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HERE was a little shop in the village
where all manner of fanciful woodwork
i liB was sold to the foreigners who came by
or to the dealers who traveled through
the country to stock their bazaars in
the great towns lianas baskets of
wistaria stem graygreen and mystic
with the silence of their birthplace pure and class
ical in form always found ready buyers and the kind
woman at the wood shop would say as she handed
over the piles of coppers round coarse coppers with
a square hole Jo string them by which represented
lianas tiny gains Oh liana San bring me more of
t wistaria baskets I That crescentshaped one is always
liked and as for the gourd with the hanging vine
why I could sell ten of those for every one you bring 1
Then JIani would smile her thanks and return to
Kamoyo exactly ten per cent of what she had received
as a thank offering for her trouble and would say
Very well Kamoyo San I will see if I can make
some more soon J am grateful and my poverty is
enriched by all your kindness I But as she went away
after tucking the little packet of money inside her sash
alma would say to herself rather sadly Kamoyo San
sells she does not make the things If the sun is shin
ing and the birds singing I can weave the fuji stems
I and think of pretty shapes for them but when the
I days arc short and the rain comes down the fuji is
cold and gray and 1 want to work with the warm
vine needles or those strong brown ferns It is strange
ahat Kamoyo San docs not understand I
For liana was an artist in an humble unconscious
way and the artist is Natures born disciple He may
make or break other allegiances but to her he is always
j liana had many things to do beside her woodsy
weaving there was the house to sweep and the food
Ho sec to clothes to wash in the tumbling brook and
L bier grandfathers pipe and tobacco box with its mimic
3rujiyama of wistaria ash to set in order against his
Siomccoming Now and then pilgrims or travelers I
would ask if they might rest a while on the polished j
veranda scat and when they did it was not long I
before liana brought out her tray carved like a lotus
leaf and her best blue teacups full of fragrant topaz
colored tea for their refreshment also the second best
tobacco box with pipe and all complete Some offered
money and others thanks for the hospitality but the
thanks were all she would accept Then when they
went on their way she would wish them goodluck and
smile and return to her tasks by the time they stopped
to look hack at her from the last bend of the climbing
I road Once a dainty lady had come in a beautiful
basketwork palanquin followed by a train of servant
She was so pretty and smiling that liana had felt
impelled to make her a present of a hanging basket
in the shape of a young moon with a trail of wild
ivy dropping over its edge and another twined in the
delicate chain from which it was meant to swing and
the lady had said it was lovely and fastened it to the
I inner roof of her litter and she gave Hana in cx
I change a picture book that she had been looking at as
i she journeyed and the book was now one of lianas
greatest treasures She kept it wrapped in a bit of
purple crepe that Kamoyo had given her and when her
work was done she would spread it out on the mat and
tell herself stories about all the pictures Some of them
were portraits of the Emperor and the Imperial family
1 and the very first time she opened it she saw the givers
own face looking at her from one of the pages She
was so unused to the world and its ways that this only
struck her as a most delightful surprise but when
her grandfather came home and she showed him her
treasure he looked quite awestruck and at last told
her she must have made a mistake She shook her
head triumphantly No indeed there was no mistake
The lady in the picture had her hair more grandly
dressed and her robe was not the same but that was
her face and no other 1 It was rather a peculiar face
with the dark hair growing in five deep points round
the brow the eyebrows were unusually arched and the
mouth smiling and there was a quaint dimple at one
corner which the court photographer had caught very
well lianas grandfather fetched his hornrimmed
classes and began to spell out the lettering beneath
Her Imperial Highness the Princess Chiye Takchilo
the cousin of the Emperor I
A few days after the Princess has passed that way
another visitor came to the cottage on the hill This
1 was a young man whom Hana had met two or three
r limes in Kamoyos house for he was a cousin of the
kind shopkeeper and once when IIana had some heavy
t bundles to carry home Kamoyo had suggested that he
should go with her and take the rice bag and the roll
of matting which seemed beyond her strength liana
