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He Says Any Attack Made Hereafter on the Lock Type of Panama Canal
Is in Reality Merely an Attack on Policy of Building Any
Canal at All = Report of Experts Indicates That a
Sea Level Canal Would Not Be Practicable
Washington Feb 17Any attack
made hereafter on tho lock type of tho
Panama canal according to tho opin
ion expressed by President Roosevelt
In a message transmitting to congress
today the report made by the engi
neers who recently visited the cannl
zone with PresidentElect Taft Is in
reality merely an attack upon the pol
icy of building any canal at all Tho
report In Mr Roosevelt opinion
shows In clearest fashion that the
s congress was wise in the position It
took and that It would be Inexcusable
F JolTy to change from the propose Joclt
canal to a sea level canal
I commend to you he says to con
gross the most careful consideration
of the report They show that the
only criticism that can be made of
the work on the isthmus is that there
has sometimes been almost excess of
t caution In providing against possible
trouble As to tho Gatun dam itsolf
they show that not only Is the dam
safe but that on the whole the plan
already adopted would make it un
necessarily high and strong and ac
cordingly they recommend that the
height bo reduced by twenty feet
which changed plans I have accord
ingly directed
I President Roosevelt says that the
engineers who made the report aro
all the men in their profession with
In or without the United States the
men who are on the whole host qual
ified to pass upon these very questions
which they examined
The engineers report that as the
Gatun earth dam was the central point
nf discussion they gave It under in
structions from Mr Taft first consid
eration In the light of all new ovi
donee ana they add that the typo
of dam now under consideration is ono
which meets with tnir unanimous ap
They say they arc satisfied that
there will he no dangerous or objec
tionable seepage through the mater
ials under the base of the dam nor
ore they so soft as to be liable to he
pushed asldd by tho weight of the
1 proponed dam so as to cause danger
ous settlement Wo are also satisfied
that the material available and which
It Is proposed to use IB suitable and
can readily be placed to form a tight
utable and permanent dam
Dams and locks lock gates and all
other engineering structures Involv
od In the lock canal project aro feas
ible and safe according to the engi
neers and they can be depended u n
on to perform with certainty their re
spective functions
They report that they do not find I
any occasion for changing the type
of tho canal that has been adopted A
change to sea level plan at the present
tlmo would add greatly to the cost
and time of
construction without
pensating advantages either In capac
ity of the cannl or safety of naviga
icon and henco would be a public mis
Wo do find they sayln tho de
tailed designs that have been adopt
cd or that
are unconslderatlon
matters where other arrangements
than those now considered are wor I
thy of study As these proposed con
ditions are of a tentative nature and
do not In any case affect tho main
questions herein discussed they are
t not taken up In this report
They declare that the most prao
Hen question In the construction of
f the Gatun dam IB the possible slipping
r and sliding of the materials under
neath and In the body of the dam
In regard to this question they
have reached tho conclusion the do
I sign upon which the work is now being
f prosecuted abundantly fulfills
I tho re
quired degree of stability and goes far
beyond the limits of what would be
regarded as sufficient and safe in any
lees Important structure
In regtrcFto tho slips which havo
occurred at several times they assert
that they are of no serious cense
quence either in
tho practical execu
Lion of tho work or In tho ultimate
stability of the structures
Having considered tho proper height
for the crest of the Gatun dam they
conclude that it could bo safely ro
duood twenty feet from that originally
proposed namely to an elevation of I
116 feet above sea level or thirty feet
above the normal level of the water
against the dam
This change they say will faclll
fate the work of construction and will
reduce somewhat tho cost of tho pro
posed work
As to the change of the lower locks
on tho Pacific end of the canal from
La Boca on the shore of Panama bee
to Mtraflores about four miles Inland
they report that tho settlements which
occurred as A result of the change
