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Good Whiskey Stimulates
1 the circulation of the blood makes the lliycr active and the
bowels regular For most headaches and simple complaints it I
is better than any drugs or medicines Next time you feel
IIn10 down or in try
r Sunny Brook
w rt
It is bottled In bond therefore absolutely pure natural straight
whiskey mellowed by age only and with a delicious flavor Used
judiciously its effect is both Invigorating and exhilarating The
Green Government Stamp on each bottle is the official proof
that it Las been distilled aged and bottled under the super
vision of U S Government Inspectors If your dealer doesnt
carry SUNNY BROOK write us and we will be glad to tell you
where to get it
Head of Union Pacific System Who Is Here to Look Over His Road
Is One of the Great Men of the Railroad WorldHe Has
t Unlimited Capacity for Work and Is Equipped
With a Strong Brain
Superintendent W A Whitney re
turned yesterday morning from a trip t
of Inspection over the Utah division I
of tho Union Pacific and In conversation
tlon with a Standard reporter
Everything loolcs good between Og
den and Hawllus and track conditions
are In excellent shapo for handling
all kinds of trn tile thin year Double
track work is progressing nicely and
other Improvements are going along
p satisfactorily over the entire division
I met General Manager Mohler at
Rawlins ami he was pleased at what
he found all along the road west from
Omaha Ho is spending a day or two
at Battle Mountain Nevada looking
I after matters of a personal nature
j and will spend a day or two at Ogden
on his return from the west i
l In railroad circles Mr Mohler Is
1 called a human dynamo and has the
reputation of resting just about as
hard us he worksand thats going
some Describing the general mana
ger of the Union Pacific system a few
days ago a Chicago newspaper says
Whos that big man slashing along
over there asks ono man of another
i frequently on tho streets of Omaha
j Why thats Mohler the boss Of the
Union Pacific
Boss is not tho word that Mr Moh
ler or his Intimates would UBO but In
the west the strong word is the readi
est when folks desire to hit the bulls
eye And slashing along fits the
case exactly when you want to describe
cribe this human dynamo
Giant Nimrotl I
VicePresident Mohler has few or
no fads but he does know when and
where to draw tho line between the
wearing grind of strenuous duty and
tho recuperating hour that In good
because It Ignores routine Mohler
Is a giant hunter being a very largo
man He is not a giant killer or a
wanton killer howovor but unless
his hunting camponlonR be well I
trained physically ho comen mighty
near to being a mankiller In the Hold
As Assistant Station Agent
Thinking big all his life from the
Christmas day when he began railroad
life as assistant to the station agent
at Gait 111 a fair span of years back I
thlsman does everything from a large
point of tow When lie goes hunting
II thr foreand hunting is about his
only real relaxationhe tackles the
job with the idea that healthy physical
fatigue IF the very best antidote foi
mental fatigue that outdoor freshness
carries away the staleness that settles
on one who Is compelled to be indoors
a great deal and always working un
der a full head of steam
Hunts With Vim
Hunting Is a serious business with
this athlete from Natures own mold
He wants results and he knows that
to bet results the one desideratum is
to push ahead So Mohlor hunts with
I vim when out after game and the
man who sticks with him during a day
When the blood becomes infected with the virus of Oontagious Blood
Poison the symptoms are soon manifested The mouth and throat ulcerate
coppercolored spots appear a rod rash breaks out the hair begins to como
out and usually sores and ulcers show themselves on different parts of the
body At the first sign of the disease 8 S S should bo taken for the
trouble is too powerful and dangerous to trifle with If allowed to run on
the tendency is to work down and attack the bones and nerves and some
times it makes complete physical wreck of the sufferer The disease can
make no such headway if S S S is commenced and used according to direc
tions its progress can bo stopped the poison removed and health