had laughed at the idea of anything being beyond her
strength but she was glad of the young companionship
nnd Ijima talked so pleasantly and told her such funny
stories that she hoped quite Innocently that he would
soon come again
lie had been with her nearly a week when IIani
came down from the hills for one of her periodical
visits to the village several pretty heads had been ex
ercised about the handsome lad and all manner of
errands invented to bring their owners into the shop a
dozen times a day The country maidens have more
liberty than their sisters in the towns and Matstr
whose father was the innkeeper told her parents frankly
that if she had her way there was the husband for her
But Ijima was not dazzled by her preference or her
prospective fortune
He dldnot want to talk tc Matsu or any other girl
thc were all silly creatures And then Hana the maid of
the woods had conic in with her arms full of her pretty
J wares the soft shadows and sudden sunbeams of the
forest still in her eye and some of its music in has
I voice her feet fell lightly as the leaf from the tree
and in her crown of shining hair a baby pine cone had
been stuck for a pin Her blue and white robe smcllcd
of the mountain flowers and Ijima thought he had
never seen any one so beautiful in his life His big
foolish heart for no heart is over wise at twenty
jumped wildly and then stood still Han had paused
in the doorway the sun behind her framed her in a
golden haze and indeed the girl was a picture of
sweet and happy innocence
She looked shyly at the young man and then Kamoyo
had huttied forward to relieve her of her baskets and
they aWbcRan to talk and Ijima was soon himself
i again Then had come the walk up the hill and the
sight of Hanas forest home Old Sakubci had received
l hirri kindly and thanked him for helping the child
For the next few days Ijimas moods alternated be
tween dreams of ambition and dreams of love When
J the sterner fit was on him he was silent and rather
lordly with good Aunt Kamoyo But in the soft sunset
hour when he would stroll out to smoke his pipe by
the stream that emptied itself into the broad lake then
a remembrance of Hanas sweet face and laughing
ryes would come back to him and the pines reaching
i dOp n long green arms to the water would seem to
sigh her name It was only a pet name after all but
j Ijima had heard her called by no other It meant
t blossoms and must have been made for her alone
f to judge by its fitness
Seen in the light of those about Hana his mental
landscape changed The distant horizons looked less
inviting nearer sweetness more sweet
So it was a foregone conclusion that Ijima should
4 t climb the hill the next morning and knock timidly
at the collage door No one answered him Old
Sakubci was out at work and Hana was sitting at the
foot of her favorite tree looking up into the branches
and wondering what it felt like to have wings Then
there was the sound of a footstep and she turned to
see Ijima standing by her side in his best clothes the
sun shining down through the pine branches on his
kind face and friendly eyes lie had his straw hat in
one hand and with the other was holding out a little
packet of sweets tied with red and white paper strings
to show that it was a present His heart was thump
ing wildly and he felt terribly shy but Hana had no
idea of that
She jumped up quickly and made her best bow her
head going so low that Ijima could see the back of
her smooth sunburnt neck where the hair left it exposed
Then he bowed also and found his tongue sufficiently
to ask after her health and to beg her to accept the
quite unworthy sugar cakes as a present from his
aunt This was a bold untruth for he had robbed
Kamoyos store of the sweets and tied them up himself
It will have to be the farm I said Ijima aloud
feeling that his mind had been made up for him with
out his own corporation and Hana turned and gave
him a puzzled look
What did you say about a farm she asked 1
did not understand
Oh nothing I was thinking of something
else he answered getting rather red II forgive my
rudenes 0 Hana San I and now I will go he added
reaching out for his hat which he had thrown on the
So he went on happy thoughts keeping pace with
young feet and all his ambitions to sec the world for
gotten lianas pretty face had done in a moment
what the good uncles years of lecturing had never
Kamoyo worked rapidly and a great pile of the
fragrant squares was on the counter at her elbow
She looked up at her nephew with a smile but did not
cease from her occupation He came and sat down
close beside her looking so important that she said
i laughing
k What has happened my boy You look as if some
I one had left you a fortune
I wish they had I he cried I have just found
