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h SCHOOL SFIOES without s nns think of
1eC a seamless school sltnas Thoy arc
4 stronc nnd sturdy have scmnlcs uppers touch
l1lctri nolcs and doublo leather toe By far thc most
x I durable nnd lasting shoes obuiniiblo
I Special Me > rltScflmI < r sSchoolShocsH
r like Iron They wear Just twice os long 09
ordinary sbOC5 v < Its beams
I Made in all stylca and sires for every Jay and
Sunday wear for boys and girls
SCIIOOL Your dealer will supply you H not
write to us LOOK for tho Mayer 7
Trade Mark on tho solo
s H 0 ES IEIPf
mUG lt you will Mod aM nic of
d < JIrr who doc i not handle Spcdil Mrit IJIM
I I School Shoes wrwlll cnd you frce pow trJJfl
I pjlJ IxjiiUlulpicture of C ofye orifinli
W hlnrionUz I3iM Sill which Hciur
OOQflt J
st l j m < k LcsJInc Ltdy ShcMf
Hoooiblli Shoes Mtnba Wohlogioi
Comfort Stioo nd Ycrtaa Cuthton
r 4
F Mayer Boot G Shoe Co
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6 A1 LA 6 t <
VTOVV 91 < > < <
i Tt S p 0 R 1 eoI 14 v >
< + + C > < g 4 M > > o S < <
How Chicago Cubs Won
odds Championship
Hugh S Fullerton In tho American
The science of signalling Is but
part of the generalship of the base
ball game for a dozen times In each
struggle If It Is close the manager
must decide points and his decision
each time may result In victory or de
feat Taking men out of the game
knowing when to do It and when not
Is tho hardcnt task Fielder Jones
t manager of the Chicago White Stock
Ings and one of the best field manag
ers In tho world last summer used
more pitchers and changed players
more frequently than any other man
ager In one game ho changed pitch
ers five times and won With the team
badly crippled and only one pitcher
to rely upon Jones by using that
pitcher Walsh in every emergency
came within ono game of winning the
pennant Three times In the late sea
son ho summoned Walsh to pitch just
one ball and two of tho three games
ho saved McCloskey of St Louis
in a game against New Yorlc took
nut a pitcher with two strikes on a
batter sent Raymond In to pitch one
ball struck tho man out and then
cent Karger in to finish up the game
and won It
Generalship by the manager Is not
all A good team needs the fewest
orders and what perhaps was the most
brilliant half inning ever played In a
ball game from tho standpoint of
u headwork and perfect execution was
j ono in which tho managers had small
St part The inning was tho last half
of the fourth inning of the game be
tween Detroit and Chicago on October
13tho game that practically decided
tho Worlds Championship series Chi
cugo had made two runs in the third
Inning and with Brown pitching ap
peared to be winning easily until
i OLeary and Crawford opened De
5 troits half of tho fourth Inning with
k lino singles to left putting runners
on first and second bases with none
out and Cobb tho best batter In the
American league at bat OLeary is
fast Cobb Is extremely fast and
Cobb Is a natural and almost perfect
hunter Everyone knew that Cobb In
tended to bunt the ball and that fail
ure to retire either him or ono of the
I other runners probably meant vic
tory for Detroit Jennings Detroits
1 manager sent Cobb to bat with In
c structions to bunt toward third base
They knew that Brown intended to
mako the play to third base to forco
4 OLeary and the coachors wore sig
naled to male OLeary take as much
I lead toward third as possible and to
blart runnlug aa tho ball was pitched
Brown a past master In field general
nhlp as well as execution walked
over to Stclnfcldt at third base and
nald Anchor yourself to that bag
Tho ball Is coming there Kllng
signaled for a fast ball closo to tho
batter at his waist It was his plan
to have Cobb miss the ball on his
first attempt to bunt and then by a
quick throw to Tinker on second to
catch OLeary off the base Brown
shook his head and signaled Kllng his
intention to pitch a curve ball low and
at the outside corner of the plate I
Cobb was hoping that Brown would
pitch precisely that kind of a ball and
Brown knew that Cobb was hoPlng
for it and it was Browns plan to
force Cobb to do exactly what he was
most anxious to doto make a per
fect bunt nnd toward third base
Brown pitched perfectly and Cobb
bunted perfectly thirty feet toward
third base and about five feet inside
the foul line As Brown pitched he
went forward at top speed following
the ball through and ho was In front
of the ball when It bounded along
Still running he scooped the sphere
and whirling made a terrific throw
straight to Steinfeldt and OLeary was
forced out by fifteen feet on a seem
ingly impossible play executed chief
ly because Brown knew exactly what
