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a r
Made from
cream of tartar derived solely
from grapes All the ingredients
of Dr Prices Baking Powder
are printed on the labeL They
arc pure healthful an4 proper
When baking powders are peddled or
demonstrated examine their labels You
will find they are not made from cream
of tartar You dont want them
i ±
Careful Dusting and Oiling Imperative
° Small Bellows Will Be Found
Useful to Remove Dirt from
Women who do not thoroughly un
derstand the sewing machine often
blame the manu
facturor when the
t a fault of stiff run
mj j ning can be traced
= z k 111 1 to not keeping the
fl 1 t machine clean
Most persons think that lIberal
doses of oil are all that is necessary
Too much oiling Is injurious and oil
where there has not been careful dust
ing is worse than none at all
jt Is not enough to give a surface I
dusting the cracks and crevices must I
be kept clean This cannot be done
with a cloth Instead use a coarse silk
thread to draw back and forth
through cracks to get out fine dirt that
cannot otherwise removed
The work of cleaning a machine is
lessened it a small bellows is kept in
oneof the drawers and the fine lint
> threads and ravelings are blown out of
the crevices This should be done
every day that the machine is In use
Care should also be taken that pins
and needles do not slip into the shut
tle part of the machine as often they
clog it and the cause cannot be discov
ered for some time
It Is a mistake to use a cheap oil as
It cakes and makes the parts sticky
Never let the machine stand uncov
ered when not In use and guard care
fully from dampness
Rubbing the running strap occasion
ally with a little vaseline or oil will
make tho leather wear longer
< ftL1 I NJ
The one that knows
will always
True Worth
May 22 Saturday
Look on Page 7 Friday
Marlzpan Cakes One of the Most Pop
ular of Confections
These are a cross between cakes
and candles and perhaps tho moat
popular of all the confections Yon
will require for their making one
pound sweet almonds one pound pow
dered sugar a half ounce of butter
and rose water to flavor Blanch the
almonds and spread on a flat dish to
dry This will require at least 12
hours Pound fine in a mortar until
like flour Add the sugar and enough
rosewater to make a dough that can
be rolled out Divide Into two parts
and having dusted the molding hoard
with powdered sugar put onehalf on
the board and form into flat round
cakes like macaroons Put the other
half on the board roll out to a half
inch In thickness and cut into little
strips Moisten the edges of the first
cakes with a little rose water and
place the little strips around them to
form cups Set these on a greased pa
per on flat tins and bake In a very
slow ovon
For the filling mix one pound pow
dered sugar with rose water to mois
ten and heat until stiff Fill the cup
and brown In the oven Or If pre
ferred put tho beaten sugar In the
cups top with a candled cherry or
violet In this case do not brown
Emma Paddock Telford
Sister Princesses Ideally Happy
Princess Albert of Belgium is the
happiest wife in the cWts of Europe
It is asserted With her husband and
children she leads an ideal oxistenco
In the country and as far as possible
she escapes from the rigorous court
routine It is said by those who know
her that when she comes to the
throne with her husband there will bo
a quick end to the lax methods that
have prevailed at court under sportivo
old Leopold Tho princess is a daugh
ter of Duke Theodor of Bavaria who
despite his royal birth became ono
oC the first oculists in tho Old World
Her sister Is married to Prince Ru
pert of BavarIa and tho happy hom
os of the two young women are at
tributed largely to their unfailing tact
and common sense and their love of
outdoor sports They are both expert
horsewomen they pIny clever tonnis
and both are handy afield with shot
gun and rifle
They are types of wom
en In keeping with the popular idea of
queens and it Is nol strange they
hold the undivided affections of their
future subjects
B > nr ff V ex
Offered Then to Go Before States At
torney Confess and Take
Chicago May 17 Maurice Rosen
fcld and Bernhard Rosenberg to whom
Peter Van Vliseingen forger or more
than a million dollars In mortgages al
leges he confessed his crimes four
years prior to hia public admission of
guilt appeared before Referee In
Bankruptcy Wean today to answer
questions owing out of Van VHssi
gons recent testimony
Van Vlissingen who was brought
hack from the penitentiary to assist
In locating the assets of his estate
dccleard that in 1101 Roscnfc
then cashier of the now defunct Chi
cage National bank and Rosenberg
hrotherin law of the latter suited
that several hundred thousand dollars
in mortgages which they had secured
from him wore forgeries
1 offered then to go before thc
states attorney confess and take my
punishment said Van Vllssing
when on tho witness stand a fortnight
ago They said they wnnted theIr
