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i z i = ZT JA 2
i i j f
h jinudat
Entered aa second etaae matter
at the Poatoifice Ogden Utah
under Act of Congrcoa
published Dally except Sundayo
l by Wm Glaemann
1t fi One Month In Advance 5 75
r Six Months In Advance 425
Twelve Months In Advance 800
Tho total number of railway cas
I ualties for tho quarter ended March
31 shows an increase of 344 but a decrease
crease of 05 killed What this means
i only a railroader could tell says tho
During January February and
March 1909 663 persons were killed
L 1 t and 16211 Injured Tho loss mate
J < rlallywas nearly 1900000
4 It Is stated by reliable authority
that the Increase In mileage consider
ri ed the percent of casualties Is de
< creasjlng for which tho public may
i thank the press Horrible as are the
4t ii totals they must be little above that
r t of auto lents1er which thus
afar nobody appears to have attempt
r ed supervision I
K The English have ruled the seM
< i since tho defeat of Spains armada
but tho end of that supremacy Is In
< 1 s 7 sight unless Englands colonies Join
In upholding the mother country
J When tho British admiralty built its
first Dreadnought and demonstrated
1 + the superiority of that battleship over
I all other warships Great Britains
aea power contradictory as It seems
z r was struck a vital blow for Great
h Britains naval force than double tho
trongth of any other nations navy
t c t was by that new creation made oh
> colele
A naval authority says it is hold as
i x an axiom In Great Britain that ade
I Po quate protection of that country and
I its trade Involves the malnlcnanco of
u navy superior to tho combined forces
I 114 J
I a of ovorj other two powers The pres
> ent alarm In England grows out of the
I I h realization that with tho Increasing
wealth and population of other coun
II tries and especially Germany that
will soon cease to bo possible If It Is
I y not already so In a recent address
t Lord Charles Bercsford Great Brit
I r
r t t Fox the Foxy Hatter
I y is now with us
i Got your old hat made now
t Panamas a specialty
Wo also do French Dry
Cleaning and Dyeing
Main Office 2279 Wash Ave
Ind Phono 3795A
i H l > rJH O > lj < a
alns most popular naval olllcer de
clared frankly that the twopower I
standard was no longer possible to
Great Britain except with the aid of
tho selfgoverning colonies Tho sit
uation has become acute during tho
last few years by the worldwide build
Ing of ships of the Dreadnought class
which at onco relegates the magnifi
cent British battleship fleets to tho
roar line of defense To reconstruct
the enormous British naval on Dread
nought lines would Involve taxation
beyond tho power of tho British peo
plo to endure Honco tho appeal to the
colonies for the creation of an im
perial defense
Thero Is little doubt that tho col
onies will respond and that the neces
sities of the case will create an cf
fcctlvo solidarity which the empire
has never before had Hitherto Great
Britain has given her colonies defense
In return for the great preponderance
ot trade which she has enjoyed
Tho announcement Is mado that tho
Wobor Reservoir Power Irrigation
companys project has been financed
and 3750000 made available for tho i
purpose of constructing reservoirs
canals power plants and power lines
This Is the big undertaking with a
reservoir site north IA Q alvillo
where It is proposed to storo wator
sufficient to Irrigate 10000 to 50000
acres of land north and south of Og
When actual work starts tho high
bench land of all this section should
advance many fold In value and Og
den should Liko on new lifo for tho
project Is ono of vast magnitude with
possible benefits almost beyond esti
mate to this section
The plan Is to storo tho flood waters
of the Weber river and other streams
and divert thoso waters by highline
canals to the lands north and south
of Ogden which are above the present
canals Much of the soil Is suitable
for fruit culture and could bo mado
highly productive and valuable
At the mouth of Weben canyon Just
east of Ulntnh a largo svphon Is to
carry tho water north which Is to Ir
rlgato tho bench lands cost and north
of Ogden
Power plants ore to bo established
where tho available fall In tho stream
will bo productive of largo horsepower i
With tho converting of 10000 to GO
000 acres of now land Into homes
with orchards offering sustenance to
a largo population Ogden should on
Joy a prosperity and increase In pop
ulation unequaled by any past ad
A word of warning to young boys
who go bathing Yesterday two broth
ers Wallace and Douglas Johnson
wpro drowned In a slough near Salt
Lake They had been In the habit
during tho hot spell of bathing In tho
slough and repeated swims had
made them careless in entering the
water at tho point where they lost
o u v Jli
r i
i i fourth of July
i Specs 1 I
t t
We have just come into possession of some 300
1 I
r ii U a ttl
f s
the entire stock of a well known wholesale house all being
