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An Interesting
Outdoor Game
VERY interesting nnd Jolly game
A called tho blossom same mny be en
Joyed by boys nnd girls during the
warm evenings of spring and summer tor
It le an ontofdoors gnmo It Is played
In tho following manner Say there are
four boys and four girls participating In
the game They take the nnmcs or
flowers The boys may be called Sun
flower Foxglove Bachelor Button nnd
Coxcomb The girls may nssumo the
nnmcn Daisy Rose Pink nnd Pansy
Seven of the participants arc seated In
n circle tbo eighth plnyer Rtnnds In the
center of the circle
nnd begins the game
by romancing thus Once upon a time
a Ray young dandy culled to eec hit
Indylove Lie took to her a beautiful
At mention of
the rose tho girl ns
earning the nnmo of Rose springs to her
fret and proceeds nt once to continue the
narrative whllo tho boy who held the
t place in the center takes tho chnlr she
lies Just vacated Rose continues from
where the boy left off by snylng And
when the say young dandy presented the
lovely young lady with the rose she bowed
null emlled and said You may Imagine
sir that I nui pleased by your atten
tions but 1 think you a veritable cox
And hereupon tho boy called Coxcomh
must spring to his feet nud resume the
st ors If perchance the boy or girl
whose blossom name Is called does not
nt once respond ho or she must pay
n forfeit by standing on one foot neither
nmlllng nor winking till the story teller
counts ten If the offender smiles winks
or loses her or his balance on one foot
she or he Is made to sit with back
turned into the circle and not allowed
to Join In the game till nil the other
participants have had their turn nt ro
ma ncing
The boys must call tho girls names
and the girls must call the boys names A
lot of fun can be had when the crowd
Is large Twelve children cnn ploy the
game with more merriment than six or 1
QYOZ2 Y47c5d I
JJ ilG c 1
QUc7 rc bc2T lY
III dcQJ212 eeTS
BndJcrl Z25 c22 dfi7oyvs
ABc does 20 zeZs6 a CZz
vc > 0o
r S The Twins Decoration Bay
EltCY nnd Mercy were 10yearold
twins and they resembled each
PERCY ns much as any brother and
sister can They were both sweet
dlfcposltlonod children with generous
Impulses and on the morning of Decorn
tlon Day their good mother gave them
two baskets of beautiful flowers to carry
to the cemetery telling them to scatter
the blossoms ou the graves that had not
been remembered by any one else for
lu the cemetery lay many unkept graves
the family and friends of the sleepers
having wandered far from that part of
the world or were too poor to buy flowers
to use as emblems of their lore of tho
dear departed
As Percy and Mercy walked nlong the
pretty treeshaded suburban street lead
ing from the town to tho cemetery their
eyes fell on Home little children playing
about the dooryard of a poor humble col
lage which bore the signs of poverty
t was the evening before Decoration
Day and Willie and Mabel were In
the rose garden cutting roses to
weavo Into wreaths for use ou tho
morrow Near to the town In which
they Hi oil was n Military Cemetery nnd
it was the custom of the townspeople to
lay floral tributes on the soldiers gmvos
every Decoration Day And among those
most interested In thus showing their
respect and love for the men who had
fought and died for their country was
old Mr Grey Willies and Mnbcls grand
father Indeed It was Grandpapa Grey
who had worked so diligently nil spring
in tho flower garden In order thnt there
might be nn abundance of flowers for
the annual occasion in which be was so
deeply Interested
Youll be able to cut two bushel
baskets full of flowers he said to
Willie and Mnhpl on the evening before
Decoration Day Dont spare n rose nor
n pink nor any Und of blossom that
will add to the beauty of the tloral
pieces Ill assist In weaving the
wreaths nnd diamonds and crosses
Willie nod Mnbcl tool the sensors nnd
hastened to the garden to gather the
bushel baskels full of flowers After they
bad worked a llttlo while Willie grew
tired of the task set him and declared
that he thought It n foolish custom to
make such n ass over the dead soldiers
And Its n pity Grandpapa will work
so hurl to get n garden full of flue
flowers Just to have them nil cut down