money I told them 1 could get It only
by defrauding still other people They
said that they did not want to hear
about how I got it tho point with
them was that I was to get it So r
continued forging and discovery was
staved off for four years more
Mr Rosenffrld taking the stand
said he had known Van Vllssingc
twenty year and haa purchase
from him many mortgages for himself
and clients I
When did you first learn of his Insolvency
solvency asked Attorney Peak
representing the estate of the convict
ed forger
Not until his arrest last winter
Speaking of tho new set of books
which Rosenfeld had opened on De
ember 10 1901 witness was asked
his reason for doing so
Because he replied on Deceit °
her 0 of that year Van Vilsslnge
confessed his forgeries to me
Did he tell you the names of his
He said there were none other than
myself and the interests I ropre
slnteDid you ask him
Yes I spoke particularly of Lcfon
Seipp and he answered that they
had no spurious loans
How did vou make your discover
of the forgeries 7
I was in the Chicago National ban
and sa w a map of property at Forty
ninth street and Cottage Grove avenue
In the hands of John R Walsh pres
ident of the bank Mr Walsh was
about to buy the property from Van
lisslngen I told Mr Walsh I held
a mortgage on the property and then
I went after Van Vllssingon I kept
after him for three days until on De
cember 9 he finally confessed break
ing clown and crying I said to him
I am going to take this up with
m f lawyer I am not going tocom
pound a felony
To this he answered
I am not going to run away
neither do I propose to commit Sill
chIc I have equities In real estate
and I can pay you off
Mr Rosenfeld was alone at this in
terview but en the following day he I
was accompanied by his brotherin
law Mr Rosenberg
Van Vlisslngcn repeated his con I
fession and I again declared T would
not compound a felony Then Van
Vlissingen explained tlfat his embar
rassment was only temporary due to
ning out too much money
I suggested that his friends might
help him out butt he said no the
amount was too large
Did he agree to pay you and Ro
Yes he agreed to pay us 1000
weekly He owed us about 370000
which he said he figured no could pay
in two or three years Ho Raid ho
valued his equities in real estate at
In Egypt an enormous amount of
trouble and expense has been
liJ JiCiffi ri1 1 itJa mJi 1i = 1 I Jl S fl J 1 Ji
Wasou aSubscriber l
On Ma 1st 1909 tit
if so you are entitled to pay in advance for
your Standard and gel 1 0 tickets for each
S month paid in advance 0 5
Our clerks have refused
money thinking advance payments could only be made be
il 1st
That is an error You
u must be
a paying subscriber
on May 1st and then
la can in
pay advance
June 1st
ff chances Dont coLtors many months az you please and get yom free
The our ° to call on you send your money to the Standard office
lane I
4 piano
p twenty free tickets will be
the given away at 8 P m June 1st 1909 in front of
office You for the
chances Remember paper anyhow so pay in advance and got your free =
only those
r tiokets paying subscribers on May 1st can pay in advance and get Jt1
I Now is the time to send in e i
S I your money e
caused by weeds and other vegetable
growths which spread BO rapidly as
to choke canals and other waterways
In a tow days Clearing by hand has
been found impossible in one dltr
trlct so a motorboat has been
equipped with a unique weed cutter
and placed In service The cutting at
tachment conslsts of a pair of V
shaped knives with sharp and power
ful blades worked by belt from the
propeller shaft They trail along the
bottom of the waterway cutting the
growth off at the roots It Is sail that
the little boat will clear ns much as
five acres an hour
It pays to bo thirsty when you can
got IRONPORT At Soda Fountains
and in Bottles All uptodato ddlalers
carry it
Therefore Mr Lynnhaven Bay and
His Companion Had in Their
pwn Words an Ideal
N BangUp Time
Money aint everything In this
world remarked Mr Lynnhavon
Bay of Virginia thoughtfully It Isnt
everything and It wont always buy
you a good time but in this case It did
Jim Cherrystone and 1 had occasion
to go up to New York on business a
few weeks ago We worked mighty
hard for two u three days and on
the last evening of our stay WE
thought we were entitled to as good
a dinner as the WaldorfAstoria
could dish up with wines on the lido
yell sir that tllnnor was a corker
From oysters to coffee and from san
terno to champagne there wasnt a
thing wo could find fault with
Old Jim was in his finest vein and
told some crackerjacks and I reckon
we were as merry a pair as ever ate
a canvasback Mr Lynnhaven Bay
laughed softly at the recollection We
we both sort of scared to thin of
the reckoning but wed done a pret
ty good piece of business and we vantr
cd a blowout
Well sir when we called for the
account the waiter informed us it bad
been settled I thought I was drunk
and hadnt heard aright but I looked
