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From Our Now York Dramatic Corro
HAT you can never tell what
THAT can do till you do It Is nn
axiom that has had wido ap
plication to tho stage If dur
I Ing the early part of his career som
f ono had told Frank Doane tho famous
straight comedian character actor and
comic opera singer that he would ono
day lead tho American stage as a por I
trayer of a black face role Doanc would
have questioned the stability of his In
formers mind
Tot that Is what ho Is now doing In
t Now York city though ho will not
continue In this line of work except as
his present engagement requlros
Primarily a straight comedian at the
outset of his stage Ufo Doane had ho
been composed of ordinary fiber would
have been compelled to follow his
original line of work to the exclusion
of all others But early In his pro
fessional work critics and managers
realized that his abilities oxtended
over wldo range that his limitations
I were abnormally few and they pre
dicted for him a career of wide di
versity as regarded tho roles he would
successfully enact For onco the
critics and managers were right And
today having appeared In farce
straight comedy and musical comedy
t having ranged from burlesque and Im
personations on the New York theater
roof etc to serious drama as In
Merely Mary Ann with Eleanor
i I Robson Doano has won tho right to
be considered tho most vcrsaUle actor
on tho American stage Now In the
black faco rolo of Chlckorcc a leading
character in The Beauty Spot at tho
I Herald Square theater New York
Doano Is writing another luminous
l pago In his lilslor for the New York
t critics have not hesitated to describe
him as making Chlckorco tho most ef
fective male role In the production
Doano a Groat Artist
Like Willis P Swcntnam who made
his reputation In the well known black
faco role In Tho County Chairman
with Maclyn Arbuckle Doane demon
strates as Chlckoreo that a black face
depiction can bo mado highly artistic
In fact successful solely because of
I Its artistry IIo has disabused tho
I public mind that the black faco art Is
an Inferior medium of dramatic ex
pression Tho fact that ho was cast
for this part Illustrates tho Importance
that tho managers of tho play attached
to tho role
Every man In his time plays many
J parts true but whether actor or ordi
nary citizen It Is not for many of us
I to equal Doancs record of picturing
r over 200 characters Ho was seen In I
150 different roles during his three I
years engagement as leading come
dian for Georgo Hollands Girard Av
i enuo theater Philadelphia
Manager Palmers Prediction
I c Doane a Canadian has spent almost
f all of his theatrical life In tho United
States After engagements as leading
comedian with Nclllo McHenry and
Nate Salsburys company he went with
various farce comedy companion In tho
same capacity Later tho Tho Mi
kado managers looked about for a
capablo man for tho rolo of Koko
They decided on Doane and ho mado
so decided an Impression that tho late
A M Palmer tho noted producing
manager described him as the great
comlq opera star of the future It Is
Interesting to note that It was In The
Mikado that tho lato Richard Mans
i field scored his first big stage suc
± cess and It was Palmer who secured
tho engagement for Mansfield at a
p tlmo when Mansfield had barely a dol
l larAfter
f After his success In Tho Mikado
Doano wont with Barry and Fay In tho
first production of McKennaa Flirta
tion and later starred for a season In
farco comedy Hie next ongagcm9nt
was that with tho stock company at
the GIrard Avcnuo theater Philadel
phia It was that engagement that
proved tho comedians versatility
After that Edward Harrlgan engaged
Donna to take Johnny Wilds place for
a summer tour to tho Pacific coast
which gavo him his first experience In
black faco parts
Next ho starred for two years In
Pawn Ticket No 210 and then was
engaged by Charles Frohman for two
or three productions notably Danger
field 05 with Miss Annie Russell
Played With Mabello Gilman
Do no next played tho leading light
comedy part In Hotel Topsy Turvy
at tho Herald Square theater New
York From there he wept to the New
York theater and appeared In The
Giddy Throng The Kings Carnival
The Hall of Fame etc und was very
successful In burlesques of Richard
Mansfield John Drew Leslie Carter I
and William Norris Then camo tho
production of The Mocking Birdi