t usual retailers at 200 250 and 300 and all this seasons
f r productions We bought the bunch at 25c on the dollar and
> r offer the entire lot at each
s s 51 1 7ic > i
r1 We also camo into possession at 60o on tho dollar of some 500 r
t and Misses9
y IDI or d S
usual shoe store values at 200 2 60 and 300 to move them
4 quickly wo aro going to close them out at per pair
k e
1 lV
v li
> r
fv S
A v
s t 0 ff on li CUU S CDl
Ue JJ ItP nn
h RreS a Xd ba1tp
1 1
their lives The younger boy had
I entered the water and was wading out
to tho center of the slough when his
older brothor seeing him disappear
made a rush to save him as he know
the IIttlo fellow could not swim H
was later discovered thai tho little fel
low bad slipped Into a deep hole and
that biB brother In an effort to sao
him had caught a foot In a bedspring
which had been thrown Into the water
at somo limo In the past I
Theso are two diownlngs which
were prompted by the hand of fate
so wo arc told but fate had less to
do with the shocking fatality than
those responsible for allowing small
boys to go bathing alone It Is a dif
ficult task we know to convince
youngsters there la danger In their
pond or favorite river swimming hole
but parents should Insist on boys who
are export In swimming or men ac
companying tho beginners Even
when this rule Is complied with there
Is an element of danger
Thero have been ten drownlngs In
Utah this season and all of the Ill
fated have been small boys or babies
Wo do not recall a season In ton years
that boys while bathing have not lost
their lives In tho Jordan or other
streams of this state
There IB less danger In a largo party
of boys bathing In the streams and
still loss when ono or moro men who
can swim aro with tho children
Parents should Inquire closely Into
the habits of their boys while out of
school Theso vacation days make
active youngsters a restless venture
some crew who are capable of endless
mischief often at the risk of their
lIes and no form of their restless
ness Is fraught with more danger than
going swimming
Tho editor of this paper has been
reading the news from Montello of
Into until ho has acquired the Mon
tello fever and has developed a de
sire to see that burg
The town Is made up of railroad
peoplo who are fast establishing a
name for being the most liberal en
tertainers on earth
They have tho western spirit of hos
pitality Those who wont out to Mon
tellos celebration of Thursday return
with words ot praise for the men and
women of that town
Montello Is a reminder of some of
the lallroad towns on the old Central
fraclllc twenty years ago whore a good
fellowship existed which made the
IColo generous to a fault
The smallest hamlet If It Is pos
sessed of citizens of tho goodness of
heart of the people of Montollo Is
about tho best place on earth In which
lo bo caught adrift although the town
may be located on the edge of sandy
waste for congeniality and coal radery
feed tho body and administer to the
nerves a combination good for
Tho Salt Lake papers are making a
great hullabaloo ovor the closing of
tho Stockade but If there IB any
thing In rumor half that has been
written on tho subject has been
faked II
The Stockade Is only temporarily
closed tho buildings are not being
torn down and the queen of tho un
derworld Is not o bankrupt notwith
standing that extra editions of Salt
Lake papers lately havo boon dis
tributed on tho streets of Ogdon pro
fessional yclpers from Salt Lake
having been employed to shout the
sensational news All about the do
Btructlon of the Stockade
There Is too much made of these
raids because back of them there Is
nothing sincere
The Stockade should never have
been built and the lend women should
not havo been removed from their old
haunts In Salt Lake yet those who
wore delegated to wipe out the now I
quarters should have proceeded to tho j
task with clean hands If hail that
Is told In Ogdon Is true Salt Lako
will resound with scandal during this
falls campaign The mud that Is to
bo thrown will cling to the garments
of prominent jxaoplo on both sides of
the fight
It Is said tho entrance to tho
Stockado la to be replaced by a
large building and the city of cribs
reopened that Belle London Is still
supremo and that she Is not financially
distressed transfers of property har
ing been made to relatives as a safe
guard and that after tho campaign
of thin fall the rodllghts will burn
as brightly as before tho raid unless I
tho unexpected happens
Which all tend to provo thai tho I
wild statements the Tearing down
of the Stockado stories from Salt
Lako are but fiction put out for a pur
pose and screamed Into foe ears of
Ogdenllcs to have a local effect
Osdon Is movrag along In the reg
ulating of Its local social evils In a
pilot way and whon tho authorities
hero are In noed of an Intrusion from
Salt Luke they undoubtedly will
mako a public appeal for old through
tho local papers but In tho meantime
this nit dos not deslro to ho dic
tated to by Salt Lake politicians or
made a party to tap game of bluff now
