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r Veterans March for Two Miles to Inspiring
i i Sound of Drum asd Fife = = = fireeted by Liv =
h ing Flag of 1380 Boys and fiirls
Salt Lake Aug 1L Under the all
pervading sentiment Cheers for
t the living and tears for the dead
I several thousand survivors of the Civil
war made their annual march today
up and down tho broad asphalt sur
face of Main street for over a dis
tance of two miles and passed before
the re lowing eyes of Henry M Ne
vlus their comninndcrInchlef
The grand parade of the fortythird
encampment embraced the flower and
strength of the survivors of the na
tional stress of half a century ago
This feature was due to the fact
thai the journey to the place of en
campment was a long one to bo un
dertaken only by the strongest Yet
there wore many aged and Infirm
whose halting walk presaged that be
fore another encampment shaH have
assembled they will have joined the
countless dead at rest under the sol
emn pine tho tearful willow and tho
embracing vine Nature seemed im
pressed with the significance of the
occasion The humidity of the past
few days had been gulhered Into
clouds of lacy film which wore en
tangled In the dentated peaks of tho
Wasatch and Oqulrrah ranges
The day was an Ideal summer day
of tho mountains Wandering breezes I
from canyon and plain bore the per i
fume of the ripened harvest conson I
ant with the flowered honors and years
of those who wore the blue
In the line of march were those
who came out of Wilson creek of Shl
lob of Stone river and of Chlckama
gua of Chattanooga Lookout Moun
tain and Missionary Ridge of Fred
erlclosburg and Antfctam survivors ol
tho glories of Gettysburg and of the
Wilderness and even those who saw
the panorama of war from Sumter
< to Appomatox
AsthoyTnarched to theh iriUng
sound of drum and fife to the old
tunes over ground which felt not tho
shock of battle and before thousands
of the generations enjoying the bless
ings of tho principle for which they
fought visions of the past rose in re
trospect and once mare they were with
Sheridan Sherman and Grant
By proclamation of the governor of
the state and the mayor of the city
the day was a holiday and long be
fore the formation of tho parade vant
ago points along the route of march j
were overcrowded with spectators
Ropes wore stretched along the streets
which were kept clear of all traffic
At 030 oclock tho various depart
ments rendezvoused on South Tem
ple and First Second and Third
South streets adjoining Main street
Two blasts from a whistle in tho
Tribune building and the column formAt
At 10 oclock three sounds were
blown from tho whistle and the pa
rade of 1909 was in motion
The column entered Main street
under the eaves of the Mormon torn
pie past tho statue of Brigham Young
in tho following order
Fifteenth Infantry U SA from
Fort Douglass and the National Guard
of Utah
Next came Commanderinchief Nf
vlus and his official family together
with distinguished quests In carriages
Bearing their scarred and faded bat
tle flags came the departments of Il
linois Wisconsin Pennsylvania Ohio
New York Connecticut Massachus
etts New Jersey Maine California
Nevada Rhode Island Now Hamp
shire Vermont The Potomac Virginia
North Carolina Maryland Nebraska
Michigan Iowa Indiana Colorado
Wyoming Kansas Delaware Minne
sota Missouri Oregon Kentuclo West
Virginia South Dakota Washington
Alaska Arkansas New Mexico Ten
nessee Louisiana Mississippi Florida
Montana Texas Idaho Arizona Geor
gia Alabama North Dakota Okla I
homa exunion prisoners and naval
veterans I
Utah being the host of the encamp
ment came last
Scattered through the line were
twentyfive bands and drum corps
which kept up a continuous rythm of I
music to the accompaniment of the
steady beat of feet
For seven blocks the veterans
marched in undulating line to Seventh
South und Main streets on tho west
side of which they were greeted with
a living flag composed of thirteen I
hundred boys and girls in costume
The children dressed In rod white
and blue formed an emblem eighty
feet long and fifty two feet ide
A wave effect was produced as the
veterans passed by one section of Uie
boys and girls standing while another
stooped low enough to become tem
porarily invisible When Utah passed
the living flag tho children compos
ing the latter took position in the
roar of the line and the parade be
gan its countermarch by the review
ing stand
With bands playing and children
singing Marching Through Georgia
Tho nuUle Hymn of the Republic I
and Onward Christian Soldiers
there was a wave of patriotic impulse
