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i From Our New York Dramatic Corre
I T Herald Square theater
rofst8 a standard foi mu
sical comedy productions
i that Is unfortunately rarely Jlvcd up
to In these modern days when quan
tity and npt quality seems the aim of
producing manager and playwright
With Jefferson do Angells and
sprightly Marguerite Clark In the
leading roles book by Joseph W Her
bert and music by Reginald De Koven
Tho Beauty Spot has hit the popular
metropolitan fancy
I Tho play will remain at tho Herald
Square theater throughout tho spring
I and will continuo on into tho summer
Tho so called summer show of tho
past has succumbed to tho loud cry
for something better that has arisen
from the populous centers The high
est claw summer show of today has
outgrown tho slap stick and low Dutch
and low Irish comedian phase It has
even drawn clear of the vaudeville
tendency to a considerable extent and
become a legitimate production
Another class of summer show other
than this concentrated extract of
vaudeville which too has seen its I
best days Is tho Indecent exaggeration
of tho Parisian music hall perform
ances The Queen of tho Moulin
Rouge is representative of this type
Suggestive and salacious such pro
ductions cannot in the very nature of
things gain a eecuro foothold among
tho responsible people of this country
Tho Beauty Spot Is a striking ex
emplification of this now upward
trend Just tho sort of production
to please all classes of theater goers
it appeals to the artistic as well as to
the humorous sense and tho twin
princesses Song and Melody skip
lightly to and frotho while
Tne pleco comprises all the ele
ments that go to mako up a success
ful musical vehicle elements that will
i divert tho most cynical spectator And
not even tho aid of tho Parisian de
tective Baron Lccocq who appears
frequently in tho development of tho
i story Is required to discover the plot
Yes there really is a plot a really co
herent one in Tho Beauty Spot A
summer show with a plot What Is
I tho stage coming to Soon we will
have Salomo dancers who wear
The plot of Tho Beauty Spot re
I peals Mr Herbert as the possessor of
I considerable Ingenuity Jacques Bac
I corcl George J MacFarlane an I
American painter from New Orleans
has completed a canvas of a lady tak
ing a bath The model Niclictte who
also had been an actress marrlos
General Spmoar Mr DC Angolis
who knew very little of her past and
had no suspicion that she was the
model In the case Baccarel meets the
general and his new wIfe at tho Grand
hotel In DIhard in tho south of Franco
His painting has bcconu famous It
Is about to bo hung on exhibition by
tho directors of a gallery who have
offered Baccarel DOOOO francs for the
canvas NIchette tho wife Is horri
fied Sho will bo ruined she cries If I
tho painting Is hung publicly as her
husband will recognize her as the
model because of a molo on her knee
tho beauty spot
Artist Bargains For Nadine
She offers the artist the purchase
price 50000 francs for the painting
but he is playing for bigger game He
wants to marry Nadine Miss Clark
tho generals daughter by his first
Baccarel compels Nlchetto to bring
about his marriage to Nadlno in order
to prevent the public exhibition of tho
painting in its original form
But tho fussy old General Samovar
is informed by the scheming Parisian
detective that the painting is ono that
reveals his wife in far less than the
conventional supply of clothing and I
that tho mole on her knee is plainly
depicted Flying into a violent rago
tho general orders tho painting pro
duced Baccarel had been warned and
had hastily made alterations on the
canvas What ho did is too clever to
explain for many of you will un
doubtedly see tho play m Now York
this summer and will njoy It the moro
if the clever solution Is not known be
forehand Let anticipation stimulate
tho appetite
Tho Stars I
Jefferson Do Angells Marguerite
Clark Frank Doane Lillian Wiggins
Georgo MacFarlane and Isabcll dAr
mond make a notable group of ability
and beauty Do Angells work Is too
well and favorably known to comment
on but there Is another in this group
that outshines him even In this play
Tt Ic Frank Doane who in the black faco
rolo of Chlckorcc valet to Jacques
Baccarel scores a decided hit He In
troduces himself as tho man whoso
appetite has growing pains and pleads
soulfully for ono or two square meals
every few moments in his songs
with chorus A Prince From Borneo
and Ho Loved Her Tonder Mr
Doano shows advanced ability to en
tertain a critical Now York audience
Wo dont always get actors for stars
ti tf u
but some day when Frark Doano leads
a company we will have both
Miss Clark easily outshines all other
members of the company in the rolo of
Nadine Do Angells runs a poor sec
ond to her
Miss Clarks dancing is an alluring
spectacle and her captivating person
ality gives the play much of its at
Lillian Wiggins as Sybllo
In fact the play Is well supplied