with Mabello Gilman and with the Ca
nadian In a prominent part For
Eleanor Robson ho created the part oV
Mr Peter who was the author of the I
famous song Kiss Mo Good Night
Dear Love In Merely Mary Ann
Henry W Savago later secured Doanc
for his production of Woodland and
ho created the part of General Rooster
appearing In the Costume of a gigantic
Engaged to create tho part of Lord
Battersby In Coming Thro the Rye
That play say Doanc holds the
American theatrical records as It
played two weeks o packed business
In Providence R L
Scored In The Gay White Way
Following Coming Thro the Rye
Doane was engaged by tho Shuberta to
create tho part of Fanny Hackcttsham
In The Gay Whit Way scoring very
heavily In tho song Arent You the
Girl I Met at Sherrys
Familiar with his long record of
hits tho managers of The Beauty
Spot Comstock and Gest were not
dilatory in offering Doano a contract
011 his own terms and tho success
registered by the tuneful colorful play
evidences tho wisdom of the managers
for Is not the tuneful Chickorce distinctly
inctly a part of the color of tho pro
The success of Doane In his present
role Is partly duo to his remarkable
black face makeup It Is so lifelike
that many visitors to tho Herald
Square theater believe him to bo ac
tually a negro He says that this
result IK obtained by using the most
lifelike color but what this color that
ho uses Is composed of many performers
formers would glvo much to know
Doano refuses to divulge the secret
and It Is generally believed among
theatrical people that he has a formu
1 a of his own discovery
The Candy Shop
Tho Candy Shop at the Knlckcr I
bockor theater Is a summer show with
a present as well as a future
By George V Hobart S the well known
humorIst and playwright lyrics and
IB again very much In evidence this season The
Ty Cobbs big black bat
the ball as hard as or in fact harder than ever
big Detroit slugger Is awaiting
In a recent game Cobb made four lilts and stole three bases V
music by John Golden Tho Candy
Shop Is punctuated by various spe
cialties that display considerable tal
ent I
The first act suggests a famous Now
York bonbon headquarters Then I
again tho front scone immediately I
lance 2OOV Is held Jointly by Star
Pointer and Minor Heir Tho last
named horse mado It last fall In Lex
ington Ky when ho beat The Eel the
wonderful gray horse bred In Deer
field Mich and owned by a Canadian
turfman Dan Patch was taken from
regular racing before he showed abil
ity to step that fast in company with
his own but ho has been so many
miles bolter than two minutes that It
is thought tho pair can shade tho two
mlnuto mark on the track like that at
the Michigan state fair grounds
Gotch Champion Vrostler
To Judgo from tho easy manner In 1
which Frank Gotch tho worlds cham I
pion wrestler has defeated his oppo
nent since his return tram abroad It
la doubtful If there Is a mat artist
living today who Is capable of taking
the title away from him In a contest
with the posslblo exception of Hack
cnschmidt tho Russian Lion
Whllo Gotch was abroad Yusuf
0 QJ14
r z i tfJ a 4a
following Isn frank hint of a well
advertised string of stores But the
story und show girls drift away from
candles to Coney Island by 10 oclock
and then William Rock and Maude
Fulton arc given opportunities to In
troduce their vaudeville stunts while
It Is about as the holo In tho dough
Tho Turk was credited with almost
as much strength as Hackenschmldt
Ho was put down as a real wrestler
after he had disposed of the best men
throughout the country and the fans
who went to see what was expected
to bo tho greatest match the world
has ever seen got a lemon
At no tlmo was Gotch In danger Ho
forced tho fighting and used tho Iden
tical hold In the second fall that
brought tho broad shoulders of tho
challenger to tho canvas and showed
tho Turk to lie In a different class en
llrcly from Frank Gotch His most
recent bout was with Dr Roller tho
Seattlo Wash physician wrestler
boxer etc whom Gotch defeated
without any difficulty
Walsh Deserved an Increase
There certainly must bo something
In the chargo recently made that the
American league clubs do not pay tho
salaries to their stars that the Na
tional league clubs pay to theirs Take
tho caso of Pitcher Ed Walsh of the
Chicago club for Instance The latter
was the last member of the American
league holdout club to sign his con
