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Ind Phone two rlngoNo 58
c Boll Phone two rings No 56
Ind Phone one ringNo 50
Bell Phona one HnflNo 58
You know and we all know that
W L Douglas 350 and 100 shoos
J are bettor than any 500 and GOO
1 chocs of any other make For salo
at Tho Palace Good Clothes Store
1 2SO 25th street
Rock Springs Kemtneror Castlo
Gto Anthracite and Coko M L
f Jjnea Coal Co
j EZMoney KellyMoney to loan on
1 any good real estate < > eo J Kelly
Charles Zicmor William C Hunter
W J Lindsay Lars Hansen James
i PJngroo Simon S Jensen Louis Bit
I ton and Preston A Blair have formally
qualified as directors of the Ogden
Packing Provision company and
Lars Hanson Is named as president
t Charles Ziumor vice president Simon
S Jensen secretary and James Pin
fJ gree treasurer
j Everything tho best and the best of
1 everything at Tho Potter A trial will
convince you
COAL Rock SprlnG Cnctle Gato
j rind Clear Crock Gillette Coal Co
153 West 27th St Phonea 1074
Judgment as prayed for to quiet
title to certain real estate in Weber
county has been rendered In the case
of Emma W Bannister against the
Pioneer Electric Light company
Peerless Sodas arc better and fresh
t er Made In Ogdon
t STORAGE nr reanoimnm rates in
good brick building If you need any
1 room consult John Scowcrott 8 Sona
1 Company
Kodak FinishIng Drpp Studio 0 25th I
Boy Stole SackA lad who gave I
his name as Bryan Boyle and his age
as 13 years was arrested yesterday
afternoon on complaint orA S Me
FarlanJ a farmer of West Weber who
charged him with having stolen a num
ber of new wool sacks from his wagon
which was standing In the rear of
I a Twentyfourth street store The boy
was brought to the police station with
Wo churn B G Butter by
the ton at 1117 Washington
Ave and invite your closest
scrutiny of our plant We are
not novices In making But
ter having been at It since
1896 Investigate our B G
f brand and you will use noth
i ing else I I
1 Como In and let us sell you your
supply of seeds before It Is too late
1 Our line Is still complete and wo can
guarantee you better seeds for loss
money than you can get elsewhere
The Seed Man 352 24th St
Hs the
j High Patent
t I
that is the
Good because the Flour IB Good
Because the Milling was Sanitary
i and Scientific
Because It will make more and bet
ter bread than any other flour we
know of i
Accept our tip and Invest In I
at your grocers today
the sacks wlilch were found In his
possession and upon being questioned
by the officers admitted that he had
stolen the property He will be turn
ed over 10 the custody of the juvenile
Advertisers must nave tnolr copy for
lio Evening Standard the ovcnlnj bc <
fore the day on which tho advertise
nent Is to ippear In ordor to Insure
Elk CoalNo soot no rocks no
clinkers The family coal John Farr
phone 27
Chicago May Information that
Dr William H Jones of the Field
museum who was murdered at Dum
abatu In Luzon on March 2S may
have beep killed by socalled Chris
tians Instead of by savage head
hunters has been receiver by George
A Dorsey of tho museum in a letter
received a TGW days ago rrom the
Interior of tho Islands
Secretary Worcester today Intimat
ed that tho Christians may nave had
motive of revenge
According to Secretary Worcester
it is Improbable that the headhunt
ing Ilongots with whom Dr Jones
lived and worked were In any way
to blame for the death of the scien
tist These savages brought the
mans body to the authorities and all
evidence points to their innocence
tho secretary declares Dr Dorsey
recalled the fact that Dr Jones had
told him In one of his letters mat cer
tain Christian native traders had fol
lowed him Into the wild llongo coun
try having feared to penetrate this
district before his arrival
When I first heard of his death
and learned that It was attributed to
Ilongots of Dumaba with whom he
had lived on friendly terms the let
ter states tho Idea occurred to me
that the real murderers might In all
probability bo Christian natives
whose abuse of the wild people ho
had reported
The finest cafe to tho wesL Prices
reasonable Music every evening Tho
Spokane Wash May IS Respond
ing to the offer of rewards aggregat
ing GG000 by the federal authori
ties and tho railroad for the capturo
and conviction of tho bandits who
hold up and plundered a Great North
ern train near Spokane detectives
are gathering here from many places
Several arrived from Denver nnd the
Pinkerton force here has been lncrefu >
ed to 1wentyXlvo Spokana polO
believe that the robbers made their
way into Spokane and a close watch
Is kept on the saloons antI lodging
