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ulcN I
Ind Phone two rlnga No 53
Ben Phone two rings Nol 55
Ind Phone ono ringNo 60
Cell Phcnc one ring NOib
Lhe hogs received dally by the Og
den Packing Provision Co near
I Vebor river West 21th St Get our
prices before you market Phones 10
presbyterian Church Service Rev
j E Carver V of the First Presby
terian church spoke lo a large audi
eco last night on matters pertaining
lo the religious welfare of his flock
Idleulld Is now open under now
For redding decorations Van jder
Scluilt Floral Co
J C EmDry Mission Rev N S
glderkin addressed the members of
he J 0 Embry A M E mission at
weIr hall last evening An excellent
musical program was rendered by the
j c Embry Coral society
Dancing tonight at Sylvan
GARMENT SALE 50 cts per pair
and up at Knitting Factory 302 25th
Buy Kodafcs ana Supplies from The
TriPP Studio 3iO 25th St
Eye May Be Saved George W
Driver the Bambcrger road conduc
tor who was assaulted by the en
gineer of the train Saturday night at
KaysMlle was reported last night as
resting easily at the hospital and
bops of saving his left eye are en
EZMoncy Kelly Money to loan on
any good real estate Gco J Kelly
Exceeded Speed mltOfficOl Bill
Jlcast 3esterday arrested William
Johnson for exceeding the speed JImit
la an automobile at tho intersection of
Twentyfourth street and Washington
avenue He was released on his own
recognizance pending his appearance
la police court this morning
Hess Bread is mado In a clean shop
All doughs are mixed by machinery
Returncd From CapitalMrs Or
son Riser returned home Saturday
after a weeks visit to friends and
relatives in Salt Lake City Miss Rita
Riser her daughter will remain in
the capital city for some time before
returning home
STORAGE at reasonable rates in
pood brick building If you need any
room consult John Scowcroft 8 Sons
Arrested for Fast Riding B J Jack
I wn was arrested yesterday by Deputy
Eherlff Murphy in Ogdencanyon and
brought to the county jail where he I
deposited 10 to Insure his appearance I
bday to answer a charge of fast rid I
og Jackson who Is said to bexem I
ployerl at some point In the canyon in
fisted on riding his horse at an illegal
rate of speed which endangered the
t ifeigh Our Feed and Grain
By what they will ilo for your horse
< U they will improve his condition
md alue you need them at any cost
We claim that our feed and grain I
VIII make a better horse j of yours
V Give us a chance to prove It
352 24th St Both phones
o Its the
I Riverdale
High Paten
9 t
that is the
Bread Light Biscuits and Crisp
RoBs arc delicious when made
from Peorys Crescent Flour
1 youve thought your baking
not quite up to the standard
lately change Flours Try the
Flour that brings Good Results
I Peerys prescent F1QUrt
safety of others and Sheriff Murphy
I took him into camp
COAL Rock Springs Castle Gate
and clear Creek Gillette Coal Co
Io3 West 27th St Phones 1071
Leaves for Vacation Rev N S
Elderkln isft today on his va
I cation trip lo Boston He will preach
I In all the principal cities through
which he passes during his trip There
will be no regular services at the
local church of which he is pastor
during his absence out Sunday
school will he held regularly as here
to fore
sale Utah Stationery Co
At the Methodist Church There
were no regular services at the
Methodist church yesterday owing to
the absence of Pastor McCreory who
Is away on his vacation trip Sundaj I
school services only wore held
FLAGS all sizes on sale at utah
Stationer Co I
Will Leave for McGill Mr and
Mrs David Cloyd who have been
visiting friends in the city for the
past two weeks will return today to
their home in McGill Nevada where
Mr Cloyd Is in charge of the smelters
of the Amalgamated company
Get Your Tickets on Buster Hell
be some ones pony on July 23
WrIghts Clothing
Passenger Car Derailed Denver
Rio Grande passenger train No G
which left Ogden Saturday morning
struck a broken Joint near Sedalla
twenty miles south of Denver al noon
yesterday Two sleepers and a dining
car wore derailed Four passengers
were slightly Injured
That Good Coal2OOO pounds to
a ton Rock Springs Clear Creek and
Castle Gate Bamberger Ogden Coal