preserved S S S goes into the blood and removes the insidious virus
cleanses the circulation and makes a complete and permanont cure by
driving out the cause S S S quickly takes effect on tho blood and grad
ually the symptoms disappear the health is improved the skin cleared of
all spots sores and blemishes and when S S S has thoroughly purified the
circulation no trace of the disease is left S S S a purely vegetable remedy
cures Contagious Blood Poison because it is tho greatest of all blood puri
fiersc tested and proven for more than forty years Home treatment
book and any medical advice free to all who write
u = = Lgwaa jig The on Stove 1lPJiih
r < ztv a CABBI r T TOP
I The New Perfection Wick Blue
yf Flame Oil CookStove differs
from all other oil stovesIt has
oo I ao means you can keep dishes and
s utensils within easy reach while
cooking and can keep food hot
afterremavrngit from the blaze
From its wonderful burners to
its racks for holding towels the
Wick Blue Flame Oil Cook uS ove
is without equal Its principle of concentrated heat
can be done quickly and without the kitchen being heated means that the work
de to an unbearable
reeCln be lighted
u instantly and turned high Jt low
medium at will Three sizes With b 01 Of
Top At d Of without Cabin
your dealers or write our
nearest agency
Thel O Lamp comas as near
lamp pcrfcc
i tlon as its pos
bri ht that to gel GiveJ clear
ht1iRht reach the farthest
corner of a goodouad
hvtng room Well made thmu oodrass
throughout of
perfectly safe and f nickeled brass
drerflectly err ornamental If
not with
dealer write our nearest YOU
r in the field has consciousness at
nightfall that ho was a blessed man
indeed who invented sleep Perhaps
It IB because he also cherishes a simi
lar belief that the Union Pacific lead
er travols along through mud and
brush with an abandon apparently cal
culated to test to their full oven his
strong thows
Forced Repression
For a mammoth physical frame such
as Mohler boasts a sound nights sleep
after a long day of working and pleas
ure thats the genesis of heal hunt
Ingmust be something to be moat
highly prized because his thinking
machinery must necessarily be pumped
almost to a frazzle sometimes Think
of tho repression a man in his posi
tion must practice for instance and
then of tho many things that shoot to
him as a mark daily and hourly more
or less calculated to create annoyance
if not anger What a man spits out
Is not always the relieving thing what
ho would like to utter but must not
when holding such a position often
times would be the real relief
Made for Warrior
So out on tbo street moving along
strongly and with sure tread or out
in the hunting field inthe broad free
vistas ho Is the real man God what a
warrior he would have made in the
bravo days of oldThat he has had the
mettle for the splendid game of tho
heroic days has been proved by every
proposition this fanner boy railroad
director has been up against His
great physical strength and line cast
of temper arc not greater than his
powerful tempered mentality
Born Right Lived Right I
Born right Albert L Mohler has
lived right Ho Is ono of the few great
men of his day who in youth picked
with precise choice the lifework he
wanted to do and then stuck In an
other line ho probably would have
achieved leadership too but in his
own selected line he has been a master
spirit from every angle I
Believes in Men
Such a tralnlng this man has had I
could not fail to make him as ho is
today in tho prime of life a veritable I
part of the whole railroad life of his I
immense system From section hand
business to official generalship and all I
grades in between Mohlor is posted
and quite letter perfect Then too
ho believes 0 in men that after all
the human equation Is tho groat thing
In any task no matter how seemingly
small The Union Pacific road and
that comprehends even human unit
on Its rollsIs understood by him
from every standpoint So when he
tlkH to any part of that road through
men or orders he talks with precise
knowledge and the winning sustain
ing note of Intelligent nympathy
stakes the loyal responsive chord
without whose thrill Mohler and his
pyKtpmwould be much loss than they
Large of Vision
Here is a man in power Invested
yvlth really autocratic attributes who
yovorna und wins because ho has