houses A number of detectives arc
working on the theory that tho des
peradoes are hiding in the mountains
back of Colbert
Police and special railway men say
they dont believe that Charles Mc
Donald the notorious tram robber
who broke Jail in Helena Monl
while awaiting trial for Tioldlng up a
Great Northern train at Rondo Mont
shared In last Saturdays crime They
say McDonald would not bo likely to
again invade territory In which ho Is
known to so many persons
Now York May 18 Captain Peter
C Hams Jr who was sentenced yes
terday on conviction of manslaughter
of killing William B Annis left the
Queens county jail today for Sing Sing
prison to begin serving his term of
from eight to sixteen years
Eugene L Young one of Captain
Hains attorneys said no application
had been made for a certificate of
reasonable doubt but that an appeal
In the captains behalf would be taltten
to the higher courts In the regular
way Captain hams left the jail in
custody of a keeper His bearing was
not materially changed from his first
appearance in the court room He
walked beside the keeper in a dazed
manner and showed no evidence of
emotion Qn the way to the Grand
Central station he neither recogniz
ed nor spoke to any one None of
his relatives was at the Jail when he
Personal experience with a tubu ot
Manzan Pile Remedy will convince
you It is immediate relief for all form
of Piles Can bo applied directly to
thi affected parts reducing inflam
mation swelling and itching Guar
anteed 1 > rico 50c Sold by Geo F
Cave and Depot Drug Store
New York May ISA bread fam
ines among the 700000 residents or
the East Side was Inaugurated today
when more than 100 bakeries closed
down The trouble started with the I
Increase of the price of wheat and
was augmented by tho strike or tile I
bakery employes on the East Side
At a meeting of the bakery own
ers last night It was decided to close
all of their shops numbering more
than 400 commencing this morning
The police hearing of this detailed
an unusually largo number of men on
duty In that section today during the
hours when housewives usually visit
tho bakeries There was a fear that
tho riotous scenes of a few years ago
when the prico of meat was raised
might be repeated
Bakora which are not affected by
the action of the meeting last night
will not be able to supply onetenth
of tho demand for bread and there
fore there will be an unusually large
demand for bread from all sections
New York May ISJohn D Rocke
feller blossomed out ns a poet at the
opening exercises of the Metropolitan
training school for nurses on Black
wells Island last night when William
Rhlnolandcr Stewart road the follow
ing lines by Mr Rockefeller to the
111 nurses
A wise old owl sat on an oak
Tho more ho saw the less ho spoke
The more ho spoke the less he
heard I
Why cant you ho like that wise old
bird 1
Joseph A Choate formerly ambas
sador to Great Britain who also was
a speaker declared that both Mr
Rockefeller and Mr Stowart possess
ed more courage than ho did to ad
dress 114 women In that manner
To tell 114 women to hold their
tongues and I not fight said Mr Cho
ate Is something I never dared to
say to one woman and I know If I
did Id got as good as I gave
One of Them a Bartender Who Has
Disregarded the Sunday Clos
ing Ordinance Fined 20
The morning session of police court
included number of petty cases of
drunkenness vagrancy etc which
were quickly disposed of
Georgo Mcinctt tho Greek charged
with Indecent exposure entered a plea
of guillv through his Interpreter claim
ing that his acts were induced Ill
ness The court quickly fined him
10 or 10 days on the rock pile
Albert Wilson was charged with
selling liquor on Sunday He pleaded
guilty and the fact bolng developed
that the defendant who is bartender
In a Greek saloon had been In the
habit of breaking the Sunday or
dinance for some time tho court Im
posed a fine of 20 or twenty days
Emil Schidell Lee Slaytoro and
Eugene Presley were charged with va
grancy They each pleaded guilty
Schidell receiving a ninetynineday
suspended sentence Slaytoro twenty
Jays on tho rock pile and Presley
ten days tho latter two exhibiting
more pluslcal ability to work than the
first named
Slim Collins was charged with
drunkenness Up pleaded guilty and
the judge hastily imposed a sentence
of ten days without the dollars as
he expressed IL
Fred Eagle and Frank Inman were
charged with vagrancy to which they
pleaded guilty receiving sentences of
ten days each Englc is the hop
head who stole a flatiron some time
ago and later did ten days in jail
where he attracted considerable atten
