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477 T
ht Jtlnilnt
Entered as oec ° ndclasn matter
d at the Postoffice Ogdcn Utah
J I under Act of Congress March 9
t Published Daily except Sundays
by Wm Glasmann
One Month In Advance5 75
I Six Months In Advance 425
Twelve Months In Advance 800
I f CtrculmioTi Guarantee k
l I r f h
U l 07 Cbr
Adrertner I Certified Ctrcalattoo Blur Boo
I j iHX
J 11 CoK DIAnc7
1 II I
ii 1 Clc
Tbi Paper jaj proved bj tnreittftttoo
J 1 that tlte eircolftioo records are kept nitfi
care and tt e eirculjlian atoted with cud
utturacjr that aJrenntrs coay rely on an7
jWtrroroM of fftoemade bj thepubltihers
cnJer the otrcxrykip aDd management
lofoofro AUg 20 190S
q The Evening and SemiWeekly
S Standard
H Inch
I Daily change each day 20i
E 0 D change each issue 23 c
1 Twice a week change each issue 22c
Once each W e IIL 23c
Oats rime cr other irregular Inser
iioas 25o
If advertisements more thnn
ouoa vlinoui change charge following
price per men rch day
1 Daily Adv for two limes 18c
Daily Adv for three times ICc
i Dolly Adv for one week 14c
J E O D Adv for two Umes19c
r IS 0 D Adv lor three limes 17c
I E O D Ariv for one week ISc
Twice a wrek two Umes 20c
r Twice a week three times The
Twieit z weeh four or more times iCe
1 I per cam extra according to location
t LOCAL READERS15 cents per
j 3lnc each first Insertion ten cents per
1 line for each subsequent Insertion or
i I > 0 roots per line per week without
I J caanire
j per line first Insertion 20 cents por
1 lino each subsequent insertion or 90c
per line per week or 300 per line por
I I month change once each week
I t CLASSIFIED ADSOne cent per
t j word no first Insertion less than 25
j t ce IF or two lines or more per week
for 2Cc por line change once each
Mark Twain when ho wan on tho
J Hawaiian Islands wrote a description
k of the suukiascd gems of tho Pacific
that was extravagant with words of
i praise He said he would be content
to live to the endIn the land of ver
dure beauty and joy
Why visitors are Impressed with
the Islands is In part disclosed In the
melcorolosical records In thirty
years the coldest was a balmy day of
I an average of 77 degrees the warm
cat day was S4 degrees The average
monthly precipitation Is IAS inches
1 Tho winds highest velocity was a
i zophyr of > G miles an hour
I When a man ffQm Wyoming arrive
j In Ogden he removes i his storm
1 glasses rubs the sand out of his oyes
i and blinking as a test that his vision
is clear settles down to enjoy life by
relaxation He says Ogden is glorious
I and that Impression prevails until ho
t grows homesick for a blow The
j whispering winds which come down
i 1 from the cliffs to the east of Ogden
once In a cycle of years seem to sat
I isfy this yearning In the breast of the
Wyoming people and keep them at
1 tached to Osden
That sameness of weather Is Ha
y Walls most entrancing inlluoncc over
> the stranger but when months have
t passed and there Is nothing In the
t wind when the whole surface of the
earth presents the same garment of
1 sroen when the same birds chirp and
refuse to sing the mainlander feels an
U ennui creeping over him and he longs
fat a change he would have the
loaves turn a rich purple as they do
I in Ogden canyon in autumnul days
than he would mantle the hills with
i snow and hush the streams with a
J I thickness of ice he would bring snow
birds and sleigh bells and winter
mirth And growing weary of the
monotony of reposeful nature he
1 L would have some fairy wave a wand
i and usher in Spring with its Inspirit
I ing life of warbling birds bursting
J buds lowing herds J reanimated hu
manity then if possible an Hu
WHlinu summer but not an endless
An Ogdcuito wont to Honolulu in
1 tending to remain on ihe islands six
months Lauding he confessed to
t having found UH ideal spot and ho
confirmed all Mark Twain had said
and was willing to attest to oven
mare but three weeks disillusioned
I 1lmtfl heavenly visions palled up
j I on him and like the Wyoming man
1 In Ogden he felt an attack of nostalgia
robbing Ijlm of sleep So ho laid to
Bcwnrc of Ointments for Catarrh that
1 i contain Mercury
i I aa mercury will surqly destroy the sense of
tniell and completely deranRe the hoc system
I I Hhcn enlcrws it through the mucous surfaces
I Such articles fbouUJ never be used except on
i prescriptions from reputable nhysicuns as the
ii frjSLlhi wII dOIS leuLfoId to the good you
can JWMiMy derive
CCUI from them Halls Catarrh
TUrVnUUClurcrl b > V J Cheney ft Co
nlcQO 0 TUai 110 wreury and i taken
ti internally acting directly uron the blood and
t cSwrArrfJto the S tem In b y niiairs
J Lauren cure IK sure you cet thc Rcnufne It