being carried on in the capital In
volving as Jt docs a scandal of largo
Tho New York World calls tho
Fourth of July a Qaralvnl ot Lock
+ + Mrt then explains
th js without saylnS that If
I D July bad Ug Deglnnlng in
roc f secrctJntl muUla
cock while
Hausa s
It would not havo become a national
holiday Think of calling that a fes
tal day which for the six years Just
past has piled up a total of 1U1G dead
and 279SO Injured
Not for lack of examples In ra
tional ways to celebrate has New York I
kept a place among oldfashioned
rackoters Dr Luther H Guild de
scribes In the current Worlds Work
the steps taken by other cities to
mark a new and moro glorious
Fourth and of the Instances he cites
that of Springfield Mass may bo
commended In Springfield alien res
idents contributed to the observance
of tho Fourth last year tho English
with a Mngna Charta float the
Greeks and Italians with spectacles
from their own history oven tho Chi
nese with a Celestial display Tho
parado was followed by a carnival of
sports with safe fireworks In tho
evening and It left every participant
with a new sense of belonging to the
nation and the occasion
What cltlzcnly Ideal or historic con
ception Is Impressed by a day of un
thinking blare and bang with a lock
jaw sequel
There Is Just ono question on tho
mind of every Ogden citizen Just now
whether that citizen Is a good ono or
a hid one
Tho question Is not Does Ogden
need free trado or tho protective
It Is not Do wo want a Democratic
or a Republican administration
The question lsm Does Ogden need
the saloon and oil that goes with It
whether that saloon is a dive or a
gilded parlor or does Ogden need a
clean city
Every thinking man and woman
knows that both the Republican and
the Democratic party Is almost Inex
trlcablv mixed up with the saloon ele
ment It would ho almost If not qulto
Impossible for either party to shake
off the fetters which party leaders
have In the past willingly or unwil
lingly held out their hands to receive
from tho saloons
Too often candidates who started In
with high Ideals and oven promises
to their friends of better things for
Ogden have found their hands tied
tholr lips silenced by party policy
But there is undoubtedly a majority
In both those parties who long to bo
rid of the saloons and tho other two
vices which tho saloons foster and
There arc no state or national
officers to be elected this year Then
why not do as so many other cities
have been doing and hold a nonpar
tisan election
Lot the Issue be a direct ono be
tween the moral people and the Im
moral people Let saloons or no sa
loons ho the platfoims of tho two
The failure of the city council to
raise tho snloon license may be dis
appointing to many good citizens but
not to those who hao thoroughly
studied the question
Fortyfive saloons might do loss
damago than fifty saloons In the ratio
of 90 per cent to 100 per cent but It
Is doubtful if It would make even
7 + 1
1 J
N lI
Mme Yale says A little
Almond Blossom Complex
ion Cream should be ap
plied every time the face
and hands are washed It
removes the dust soot
grime smut and smudge
from the intertices of the
skin and makes the sur
face smooth as velvet
A dolly necessity at homo and
abroad r a treasure when traveling I
by land und water Protects the
skin from cutting winds burning
rays of the sun and every Injurious
effect of tho elements Prevents
and cures abnormal redness of tho
nose or any part of the face also
chapping chafing cold sores fovor
bUs tors and all Irritation of the
akin It Is the greatest known
opeclflc for burns takes tho fire
out quicker than anything else
BOoUics heals and prevents scars
and suppuration Indispensable for
use of Infants and every member
of tho household An exquisite nat
ural beautifier A grateful ap
plication after shaving Excellent
for massage purposes Mmo Yales
Almond Blossom Complexion
Cream Is now sold In two uses
5C2lIDld 1000
that difference to drive a few saloons
out business
It Is the socalled highclass saloon
that lures tho young boys to tho first
drink and not the dive with Us hid
eous rumsoaked patrdns
Only a license so high as to bo ab
solutely prohibitive will materially im
provo conditions
To elect a major and a city cound
favorable to such a license or wbwt
Is preferable opposed to granting li
censes at all is an ambition worthy of
all good citizens
In a recent open letter Hon Joseph
S Peer said
If we can not have prohibition at
present by all means let us have bet
ter regulations and higher license If
tills falls then lot the movement bo I
started for the entire eradication of
the saloons from our fair city
Well the council has failed to raise
the license and now it remains for
somo one to start a movement for the
eradication of the saloons
It Is refreshing to see a man who
Is nol afraid to go on record as Mr
Pcory has and It Is very desirable to
boo a man In the mayors chair who
holds such sentiments in regard to
the saloons
It would be unfortunate however