at Jim and he had the same expres
sion on his face
Who settled It sir T thundered
at the waiter Who took the liberty
The waiter pointed to an old fellow
with white whiskers on his chin sit
ting at the next tabled The old fel
low gave me an appealing sort or
look I got up and went over toiim
Sir I said IL reckon the walter
got em mixed up He says you paid
oursNbw son dont get mad with me
said the old fellows putting his hand
on my arm I settled your account on
irpose It wasnt anything to me
Vhy look at the money I got left Ho
reached down in his pocket and pulled
out a wnd as big as my arm
I II dont care If you have got mon
ey you havent got the right to settle
for my dlpner salt I getting as m
IlS old Nick Tuck r
ow now wait a minute says
the old chap like he was talking to
a child Im from Montana Struck
It rich out there about six months ago
and thought Id comb to New York to
see some fun WoU im goin homo
tomorrow and T aint seen a thing I
never was so lonesome In my life
and tonight when I see you boys
over there ylaughln like you was hay
In a ringtail roarer of a time I just
thought to myself 1C I pay for their
dinner maybe theyll come over hero
and say something to me Id rather
Cheyd come an fight me than to have
to sit here all by myself tryin to eat
I never had such a bangup lima
In all my got durned days before
Explanation That Brought Castle to
the Ground
H Miss Jones hadnt had a keen
sense of humor she might have cried
But she IB now happily married and
the incident is one of the jokes she
likes to tell
Hiss Jones was a stenographer then
On the same car every morning ther
e downtown a young man Maybe
he was on tho same car by accident
and maybe again there was method
In his car rides But anyhow It
thorn was method he couldnt have
stared at Alias Jones any harder thai
ho did every day for three months for
ho always managed to get a seat In
the car opposite her
o was a good lobking young man
and very likeable even if you just
looked at him And so Miss Jones
knowing not oven his name fell In
love with him
One day he entered tho car and
teok a seat next to Miss JonesFor
15 minutes they rode on in silence
Suddenly he blurted out Say do
you know why I always stare at you
No have you been staring at me
d Miss Jones naively
Yes ho answered I did it be
cause you look so much lIke the girl
I am engaged to marry
Thus ended tho romance
Egg Sauco for Fish
Boll four eggs for seven minutes
then remove the shells and the whites
and rub tho yolks through a wire
sieve put two ounces of butter into a
stewpnn with ono and a half ounces
of line flour mix together on tho side
or the stove till the butter Is quite
molted then add by degrees hnjf a
pint of hot water keeping it stirred
over the fire all the time when it
bolls add the juice of half a lemon
halt n gill of cream a dust of red
pepper and n pinch of salt wring
through the strainer and then mix In
the prepared yolks of eggs
Sere in a sauceboat This
tHy will do for eight persons
Old Rule
CrcdltorSn I sent you my bill a
month ago
EditorYos but you wrote across
the back of it Please call and settle
We make it a rule to pay no attention
lo manuscripts written on both sides
Forgotten Papers Given Wife By Fatti
erinLav Arc Accidentally
s Found
Denver May 171Mr and Mrs Hor
ace Crow JIosford tie latter being
the former Miss Helen Youngennan
daughter of the Into Carl Youngerman
millionaire cigar manufacturer of Des
Moines la became suddenly wealth
over night three days ago and they
are now journeying to flub NOD
where a fortune of 100000 awaits
them Young Hosford instead of be
ing the disinherited son ho believed
himself to he after years of wander
ing suddenly found himself wealthy
when his wife a few days ago opened
an old suit case and found therein a
Wicket of papers given to her by her
father InIaw upon her marriage with
Instructions not to open until after
his death She had forgotten tile
packet until she found it in the un
used suit case It contained the elder
Hosfords last will reinstating his son
I as heir
Mrs Youngerman the mother A f
llrs Hosford resides in Los Ange Cs
She sturdily opposed her daughters
marriage to Hosford who met his
wife lu Des Moines
Bad Speller Did Get It Correctly
Though He Wabbled Badly
I Some bad spellers hit on a phonetic
version of a difficult word and stick
to It others are of the wabbly kind
One of these latter is an inspector Cor
a fire Insurance agency He was or
dered to visit a certain premises daily
and report the amount of Inflammable
material stored there In his first
list he mentioned a certain number of
gallons of kereosine
Funny that he always gets these
words wrong said a man in the of
flee Youd think that hed get them
rIght once in a while under the law
I of chances
Oh he does hit the nail on the
head sometimes declared another
man Thereupon a bot of cigars was
made that in his next ten reports the
Inspector would not spell kerosene
This unique spelling bee in which
