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If Simple Treatment of Walls Floors and Furnishings the Secret I
THE day is fast approaching when
private houses will rival hospitals in I
cleanliness and sanitary furnishings We
are beginning to love cleanliness and to
abhor dust and dirt as breeders of dis
ease and discomfort This love of
cleanliness has brought about a change
m our ideas of finishing and furnishing
our houses We are demanding that I
they shall be easily cleaned and we arc
learning that we must have simple things
and simple conditions
The modern housewife has for her
working creed that of William Morris
r Have nothing you do not know to be
useful and think to be beautiful
Lessening tho Drudgery
That creed means less drudgery and
greater enjoyment of life It means that
cozy corners and oriental dens arc no
longer the ideals Stuffiness and stale
r j rJ
it into an open selfrespecting closet
Bare Floors
When carpets become worn and must
be renewed it is a good time to change
to a bare floor and a few rugs The
finishing of the floor is a very simple
matter It may be painted stained oiled
or waxed In either case it should be
cleaned thoroughly all stains removed
and given a coat of filler
If the floor was not made for a car
pet there will probably be cracks which
need filling Putty colored like the
wood is very satisfactory for this If
the boards arc knotty they should be
painted otherwise a transparent finish
may be used
Stains made by paint or varnish arc
easily removed with ammonia but it
should be put on with a brush The
whole floor may be cleansed in this way
> 1
hir arc giving way to clear clean space
for we like to breathe deep these days
This state of affairs helps toward
i good housekeeping for it eliminates
much unnecessary work The task is
never an easy one and even under the
best conditions is bound to become irk
some at times If only those things
which are cither useful or beautiful arc
retained a surprising amount of labor
will be dispensed with A glance about
any house will convince one of this fact
and the restfulness which follows the
banishment of these things will surprise
as well as please
Some things cannot be banished For
instance one may have furniture whose
usefulness is impaired because of the
great weight of the pieces These might
be moved to another room where less
frequent use would diminish the labor
of caring for them or other furnishings
in the room could be simplified
Perhaps the floor could be stained and
rugs used instead of a carpet the
draperies might be made of washable
material If the furniture is upholstered
it could be covered with washable slips
Try to provide something which will be
a direct contrast to the objectionable
Tho Attic and tho Bonfire
The attic and the bonfire arc two allies
of the courageous housewife In the
first she stores things that arc under
suspicion until she feds that her judg
ment is final to the other she assigns
things which arc of no use to anyone
Every house is full of such things
They have been put away at odd times
having lost their first usefulness but
kept in the vague hope that they might
be of use some day It has been neces
sary to handle them and clean them
time and again or else they have lurked
in the dark corner of some kitchen cup
board covered with dust and dirt
By the way what do you think of
removing the front and doors of that
little closet under the sink and making
The ammonia darkens the wood some
what merely oiling with crude oil
olive oil linseed or kerosene gives a
good finish provided a very small
quantity is used and that itis thor
oughly rubbed in and no superfluous
oil left on the floor
Removing Stains
When Summer comes the heavy rugs
and draperies can be taken out and re
ceive a thorough beating and cleaning
Soiled spots can be removed by turpen
tine gasoline alcohol chloroform or
ether When the odor has disappeared
the articles may be covered with clean
newspapers and rolled or folded for
Proper Fashion of Announcing the Event
MANY people who are misinformed
Lrx about social customs or who live
far away from a representative center
of societjvjbecm to be under the impres
sion that me announcement of an en
gagement is a matter which demands
the assembling of friends who arc then
told of the event by some member of the
family of the fair fiancee Nothing
could be further removed from correct
I usage than this idea j nothing could in
l reality be in worse taste than for a
mother or anyone to invite friends for
the purpose of announcing an engage
ment and to tell the news in such a
manner in the presence of the blushing
brideelect while friends exclaim or
evince their surprise or rush forward
to offer congratulations or perhaps feel
embarrassed at being compelled to say
with good grace what is expected of
them I
n The imagination cannot conjure up a
scene more distasteful than this would
be to anyone who possesses a sense of
the fitness of things No it is not the
correct custom to invite friends for any
such purpose nor to make a young girl
a target for congratulations There is ado
and modesty still existing
degree of reserve
isting in modern manners
The proper and dignified way to an
nounce an engagement is very simple
Its very simplicity seems to make it dif