to see such a man nominated by
cither of tho old parties and bound by
party lies to carry out the pledges of
party leaders mado in his behalf
Tho present major has done all that
he promised so far as the writer
Icnows although there are many who
aro disappointed that ho did not go
farther than he promised
What we need now Is a major who
will promise to go to the last limits
of his ability In that direction and will
make that promise In a public man
ner which betokens sincerity and be
gets confidence
And every councllmanlc candidate
should ha compelled to place himself
on record just as openly
What Is needed Is an Independent
tlckot a reform ticket or call it what
you will It Is not only needed but
It would bo elected for the people are
tired of crime suicides and violent
All that Is needed Is for an organi
zation to be formed and Ogden would
soon vindicate herself before the world
as a city that offer a good clean
place In which to live
Since speculation Is already being
mado as to possible candidates is It
not tlmo to start such an organization
of the better class of citizens as will
make good candidates a certainty
The advice Is always given by the
old party leaders ot course to attend
tho primaries and see that good men
arc nominated but tho citizen who IB
not even a cog In the political ma
chine knows that he stands about as
much chance of having a oleo In thu
primary as ho would have of chang
ing tho plane of a national conven
tion If he wore not a delegate
While there aro a hundred people
who might with propriety start such
a reform movement It would seem
that since Mr Pcory has already
placed himself on record all would
have conlldcnco In him as a leader It
he choso to accept the position And
so without consultation with any In
dividual party or organization I ear
nestly request Mm to start such a
movement and hereby nominate him
as temporary secretary to call a meet
ing to start said movement Is there
a second
To Tho Ogden Standard During
tho recent session of the legislature of
this state when the bill for an act to
prohibit tho manufacture and sale of
Intoxicating liquors was pending the
opponents of prohibition vociferously
declared that they were as much op
posed to the evils of the liquor traffic
as nero prohibitionists but that they
believed these evils could be more
effectually curtailed by high license
and strict regulation than by attempt
ed prohibition They acknowledged
the great evils ot the traffic but In
sisted that prohibition does not pro
hibit The hypocrisy of these pro
fessions and these claims are mado ap
parent by the action of the city council
at Its last mooting In voting to post
pone the consideration of a proposed
ordinance Imposing a higher license
fee and providing for more strict regu
latlon of tho sale of Intoxicants The
majority of thE opponents of prohibi
tion aro not In favor of high license
and strict regulation They prefer
strict regulation to prohibition but
they prefer alack regulation or no
regulation to either The plea for
strict regulation was Interposed for
no other purpose than to defeat prohi
bition and as soon as the danger of
tho passage of a prohibition law had
passed we hoar no more from the
erstwhile advocates of high license
and strict regulation I knew at the
time that this would be tho case
When the devil was sick tho devil a
monk would be l
I When the devil got well a devil of a
monk was Jle
In view ol these facts there remains
I but ono thing for the friends of tem
perance to do and that Is to perfect
an organization to enter actively into
the next political campaign In the city
and also In the state and work for the
election of men to the council and to
both branches of tho legislature who
will stand firmly in favor of tho ab
solute eradication of tho saloon evil
Morning Examiner
This Is the foresters busy day He
has had a good oasy time during the
long winter Just passed and he must
now don his working toggery and get
out Into the mountains where the for
ests arc supposed to grow The for
ests of the land need careful atten
tion and inasmuch as Uncle Sam has
a forestry department that s
an army of rangers superintendents
supervisors clerks and bosses otc
It wr > ll bo greatly appreciated by tho
taxpayers If they will got out and
mako a showing
Thoro Is much planned by the de
partment to be accomplished this
year and it la to bo hoped that tho
plans may bo carried Into effect and
tho work accomplished Not only do
tho managers anticipate protecting
tho forests from Iho woodmans ax
and the ranging Hocks and herds but
they have sot themselves against the
dovaatallng Influences of fire Tho
campers tiro IB to be watched with
vigilance and the moment it pur
chanco starts a fire In tho forest a
signal light Is to ho placed upon a
nearby mountain peak which will con
vey tho mQ8 Use of the advent of the
destructive forco and within a very
short tlmo only n few hoursrail the
hired hands of tho forestry service
tho cowpunchers the sheep herders
