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Ind Phone two rings No 56
Bell Phone two rings No 56
Ind Phone ono ringNo C6
Bell Phons one ringNo So
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IdlewlhJ Is novr upen under new
Visiting In Saltj Lake Miss Wealthy
Douglas left fur Salt Lake city Sat
urday evening to spend a few days
with Miss Margaret Thornburg and
frIends at the Thornburg camp in
Parleys canyon
For wedding decorations Van der
Schuit Floral Co
GARMENT SALE 50 cts per pair
and up at Knitting Factory o02 25th
Visiting in Ogden Mrs F B Hoch
stetlcr of Omaha Nebraska Is here
fora few weeks visiting with Mrs
C F Grout her sister
Conference Held Master Mechanic
David Ilickey of Sparks was in the
city yesterday in conferenco with
Master Mechanic Malone
Buy Kodacs nna Supplies from The
Trlup Studio 340 25th St i
EZMoncy KellYMoney to loan on
any good real estate Geo J Kelly
Livestock Shipments Four car
loads of horses were shipped from
Ogden to South Omaha yesterday and
one cat of racing stock was sent north
from this city to Butte where a track
meting is now In progress
Hess Bread is made in a clean shop
All doughs are mixed by machinery
Gradually RecoveringF C Glllen
beck assistant superintendent of the
Harriman dining car system with
headquarters at Ogden is gradually
recovering from a serious operation at
the General tospital where for a
time ho was in a critical condition
COALRock Springs Castle Gate
and Clear Creek Gillette Coal Co
15D West 27th St Phones 1074
Will Be Here Wednesday E
Kerwin and a party of officials of the
Central Railroad of New Jersey will
arrive at Ogden over the Union Pa
cific Wednesday morning en route
The Ogden Driving Club will give a
matinee at the Fair Grounds next Fri
daj afternoon at 230 Good harness
racing Admission 25c to grounds and
Woman Delegates special train
of six cars occupied by delegates to
the International Council of Women
will arrive from Seattle and the Yel
lowstone Park Friday morning en
route to Toronto Canada At Ogden
the train will be transferred to tho
Denver Rio Grande system and the
ladies will proceed east via Denver
and St Louis
To SOP If it Is new or old hay
We have a few cars of new dry land
Valley alfalfa hay on tho track and I i
can supply the most discriminating of
stock Let me send up some to yours
352 Twentyfourth Street
Ifs tIhle
HigIhl Patenl
ffia ifS the
To Make Good
with a poor flourl
UnlcHs the foundation of a building
18 good there ia trouble all along the
lino its the same with making
The Flour Foundation Is WHEAT
you ilnd the choicest hard wheat ob
This Is milled by modem machlnerj
and when used for baking proves its
worth by every tost
or <
Three Masked Men Opei Fire With Automatic
Guns Severely Woundine Manager Barnetlt
of the Resort and Terrorzig Guests
Barisig FeSlows Are Supposed to Have Made Their Way Unto
Ogden After the Robbery Safe Opened With Slammer
and ChIselMGoverrs8nei Money Amoog the Loot
In a telephone communication with
tho sheriffs office shortly before noon
today C W Nelson agent at tho
Oregon Short Line station at tho Utah
Hot Springs gave some information
that may aid greatly in the capture
of the three men wlio held up the
hotel at the resort about 1030 oclock
last night shot Richard Baniett the
1 general manager and secured about I
500 over half of whlcli was stamps
and money belonging to the United
States government
Nelson says that he saw three men
al the depot late yesterday afternoon
According to his story they were sus
picious looking characters He said
hey all were young men One of the
men seemed to be the spokesman and
he talked with Nelson Nelson stated
hat ho paid particular attention to
thIs fellow and would know him at a
glance lie was a smooth talker the I
depot agent asserts and was not over
2o years of age Nelson describes him
ns being fairly well dressed and of
medium light completion and smooth
shaven Ho wore a dark grey suit
and a light haL Nelson thought he
wore a Stetson hat He was about
5 feet 7 inches in height and attract
ed particular attention by his bright
eyes and sharp features
While this man was talking with
ho agent his companions arc said
to have listened closely to the con
versation which was not of any particular
ticular importance but neither of I
IIPUI offered a remark
About 0 oclock last night a freight
