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He Is Shot Down in Palermo Italy Near His Hotel and Dastardly Crime
Is Attributed to the Black HandHe Went to Italy to Work on
Plan to Check Tide of Undesirables to This Country and
Gained the Enmity of Criminal Class
New York March 1LRoIOiitIesS
warfare will bo wager against the
blackhand societies by the police oi I
this and it Is hoped other cities as a j
result of tljc murder ol Lieutenant
Joseph Pctrosino the noted detective
in Palermo For years Petroslno had I
been active in his work to bring to
Justice members of his own race who I
carried on blackmailing operations in
this country through threats of murder
made in the name of the blackhand
It is believed that his murder was the
result of a plot thai had its conception
In the United States and the persons
indirectly responsible for his death
are still within the reach of the Amer I
ican police
Deputy Commissioner Woods upon
receipt of notice of Potroslnls death I
issued a statement in which he said
It would He hard to overestimate I
the value of Lieut Pctrosluls work
Besides being a skilful detective he
was an honest reliable man and had
the full respect of everyone Devotion
to duty and utter disregard ot per
sonal consequences have always been
characteristic of him
It is hoped that the assassination
of this faithful servant of New York
City may bring home to the pcopio
somn idea of the seriousness of tne
blackhand situation Although the
number of blackhand crimes have
boon decreased about 50 per cent in
the last few months it IB impossible
to make any radical move against the
outlaws until police departments can
have the use of the secret service fund
provided by the city and until con
gress will pass immigration laws
which will keep criminals out and
jnako ILpossiblOrtoput Dotany that
limy slip In
The Immigration laws today as
far as they effect that entry ol crim
inals to this country go such a short
way that they almost cntlrely fail in
accomplishing the object intended
If we are going to allow Into this
country men who by breeding and in
heiltance arc accustomed to take the
law into their own hands we must I
expect them to keep up their tactics
when they come here
New York March HA special ca
ble dispatch to the Herald from Paler
mo Sicily says
Lieut Joseph Petroslni of the Now
York police department was shot
don and killed early this evening I
near his hotel I
His assassins are unknown He had I
come here on an Important mission
which had for Its object the protection I
of peaceful Italians of America
Joseph Pctrosini was the black
baud expert of the New York police
department and a terror to Italian
criminals It is said that ho had more
convictions for murder to his credit
than and five policemen connected
with the detective bureau In his
work It is believed he incurred the
enmity of all Italian criminals and his
L death In Italy leads to the belief that
ho at last fell a victim to those whom
ii hq had so relentlessly prosecuted He
went to Italy more than a year ago
1 to work on a plan suggested by Police
Commissioner BIngham to check the
L tide of undesirable Italians and Sicil
ians to this country and particularly
to New York City A native of Italy
ir and a man of great experience on the
IL local force Petroslnl was the best all
around man to accomplish the mis
sion A priato subscription was
started and 30000 was raised With I
this to defray the expense of the un
l dertaking Pctroaini left for his na
I tive land to establish bureaus through
which It was hoped to keep such com
plete records that the news of the de
el parture from Italy or Sicily of any
crimmal could bo flashed to this coun
ri try almost Immediately no that the
sJi authoriUpB could be on the alert and
1M provenCjIlieir landing or place them
under arrest I
Pctrofllnl was so accustomed to re
ceiving threatening communication
and of hearing of threats against his
lICe that ho paid little attention to
them It is said that ho had been
warned against going to Palermo I
where hlls reported to have boon ae
BasfilnatOd but that he ignored tho
threat and scoffed at the Idea of bcing
Prominent Italians in the city arc
of the opinion that the detective met
I death among his countrymen as si di
rect temilt of his untiring effort to
suppress the Mafia tho Camorra and
the blackhand but they think his
sudden death will only servo to kin
dIe anew the feeling against these
f rlminalH which will bring about oven I
a moro drastic crusade against them
