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Iht Jtnudnd
Entered as secondclass matter
at the Postoffice Ogden Utah
under Act of Congress
Published Dally except Sundays
by Wm Glasmann
One Month In Advance 5 75
Six MonthB In Advance 425
Twelve Months In Advance 800
Above prices Include Sunday
Morning Examiner Free
f Circulation Guarantee
thlt Certifoi tbat tbf circulation off he
hIlA beta audited Mad a guaranteed bJ th
Adrerthert Certtffd Circal tha Blue Rook
This P fr tits prorsd bjr inrettifation
that tb < eircolttioo nxordt are tcp nith
care and the circulation tinted with such
xccaract tbat tdcrtitrj mitT retjr on any
tuiteretott oftatat tntd 67 the pl1b1i rrrz
amkr the ownership lad roaaagetmnt
fe i nconrolAu 20 1909 4
In Force Feb 1 1908
Flat Bate Any Number of Inches
Changes Daily Per Inch
Olc Twice EOTY
cnch cacl1 other dny
week weol day
360 24c 220 20c
G two cents por inch extra Panes
7 and B ono coat pox Inch extra
TOP OF COLUMN Next to reading
matter and first following and next to
leading matter two cents per Inch
extra Other selected position ono
cont per inch extra
FIRST PAGE Fifty cents per Inch
each day on lower half of page only
for advertisements running weekly or
monthly without chang
Tho Standard invites tho attention
of advertisers to the above rates for
Advertisements in The Evening Stand
ing rates In Utah
We guarantee that no other paper In
Ogden has even onehalf the bonafldo
actual subscribers that The Evening
Standard has In fact we challeugo
the comparison of anv subpcrlptlon list
with that of The Evening Standard
PresidentElect Taft made a state
ment Wednesday which indicates that
his administration Is to be conserva
tive with a view to establishing a
greater degree of prosperity in this
country Congress will be called In
special session for March 15 At that
time the President will advise that
the tariff schedules be reduced par
ticularly on steel and iron but he
will urge that there be tho least pos
sible delay in bringing about these re
As to railroad legislation he has
but one recommendation and that is
to so amend the Sherman antitrust
law as to allow railroads to enter Into
pooling agreements subject to the ap
proval of the Interstate Commerce
This extremely conservative course
in tho treatment of tho railroads
should cause the big railroad Inter
ests of the country to immediately put
into effect a policy of expansion which
of itself might be all that is necessary
to throw off tho last vestige of depres
The Salt Lake Tribune under tho
head of Eliminate Graft Possibilities
Since there has arisen so much dis
approval over a portion of the Ogden
water commission bill now before the
legislature which provides that City
Attorney James DoVlne shall occupy
tho office as attornoy for the commis
sion at a salary of 100 a month and
that City Engineer Parker shall re
coive 5 a day extra compensation for
his services while engaged by tho com
missions work In addition to the sal
aries already received by the two of
ficials It has been decided to expunge
these sections from the original bill
A provision however Is made by the
bill that tho commission may employ
npeclal legal counsel when necessary
and that the city engineer be paid the
actual coat of services rendered tho
waterworks commission
Expunging that section which 18a
mandate to employ the city attorney
That there was a Laundry where your
Collnru Culls and Shirts would al
ways be carefully and perfectly laun
Just such work can be found at our
plant as wo have recently Installed
a machlno to do away with the saw
edges on collar band and collars
Both Phones 174
7 =
and city engineer at extra compensa
tion but retaining in tho bill the right
of the commission to do exceptional
tilings in the way of employing those
men falls to eliminate this vicious fea
Tho entire bill is so constructed that
It virtually creates corporation with
in a corporation and takes the water
system not out of the hands but with
in tho Prof the politicians and
yet places it completely beyond tho
direct control of the people of Ogden
The Standard is of the opinion that
Ogden IB facing ono of the most pros
perous periods In Its history There
IB nqt an equally promising outlook
throughout the country but locally
there are several factors which are
tending to make for better times The
legislative proceedings attended by
uncertainties have kept back a num
ber of big enterprises and severe win
tor weather has worked to retard
building operations but with the corn
ing of spring and the clearing away
of tho clouds now casting shadows
Ogden should be a community of much
industrial activity and contentment
One firm of architects has 200000
In plans now being worked out the