rain pulled into the Hot Springs and
Nelsons attention was again attract
ed to the three men when he saw
hem talking earnestly with the con
ductor Nelson says he thinks they
tskod the conductor about the time
of tae next train leaving the place
The tools a heavy hammer and
chisels with which the holdups work
ed on the safe in the otel office were
left boind when the bold trio ran away
and Ibis morning were identified as
being the property of the hotel by 13
Armstrong who has charge of Uho
tool house Armstrong also stated
this morning that three young men
strangers had talked with him yes
terday afternoon
Ttofs holdup is considered one of
he boldest that has taken place in
his vicinity for some time and the
police department and sheriffs force
are said to be under the impression
that this same trio may have had
something to do with the robberies of
the White Elephant saloon and the
Bamberger railroad station which
were successfully carried out within
the past few days
A G Schilling of Cheyenne a Un
Ion Pacific passenger conductor who
has been spending his vacation at tho
Springs was at thei resort when the i
holdup took place lost night and this j
morning told the following story of the
1 was playing cards in a room adJoining I
joining the hotel office when tho first
shot was fired said Mr Schilling I
The bartender and I rushed to tho
oflSce and a spectacle presented It
self that fairly made my hair stand on 1
end Three men wearing haudk
chiefs over tho lower part of their
j I
Carcasses of Affected Animals Locat
ed in Butcher Shops and
A thorough test made of meat pro
cured in Ogden butcher shops his Food I
Inspector Hanson Commlssioner Car I
ver and Health Inspector Shorten yes
terday demonstrated thai pigs sold to
soma of the local meat markets had
been affected with cholera and were
unfit for food and dangerous U > the
health of the community
TI i attention of Health Inspector
Shorten was called to the filthy con
dition of a pig pen near the city lim
It a few days ago where cases of
hng cholera were believed to exist
Mr Shorten had an idea that dis
eased hogs wore being killed and of
fered for sale III this city An in
vestigation proved such to bo the
case Tho state veterinary surgeon was
Bent for and a visit made to the pen
1 tI
snspectcd Ol CUJlUllliuiJ uiB < jiiauu JJVM u
ers The pens wore found to be In a
deplorable condition but the pigs were
not In sight The retail butcher
eliops wero accordingly visited and
tho carcasses of some of tho hogs lo
cated Some had been disposed of
in the regular way The carcasses
confiscated wero ordered to be hold
and submitted to government expert
Retailers of foods are liable to the
law for offering for sale food that Is
unfit for the public The officers of the
city and state are determined to en
= <
faces had Just entered the place A
regular Fourth of July celebration was I
in progicss As we stepped through
the door ono of the masked men plac
ed an automatic revolver across his
left arm and commenced firing at us
A bullet sung past my ear and made
me step aslflc in a hurry I can tell
you Then there were mote shots and
more bullets All threo of the men
seemed to be shooting in every direc
tion When we stepped Into the office
Dick Baniett manager of the place
was standing near one of the slot ma I
chines with both hands in the air
One of vile shots struck him in the
arm It seemed to me that the follow
who shot him was covered with blood
which was streaming from a wound
The robbers were all young fellows
and the youngest looking man In the
bunch was the fellow who went to the
safe The shooting continued all the
while the safe was being ransacked
Pie office was fairly riddled with bul
lets A woman who was bathing in
the pool narrowly escaped being hit
with a bullet by ducking under the
water There were five of us In tho
olfico at the time and Il Is most re
markable that we wore not all killed
Those in the office were Dick Barnett
the manager Frank Dalby aa em
ploye C E Olson the postofilco
clerk L A Loofborrow Carl Nelson
the railroad agent Albert Spaulding
one of the guests and myself
When the men had completed their
work which did nit take moro ihan
five minutes T believe they left tho
place together in al hurry I heard
one of them say To the barn and
I am sure they went in that direction