than has heretofore been conducted
When official news of the assassin I
ation In Palermo of Lieutenant Pot I
the bUckhand but they think his I
Chief of Detectives McCafferly he Im
mediately scnt tolegrams to the chlcts
of police in all the country B largo
cities asking them to round up every 1
CI blackhand huapect In their locality
not 1
Baltimore March 131ho lieuten I
antwas well known here He 13 said
S to ho the fifth man connected with
the Baltimore lackha11l1 cases that
culminated in the dynamiting of Jo
seph Dl Giorgloa residence In Wai
brook on December 10 1907 to meet
death at the hands of that organiza
tion Petroslnl assisted the Baltimore
detectives in running down the dyna
miters and while he was In Baltimore
last April threats were maae against
his life
Prominent Kansas Mer
chant Is Caught in Act
and Shot by Officers
Galena Kan March 13 Frederick
Davis aged 33 son of a prominent
local merchant was shot by police offi I
cers here early today while trying to
escape when caught In tho act ol
drilling intojhesafe or the Citizens J
bank He will recover
Davis was shot In the groin I
Davis has always enjoyed a good
reputation and the police today ex
pressed the belief that his mind had
become affected I
In a statement today Davis said his I
motive In attempting the robbery was
a desire to get money to branch out
in business I had a crazy notion I
he said that I coma easily get what
money there was in the bank and was
prompted In the attempt by a run of
hard luck 1
Hard circumstances forced me Into
the job and there Is no use crying I
because I was caught I will have to
take my medicine What I think more
of than anything else is my family
my five children I wish to God the
officers had shot me through the heart
instead of the groin II
Bridge Should Be Completed by First
Day of MayAir Hammers to
Aid in Riveting
Contractor Dundas and his force of
twontythrcc expert Iron workers are
pushing viaduct construction along rap
Idly and tonight tlio great steel struc
ture will reach the center freight liouno
tracks moro than half way across the
wldo Southern Pacific yards Engineer
Campbell under whoso mipcrvlalon the
work 11 progressing Is especially pleas
ed fit the rapid work being done and
replying to questions from a Standard
reporter said
Contractor Dunda and his men arc
doing splendid work and within two
weeks or by April 1st at most the steel
erection will havo been accomplished
The erection force Is at present ahead ot
tho riveting crown but another batch
of rlvolcrs will be put on with air rivet
ing hammers Monday and this will en
able them to keep up with the steel
Of course after erection Is complet
ed there Is a grca1 deal of work to do
In tho way of decking tho viaduct and
completing tho top of tho structure for
use by foot passengers and teams but
till will be pushed through as fast an a
good sized force can do the work and
under ordinary conditions tho big struc
ture should be ready for general USe
about tho first of May
Tho viaduct will be painted black
when completed and will bo a handsome
structure In UK entirety
4t want to say at this time that thero
ha not been a single error made so far
frpm the plans and specIllcatlonH drawn
and It has not been necessary to ream
o tor change a hole In any of the steel
structural work Everything hits nicely
and for that reason the erection of tho
structural Iron Is proceeding so rapidly
I 1You may add that tho now gallery In
ttfc south machine shop la also going
afong nicely and barring tho doplor
i able accident of Tuesday no one han
boon Injured In the erection of thy big
I < Vfoot gallery although the work has
progressed under some difficulty owing
r to tho congested condition of the shop
where a largo force of regular median
I Ics la kept at work unmindful of the
J gallery construction force
Foreman Marriott In charge of tho
airbrake department of tho shop plant
I Is now moving In the west end ot the
j now gallery and the tin shop small
machines and electrical workers will all
bo located In tto gallery next week
Tho police grind today was of brief
duration only a small number of potty
offenders gracing the docket and their
cases were disposed of In record time
S TV Smith was arraigned on the
charge of drunkenness lie admitted
that the charge was correct and smil
ingly accepted a hue of Jo or five days
for hla celebration
Robert Anderson pleaded guilty to a
charge of vagrancy and was given tho
customary sentence of 10 days on tho
rock pile
Mike Furwlch Mike Mcllwlch and Sam