Cobb would do
Chances magnificent machine was
not through Knowing that the fail
ure of that play would rattle the
Tigers they Instantly seized the psy
chological situation KHng gave a
quick signal for a fast Inshoot across
Rossmans shoulders and Brown
without wailing for Detroit to rally
and plan a play drove the ball fast
and high Rossman struck at the ball
Mid missed IL Like a flash Kling
hurled the sphere toward second base
Tinker met it at top speed touched
Crawford three feet from the base and
standing still and Detroit was beaten
and In panic
Philadelphia 6 Brooklyn 4
Philadelphia April 26Errors by
Brooklyn were responsible for their
defeat by Philadelphia today 6 to 4
Score RHE
Philadelphia G 13 1
Brooklyn 4 7 5
Batteries Moron Covaleski and
Doom McIntyre and Dunn
Cincinnati 2 Chlcago 6
Cincinnati April 26The Chicagos
developed two hitting streaks today
driving Campbell from the box in the
second Inning and forcing Ragan to
retire In the eighth Overall was
I was steady Score RHE
Cincinnati 2 7 2
t I When You Think
Of the pain which many women experience with every
J month it makes thcfcntlcncss and kindness always associ
ated with womunhood scam to be almost a miracle
i While in general no woman rebels against what she re
k gards as a natural necessity there is no woman who would
i aot gladly be free from this recurring period of pain
I Dr Pierces Favorite Prcscriptlon makes
weak women strong and sick women
s fJcl and sHrcs them freedom from pain j4
j tire establishes regularity subdues inflam
motion heals ulceration and cures fe
male weakness r I f
Sick women arc invited to consult Dr Pierce by letter
free All correspondence strictly private and sacredly
confidential Write without fear and without fee to Worlds Dispensary Med
lest Association R V Pierce M D President Buffalo N Y
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them nt home send 21 onecent stamps to Dr Pierce to pay cost of mailing
only and he will send you a free copy of his great thousandpage illustrated
Common Sense Medical Adviser revised uptodate edition in paper covers
1 In hand omc clothbinding 31 stamps
Solo Agents for the Pabst Brewing Co Milwaukee WU
Distributors and General Agents for
l Monarch of Table and Medicinal Waters IB a purely natural
mineral water tho ONLY in the United States bottled at tho
Natural Mineral Water Springs
Chicago 610 3
Batteries Campbell Ragan Karger
and Roth Overall and Moran
St Louis 3 Pittsburg 4
St Louis April 26 Pittsburg won
In the twelfth Inning from St Louis
4 to 3 SL Louis tied the score In tho
ninth when Philippi became unsteady
and Lciflold finished the game for
Pittsburg Score R H E
St Louis 3 S 4
Pittsburg 4 11 1
Batteries Sallo Lush and Moore
Lletfield Phllippi and Gibson
Boston 3 New York 2
New York April 2GThe Boston
club making Its first appearance of
the year hero today defeated New
York in a slow game 3 to 2 The
locals got many men on bases but
could not get off hitting In the pinch
es being weak
Score RHE
Boston 3 72
New York 2 7 2
Batteries Mattern and Smith Wll
tze Marquard and Myers
Cleveland 2 Detroit 4
Cleveland April 26 Detroit de
feated Cleveland I to 2 Wlllet out
pitching Rhoades
Score R H E
Cleveland 232
Detroit 1 9 4
BatteriesRhoades and Easterly
Wlllet and Schmidt
Chicago 1 St Louis 0
Chicago April 2GThe Chicago
Americans won the second game of
the series from St Louis 1 to 0 here
today Frank Smith pitched and won
his third game In five It was a close
battle between Smith and Powell each
allowing only two hits
Score R H B
Chicago 1 2 1
St Louis 0 2 1
Batteries Smith and Sullivan Pow
ell and Criger
Washington 1 Philadelphia 3
Washington April 26 Bender held
Washington to three hits today while
Philadelphia got its hits off Barnes
when errors cropped up and won out
3 to L Score R H 13
Washington 1 3 4
Philadelphia 3 7 0
Batteries Groome Bums and
Street Bender and Thomas
Boston 1 New York 0
Boston April 26 Boston won the
opening game of the series here fiom
Ne v York 1 to 0 A base on balls
to McConnell and a lucky threebase
hit by Lord in the fifth Inning gave
Boston the only run
Score RHB
Boston 1 3 0
New York rO 2 3
Batteries Chech and Cardigan
Newton and Warhop Blair
Columbus 3 Indianapolis 1
Minneapolis 0 Milwaukee 2
SL Paul 2 Kansas City 4
Toledo 0 Louisville 8
Portland 2 Spokane 3
Spokane April 26
Score RILE
Portland 2 7 4
Spokane 3 9 2
Batteries Pinnace and Murray
Klllllay and Ostdiek
Seattle 3 Tacoma 2
Seattle April 26
Score RHE
Seattle > 92
Tacoma Til
Batteries Thompson and Shea
Samuels and Bender
New York April 2GAt the Mara
thon Athletic club of Brooklyn tonight i
two preliminary bouts of six rounds