for Decoration Day If I had worked as
IK has done since the first day of spring
Id not give up tho results of my toll
you may be sure
Well there arc runny other ways the
flowers might he used said Mabel
Next Friday Is my birthday nnd
tberell not bo a flower left to decorate
tho rooms nnd tables for my party Its
always fco Grnndpiipn managed to have
tho finest ffowcrgnrden Irt town nud
Just ns It begins to look beautiful
Percy dotting his hot as he bowed re
spcctfully to the woman In the chair
But may we get a drink of water hero
My sister and I have quite a Mule walk
befoio us nnd ore both thirsty
Certainly my children smiled the
sick woman Will you come lu and
sit down while my son sets the water for
you Then turning to tho boy ehc said
PIcnc Freddy get two cups of wutii
for the little strangers
Percy and Mercy thanked the good wo
man for the Invitation to sit In the room
and found some chairs plnln rude
wooden things Are you 111 r nsUed
Mercy nddrusilng the woman
Ob Ive been so ill she explained
But Im very very much butter now I
shall soon be about my work again And
my little ones all save Frrddy have
been very ill I lost my baby three weeks
ago That Is the reason I have recovtrCl
so slowly from my Illness for the grief
over my loss Will so hard to bear There
was n tremor In the womans voice
iG 1 I
I ll4Zr
CiY dry V Y
I Olioo Trent up from the three children anti n smile uf mliiilration
hrlfchCcucil np tho stoic iiomnnn fact
The children were pale little crentures
three In number one boy about s
and Mercys Ago and two little girls about
seven and four respectively
hut that smaller girl n lovely little
JII X > with her golden curls paid Mercy
< 111111 her brothers attention to the
youngest of the throe children And
how pale they nil lookos though they
hud been lilt
Yea and the place looks no poor the
horse Is almost ready to tumble down
inawored Percy Wonder It we could
Jet a drink there Im very thirsty
Wo ran Inquire sold Mercy glnd of
tn excuse to enter the yard nod to spent
In the children Her heart bad been won
aver by the pale little one with the sunny
nrls She looks like u fairy Mercy
Jddpd rpcnking of the child loft go
In and ask for a drink
Pert pushed open the broken gate and
tojjethrr be anti Mercy walked to the door
of the cottage On their entering the
yard the three children stopped their play
mid ran luto the bongo nnd when Pcrey
Dieppe i to the open doorway he sow
the three Uttlv o15 grouped about n
umno seated in a pillowed rocking chair
H wan quite Ivldnnt thnt she wa 111
imrbnpt eonvnlckclng forphe wan wan
with dark ciMo about her eyes nnd
nn nnuainrnl flush on her thin cheeks
Please CXCB V ne If I Intrude suld
Mercy batted back the tears which roY
to her eyes Ami the little girls they
ure both quite well again She asiod
Oh yes theyll set strong again soon
Were hnd n siege of Illness foul bail luck
thin spring My husband was out of work
nil winter nnd Jnst ns he secured a good
Job we took sick nnd nnd our precious
baby wun taken from tie
A thought passed through Pcrcyn mind
It your baby burled out here lu Central
Cemetery he linked naming the ceme
tery that be and Mercy were going to
visit that morning and which was about
half n mile from the cottage of these poor
Yes H Is lying therent rest Tho
poor heartbroken mother sighed And
this III Decoration Day You see those
wild dowers In the pitcher on the table
Well my chlldreu went out early this
morning and picked them from the road
tilde Thdy hrtd n hard search for such n
handful of poor little wild blossoms But
we nil wanted to put some tort of sweet
rcmuuibniiice on the bnby grave Freddy
nod his fll torn will take the flowers to
the grave this morning
At this minute Freddy returned with
two cracked china cups of water which
he politely banded to Percy und Mercy
Aftur drinking Percy mid Were off
to the cemetery now and If youll permit
your children to go along with us well
hundreds of fullblown mesa of every color
I he has the garden demolished so to
speak Just to observe an oldfashioned
custom uf decorating the graves of those
dead years and years and years If the
departed knew anything about It I
wouldut so much mind but Its n ren
waste of time and beautiful flowers
Yes Its n waste of lute all right