Savage charged with the larceny of
Clothing from a room in tho Eureka
rooming house were presented for trial
but as the otllccns had been unable an
yet to secure an interpreter who could
speak the Austrian language the case
was again continued
John Doe Montgomery charged with
disturbing the peace and quiet of the
municipality by the uso of threatening
loud and tumultuous language forfeit
ed ball to the amount of 55 by not ap
pearing In court In answer to the charge
Settling Grazing PermitsDistrict
Forester Clyde Loavitt and Assistant
I Chief of Silvorculturc Owen Butler
returned today from Salt Lake where
they attended a conference of the
I state land board relative to determin
ing on a plan of cooperation between
the state officials and the Forest Ser
rice in the administration of the state
land located within the boundaries of
national forests There is a consider
able quantity of state land thus locat
ed 211067 acresupon which graz
ing permits are Issued In conjunction
with the allotments made by the For
est Service Last year the state real
o ized 83020 not profit in fees from
stockmen who grazed their stock upon
the state land
Wm Allisons New Position Wil
liam Allison returned this morning
t from a business trip through Idaho
and a portion of Montana In the Inter
ests of the Wyoiulng Coal company
and the Union Fuel company with
which he is now connected in the ca
pacity of general sales manager Mr
Allison will have charge of the salea
department it IB understood and will
practically direct the disposition ot
the output of the Wyoming mines
Saloon at Devils Slide Elaborate
arguments wore heard In district court
I this morning In the case of Denny
Smyth against the commissioners or
Morgan county wherein mandamus
proceedings have boon Instituted to
compel the commissioners to Issue a
license to Mr Smyth to conduct a
saloon business at Devils Slide A
decision will be rendered Monday af
ternoon at 1 oclock
Irrigation Suit Continued The civil
action of the Hooper Irrigation com
pany against Melvin Atwood ot al has
been continued until Tuesday morning
I Charles R Duer of the Great North
ern passenger department was among
thoso who registered at railroad head
quarters this morning
Youngsters Are LecturedA round
dozen of youthful violators of city
ordinances were arraigned before Ju
venile Judge Gunnell this afternoon
and were given a good moral lecture
and a parole until next Saturday after
A Barometric Fellow Supprinteud
ent Whitney and Private Secretary
Carpenter will return this evening
from a trip of inspection over the Utah
division of tho Union Pacific Mr
Carpenter is something of a baro
meter and If ho can stand climatic
I conditions existing In Wyoming Su
perintendent Whitney will order arc I
sumptionbf track Improvements to be
I gin at once
Depositions Filed Voluminous de
positions wore tiled this morning in
the civil action ot the Hamilton Fire
Insurance company against EH H
I Chief Clerk Gcntsch IIIClllef Clerk
I Fred W Gentsch of the harriman din I
I ing car and hotel system IB seriously
ill at his residence and attending
I physicians have not permitted him to
i leave his rooms for several cjays > Mr
Gentschs friends are anxiously await
ing his Improvement
Church of the Good Shepherd north
oaxt corner 2Uh and Grant avenue Wm
W Fleetwopd rector 8orvlco for thn
Third Sunday In14cnt March Hih Jloly
I communion 7Oa tn Sunday school
I U 5 n m mornlng prayor Tltany and
I sermon 1100 a m Evening prayer and
sermon 730 p m All are cordially In
vited to attend thCeservIces Special
Lonten services every afternoon except
Monday and Wednesday 415 p m
Wednesday at S p in
Chicago March iSOne of the hot
I test fights of the winter against or
V fending automobllists on Michigan
t avenue has resulted in tho arrest ol
thirteen chauffeurs one of them be
ing David Wheeler driver for Mrs
Marshall Field
William Taylor who is staled to
have boon spying on the police ana
warning chauffeurs of their presence
was also taken into custody
According to tho police some chauf I
feurs have become so reckless In driv
ing In Michigan avenue that the lives
of pedestrians crossing the street are
constantly endangered
Young Parisian Host
Shoots Himself as
Climax to Festivities
Paris March 13 Fernaud Havener
wealthy young Parisian committed
suicide at Monte Carlo last night un
der sensational circumstances The
young man gave a supper to a numbor
of his friends at which the pleasure t
was fast and furious Several times
during the evening Ravenez cried
This is nothing a nig surprise is