They entered the office together on
the run so the men say who were
there first and came from across the
road east of the hotel
The Examiner of this morning has
this account of the robbery
A half dozen men were in the lobby
of the hotel when the three despera
does made their appearance and or
dered all hands up Although Barnett
put his hands up with the others one
of the robbers deliberately shoved his
revolver toward him antI pulled the
The others were lined up In front of
the desk and searched while one of
the robbers with a heavy hammer and
several cold chisels got busy with the j
safe behind the counter The door of j
the safe had been loft open and in a I
remarkably short time the drawers I
wore pried open and rifled In their I
haste and excitement the desperadoes
overlooked about 500 in gold and I
bills belonging to guests which had
been deposited in envelopes in one of
toe draw ers I
While the robber at the eafe was
busy at his work the other two kept
up a reckless fusillade with their re
volvors About twentyfive shots were I
fired The office oC the hotel was
riddled by the flying bullets Ono of
the brills struck the office clock stop
ping the hands at 1030 oclock
After gathering up the money which
had been taken from the safe aud
after several of thoso standing in the
office had been lined up and relieved
of what money they had on their per I
sons the robbers rushed from the ho
tel going north It la believed from
force the law and place the respon
sibility whero it belongs
Will Pay City Warrants
Ogden Utah July 13 1000
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned Treasurer of Ogden City
will at his ofllco on and after this
dnte pay city warrants bearIng regis
try numbers from 1730 to 2300 both
inclusive and further that all such
warrants not presented to me for pay
ment on or before July 23 1909 will
cease to draw Interest thereafter
City Treasurer
Lindquist Undertaking parlors re
moved to Bennett Block 2Cth and
Grant while rebuild the old stand
Freight traffic on the Salt Lake
division of the Southern Facie Is lu
creasing rapidly at present and ten
more freight crews are now employ
ed between Ogden and Sparks than
were required in tho service during
the corresponding season of last year
Everything is now in prime condi
tion for heavy traffic and railroad of
ficials on the Harriman lines center
ing in this city predict the greatest
freight business in the history of the
Hows This
Vc offer One Hundred Dotytri Reward for
any case of Catarrh Out cannot be cured by
Halls Catarrh Cure
F J CIirXEY ft CO Prop Toledo O
Vc the underngned have known 11 J
Cheney for the laist fifteen year and believe
him perfectly honorable in all buimefts Iran
action and financially able to carry out any
obligation made by their firm
WEST a Tau x Wholaale IJnigEiiu ToledoO
gists Toledo O
Hall Catarrh Cur is taken internally act
ing directly upon the blood and mucous Sur
face of the system Price 75c per bottle
Sold by all druggists Testimonials free
Holts 1amily Tills are the bat
tracks found near the north corner
of the hotel that at least ono of them
drove away In a light rubber tired
buggy amid the other two made their
way to Ogden following the railroad
tracks Albert Swlugewood was walk
ing on the tracks toward the resort
a few minutes afterward and noticed
two men running along the track In
his direction The hammer and chis
els used in opening the safe were left
lying In a pile of papers and sliver
coins which the robbers had neglect
ed to cany away with them The
moneyorder book used at tho poster
flee was among the things stolen
A number of tho attaches and guests
at tho resort had narrow escapes from
being killed by tho flying bullets fired
by the reckless desperadoes Richard
Barnett the manager Frank Dalby
an employee Q E Olsen the post of
fice clerk L A Loofborrow tho
masseur Carl Nelson the Oregon
Short Line railroad agent and Albert
Spauldlng a guest were standing in
the office when tho trio of desperadoes I
made their appearance After Bar
nett was shot ho was searched and
50 taken from his poclOts Loot I
borrow was robbed of S and Spauld
ing 4 Frank Dalby hearing the
firing rushed from the bar with the
days receipts in his hands and nar
rowly escaped being struck by a fly
ing bullet He ducked into a room
and hid the money from the bat