each between Johnny Moran and Jeff
OConnell and Tony and Darky Gnflln
wore fought and the ring then was
cleared for the star event a ten round
go between Jack Goodman of New
York and Battling Hurley of Passaic
Goodman easily outpointed and out I
fought his opponent I
Immediately upon Its conclusion the
police jumped into the ring and ar
rested both principals and Harry Nets
ber the referee
Columbus Ohio April 26 Abo Attel
of California champion featherweight
boxer tonight outclassed Biz Mackey
of Columbus Ohio In eight rounds of
a scheduled ten round bouL He knock i
ed Mackoy down twice in the eighth
round whereupon the police stopped
tho bout
London April 26 Young Josephs
considered to be the best lightweight
fighter In England was given the de I
cision over Young Otto of New I
York after 20 rounds of fighting at
Wonderland in the White Chapel dis
trict tonight Tho bout was for a
purse of 2000 I
Colds contracted at this season of
tho year are quickly relieved with
Bees Laxative Cough Syrup Its lax
ative quality rids the system of the
cold Pleasant to take Best for chil
dren for coughs colds croup and
whooping cough Sold by Geo F
Cave and Depot Drug Store
Motion for New TrlalA motion
for a now trial has been field In the
suit of the Oregon Short Line Railroad
company against Wilson Gragun et al
W P Maxwell Declares Track Finest
in United States 2YearOld
Races Drawing Card
Interest in the coming race m et
on the Ogden track continues unabated
and many strangers lovers of fast
horses are flocking to the city A
large number of horses have already
been given stalls at the grounds and
numerous other applications for stal
room are being made each day
Among new applications for stall
I room are tho following well known
j horsemen A F Dayton who owns
I the worlds record horse for 5S of a
I mile Dr II E Rowoll who has
I charge of President T II Williams
I stable of the California Jockey club
Wm H Vincent who leaves Los An
I geles with nine fast horses Benjamin
I Meyer of Oakland wants a place for
i one horse that is ready for tho racing
I Frank Farran has wired for places for
I six speed horses S Pollc has three
good ones that he wants stalled hero
and Gil Summers Is arranging to ship
Ills string of horses from Los Angeles
i as soon as arrangements can be made
I Yesterday morning all the horse
i men now located with the horses at
I the track had the racers out for work
1 after their long trip from the coast
I the animals being given three work
outs which practice will be continued
each day between now and the opening I
of the races They are a fine lot of
animals and all seem to be fine as silk
W P Maxwell who Is one of the
oldest trainers in America today and
I who has raced on all the tracks of the
I United Stales is very much pleased
I with the condition of the Ogden course
and freely states that It is one of tho
I best halfmile tracks he has ever seen
He is training the largest stable here
there being 12 horses in his string
There will be a good bunch of 2j ear
fl olds to participate In the races here
which have not been able to show i
their best form of I
on account bad
track conditions and sickness during
the past winter It is fully expected
by the owners of these horses that
they will show championship speed at
the coming meet Among those own
Ing horses of this sort are H Stover
W P Maxwell J Barnes and Benny
Meyers who has a smart looking
chestnut filly by Dick Welles a Jiorse
who had the worlds record for tBome
years at 34 and one mile
The jockeys who are now on the
ground in readiness for the racing
and the weight they will be able to i
ride at are I
A Stllle 105 pounds A C Graham
105 pounds G Archibald 108 pounds I
C Kirschbaum 98 pounds W Man
dora 102 pounds F Otis 110 pounds
II Smith 105 pounds Pharris 1QO
pounds S Martin 110 pounds 7
Howard 105 pounds Cavanough
105 pounds E Shrinor 107 pounds
Rcttig lOG pounds W Mondon93
pounds Kent 95 pounds Andrews
95 pounds Piper 85 pounds
Following are the names of the ship
pers and their horses that came in on
the special train Sunday I
Yesterday was the warmest day ex
perienced In Ogden this spring as a
i result of which both the Ogden and
the Weber rivers were higher than
I before this year As a matter of fact
both the streams assumed rather a
threatening attitude and the long time
I residents hero express the opinion
that the streams wIll be higher this
I year tHan they have been in a num
ber of years past The banks of both I
were running quite full last evening
I the low lands being threatened with
i submersion
I It Is said that the snowfall in the
i mountains during the past winter has
been so extensive as to presage extra