cause no reason to doubt the stabil
ity of tho proposed dam
This change having been made be
causa objection might ho made from
+ a military point of view to placing
locks on the shore of tlio bay expos
ed to guns of hostile ships ° tho board
engineers estimate that It will In
crease the coat by about 510000000
but that It will
greatly lessen the vest
of fortlicationK
Another change that of a Increasing
minimum width of the bottom or
i the canal for about 17 miles In the
r Culobra cut they estimate will In
crease tho cost of the work by about
513000000 but they say It will not
delay the completion of the canal that
it will permit ships to pass one an
other In this portion of the canal and
will otherwise facilitate navigation
I If slides occur after the completion
of the canal they say the wider
canal is not ae likely to be blocked
as a narrower one They approve
the change In the proposed location
of the breakwater at the Atlantic end
of the canal
Their estimate of the complete cost
of the canal is 360000000 They say
it Is Incorrect to state that the orig
inal estimate of cost was 5140000000
as this does not include sanitation
and zono government They esti
mate the expense of sanitation and
zone government at 27000000 while
payments to the Republic of Panama
and to the now Panama Canal com
pany amounted to 50000000 which
would make tho difference between the
present estimate and the previous esti
mate with cost of sanitation and ono
government and payments added only
113000000 Of this amount they
say nearly onehalf can be account
ed for by the changes in the canal and
appurtenant works already referred to
and the remainder is to be attributed
mainly to tho higher unit cost of the
different items of the work
Commendation is expressed at the
present condition of the work and tho
engineers voice the belief that In no
other great construction work has so
much been done for employes In the
way of furnishing necessities com
forts and luxuries of life at the cost
of the work as has been done in this
work This is one jeSs bii for the high
cost ofthe canal
In their opinion the work is well I
organized and is being conducted en
ergetically and well
They commend the medical and
sanitary department for its success
in exterminating yellow fever and con
trolling malaria
Wo see no reason they add why
the canal should not be completed as
estimated by the chief engineer by
January 1 1915 in fact it seems that
n somewhat earlier completion is
robablo if all goes well
Considering the cost and time of con
struction of a sea level canal as com
pared with the lock type they held
that most of the factors which have
operated to increase tho cost of the
lock canal would operate with simi
I lar effect to Jncreaso the cost qf the
sea level canal and at the present
time there are additional factors of oven
en greater Importance to bo consid
ered as affecting the time of comple
tion and cost ofa sea level canal
Ono of these they find In tho Gam
boa dam the work on which Is to be t
started as soon as possible They
declare It could not be completed un
til after the time required for the
completion of the lock canal
Further than this they say a chang
ed type would result in abandoning
work which represents large expendi
They claim that by the change the
river Chagres and the rivers on the
I isthmus tributary thereto instead of
i being allies would be enemies of tho
canal and floods in them would great
ly interfere with tho work
Replying to the criticism that the
canal region Is liable to earthquake
shocks and that a sea level canal
would bo less subject lo injury by
earthquake than a lock canal they
assert that dams and locks are struc
tures of great stability and little sub
ject to damage by earthquake shocks
but that even If they could regard
earthquakes as a Source of serious
damage to any type of canal on the
isthmus their effect upon the dams
locks and regulating works proposed
for the sea level canal would bo much
the same as upon similar structures
oj tho lock canal
As to tho question of water supply
tboy say It Is so much grcatoi than
any need that can be reasonably an
ticipated that the beat method of se
curing more water when the time of
need arrives docs not require to be
considered now They report that I
they can find no reason to apprehend
Important loss of water by seepage
through the ridges surrounding Gatun I
dam which lu our dgment they
add the bed of tho lake will Do prac
tlcally Impervious to water I
The engineers who compose the