which swept over the vast host of
participants and spectators
Back along the line of cheering
thousands came tho procession with
steady tramp to the reviewing stand
where colors were lowered and hats
and the old service caps of the rebel
lion were doffed
On past tho reviewing stand the
veterans walked and the grand parade
of the Fortythird encampment be
came a memory
It was estimated that 70or veter
ans took part In the parade which was
one hour and a half passing a given
point Not until 130 oclock did the
echo of tho foot and drum die away
The only distressing feature of the
day was the fainting of a dozen or
more of the children composing the
living flag due to their longstanding In I
the sun
For 1 fQwmJnjutps amUnlanCtWi rwote
kept busy removing them to the emer
gency hospital
So far as the veterans were con
cerned no call was made for an am
bulance Ambulances were stationed
along the route Each delegation bore
some insignia characteristic of their
st ate
I Oklahoma called attention to the
fact that it was the youngest state by
I carrying small nursing bottles
DelegatesAskBond Issue
of 5000000000
for Arid Lands
Spokane Aug 11 Delegates lo tile
National Irrigation congress set about
to relieve the arid lands situation to
day when resolutions beginning with
a request for ample funds and end
ing with one for a fund of 5000000
000 wero Introduced Tho resolution
asking for a nallohal three per cent
bond isue of 5000000000 was intro
duced by HIP secretary of the board
of control Authur Hooler of Spokane
It is proposed to use this fund in five
portions as follows I
One billion for drainage one billion
for deep water ways one billion for
good raods and one billion for forest
While there was no discussion of the
resolution there was much applause
Indicating that there will bo consider
able support of such a movement It
is asked that a committee present the
reqUest to congress
I A resolution also was Introduced
BIG fIRE mlOSS9 190009000
Mlddlotown N Y Aug 11A loss
cslimated at 1000000 was caused by
the fire which swept thirtysix build
ings on tho main street of the sum
mer resort town of Monticello N Y I
last night The buildings burped In
cluded hote1 stores and residences 1
The fire wan brought under control
I this morning after dynamite had bocn i
used Three hotels filled with summer I
guests mainly from New York wore I
destroyed There were the Rockwell I
I house the largest hotel in Sullivan I
county the Palatine hotel and the Bol
I Gum house All the guests escaped I
i with most of their personal properly I
The Uni n National hank both news 1
I paper offices and every store but one I
in the town was destroyed I
r v South Fallsburg N Y All 10
Vord reached here lato tonight Of a
disastrous fire which swept through tile
f business section of Monticello dectroy
1L 1 >
ing fifty or more stores the post of
fice a bank the Palatine and Mansion
hotels and dri lag hundreds of sum
mer colonists Into the streets
Aid was summoned from MJddleton
Port Janis and Liberty the nearest
points with fire deparimenls but at
midnight the flames were still spread
big and It was ncccsnr to resort to
dynamite in the hope of checking the
The town was cut off from outside
communication by he burning of tel
ephone and telegraph whoa A short
ago of water made the fight against
the flames a losing one
Monticello Is a famous summer re
I sort and while it has a normal popula
lion of about 2ono this number is
i really Increased by those who make
their summer homes there The colo
I nists score of whom wore made
hpmeloss tonight joined the firemen
in fighting the Ilames
X <
j cL 1 jy
f oJ At i
planning Hint where settlers of arid
lands have been deprived of the right
to reclaim their lauds by tho action
of the reclamation service in cutting
off water rights such settlers may
gain the right to their lands by tho
reclamation of one acre in their tracts
by means of u well
J N Teal of Oregon created some
amusement by the introduction of a
resolution condemning the use of the
plumage of birds for tho decoration
of womens headgear and asking fur
ther protection of birds In the west
where their activities are a relief from
the ravages of Insects in tho forests
George Otis Smith director of the
United States geological survey spoko
on the classification of public lands
Irrigation in South Dakota was dis
cussed by S H Lea state engineer
of South Dakota
Howard Elliot president of tho
Northern Pacific railroad spoke on
the opportunities in the West
Mr Elliott with a note of bitterness
in his voice said that while the rail
way is second only to the farmer as