A G Schilling of Cheyenne a pas
senger conductor on the Union Pa
cific was shot at twice as he rushed
to the lobby of the hotel to see what
the excitement was about W M
Slickles of Ploche Nov had 300 and
C 11 Karren another guest 110 de
posited in ono of the drawers Both
amounts were overlooked by the rob
When the excItement died down a
hurryup call was sent to the city for
a physician Dr Ezra Rich respond
ed in this automobile in record time
and attended to Tlarnetts wound
which Is not regarded as serious
William Howell happened to bo
passing In his automobile on Washing
ton avenue when the news reached
the city Ho volunteered the use of
the machine to Sheriff B B Wilson
Deputy Sheriff John Hntchcns and a
party of newspaper men The machine
was steered carefully to the limits of
the city and then there was one long
black streak with a few blurs to add
to the color scheme and the Hot
Springs hotel hove 1n sight Sheriff
Wilson and Deputy Hutchens made a
niinute examinatIon of the place noth
ing having been distrubed after the
robbers departed until the arrival of
the officers
Everything possible is being done
to apprehend the robbers Telegrams
and telephone messages have been
soul to all surrounding towns giving a
description of tho men During the
excitement two of tho men lost the
handkerchiefs which were used as
masks for their faces L A Loot
borrow the messenger at the hotel
says he had a good look at the two I
men who dropped their masks and
that he can identify them both if they
are ever caught
Scenery Will Be of More Convenient
SizeColor Scheme of Body of
House WIIIBc New
It will tako at least 17000 feel or
nearly three miles and a naif of rope
to suspend and equip the new scen
ery which is now being painted ami
installed at the Grand Opera House
This large quantity of hanging mater I
ial has already arrived and is now be
ing put in place in the scenery loft
The 011 block and tackle system used
for hoisting the heavy drops was
found to bo in very poor repair and
the entire outfit has been replaced
Tho scenery which wmj s formerly
used In the opera housc was all 22
ftt In height and S or 9 feet In width
time size used for legitimate attrac
tions at a time when two men could
be supplied to handle each place and
there was plenty of time to change the
setting between ordinary acts
With the Introduction of vaudeville
at the house there will bo need of
every facility for making lightning
changes in stage settings etc which
necessitates smaller scenery Tho
new equlprcunt therefore is being
made In more convenient sizes five
bv eighteen feet which one man can
easily handle
The proposed color scheme of old
rose for tho auditorium hag been
suporcedftd olivegreen ivory and
gold which will mnka a much more at
tractive combination of colors the old
rose being now somewhat out of date
with the big houses throughout the
The now aabeutos lirecurtain will i
be painted to lopiesent heavy draper
ies and will correspond in general
color tone to the body of tile house
The design for the front dropcurtain
has not been decided upon but it
will probably be of a landscape na
ture It being generally conceded that
a figured picture ultImately loses its
atbraclhencss while a landscape
foyer grows old
Edward Payson Weston tho aged
Hanscontinental pedestrian has
added still another day to he num
ber which has been attached lo his
original schedule of 100 days and he
will not appear in San Francisco un
til Wednesday afternoon i
On account of the heat in the Sac
ramento valley Wtston did not leave
the state captlal until a into hour yes I
terday Shortly after midnight ho
passed through Davis ten miles west
of Sacramento and after walking ten i
more miles to DIxon he rested for an
hour Later he stopped at Elmira I
After resting for some time in the
suburbs of Elmira Edward Parson
Weston resumed his transcontinental
walk to San Francisco nt 917 oclock
lie was in good condition and expects
to make fast time to his next stopping
place which will be Benlca thirty
miles distant Here he will take his I
last rest before reaching his destina
tion on Wednesday
= i
Special meeting on Wednesday July
14th 1109 at 1 p m at K of P nail
for the purpose of attending the fun
eral of our deceased brother G F
Ic 1tosh
Officers Entered a Store on Sunday
and Captured a Bottle of Beer