tion through his efforts to secure
drugs and the manner in which he ap
plied them to his anatomy by means
of a darning needle and a broken pen
llller The two defendants were caught
In the rear of the Colonial block Mon
day where they had evidently secreted
some stolen woolsacks In a storage
Arthur Nowstrom pleaded guilty to
the charge of vagrancy and was given
a ninetynineday floater to leave the
cltv at once
Tho Elite Cleaning company has
been practically shut down for some
two weeks installing new machinery
and making general repairs and
changes which have been done at a
cost of 200000
Tho remodeling Is just completed
and the plant is uptodate In every
sense of tho word The finest work
can now be turned out in three hours
Mr Edward Wilson the energetic
and progressive manager Is well
pleased with the capacity and efficien
cy of the new plant and invites pub
lic attention to It Among the many
changes it may be noticed on the
street that the companys wagons will
now appear white instead of yellow
as heretofore
This it should be remembered is
tho only company in tho city that has
facilities for doing dyeing of any kina
The plant is located at 1881 Wash
ington avenue but it is only neces
sary to use either phone In giving or
ders The companys wagons will call
for the goods and return them
Chicago May lSKln James
version of tho Bible was Held to be
obsolete by Professor M S Terry of
the Garrett Biblical institute in his
address before the Mctnodist minis
ters at the First M E church Much
progress has been made In biblical In
vestigatlon In tho last 150 years than
In 1000 years before ho said and this
had changed tho wording of King
Tames version although It has not de
stroyed its doctrines or facts
New York May 17 Willard Ralph
29 years old a son of late Julian
Ralph who was promlnent as a mag
azine writer and a newspaper corre
spondent is jn a critical condition to
day In Coney Island hospital from a
bullet wound inflicted by inmseir un
der peculiar circumstances
While walking along Surf avenue I
Coney Island late last night Ralph
took a revolver from a holster he car
Do You Drink It
A ministers wife had quite a tussle
with coffee and her experience is in
teresting She says
During the two years ot my train
Ing as a nurse while on night duty I
became addicted to coffeo drinking
Between midnight and four in the
morning when the patients were
asleep there was little to do except
make the rounds and It was quite
natural that I should want a good
hot cup of coffee about that time It I
stimulated me and I could keep awake
better I I
After three or four years of coffee
drinking I became a nervous wreck
nnd thought that I simply could n9t
live without my coffee All this tlmo
I was subject to frequent bilious at
tacks sometimes so severe as to
keep me in bed for several days
After being married Husband beg
ged me to leave off coffee for he fear
ed that It had already hurt me almost
beyond repair so I resolved to maRe
an effort to release myself from tho
hurtful habit
I began taking Postum and for a
few days felt the languid tired feel
ing from tho lack of the stimulant
but I liked the taste of Postum and
that answered for tho breakfast boy
erage all right
Finally I began to feel clearer
headed and had steadier nerves Af
ter a years use of Postum I now feel
like a new Womanhave not had any
bilious attacks since I left off coffee
Theres a Reason Read The
Road to Wcllvlllo In pkgs
Ever read the above letter A new
oncappears from time to time They
arc genuine true and full of human
rled under his coat and fired a bullet
Into his side AHhojugu the shot was
heard by many persons anti several
witnessed the act none went to his
assistance and Ralph walked to a
drug store a half a block away ana
asked fOI a glass of water The drug
gist observing that he was wounded
caused him to be taken to the hos
pital In his pockets wore round let
ters which tho policy declared Indi
cated his intention to commit sui
Sacramento May IS Congressman
Duncan E McKinley notified Secre
tary O E Milton of tho Sacramento
Valley Development association that
President Taft would visit the Sac
ramento valley some time this sum
mer and would stay In Sacramento
three hours The presidential party
will enter California by the Oregon
route nnd from here will proceed
The itinerary has not been arranged
nor Is it known when the President
will be able to leave Washington
Tim time of the trip to this coast will
depend largely upon the adjournment
of congress
At a meeting of tho state fair di
rectors today slops were taken to In
vite President Taft to be present at