out that I want one Dear aunt I am so glad to find
you alone Listen there is no one here is there
She shook her head and went on impetuously f
must have 0 Hana San for my wife Will you manage
it for me dear clever kind Kamoyo San And he
looked at her very winningly <
But she has no money and you have no money 1
cried Kamoyo in consternation < My dear child tin
will never do Oh why would you not go and see
1 Matsu people when I asked you to There is the
right wife for you 1
The tears were in her eyes for she was much troubled
One cannot always be thinking of money I returned
Ijima impatiently i am sure my uncle will help me
There is a letter from your uncle waiting for you
said Kamoyo suddenly and she rose to give it to him
inwardly hoping that it would recall him to Miyanoshiti <
She knew that the relatives would hold her responsible
tf he made rash
a marriage and what could be more
rash than to fix upon poor little Hana the portionless
maid of the woods A nice child Kamoyo told herself
and in other circumstances well one might have
thought of ill Then she was roused by an exclamation
from her nephew Ijima had been reading his letter
slowly and laboriously but now it had fallen from his
hands and his face was pale
What has happened queried Kamoyo in alarm
They have come to call out the levyofmy year I
he gasped I had forgotten the conscription 1 Then
he hid his face in his hands for a moment and was
quite silent
Poor Tjimai poor lad l I she said and came and stood
beside him and laid liar hand on his shoulder pityingly
I shall have to go he said in a moment looking
up at her with real grief in his face but with something
else there too an expression of resolve that was new
to her Perhaps thAy will let me off I he said I
will try and seem blind deaf lame cveything a soldier
should not be But if it comes to going Hana must
promise to wait for me and I will come back and marry
her when I have served my time 1 swear I will 1 You
must keep her for me aunt no other man shall go near
her promise 1
But I have nothing to do with it I remonstrated
Kamoyo Beside you have not spoken to her grand
father and now you willhave no time It will be all
vou can do to reach Miyanoshita by tomorrow morn
ing It is a long journey
Then I will reach it in the evening he replied
stubbornly for I will not go till I have seen 0 liana
San again 1
Nothing would remove him from that
He came to a sudden standstill when he caught
sight of the cottage at hst There was something un
usual about the aspect of the place The screens were
pushed aside and he saw two peasants in their work
ing clothes standing in the veranda as he came nearer
they turned to look at him and he knew that something
had happened for their faces were grave and frightened
What is it lie cried advancing quickly where is
O liana San The question made them shake their
In there said one pointing to the inner room
with her grandfather He has had a fall
Let me pass I Ijima exclaimed and he rushed by
them into the house
liana dear liana he cried forgetting forms for
getting everything but his great desire to comfort her
do not weep so bitterly Sakubci San was a good
man and his time had come and he has had no sick
ness or pain 1 See dear you are not alone I will
take care of you indeed I will
She did not answer but she seemed quieter and she
left her little cold hand in his so he took heart of grace
and went on Wont you sit up and look at mc Hana
San I have sent for Kamoyo and she will be here
soon and there arc things to do You must not give
way like this Volt tvHo ire always So brave I
Forgive me1 she said I ought not to make you sad
for my grief I will be goodhe said I was always
And the tears started afresh but they were quieter ones
Then he looked into her face and saw that she was
calm enough to listen to him hut he was silent fpr a
moment yet It was so hard not to tell her all that
was in his heart not to speak of the great love that he
felt for her But that must not be now the instinctive
delicacy of his race made him put his own feelings
aside in his deep respect for his little sweethearts
grief She would want no lover today only the kindest
of friends
0 Hana San he began lOr wish I could stay milli
you toto take care of you but when Kamoyo San
comes I must go quickly to Miyanoshita so I cannot
talk with you after this
COP1IlGIlT 190 s
You arc going away she said with a note of dis
may in her voice which was very sweet to him Then
she turned her face away but not before he had seen
the new trouble in it His presence had taken the edge
off her desolation and already she had begun to cling
to him
Oh I would never go if I could help ill he cried
impetuously but they have sent for me Forgive
me for speaking of my unworthy affairs in this sad