Police Court News
James Alexander a goodlooking
chap and old enough to know better
pleaded guilty to a charge of lewd
conduct in police court this morning
He was gion a fine of 10
Charles Adams was also up before
time court this morning lIe was ar
m a few days ago on a charge of
grand larceny but because Tie was
drunk at the time of committing the
crime charged against him and later
suffered an attack of the delirium tre
mens the county attorney appeared
III his behalf and asked that the charge
he changed to petit larceny but rec
ommended a stiff sentence
On July ft Adams stole a saddle
valued at 40 and a bridle worth 5
from L J Smith lie said he was
guilty of the theft The court im
posed a sentence of 90 or 90 days
The big feature in police court this
morning was the case of the city
against V Labello alleged to have
broken the Sabbath and also the laws
of file city by selling or giving away
intoxicating liquor at his grocery
store ou Twentyfifth street between
Wall and Lincoln avenues
The case was listened to by a jury
composed of Jerome Brown Peter An
derson G W Iarkln and S C Stev
ens After hearing the testimony and
arguments the jurors could not get to
gether on thrjfc iuestion and disagreed
Labello was Irresled by Police Cap
tain Brown and Qfflcer T J Rackham
When tihe officers entered his store
Sunday they testified that four men
were seated at a tafole in the rear of
the place where the Labello family
resides and were drinking beer Three
empty bottles and one full bottle were
on the table
Lftbollo told tho officers Chat he was
just treating his friends One of them
he said had paid a bill and the oth
ers had helped him movo a large re
frigerator and he thought they were
entitled to a little refreshment Things
looked queer to the pollee and so La
hello was brought Into the limelight
As a matter of evidence a bottle
of the good old brew was confiscat
ed and taken to police headquarters
It was introduced In court yesterday
as exhibit No 1 and attracted much
attention and created considerable
tiiirat Although left at the police
station for about threo days the cap
had not been removed and the cnn
tents sparkled more temptingly than
N BIhis is not an advertisement
for any particular brand of beer
Doctor Was Firm and Was Right
Many doctors forbid their patients
to drink coffee but the patients still
drink it on the sly and thus spoil all
the doctors efforts and keep them
selves sick
Sometimes the doctor makes sure
that the patient is not drinking cof
fee nnd there was a case of that kind
In St Paul nSiere a business man
After a very severe illness last
winter which almost caused my death
I the doctor said Postum was the only
thing that I could drink and ho just
made me quit coffee and drink Pos
I tum My illness was caused by Indi
I gestion from the use of tea and coffee
The state of njy s omacn was so
bad Hut it became terribly inflamed
and finally resulted in a rupture I
had nut drunk Postum very long be I
I fore my lost blood was restored and
I my stomach was well and strong and
1 have now been using Postum for al I
most a year When I got up from bed
after inv Illness I weighed 93 pounds
and now my weight is 120
There Is no doubt that Postum was
the cause of this wonderful improve
I ment I shall never so back to lea or
coffee but shall always stick to the
food drink that brought me back to
health and strength
Look for tho little book The Road
to Wollvlllo In pkgfl Theres a j
Reason 1
Ever read the above letter A new
one appears from time to time They
ore genuine true and full of human
Ho Cnlls His Craft a Multiplane
and Is Confident He Can Navi
gate the Air
Maybe a real airship will be built
in Ogden this summer
James Frederick Scott of Chicago
who some time ago was awarded a
contract by tho United States govern
ment for furnishing it a heavierthan
air flying machine and who was au
thorized by the government to make
his trial flights at Fort Myor Wash
ington D C Is spending a few days
in this city and this morning ho stat
ed that it Is possible that he may build
the machine here and make a num
ber of tests
Mr Scott came west about three
weeks ago for the purpose of studying
conditions in this altitude He main
tains that a flying machine tried out
successfully at this height will travel
in the air anywhere Ho believes this
part of the mountains is the proper