with pretty girls Lillian Wiggins in
tho role of Syblle a frIend of Nichctte
is however tho only ono to rival Miss
Clark for her honors of chief beauty
of the production Miss Wiggins is a
blond of winsome feature and ellcato
figure She comes of an aristocratic
family and tho New York and Chicago
critics agree that her ability Is an
actual guarantee future stardom
Isabell dArmond as Pomare wire of
Iromcskl a native of Borneo makes
a favorable impression
Including tho finales there are a to
tal of nineteen song numbers In tho
play and most of them are composed
In Mr De Kovcns best vein
The Circus Man For Arbucklo
Eugene Presbrcy has completed the
now play for Maclyn Arbucklo for
next season entitled Tho Circus Man
Mr Presbrey read tho play to Mr Ar
buckle last week and ho Is delighted
with It Meantime while he Is playing
the fat sheriff in The JRoundTJp he
Is looking for an elephant not for a
pet but to use as a prop In The
Circus Man There are thirtyfive
speaking parts In the play 11
London Gets Fanny Ward
Fanny Ward Closes her American
tour in Tho New Lady Bantock In
another week Sho will sail at once
for London to begin rehearsals of The
Higher Law by Leo Arthur and For
rest Halsey In which she will appear
In her London season For curtain
raisers this accomplished player has
ChannIng Pollocks ono act playlet
With Her Back to the Wall and Eu
gene Walters The Flag Station
Miss Wards American tour has been
a successful one
Play by Kate Douglas Wiggin
Klaw Erlanger have acquired for
production early next season a play
entitled Rebecca of Sunnybrook
Farm by Kato Douglas Wiggin and
Charlotte Thompson Tho play Is
founded upon two books Robecca of
Sunnybrook Farm and The Chron
icles of Rebecca written by Miss
Wiggin A clover young actress will I
bo engaged for the title role The
character appeals through Its quaint
ness and the story Is ono of healthy
simplicity I
IILe Scandals
Charles Frohman has followed up
his hold upon tho American rights of
Henry Batalllos new plaLo Scan
dale greoted approvingly by Parisian
criticsby obtaining the English
rights as well to tho piece Lo Scan
Big Jim JeffriesReturn to Ring
I The Pugilistic Situation at Present I
Gossip of the Diamond Rowing Talk
OW that Jim Jeffries tho re
tired heavyweight champion
has answered that question
Will you fight Johnson
tho pugilistic world is busily engaged
gaged in discussing tho merits of the
two men
JcKs sudden change of base came
rather unexpectedly It was only a
short time ago that Johnson posted a
5000 forfeit and notified Jeff that he
could hove six days to cover tho mon
ey binding a match to be decided at
any time or place that the big Call
fornian might select Jeffries how
ever not only refused to cover tho
negros forfeit but also refrained
from even discussing the matter At
tho expiration of tho six days Johnson
mado the match with Ketchel which
was clinched by Promoter Coffroth
and Incidentally avoided challenges
hurled at him by Kaufman and Lang
ford Later Johnson notified De
laney manager of Kaufman that ho
could have a twenty round bout in
Paris some tlmo before the Johnsoa
Ketchel mill In October but the nogro
positively refused once and for ah
tlmo to keep his agreement to box fif
teen rounds with Langford in London
on May 24
Tho fact that Stanley Ketchel had
Jumped in and secured a match with
Johnson must hove mado Jeffries and
his friends awaken to tho fact that
something should bo dono to keep up
public Interest In the boIlcrmakerH
theatrical exhibitions While Jeff him
self did not care to come out with a
declaration so soon so persistent
were the arguments of his closo friends
with him that ho finally yielded But
in expressing his willingness to fight I
Johnson Jeffries is not taking desper
ate chances Just now for if tho negro
fights both Ketchel and Kaufman ho
will run the risk of suffering defeat at
tho hands of one or the other In
which event Jeffries could retire
gracefully at the same time putting
nearly 100000 away as tho result of
renewed theatrical engagements
Jeffries mado a serious error in tho
first place by not announcing two or
threo months ago that ho was ready
to mako a match with the big negro
to bo decided within a year at the
same limo posting a forfeit and sign
ing articles which stipulated that If at
tho end of a certain length of time
Jeffries found that ho could never re
gain his old form the match should bo
declared off In that way Jeffries
could have easily placed Ketchel
Kaufman and Langford in the back
ground whllo both ho and Johnson
could have gone ahead with tho pleas
ant task of getting all tho money out
of vaudeville engagements that could
be cleaned up
College Rowing
With tho impetus given to college
rowing by the YaloPcnnsylvanlu
HarvardColumbia and other boat
races the stewards of tho American
Rowing association expect to have a
record breaking entry for their sixth
annual regatta to be hold on the
Schuyklll river Pennsylvania May 22