f tt taken surcJou made in Toledo 0
J hy J Cneney Co > Tutlmonials free
i a u br fniBRi price 7fc per bottle
i Halls Family IdU arc the best
1 I
iL 0
his who Well go home In tho morn
Ing She reminded him that he
would go homo when their ship came
in and not hofolc and then thu fe l I
ing of being marooned added to his
misery BO that by slcnmcr day he
was dreaming of how happy ho would
be when tho journey home was about
ended and the conductorIn the Pull
man would call out Ogden I
Tho Hawaiian promotion commit
I tee must stop sending out these press
bulletins on neverchanging weather
If Ogdenlles arc to be charmed by the
voice of tho siren on the shores of
Editor Standard1 notice in the
columns of the Salt Lake Tribune that
Mayor Brewer has Called Bill Glas
mann by asking that the live cashiers
of the Ogden banks be appointed to
audit the first six months business of
tho waterworks under city manage
ment I am delighted to learn that the
books accounts and all transactions
concerning the waterworks are to be
Investigated Now In order to test
Mayor Brewers sincerity on tins mat
ter I will agree to give the Crlltenton
Home 500 If the waterworks fund
paid the Interest on the first six
months water bonds and had a sur
plus of 989431 cash In the bank as
claimed in the waterworks report of
JulV 2C 1909 on condition that Mr
Brewer will pay 100 if the interest I
was not paid
Second will give 100 to the Mar
tha society ii tho waterworlcs report
shows that about 2900 was expended
for repair shop and store room 1C
Mr Brewer will agree to give 10 If
the said waterworks reilort does uot
show such an expenditure
By all means let the waterworks
deal purchase receipts and expenses
be investigated
As Mr Brewer wants to name five
men to Investigate the matter I ask
the right to name Just one man to
go over the books records eta 1 call
tho bluff Let there bo an Investiga
tion Signed
The foregoing answer to a chal
lenge in the Salt Lake Tribune should
be accepted by Mayor Brewer for it
promises to clear away a confusion
which exists as to the financial condi
lion of the Ogden City waterworks
The wording of the mayors request
for an investigation reads as though
the chief executive of the city was
somewhat in doubt himself as to the
report of the waterworks committee
of the city council He wants to
know and so do the taxpayers wheth
er tho city has expended on the
waterworks more than It has received
The citizens of Ogdon further desire
to dig a little deeper than the report
goes and obtain from below the sur
face a better Idea of the waterworks
Now do not allow this suggestion
to end In the mere proposal If live
cashiers have not the time lo give to
the investIgation then call In live
business men of high standing and
make tho searchof tho records a pub
lic one
Should the city administration drop
the mailer after simply making this
request the people will he more eager
than ever for an investigation as there
would then attach to the mayors mes
sage to the council more significance
than la at present disclosed
Denver News The picture which
Samuel Gompers draws of working
conditions In Belgium is a dark one
But It is not all dark The story
whlSh he tells of the sweatshop tai
lor who fills In his enforced leisure
byvpainllng portraits Is one of the
high lights If Mr Gompers would
look closely ho might find others
Hours are long and pay Is small and
the chance to rise Is too trifling to
m I1UOI1 Bui a genuine love of beauty
will go far towards ameliorating any
lot In life and the love of beauty In
Holland and Belgium is both genuine
and universal
Art Is commonly said lo be the
daughter of wealth and the grand
daughter of commerce Broadly
speaking this Is true The great ar
llslic outbursts of the worlds his
tory thos of Greece and Rome and
tho Italian renaissance and the Low
Countries followed hard upon a great
Increase in national wealth and In all
but one of those cases tho wealth was
due to commerce But there Is an
other sort of art an url of common
things which seems lo depend upon
poverty rather than on riches It Is
found In a society In which the stand
aid of living Is low but Is fixed and I
is foreknown In such a society luan
does not try to rise In life for he I
knows that to bo Impossible lie tries
only to xtinound his appointed path
way with beautiful things The art
of old Japan was of this sort au art
so allporvusivo that the things of
humblest and cotnnionosl use wore
wrought In shapes of beauty The art
of tho thirteenth century especially
In France and Germany Is anothor
case In point II was an ago beamed
with violence and cruelty but it was
llkcylso an ago whose window glass
and wood carving and wrought Iron