sencotl what the eternal verities are
Kin mind hit aplritual outlook Is
largo in vision and grasps high possi
bilities most naturally yet he never
letn his feet get oft the earth but can
range the higher altitudes JURJ as
fearlessly and as fairly as ho deals
I with tho simplest problom just as
sanely and circumspectly as ho dis
cusses small practical details with
humble assistants Men like Vice
President Mohlor aro undoubtedly
blessed and most fortunate In their
parentage away back and Immediate
Also the world is lucky to have them
as an asset They count big and arc
worthy the tribute and the fortune
they win by meritand work
List of letters remaining in the post
office at Ogden Utah April 13 which
If not called for In two weeks will be
ent to the Dead Letter Office
Gentlemens List
Bourko John May B E
due 2c Mladur Todor
Barch Fred Murray F A
Dales George Naslilzuki J
BrezIna J McFall John
Baxter Jno MacLennan J
BournoU T II Mackrln John
Berry Win Moore John
Cutlip Henson Mauror Mlllard
Carve Heber Marstollar Dr
Corn S B W E
Dugansljos Wele Newboldt C J
mir Owens L D
Erickson G Olson L E
Ford Carl Porter Thos R
Griffit JL Roberts D
Garalek M Rldgway W F
due 10c Smernlotis Bill
Gibson J M Sherwood Elmer
Genl Freight Agt Simpson Harry
Colo Midland Stewart W S
Hope A Talhort Homer J
Harrington Geo Trureta Julian
Higloy Frank Ueda T
Howard Robert Wilson Geo
Hope W Woad ring J E
InakaitI C Watts James
Jones R M Watres R
Kinnamon E W
Whukp w
Koch Geo
Leaton Ed Wilson W S
Larose Alex Western Pac Ry
Ladies List
Andreson Miss Helen
M A Kaldcs Marlado
Allen Mrs A M Linsey Mrs M
Armstrong Miss Mulvauej Julia
Louie McKulght Mrs
Bullock Miss Vilato
Daisy Richardson Mrs
Baker Miss Carrie
Gladys Richards Miss
Cowan Miss Crys Edna
tal Rose Mrs C W
Collins Miss SmithMIss Cor
Dorothy della
Frisbee Mrs J M Stone Mrs 0 E
Garramonie Mrs Sherman Mrs
John H W
Gardiner Mary A Worn Miss Mary
Hunter Miss Vortson Mrs Alice
Alctha Webb Mrs Les
o Harris Ethel lie P
Hickey Mrs Gee Vcneua L
Kliphouse Miss paper
Notice is hereby given that a meet
ing of the stockholders of the Ogden
Packing C Provision company will be
held at the office of said company in
Ogden City Utah on the 14th day of
May 1909 at the hour of 10 oclock
a m for the purpose of amending the
articles of incorporation of said com
pany by striking out the paragraph of
section eight of said articles relating
to tho employment of Mr F E
Schlageter as general manager of the
corporation and adopting In lieu
thereof a paragraph providing for the
employment ot a general manager of
said company
Dated at Ogden Utah April 13th
Trainmen Were on the Alert and
Board Exonerates Them
From Blame
The finding of the board of Inquiry
appointed to investigate the derailment
of a train at Rod Desert Wag received
by Superintendent W A Whitney last
evening The board consisted of W
W Daly a stockman and secretary of
the Carbon County Woolgrowers as
sociation W M Jeffors assistant su
perintendent acting In the absence of
the superintendent D E Sullivan di
vision master mechanic and G F
Maitland division engineer of the
Union Pacific The report is as fol
In the matter of the derailment of
train 2nd 52 Conductor Win Hurley
engine 298 Engineer W Mathesln at
the west switch at Rod Desert Wyo
225 a m April G 1909
We the undersigned board of in
quiry find that derailment was due
to wheel breaking right side forward
pair wheels front truck under L W
33779 derailing this car together with
13 O 138984 M O 1492G and
U P 61045 Broken wheel Is of the
Griffin Wheel company mako cast date
December 1 1908 number X817430
We further find that this train did
not exceed a speed of ton to fifteen
miles an hour Tlpton to point of de
railment slow speed occasioned by
speed limit of ton mios per hour be
tween points mentioned Also that
there was more or lees fire anil sparks
flying from wheels due to the action
of the brakes in holding train down
to thIs speed on an eighttenths per
cent grade
All evidence goes to show that train
and enginemcn were on the alert and
that as soon as trainmen on roar end
discovered an excessive amount of
sparks and lire flying air brakes were
sot by conductor from caboose
It is our opinion that the cause of
wheel breaking wan duo to wheel heat
ing together with poor wheel material