a developer of the nations resources
but fow arise to pay Well done thou
good and faithful servant
The settlement of the railway prob
lems is not to be found in whether
tho tare for passengers should bo
three cents a mile but In a population
which will tako advantage of natural
resources and not bo afraid of more
than eight hours labor a day lie
commended President Taft for his de
mand for cfflclency among government
employes and added that In the west
there is no success for the man who
wants eight hours labor and lots of
Mr Elliott said he believed the an
swer to the problem of keeping tho
youth on the farm lies In the Irrigation
projects of the west
C YorkyAugust 11 The market
opened Jipotty and rather irregular
today There wore a number of con
spicuous gains while tho declines
were less numerous nnd small Louis
ville and Nashville was prominent
with a rise of 1 5S and the copper
stocks were all strong Amalgamated
Copper gaining 1 11 and Anaconda
American Smelling and Utoh Copper
largo fractions Northern Pacific
Now York Central and Consolidated
Gas advanced 1 and Rock Island pfd
and Kansas City Southern pfd large
Stocks were offered for sale rather
freely and although there was a tern
jorary check on shod covering and
the bidding up of Amalgamated Copper
and Northern Pacific the market again
declined briskly Reading and Union
Pacific were the weak features of die
railroad list and United States Steel
among the industrials all of which
lost a point Central Rnilroad of New
Jersey advanced 2 Consolidated Gat
I 31 and Mackay companies and Amal
gamated Copper 1 12 American car
yielded 1
Atlantic Coast Line Northwestern
Great Northern Ore ctfs International
Harvester pfd and American Ice
sank to 1 point below lust night and
Toledo St Louis and Western 1 58
The strong twopoint advance in North
ern Pacific had only a moderate cf
feet elsewhere
Great Northern pfd gained 1 and
American Hide and Leather pfd 1 58
Bonds were firm
Amalgamated Copper SS 12
American Beet Sugar 16
American Car and Foundry 6S 31
American Cotton Oil 70
American Locomotive IS
American Smelting 101 1S
American Smelting ifd 115 31
American Sugar Refining 13 12
Anaconda Mining Co 50 78
Atchison Railway 120 38
Atlantic Coast Line Ml 12
Baltimore and Ohio 110 31
Brooklyn Rapid Transit SO Dl
Canadian Pacific iSO 12
Chesapeake and Ohlp 82 31
Chicago and Northwestern IDG 11
Chicago Mil and St Paul 100 11
Colorado Fuel and Iron 47
Colorado and Southern 55
Delaware and lludson 105 31
Denver and Rio Grande 52
Denver and Rio Grande pd 89 12
Erie Railway 38 3S
Groat Northern pfd 150 5S
Great Northern Oro Otis 87 11
Illinois Central 157 18
New York Central 139 1S
Reading Railway 161 US
Rock Island Co 12
1 Rock Island Co pfd 70 73
Southern Pacific 13G 18
I Southern Railway 31
Union Pacific 207
United States Stool 78 1S
United Slates Stool 78 1S
United Singes Steel pfd 12f 5S
Waliash Railway 2l
Wabash Railway pfd 58 M
Western Union 7H 31
I Standard Oil company 702
Chicaqo Livpstock
I Chicago August 1 LCattlcRe
coipta estimated at 18000 market
steady to lower beovfts 430a750
Texas steers IOOo550 western
steers SIOQaCOO atockors and feed
ers 300a510 cows fluid heifers 2
25aG25 calves 550aS25
HO Receipts oBtlmatod at 23003
market 5c to lOo lower light 735a
790 mixed 7J5a700 heavy 705
O790 rough S706a725 good to
i iL J
choice heavy 7 25a700 pigs fi 85a I
775 bulk of sales 755n77fi
Sheep Receipts estimated at 18000
Market weak lower native 300a6
00 western 3 00a5 10 yearlings 1
70afGO lambs native l6da775 i
I western 150a7SO f
Kansas City Livestock
Kansas City Aug 11 Cattle Re
ceipts 7000 Market steady Lo weak
Native steers 460760 native cows
and heifers 25a720 stackers and
feeders 1 OOafi 50 bulls 30Mi400
calves 350a075 < western sleerft 4
25aG 00 western cows 27 = > nl40
Hogs Receipts 7000 Market fc to
lOc lower Bulk of sales 7IOa7Gr
heavy 7GOa770 packers umd bill ch
ore 7l5a770 light 730a755 pigs I
I Slieep Receipts 0000 Market I
u steady to lOc lower Muttons 400a
500 lambs 600a775 range wethers
375a525 range eWes 300a500
I Chicago CI08
Chicago August tlCIORO Wheat
Sept 98 12 Dec 05 34a7S May
DO 11 l
CornSept 04 58 31 Dec 51 38
May 55 11
Oats SepL 37 Dec 37 11 May
39 3StU2
PorkSopL 2045 Jan 10 G7 12
Lard Sept 1130 Oct 1125
Nov 1087 12 Jan 085
I Ribs Sepu 1007 l2allOO Ocl
1007 1201070 Jan 885
1 Il oCash G9a71 SopL 70
BarleyCash 4GaG8
Timothy Sept 370
Clover Nothing doing
Sugar andCoffee
I New York Aug i1Sugar raw
Firm fair refining 358 centrifugal
I 9G test 108 molasses sugar 333
Refined steady crushed 5G5 pow
dered 505 granulated MS5