moment My heart is breaking for youfor your
honorable grandfather but my day has come to servo
in the army and I must go back to Miyanoshita
directly to be a soldier
Oh no no she exclaimed do not go pray do
not go I Perhaps you will be killed like Matsus
brother last ycarin the warI am afraid for you
Ijima San
She did not try to hide her fears Even now in
the first hours of her grief it seemed a terrible thing
that her only friend should have to face such dangers
I have no choice he answered sadly if I do
not obey I shall be put in prison But there is no war
now and when I come backwhen I come back
Kamoyo San will tell you the rest
Then Kamoyo came toward them She had walked
fast up the hill and was out of breath and terribly
concerned for she was fond of the little maid
Ijima went forward to meet her and told her briefly
what had happened You will take care of her will
you not he pleaded and by and by please please
tell her that r will come back and marry her and she
shall be happy again quite happy I Do not forget
dear Kamoyo San whatever happens I will come back
for her some day And all goodfortune to you
health and goodluck in your house I Goodby good
by Be sure to tell her
Hana was ashamed of her unrestrained grief of the
day before In this quiet hour when once more the
sun was dropping behind the hills a new peace came
over her and she was very still The cottage in
its emptiness seemed already far too large but she
felt her dear old grandfathers presence in some strange
way as she had not felt it when he was lying so cold
and deaf and stark with folded hands and straight
drawn garments before her eyes
HI have given you much trouble Kamoyo San she
aid suddenly and I thank you for all your patience
I will crv no more and I will do that work You
must rest and then go back to your house and your
beautiful shop I fear I have kept you too long
and the children will have missed you so much I
It is nothing that I have done for you 0 Hqna
San a mere pine needle offered with all good will
and my sister has been taking care of the children
But I cannot leave you here alone tonight you
must come down and stay with me
Oh no indeed said the girl quickly you are
too kind and good but I would rather slay here I
am not afraid at all aridand oh I cannot go S3
far away from him yet she added and the tears
came into her eyes in spite of herself
Jit ig quite impossible noor child Kamoyo replied
i you arc a young girl with no one to protect you
JBut there is nothing to lake protested Hana No
0 J J
robbers would trouble themselves to steal our poor
things and they would not have the heart I am sure T
It is not the things said Kamoyo slowly It it
you yourself liana ban You arcwelltoo young
and too pretty to be left alone Come little one there
is no other way Let us change your sad clothes and
make a bundle of your futon for I fear I have no
spare one to lend you and we will shut up the house
and get down to the village before dark
Kamoyo pressed Hanas hand kindly You shall
come back the first thing in the morning if you like
she said
Now the light comes early in the hills and by four
o clock it was whitening the little openings under the
caves which were not covered by the wooden shutters
liana sat up and looked round her in the unfamiliar
room A great longing for her home came upon
her and she rose noiselessly dressed herself and
rolled her blue bedding into a tidy bundle in one
corner It would be graceless return for hospitality to
waken her kind hosts or to leave the house open for
Kamoyos stores to be rifled but she thought she could
slip out by the carthqiakcdoor and close it again
without disturbing anyone The air was hot and
close in the crowded house and she was longing foe
her heritage of the mornings freshness Very gently
carrying her little clogs in her hand she reached the
door which opened on a yard at the back of the
house She found the fastening in the dark and in a
moment she was out in the white freshness of the
Ah how glad she was to leave the house behind and
to take the climbing path On its lower windings the
thought came back to her that Ijima had walked there
by her side csrrying her heavy farings so kindly but
a few days ago Heaven protect him wherever he
went cried her heart not knowing what language it
spoke Then she looked before her and saw that a few
turns more would bring her in sight of the empty
cottage and of that new silent dwelling olace under
the pines where no ministrations of hers would ever
be needed And she turned very pale and sat down
on a stone to recover her strength and to cease tremb
ling before she encountered the sight
She went and stood there for a moment and kneel
ing down touched her forehead on the ground in