tract and Join his team Early In tho
year Walsh declared ho would not
pitch for tho WhIto Sox unless ho re
ceived an increase This President
Comlskcy refused to glvo until tho
season was nearly three weeks old
and then only because Walshs great
work was missing
Until throo years ago Walsh never
showed any ability as a twirler that
would give him the right to demand
a fat salary In 190C by his great work
In tho box ho materially aided tho
White Sox In winning the pennant On
good authority It is stated that ho drew
only 2100 at that time In 1007 lit
drew an Increase one last year It Is
said that ho drew 3COO Last season I
Walsh pitched nearly half the games I
In which his club took part and won
nearly half tho victories credited to his
tqam The feat of capturing forty
games I In a race like last years Ameri
can league struggle was a wonderful
ComhVkcy made a mint of money last
year because Ills club was always up
In the race and In tho fight for the
Had Chicago not been a pennant
I possibility throughout the JCl on Iho
emerging from tho sldeshoiv between
tho bleats of tho barker
Louise Dresser as a Widow
Before then Louise Dresser has
mado her appearance as a widow
making a winning triplet with tho
Big Boom In Harness Racing Game
Wrestler Gotch In Class by Himself
Pitcher WaIshLangfords Ambition
T ing this year will bo over
shadowed by the perform
ances of the harness horses
Adverso legislation In many states
particularly New York and California
has put tho fiat runners in tho back
ground The value has fallen off to
an alarming degree In tho harness
field things arc different Many new
stakes are to bo run off and the
purses aro to bo much more valuable
than In former years Dates for fhe
grand circuit show all sorts of special
features to please tho crowds In De
troit Sept 9 there will bo a mile
match raco between Dan Patch lrB5
and Minor Heir 159x as a feature
of the Michigan state fair In an effort I
to make new time for the route
The worlds race record for tho dls
Mahmout tho Bulgarian and his nu
merous press agents were hurling
challenges right and left t tho cham
pion Many stories were printed of
his wonderful strength speed and clev
erness He was touted as tho man
who would surely make Gotch bite tho
dust Mahmout met and defeated sev
eral wrestlers with apparent ease dur
ing the champions absence After
each bout these wily press agents sent
stories abroad of Muhmouts prowess
Finally Golchs friends persuaded him
to como back and meet the Turk
Shortly after tho champion returned
the pair were matched and tho bout
was pulled oft In Chicago
What Gotch did to Mr Mahmout Is
now history Ho actually handled tho
big Bulgarian as If ho were a more
Infant and when the first fall came
the sultans subject was in a state ol
1 jwlldcrment and It took several min
utes for his assistants to bring him to
tho realization that he had been
thrown that his brawny shoulders had i
been forced to the mat a thing which
no opponent ho has met since his ar
rival In this country has been able to
accomplish I
The recent bout was much tho same
case as when tho Russian Lion
Hackenuchmldt came across tho pond
with tho idea that he would easily do
teat the American It Is needless to
relate the Httlo burlesque performance
which he put up
The Russian hail been given credit
with possessing possibly tho greatest
strength of any man In tho world
ThJ nmy hnvo been true but strength
without tho knowledge of how to usa
Gotch and Hack to Meet Again
Gotch and Hackcnschmldt arc to
meet again This timo tho bout will
bo In Australia next November The
champion has announced that ho
wants ono more bout with tho Rus
sian Lion and win or loso ho will then
retire from tho mat
If tho pair meet again Gotch should
repeat Hackenschmldt at the present
tlmo is not tho same wonderful Rus
sian Lion of five years ago Hack un
like many other famous athletes be
lieves In hard training whether he has
a bout on or not It was this method
of training that caused him to be
stale In tho contest with Gotch last
Gotch on tho other hand has un
proved GO per cent slnco then and la
now stronger more clover and more
tricky than over So anxious was the
title holder to meet Hack while he
was abroad that ho offered his rival
twothirds of a purso that a London
club announced It would give for a
bout between tho pair
coin would have not como In so fast
at the gates Tho one man who mado