buildings for which are under con
tract and In addition this name firm
has 100000 in plans in prospect
There are warehouses school build
Ing ward meeting houses forestry
buildings eleemosynary Institutions
hotels office structures city and su
burban railroads and a t dozen other
things to command the attention of
There will bo more building in Og
don this year than at any time In the
past and with tho impetus this city
15 to receive from that source there
ihould be as much more tho following
This all goes to prove that Ogden is
on a solid foundation Ogden is one of
the best cities in the United States
for a safe investment real estate
Values are not Inflated but eventual
ly the boom spirit will take posses
sion of Ogden and then there will bo
a radical advance in property values
There are three or four prospective
good things any one of which may
come to Ogden to double the popu
lation On this subject we may have
more to say within a few days
A good water commission made up
of pure highminded men would be a
boon in helping the city out of Its dif
ficulties but a bad commission com
posed of those who are bent on graft
Ing or playing favorites would be a
The first selection of commissioners
might be worthy the cause and those
commissioners might prove highly ef
ficient and most honorable but in the
course of four years a majority of the
board could be changed to suit the
purposes of those devoted to sucking
the public teat and all the careful
planning would come to naught be
cause the commissioners would bo be
yond the reach or recall of tho peo
The water commission bill now be
fore the legislature removes the com
missioners as far from the people as
possible and entrenches them so
that if they be unscrupulous enough to
take advantage of their plenary pow
ers they can wreck the water system
and the protests of the citizens will be
of no avail
A commission that does not come
back to the electorate for commenda
tion but stands above and beyond the
people is a menace to any community
in which it may be clothed with the
power to plunder and destroy great
property values
The commission plan will meet tho
approbation of the public If honestly
conceived and Intelligently consum
mated but a commission scheme that
Is made to offer a loophole at some
time In the future for the crafty and
cunning to crawl through and loot a
rich treasury Is a fraud and a snare
to be condemned and cast off in Ita
very inception
As to the proposed commission for
Ogden nothing has Jone more to ex
pose the weakness of the commission
bill written by Mr DoVlne under In
struction of the city administration
than tho discovery of tho plot to placo
the city attorney in possession of 100
a month of water money and to reward
the city engineer with 5 a day for
counsel and advice This section In
the original bill has placed the whole
scheme open to suspicion so that
those who have carefully gone over
the measure have decided that not one
lino of the proposed law is to bo ac
cepted as coming from a trustworthy
source or is entitled to the confidence
of the water consumers and taxpayers
of Ogden
Tho San Francisco Chronicle says
That tho senate does not love the
President is known That It has great
tenderness for the trusts Is believed
Assuming both these
postulates as
true theso seems to be a doubt wheth
er tho Senate acted with coolheadetl
wisdom in formally raising the I
tion whether tho
President was or was
not derelict In nig duty In Virtually
promising not to prosecute tho stool
trust If It took over the porperty or
tho Tennessee Coal and Iron company
That transaction either
was lawful
unlawful If It were lawful there is
I no ground for finding fault with tho
President for not hauling It Into court
If it were unlawful tho Senate In so
r holding will commit Itself to the pros
ecution of tho steel trust even now
The resolution of Inquiry was intro
duced by Senator Culberaon of Le
as evidently with the Intent to do
politics The Judiciary committee re
ferred It to a subcommittee of live
consisting of two Democrats wno
wore sureto convict any Republican ot
fetal and three Republicans of whom
two were rather recklessly taken from
the wild and wooly west Ono of these
KlttredRO of South Dakota Joined
hands with the Democrats and now
the fat is all in the fire Presumably
jhe full judiciary committee can bo
relied on to put a ntop to the mis
chief In some way but it is hardly
possible that it can bo done grace
fully and decorously according to
senatorial tradition
It Is a peculiar case In acquiring
I Tonnessc Coal and Iron tho steel trust
did nothing more than it did in ac
quiring all the properties it owned
before It is no more unlawful now
than it has been from tho day It be