there was only one coutestent and
he unconscious of the match aroused
keen dally Interest Here is his exact
Karoseno Coresene Caresean
three times I Carcosenn Kerosene
Careaaean Jvareasean and Kearie
Thus on the seventh shot he hit
the bullseyo and the bet was won by
the man who didnt believe that the
devil was as black as he was painted
Just a Suggestion
A reader of the NeYork Trlbuno
writes from London Ilt is evident
that some people In your country be
lieve that military organizations In
which a member must be of a certain
religion are all right your edIturial
opinion to the contrary notwithstand
ing The Chronicle of this city tells
us that at Milwaukee a Jewish mm
tary company has been formed and
named The Rothschild Guards and
suggests this opens up some new pos
sibilities in nomenclature and then
gives the names of prominent Jews
which might figure as prolxes to or
ganizations in various branches of the
service In your city you might have
the Dlnkelsplcl Sharpshooters the
Sullivan Cavalry Cadets or the Min
esheimor Muskoctcrs This and more
will follow the emulation of the 111I
Yankee example I
Intricate Japanese Knots
The Japanese have no use for but
tons buckles or hooks and eyes Cord
serves ovary purpose of fastening and
furnishes artistic
possibility seem
Ingly without ODd The Japanese have
of knot Some arc as old
as the lime
when history was recorded
hy R series or
knots > just as It was In
China and Peru before the invention
oi Citing There are dozens of knots
In common and
ceremonial and
usage an
these every Japanese child can tic
To name but a few there arc plum
blossom cherry blossom iris chrysan
themum and pine tree knots Also
there are Fujiyama knots turtle and
stork knots the old man s which is
easy La tie the old womans which
Is difficult and many others
Have You Noticed
Ilarker Say Coggwood you are up
on automobllo lore When you have to
spin out five or ten miles over smooth
roads to tow In a broken down
friend what do you call It
CoggwoodBlamed lot of troublo
and big sacrifice
HarkerAnd then when you start on
a thirtymllo spin through rain and
mud what do you call it
CoggwoodWhy man thats funl
Profiling by their encounters with i
the Russian barbed wire fence ob I
structions used in the late war the
Japanese have invented a form of
lows This
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for
any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by
Halls Catarrh Cure
F J CHEXKY CO Props Toledo 0
Ve the undersigned hate known F J
Cheney for thc loit fifteen years and believe
him perfectly honorable in all business trans
lctio ss and financially able to carry out any
ohliltions made by Their firm
LT AVh1 lrUflhts T ° icdoo
WLnI KIVYMr I kVIX Wholesale Drug
giste Toledo O
hails Catarrh Cure is taken internally act
ing directly1 upon the blood and mucous ur
i of he sy icm Price 7Sc pci bottle
Sold bv all druggists Tetmnnula free
hail amily Jllls nrc the best
f spear obstruction which Is folded In
to sheaf form for transportation When
opened up for use the device bristles
with sharp pointed spears radiating
from a center An Illustration shows
Its advantages over the barbed wire
fences which require time to con
struct as well as supports not always
Charm of the Apron
Nowadays when woman wishes to
subdue man or win him to her whims
she puts on her finest frock and wooes
him Foolish girl HO to trouble her
self She could do it twice as easily
and many times as cheaply If she were
to top off itn old gown with any pat
tern of apron Every kind is an arrow
lu her quiver At least the Cleveland
Leader says so When she wears ono
of the kItchon brand that runs from
collar to hem of skirt bares herwhlte
arms and mixes up a batch of flap
Jacks she I fascinates man with her
domesticity When she dons tho par
lor or gold thimble pattern rennlen
cnt with the lace coquettish of pock
et and so trim and provomMve about
the waist thatn man has to grind his
teeth and grip hard at the arms of his
chair he Is perfectly willing to abase
his head and let her put her Cuba
heels on his neck
Little Need to Throw Away Portions
of Food Remaining from a Meal
Eggs May Be Boiled
It is with the little scraps left over
tram the daily meals that waste most
frequently occurs
a when more of a
thing is cooked
s than Is wanted
perhaps and It
i j will not warm up
again or possibly
the cook imagines so and does not
save the slice of toast or boiled egg
which Is sent away from the breakfast
table untouched
It is not generally known that eggs
which have been soft cooked may be
boiled a secondtime wthout becoming
any harder so that any boiled eggs
which have not been cracked need not
e thrown away but may be put Into
boiling water for a couple of minutes
to warm them through and served up
again for breakfast next day
To keep eggs cover the bottom of a
box with a layer of fine salt two Inches
deep In this place the eggs small end
down and far enough apart not to