this possible was Ed Walah He kept
tho Sox In tho raco Walsh asked
C500 for this year and If his con
tract calls for this amount he Is cheap
at the price Without him tho Chicago
team would bo out of tho running No
doubt the wlso Comiskcy realized thIs
and met tho pitchers demands
Walsh was wlso to demand more
money when his services arc so valu
able Ho Is liable to throw out his
arm almost any old time and then its
a good bot that the Chicago club wont
pension him on tho work ho used to do
Langfords Ambition
Sam Langford lie hard hitting col
ored heavyweight pugilist of Boston
who is now In London Is about to
start a campaign for recognition As a I
starter Sam Is to take on tho now
English heavyweight champion Ian
Hague before tho National Sporting
club of London May 21 Hague re
cently knocked out Gunner Molr and
British sportsmen who aro In a posi
tion to judge declare that ho would
prove the master of Tommy Burns If
they ever met
Langford however docs not think
that he will havo much trouble han
dling Hague and that ono of his left
hooks or right hand swings will bowl
him over for the count of ten When
Langford finishes with Hague ho will
In caso of victory of course seek a
malch with Joo Jeannette who re
cently slopped Sam McVey In tho for
tyeighth round of a great bout In
Onco that Jcannotta Is cleared from
his path Langford will formally chal
lenge Johnson and claim the title If
tho Texan sidesteps him Langford
by ho way Is ono o the few fighters
who does carry a press agent and
who lias no desire for theatrical en
gagements Langford Is a fighter pure
and simple and may soma day cause a
big upset In tho pugilistic situation
Two New Cups Given For Ocean Race
Starting From New York Juno 5
Believing In giving yachtsmen plenty
of time to think over a good proposi
tion tho committee In charge of the
coming sailing race from New York to
Bermuda Issued the conditions for tho
long contest recently and entries may
now be made up to May 15 Last year
tho race was started from Marblehead
but tho event will start this season
June 5 at 10 oclock oft tho Atlantic
Yacht clubhouse at Sea Gate N Y
Six boats started last year fr6m Mar
blehead In view of the Increasing in I
terest that is being taken in ocean
cruising and racing it is expected that
at least double this number will cross
the line off Sea Gate in June
Two new cups have Just been offered
George S Rink of the Now York Yacht
club and owner of the schooner Mar
garet offers a trophy for the smallest
class while Robert T Dorumus of tho
Atlantic Yacht club and owner of the
schooner Lasco offers a cup for the
Class B boats Both of those yachla1
men will undoubtedly he In the race
Provided there arc sufficient entries
thuro will bo four classes as follows
A over 30 foot B 90 feet and under
C 70 teat and under D fiO feet and
under Tlmo allowance will bo based
widow of A Trip to Chinatown and I
The Merry Widow of city and ham
let We have had our fill of widows off
late thanks to the Franz Lahar opera
but Mlsa Dressers widow In beauty
fascination and melody like Abou Ben
dhom leads al th rest Her two
songs The Comedy Kid and Mr i
Othello wero tho hits of tho first
night I
After several brisk and breezy dances
by shopgirls matinee rrls nd other I
girls Annie Ycamans acquires a de
lightful jag from a box of brandied I
chocolato creams Florence Morrison
and Frank Lalor stir laughs with a
comedy duct Anglo Wcimers and Lil
lian Rice scoro as alimony sisters
Suo and Settle A camel and real
Chinamen stroll across the stage
Mile Leo executes a passcul while
wcarlnc a pretty blond wig Eva
Frances flits about prettier than the
proverbial picturesand well The
Candy Shop which can be kept fresh
every hour will probably keep open
all summer
7J Jthz
Author of Lady Janes Pa Has Long
Career 1
Miss Edith Ellis author of Mary
Janes Pa has been Identified with
tho stage since she was seven years
old Beginning as a child she played
a wide rangeof parts and finally es
tablished her own company during tho
season of 19012 when she produced a
number of standard plays During the
following season sho played with her
company at tho Criterion theater In
Brooklyn and it was during thla en
gagement that she was threatened
with arrest suit and other legal action
by Paul M Potter I
Mr Potter had dramatized Ouldas i
Under Two Flags for stage purposes
The book was not copyrighted and