board are Frederick Steers James u j
Schuyler Arthur P Davis Isham Ran I
dolph Henry D Allen John R Free j
man and Allen Hazen
New York Feb 17 Charles w1
Morse former financier and Ice king
who has been confined In the Tombs
pending an appeal against the sen
tence of fifteen years In tho Atlanta
federal prison for violation of the na
tional banking laws will go free to
I day under a formal order of the Unit 0
ed States circuit court of appeals Tho
order which has been served on Unit
j ed States Marshal Henkel coutalno
I the following clause
That Charles W Morse be allowc
to go Into the custody of the United
States marshal from the city prison
where he IB now confined to such
places In the city of New York as tho
reasonable transaction of his business
may require provided ho bo taken to
the city prison for safe keeping during
tho night
I Verdict Is Rendered by
Jury After Thirty Min
utes Deliberation
San Francisco Feb 17The caso
of Former Supervisor M W Coffey
accused of accepting a bribe of 4000
I to voto for a trolley franchise for the
United Railroads was submitted to
the Jury at 1134 oclock this morn
I ing
After deliberating for thirty minutes
utes the jury Inthe case of former
Supervisor Michael W1 Coffey Indict
ed on a charge of receiving a bribe of
4000 to vote for a trolley franchise
for the United Railroads returned a
verdict of guilty shortly after noon
today Three ballots were taken by
the jury of which two stood 11 for
conviction and ono for acquittal On
the third ballot all voted guilty Su
perior Judge Dunne fixed Saturday
February 27 as the date for pro
nouncing sentence which under the
penal code may be from one to four
teen years in tho state penitentiary
Coffey who was ono of the Schmltz
hoard of supervisors all of whom ex
cept two who were not involved con
fessed to having accepted bribes
through the agency of Abraham Ruef
is the first member of that board who
has been prosecuted In common with
the others ho made an immunity con
tract with the district attorney on
agreeing to testify fully In regard to
bribery transactions In which they
were Involved Later when called
upon to testify against Ruof and oth
ers implicated in the briberygraft
matter ho refused to repeat his evi
dence given before the grand jury
This caused the withdrawal of the
promise of Immunity by the district
attorney the result being Coffers
trial and conviction
Unconscious Form of Girl
Bound Securely Found
in Room of Hotel
Chicago Feb 17 Evidence believ
ed to indicate a fiendish crime was
found today when the I unconscious
form of Ella Gingles an Irish lace
maker was found In a room at the
Wellington hotel a downtown hos
telry of the first repute The girl was
bound securely was suffering from
laudanum poisoning and apparently
had been assaulted
One leg was tied td tho bedstead
the other to u washstand and ker
hands were tied above her head Mys
terious letters signed in Mists Glngles
name but which may not have been
written by her and In which she said
that she was about to be or was be
ing murdered figure in the case
The police are working on the the
ory that the girl was lured to the ho
tel plied with drink and ultimately
made the victim of a horrible attack
Evidence that the young woman was
subjected to extraordinary tortures
and that she fought with desperation
was shown in the burns bruises and
cuts about her body and head
A lighted candle is believed to have
been used In the attempt to subdue her
struggles A bottle In which a quan
tity of laudanum remained was found
While being taken to the hospital
he unconscious girl raved frequent
r ly mentioning a man and a woman
Keep her away aho cried Dont
let her give her any more to drink
dont lot her tie tmy hands She Is
coming back after me Lock the door
and dont lot her hurt me She hna
tied my hands and is going to kill
meThe IN
The letters signed in Miss Glngles
name complicate tho case One ro
coined this morning by Miss Mary
Joyce a stenographer in tho office of
Patrick H ODonuclI who was Miss
Glnglos attorney read as follows
Mary Will be killed at the Well
Ing hotel Pleaso come quick
Signed ELLA
This letter was turned over to Chief
Detective OBrien who made a hur
I ried trip to the hotel There ho was
told by the clerk that Miss Ginglcs was
not In tho house Later he received
a second message stating that Miss
Glnglos had been killed there A
search disclosed the crime which IB
believed to have been committed be
fore daybreak
Phoenix Ariz Feb 17The Pace