ficult to believe by those who fancy that
etiquette must of necessity be an un
usual or extraordinary tiling The truth
is that etiquette is intended to facilitate
and to simplify life not to complicate it
Etiquette has invariably plenty of com
monsense and good taste about it
Obtaining Parents Content
We will take for granted that a young
man has followed the proprieties in ask
ing the consent of the young girls
father or of her mother if the father is
not living This is in accordance with
his own selfrespect and the respectful
consideration of the parents of his
fiancee He should state in a manly
straightforward way what are his pres
ent circumstances and what are his
prospects of supporting a wife
We will suppose that the parents have
given their approval of the engagement
The next step to be considered is the
announcing of the engagement and in
this matter it is advisable that the event
should be made known soon even
though the marriage may be deferred
for some time although it is optional
whether an engagement is announced
soon after its occurrence or a few
months or very shortly before the mar
riage Circumstances require different I
decisions about these points but under
all circumstances a girl should follow
the judgment and advice of her parents
Announcing the Enpcoment
When the engagement is to be an
nounced the proper thing is for the
young girl to write brief informal notes
to her intimate friends telling them the
news Her mother writes to older
friends and to members of the family
although it is an attention much appre
ciated by older persons if a girl herself
takes the trouble and thought to write
to them instead of delegating the duty
to her mother
In any case there should be no fail
the other to
ure on the part of one or
write to those who are supposed to be
interested in the event they may be
deeply offended if forgotten It is of
course not the custom to write to mere
packing They should then be wrapped
several times with newspapers
The odor of printers ink is not agree
able to moths and one can afford to be
generous with papers Be careful that
they arc whole and that the openings
of one wrapping are covered by the
next paper Be sure thai no moths arc
in the goods when packed Before pack
ing furs clean them by wiping with
a soft cloth dipped in alcohol or cologne
Varying tho Wall Decorations
Changing pictures from one room to
another gives a pleasing variety and
keeps the wall paper from becoming
faded in spots Many persons like to
pack away the greater part of their
bricabrac bringing out only a few
pieces at a time and enjoying each piece
Those who know say that a mantel
piece should be used either to hold
necessities or to display treasures Ob
viously in the first instance it is allow
able to crowd the shelf but in the lat
ter case not more than three or four
choice pieces are proper
The ideal bedroom has received much
attention lately Preference is given to
walls tinted in watercolors or painted
in oils picture molding and pictures arc
absent the floor is bare the rugs light
and easily handled matting and the
beautiful ra carpet rugs shown in large
stores are iavpntcs
Draperies arc simple and washable
None but absolutely necessary furniture
is provided Windows have cither Vene
tian blinds giving an agreeable light
and admitting the air while excluding
the sun or Holland shades arc placed
one on cither sash instead of a single
one on the casing They are never ex
posed to wind or weather and interfere
in no way with ventilation The bed
stands well out into the room
XTso of Cleansers
It seems needful to say a word about
cleansing agents Liquids like gasoline
alcohol ether and chloroform vaporize
almost instantly and the vapor ignites
at once if a flame is near They should
> iVtcr be used near a flame always in a
strong current of air and preferably out
of doors
Even there fatal burns have been re I
ceived caused by the friction of rubbing
I = =
silk wet in gasoline No article should
be put away until all odor of the cleanser
has disappeared Serious consequences
have been known to result from using
gasoline on carpets and then closing
doors and windows
Gasoline used out of doors in cold
weather injures the hands the rapid
evaporation and low temperature cause
the skin to become thick and leathery
and months of care arc necessary to re
store it to normal condition
Sometimes it seems that only the
necessities of living arc allowable or at
least very few luxuries This is espe
cially true where the home is brightened
by little ones
acquaintances The ypung mans
mother writes to the members of his
family connection and the young man
himself writes to a few of his men
friends or may speak to them of his
good fortune
All of the notes arc sent out by post
and sent simultaneously At least the
family of the young girl should take the
initiative in the matter it being under
stood that a young man and his family
are not at liberty to tell of the engage
ment until it has first been made known
by the family of his fiancee
Receiving Congratulations I
In the notes written by the young girl
and her mother it is allowable to men
tion a certain afternoon near at hand
when they will be at home very in
formally if friends wish to call Friends
usually hasten to offer their good wishes