touch each other or the sides of the
receptacle Put on another layer or
salt then the eggs and continue till
the box Is full
This is the best and simplest method
of keeping eggs for those who have
only a small number to keep If you
find at the end of the day that you
have some milk in tho house still do
not let it go sour but scald it and it
can be used In the morning for break
fast If there Is more than sufficient
for that purpose mix it with a little
cornstarch and grated colate and
make It Into a pudding feb the
children will enjoy
1C the weather Is thundery and the
milk turns sour unexpectedly remem
ber that sour milk makes beautiful
cookies and use It up in that way If
more tea or coffee has been made than
was required it should be at once
poured oft tho leaves or grounds into a
china vessel When wanted for use
stand the vessel In a pot of boiling
water and let the contents slowly
heat Pour Into the teapot or coffee
pot and the beverage will taste as
delicate as freshly made tea or coffee
Cold coffee can be used with choco
late and cornstarch and makes a nice
mold It can also be used instead of
milk In a gingerbread and different
kinds of brown puddings
To keep butter firm if Ice Is scarce
procure an earthenware flower pot and
I a tray ful of cold water Set the but
ter on the tray and Invert a flower pot
over it Close the hole in the bottom
of the flower pot with a cork
Dash cold water over trje pot re
peating the process several times a
day and the butter will be as firm and
cool as from an Icehouse
A Fine for Needless Jolts
Most jolts and Jars In life are un
necessary wasteful and more or less
disturbing to the public pcce Sen I
sible economy of life ought to seek I
the elimination of the jolting for self
Interest not to speak of regard for the
public In Now York hereafter trans
portation companies that subject their
passengers to jolts and jars from
broken or flat wheels loose trucks or
ngging rails switches or frogH wll
be liable to a line not exceeding 500
for each offense This is not parent
economy for tho railroad companies
nor even the protection of the pas
sengers but of the people But what
ever Its professed motive it is a good
Idea and worth general application
Penalize the unnecessary jolts
A BirdsEye View
The following Incident occurred dur
Ing a terrific thunder storm at the
home of a contractor who lives In the
vicinity of Tampa Fla The contractor
and his family were sitting on the ver
anda watching the storm when a
bolt of lightning struck a tree not fif
teen feet front whore they were sit
Tho shock was terrific but no one
was injured although they were all
badly frightened The young son
with great excitement was telling that
he jumped two feet high
How do you know you Jumped so
high 7 said his father
Why said Johnnie I looked down
while I was upYouths Companion
AfterDlnner Cheese
A new way of preparing an after
dinner cheese will bo found worth try
ing Put a cupful of grated American
cheese Into a basin add twothirds of
a cup of finely chopped salted almonds
one tablespoonful of brandy and u I
pinch of salt and cayenne Mix well
press Into a small mold until needed I
turn itT1 and pass salted wafers
with It
Y yI
You cant fly far without
needing a lot of these
Here they are in light and 1
breezy patterns
Among the new colors sky
blue is high toned rock
grey hits some but this
month green naturally ap
peals to everyone and here it
is green stripes on buff
green on white and green on I
grey with green lined ties t
to match
Tell Everybody
Modern Clothes
Washington Avenue
at 2365
3 r
our11 vnJtI
Finest quality of work at
Mitchell Bros
We can save you money on
Do not be misled by lying mis
representations from our com
petitors and do not pay big com
missions to agents but see us
and save money Yards 2003
1Iir = 1ir
Sylvan Park
AT 3 P M
ING 745 AND 915
MAY 15
Sylvan Park Orchestra
Eccentric Singing Comedian
Hebrew and Italian Comedians
Prima Dona Soprano
II A Hot Old Time
I 7
Camerogrnph Motion Pictures
The Park Opens at 2 Oclock
Matinee Starts promptly
3 OClock
o o r 1
a rr r LR
6 Uro m j
t5 dice °
r7 Irrltitlons or >
Inea Cwtarjtn Pelnlora ecd oct u
4n IWEEmsWwSicb cnt or lroaoat
OIKUTlOfH KolcJ hy Drums 1i
ii y L s or cent In plain id ra
l by oxprwa jirrpid
+ r yd 0100 cr1 lDLtlor d lip
CLtcoJw CD o
Women Indifferent to Vote
Three women candidates for wen
bership to the French commercial
courts known as ronseila de prud
hommes have been nominated tbl4
being the first time that such a thin
has happened although so many worn
en are In business In France that
some time It has scorned necessar5
that thoy should have a voice in lh < sa
courts However the women nominate
ed do not expect to be elected as only
21 could
women in 1000 who
as >
have women
ave registered French
rule do not care to vote and nnlon
hose registered it IB said arc no won
en prominent business
o L

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