are the wondor and despair of our own
From other testimony than this of
Mr Gompers It would seem thai tho
soof humble hut beautiful crafts
manship IB returning in many parts of
Europe We trgel that modern science
will find some way to conserve tho
beauty thus offered without losing the
opportunity for advancement which
lies at the basIs of modern progress
Zeppelin makes a flight of 220
miles In an airship Bleriot crosses
the English Channel the Wrlghls sail
over a measured course and moot the
government requirements Willard
files Jon miles at Mineola Curliss re
ceives recognition at Paris as an avi
ator and half a dozen other venture
some fellows hold attention by their
experiments In aviation Our own J
F Scott is not to be overlooked for
ho Is building a machine which is full
of promise and he had made success
ful flights even before somo of those
now In tho public eye knew nothing
of the possibilities of air navigation
This all presages a great develop
ment of air machines and points to
the day not far distant when flying
will not bo limited to a few experi
menters bill will be enjoyed by any
one with the Courago and Inclination
to sail on high
Two boys under thirteen years of
age recently built an aeroplane at their
country home near New York City
The frame was of bamboo and the
covering of the boxshaped ship was
of strong paper They possessed no
motor anti depended on tho elevation of
a tenfool platform for the Initial mo
lion When the trial came both boys
wore to ride the machine but by ac
cident only one of the them was In po
sition when the acioplano lifted and
sailed away The young aviator lean
ed too fai forward forcing the aero
plane to take a downward course and
suddenly land on teWa firma after
traveling several hundred feet
When youngsters of that ago are
able to make their own flying ma
chines heaviorthanalr there Is no
guessing as to what is coming within
this decade Everybody will be up in
the air who Is not weighted down with
Infirmities or aversion to being
one of the higher ups
The young fellow who goes into
thievery as a business will meet with
the disappointing experience that
thieving returns small gains and tho
profit obtained Is at great cost In ef
fort The proof of this is In the fol
lowing taken from an eastern paper
By means of a diary which con
tains a complete record of his opera
tions burglar In Pennsylvania shows
that he has bagged about 100 from
109 jobs It happens that at this
same time a man arrested In Now
York after a brief but determined ca
reer at flatburglary declares I
havent made expenses while I have
been at It Iheso Instances recall
the case of Henry Murphy alias Suf
frage alias other things wnobe re
cord as gathered hy the police In
Brooklyn exhibited gains amounting
to uboul 99 u year for twenty years
of thieving and Imprisonment
Nothing has been demonstrated
more plainly and repeatedly than that
thieving In the ordinary professional
sense does not pay There have been
famous criminals and famous hauls
In the history of burglary bu no one
tolls the talc of a prosperous house
or family with the jimmy or bunch
of skeleton keys belonging properly
In its coatofarms Adam Worth
horn in Boston but of most notorious
accomplishments In Europe and Af
rica stoic for fifty years and lived
long in luxury Yet loyalty to his
evil associates left him destitute
Jimmy Hope Big Frank McCoy
Jimmy McNally George White and
other American crooks of wide fame
and some early success died penni
less and almost forgotten
It Is difficult to Imagine a glamour
of disreputable adventure or a lust
for the excitement of plottIng and
carrying out a Job sufllcicnt to head
men Into tho direct almost Inevitable
sacrifice of social and financial oppor
tunity Burglars destiny ought to be
an effectual preventive even In the
failure of anliburglary laws
Morning Examiner
It Is sometimes true but happily the
conditions are rapidly Improving that
advertisers are seized with tho no
tion that the newspapor in which they
advertise ought to adopt an editorial
and news policy precisely in nccord
with their own views If the news
paper does not publish things which
meet with their approval they feel
that they have a righteous kick com
ing Thitt Is so In regard lo some of
the smaller advertisers who believe
that when they Insert an advertise
ment In tho paper they immediately
take a first mortgage on all that be
longs to the paper
The large advertiser Ihe man who
advertises In order to Induce people
to come to his store and buy his good
adertlses as a business proposition
and he does not bother his head about
the editorial policy of the paper In
which his advertising Is placed so