silent greeting Then she rose quickly and returned
to the house for her heart was aching and her for
titude scarcely fullgrown as yet
Grandfather dear Grandfather she cried I am all
alone there is no one to tell me what to do Show
me the safe road
Was this the answer A sound of many feet com
ing down the pass litters and porters defiling out on
the broadening path that led to her own door Han
rose in perturbation for they were pausing now then
some order from one of the litters sent them directly
toward her Travelers today of all daysl Then a
pretty face was smiling at her and Princess Chiyc
descended from her palanquin and beckoned to I
to approach Two ladies accompanied her and one
of them came quickly forward and said The Miya
sama wishes to speak to you Musume cornel
liana obeyed trembling a little It was all so sud
den and her thoughts had been of far other things
than princesses and ladiesinwaiting She came and
bowed her head to the ground and waited for the great
visitor to speak
Is it well with you Musume asked the Princess
and have you any pretty baskets to sell me today
liana looked up and answered as politeness com
It is well Condescension My stupidity rejoices at
your Nobilitys coming
The Princess asked Hana to accompany her to her
palace Hana gladly accepted
When all was done she slipped away and knelt a
moment by her grandfathers grave You sent the
Princess Ojii Sm she murmured and I obey you
in going with her Take care of me always I Then she
looked up into the great tree whose branches waved
far up in the sunshine and in her misty pantheism
recommended the dear grave to its care I
As she came toward the house calm and hopeful
fjOitiojos brown face met her coming round a corner I
imdcr the spreading eaves Her eyes were wide with
clJifjht and wonder as Ham told her story
And will you close the house Kamoyo San and take
my futons for the baby 0 Set San says I shall not
need them in the palace And Oh please come up I
sometimes and sec to my grandfathers grave He
wishes me to go I think
Of course of course What golden fortune you
have liana San That beautiful rich Miyasama will
certainly be kind to you I will take care of every
thing till you come back +
O Sei San was receiving New Years visitors in I
her own pretty rooms and Hana had to wait until I
they were gone She had just managed to explain
her wish when the returning carriages were heard
in the courtyard and 0 Sei San had to hurry away
to receive the Princess and assist her to unrobe She
nodded her head to Hana as she ran off and told her I
that she should certainly have the permission she de
sired but it was a surprise to Hana to be called sud I
denly into the Princess presence a few minutes later
Surely there would not yet have been time for her I
message to be delivered I
No the Princess had taken matters into her own
hands She was radiant with pleasure The Emperor
had graciously signified his wish that her husband the
Prince whom Plana had seen but few times and then
in fear and trembling should make a journey to
Europe to attend a royal jubilee and his wife was to
go with him I They would have to start in a few
days antloh yes 0 Sei San was to come in attendance
O Sei San became speechless with delight at this
news and quite forgot her humble rival But the
Princess never forgot anybody I
rI will find you another place Musumc she said
kindly to Hana or perhaps you would like to go home
for a while You look pale and the city docs not I
always suit you mountain children 1
Hana lowed her head to the ground With your
Augustnesss permission she murmured I will go
home for a while to meditate on your benefits and
pray for your safe return II
At last the train set her down at a wayside station
where she engaged a Jinrikisha coolie to carry her and
her possessions over the ten miles that separated her
From the village by the lake He was a goodnatured
sturdy fellow and raced along the country road so
fast that it still wanted an hour of sunset when the
gray temple roof came in sight She called a Mlt
and jumped nimbly out of the little vehicle
Here is your money Kurumaya San she said bpld
inv out the fare now will you please take hose
things to the house of Kamoyo San who keeps the
shop opposite the bath And tell her that I Hana
her unworthy friend will come on foot a little laterj
It would never have struck her to doubt his honesty
IIBut this is love cried Hana with great happy tears
in her eyes who could have loved us sol
Then Ijima was standing before her holding out
his hands in a perfect rapture of greeting I
Hana my Hana he cried is it you and have
you come at last
When he caught her in his arms and her head rested j
safely on his shoulder she knew that she had come
a n

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