Co 3121 Washington avenue Both
phones 2000 I
Visited in OgdenMiss Laura
Forbes yesterday returned to her home
In Evanston accompanied by Harold
and Kenneth Trlpp During her visit
in Ogden Miss Forbes was the guest
of Mrs C W Tripp
Bids for furnishing 750000 Ibs
Oats 800 tons First Quality Timothy
Hay delivery to be made at regular
intervals during period of one year
from date In submitting bids on
above material state prices F 0 B
cars Salt Lake giving full particulars
regarding quality of material Mail
bids to P J Moran Box 7S3 Salt
Lake City
Salt Lake June 2S Fortytwo
women and four men were led
through Salt Lake Citys streets
early Sunday morning to the county
jailthe victims of the latest raid
on tho stockade by Sheriff Joseph
Sharps The women deputies were inmates of the I
parlor houses and their proprietors I
Tho men were caught in the houses
when the raid was made
As in the last previous raid upon
the stockade by the sheriffs forces
bonds were fixed at 750 cash each
Eight of the landladies obtained
their release a few hours later by fur
nishing bail but thirtytwo of the
other women and the four men re
mained In jail with little prospect of
getting their freedom
jThose who were arrested were
Florence Devinc Helen Hansen Del
la Donaldson Alice Graham Fllma
River Trixie Graymont Louis Ham
ilton Cleo Starr Flossie Smith Neva
Russell Maxine Brown Ruth John
son Fred Yachcy Elsie Ross Elean
or Ray Madge Daniels Mrs J
Brown E Franklin Peachy Turloff
May Hamilton Maggie Brown Mar
garet Sp1th Ruby Vaughn TIlllo
Johnson jllle Blair Ada Patterson I
Daisy Kingston Genevieve Adams
Blanche McComb Trixie Brown
Edna Moore Belle Clark Irene Mc
Donald Vivian Wilson Blanche Dens
more Clara Demont Carrie Brown
James Stewart Miss C Jones Olga
Myers Margaret Cripp Josephine
Daddelon and Hike Sangony Two
other women were arrested on Jane
Doe warrants
The descent of the deputies may
be made the basis of a bitter legal
battle for it is contended that they
had no right to force doors or win
dows to make the arrests Still law I
I yers are divided upon this point
Some say that an officer of the law
Is justified in using any reasonable I
means to make an arrest upon a war
rant Others hold that when entrance
is refused to a private rqsldence tIle
officer must take his chances in mak
ing the arrest on tho outside
This phase of tho question raises
the point as to whether an immoral
house is a private residence Mrs
Dora Topham head of the Citizens
Investment company has announced
that nbe proposes to take this point
to the highest court She gave or
ders to all of the inmates of the
parlor houses and the cribs to ad
mit no deputy In event that en
trance was gained by force she prom
ised to make it an issue
Lako City every Sunday 100 round
trip Eight daily trains to and from
tho Capital 7
The work 6f removing the Southern
Pacific freight terminal from WInnc
mucca to Imlay Is now In progress and I
tho new division point will he formal
lv established and ready for business 1
bv rhursday morning July J The
round house and machine shop at
Wlnnomucca arc being dismantled and
all machinery and material removed
to Imlay which will become one of I
the ore important freight terminals
between Ogden and Sparks The new
houses for use of employes are all
completed and ready for occupancy
and the new passenger and freight
depot will be ready for use and oc
cupancy early in the week
Superintendent Manson will be on
the ground when the new division
point la formally opened and Train
master T W Easton will be com
mand at tho district headquarters un
der Assistant Superintendent Tom
Rowlands and Superintendent Manson
Pckin JUBO 27uig Shi Slang
who In 1907 succeeded YUan Shi Knl
as viceroy of the province of Chi LI
died today from apoplexy following
charges against him of corruption in
connection with Uic Tlest inPukow
Conductor Was Severely Battered But
Engineer Claims to Have Used
Only His Fists
V Considerable comment was aroused
Sunday through tho reports that wero
published regarding a fight which oc
curred < Saturday night on a moving II
train of the Bambcrger line between
Engineer William Delano and Conduc
tor George W Driver the train be