bill providing that counties may vote
local option an oven majority in
stead of twothirds has passed the
house 13 to 11 It comes up In the
senate today and it Is believed it will
passThe educational qualification bill
requiring voters to be able to read the
English language which passed tho
council several days ago passed the
house yesterday and was sent to the
The Importance of the educational
bill lies in tho fact that it would dis
franchise many Spanishspeaking citi
St Petersburg Feb 17Grand
Duke Alexandrovltch died here this
Death was caused by asthma Yes
terday the grand duke participated in
a military parade here
Pol ice Are Co n fi d entM an
Who Tried to Rob s
Had Accomplices
Kansas City Feb 17That C H
Garnett the man who yesterday at
tempted to extort 7000 from Law
rence M Jones a millionaire dry goods
merchant by the display of a dynamite
bomb had accomplices was assorted
positively by the police today The of
ficers are working on the theory that
two or moro men and possibly a wo
man worn concerned In the plot
Tho real estate agent who rented
the house In Independence which Gar
nett had fitted up with chains with
which to imprison Mr Jones asserts
that an elderly welldrossed man en
gaged the place The future tenant
said he and his brother were stockmen
and both lived in Omaha His broth
ers wife was an invalid The day
after Garnett rented the house a
neighbor saw two men and a woman
walking about the second story as if
inspecting the floor
Garnett in his surly manner re
fused again today to tell his true name
or anything of his past
Owing to the fact that Garnetts
orect carriage suggested his possible
connection wflth tho army an oillcer
from the federal penitentiary at Fort
Leavenworth arrived here today to
take an imprint of Garnetts thumb
marks These will bo at once for
warded to Washington where the ling
crprint records of all soldiers that
have served In the United States army
In recent years is on file In this way
it is hoped to solve the question of
the extortionists Identity
Omaha Neb Feb 17rIt has been
suggested hero that possibly the man
giving his name as C H Garnett and
claiming to hall from Omaha who yes
terday attempted to rob Lawrence M
Jones In his home at Kansas City may
be Lester Van Amberg of Washlka
Iowa who on January 29 wrote his
wife from Council Bluffs expressing
the intention of committing suicide
Van Amberg was an agent for the
Bankers Life Insurance company and
also for Wright Son tombstone mak
ers DCS Molncs Iowa The police
hore and at Council Bluffs made some
effort to unravel tho mystery of Van
Ambergs disappearance but were un
Denver Colo Feb 17Does pray i
ing over ones wife constitute a form
of cruelty which Is legitimate cause
for divorce This question was brought
up Indirectly in the divorce case of
Mrs Anna Hewitt against Elmer Hew
itt tried before Judge Dixon yester
dayMrs Hewitt persuaded her husband
to accompany her to a concert and
after their return home ho offered up
a prayer asking the Lord to lead them
to see what great sinners they wore
for indulging In temporal pleasures
Mrs Hewitt claimed that her hus
bands action so tormented her that
she hecamo a nervous wreck She
was granted a divorce
Supreme Court Decides
This in Case of Little Girl
Sold to Settle Debt I
New York Feb 17A child cannot
be bartered to Kettle a debt accord
Ing to a decision just rendered by Jus
tice Greenbaum In the supreme court
here The case came before him on a
writ of habeas corpus and involved
fouryearold Hanna Bluome the
daughter of Morris Blueme and wife
who are destitute
The Bluomes about a year and a
half ago left tho little girl in the
charge of a Mrs Jennie Cohen after
maklrig arrangements to make pay
ments of 2 weekly for her care There
after finding himself out of wont
the father was unable to mako ho
payments as agreed and when after
a few months he acquired some mon
ey which was presented to Mrs Co
hen for payment Mrs Cohen announc
ed that not having what was duo her
she had sold the child to Mrand Mrs
Frank C Duell for 50 Mr and Mrs
Duoll flatly refused to give up tho
child and as the little girls parents
had since gone to San Francisco rel
atives here began habeas corpus pro
ceedings to recover her In a decis
ion handed down yesterday the court
In restoring the child to her parents
said In part
Mrs Cohen had no lien upon the
child for unpaid board and lodging
and no legal right to dispose of It to a
stranger Mrs Cohen simply had a
money claim against Its father It
may he that the respondents have