Miss Ellis decided to make a dramatl
on ortyflve minutes to tho foot for
tho full course the distance being 070
nautical miles No restriction Is placed
on either the number or character of
the crew but the navigator must be an
So high Is tho belief of tho Wagcn
hals i Kemper company that they
have mado another find In The
zatlon of the story cliffcronttnMr
Potters Against thq latter play
wrights protestations sho did so Mr
Potter threatened arrest and other
legal action but Miss ElUs persisted In
her Intention and maintained her posi
tion by producing play and appear
ing In tho leading role of Clgnrotto
with great success It was tho first
performance of Under Two Flags In
Mary Janos Pa was sent through
the malls unsolicited to Henry W
Savage Miss Ellis wai acquainted
with no one In the Savage office and
her play passed through tho usual
channels followed by manuscripts from
unknown authors Tho fact that It
was accepted and produced under
these circumstances is a strong argu
ment by Illustration against tho oft re
peated statement that playwrights can
not dispose of their varcs except
through Influence or reputation Tho
play was at first called Portia Per
kins Editor as It wa thought the
leading part was the womans Its
title was changed to 1 Take This
Man under which it was first pro
duced When Henry E DIxcy was
given tho leading role It was rcbaptlzod
Mary Janos Pa
Goacchlno Puccini composer of La
Boheme Is very fond of the sea and
spends several months of every year
at a lazy little Tuscan watering place
called Vlarcgglo Now Viarcgglo al
though it numbers somo fifteen thou
sand souls during the summer months
Is decidedly primitive
One day that Mr Puccini was
awaiting some very Important mall he
betook himself to the pootofilcc a lit
tle after S30 oclock to mako sure of
being first In line when the dellverv
booth opened at 9 oclock The com
poser Is u man of nervous tempera
ment and when the little window n
malncd closed after 9 oclock he b
gan to get Irascible then as the hr td
of lilt clock proceeded to crawl are i
to 916 930 and then 945 he R d
ually worked himself Into a prr c
paroxysm of fury
It was nearly 10 oclock wh
smiling young man camo In win
a gay popular air and bcamli
the long string of Impatient w jI
wished them Good morning ntf
passed Into the Inner office Forau Ii
ho could bo heard behind the partiMoi
moving things about and whtotlin
cheerfully then the panel fiijall
swung aside with a bang
Before the window while with rage
watch In hand stood Puccini
Do you see the time sir he thun
dered trying to annihilate the clerk
with a look
Nodding pleasantly and In no way
disturbed tho young man answered
Ton after 10 Mr Puccini and let
us thank the good Lord thathe has
allowed us to reach this hour unharm
ed Heres your mall
Rllllc Burke who Is now appearing in
London In Love Watches will not
continue In the British capital later
than July owing to tho fact that
Charles Fiohman plans to send tho en
tire company from London direct to
San Francisco In August The latter
part of July and the first weeks of Au
gust will probably be devoted to get
ting a running start for the jump of
6500 miles
William Faversham is going to play
Orestca next season The English
version of the famous Greek play will
bo made by Richard Le Galllenne The
production will ho made at special
matinees and Massenets music will
bo used performed by Walter Dam
rosch and his Symphony orchestra
Robert Hllliard Is continuing In A
Fool There Was Liberty theater New
York I
Whirlpool i the now play they are
about to produce that they have sign
ed a contract with the author Maxi
milian Foster for everything ho writes
In the next two years Eugene Walter
who was tho first find of these man
agers thiehaving brought out his
Paid In Full has agreed that his new
play for them will be ready the first
of the coming year and will be pro
duced at once
recent has been the
One of tho biggest surprise In tho prlo ring of years
excellent form displayed by Young Corbett In his recent battles Corbett today
Is nearer to the weight and form of Ills championship days than no has boon
nthsiGorb tt liiis rant and
In tho last six m
at any tlmo In tho last five years
defeated seven clever lightweight When ho started rigorous training he
weighed 162 pounds and nov hla fighting weight Is 138 pounds

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