the opening of the slate fair in this
city August 28
Lincoln Neb May 1SA down
pour of rain last night sent Salt creoK
and Antope creek out of their banks
and residents living In lowlands sec
tions along the two streams were
forced to call for assistance to save
their household goods Mrs Stella
Cola wife of the keeper of tho city
park was drowned while trying to
escape with her baby A man named
Kelly who swam to her rescue took
the baby to a place of safety but
could not save the mother
Chicago May 1SFour days of sol
itary confinement broke a strike
among a score or more of prisoners
on the first tier of the county jail
The walkout occurred when hue
men refused to live in tho corridors
with negroes and the jailer told them
they would bo placed In solitary cells
and fed only bread and water it they
did not obey the rules
The men defied the jailor and ten
ot the most obdurate were placed In
the dark cells and kept there until
they sent word that they would obey
Then they were released
Cleveland May lSTho police
learned yesterday that a threat was
made to dynamite the home of Judge I
A W Williams in Mercer Pa unless
he lend his efforts toward obtaining
a new trial for James Boyle and wife
recently convicted before him on the
charge of kidnaping Willie Whitla
The threats wore sent In an anony
mous letter postmarked Cleveland
Tho letter was signed A friend or
the Boyles and warned Judge Wil
liams that unless ho did as the writ
er ordered his homo would be blown
up and himself and family killed
Judge Williams said ho was not
A Woman Finds All Her Energy and
Ambition Slipping AWay
Ogdon women know how the aches
and pains that come when the kidneys
fall make life a burden Backache hip
pains headaches dizzy spells distress
ing urJnar troubles all toll of sick
kidneys and warn you of tho stealthy
approach of diabetes dropsy and
Brlghts disease Deans Kidney Pills
permanently cure all these disorders
Heres proof of it In an Ogden worn
ans words
Mrs Gee Wanton 2860 Grant St
Ogden Utah says Kidney com
plaint bothered me for three or four
years and during that time I consulted
doctors and used remedies but received
no relief When mj attention was call
ed to Doans Kidney Pills I procured a
box at Badcons Pharmacy They gavo
me relief from backache and I have
not had the slightest symptom of kid
ney trouble since I can conscientious
ly recomncnd this sterling remedy
For sale by all dealers Price 50
cents FosterMilburn Co Buffalo
New York sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doans and
take no other
Canton May 13Toe twentyflth
world quadrennial conference of the
United Brethren church began a
twelve days session here today Bish
op J S Mills of Pennsylvania presid
ing Tho quadrennial address ot
bishops delivered by Bishop Mills
called attention to the crowing dis
position of the selfish rich to keep
away from church and directed the at
tention of the church to the skeptic
al criticism of the age and called
on the ministry and laity to combat
It with pure gospel backed by intel
Turkey Croquettes
Chop the fragments of turkey add
ing for seasoning a small portion of
bologna ham or tongue together with
a bit of fine minced onions salt pep
per and parsley Make a thick cream
sauce allowing for each pint ot the
seasoned meat the following portions
A heaping teaspoon of butter and two
teaspoons of flour Whei blended
pour in a cup of hot milk stirring un
til thick and smooth Salt to taste
add the meat and beat well until
mixed Season more highly if desired
then Bet in a cold place until cold
and stiff Form Into cones dip In
beaten egg roll In fine crumbs place
again In cold place Fry in deep fat
and slick a little piece of parsley In
the end of each cone before sorving
Plea for Flanges on Rails
At the recent meeting of the Ameri
can Street and Interurban Engineer
Ing association of Atlantic City n now
system of street railway construction
was proposed The Idea was to form
the car wheels without flanges but
Instead to place the flanges on tho
rails Tlio new construction was ably
proaentedyand many good arguments
were broiJght forward to show the ISU
periority pf such a system oyer tke
present 0 J
FIRST RACEThree furlongs sell
Ing two yearold maidens Endure
105 Sea Green 110 Moon Glow 105
Mary Dees 105 Mlnidocia 110 Free
Stone 113
SECOND RACEFour and onehalf
furlongs selling fouryear y > lds and I
up Otto Price 107 Native Son
107 Nappa 110 Bnnhama 105 Lan
cashire Lad 107 Mazapan 105
Swaggorlator 105 Black Domino
105 Byron 107 Belle Brady 105
East End 102
THIRD RACE Five furlongs sell
ing threeyearolds Garland 100 j