Just now the chief Interest Is In tho
race for Junior college crews for which
positive assurances have been re
ceived from Yale Harvard Cornell
and Pennsylvania Unofficial PrInce
ton reports aro to the effect that the
Tigers will send at least two eights I
Tho stewards also have hopes of In
ducing Syracuse and Columbia to en I
ter crews for this race
It is too early to make any predic
tions as to tho probable result of this
race Yalo has won it twice and the
case with which tho Yalo youngsters
defeated Pennsylvania Juniors recently
has led the Yale men to expect a repe
tition This belief Is further strength
ened because of tho fact that Yale has
won tho Junior race at this regatta for
two years In succession It Is known
that Cornell has strong hopes of tak
ing tho event This will bo Cornells
first appearance on tho Schuyklll since
1907 Two years ago tho Ithacans
were much chagrined at losing to Yale
after tho Ella had won a previous race
Stallings Experiment
There will be many more college en
tries besides those In the Junior raco
Harvard will send a freshman as well
as a second eight Yale will do the
same while Pennsylvania will prob
ably start at least five crows There
Is also a possibility that Georgetown
university will send a crew so that
every race will have a real Inter
collegiate flavor
Much Interest Is being manifested by
the different major league managers
in tho experiment of Georgo Stallings
manager of tho Now York Americans
Tho latter has declared several times
this spring that ho can conduct a
successful campaign with a raw pitch
ing staff and that ho can whip to
gether a strong second division team
and possibly a near pennant winning
combination without tho aid of crack
veteran pitchers Although his hopes
wero somewhat blasted for a time by
the illness of Hal Chase his star first
baseman and tho Inability of many
players to play good ball owing to
sore arms from vaccination still the
team managed to mako a good show
Ing and now that Chaco Is over his
Illness Stallings experiment will ho
more closely watched The New York
American pitching staff Is composed of
Manning Warhop Hughes Brockctt
QuInn Wilson McConnell Doyle Lake
Newton Glade and Chesbro
Manning was a phenomenon early last
season and won many clever victories
but exploded Just as the real warm
weather rolled around Ho may have
been benefited by a years experience
and perhaps devolop into a crack
Joo Lake Is a sure enough comer but
needs a little moro seasoning He has
a splendid assortment of curves and
fairly good control but lost many
games last year owing to his inability
to study the opposing batsman Since
tho opening of tho season ho has
twirled a good article of ball
Stallings claims that Lake has prof
ited by a years experience and will
prove the pitching sensation of tho
American league Hughes Warhop
and Brockett havo had trials In tho
big leagues before and though they
havo shown good form in tho early
spring games it Is hard to llguro how
they will shape up when pitted against
tho star batters of the opposing
teams Doyle was a failure last sea
son Of tho others Nowton Glad
and Chesbro have never been real stars
and are on tho wane and probably this
season will witness their passing
Stallings statement when compared
with tho views of other managers Hko
Frank Chance the handler of the
worlds champions Jennings of tho
Detroit Americans winner of two pen
nants Fielder Jones former manager
of the Chicago Americans and McGraw
of tho New York Nationals that a
pennant winning combination cannot
bo got together without the aid of two
dale is said to be not only the best
piece of work that has thus far come
from the author of La Femme Nue
but It is hailed as one of the most In
teresting plays thi French stage has
seen in years
Tho story Is thaf of an affectionate
mother honest and of middle class
life who falls a victim to tho wiles
and plotting of a scoundrel who puts
to bas uses an ascendency gained too I
easily It Is In teaching a tremendous
climax ono of pardon so ara8 the
husband Is concerned that tho play
wright has shown acumen and feeling
Grapewin and Wife Draw Magnificent
At ono time and not so many sea
sons ago vaudeville threatened to sup
plant all other kinds of stage enter
taInments so far as furnishing amuse
ments for the great masses of theater
patrons who after all attend the play
house for tho sole purpose of dis
pelling dull care firmly believing that
as a means for ridding oneself of
troubles and petty annoyances nc th =
InS can produce such a salutary erect
upon the overwrought brain than a 1
good wholesome performance princi I
pally made up of fun and music
So strong was tho demand made for
talent to be announced as headliners
that the ranks of legitimate drama and
or three crack veteran twirlers seems
absurd Of course many managers
have tho knack of developing star
pitchers out of raw material and
others havo not For Instance take
McGraw of the Now York Nationals