awaiting you at the end
At dawn when the party were sep
arating llavenez shouted
Now for the great surprise
At the same time he arose abruptly
and walked toward the Gypsy orches
tra which was playing Hungarian
rhapsody His friends expecting a
practical joke watched him expectant
ly They were stuplfied to see him
suddenly place a pistol at his temple
and fire He fell dead
The only reason for this act is de
scribed as sheer boredom
Grade on Part of the Double Road Is
Now Ready More Trackage
West of Green River
Replying to Inquiries from a Stand
ard reporter regarding new work on
the Utah division of the Union Pacific
Resident Engineer Maitland said
There Is a good deal of new work
contemplated between Ogden and
Rawllns this year and a great deal of
work that now awaits completIon
With the advent of better and warmer
weather the latter work wll be taken
up and pushed through as fast as pos
sible and within a few days several
hundred men will be put on laying a
second or double track between Raw
lins and Wainsuttor This work will
be shoved right along and as the
grade is now ready the steel and ties
on the ground the additional track
should be ready for use in a compara
tivcly short time
Other large forces of men also will
be put to work on a double track propo
sition west of Granger and the pur
pose of thc Union Pacific management
is to close up the second track gaps
without more delay than is necessary
State Auditor Jewkes Swears to Docu
ment Which Brings the Fprmer I
State Treasurer to Account i
A formal complaint was filed today
against Former State Treasurer James
Christiansen charging him with the
embezzlement of 57062894 statd
funds The complaint was sworn to
by State Auditor Jewkes
As soon is ball IH fixed this ufterr
noon It Is expected by friends of Chris
tiansen to furnish a hond and secure
his release from custody
His formal arraignment will nrob
I ably be had Monday
Attorney Gen M Carn I
Begins His Final 1
Nashville March 13Judro Hart
announced to the attorneys today that
ho could not complete his charge m
tho CopperSharpe trial before Mon
day afternoon This delay is due to
the failure of the attorneys on both
sides to submit Instructions There
will be consequently no verdict before
Monday night or Tuesday
Judge Anderson resumed his argu
ment with a promise not to weary tno
jury long
Judge Anderson rapidly sketched
out the main points m the evidence
explained that the state wanted some
of them wiped out uut declared he
wanted them worked out
But there Is one fact in this case
which cannot be controverted ho
said In conclusion And Hiatus that
Senator Carmack drew a revolver first
and fired first It cannot be disputed
that Robin fired only when ho had to I
I feel safe In the result gentlemen
and I leave It to you I
Attorney General McCarn began his
argument at once
I have been assailed and de
nounced said tho speaker but thank
God the sarno tongue which wagged
against mo also assailed Mrs hast
man and I am proud that Washington
assailed me too I havent any time
to shoot at sparrows
They accuse mo of abusing the de
fendants or unjustly prosecuting them
I am responsible for tile conduct of
this office and all the devils In hell
cannot doter me from my duty and
they say the state has no theory WOII
what of It When your old dad took
you out to lick you did you ever
know what his theory was And did
he ask for yours No He just de
cided from tho proof that you were
guilty and lit into you Thats what
we are doing Wo have no theory I
gentlemen we just have the proof
General McCarn continued
They prate of the blue blood and
ancestry of these defendants It al
ways amuses me tho way these tel
lows with blue blood and aneostors
always think of those ancestors when
they are brought face to face with the
law Now a man with blue blood and
ancestors owes something to this blue
blood and those ancestors and no
should think of it before he goes out
to slay r
General McCarn assailed the de
fense for trying to make the case a
1olltical issue and declared that Wasn
Instons entire argument was a poli
tical speech He denounced Washing
ton for assailing Carmacks name ana
declared it must have taken a big foe
to taUt about a dead man that way
There Is Little Danger She Avers If
Ordinary Precautions Are Taken
by the Traveler
New York March Contrary to
the views of one or two eminent Am
erican professors Mrs Frederick
Hellman the wife of a mining engi
neer and tho only American woman
who has takun the trip across Africa