I ordinarily high water this season It
i Is even predicted that tho waters from
the Weber rltcr will flood the
I railroad yards and that much of the
low lands of the Ogden river will be
submerged unless the d > klng process
be resorted to At any rate there Is
now a large flow of water passing
through the channels of tho two
streams that might well be In reserve
for use at a later period of the year on
i the arid lands of Weber county
The following real estate transfers
have been filed for record In the office
of County Recorder Wallace
Dorothy A Webster to George P
Friskey lots 1 to 5 inclusive block
S Prospect Heights addition to Ogden
i Consideration 50
I Orson W Badger anti wife to Archie
Badger part of the norlheasj quarter
of section 21 township C range 1 west
I Consideration 1
I Lyman J Wright and wife to Mary
F E Griffin part of lots S and 9 block
47 plat A Ogden City survey Con I
sideration 1500 i
Brigham Simpson to Julia F Low I
I part of tho northeast quarter of sec
t tion IS township c range fi west
Consideration 250
Dr Ezra Rich Returns Dr Ezra
Rich and wife returned last evening
after a few months visit to the Old
World Their trip was a very pleas
r ant one but they seem glad to bo back
t In their old home In Ogden
And many other painrui
JRISING distressing ailments fror
which most mothers suffer
i B l t B vr > L m can be avoided by usinj
B Mothers Friend This rem
edy is a Godsend to expect
ant mothers carrying them
through the critical ordeal with safety No woman who uses
Mothers Friend need fear the suffering incident to birth for it rote
the ordeal of its dread and insures safety to life of mother and child
leaving her in a condition w
v fe
more favorable to speedy re IkJIll 17
covery The child is also MOT1IEPS
healthy strong and goodJL
natured Our boot containing wlna V H
ndiureu ble Infonwtloa jrlllVe wat Tf A
I frcebywriting to F2IEND
Atlanta Ga J JK
Screens Curtains and Other Objects
Obstructing View Must Be
Removed at Once
Chief of Police T E Drowning Is
sued an order yesterday to the effect
that hereafter all screens curtains and
the like to eating booths in restaurants
and cafes of Ogdcn shall be removed
As a result the proprietors and keep
ers of such places were busy yester
day afternoon and evening removing
such obstructions
Tho Idea of Chief Browning as It
was stated by him last evening Is that
to throw these places open to tho pub
lic view will adJ very materially to
the work of curtailing the use of wino
rooms in restaurants and cafes where
women sometimes congregate and In
dulge in the use of spirituous drinks
Mr Browning stated that the order
was readily complied with anl that
within a few hours after tho order had
been made practically nil of the
screens and curtains had been re
moved and folded away for safe keep
ing This rule has been in contem
plation by the head of the police de
partment for some time but It was
thought best not to undertake to en
force It until now
A representative of this paper Inter
viewed a number of the managers and
proprietors of these places last even
ing and without exception they stated
that they were perfectly willing to
comply with the order and throw their
eating booths open to the eye of tho
Report of Special Water Committee
Adopted Petitions for Extension of
Water Mains Submitted
The city council met in regular ses
sion last evening all members being
present but two The reading of min
utes of previous meetings was fol
lowed by the regular routine of bus
The report of the committee on laws
recommending that the ordinance re
lating to special improvements be
placed on its third and final reading
was adopted
The light committees report rec
ommending that an arc light bo
placed at the corner of 2lth street and
D avenue was adopted
Tho council adopted a report of the
sanitary committee recommending the
acceptance of an offer by the owners
of the pioperty formerly used by the
city as a dumping ground in which
It was proposed that the city continue
the uso of the same until August
31st for tho sum of 50 the city to
provide a trench for drainage
A report of the fire committee rdc
ommcndlng thai the contract for fire
supplies be awarded to the Electric
Supply Fixture Co was adopted
A report of the special water com
mittee was adopted on motion of
Councilman Dana in which was rec
ommended that fire hydrants bS
placed at the corners of First Second
Third Seventh Ninth and Twelfth
streets and at the corner of Euclid and
Patterson avenues The report also
recommended the extension of a 1Inch
water main on Royal avenue from
Twentyfirst street to Twentysecond
street a 4Inch main on Adams ave