IIo probably knows more about base
ball than any man living still ho has
been unable to develop a star pitcher
save Leon Ames but tho latter has
never been regarded as a star of the
first water In the National league
still at times he has twirled ball the
equal of any pitcher In the older or
ganization but ho Is onatlc and has
been known to go up In tho air at the
critical moment of a contest McGraw
must bo given credit for the Improve
ment in Mathewson and WIHse
While these two men were with the
Giants when McGraw took hole of the
team n 1904 It IB due to hIM superior
knowledge of baseball that they are
two of tho greatest pitchers in tho
country In talking of the Importance
of the pitching Frank Chance recently
comedy were fast becoming depleted
through the strenuous competition between
tween vaudovlllo managers and all
sorts of fancy salary Inducements wore
held out In order to Induce prominent
members of the theatrical profession to
abandon their engagements In other
directions and Join tho great army of 1
vaudeville performers Many star
actors and actresses who already had
established themselves In no uncertain
manner as artists of exceptional draw
ing powers wero thus Inveigled Into
ho net of vaudeville and some of tho
prices actually paid for such talent
were truly astonishing 1
Among the artists first to command
tho very highest salary consideration
were Charley Grapewin and his ac
complished wife who Is knqwn on tho
stage as Anna Chanco This couplo
may bo counted with the earliest pio
neers In presenting a sketch or rather
a playlet which fastened Itself so te
naciously upon the cordial approval of
the friends of vaudeville that the names
of Charley Grapewin and Anna Chance
soon became familiar household ones
and while the cleverness of both of
those artists was generally recognized
It was freely admitted that tho
sketch entitled Tho Awakening of
Mr Plpp had much to do in helping
them to receive possibly the largest
salaries ever given to any so called
vaudeville team
Will Repeat Trip of All American
Team In 188
President Comlslcey of the Chicago
Americans has made the statement
that ho will take his team for a tour
of tho world Immediately after the
close of the season of 1911 It was In m
1889 that A G SpaldIng took the old
Chicago White Sox then In tho Na
tional league and an All American fti1
team on a worlds tour That tour did l
much to give the American national tl
gamo a foothold In foreign climes 1
Games were played In Hawaii Aus f
tralia India under tho shadow of the J
pyramids In Egypt In nearly every J
country of continental Europe and In if
England and Ireland In every place
the tourists played It was necessary
for them first to lay out diamonds be i
fore they could proceed with tho game k
The natives found baseball too strenu i
ous It interrupted the afternoon si
esta and played havoc with their nerv fi
ous systems Our English cousins of
course preferred their own cricket 7
and on one occasion old Pop Anson and
some of tho other players on the trip
went to a cricket match and showed
how the gamo should really be played j
It was reported from England at the
tlmo that those old sluggers were at
bat all of one afternoon and that tho
English marveled at their great hitting
abilities Pop Anson said after tho
contest was over Any fellow who
couldnt hit one of thoso balls with a
fiat bat like they use ought to be lined
60 and put out of tho gamo by tho
Com skeY8 tour will doubtless In
clude such countries as were visited
twenty years ago The tourists will
however find much more receptive au
diences In the Philippines for In
stance they will meet American i t
crowds who will know tho individual
records of all the players and be able
to democratically call them by theIr
nicknames Japan too has made rapid
strides on tho diamond and maybo i
Commy will be able to pick up a slant r
OC star or two who will be able to t
put a fow JIu Jltsu twists to base run f
ners who seek to steal bases V
The most Important places of all
for an old head Is In the pitchers box
This Is tho place where there Is a think
every half minute In every game It
goes with every ball thrown It Is
a tough place for a beginner Still
the beginner may have such tremen
dous speed and good control that ho i
will get through such a gamo with a
victory though every manager would l
prefer to have ono of his veterans In i
the box at such times
In the old days of free hitting the
pitcher didnt need to tiling BO much
It was generally a contest of batting
The team that could bat In tho most
runs was the victor It was never
talked off as the pitcher who could
pitch the better ball But today m
much depends on the pitcher that ha
Is under a terrific mental strain from i
tho first to tho ninth except In con
tests where his side gets a bIg lead
early In the gamo and permits him to
take chances on lotting the other fel t
lows hit tho ball

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