declarer Willie Now If I hadnt thl
tank to perform Id bu with Tom Frank
and Phil playing games But here I um
working away tearing my bands on the
thorns of the rose bushes
ell children otter yon nre done with
your work Ill tell you n story Just n
very short one but one which may touch
n responsive cord In your breast the story
e a
t Inf 6 y 11 t < r
7lU I
L N J r
I JU i 1 1111 11 I
I a
I L 2 Jlx f V
of n young soldier boy It was grand
pnpa who spoke and the children were
surprised to sec him standing near to n
great plumed lilac bush lie had come
along the soft path noiselessly and until
he spoke they did not know ho wns In the
garden It was very evident that grand
papa had overboard the complaints made
by bin grandchildren
All right Grandpapa said Willie his
face turning rod for he felt n bit ashamed
for having spoken so slightingly of the
observance of Dceornllon Duy Also nn
unusual pinkness spread over Malicln
checks ns she bent her bead over a bed of I
pansies Say Grandpapa jou were a
sobller once werent you 1 she nuked
Just for the sake of jaylup something I
Yes n soldier who munnged trj with
stand shot nnd shell not one of those un
fortunates who perished of bleeding I
a04O0 404 >
Folding Puwz fle
n 1
If tu tlll correctly told tilx
nKur nn liiU bottle irill bu ob
bo very glad to have them
Yes see the flowers we arc carrying
to the cemetery said Mercy removing
the paper covering from the baskets mid
deploying the loveliest roses and other
Ohoo wont ip from the three chll
drew nnd n smile of ndmlmtlon bright
ened up the sick womnna fate flow
beautiful she sold
An many us you wish for your your
little ones grnve are yours mid Mercy
blushing n bit from confusion Here
take out as many ng you like And she
held the basket to the woman
Buthiltthese are for your own dear
one nreut tbeyf ticked till woman her
hand hovering over the beautiful roses
Oh no iimun were Jiml taking them
to put on the graves that have no dccom
lions explained Mercy
And well be IO glad to give yon nil
thnt you ant deebired Percy
With tearful thntiki the good woman
took a handful of rotes nod leaves from
the basket These In a can of fresh
water will last for several day Oh
thank you so much my dour children
Yen I Hhull be glad to hove Freddy and
his sisters go with you to the cemetery
And Freddy cnn get n can of fresh water
to put tbeee lovely roses In I want them
placed on tbo baud of the little grave
The soil many be banked nbout the cnn to
hide It and to give dampness to the flow
era Theyll keep for days und days
fresh nnd lovely A teAr dropped from
thu mothers eye on the ruses eho held In
her hnndK
Freddy got the can of wnter arranged
tho roses lu It und then he and hill Ms
era were ready to start to the tccmoter
with Percy und Mercy but before Ictnln
the room Mercy placed a largo bouquot
of flowers from her basket on the table
cloe to the sick woman I know theyll
cheer you up she soul And Im going
to toll my mamma about you and JIbe II
come to lien you tomorrow
And with tho sweet thanks of the poor
woman ringing In her oars Mercy with n
light heart run off to Join the other chil
dren who had reached tlill sato And a
friendship wan begun between the three
children of the poor cottage and the dill
drcn of the rich mcrchnnt friendship
which would rlpoj with the long summer
and Which nould bring much bnpplnes
und help to thu poor parents und their
I three lUlu rood
woundi on the cruel battlefield It be
hooves the living to remember tho dead
tenderly But Ill return to the house and
await your coming Youll be Bono cutting
flowers In about half an hour Then ni
I we weave thorn Into floral pieces Ill tell
you the story
I After Willie and Mabel had completed
their flouercutting they took the severed
blossoms In baskets to the house and
seated In the big kitchen where the muss
of broken leaves and stems would not I
matter they began weaving wreaths and
crosses and dlnmonds their grandfather
directing the work
And now for the story snld Grand
pnpa When I Joined the Union Army
In 02 there was a line young follow wont
The children ivcro NiirpilMuil t HOC Grnndpnpn nuii < lliijc near to n I
reat plumed lilac bush
along with me We enlisted together
nnd were put Into tho same regiment
walking side by side on our marches mud