or they send notes of kindly congratula
tions Often they send flowers It is
a fashion to send a pretty gift a cup
and saucer or a spoon but not obliga
tory to do so
The parents of the bridegroomelect
should call first on the brideelect and
her mother After the visit is returned
it is in rdcr for hospitalities to be ex
changed between the two families Din
ners theater parties and other enter
tainments are given for the young couple
by their f ends
Congratulate tho Groom
The custom is for friends to con
gratulate a man on his engagement and
to wish happiness to a girl It is a mis
take to use the word congratulate
speaking to the young girl of her en
gagement One would say something
of this sort I am so interested to hear
the news or III wish you every happi
ness but to a man one would say III
congratulate you on your good fortune
One would try to say something cordial
or expressive of admiration about the
person chosen
If the parents and sisters of the young
man live at a distance they should has
When the Children are Small
It will probably be best when chil
dren arc small and time limited to put
aw y ones best china because a nick
or crack cannot be borne patiently
Cheaper china that is dainty and pretty
and easily replaced if broken will save
much friction and worry
A great amount of trouble comes to
the little woman who loves spotless table
linen A whole meal has been spoiled
for everyone because of one luckless spot
Why not try lining doilies When once
the table is oiled or waxed it is no
trouble to keep in order and doilies are
less trouble than tablecloths to launder
As soon as old enough each child
should have some share in the house
work The task should be simple and
something he can do well It should
never be Such as to fret or overwhelm
the child and the reward should He
mothers praise and not money It is
only fair to allow him as much time for
his very own as he spends legitimately
in housework
Childrens Room
Older boys and girls are sure to have
a craze for collecting things and take
the greatest pleasure in arranging this
collection in their own rooms This
desire should be respected and en
couraged The countless decorations
mean an immense amount of labor to
keep in good order but a bargain should
be made
Girls should be allowed to decorate
exactly as they please provided they take
care of their ownj rooms The same
privilege should be granted to boys pro
vided they give some service in return
for the care of their rooms
The dinin room admits of any selec
tion of set furniture but as far as pos
sible have everything in harmony with
the woodwork of the room If the
decorations are red do not use a ma
hogany dining set but one of weathered
oak Old blue or orange or green arc
perhaps the best setting for mahogany
In choosing a table I confess I am par
tial to a round one which will always
be in good taste A sideboard should
never be elaborate A simple buffet
with a china cabinet and a small serving
table is in much better taste I
If there is a small room for a cozy
room or den there could be nothing
more appropriate than the Mission style
of furniture The walls should bc
decorated in warm rich color and with
the selection of furniture offered in
Mission styles will fill every need
Furnishing tho Bedroom
In selecting furniture for bedrooms
avoid that which is clumsy and heavy
Metal beds perfectly sanitary can be
procured in graceful designs and dainty
colors Dressers should be made so
that they can easily be moved and they
should set up high enough from the
floor to allow sweeping and dusting
ten to write to the brideelect and try
to welcome her with cordiality into their
family His mother may invite her to
make a visit to their home so that all
may learn to know one another
A girl should be particular not to
accept an invitation from the unmarried
sisters unless the mother has already
written inviting her to visit them The
mother is the head of the family and it
is her duty to fulfil the obligations of
her position It is advisable always to
bear this in mind
ONE of my correspondents who has
passed her threescore years of life
has written asking me directions to im
prove her skin saying Notwithstand
ing my years I wish to look as well
as I I can This should be the desire
of everyone regardless of age One
ought look as well as possible not
because of vanity but because it adds
much to his or her value as a member
of society But the greater reason is
that the care for personal beauty in
volves as a general thing an added
amount of health of body and mind
Women as they grow older too often
become more and more negligent of
their appearance Mothers with the in
creasing cares of a family arc apt to
pay so little attention to their person
that they arc actually untidy Some
often practice selfdenial and spend
money on the children but neglect to
clothe themselves becomingly
With hard work and lack of means it
becomes wellnigh a heroic feat to keep
up decent appearances yet I have seen
it done and the results of the effort
Bedroom chairs should be comfort
able and should include one with a
straight back that can be used in front
of a dressing table when doing the hair
adjusting collars and arranging the little
things that make a womans toilet com