place to launch the aircraft
Since coming west the inventor has
been spending most of his time in
Salt Lake waiting for a motor which
lie is having made In a Michigan shop
to be completed and shipped to him
During his stay in that city he has
been visited by many of the prominn
ent men and all expressed much in
terest in his proposed flying machine
and urged him to remain In Salt Lake
to make his tests One man who Is
said to have taken more than ordin
al Interest in Mr Scott and his ideas
has gone to the extent of offering to
organize a company In Salt Lake to
build the flying machine boost the
man who designed it and incidentally
advertise tho cify
So far however the Chicago man
has completed no negotiations with
anyone but is going ahead with his
plans himself
Hardly a day passes ibut that Mr
Scott receives letters of inquiry about
his proposed machine from different
parts of the country and oven from
abroad nnd many of teie letters are
from persons who express a desire to
get in with the Inventor and his
promising scheme
Regarding the building In Ogden of
the aircraft which the inventorcalls
his multiplane Mr Scott said
I Intend to build my multiplane
somewhere in this section of the coun
try I believe this is just the place
If the machine will fly in this alti
tude it wIll fly most anywhere I
have thought some of putting the out
fit together In Salt Lake and making
trial flights from some point near that
I city but since coming to Ogden and
meeting two or three of your influen
tial men who have manifested con
I siderable Interest in my venture I
have nearly made up my mind to build
the machine here I intend to com
mence work upon it some day thin
week TIG matter which city I decide to
build In The work of construction
will take about three weeks I plan
to make a number of trials aod will
later take the multiplane to Fort My
PIneule are for all kidney liver
bladder rheumatic and urinary conr
plaints They assist separating
salt and water with their poisons from
the blood They act promptly Sold
by Gee F Cftve and Depot Drug
American Falls Idaho July 120n
Saturday morning about S oclock
William Lorenzo Warner of this place
is supposed to have drowned in tho
American Falls of the Snake river
When last seen he was cleaning brush
from the grizzly that holds back all
drifts from going Into the water
wheels of the power house About
five minutes after he was nowhere to
ho seen a brush hook which ho was
using Is also gone Nothing p to
this date has been found that will give
any clue to the accident His homo
was a happy one nothing seemed to
mar it He leaves a wife and one
babe two children preceded him
HIs father mother sisters and broth
ers are left to mourn his sudden and
untimely death He was tho son of
Orlando Wallace and Prisoilla Ar
gyle Warner born at Moab Grand Co
Utah ago 26 years nine months six
days He had filled a mission to the
Southern states At the time of hIs
disappearance he was first counselor
to Bishop Johnson of American Falls
I ward
London July 12 Fifteen of the
i suffragettes who in the course of their
raid on the house of commons June 20
indulged in the breaking of windows
with stones hidden in paper parcels
went to prison for a month today
rather than pay the fines inflicted by
Sir Aldbert Do Reutzen of tie Bow
Street police court Sir Aldbort com
mented severely on the lamentable
spectacle of respectable women in the
dock on charges associated with ju 1
venile hoodlums
I Tho suffragettes most of whom
made short speeches claimed that
their offenses were purely political
Tho course of Premier Asquith in re
fusing to accept their petition they
stid had made militant action neces
sary and if the women ire in the
wrong Home Secretary Gladstone
War Secretary Haldane and John
Burns president of the local govern
ment board who had Incited them by
taunting them with the statement
that they were using only pin prick
methods ought to be beside them in
I the dock
Buenos Ayrcs luly 12Dbo Argen
tine government is in direct communi
cation with the government of Bolivia
through Senor Fonseca the Argentine
1 minister at La Pax who has presented
to the Bolivian government a dennnd
for an explanation of the attiturj > of
tho Bolivian mlnltni here v 3 well as
for the recen 1tJ on tu V
tine Iogat5 i i Iv Sr In
xeca hpi in TJI a > I M