along the route which will be follow
ed by Mr Roosevelt does not think
that the former president runs any
particular risk ot perishing either by
wild animals insects or pestilence
Mr Roosevelt will DC quite sale
in Africa says she Really there is
very little danger she continued 1C
ordinary precautions are taken by the
traveler Wild animals will keep out
of the way x > f hunters as a rule un
less they are Interfered with In their
pursuit of game but if wounded they I
will attack a man
The moat deadly disease in East I
Africa was the sleeping sickness
which carried oft 200000 natives Mrs
Hellman said from the shores of Lake
Mrs Ilellman is the first American
woman to make tho African trip Sho
is not the first white woman to claim
tho honor Mrs Mario Hall an Eng
lish woman having successfully made
the journey boforo MrS Hellman
accompanied her husband from Mom
basa across the East African protec
torate and Uganda to Gondohoro In
1907OS With the exception of one
case when eho was pursued by a
herd of wild elephants tho party met
with no exciting or especially dan
gerous raieBhaps although Mrs hell
man suffered slightly from tropical
Sugar and Coffee
New Yorjt March l3Sugar raw
firm fair refining 335 centrifugal
OGc test 383 molasses sugar UUJ5
Refined steady crushed G15 pow
dered 485 granulated 475
New York March 13rho languid
interest in opening stock market today
resulted in only trivial price changes
from last night The ticker came to a
stop within a fow minutes alter tho
opening Although thoro was no
great amount of stocks offered for
sale prices receded most of the rep
resentative stocks scoring losses ot
half a point or more Krloyloldcd Ic
International Paper pfd Jl4c Min
neapolis and Sault Sic Marie 1 sc
and Wabash pfd 1 Hc
The market closed irregular and
very dull Wabash preferred ran oil
212 points but whdn It rallied 134
the general market steadied Louisville
Nashville Wabash Wisconsin Cen
tral and International Harvester fell 1
point Missouri Pacific rose 111 and
Minneapolis SU Louis preferred 1
New York March J3It G Dun As
Company Weekly Review of Trade
saysMilder weather will stimulate trade
but foreign tradeis quiet Conditions
are better in the west but everywhere
lacks the desired animation Some
progress toward more settled condi
tion is noted in iron and steel In
wire products orders are somewhat I
Western distributors of dry goods
report a satisfactory business but I
conditions are less satisfactory in tho
coal and iron sections of the middle I
west and among local jobbers
In tho woolen division there Is a dis
position on the part of clothiers to
send salesmen on the road unusually
Extreme dullness prevails In the
hide and leather markets uncertainty
regarding the tariff legislation is af
fecting hides having a deterrent ef
fect on business Few sales of any
variety of leather are being made and
these arc only for small quantities to
supply immediate wants of buyers
Amalgamated copper OS
American Car Foundry IS 14
American Locomotive 50 34
American Smelting Rclng S2 34
Amer S Refng pfd 10134
American Sugar Refining 131 I
Anaconda IMning Co 10 31
Atchison 103 31
Atchison pfd 103
Baltimore cc Ohio 1071S
Brooklyn Rapid Transit 70 5S
Canadian Pacific 166
Chesapeake Ohio 6614
Chicago Northwestern 17712
Chicago Mil St Paul 142
Coolrado Fuel Iron 32
Colorado Southern 63
Delaware Hudson 174 14
Denver Ro Grande pfd 84 34
Erie 23 34 T
Great Northern pfd 140
Great Northern Ore CUe 66 34
Illinois Central 1010 34
Reading 121 12 I
Rock Island Co 22 14
Rock Island Co pfd 61 58
Southern Pacific 117 11
Southern Railway 23 7S
Union Pacific 175
United States Steel 41 38
United States pfd 110 3i
Wabash 17
Western Union 65 34
Standard OU6G1
Chicago Close
Chicago March 13Close
Wheat May117 18 July 105 18
nl2 September 98 7Sc December
90 58c
Corn March 65 7Scf May 6S 3Sc
July 6734c Septembor G7 C8a34c
December 59 3Sc
Oats May 553S July COo Sep
tember 411Sc
Pork May 1785 July 1785 Sep
tember 1790
Lard May 102712 July 1040
September 1052 12
Ribs May 942 12 July 955 Sep
tember 97212
Rye cash SOaSlc S
Barley cash 65a69c r
Timothy March 385
Clover March 860 t
Chicago Cattle
Cattle Receipts estimated at 400
market steady beeves l00a730
Texas steers 435a540 western
steers 410a560 stockers and fend
ers 350a550 cows and heifers 190
a575 calves 600aSPO
j logs Receipts estimated at 2200
I 630a670
market oc lower light
mixed G40a6S5 heavy 660a600
rough 650a660 good to choice
heavy G60a690 pigs 525aU10
bulk of sales GGOaG75
SheepReceIpts estimated at 3000