Wheel metal is very porous of poor
material and defective casting It Is
also our opinion that cause of wheel
heating was duo to either the safety
hanger on brako beam breaking and J
dropping down between brako beam
and channel iron of truck or the brako I
shoe breaking and wedging between I
brakehead and tread whool This I
would not allow brako to release on I
this wheel Tho mate wheel on tho J
same axle aa well as rear pair wheels
samo truck show no signs whatever
of heating demonstrating conclusively
that some foreign object held the
I brake shoo np against tho thread of
Ogden Utah March 30 190D
Sealed proposals for building a dis
tributing reservoir for the Watej
I Works Department undor plans and
specifications prepared by tho City
Engineer and approved by the Special
Water Committee will be received at
the office of the City Engineer In tho I
City Hall at Ogden City aforesaid un
til 2 oclock p m on Monday tho
19th day of April 1909 at which time
all bids received will be publicly open
ed and read aloud
Plans and speclllcatlons can bo had
J upon application to the City Engi
The right is reserved to reject any
or all bids and to waive any defects
By order of the City Council
A F PAUKEH City Engineer
Notice Is hereby given by the City
Council of Ogden City Utah of the
Intention of such council to make tho
following improvements towit
To create all of 24th Street from
Grant Avenue to Wall Avenue all ot
Wall Avenue from 23rd to 24th Streets
and all of Lincoln Avenue from 24th I
to 25th Streets as a paving district
and to grade pave and curb and gut
ter therein in tho manner following
On 24th Street from Grant Avo to
Wall Avenue and on Lincoln Avenue
from 24th Street to 25th Street pave
with 2 12 IncnoB of asphaltum on a 6
Inch concrete base and on Wall Avenue
sue from 23rd to 24th Streets build
a concrete curb and gutter with curb
G Inches thick and fifteen Inches deep I
and gutter G Inches thick and 18
Inches wldeand pave with 2 12 Inches
of asphaltum on a U inch concrete
base and to defray tho coats and ex
penses of the same estimated nt
FortyTwo Thousand 4200000 Dol
lars by a local assessment for a
depth of 50 feet upon the lots blocks J
parts of lots and blocks land and real
estate within said district abutting
and bounding upon the outer boundary
lines of said streets
Tho boundaries of tho district to be
benefited or affected are lines drawn
Rosy Cheeks or Pale Ones t i
A moments reflection with your mirror will give the hint as to the condition
of your system Pale checks muddy complexion dull eyes how a poverty
of blood You require something to make plentiful supply of rich red blood
course through your veins To ensure this tako I >
the wonderful ttle bloodmakers Whatever your blood maynecd the stomach
will supply from the daily food when it is In good working order Bccchama
Pills aid the stomach to digest its food and to assimilate the blood elements
They increase the supply and improve the quality of the blood If you are
pale weak languid or anaemic a few doses of Bccchams Pills will t
Make all the Difference
In boxes with full direction lOc and 25c
50 foct outward from and parallel to
the outer boundary lines of said
streets for the whole length thereat
from Grant to Wall Avenues on 4tn
Street and 2lth to 25th Streets on
Lincoln Avenue and from 23rd to IMlh
Streets on Wall Avenue
For the payment or the costs and
expenses of making said Improve
ments the City Council Intends to
levy special and local taxes upon the
lots blocks parts of lots and blocks
lands and real estate lying and being
within the boundaries of said district
to the extent of the bcuelitu to said
properly by reason of said Improve
The City Council will on Monday
the 2Gth day of April 1907 at S o
clock p m in the City Council Cham
ber City Hall Ogden Utah hear ob
Jectlons In writing from any and all
porsons interested in said local and
special assessment
Ordered by the City Council March
20 1009 E P BROWN
City Recorder
By TUlle Hancock Deputy
First publication April a 1JOD
Last publication April 24 1JUU
Galona Kos April 13 Because Ace
Raines IS years old son of the post
master smoked a pipe today ho was
taken to Jail Ho will face trial
Thursday on the charge of violating
the newlyenacted law prohibiting