sleeping lu the same tent In short we
remained together Inscpnrable while
we both lived Grandpapa drew n
deep breath sighing softly and closed his
eyes as If recalling n picture of those
days of which he spoke Well lifter
we hnd been In the Army one week we
saw active service which Is to say our
regiment was engaged In n battle It
sons n hard light and more than half our
forces were left on the bnttlcilold to he
quickly burled In the ditches on the fol
lowing morning As my dear comrade
uud I looked about us on the dying sol
diers my comrade whispered hoarsely to
me Few people can understand what It
means to light for our beloved country
Could the world look over this batikHold
tonight the soldiers sacrifice might be j I
Teddy and the StorK
EDDYS nurse took him to the
700 to see the nnlumK Teddy
wall seven Fears old amid was un
s only child a fact which Teddy
often deplored So often he
wished and wished that he had a
sister or a brother But so far his
wlahch bad never been realized Tiring
of the monkeys the elephants and all the
other animals which children usually und
so Interesting Teddy begged to bo taken
to the Bird House as he called the
aviary lie had heard hIs uncle Tom tell
his father that the stork had brought
a baby to his rlends the Smiths living
next door This news had conic to Toddy
I dy that very morning while bls Uncle
I Tom was making u short business call on
Teddys papa And Teddy had thought
and thought about It all the forenoon and
when after luncheon nurse bad asked If
be wished to go to the zoo that afternoon
bo said Yes Nurse please And to
himself ho said Ill have nurse take me
to the bird house and Ill whisper to the
old stork that Ive seen there to bring
me a baby sister Id rather have a sin
ter than a brother for Im boy enough
for our family or so nmmma says
So after a very short visit to the ani
mals Teddy begged to go to the bird
house and of course nurse led him
thither Its n funny taste that some
kids has the nurse mentally observed
Now Id rather watch one monkey than
a thousand birds theyre such little cut
ups But birds And the nurse
I turned up her nose contemptuously But
an Teddy wns master she obeyed and
oon they were watching nil sorts of
birds and feathered creatures
Pretty soon Teddy found the stork 1
All hero were several of them together I
and Teddy smiled happily He had
never seen but one stork there before and
now he counted live Ah be had n now
Idea I lie would nsk each of tho live
storks to fetch u baby slater And out
of the live nt least one would respond
So creeping close to the wire netting
which him from the birds
separated ho I
whispered pry loudly addressing Ii very
tall stork who was quite near to him and
who was standing on one foot looking
about as grimly as n sago Please old
t4 + a e tr a
Qirx 1f +
f Y1Y
Ir l
t I SJ
i i
MO ulti al stork lrlnl uu 0
hub sister please
better understood and rippreclntcd
One week Inter wo were again engaged
In fierce conflict On entering tho field
my comrade was pale and Bald to me
Brother I feel that tomorrow youll have
another mnn walking at your right His
voice wns firm but low and full of feeling
though no fear caused It to quaver In
ruin I tried to cheer him up See how
fortunate we were to escape without
hnrm In the battle of last week I ex
plained Ah he answered calmly but
there were others hundreds of them
who fell It Is ns much our duty to dlo
as It Is the other man Why should we
congratulate ourselves on living when
flo many of our comrades hAil to perish 1
If so many thousands of men must dlo
woll why should not I bo cue of them
But wo must nil pray for life I In
sisted Thero la homo there arc father
anti mother and other dear ones wo wish
to see lignin we have so much to live
toroh so much there Is la life for us
you and I
And for nil the other boysbe they
In blue or gray sold my comrade
Well In this mood wo stood side by
side guns ready hearts almost still
from the intenseness of tho boor 1
glanced nt my comrade his eyes shone
with unusual brilliance his cheek Will
tho color of ashes My duty as well as
nnotherR I heard him say Just the mo
ment before the order rang out Flro 1
In the hour that followed nil thought
of companions watt driven from the mind