eminent that lie wll IUJUA i u
r P 1
Best Chalice
in Years for a
Vacation East
Jnly 23 21 August 13 14 Sep
tember 10 11
On the above dates you can him
excursion tickets Ito the followui
eastern cities and at Chicago or S
Louis buy daily 30 day round tnt
tickets at the lowest rates In yea
to New York Boston New Jorst
New England Atlantic Coast anI
Canadian resorts Omaha Kan Jr
City 1000 Chicago 5500 81
Louis WOO St Paul 5200 PC
orla 5110 Other eastern point
In proportion
On other dales than those named
above somewhat higher excursion
rates with longer limits are In cf
feet to principal eastern cities
Every day through standard and
tourist sleeping car service via
scenic Colorado and Denver to the
East Personally conducted east
bound excursions frequently each
Take a Burlington folder noto the
Burlingtons eastbound service
three daily highest class trains
Denver to Chicago and two to St
Louis The map shows the at
tractive and diverse routes pos
sible If your ticket rends Burllng
lon II Burlington trains have the
On Time habit The Ci Icago
Denver Limited reached Denver
on time 355 days during lyo Let
inc help you
G A Burlington
LLLIIIJL14IflI Route 307 Main St
Salt Lake City Utah
i J biBiiii D
La Paz If the situation does not im
The Argentine legaUon is now guard
ed by SOO soldiers
A dispatch from Argentinas consul
at Tupisa Bolivia announces ills 11 > 0
demonstrations at that place The
consulate was stoned windows were
broken and the flagstaff knocked dic n
After this onslaught the crowd at
tacked the house of an Argentine cit
Fifth Ward Amusement Hall W t
nesday July 14th 1909 R pfr i
meats program dancing in hono I i
Grant C Brown L Dow Drowning ml
Wm R Poulter Everybody invi cJ
Admission 50c per couple
Seattle Wash July 12Presid V
A B Stlckney of the Chicago Gi i
Western railway in an interview M
terday discussing government rr fil
iation of railroad rates said
Not until all rairoads are con ° ol
idated or the government proceeds
to do directly what it now attcnij a
to do by indirection viz fixes abso
lutely all railroad rates will Intro
be an era of stnliUilt aud of peace
and fair play both to tho rallroud
and the public 7
Under the method now pursued
by the government it would scorn
the purpose to keep the railroads
apart rub their ears ana let thorn
fight it out among themselves The
result Is underhanded and unfair com
petition with secret rates to favored
shippers or favored localities and
continual dissension and unrest Com
petition between railroads makes low
rates at competitive points and they
are obliged to recoup by excessive
charges at noncompetitive points
No railway can make sure what
rate Its competitor is giving a fay
I ored shipper In a desire to get bus
ness away from a rival rate sort sf
cretly cut indiscriminately Tin
makes the railroad business extreme
ly hazardous aud at the same iirr
makes every other line of buainesr
hazardous for the reason that unr
merchant or ono manufacturer or
wholesaler never knows what rata
his competitor is receiving
Get vour currants at Mrs Jno
Fords Phone No 243X Bell
Sacramento July 12Fic da
behind his schedule and with ulm
miles still to go Edward Pas son
Veston tho transcominentaJ pin
trian left here tonight at 7 ot loi k
for San Francisco
Because of the heat today wik
he declared made walking unb mi
ble the 70yearold athlete rest 1
here to await the cool of the men
ing He arrived from RorvIli al
1014 this morning after an tentern
mile walk and declared I i IK CX
peeled to roach Dlxon 21 mq > s WCHt
of I Sacramento by midr1
Wihlle talillr tIiLtJ1 iu good
shape and feeling fine af o r 1 is HI i
mile walk tho old nin alniln ii
scorching heat today nn < t d Mr
considerable after th c I at1H
he experienced In cms1 > f bur
ras About a ihoupjul ti vu r >
on hand to give him a i < snd
off when ho started
Veston announces tv h < will n
turn to New York In Au 11 t and this
time agrees to make the trip in nlnou
There will be a meeting of the Of
den Driving Club Tuesday July 13
at 830 p m at Judge Murphjs of
fice in the City Hall Prospecth
members invited
F W HORTON Tom Sec >
A big roPnHl nil In Yf Jrscy I
I bcln made bv rn > pm i nth from
c ITN Mfi T urn 1111 nn 1 1 tick sin
n n 1i T s < v i C vir iiM1 o vers
s cr AD5 I < < RIlJ bIG R SULTS

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