ing that which reached Ogden at 930
Friends of Delano assert that an in
justice was done him through the re
ports which stated that Delano had set
upon the conductor with a fishplate
fracturing the latters jaw and nose
and nearly destroying the sight of the
left eye
According to the early reports of
ho trouble Conductor Driver objected
Ifi the speed at which Delano was al
lowIng his train to proceed and when
the former remonstrated with him re
garding the matter Delano had sud
denly attacked him with the weapon
md had seriously injured him
Delano was arrested by the local
police and held for the sheriff of Davis
county the light having occurred in
that county
According to Delano who was se n
at the police station this morning the
fight was largely the result of the
overbearing demeanor of Conductor
prlverand instead of his having used a
fishplate which is a steel bar a foot
md half in length used for Joining the
ends of steel rails his gloved fists
were the only weapons used
The papers didnt give me a square
deal said Delano today probably
ecause I am a stranger and the fact
hat the Information was obtained
from friends of Driver T didnt hit
ho man with any fishplate If I had
his head would show some signs of
t 1 ordered him out of my engine
while the train was In motion and
when ho struck at me I proceeded to
give him a good trouncing with my
fists which were covered with common
cotton gloves
Driver kicked about the speed wo
were making between Layton and
vaysvllloand I told him that one of the
cylinders of the ulrpump was out of
commission and that it would be neces
ary to set homo of the hand brakes
He failed to have this done after
leaving Kay villc and in a few min
utes climbed over tho tank into the
cab and began abusing me for not
slowing up with the engine I was
afraid to turn my back to him while
running the engine and ordered him
hack to the train He then struck at
mo with his fist and I tore into him
for about two minutes and gave him
what was coming There was no fish
plate used and he wasnt so badly in
jured as he claimed as ho had no dif
leiilty In clambering back over the
tank to the train beyond after I let
up on him
Delano was taken back to Davis
count pending fife filing charges
against him
V Continued from Pag One
last Tuesday was known to V the pollee
This note was given In theory that
flight was necessary for Eastman and
that he planned to have Mrs Wood III
elope with him
V It Is said today that a witness will
testify that Eastman told him he had
loon Mrs Woodlll for some time
prior to her marriage to the Los An
geles automobile dealer and that he
had visited her at lior home in Call
The Eastman bungalow which is
even miles from here was stripped of
Its furniturelate Saturday the sher
Iff on an attachment for debt sworn
out by a firm of Easton merchants to
whom Eastman was Indebted for a
pump The sheriffs action in dIsturbing
urbing the Interior of the cabin pri
or to the conclusion of the coroners
investigatIon may be laid before the
grand Jury
Mrs Eastman will apply today for
letters of administration so that she
may Lake legal possession of her hus
bands farm She is not expected to
come to St Michaels but will prob
ably ask for the papers at Easton
St Michaels Md June 2iTho
theory that Edith May Woodlll was
lured lo Lame Bob Eastmans bunga
low without knowledge where she
was going and that she was drugged
and detained there against her will
was advanced today when a further
search of the shack which the super
stitious folks of the neighborhood
forever more will shun as haunted
revealed a small bottle which con
tained a mixture of narcotic drugs
This tends to bear out the theory
which the people of tho community
who knew and loved tho girl long
have wanted to believe They never
have listened to the suggestion that
she was involved in a drunken orgy
at the bungalow and have contended
that she lost her life in repulsing
I Coffee
Always uniform our
best productsold in 1 lb
2 lb 2i lb and 5 lb cabs
Your grocer will grind it
better if ground at home not
too flno
the advances of tho man who ac
knowledgedhis guilt tbj V killing V him
self when near cnpfur ej