Like Infuriated demons wo fired null re
ceived fire Slaughter was everywhere
The ground under our feet sons red with
wnrm life blood I won blinded to every
thing about me Tho very sun seemed to
shed blackness The roar of the cannon
the cries of the wounded and dying oh
my children never will I forget them
As the night set In tho battle was de
cided The boys In blue bad won the
victory Then I began to look for my
comrade He was nowhere to be seen I
walked over the field Soon I came upon
him lying fnce turned to the stars a
smile on his white face My duty ns
well nn anothers went through my mind
And he had performed his part of the
sacrifice anti perhaps another man lived
through his death
Grandpapas voice sank low and tears
glistened on his eyelashes He paused In
winding n wreath pressing u white rose
against his breast Flint comrade In
war was by beloved brother I James he
snld softly And his grave Is unknown
Among the many lying In unmarked
graves In our Military Cemetery n milL
from our town lies that dear boy who a
short hour before his death declared that
It was his duty as well nn anothers to
die for his country
Instantly Willie and Mabel were ai
Grnndpnpns side their arms twined lov
ingly about his neck Forgive me Grand
papa whispered Mabel I never knew
beorewhlltWIJCtlt really meant to
When Fatty Went
+ G r
In the river deep
But the fish refused to bite
Till Fatty went to sleep
But as soon as Fatty slept
A wise fish came and took
Off the nice long angleworm
I Vhich baited Fattys hook
And at a gulp did swallow it
Then calmly swam away
And there without a baited hook
Did Fatty fish all day
stork what studs on one foot bring me
a baby sister Then looking about to
see whether or not nurso wns watching
und listening nnd finding Rho had en
toed Into conversation with n park police
man Toddy spoke to stork number two
Say old fat stork with one eye shut
bring mo n baby sinter please And do
no right away Then bo waited a minute
1 before addressing the other three storks
but one at n time they were requested
to bring him a baby slater This done
Teddy turned to his nurse and called out
W Im ready to go home Nnrslc
Ah such n kid r Teddy heard bin
nurse say to the park policeman lie I
dont even like monkeys Whctd you
think of that tint quite right h
And nurse touched her forehead signifi
cantly The park policeman laughed nnd
shook ng head The folk what likes
sport dont never tire of the monkeys
Its n queer kid what takes to birds
Birds arc dull end unnoclablc and eye
you In such an Impudent way Then
another call from Teddy and nurse smiled
I her good by to the policeman and took
her charge home
Teddy went directly to his nursery aDd
had his nftcrnoon nnp In the evening
when bo had his supper with tbo nurao
hu said I wnnt to > eo mamma before I
go to bed tonight May IT
lllpus tho hllllI forgot to tell him
said the nurse Why Master Teddy
ouo got u new brother and sister
I to ben soldier From this tiny It shall
but my work every Decoration Duty to
place n beautiful Horn tribute on each
unmnrked grave In tho cemetery One of
them Is Uncle James
And I Grandpapa nm ashamed of the
Impatient things I paid In the garden this
evening bravely declared Willie Llku
sister I really never took tho time to
think aboutnbouttbe sacrluco of the
bravo boys who died to sure our coun
And In this loving position children
arms nbont the old form of Grnndpapn
who In turn had his arms about them the
childrens mother came saying sweetly
Why what a lot of lovely flowers for
tomorrow I do hopo wo will have n
beautiful dny for decorating the graves of
our beloved dead
And our beloved heroes of war soul
Willie his voice full of emotion And
then mamma was told why tho work on
tho wreaths had stopped eo suddenly
and she too caressed the dear old man
whoso story of war times had reopened n
wound that could never heal completely
II Our puzzle Corner ff II
My first Is In vanity but not In pride
My second Is In marry but not In bride
My third Is In cat but not In mew
My fourth Is tho 311110 as you found In
my two
My fifth Is In tune but not In song
My sixth Is in ring but not In gong
My seventh Is In old but not In age
My eighth Is In anger but not In rage
My whole spells a word
I With n meaning quite clear