Yankee Tourist 114 Watloro 111
Egotist 111 Black Hand 109 Coon
oy Neff 111 Palms 109 Lady Qual
ity 109 Gabriel 111
FOURTH RACE White Elephant
Purse six furlongs polling throe
yearolds and up Bnlnade 111
Anna May 111 Rather Royal 113
Toller 116 La Reino Hindoo OS
Marburg 103 Burning Bush 113
Birth OS
FIFTH RACESeven furlongs sell
ing fouryearolds and up Antara
107 Marklo Mayor 110 King Brush
107 Mondou 107 Pretension 107
Phalanx 110 Priceless Jewel 105
Oriflamb 107 Sam Bernard 107
Billy Bowlegs 102 Kopcx 107
SIXTH RACE One milo selling
threeyearolds and up Crystal Cafe
Purse Work Box 9S Hampton
Beauty 03 Hi Caul Cap 113 Dia
mond Nose 109 Manila S 111 Car
dinal Sarto 113
Ycsterdays card was rounded out
by several unexpected stunts In the
first place Superintendent Horton had
the track In a condition which was sur
prising to the regulars Good time
was made In every event and even
if tho winners had to use the middle
of the ground to got Into the good
going they lost nothing from a time
The feature of the day was tho run
away race of Fordollo In the Broom
Hotel handicap Fred Forsythes old
gelding displayed some of the speed
he showed at Oakland during the early I
days of the long winter meeting and
romped in front of his field all the
way He was the best thing of the day
and the 1 to 2 the bookies laid
seemed a very liberal price
The only other thing worthy of com
ment which occurred during tho run
ning off ot the program was Watlore
falling just as the field was entering
tho last turn for home The gelding
was close to the rail and crossing his
legs went down in a heap throwing
his rider Palms rather heavily For
tunately however neither boy or
horse was injured
In the betting ring the bright gossip
of the afternoon was the win of Mrs
Harry Stover Unlike her husband
she thought that the Keullworth
Stock Farm entry Bonfils in the sec
ond race had more than a chance and
when 20 to 1 was chalked up against
him she sent a 20 commission into
the ring and gathered 400 for iL Mr
Stover did not bet a cent for ho was
under the impression that only 5 to
1 was laid against the gelding and he
considered this price too shorL
Child Victim of Cupids Wiles
Strange Is the story told of tho
death of a little girl at Courbovole In
France who is alleged to have com
mltted suicide during class at school
Tho teacher noticed that the child
looked very 111 and seemed to bo
seized with a spasm The girl was
barely ablo to speak but managed to
say that she was voluntarily putting
an end to her life She had taken a
dose strychnine with her to bchool
and had swallowed it during class
She pointed to a loiter which she had
written and which would explain
everything She was not able to do
more and In a few minutes suc
cumbed to the poison In the letter
which was Intended for her parents
she said that she was disappointed In
her affections and that this was tho
reason why she though only a girl of
13 had put an end to her life
Norwegian Prune Pudding
Onehalf pound prunes two cups
cold water one cup sugar one Inch
piece stick cinnamon onehalf cup
boiling water onehalf cup cornstarch
one tablespoon lemon juice
Pick over and wash prunes then
soak one hour In cold water and boil
until soft remove stones obtain meat
from stones and add to prunes Then
add sugar cinnamon boiling water
and simmer ten minutes Dilute corn
starch with enough cold water to pour
easily add to prune mixture and cook
five minutes Remove cinnamon
mold then chill and servo with cream
A Change of Tune
Mamma Im tired of going to
school Whats the matter Willie
Th teacher
Now dont you say a word against
your teacher Willie Ive no doubt
you annoy her dreadfully and she
seems like a very nice sort of per
Well she said this morn In that she
didnt think I had much of a brlngln
up at home an
Walt Did she say that Well
of all the coarse Impudence You
shant go back there another day
Exit Willie grinning Cleveland
Plain Dealer
Just Found Out
Prof McGoozle In crossing the street
I slipped on the muddy crossing and
hastily sat down
In an equally unpremeditated man
ner ho made a few hasty remarks as
be rose to his foot
Mrs McGoozle said nothing until
they had walked another block Then
she spoke
Lysandor sfco Laid I never knew
you had such a magnificent vocab
Sweet Potato Salad
Take six large sweet potatoes peel
and boll until thoroughly cooked
When cold slice and add ono large
onion ono stalk celery and one largo
green pepnor Pour mayonnaise over
All aridtarnish with parsley
f =
1T sell
Way Under Price
The greatest petticoat special Ogden ever knew A full tailor