Toda > s investigations led the au
thorities still further away from tho
idea that any other than bastman
could have invited friends from New
York or from any other plnco to visit
his bungalow In V the condition it was
in The place dhly half completed
offered no accommodations for visit
ors whatsoever A single bed poorly
fitted up a table anda wash stand
completed its equipment of furniture
Eastman himself slept in the place
In a grave not fifty feet from th
scene of the crimi which led him to
I his death Eastmans body was laid
away The undertakers and their as
sistants a little band of newspaper
men and a few idle persons morbidly
attracted to follow the strange fu
neral procession were the only ones
at the grave
Mrs Eastman stopping twelve
miles away at Easton expressed no
desire to attend the funeral No
church or churchyard of tho vicinity
would open its doom or gates to tho
dead man Superstitious negroes who
could not be Induced to dig the grave
stood awestricken on the outskirts of
the funeral party
When the hearse had drawn up
alongside the grave four men lifted
the casket from the vehicle and
placed It temporarily on two planks
stretched across the grave into
which a pine box had aleady been
There was an awkward pause One
of the undertakers said
Gentlemen it seems to me that
some one should say a little word ol
prayer Wont one of you
His glance fell upon James Sutton
a merchant of Bozeman
You arc a church member Mr
Sulton said the undertaker wont
you say it 1
Sutton hesitated for a moment
then asking all to join with him be
gan to repeat the Lords Prayer with
solemn earnestness
When tho last words of the prayer
were uttered Sutton stepped forward
and filling his hands with newly
turned soil from beside the grave
thrice tossed the sandy loam upon the
casket as he said
Earth to earth ashes to ashes
ilust to dust
Tho search of Eastmans cabin re
vealed further evidence of the fact
that the murder was committed there
At the place where the head of the
bed had rested a part of the flooring
had been ripped up and new planks
laid loosely down Beneath these
planks tho floor beam had been newly
scraped with a chisel or some other
sharp instrument But the efforts to
remove all blood stains had failed
The ground below had also absorbed
a quantity of the girls blood
Particular search was made f r
an possible fragments of a cham
pagne bottle which might tend to hear
out Eistmnns claim that Mrs Wood
ill was murdered by another woman
Two whisky and three wine glasses
were discovered but there were no
evidences of champagne bottles ever
having been In or around the shack i
It is becoming apparent that East
man was a prolific letterwriter It
is said that whenever he left St
I Michaels to go to Baltimore or Wasn
Ington he always mailed letters back
here addressed to himself as Roberts
It is claimed he also wrote to Post
master Taylor the letter signed OlE
B Wellington telling the postmast
er what a V fine follow Roberts was
and how much he Wellington an
uncle living In Denver was Interested
In him The writer asked that Rob
erts be considerately treated
Attorney A S Rosenthal of Now
York who Is here as a former lawyer
for Eastman and as the representa
tive of persons who lost heavily as
sureties on Eastmans bond when he
fled from New York declared today
that he would endeavor to have the
bondsmen discharged on proof of
Eastmans death and thus relieve the
The local police have tried to com
municate with District Attorney Je
rome as to the slatus of the New York
reward offered for Eastman
There still exists a strong belief
mong several members of the cor
onets jury that others than Eastman
and Mrs Woodill were In the bunga
low at the time of the murder
It was even hinted tonight that one
or more arrests may be made at any
time It was further intimated that
the arrest may not be at St Michaels
or at Baltimore
Mrs Eastman wife of the accused
murderer has not changed her opin
ion since coming to Easton that her
husband did not kill Mrs Woodlll She
declared today that Eastman had told
her he was a fugitive from justice dud
that he would rather commit suicide
than serve twenty years in the peni
tentiary on the charge of grand lar