gan Its existence There is no moro
need of prosecuting It now than there
was before It absorbed Tennessee
Coal and Iron We do not understand
that any United States court has ever
jot held it to bo unlawful for an In
dustrial corporation to buy anything
It wanted and could pay for Some
things said in the Northern Securities
decision have been thought by some
to Indicate that the supremo court
might so hold and yet It Is hard to
see how It could do that without go
ing tho whole length and declaring It
unlawful for any corporation engage
in Interstate commerce to buy out an
other concern engaged Jn the same
industry There is nothing of that
kind in the Sherman antitrust act
That act forbids agreements between
competing concerns but only by in
ference does It forbid their consolida
tion The stock or the Tennessee Coal
and Iron was In the market The steel
trust bought it It had the right to
buy it under the terms of Its charter
Tho Tennessee concern IB still operat
ed as an Independent corporation con
trolled by its stockholders Probably
its officers have not entered and will
not enter Into any agreement what
ever with any competitor They will
not have to Here Is undoubtedly a
groat legal puzzle If the supreme
court holds that corporations which
are forbidden to conspire will not bo I
allowed to accomplish the forbidden
end by consolidation It will render It
Impossible for any two firms or corpo
rations engaged in Interstato com
nierco in tho same industry to ever
consolidate and will make criminals
of all who have so consolidated since
the passage of the Sherman act It Is
very doubtful whether tho court will
do that
A Washington bulletin says that in
1907 a census of Cuba was decreed by
the provisional government as the
first stop toward the restoration of the
republic Mr Victor H Olmsted or
the Department of Agriculture at
Washington was selected by the pro
visional governor to superintend tho
census Upon the completion of the
enumeration tho schedules were sent
to Washington and by direction or
the President were tabulated and the
results published by the federal ceu
sue office at the expense of the gov
ernment of Cuba The report of this
census was printed In Spanish and
practically the entire edition has been
despatched to Cuba by the director
of the United States census
For the benefit of those persona In
the United States who are interested
In the progress of the young republic
since the war the provisional gov
ernor authorized the publication bv
the director of the census of an ab
stract in English
In 1907 Cuba had a population ol
2048980 an increase from 1899 ol
176183 or 303 per cent
Over half of the population lived In
the rural districts the 134 towns ana
cities containing 899667 Inhabitants
or 439 per cent of the total The
population of tho G large cities was as
follows Habana 297169 Santiago
de Cuba 46470 Matanzas 3bODU
Clenfuegos 30100 Camaguey JiJ
GIG Cardenas 24280
The area of Cuba is 44101 square
miles and the density of population In
1007 was 464 por square mile
Males were more numerous than fe
males the numbers being 1074SSJ
and 974098 respectively
Of the total population 1UG917G or
m BO S IflJi 1Mr
t J2i
d Cheap
Drugs a
g arc the dearest kind T
l You can buy if its l1t
E results you count on J
J This is the principal w
reason why we do not w
have anything to do
with cheap articles oh JJ
Sf any kind People do
not buy Drugs for M
fun They by for re
suItsso we buy and g
sell the kind that give M
results no matter what S
use they are put to JJ
668 percent were sigloor divorced 1
423537or 207 per cent wore mar
ried 176509 or 8C per cent were
con eDsuall married and 79458 or
39 per cent were widowed Tho aver
age number of persons to a family was
In 1907 over twothirds 1428175 or I
697 per cent of the inhabitants worn
white The colored population was I
composed of 274272 negroes 334tJ05
mixed and 11837 Chinese Of tho i
whites 1221539 were natives and
203639 foreign born Of the latter
class Spain contributed 185393 ana
the United States 6713
Of the total population 1780628 or
869 per cent were of Cuban ana
22813 or 111 per cent of Spamsii
citizenship Of tho 551030 males or
voting age 430514 were Cuban citi
zens and of these 212030 or leas
than onehalf wore literate while
217581 were illiterate among those
of other citizenship the proportion or
literates was much greater 89217 be
ing literate and 31908 Illiterate
Among tho white males of voting age i
the literates were In tho majority tho I
numbers being 161712 literates and
130914 Illiterates for Cuban citizens
and 84937 literates and 23056 Illiter
ates for all others
Mr Editor Asfam called away
from town for several days and noting
