oSr Waists and tong
our houso
terms of 100 A WEEK OR 4OO A MMra n our usual
The Mercantile Installment Co
Sole Agents for the Pabst Brewing Co Milwatikee WtlJ
Distributors and General Agents for
Monarch of Table and Medicinal Waters I Is a purely natural
mineral waterthe ONLY in the United States bottled at the
Natural Mineral Water Springs
J E Dooly President Ralph E Hoag Cashier
Horace E Peery VicePres A V McIntosh Asst Cashier
Is not restricted in the scope of ito patronage It Is broad
enough to accommodate all apd
Here are Its Patrons
1The young folks with their small savings
2The breadwinner striving to accumulate a fund to pro
cure a home or a competency old age
aThe volltodo for the convenience afforded and the
Income provided
4Phose with idle funds awaiting other investment
H C Blgelow Pres A P BIgelow Cashier
J M Browning Vice Pros RA MoyeB A st CashIer
U S Depositary
Capital and Undivided Profits 27500000
David Eccle Pres M S Browning VicePres
G H Tribe VicePres John Pingree Cashier
I Jas F Burton Asst Cashier
Saturday and immediately after filed
a flOw complaint which includes the
name of Fleming as an alleged of
fender The parties were placed un
der arrest but were subsequently re I
loased from custody under bonds ot
500 each
Arrangements have been completed
fdr the appearance of Babes in Toy
land at tho Grand tonight
This means an event of tho season
and a theatrical attraction that will
appeal to ever class qf people It is
a beautiful story of fairyland There
are seventy acting artists and a crow
of trained stage mechanics and an or
chestra of skilled musicians The at
traction has created p genuine sensa
tion wherever produced thus account
Ing for Its prolonged and marvelous
run In the facoof exceptionally clever
counterattractions In all the principal
cities I
A Wyoming newspaper describes
several wild animals of that region
heretofore overlooked by naturalists
The Oogly Woo a sixlegged animal
with a sharp stiff tail when closely
pursued and cornered will stand up on
its tall and whirling rapidly lmnd
bore a hole in tho ground Into which
it disappears The Deadly Kacaboar
isa fourlegged animal with short
logs on tho left side and long ones
on the right side adjusted for moun
thin climbing will course Its swift
way around mountain peaks with itt
four feet always touching and can
be captured only by turning its s
In the opposite direction when f
two long legs become uppermost Th
OneEyed Screaming Aemus is a biw
inhabiting tho highest peaks Vh a
closely cornered will turn upon iti
pursuers and with a mighty gull
swallow itself
Kansas City Jan 31Enght tonsil
will start in the sixday bicycle rac
which will begin tomorrow t
in Convention hall The racers will
ride eight hours a day beginning ui
230 oclock in tho afternoon The
following teams are entered
Kramer and Moran New Jersey
Fogler and Root New York
Bardgett and Mitten Iowa
Demara and Hill California
Walker and Palmer Australia
Wilcox and Senhouse Utah
Wiley and Cameron Now York
Devonovitch and Mackey Russia
Wichita Kas Jan 31lt was determined
termined today by the coroner that
Carl H Stowe tho Pueblo Colo tray
cling man who was found dead in his
bed in a hotel here last night did
not dleOt heart disease but committed
morphine It
by taking
ted suicide
was also learned that he had made
three attempts to take his life during
the laalihonth once by shooting ono
and tho third time ho attempted I
bY ooiBoning
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