ceny Mrs Eastman says she will re
turn to tho stage to earn a living for
herself and little boy
Salt Lake June StThere was just
one more case of contagious and In
fectious diseases reported for the week
ending Saturday than for theprevious
week the report of tho city board of
health submitted Saturday showing
Thirtyeight cases were reported for
tho week ending Saturday as against
thirtyseven cases for the previous
seven days
Scarlet fever remained the same 10
cases while smallpox fell off 2 cases
there being 1 cases for the week just
ended as compared to l > cases for the
prevloiib week Whooping cough
showed a big decrease going from S
cases for the week ending June 19 to
13 cases for the week just ended The
rest of tho 38 cases were distributed
as follows V
Diphtheria 3 typhoid fever 1
measles L
Two now cases of smallpox were re
ported Saturday as follows C V R
Havens 24 years old American house
and J Vaughn 30 Holy Cross hos
pital Havens is from Santa Ana Cal
This leaves top houses under quar
antine on account of smallpox and
four cases of tlfe contagion at tho iso
lation hospital Five houses are under
quarantine on account of diphtheria
and thirtyseven on account of scarlet
fever V
There were fortyone births and
oiilv twentytwo deaths for tho week
The report shows Of the births twen
tjfour were boys and seventeen girls
Of the deaths fourteen were males and
eight females Three bodies wore
brought here for burial
Manila June 27 Acting Governor
general Forbes has gone to Zamboan
ga on Mlsranao island to attend the
conference of American planters and
commercial rcpreesntatlves of the is
I lands who will assemble thoro Tuly 1
to discuss the needsof the country
4 Gov Forbes plans to make a person
al study of conditions on the Island
during his term V
1 Willi BAD
Considered a Blackmailer and Crook II
While In This CityHe Is Jailed I
for Same Offense on Coast
J J Shoppard known In Ogden as
a gambler blackmailer and allaround
I crook is again in the toils this lime
at Red Bluff California where he is
being held bv tho district attorney on
charges of blackmail and extortion
Shepard is an ex convict having
served a term In the Iowa peniten
tiary before coming to Ogden He
arrived in this city In 1903 and soon
attracted the attention of the police
through a crooked poker game which
he was conducting on the ground
floor of one of the local saloons
The mayor effected the arrest of
Shepard and tho latter proceeded to
Institute a strenuous defense on the
grounds that In conducting a game
on the ground floor ho was no more
guilty than those who were allowed
to conduct gambling places above the
first floor as is still permitted
It was shown that Shcpards game
in the rear of a saloon was much
more enticing to the unsophisticated
stranger than were the recognized
resorts on the second floor and he
was prohibited from continuing The
fellow then began the publication of
a newspaper The News and also
started legal proceedings to oust the
mayor from office The case how
ever was dismissed and the mayor
retaliate by bringing charges of
criminal libel V
The pollee ascerdtalned from tho
Iowa authorities that Shepard was
considered an allround crook and
had served a tenyear sentence in
the state penitentiary for extortion
The charge against him here in Og
den were subsequently dismissed on
condition that he leave the city and
never return V
The local department receIved a
I telegraphic Inquiry Sunday from Dis
I trict Attorney W A Fish of Red
I Bluff asking for the record of Shop
aid and stating that ho was bllng
held at that point on charges black
mail The department complied with
the request at once and are awaiting
news of the fellows trial I
Cheaper than you can build one
Nearly new modern bungalow 7
rooms bath pantry basement Hot
water heater lot 78x131 In best part
of city Terms easy Inquire W H
Voorhies 2546 Fowler Ave
Joint Freight Agent W H Chovers
of the HarrIman system is back at
i his desk again after three weeks ab
sence In Idaho He Is wearing a
heavy coat of tan and shows evidence
of rustic health as a result of his va
cation Referring to conditions in Ida
ho Mr Chevers said
Land hunters and homeseokers are