the discussion over House Bill No 156
which should It pass will empower
the mayor of a city Just about the size
of Ogden to appoint a commission of
three men possibly the three men
who wore most active In making him
mayor to whipsaw and crosswarp the
unlucky population of this longsuf
fering hamlet for six long weary
years making our water system for
which the last possible legal cent that
could be extored was paid a political
machine in the hands of a gang and
giving them almost unlimited power to
use it In promoting their own more or
less Innocent projects I wish to go on
record as recommending the uncondi
tional squashing of this bill and either
Insisting that our city handle the
water business or electing by a vote
of the citizens a commission who
shall be paid for what they do and who
will not be led Into temptation by be
ing asked to put up a big bond and
also devote a lot of their valuable time
and grey matter without receiving any
compensation therefor
Mr Editor this House Bill No 156
looks to an oxcowpuncher like a rot
ten Job and a very dangerous one
which should not bo amended but
should be called to tho attention of
every citizen and then passed Into the
waste paper basket Very respectful
ly Signed C M CLAY
Washington Fob Representa
tive MacLachlan of California today
Intioducod a bill permitting the Pana
ma Railroad company to operate a
line of gteamois between the principal
American ports of tho Pacific coast
and the western terminus of the rail
road at Panama
He explained that the bill authori
zes an appropriation of 10000000 for
the purchase or construction of ten
steamers of five thousand tons capa
city and an actual speed of 12 knots
The ports of call would be Seattle
Tacoma San Francisco San Pedro
and San Diego which would be con
nected with New York by moans of
the Panama railroad and the Atlantic
Mr MacLachlan said that his bill
would make tho Panama railroad com
pany maintain a regular service be
tween Puget Sound and Panama every
five days which would supply tho east
bound passengers and freight for Ita
Atlantic steamers which now carry
only one cargo of eastbound freight
It will carry thousands of tons of
commissaries and building material
produced in the Pacific coast said
Mr MacLachlan direct to Panama to
be used In constructing the isthmian
canalmaterial that is now transport
ed across the continent and down tho
Atlantic to Colon It will cost less to
Install this line than the price of a
single battleship and It will be a great
stimulant to trade on the Pacific
Woods Liver Medicine In liquid
form regulates the lives relieves sick
headache constipation toraacht kid
ncr disorders and acts as a gentle lax
ative For chills fever and malaria
Its tonic effects on the system felt
with the flint dose Tho 100 bottle
contains 212 times as much as the
SOc slzo Sold by GeoF Caves and
Depot Drug Stores
Thief Returns Amount Taken with
More Than Compound Interest
The happiest man In Now York is
Adam Brede chef In a lunchroom
Over 20 years ago Brede deposited 50
in the Seamana Bank for Savings
With a friend he attended a festival
that night aud when ho loft the hall
ho found that both his friend and his
bankbook had disappeared The other
night he encountered his friend who
greeted him effusively and said
Hero is that bankbook Adam It
has hurt my conscience for 20 years
but It was the means of saving my
life ACtor leaving New York I went
to Albany From thero I drifted out
to Sau Francisco where I started a
fruit business I prospered and at the
end of IS years was worth about 50
000 I arrived here last Sunday and
have been looking for you ever since
He then handed over the bankbook
and 6000 for Interest
There are two reasons for success
as there are two for failure and these
two In both Instances act in such
close conjunction that it is almost im
possible to decide where one begins
and the other ends Our mental at
titude alono will not transact material
business nor will outward Industry
compensate for lack of mental stam
ina Equilibrium or equlpose will
alone account for success In any un
dertaking and this means confidence
and grit as well as energy W J
Colvlllo in Nautilus
May Be Succeeded by Swan Olson
Who Has Been Assistant Fore
man at the Shops
Harry Smith general foreman un
der Master Mechanic Malone of the
Southern Pacific shops at Ogdon has
tendered his resignation to take effect
March 1 Mr Smith has been In thu
service of tho Harriman system for a
long term of years working his way
upward from the bench
He came to Ogden from Evanston
to his present position about two years
ago Ho Is a practical mechanic In
every sense of the term and leaves
his present position to accept one or
several offenj recently made him on