I COFFEE Steady i No 7 Rio 7 38
al2 No 4 Santos 9
Metal Market
I New York Aug liCopper strong
standard spot 1295al315 October
j1305al325 Lead firm 426a4
32 12 Silver 51
flS CAllED
Gives Important Testi
mony iff Sutton
Annapolis Md Aug 11 Todays
resumption of the court Inquiry in
vestigating tho death of Lieut James
Sutton seemed to bring the close of
the case within measurable distance
Half a dozen more witnesses may bo
called but It is expected the examina
tion of most of those will be brief
When they have boon disposed of
tho judge advocate Major Leonard
will sum up Ho will be followed by
Henry E Davis counsel for Mrs Suit
ton and A E Blrney representing
Lieut Adams The judge advocnto
will then lose
H R Taylor undertaker and James
N Weldefeld who prepared Lieut
Buttons body for burial both testified
there was no evidence that either
of Suttons arms had been broken
Wlcdefeld said there were no Indica
tions that ho had been beaten though
the witness made no examination for
Prof Gilbert Coleman of the naval
academy stated that ho was in the
company of Lieut Sutton from lunch
time until about midnight of October
12 1007 the night of Buttons death
hen leaving the lieutenant with Mles
May Stewart of Pittsburg Pa at the
assembly loom of the hotel Limit
Sutton he said was in a condition of
perfect sobriety at that lime
Limit Allen U Sumner U S tl
C testified to seeing at the hotel tho
same night Lieuts Osterman and VI
Icy and that they woie perfectly so
ber Lieut Sutton lie said entered
the room and offered those In the
party a drink from a bottle of whisky
which all drained Lieut Sumner said
he afterward went to camp After
his arrival there he sau Limit Suit ton
leaving the camp armed and without
his coal Later he heard shots and
going In the direction sawLieut Sut
ton on the ground He also saw Lieut
Roelker who appeared to have been
Injured and taking him Into camn
found hIs clothing torn by a bullet
which was found In his garments
The witness identified as his own a
card on which lie had written Slit
lon I nUt a damned ford Consider
the gun business cut out This he
had signed vile said it was written
to humor Sutton The witness hoped
it would he a means of inducing Sut
ton to go to his hotel peaceably
Lieul Sumner leglltied that Sutton
was not of good reputation among oth
er student officers anti thai he did not
believe him to he a truthful man Mr
Davis declined to ask the witness any
Sergeant A P T dd corporal of the
guard on the night of Lieut Sultans
death look the stand He said ho
hoard an unusual noise in the guard
room and there found Lieutenants Ad
ams and Oslorman who asked him for
weapons saying there was trouble in
the camp
They got no weapons Shortly af
ter he heard hdts fired Later Lieut
Roolker in civilian attlro came to him
and said ho had beep shot The wit
ness found In Roolkcra pocket a drill
regulation book he said in the pages
of which he found a bullet There
I wft a mark as from a bl < iv of some
sort over Rcclkers heart Ho cls >
found holes In Roc > lkrs clithlng and
underwear He know nothing of the
finding next morning of a revolver on
the parade grounds He doniod po
tions of an Interview attributed to him
but said he did see a man running and
hoard commands to halt and threats
to fire and shots
Annapolis aid Mug 10Mrs Rose
Sutton Parker whose testimony haa
been looked forward to as of sur
passing Interest in the Invest igaton
of the death on October 13 1907 of
her brother Lieut lames N Sutton
Jr was the center of attraction at tho
court of Inquiry today She demon
strated clearly that her memory oC
her Interview with Lieut Adams
Continued on Page Five
Roger OMara Con
fidently Expects Him I
to Be Freed I
Pittsburgh Aug l1Rogcr OMara
who has returned from White Plains
Now Yoik where he was attending
the latest hearings in Harry K Thaws
efforts to establish his sanity believes
Thaw sane and confidently expects
him to he freed II
Of Evelyn Nosblt Thaw he says
She threw Harry over hard In this
White Plains trial Why after what
he did for her after ho had married
her to square her name with the world
she played to Jerome find told him I
everything that unlll that time he
had not known She was not for I
Harry and did her best to keep him in
Matteawan U
Asked ahout Evelyns threats to get
a divorce he said
If she tries togot a divorce there
will not be any obstacles placed in
her way I
Thlstalk Harry novbolup t nnU
cd In PIttgburg makes me laugh Ho I
will come back to PIttsburg his old
home and will start again and no
person will object I
San Francisco Aug l1In c nse
i quonce of orders said to have been