swarming all over the Gem state and
the famous Gentile valley is receiving
its fair proportion of new people The
crops through the valley where irri
gation exists are in splendid condition
and enormous yields fire expected A
good deal of dry farming Is apparent
in the hoothills and the craps in those
districts are also Ipoking well s
They have had considerable rain
there this season and melting snows
have made a rushing torrent out of
Bear river I
Everybody is prosperous and the
entire valley looks supexb at this
I enjoyed the trip very much My
boy will remain at the ranch of Ba
nard White during the warm season j
I am sorry I cannot accommodate
all my friends with hoar meat and
trout but the supply was limited and
Fred Gentsch and Dr Joyce gobbled
up all I brought down on the trip
and Idaho points north July 3 M 23rd
Cheap rates Long limits returning I
Ask Agents for particulars
Chicago June 2Warfare has been
declared by Roman Catholic temper
ance advocates against the liquor traf
fic A call to every member of the
Catholic church in Illinois to join in
the fight for a dry state denuncia
tion of Catholic Societies which tol
erate the sale of intoxicants at pic
nics and Saturday night dances held
by them and an appeal for a rigid
enforcement of the Sunday closing
law are contained in resolutions adopt
ed yesterday by the Catholic total
abstinence association of Illinois
Backed by Archbishop Qulgloy the
movement has enlisted many catholic
ministers and plans are on foot to
establish in each parish from Chi
cago to Cairo organizations
to battle against the liquor industry
Preceding the national convention
of the organization to be held here
August I 5 and C Catholics of Chi
cago will hold a monster parade
through the downtown streets In
which It is expected 10000 total ab
stineiico supporters will participate
Washington June 28 Executive
clemency to save a young woman from
the disgrace of a term in prison was
bought at the White Houso by Repro
tentative Iondell of Wyoming today
for Mrs Ethel Donovan until recent
ly postmistress at Deitz Wyo Mrs
Donovan who is only 2C years old
was convicted of embezzlement
aloud orders and will shortly be tak
en to Denver Colo to serve six
months in jail Mr Mondell brought
I papers to show that eight of the jurors
that found her guilty had since de
clared their belief that the woman had
no Intention of committing a crime
V Her case was referred to the depart
ment of justice
Thought of a Philosopher
When 1 play with my cat who i
knows whether I do not mako her
more sport than she makes V waT
Monlaigne4 V
v VV V V 1 f
4 C pii HOSIERY <
The Worlds Best MakesV
Lowest Prices of the Entire Year
See South Show Window J
S J0 Burt Bros 1
Except Those Who Are in Attend
ance Upon Old FOlksand They I
Too Must Have Badges
The Oold Folks excursion to Salt
Luke Tuesday is the result of cour
tesies extended pioneers ofi Utah by I
General Manager Bancroft and the
passenger department of the Oregon
Short Line system and local officials I
of that road want it distinctly under
stood that no one except old people i
those who have reached the three
schorc and ten mark arc eligible for
the trip Where the old people re
quire especial attention and care an
attendant will be allowed to accom
pany but in no circumstances will ex
cursionists be allowed on the train
unless they are provided with the
proper badge from the bishop of the
ward or district in which they reside
Accommodations have been arrang
ed for nine Hundred people and these
will Include pioneers between Bjigh
am City and Ogden and between Og
den and Salt Lake
Tho excursion train will run In two
section the first picking up pio I
neers from Brigham City to Ogden I
and then running through from this 1
city to Salt Lake without stopping
and a record train to leave Ogden at I
8 > 15 a in and picking up eligible
excursionists at all points between
Ogden and Salt Lake I
Returning Tuesday night both
trains will stop at all points between i
the capital city and Ogden and I
Brigham City In oroer to make it
more convenient for the aged pio i
neers to reach home on cither train
Eureka June 2C Eureka has more