western roads
His retirement will probably result
In tho promotion of Swan Olson an
other veteran of the Harriman s s
tern who came from the Union Pacific
road and who has been assistant fore
man of tho local plant for the past two
or three years
Other changes and promotions in
the shop force arc likely to follow in
tho immediate future as a result or
Foreman Smiths resignation but Man
tor Mechanic Malone is reticent on
the subject at this time and in con
versation with a Standard reporter do
dined to discuss either Mr Smiths
resignation or other contemplated
changes in his staff
The marriage of Mrs Armeda C
Roberts to Ralph D Roberts was sol
emnized this afternoon at 1 oclock at
tho residence of the brides parents
Mr and Mrs A B Corey 2600 Wash
ington avenue Rov J E Carver of
ficiating Tho rooms were very pret
tily decorated with carnations and
Jonquils Intertwined with ferns and
palms Only the relatives and a few
friends were present at tho ceremony
after which luncheon was served
The young couple loft this afternoon
for a short sojourn In Southern Cali
fornia after which they will make Og
don their home
Mr Roberts Is prominently connect
ed with a leading railway construction
company and at present has extensive
contracts In the far northwest
Now York Feb 24It was announc
ed today that Mrs William K Van
derbilt Sr has given more than 1
000000 for tho erection of four model
tenements for persons suffering with
tuberculosis The buildings are to be
operated In connection withDr Honry
L Slvloys tuberculosis clinic of the
Presbyterian hospital A moderate
rental will bo charged
The buildings wll be ertctod on a
large plot close to tho East river ind
each will contain about 375 apart
ments of from two to five rooms and
Washington Fob 24 Whlskoy
must really be whiskey If It is to
be called such according to an opin
ion expressed today by Attorney Gen
eral Bonaparte In a letter to Presi
dent Roosevelt
The attorney general holds to his
previously expressed opinion that
ethyl alcohol either pure or mixed
with distilled water If given the ap
poarance and flavor of whiskey by the
addition of harmless coloring and flav
oring substance must be tested and
labeled Imitation whiskey
Pueblo Colo Feb HAlter being
blockaded with heavy snows for two
weeks Marshall Pass was opened for
traffic today Denver and Rio Grande
train No 316 arrived here today after
making the 76 miles from Gunnisons
Pass In five days Another train trav
eled 13 miles In two days Tho rail
road men say the snow Is from 15 to
20 feet deep
Friday General Manager Ridgway
walked two miles on snow shoo to
take provisions to passengers who
were almost withoutjjfood
Now York Feb 24 National Cham
pion H H Hackett and his partner
R D Little met defeat today In toe
match for the semifinal round of tnc
national indoor tennis championship
at the hands of W C Grant and T R
Poll The score was 75 75 This
result will bring Grant and Pell
against G F Touchard and Dr W
Rosenbaum for the final rouna
Los Angeles Feb 24Judgo James
denied today the writ of habeas cor
pus asked In behalf of William W
Wallace former clerk of Warren
county Tennessee charged with om
bezzlemenL The accused will be re
turned to tho state for trial
Sugar and Coffee
New York Fob 25Sugar raw
Firm fair refining 323 12 centrif
ugal 96 test 373 12 molasses sugar
29S 12 Refined steady crushed
5535 powdered 476 granulated
COFFEE Steady No 7 Rio S 116
as 18 No4 Santos 85S
St Louis Feb 25WooI unchang
ed territory and wostern medium is
a22 fine mediums 15alS tIne 12al4
Danderine worta wonders produces
bale Just M surely as rain
and sunshine raises oropi It produces a thick
growth of luxuriant hair when all other rcmo
digs tAIL Wo guarantee Dandorlne All drug
glats eell ltsbc too and 1 POI bottle To
proTo Its worth send this ad with 100 In stumps I
or silver and ire will mail you a Unto tree
Chicago W
01 r
r t
I i
Look Through Our Curtains
You will find the most extensive line of new stylish dainty
Lace Curtains you ever saw We have
300 styles Nottingham Lace from 60 pair up
100 styles Brussells Net Laco from 5J5300 pair up
100 styles Irish Point Net from 350 pair up
50 styles Battenburg Net from 450 pair up
Besides many other styles such as Okay Tamboral Marie
Antoinette Edwardain Everything known uptodate in the
curtain line
New Rugs and Carpets m
The newest prettiest things the
on market unequaled any
where in this intermountain region at the attractively low
prices we arc selling them at j
Our WaU Papers
Are just what you are looking for this Spring We have
all the new combinations and color schemes uptodate You
must see these to appreciate them
Furniture and Piano O
We have an expert Furniture Polisher direct from Europe