Issued b Secretary Balllnger of the
Interior department General For
sythe In charge of troops in Yosemite
valley has prevented the erection on
government land of temporary build I
Ings to shelter the workmen sent out
bv Engineer Marsden Manson of this
city to begin the Helch Hotchy water I
Under the agreement between the
I city and Former Secretary James R i
Garfield the first improvements wore
to have been made at Lake Eleanor
and It was in pursuance of this plan
I that Mnnson sent his men Into the
region General For ythc notified
Secretary Ballinger of the activities of
I the San Francisco engineers and the
order to stop all work on the govern
I ments preserves follows
A dam In tho system by which this
I city is to bo supplied with water was
k have been built at Lake Eleanor
and until permission is received from
I Ballingor to proceed along tho lines
agreed to by Garfield no progress can
i be made
City officials will endeavor to get
i the secretary of the interior to re
nvve tho obstacles when he arrives
here from Spokane on his way back to
Philadelphia AUK 11Miss Eliza
beth Philips widely known as Miss
Santa Claus committed sulcidp today
I by inhaling illuminating gas She was
found In a room at her home with a
I gas tube In her mouth No motive is
I Known for her selfdestruction
Pinned to the womans clothing was
I a note which read I have been in
falling health for some time 1 have
ahvuvK tried to do my best for man
1indMiss Philips enjoyed almost a na
tional reputation because of her work
on Christmas timoaniong tho poor chll
Finnic Hungary Mug l11he Gen
eral Credit sjnnk of Finnic was raided
today by three Russians who shot
down Ijio cashier anti rifled the safe
of ROOO The men then lied tu the
street whore they stood off their pur
suers with revolvers A lolle man
however succeeded In knocking down
the man who was carrying the loot hut
tlp othar escaped All the money was
rocnVctrPd Tho wan taken in custody
gave the conic of Salomon KIslnovlkl
and wild he was an electrician from
Four Members of Crew Sink With Vessel = =
Captain Engineer and Several Seam n
On life Raft Are Rescued
Rockport Mass Aug nTho car
go of anchors on board the naval tug
Nezinacot Capl ln Evans proved too
great a burden as she rolled down the
coast from Portsmouth to Boston ho
fore a northerly gale today and after
the seas had flooded the engine room
the tug roiled over and wink off Cape
Four of her crew lost their lives
while nine others including the cap
tains wife and boy reached land af
ter a hard struggle The lost were
Charles F Trotter acting assistant
C L Taylor ordinary seaman
C F White negro ships cook first
L R Edwards negro seaman
Captain Evans und Machinists Mate
A Belfric wore taken from an oak
grating by a life saving crew after
being in the water nearly five hours
and had seen Dr Trotter washed off
Into the sea
Chief Boatswains Mate F R Bit
ter struggled an hour with Mrs Ev
ans and the boy on a narrow plank
Engineer Pratt and three seaman who
managed to gain the ships boat after
the sinking of the tug and righting
her hauled Bitter and Mrs Evans and
the boy on board and then rowed
Rockport Mass Aug 11ln stag
gering round Cape Ann before n west
erly gale and loaded to her gunwales
with anchors for the battleship Mis
souri Ihe naval tug Nezlnscot hound
from Portsmouth for Boston capsized
off Halibut Point early today carrying
down three members of the crew
The second officer the captains wife
and her little boy and four of tho crew
landed at Lansville and reported that
Captain Evans the surgeon the en
gineer and several sea men were blown
to sea
FTalf an hour Into1 a dozert fishing
boats put out from here as well as
the life saving crows from Straits
mouth and Gloucester to rescue tho
men adrift The tug was a boat of
low freeboard and her cargo brought
her clown until her decks were nearly
awash She wa manned by five offi
cers and a crew of about ten men Cap
tain Evans who wassiu command has
been in charge of many battleships for
the Fore River Ship Building compan
during their trials on the Now Eng
land coast The westerly gale was
I blowing when HIP Nezlnscol left Ports
I mouth Off Halibut point a big sea
bore the little boat over until tho I
I water flooded her engine room and
she became helpless Captain Evans
ordered the single boat launched
but It had scarcely touched the Water
when tho tug lurched and plunged un
der the waxes The captain surgeon
engineer and three or four of the
crow managed to haul themselves
aboard n life raft
Then It was found that three of the
tugs men had gone down As tho Noz