plicated A low rocker is very restful
and has the added advantage of making
it easier to change shoes
In this room as in all others the
carpet should be enough heavier in color
to give a ground effect In the choice
of materials for draperies in sleeping
rooms upholsteries and pillow covers
select the inexpensive and dainty cotton
materials as they arc crvsily laundered
The bathroom fixtures should have
heavy nickel trimming and there should
be an abundance of clean linen con
venient and easy of access It is a
good thing where there arc several
members in a family to have nickel rods
Ifovor Bo Unchupcroned
Etiquette is very strict in its rules
during an engagement It is against all
the laws of propriety for the young
couple to go on a journey even for a
few hours without a chaperon or to go
alone to theaters or parties or to drive
alone in the evening or on unfrequented
country roads A girl cannot be too
careful in observing all the laws laid
down for her conduct Parents are
sensible who do not allow young people
to disregard the conventionalities
Care of Hair and Skin Essential
have paid in the increased courage of
the mind in battling with adverse cir
cumstances and in the effect it has on
the family
Time wreaks itself upon the hair and
skin of a woman It is a characteristic
of the hair of some families to turn gray
very early even between twentyfive and
thirtyfive The hair begins to show
silver threads as a rule between thirty
five and forty and from then on to
gradually become more and more gray
about the temples and forehead until
between fortyfive and fifty it is often
uniformly white except at the back
which docs not turn completely white
for years
Do Hot Try to Bettore Gray Hab
it is a mistake for the elderly to dye
the hair The tone of the complexion
will quarrel with any other tint of hair
than that which Nature furnishes and
the result in a majority of cases is to
make the person who colors the hair
look much older I am often asked
about walnut juice sage tea or ordinary
for money alone is to be charged with
the greatest atrocities ever perpetrated
in the name of household decoration
The new home necessarily stands as
a skeleton which is to be clothed with
the vestments of our choosing j whether
they shall be grave or gay artistic or
inartistic lies wholly with the judicious
selection of the occupant
It is not a difficult thing to have
artistic homes attractive interiors pro
vided we approach the problem in a
systematic way with a welldefined
plan and even a moderately filled purse
Tho Importance of tho Walls
The first thing to be considered is
the walls of the room for they furnish
the keynote for the color scheme of the
apartment This is natural because the
wall presents the largest surface it is
the thing upon which the eye rests at
once upon entering the room We may
be attracted later by some article some
person some thing but first of all the
eye will rest upon the wall surface The
i J
r v hr a 9
0 n n 1
for each individual to save the con
fusion in the use of towels
Simplicity tho Koynoto
The evolution of house furniture is
still going on and after a period of
elaborate designing and the use of tons
of wood in construction the simplcf
styles of our ancestors arc the most
popular today It is not a step back
ward by any means but a recognition
that our forefathers knew the principles
of comfort and adornment and pro
duced many masterpieces in artistic
Mere money is not a safe guide in the
finishing and the furnishing of a home
softer the more harmonious the sur
face the better the impression will be
so the first thing to do in decorating the
new home or redecorating the old is
to take up the matter of walls seriously
The color scheme of a room depends
upon many things but most of all upon
the frontage whether it be north or
south cast or west Again it depends
on the use of the room whether it is
to he a livingroom a bedroom or a
nursery or a combination of all three
The site of the room enters into the
equation and finally the nature and the
trim of the standing woodwork
North rooms and the cast rooms require
quire warm mellow colorscolors that
tea for staining the hair All these
give the hair a faded look and should
not be used As the hair grows rom
a half an inch to an inch a month the
roots show in a very few days the
difference between the natural and arti
ficial coloring so that one becomes a
slave in keeping the color the Same all
the time
Since it is not possible to prevent the
hair from turning gray it is fortunate
that we live at a time when gray hair
is fashionable and its bccomiucncss1 is
appreciated Great care should betaken
of the hair by the woman who is ad
vancing in life In old age the hearts
action is less vigorous and the heart
has less power to drive the blood to the
tiny capillaries of the scalp and the skin
for this reason the hair follicles are not
sufficiently nourished the hair becomes
poor in quality and much of it falls out
never to return This can be prevented
by a little daily care
Keep the Scalp Healthy
Be sure and keep the scalp loose upon
the skull which can be done by moving I
the scalp up and down on the under
lying bony framework with the tips of
the fingers These movements at the
me time will bring the blood into the