baseball fans to the square iuUh than
any other place in the state Tlntlc
district is now supporting three clubs
Eureka Mammoth and Silver City
and all the teams are putting up a I
good grade of ball Fred Chontz for I
mer manager of the Eureka team
when it won the state championship
has again taken charge of the team
and it putting it into firstclass condi
tion New uniforms have been ordered
and will be here Irt time for use on
July 5 when the club will meet Bert
Margetts Salt Lake team The
grounds and grand stand have been
placed in firstclass condition
On Sunday the Eureka boys will
meet the Mammoth lads and a good
game Is promised the fans Another
game is scheduled with the Tooele
team on July 24 to be followed with a
gome at Payson
Commencing July 1 the Eurekas
will make a tour of the southern part
of the state end will play at the fol
lowing places Payson American
Fork Murray Lehi Manti Jlichfleld
Mt Pleasant Ephraim Mt Pleasant
picked team Moroni Payson Eu
reka I
Consult County Clerk or the Respec
tive SIgners for Further I
Estate of Maria Farrow doneafiod
Creditors will present claims with
vouchers to the undersigned admin
istratrix at the office of tf if HaVrls
attorney for said estate rooms 109
110 First National Dank building Og
den Utah on or before October 15
Admin Istll1trlx
NT Harris Attorney for Admin
istratrix 4
Estate of Samuel Farrow deceased
i Creditors will present claims with
I vouchers tu the undersigned admin
istratrix at the office of NJ HairlB
attorney ror said estate rooms 400
110 First National Bank Building Og
Read this and be wise
and if your thoughts will
mingle with this jingle
I surmise it pays to
Dont spend time looking
Our stoves will do the cooking
V With gas that will surpass any
fuel known
Wih Ijomeinado bread anti mut
V ton roast
V You can loudly boast
The cooking is all your own
Dont try to get wealth by stinting
and stealth VV
Give your wife more comfort
while hero V V
As there will be no cooking with
gas over there
Keep the kitchen nice and cool
With the children at school
V And youll have nothing V in the
future to fear
V V D Decker
den Utah on or before October 15
N J Harris Attorney for Admin
istratrix V
I Estate of Heber GIbbs deceased
Creditors will present claims with
I vouchers to tho undersigned adminis
i tratrlx at the office of N J HarK
attorney for said estate rooms 409
no First National Bank Building OK
den Utah on or before Octobei 15
N J Harris Attorney for admin
I istratrix
In the District Court Within and
for Weher County State of Utah
In the matter of Guardianship of
Myrtle Gilles Gertrude Alice Gillos
Carl II Gilles Ruth May Gilles Lau
rence Gilles Mathlas Gilles and John
M Glllcs minors
Pursuant to an order of the above
entitled court entered on the 19th day
pf June J909 the undersigned will
sell at a private sale on or after the
Glh day of Tub 1909 a fourteen twen
tyfirst ight title and interest in
and to tho following real estate sit
uated In Ogden Weber County State
of Utah and described as follows
A part of Lot Thirteen 13 in Block
Ten 10 of South Ogden Survey Og
den City Surev beginning at a point
Eighty SO feet South of the North
east corner of said Lot Thirteen 13
thence South Two Hundred Five 20it
foot thence West Eightythree S3
foot thence North Eighty SO feet
thenco West Ono Hundred Thlrtytw
132 feet thence North One Hun
dred Twentyfivo 125 feet thence
East Two Hundred Fifteen 215 fee
to the place of beginning
Also a part of Lot 2 Block 45 PIn
A Ogden City Survey beglnninp
at a point 3 rods West of tho South
east corner of said Lot 2 and runnlm
thence West 33 feet thence North 100
foet thence East 33 feet thence
South 100 feet and to tIme place of be
ginning >
Said real estate both parcels will
bo sold jointly or separately and writ
ten bids will bo received by the un
dersigned at the lw offices of Joseph
Chez Esq his Attorney Rooms 103
404 First National Bankbuilding Og
den Utah
The terms of sale are cash Ten
10 per cent payable at the time of
sale and the balance upon the confirm
ation of fialo by said court
Dated June J9th 1909V
V J A JUNK Guardian
JOSEPH CH Attorney for Guard

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