minors from smoking
He says his parents gavo him per
mission to smoke all ho wanted to
He made tho mistake of not hiding be
hind the woodshed however during
his smoking Ho walked along the
main street of the town puffing away
and was taken in charge by the police
The Galena authorities say the law
which forbids selling of tobacco to
minors will bo enforced strictly
San Francisco April 13For the
second time In less than a month Ku
gene Gardiner a Kentucky youth
among whose relatives are numbered
several prominent lawyers of his na
tive state Including the chief justice
of the appellate court awaits the ver
dict of tho jury which has heard evi
dence apalnnWiim on n murder charge
Tho first trial which ended about two
weeks ago terminated In a disagree
ment and tho second case was ub
mlttod to a jury In the United S yes
district court today
Gardiner is charged with the mur
der of Joseph Cordoza a colored boat
Htcorer on the whaler Bowhead on
which the Kentuckian shipped last
year before the mast The fight In
which Cordoza received the injuries
alleged to have caused his death oc
curred while tho vessel was In north
ern waters
Chlllcothe Mo April 13A heavy
snowfall In this part of Missouri yes
terday The temperature dropped to
below tho freezing point Fears are
entertained that the largo apple and
peach orchards In this section will bo
Medicines like those of Dr R V Pierce of Buffalo warrant their makers in printing their every ingre
clIent which they do upon their outside wrappers verifying the correctness of the same under oath
This open publicity places these medicines in a class all by themselves Furthermore it warrants physicians
in prescribing them largely as they do in their worst cases
Dr Pierces Golden Medical Discovery f J
< Is a most potent alterative or blood purlller and tonic or invigorator and acts especially favorably
in a curative way upon all the mucous lining surfaces as of the nasal passages throat bronch
ial tubes stomach and bowels curing a large per cent of catarrhal cases whether the disease af
fects the nasal passages the thrvt larynx bronchia stomach as catarrhal dyspepsia liver r
i towels as mucous diarrhea or other organs
Dr Pierces Favorite Prescription
Is advised for the cure of one class of diseases onlythose peculiar weaknesses derangements and irregularities pecul
iar to women It is apowerful yet gently acting invigorating tonic and nervine
For weak wornout overworked womenno matter what has caused the breakdown Favorite Prescription
will be found most effective in building up the strength regulating the womanly functions subduing pain and
bringing about a healthy vigorous condition of the whole system
A book of particulars wraps each bottle giving the formula of both medicines and quoting what scores of eminent med
ical authors whose works are consulted by physicians of all the schools of practice as guides in prescribing say of each r
ingredient entering into these medicines
Both medicines are nonalcoholic nonsecret and contain no harmful habitfQrming drugs being composed of glyceric
extracts of the roots of native American medicinal forest plants They are both sold by dealers in medicine You
cant afford to accept as a substitute for nnt nth medicines of fiRs l 1n1Mr ° tlrtf Horum Dnnt rln
A Delicious Nourishing ff
= rr < ni 1 l Meal for 5 Cents
you dont believe it
> do you Here it is
o 4 Take two SHRED
= 1 H c
1 1 V CUlTS heat them in
lia1 lt ifiJJj Ij ° the oven to restore
S crispness pour hot I
milk over them add a little cream and salt to suit the taste t
Or if you dont like milk try it this way Heat two Biscuits
in oven to restore crispness then dip them quickly in salt I
water place a piece of butter on the Biscuit allowing it to I
melt into the shreds
Or heat the Biscuits in oven dip them in milk drain
and fry in butter after which they may be served with a
little cream if desired
A little fruit makes the meal even more wholesome and adds
little to the cost Try one of these tomorrow
Shredded Wheat is made of the choicest selected white I
> wheat cleaned steamcooked and baked Try it for breakfast 1
< tomorrow with milk or cream The Biscuit is also delicious
for any meal in combination with fresh or preserved fruits

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