I minute blood vessels Scalp massage
by one skilled in it is of course very
I beneficial but my readers often live re
mote from the large cities where such
services can be obtained and it is after
all the daily care which tells Going
over the scalp from two to three min
utes night and morning when dressing
the hair will do a great deal to keep
the hair and scalp in good condition
A stimulating hair tonic one contain
ing quinine will be useful and if the
hair is dry and thin apply to the roots
some crude yellow vaseline Above all
keep the hair clean Nothing looks
worse than dirty faded white hair To
remove the yellow look rinse the white
hair in bluing water of the blueness
that you would use in rinsing white
clothes I
create an impression of sunshine that
seem to bring a ray of additional light
and warmth into the room South and
west rooms require modified colors
colors that will tone down the glaring
sunlight and give a soft cool and rest
ful appearance
A room that is to be used for general
purposes must certainly have a color
that suits all purposes a color that has
general utility and is of a solid matt
surface that is not easily soiled yet is
sufficiently dainty in tone to reflect light
and still furnish a suitable background
for pictures bricabrac and furniture
The woodwork of a room naturally
must be included in the color scheme
If the woodwork is natural pine var
nished a yellow wall could not be tol
erate but a soft brown or a light tan
would harmonize with it delightfully
Enameled white woodwork calls for
blues tans light greens and dainty wall
colors Mahogany calls for the deeper
greens rich browns and so on down
the chromatic scale
Having chosen the color scheme the
next decision is the material with which
to secure it and the question what shall
we use to produce this color becomes
The Passing of Wall Paper
There was a time to which we all
hark back when without question we
purchased wall paper It seemed the
only possible material to use and we
pasted it on the wall pulled it off again
and repasted more without a thought
of anything better but the better taste
today has abandoned the use of wall
paper because of its unsanitary effects
as well as its inartistic appearance
Wall paper is unsanitary because it is
porous being nothing more than a
cheap absorbent paper colored with poi
sonous cheap inks pasted on the wall
with vegetable paste which soon sours
and always furnishes a lodging place t
for all kinds of undesirable insects
Wall paper is inartistic in itself because
it is not a true expression of that which
is best in art being merely a printed
imitation of another s work
The soft velvety tunings aro the ideal
materials to use on the walls but care
must be taken that the tinting material
chosen is the best one to use The hot
water calcimines arc invariably unsat
isfactory disappointing and ineffectual
for they crackle on the wall rub off and
fade The smallest tack driven in the
wall breaks off a piece of the tinting
three times as large as the tack just
because of the glue with which the cal
cimine is stuck to the wall
The best class of colorings are made
from a natural cement and are mixed
with cold water completely eliminating
all the undcsirablcf caturcs just spoken
of As in many other cases the best I in
these is not really expensive for one
package will cover three hundred square
feet of surface in a satisfactory manner
at an expense of less than two cents a
square yard They do not fade will not
rub off and arc always durable and ex
ceedingly artistic I
Dressing Gray Hair
Take great pains in dressing the hair
becomingly It is a mistake to strain
the hair back from the face Gray hair
should be soft and fluffylooking about
the face
Caring for the Skin
The skin of the hands and face show
the effects of time because of its ex
posure to the winds and elements while
the skin of the other parts of the body
remains soft and white The constant
washing and the use of harsh soaps
will wrinkle and wither the skin The
skin needs to have the oil of which it is
thus deprived restored to it
Cold cream should be used plentifully
for the hands and the face The tend
ency to the growth of hairs about the
face becomes greater with the advance
of years and one is in fear of promoting
the growth of these wilh the use of oils
Use therefore the veg table oils olive
or almond oil to which add the spirits
of camphor in the proportion of one
part of camphor to eight of the oil
All the functions of the body arc apt
to be less active after fifty and the skin
will not do its part as well therefore it
should be stimulated by frequent warm
or hot baths Cold baths lower the
vitality and should be taken less fre
quently if at all Alcohol baths arc
good for the skin If they arc too dry
ing mix with an equal part of sweet oil
Discolorations of the skin frequently
occur coming on the forehead the sides
of the checks and especially upon the
backs of the hands These can be re
moved by the Use of colorless iodine
Paint the spots with it night and morn
ing unless the skin becomes too irri
tated when the applications should be
made less frequently Lemonjuice ap
plied daily for some time will remove l
these discolorations if they are not too
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