inscots boat was being rowed toward
I shore the life raft was driven sea
ward by the gale The wind shifted
during the morning and It is possible
I the raft will bo blown across Massa
chusetts bay and the men be able to
make a landing somewhere Inside of
Capo Cfl
I The Nezlnscol was attached to the
Portsmouth navy yard
Captain Evans and ngincer Belfylo
I were picked up by tho Dolllvors Nock
life saving crew and landed here at
1130 a in
Dr Trotter was washed off the
grating and drowned The mon woro
picked up inside of Ipswich bay about
four miles off shore
Washington August 11A local po
lice judge has mounted a searchlight
upon his desk to detect perjury Long
I experience upon the bench has taught
him that from the class of prisoners
bnuishl before him It was difficult to
obtain trustworthy testimony Search
j Ing for a cure for this evil he began
to experiment with light
An electric1 light with a strong ic
flector was brought Into use and as
the police prisoners are brought to
the witness stand he turns on the
impromptu searchlight Its strong
ras enables the judge sitting I In the
shadow to follow every facial expres
sion of the offenders and it is found
I Madrid uug llAclvlces from i
Penon do La Gomera Morocco say
thin Moors uro directing a fierce at
tack against the Spanish garrison i
there The lighting began yesterday
At midnight the Spanish artillery
seemod to have silencorl tho enemy
but HIP Moors dug now trenches un
der cover of the darkness and this
morning reopened with a heavy fire
t l
that perjury has been greatly cur
The judge who is a student of crim
inology reads the faces of his visi
tors and in a way their thoughts
and upon the appearance of an effort
to escapo tho consequences of the
truth he promptly checks them
Woman Frightens Man
and He Fells Her
With a Rock j
Scranton Pa August 11MIss I
Bridget Nolan an elderly woman who
lived in North Scranton was slain with
a cobhlcstone early yesterday by John
F Dean a neighbor Dean Is under i
arrest and admits the killing He de
clares that the woman met death while
I playing ghost i
Dean said that on account of the
warm weather Monday night he did I
not feel like going to bed so he sat
outside his small store A woman
dressed in white came up jabbed him
in the stomach with a broomstick
and struck him across the arm Ho
picked up a stone and hit her Sho
fell and Dean gave himself up to a
Miss Nolan owned the building oc
ctopiodAjfDrarf Showas clothed In
a nightgown only and In this garb
had frightened Dean
Chicago August 11Aftlr seeing a
bulldog bite l2yiiir old Kanz NaI
son last evening Mrs Martha Murpln
who lives In a small cottage on the
lake shore pursued for fip blocks and
captured J B Meyer and the dog
which he had in leash and held both
prisoners until a patrol wagon arrived
and I ek them to the police station j
When the boy was examined by tho
ambulance physician several deep cults j
were found on his face and his nose 1
had been nearly severed by the dos s
teeth His wounds are serious nnd
may prove fatal I
Reading Pa Aug hlCoronei Stras
ser Is busy securing evidence in tho I
case of tho six infants who died since
noon yesterday after alleged treat
ment by witch doctors for nothing but
summer complaint He has reported
Ihe matter to the district attorneY fI
Reading is known for its ninny
witch doctors and there have been
cases in court limo and again of peo 1
ple who claimed that neighbors I
verhexed hum No sooner does a i
child become ill in this section than 1
HIP neighbors rush in and declare the
child is verhexed
The result is that a powwow doc
tor with incantations Is sought Sev
lral of the children who died wer6
simply treated with mystic words
while a red colton cord was passed
over the body In pther cases a hag
containing charmed words was hoof
I about the neck
Many children die every surnuiot j
from summer complaint who do nol
have an attending physician said tht
coroner I find that tho parents spend jl
thcir money calling In old women who
make a piactice of powwowing and i
using charmed words t
St Louis Aug 1L Wool stead i
terrltorv and western mediums 23a28 I
fine mediums 22a24 fine 13al9
and their bullets are falling In tho I
sli eels of the town Some of the pro
jectiles are so large that it is thought
the Moors possess light artillery Tho
civilians of Penon dc La Goniora are
aiding the soldiers There have been
no Spanish casualties as yet
Penon dp La Gomera is a fort on a
Spanish island on the coast of Moroc
co SO miles from Ceutn It is used as
a penal station
b 4

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