market weak native 325a575 west
ern 340a575 yearling 590a715
lambs native 5V5a770 western
Kansas City Livestock
Kansas City March 13 Cattle Re
cciptn 300 market steady native
steers 525aG90 native cows and
heifers 275a625 Stockers and feed
ers 375a57ti bulls 325a500
calves 400a750 western steers
4SOo650 western cows 300a5 50
Hogs Receipts 5000 market
steady to 5 cents Jowor Bulk or
salon 650a670 heavy R70aU7r
packers and butchers 6GOa670 light
630a6G5 pigs 376a57G I
No sheop
Metal Markot
New York March 13Lend quiet at
395a400 copper dull 13 Hc at7Sc
silver 5034c I
St Louis March lorWool un
changed territory and western me
diums lSa2Hc fine mediums 17a20c
fiuC iluITc M i
President Taft Will Send
Advisers on Tours
of Inspection
Washington March 131C Presi
dent Tafts present desires are car
ried out his advisers soon will be
come known as tho traveling cab
inet Experience has taught the
now chief executive that first hand In
formation is the best and he will
have each of the heals of the various
departments of the government make
frequent tours of inspection
Secretary of War Dickinson will
make an early visit to the Isthmus ot
Panama to inspect the canal
Secretary of tho Interior Ballinger
will go to Alaska to Investigate con
ditions in that territory particularly
in regard to public lands
Secretary of tho Navy Meyer prob
ably will visit tho various navy yards
of the country to acquaint himself
with existing local conditions Secre
tary of Agriculture Wilson expects to
visit tho various slate experiment
stations this summer also inspecting
tho packing houses in the West
Just what program Sir Taft has out
lined for Postmaster General Hitch
cock Secretary of tho Treasury Mac
Vcugh Attorney General Wicker
sham Secretary of State Knox and
Secretary of Commerce and Labor Na
gel is not now known but tho na
tions energetic traveling man presi
dent as he has been called doubt
lcsswlll find some way to keep all
of them moving
He Says He Has Survived Four Year
of Prosecution and Has Met With
Nothing to His Discredit I
New York March 13B H Harri
man is stronger than ever according
to George J Gould in an interview
published here today I admire Mr
Harriman declared tho head of the
Missouri Pacific and I admire his
For four years he continued the
government devoted all its energies
to attack him and he stood his ground
practically alone Every arm of the
federal law was brought to bear
against him All tho machinery as
set in motion Everything was thrown
into upheaval the entire country was
plunged into the throes of disturbance
even a panic was brought on to
crush him Great fortunes wore lost
and men ruined
Ahdllr Harriman survived
through it all untouched and today
he Is stronger than over 1C ho had
evex done anything wrong he would
svfroly have been made to suffer for
it in tho circumstances But I dont
believe he did anything Willingly un
His spirit and cpurage aro extra
ordinary Ho has come out ol that
four years of attack and prosecution
victorious without a single thing to
his discredit He has shown the most
wonderful spirit of any man I have
over met Not physically strong he
has an indomitable will and IH afraid
of nothing Ho has unusual capahll
Hies He fought back and won his
battle alone in tho face of misrepre
sentation and the most bitter attacks
When asked If Mr Harriman would
ally himself with any of the Gould
propertIes particularly tho Wabash
system Mr Gould said
No I dont believe he will bO a
director of the Wabash But I know
one man who would welcome him on
the board and that Is myself I now
Mr Harriman very well Ho and 1 are
very good friends Wo ofton meet
and are on tho host of terms
In some quarters Mr Goulds dec
laration of friendship for Mr Harri
man is taken as an indication that
thoro Is no latent feeling of rivalry
or even hostility between tho two
railroad presidents owing to tho fact
tho West
that one of them IB building
ern Pacific to San Francisco
Tho bereavement which recently
came to our home in tho demise of our
daughter Margaret was made tho
lighter by tho numerous kindnesses cx
tended by relatives and frIends Wo
greatly appreciate tho same and do
sire hereby to thank all especially
the First Ward bishopric those who
rendered tho sweet music aud spoke
words of comfort at tho funeral nor
vied the young lady pallbearers our
neighbors and thoso who placed tho
beautiful floral tribute on the bier
May lie who forblc8sctj all good deeds
over rome nbcr I yo Sincerely

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