nue from Thirtyfifth street to Thir
tysixth street when the same shall
have been graded and Improved a
6lnch main on Patterson avenue west
of Wall avenue and a 6Inch main on
Euclid avenue between Patterson and
Thirtyfirst street
The weekly report of the sanitaty In
spector showing thirteen cases of con
tqgion was ordered filed
A recommendation from the city
auditor that the sum of 89538 be
transferred from tho water works
fund to the general fund tho same hay
Ing been advanced for certain pur
poses was referred to the special
water committee
A communication from the city en
gineer referring to sidewalk and street
Improvements on Patterson avenue
cast of Grant ayenue was referred to
tho sidewalk committee
A communication from the city en
gineer recommending that holes in
the paving of Twentyfifth street be
repaired temporarily with cement was
referred to the street committee with
power to act on motion of Council
man Pcory Councilman Thomas
stated that he would refuse to act
on the committee In this matter as
he considered that It should have been
referred to a special committee
A communication wast presented
showing that the sum of 11215 was
now duo the Wheelwright Construe
lion company for Intersections con
structed at various corners through
out the city and acted upon
The claim of W H Myers for 765
duo him for rock used In Ogden river
near Wall avenue was allowed
Petitions for an extension of water
mains from the corner of Twenty
eighth street and Monroo avenue
south to Twentyninth street thence
west to Adams avenue also an ex
tension on Thirtieth street from Wash
ington avenue to Pacific avenue were
referred to the special water com
A petition from Mr Demander for
a deed to a certain icometcry lot was
referred to the public buildings and
grounds committee
A petition for grading to be done
on Adams avenue from Thirtyfifth
to Thirtysixth streets was referred
to the street committee on motion oC
Councilman Austin
A petition for the opening of Twen
tieth street over the O S L track3
Dont be
a Trailer
The fastest motorcycle on earth makes new worlds record
Los Angeles Cal April 11 1909 winning fivemile race Time
minutes 37 seconds Keep jour eye on that THOR
H C Hansen Co
Bicycle and Automobile Repairing made a specialty of by
this firm
2564 Washington Ave
I and sweeten your premises In tho
p hot weather your cellars barns and
I outhouses will be improved by a coat
I of Whlttlcks Sanitary kalsomlne It
not only makes a place look brighter
and sweeter but it makes It health
ier because purifies the atmos
4I tuOt1 323 325 Twentyfourth Street
A Good Place to Buy Good Paint
J E Dooly President Ralph E Hoag Cashier
Horace E Peery VicePres A V McIntosh Asst Cashier
I m
We endeavor to advance the business interests
of our customers in every legitimate way
110 Bigelow Prest J M Browning VicePrest
A P Bigelow Cashier J E Halversou Asst Cashier
Y l
U S Depositary
Capital and Undivided Profits 27500000
David Ecclcs Pros Ill I S Browning VicePres
G II Tribe VicePres John Pingrec Cashier
John Watson ViccPrea Jas F Burton Asst Cashier
t H lt o
and such Improvements as will rend
er Odell avenue passable for teams
signed by Mr Faulkner et al was
referred to the street committee and
the city engineer Councilman Thom
as stated that ho would refuse to aCt
with tho street committee this mat
er or to report the same
A petition from Mrs Faulkner ct
al for a fire hydrant to be placed
at the corner of Twentieth street and
Wall avenue was referred to the spec
ial water committee
A petition from Mrs Faulkner for
an arc light to be placed at the cor
ner of Twentieth street and Wall ave
nue was referred to tho light commit
tee A petition sign d by S II Bender
shot ct al asking that sidewalk dis
tricts he declared for both Hides of the
following streets was referred to tho
sidewalk committee and the city en
On Twentyfirst street from Monroe
to Harrison On Twentythird street
from Madison to Harrison On Jack
son street from Twentyfirst street to
Twentyfifth street On VanBuron
street from Twentyfirst street to
Twentyfifth street On Harrison
street from Twentyfirst street to
Twentyfifth street
A petition was receivedfrom T W
Ithed et al for action to be taken in
the matter of water in the vi
cinity of Washington avenue
north of Ogden river bridge After
some discussion on the matter In
which it was stated that the standing
water was due more to the pumping
activities of some ono in the vicinity
with a flooded basement than to the
high water In the river it was re
ferred to tho sanitary committee on
motion of Councilman Thomas
A communication from tho city
dogtax collector asking In regard to