become attached to the child during
the few months that they have en
joyed Its society and It Is unfortun
ate that they may be unable to be re
imbursed for tho expenses In Its be
half incurred during the time that
they have maintained It but they were
not decided They fully understand I
that Mrs Cohen had not the slight
est rightto dispose of the child and
tho monetary considerations urged in I
behalf of the respondents cannot for a
moment be entertained by tho court
Two Officers Wounded
After Drunken Private i
Is Arrested
Port Townsend Wash Feb 171n
a conflict between the city police and
artillery soldiers on the street here
last night Chief of Police Barkley and
Officer Wiggins were beaten and in
jured by the soldiers Both received
scalp wounds and bruises about tho
head that required their being reliev
ed front duty The trouble was adjust
ed by tho swearing in of a squad of
special police and the arrival of Cap
tain Reoder from Fort Worden with a
provost guard Officer Wiggins had
arrested an Intoxicated soldier and
was proceeding to the station ashen a
crowd of one hundred soldiers gather
ed who offered protests against the
arrest and reviled the officer An at
tempt to disperse the mob resulted In
resistance The difficulty with artil
lery troops is the third of a like kind
that has occurred here within the past
few months Each has developed im
mediately after payday
I Washington Feb 17Mlss Emily
Virginia Mason of a famous Virginia
family who won fame during the Civil
war as a nurse of Confederate soldiers
and who ministered to Union soldiers
at Libbey prison died last night in
this city aged 94 Stephen Thomp
son Mason first governor elected In
Michigan was her brother and her
father was General John Thompson
Mason first territorial governor of
that state After the war she wrote
the first life of General Robert E
Lee who was her intimate friend
iO 0
0 0
O San Juan P R Feb 17 0
O Heavy earthquakes woro felt 0
O throughout the Inland of Porto 0
O Rico at 3 oclock this morning 0
O The inhabitants were awaken 0
O ed by the oscillations and tboir 0
I 0 alarm was great No damage 0
o however was ilong The vibra 0
o lions lasted for at least twenty 0
o seconds and the < movement 0
o was from east to wost Tho 0
o weather today is very gloomy 0
o 0
New York Feb 17Many stocks
started today at unchanged prices
from last night and there were no
wide variations A decline of 58 in
Amalgamated Copper was the most
notable change The market became
weak as a result of liquidation In the
metal stocks After declines in the
neighborhood of a point had boon ro
corded In a handful of stocks specula
tion became dull but revived and
grew firmer when Atchison began to
show strength
Prices drifted backwards and for
wards on insignificant transactions
with no pronounced tendency
Bonds woro firm
Amalgamated carper 74 78
American Car and Foundry 51
American Locomotive 56 14
American Smelting 85 34
American Smelting pfd 104 58
American Sugar Refining 132
Anaconda Mining Co 44 34
Atchison 102 5S
Atchison pfd 102
Baltimore and Ohio 109 5S
Brooklyn Rapid Transit 71 31
Canadian Pacific 173 3J
Chesapeake and Ohio 67 14
Chicago Northwestern 179
Chicago Mil and St Paul 147 18
Colorado Fuel and Iron 39 78
Colorado and Southern 66
Delaware and Hudson 176 14
Denver and Rio Grande 46 ll
Denver and Rio Grande pfd 88 115
Erie Railway 38 12
Great Northern pfd 143 34
Great Northern Ore Ctfs 71 115
Illinois Central 114
New York Central 128 0
Reading Railway 131 12
Rock Island Co 24 58
Rock Island Co pfd 61 18
Southern Pacific 118 34
Southern Railway 25 78
Union Pacific 179 78
United States Steel 51 34
United States Steel pfd 114
Wabash Railway 49
Western Union 67 12
Standard Oil company 660
Chicago Close
Chicago Feb 17Close Wheat
May 114 14 July 5100 38 Sept
95 7S December 96 14
Corn Fob 62 38 May 65 12a S
Jll andScp r 64 78x65
Oats 4 ri B14 14 July 4S a 78 Sept
48 12
Pork May 1692 12 July 1700
a1702 12
LardMay 062 l2a965 July 9
77 12
RibsMay 5886a887 12 July 59
02 l2a905
RyeCash 77 12 May 79a80
Barley Cash 62a67
TimothyMarch 53 75
Clover March 5915
Kansas City Livestock
Kansas City Feb 17 Cattle Re
ceipts 7000 Market slow and steady
Native steers 5i60a560 native cows
and heifers 20a600 stockers and
feeders 340a520 bulls 5320a465
calves 850a725 western steers 4
50a625 western cows 5300a525
HogsReceipts 14000 market Be
to 10c lower Bulk of sales 5600a6
ylOr heavy 640a655 packers and
butchers 610a645 light 576a6
25 pigs 475no50
SheepReceipts 8000 market
steadyfmuttons 450a560 lambs 6