To nil the school children
I At this tlmo of year
1 Behead a vapor rising from heated
I water and leave a pair of horses 2
Behead n prop used to support nn old
building and leave that which much
money is lost on 3 Behead to ho In
tensely heated and leave a liquid used
for lighting purposes
1 Curtail n small measure and leave
n small toilet accessory used by ladles
when dressing D Curtail an ostrich
feather und leaN n mull fruit 3
Doubly curtail to foam aimlessly about
and leave something always carried by
the fairy queen
Whnt sort of husband should n young
lady select
She should not select any husband rut
look for a 6111010 man
When was beef higher thnn It Is now 1
HVicn the coio lumped over the moon
twinsl They canto this afternoon I
almost forgot to tell you
Teddy sot bolt upright I wonder
which stork brought them he asked
himself Maybe the old fellow that
stood on one leg and the one with tho
tnt holly nnd one open eye Tbosu two
looked as If they understood me Ah
Queer Orders t
CERTAIN druggHt In a large city
A who numbers ninny of the poorer
hiss among his customers mnkcfl A
coIlccUon of queer orders which hs re
ceives from Illiterate people The other day
he received ono which rend This little
girl Is my child nod sho has live cent
to buy sUlco powder for o crow o uo
adult who need them AnoJJrr note
reads Please give my little boy turej
cents worth of Hplcac to throw u In
his slxmonthold baby sister And still
another My Uttlo Jimmy has et up his
grandfathers parish plaster no scud nn
iintcdoto quick by tho enclosed little
Toininjn Schomc To Gc Htch
OMIMIYS mother brought nttrao a
T beautiful canary bird and when she
told Tommy that sho bud paid three i
dollars for It Tommy fell to thinking
Three dollars apiece for little birds like
that Why Ill go to raising them In
large quantities Then he slipped Into
the pantry und took down a cnn which
was tilled with canary seed ran to the
garden with It and soon hAd every seed
planted Iteturnlng to the house he sold
to his mother mulling proudly all the
while Mamma pretty soon well be
rich for Ive planted several hundred
canary seeds and when they grow well I
I got three dollars apiece for the birds I
Helpful Hints For Our Young Artists
r r r r r 1 F 1
I 1a 1
i I t I 7 r I I J I f
X t
I 1 II J1
I I + It I I
c J L ate7lr 7 ci 1 > tirl s L 4
I I I a r e g
1 1 1 r
1 I I
I j v
t I J II 0 I
I f
I V I I l
I r r
a I 1 I T t I I IL I I I I I I I I f I I I I
I 1
1 I I I i I I 1 I I r I I
r I
l I i 4
I J i 02 v
< r 1r O
I I t >
t3 Ne jf p
I rr To L I J J l
r = 1 = t = t I
< 1 1 i
I I I I l
1 I r
1 r I I
j I I
I t
I t
1d d
All the words of the puzzle contain tho
same number of letters If the words are
rightly guessed nnd written one below
another their zigzag letters beginning
with the upper lefthnnd letter and end
Ing with the lower lefthand letter will
spell the name of a great composer who
flourished during the last of the eight
eenth century and the beginning of tho t
nineteenth century The crosswords are
1 Creatures of the nlr 2 To harrnss or
annoy 3 To wear an expression of con
tempt 4 That which belongs to Bailing I
vessels 5 The name of a planet 0 That
which Is used to bold thread i A neces
sary vital of the human body 8 Where
birds sleep P One who attends the
Name that which with only ono eye put
out leaves but n nose
Xotsc note
What Is tho difference between on old
penny and a new dime
Xinc cents
What Is that which you have anti
everybody else hns ut the same time
a name
UUUEJDiyaS 1 rishennanShcr 1
man 2 JtrtitUciUc 3 SiaorJuwonlt
ZIGZAG PUZZLE Bonhair The cross
words are 1 boar 2 loft 3 mine 1
htUJi C pfcr 0 burn 7 rind l
moat lac t I
71r Prdo b
A I t I
4 I Iz i
1NN 6 y
l I
Th words represented In thiN primal acrostic tire iitctnrcil Jii I
tend of ileacllicil AVhcii the live forth dare been rightly guessed
their Inllliil letters will yell a
and vrrlttcn one beloit the other
llttlo flower thnt coiucs early In spring
now Ive got twoa girl and a boy I
Goat Then turning to nurse ho
cried Take me to see em at once They I
wore brought to me at ray order
I nlwayn knowod u child what pre
ferred old plain bird to monkeys wasnt
Just right commcutcd nurse loadluj
Teddy to his mothers room

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