We guarantee his work the best that can be produced in the
United States Why not let us put a new finish on your piano
or furniture 7
I1 m CL + l t
At Times When the Body Rents and
the Mind Is Active
The best work that most of us do
Bays Dr Luther H Gullck in the
Worlds Work s not bogun in our
offices or at our desks but when wo
are wandering In tho woods or sitting
quietly with undirected thoughts
From somewhere at such times there
flash into our minds thooo ideas that
direct and control our liven visions
of how to do that which previously
had seemed Impossible new aspira
tions hopes and desires Work Is the
process of realization The careful
balance and the uroat Ideas coma
largely during qulot and without be
ing sought The man who never takes
time to do nothing will hardly do
great things He will hardly havo
epoch making Ideaa or stimulating
ideals Rest ia thus not moroly in
order to recuperate for work If BO
we should rest only when fatigued
Wo need to do nothing at times when
wo arc as well as possible when our
whole natures are ready for their very
finest product We need occasionally
to leave thorn undirected In order
that we may reoolvo these messages
by wireless from the unknown Wo
need to have the Instrument working
at its greatest porfection bo undlroct
ad and roooptlvo
Quite Correct
A smoothlooking strangor recently
placed a number of pennyinthealot
machines In a certain town The ma
chines boro the following inscription
Tho greatest aid known to digoa
tlon Drop a penny In the Blot Push
then pull
At the top of tho machine was a
handle to bo pushed thon pulled and
many townspeople who could not re
sist the temptation of trying some
new device for the some reason that
Timothy took tho winefor his
stomach sake dropped In their
pennies and took a push and pull out
of the machine But that was all No
result followed and thore was some
talk of blowing open tho hoarded
At the end of tho week the agent
reappeared unlocked the machines
garnered the wealth and retired aftor
explaining that exorcise was tho
greatest thing for digestion In the
world The crowd was so paralyzed
that the agent escaped unharmed
Why Not
I have Just como from taking my i
Aunt Vrow Joemson to a rent cure
said a descendant of Holland She
started out all right but the sidewalks
of New York soon got on nor norvos
and ahe kept up Why dont they
scrub the dirty sidewalks Why do
they only clean the streets whore tho
horsos go and leave tho sidewalks
full of garbage and filth 7 In vain
we explained to her that girls with
scrubbing brushes and pails of suds
were out of placo In New York aha
could not floe why Holland customs
could not prevail The other day wo
took her for a sail down the lower
bay and all she would say won
Water water water and not a drop
Is used to scrub thoso awful side
walks New York Is no place for
Holland dames with scrubbing pro
penalties New York Time
Good to Perfume Room
Cut a chip of camphor light It and
pot It on a basin of water when It will
continue to burn and float until It Is
Retiring From
r I u j Z Ii
Every pair of womens mens
boys girls childrens and In
fants Shoes Oxfords or Slippers
to close at way below value
Everything must go nothing re
served Its finalIts complete
its our finish in the oboe business
in Ogden
Stock and fixtures for sale
Youll know the place by the
yellow signs MJ the crowds
2343 Wash Ave j
jIr lF
322 CAFE 25th SL
Meals same price aa Broom Roa
taurant Special Dinner 25c
Lunch from 11 to 4 p m
Dinner from 4 to S p m
Jap a Human Nonconductor
Playing with death and laughing y
when It reached out to claim him for
Its own Hakkadoto a Jap employe at f
tho Hotel Caatlnedn was found at
eight oclook In the evening recently
holding a live electric wire In h13
hands and touching It to the rails of fi
the street cars just to see tbo sparks
fly The wire which was the street
car trolley carried 22000 volts of elec
When electricians came to repair
the break which had been caused by
the wire burning In two they would
not touch it until the power had been
shut down but the Jap stood there
with It in his hand gleefully thrusting
It out at them and laughing when they
sprang back
It was tho greatest woudcr In tho
I world he was not killed outright said
Ihe chief electrician Tho only way I
ran account for it Is that tie Jap IB a
human nonconductor or else that God
takes caro of CoolsLoo Vegas N
M Dispatch to Philadelphia Inquirer
Only Colony of Kind
The colony of Barbary apca on the
Rock of Gibraltar is the only OM of
its kind in existence and Is being pro
tected by tho British government
y t t i I
Private Wires to All Cali
feft forum Tracks

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