5fla760 range cows and wethers 54
00a700 fed ewes 5300a525
Chicago Livestock
Chicago Feb 17 Cattle Receipts
I estimated at 21000 market steady to
lOc higher beeves 542Ba690 Texas
steers 5425a520 western steers 54
10a565 stockers and feeders 5335a
550 cows and helfors 5185a5UO
calves 5600a825
Hogs Recelptn estimated at 45
000 market weak to lOc lower light
600a640 mixed 5635a655 heavy
5610a665 rough 5610a630 good to
choice heavy 630a655 pigs 615a
610bulk of sales 5630a650
Sheep Receipts estimated at 1800
market strong native 5325a570
western 5360a575 yearlings 600a
710 lambs native 575a775west
I ern 600a780 N
I Suga and Coffee
i Now York Feb 17Sugar raw
Steady fair refining 311 centrifu
I gal 96 test 361 molasses sugar i2
1 86 Refined steady crusbed 5625
powdered 5465 granulated 465
COFFEESteady No 7 Rio S No
4 Santos 8 58
Metal Market
New York Feb 17 Lead dull 5d
97 l2a402 12 copper quiet 13 38
al2 silver 51 38
St Louis Feb 17Wool unchang
ed i territory and western mediums 17
a21 fine mediums 15a17 fine 12al4
Newcastle Feb 170nly thirty
seven men have been brought up allvo
out of a total of 147 who were In the
coal mine at West Stanley at the limo
of yesterdays disastrous explosion
The rescuers reached the bottom lev
el of the mine this afternoon wljh
out finding any further signs of life
but they did discover the bodies of a
score of men who apparently had suc
cumbed to afterdamp Most of the
men brought out were severely Injur
ed The force i of the explosion was so
terrific that although the level where
it occurred is 840 feet deep flames
leaped fifty foot abovo tho pit mouth
on the surface
Young Man Kills Girl
I Companion and Then
Reading Pa Feb 17Vhile speed
ing along in a taxicab here early to
day Stella Rocktashel 18 years ot
age was shot and killed and her com
panion Geq E Krauth 20 years ot
age after directing tho chauffeur to
hurry to a hospital turned the re
volver that killed the girl on himself
and sent a bullet into his heart dying
almost instantly
The couple engaged tho taxicab In
tho business section of town shortly
before 2 oclock this morning the
young man telling the chauffeur to
drive to the girls home In the north
ern section of the city The shoot
ing took place when the taxicab had
nearly reached the young womans
The chauffeur was a lone spectator
Inquiry into the cane developed that
Krauth asked several persons yester
day to lend him a revolver saying
he wanted to go to a masquerade ball
As there was no public mask ball last
night the authorities are of the opin
ion that the ease was one of premedi
tated murder and suicide
She Gasped Out Thai
Her Grandson Had
Stabbed Her
Now York Feb 171116 Caroline
Le Hart believed to be dying at the
Seney hospital today after having
been found unconscious in a hallway
of her home in Prospect avenue
Brooklyn last night from a deep gash
in her throat She was found by her
son An examination ot the Interior
of the house indicated that there had
been a struggle Samu Hagamap
the womans grandson who made his
home with her and tho son is being
sought by the police Mrs Le Hart
was able to gasp out that Hagaman
I stabbed her when she refused to give
him money
Forgery and Obtaining
Money Illegally
Los Angeles Feb 17Immor E
Rowell attorney and mining promoter
has been taken to the county jail after
being arrested on a civil warrant in
which his ball was fixed at 30000 He i
is also charged on a criminal com
plaint with obtaining 10370 under
false pretenses and with having
forged a check for 3880 John M
Poundstone is responsible for the in
carceration of Rowell and for the ar
rest on a charge of complicity of A C
Poundstone recites in one accusa
tion that on October 1 1908 he was
induced to enter Into a mining invest
ment proposition covering property In
Arizona and Chihuahua Mox Ho I
avers that he advanced Rowoll 10000
and became liable for 70000 more
It was represented he said that tho
cash given had boon invested in
mines but that ho gave 370 more
when Rowell told him one of the prop
erties scoured was about to be sold
The alleged forgery It is said was
committed April 20 1908 when Rowell
executed the check on the book of
Commerce of Pasadena
Marshalltown Iowa Fob 17C M
Heiden of Ringstead la was killed
and Jive other men were scriouflly1r
jured last night when a handcar on E
the Northwestern railroad on which
they were riding was struck by a lo do
comotive The men were en route to
Fenton to attend a dance

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