ed all silk taffeta skirt in all the latest shades and black crisp
new goods Hundreds sold at 600 We place on sale for a
limited time this splendid value at
242924312433 WASHINGTON AVE
nI I t r JIJ r
A now typo of screw propeller in
vented by an English nobleman Is I
described In the June number of Po
pular Mechanics The blades of the I
propeller do not as Is usually the
case lie in a plane at right angles I
to the shaft but are placed In an ad
vancing screwline
The advantage claimed for the In
vention Is the lessoning of that bug
bear of the marine engineer the slip
This moans a consequent proportional
increase In the useful effect of tho
screw as the losses by friction and I
side displacement of the water dq not
Increase by thin axial displacement as I
when tho slip Is lessened by Increase
of blade surface and delimitation of
screw diameter Tho arrangement I
makes possible a smaller propeller
without loss of propulsion as Its less
diameter and pitch nnd mailer surface
give with the same rotatIvo speed and
engine power greater propulsion than
tho ordinary propeller of the same di
As a means of Identifying aliens who
come to this country Fourth Deputy
Police Commissioner Woods of New
York suggests that the federal au
thorities take moving pictures of ev
ery immigrant entering the port of
New York Tho Idea has bdcn taken
under consideration One suggestion
Is to form the immigrants In line six
or eight abreast and march them In
to the photographic zone of the pic
ture machine Numbers would bo pin
ned to their breasts so that they would
snow clearly In the reproduction of
tho films and these numbers with
the names of tho wearers would be
listed by the officers
The photographing of a shipload of
Immigrants In this manner would not
bo as difficult or tedious as photo
graphing them separately and all
would he on one long film Instead of
on innumerable Individual plates
On modern methods of warfare H
II Windsor says
Now for the next move on tho Will
hoard The Germans are experiment
Ing with reported success with acctj
lene shells which are fired as far as
six miles from a specially construct
ed gun These shells are so balanced
that upon striking the water a tube
admits the required amount of water
to the carbide producing sufficient
acetylene gas to make a light of 3000
candlepower By this means abattle
ship can quickly illuminate an area
of several square miles whore thjj
enemy Is supposed to be Just what
would happen should a ship accldently
fire In a direction opposite the enemy
and thus make a silhouette target of it
self has not been explained
All authorities agree that the safe
ty of a big shipat night lies in dark
ness and the demand now is not for
more light but for some improved
form of night glass Avhlch will enable
tho lookouts to see in the dark
A great French gun company has
constructcrtan artificial island In the
Mediterranean sea some distance out
from Toulon to be used as an experi
mental station for torpedoes It is
called the Llle des TorpUles which
I means the Island of Torpedoes and the
method of Its construction is Ingen
When the illea first presented itself
to the company a small island in a
proper locality was searched for but
without success Therefore the com
pany decided to build a hollow con
crete island float It to the position
desired and sink it to tho sea bot
torn Tho huge structure 75 feet long
50 feet wide and about 70 feet In
height was constructed on the banks
of Seine launched and towed to Its
position in tho Mediterranean
I May 22 Saturday
The Wonder of the Hour
I will happen
Save your money
Look on Page 7 Friday
Ii I = =
I Heres a Candy
the Very Finest
TTAVE you tried the tempting
I ii new confection prority
Chocolates sTaylor Made The candy every one is talking
about Your candy education is sadly neglected if you
ntyouve a new treat in store
Come to us for a daiilty craftsmanship box of this pure
delicious candy 60 cents the pound
ororitg Chocolates
zoU will vow you never ate chocolates so fine so snappy
II j of covering so mcltingly good on the tongue Theyre
a private stock confection the cream of creams
No wondcc tho cOllege girls and bleb school nialdens the country oTcr ore Blueing their
D better try a box of Ihcso Sorority Chocolates today
Prescription Specialists I
2479 Washington Ave OGDEN UTAH I
S P R R t
0 SL Ey
D E G Ey
Because the Boss knows It Is hero the mon will
1trTV flnJ correct time and here their work will be at
W W JL JL JL tended to by workmen who know tu6y knowhow to
ropairauvatcltNO botch work hero
I I J S LEWIS CO Jewelers

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