tags for licensed dogsetc was re
ferred to the engrossing committee
on motion of Councilman Klygaro
i 4 Cement workers licenses were
granted to J C Gale and W X Mor
an A resolution to order the removal of
I all telegraph telephone electric and
t other poles from tho center of Twen
1 tyfourth street from Wall to Harrlnon
avenues within sixty days from dale
also tho removal of all shade trees
from Twentyfourth atrget between
Wall and Washington avenues was TO
erred to the street committee and the
city engineer on motion of Council
man Thomas
A claim of the waterworks depart
Private Wires to All Cali I
I fornia Tracks
Iaara J J Q
mont for 16 was allowed after which
I council adjourned I
At Utahna Show Scores of WellKnown
Ogden Faces
Those who have so patiently
awaited the appearance of tho mov
ing pictures which wore taken In and
around Ogden last August will have
an opportunity this week to view tho
same and possibly see In
action for tho first time on a moving
picture screen The film has been
I secured by Manager Moore of Hie
Utahna theater and will be run each
night this week as an added attrac
tion to the regular program
The pictures aroused much interest
and enthusiasm last evening as spec
tators here and there over the house
recognized themselves or their local
friends as they were flashed upon the
scene Tho view starts from lower
26th street and proceeds to tile corner
of Washington avenue Here a atop
Is mado and a view taken of tho Ogden
Fire department in a mad run up
Washington avenue It Is truly excit
ing aud as good a fire run as is scon
anywhere The picture then shows a
view of Washington avenue taken for
a number of blocks north They arc
remarkably clear and scores of well
known faces can be recognized
Briefly Whos Your Friend Is a
natural and exceedingly bright com
edy of New England life by Harry
and Edw Poulfon authors of the fa
mous Erminlo It Is a clean com
edy which calla for the very high
est dramatic art 1tls American and
tho scene Is In Rhoda Island the
story deals with a clever Inventor
who Is as Inventors usually arc In
financial difficulties It Is late at
night his daughter has been read
ing Faust to him bo Is alone ho
Imagines that a wealthy manufactur
er who calls on him at that moment
with an offer to buy his Inventions
and make him rich is tho devil bo
closes a deal with him and there you
are Result Three hours of laugh
terunceaslng laughter in tho un
raveling of this most unique plot
Harry Bercsford surrounded by the
complete New York production will
come to tho Grand Opera House Ap
ril 20 9
j r r
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toot buy Drugs for
I fun They by for re
sults so we buy and
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results no matter what
use they are put to
IB the character of the transfer
riervlco wo supply our patrons
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job and handle it cxpeditiously
and well
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High Patent
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I 322 25th St
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ment today Two sixes 50c and
100 T H Carr Druggist
Jf the plans of Assistant Statistician
of tbc stale H T fines be carried
out by the county assessors he will be
able next year to state the number of
eggs laid per acre In Utah This Is
beeping cases on the hens He has
sent out blank forms which If prop
lerly filled out by the assessors vlll
give tho desired Information regard
ing tho operations In hendom
Aside from providing for Informa
tion as to the number of eggs laid
In each county according to tho num
ber of acres of land under cultivation
tho blanks sent out require the num
ber of acres of land under cultivation
and under fence the number of acres
vof land under irrigation tho number
of acres of land In wheat oats bar
ley corn and other products the num
ber of sheep cows horses and other
domestic animate The assessors are
also requested to furnish the amount
of capital invented the number of
acres of land jncumhored and the
amount In money
There seems to be nothing lacking
I In tho blanks All Information given
In the blank forms will be treated aa
strictly confidential
Home Burglarized The homo of W
F James of Wilson Lane was burglar
ized Sunday afternoon by unknown
parties presumably tramps The trick
of the
was turned during tho abseaco
family Nothing of particular 1uo
was taken but the house was Quito
completely ransacked every place
where valuables might be kept being
carefully HCI utlnlzod No clue as to
tho Identity of the burglars Is known

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