and all Uhrtrw = AoJ the country
round nbouj v out to fight
tho fire i A l
Tho ButC puu Billing to
i I
Come anL hear the >
1 I > j
all t
ov f
i a
3 ijio 4 and 7 to 8 1 4
SUND VY JULY 4 i t t 1
1 r
I h
I a
< <
Dancing i
Tuesday Thursday and i j
Sjturday f
1 is
Horses Will Race at Nigh ton July 5 Beginning at 8 P MEle I t
tric Arcs Placed Ev ry Fifty Feet Around the Track I
One of the Most Novel Sights Ever Seen in West
t 1
Races will be seen at thjo Fair
grounds on the evening of Jwly 5th
This will bo tho first horse daclng in
Utah by electric light at nlghjt
On tho afternoon of July 5th com
mencing at 2 p m the r thing will
start and tho afternoon pro ram will
cover the limo up to G oclooAk but in
the evening beginning at 8 oclock
the most novel and Intoresllntg sight
over witnessed on n wcoton track
will draw It Is predicted the largest
crowd any pleasure resort In Ogden
has over held
Largo arc lamps with sllecia Ily con I
structed reflectors are being placed
every fifty feet around the race course
so that the horses will he l nder a
constant stream of light whl ch will
sac about tho forests ycstordty in the
following editorial < I
The forest rangers arc < > n tho I
ground There has been a general
exodus of tho attaches of the forestry
department from Washington to tho
reserves This Ib the seaso i when
practical work Is demanded to pro
led tho forests from fires ai d from
overgrazing Its a big Job to look
after 19COOOOOO acres of forest con
tained In 110 national forests in the
United Stales
The department at this time of tho
year practical resolves Itself Into a
forest patrol Tho forest tires begin
ah early as May and as midsummer I
approaches and the heat and droughts I
of July and August come on the most I
ceaseless vigilance Is required
Each year the rangers appeal to tho
residents in and about forest reserves
to exercise tho utmost care In their
clearances each year they threaten
coax command and cajole the set
tler to greater cooperation with their
In all patrolcd forests today stumps
make It possible for the people In the
grounds to follow the fleeting animals J
and Identify their riders tho entire f t
half mile
Baseball has been played at night II
by the uso of brilliant lights but this j r
will be the first time In the west
horses have been run under the glare r
of electric arcs
The novelty will bo added to by the I v
coolness of evening as compared with J 4 l 1
the day and then It will afford a regu I 1 d
lar mardl gras evening for a Jolly
good natured frolicsome Fourth of I I 1
July crowd
The best of order will bo maintained h
ed by a largo force of officers from the I
police department aided by deputy r
sheriffs who will keep tho race course j
clear of all Intruders 1 J
can lie burned only under govern I
ment supervision on certain days nnd J
In certain periods of tho year Each I 1
ranger has become as desirous te S it i J
have a no fire record in his district I JI ti
as a sheriff Is anxious to prevent B
Jail break from his Jail s t
Tho result Is beginning to show It r t
a diminution of the wholesale destruc r I
tion of the paRt The ruthless heart J
breaking fortunedostrojlng conflngra t
lions typical of other summers are bo
coming rarer each year
A specific for painDr Thomas EC
lectrlc Oil strongest cheapest llnl
ment ever devised A household rem r
cdy In America for 25 years r t
San Bernardino Cal July IA 1 >
flllght earthquake shock was felt bore
at 530 p m No damage was done
Tho atmosphero was unusually heavy i I I
throughout tho day with the thermom i
eter registering 105 i
n I
< h i 1
I I T h eE n il r i I I i
01 the I
Greai Business j
rl U
Sale f I
Change I r I + 1 l
Tomorrow Saturday will end the greatest sale of our I r f
history We have sold more goods and satisfied more people t l t
than ever before We expect to make this last day record I t t
breaker in every department New Oxfords and Shoes for > I
Men Women and Children have been placed on the bargain l <
1 table More clothing has been sacrificed More dross goods fe
and ready made goods are out at cut prices In fact every i f l
article in the store is a bargain c r
t The big drawing takes place tomorrow in which 100 C I
worth of goods will be given away Watch the numbers wo l I 1
mark up in the premium window f
We mention only a few articles below I
r Saturday while the girls caps last we will sell them at
onch 1 I
r I J
Warners Corsets worth 100 now > 25 <
Womens 100 white Summer Waists only 23 < i 4
l jI
We have placed on sale 400 yards more of tfic 16 l2c to
I 25c dress goods at 12 c
25e Veiling now only a yard E 3 S J I b
I i
Hot weather bonnets for the baby now only u 101 i 1 I
a afvwwvarv 1I
250 pair of childrens pumps at extremely low
prices These pumps are the very latest style They have the
narrow toe low vamp small leather bow and ankle strap
5 to 8 100 t l j
832 to 11 125 1
H 12 to 2 150 1 f
I e
1 I
1IO a E < trM rwt swiawii tUfoI j
> 1 u
t E1

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