long as thai policy has tim virtue of
morality and sanity
The New York Herald has made n
careful canvass of some of Its heaviest
advertisers with a view to seeming
their opinions as lo whether or not
they consider It good business to at
tempt lo influence editorial expres
sions Among others the Herald
quotes Samuel J Bloomlngdalc head
of a great concern Mr Bloomlngdalc
f want to state in the most em
Ii tDtCrtltM4 oud ihoulit knoc
It ho cannot tupply tio
M AR Vr L accept no
oitxr but iJia Hump for
UlattinUMl book Malcl It dvtt
full particular Joil tllrcyllonl In
YahiJiblo to UdlM MAICX IljCO
phatlc terms that If I thought for It
moment that this firm could Influence 1
the news columns Of any paper I
would withdraw mv firms ad on tho
theory that It had lost Its independence I
and become a mercenary weakling I
Waltci Gibb another man who hag
In charge the Interests of a big firm
If newspapers published influenced
and biased news and other reports
they would cease to Interest the gen
era public and Would consequently
be useless as advertising mediums
The Herald mot a few who were
Influenced by personal pique In ob
jecting to the editorial policy of tho
paper Ono of these Is Nathan Straus
who Is the head of the department
store of Mac Co Mr Straus be
came Interested In a philanthropic
way In securing the pasteurizing of
milk for babies The Herald refused
to publish all that Mr Sinus had to
say about this Inasmuch as there are
many who believe hue pasteurizing of
milk Is harmful and Mr Straus re
fused to continue his firms adverlls
This did not affeol the complacency
of the Herald as Is indicated by this
terse little remark
If Mr Straus sees fit to cut off
his firms nose to spite his face that
of course Is his funeral
Unquestionably Mae Co aro the
losers by Mr Straus action for it has
lost a valuable advertising medium
and the Herald continues Its career
of prosperity having the knowledge
that It Is Independent in this respect
at least
The man who advertises In a news
paper does so hoping to receive result
therefrom The newspaper adopts Its
lino of policy without regard to the
wishes of any particular advertiser
and follows that policy as best It can
Certainly there would he a jolly con
fusion If a newspaper tried to run Its
editorial page In conformity with the
wishes of every advertiser Democrat
Republican Socialist or Woman Suf
The two are entirely separate and
In view of the fact that the accu
racy of the report of the superintend
ent of the waterworks department sub
mitted some time ago has been ques
tioned Mayor Brewer last night sent
a communication to the city council
recommending that a special commit
leobe appointed to audit the accounts
of tho department The mayor sug
gests that perhaps It might bo well If
this committee be composed of the
cashiers of the five banks In Ogden
The mayor Is anxious that no partisan
bias shall enter Into tho work of the
committee or its conclusions bo in
fluenced by political bias
In this Mayor Brewer is right Pol
itics and business ought to be kept as
widely apart as the two oceans It Is
right too that the mayor ask that
this committee be appointed It Is
right that the statement of Superin
tendent Klrcher of the waterworks de
partment be audited in order thai the
foundation of certain rumors started
in obscure quarters may be proved or
disproved If tho statement Is wrong
the people have a right to know 1L If
it Is correct thoy have a right to know
it also so that the tongue that gave
birth to the rumor may be forever ai
The Examiner believes that Mayor
Brewer has taken the right slop lie
has faith In the integrity of the hank
experts of Ogdon and In their abillly
to audit tho accounts and make a
clear and accurate rpturn of the facts
and figures If tliere Is need for In
vestigation Mayor Brewer courts that
investigation Ho Invites it because
he believes the people have a right
to know how their public utility is be
ing run and furthermore he courts
It that a stop may he put to malicious
statements that have been given a
small degree of currency In this city
Owing to tho fart that the weather
will be quito warm durinp the celcof
the FourState hVl he entrIes for a
pen ot poultry has been reduced from
one mal and six funiiie to one male
and three females and Instead of the
young birds competing agrlnst the
old birds two separate exhibitions will
he mode each for young and old birds
All birds under one year arc to com
pete against each othrr and all one
year and over to comiute against
each other
In all other classes of tho poultry
department other than thickens tho
entry will consist of ono pair the
youug birds will only compo2 against
tho young and the old against the
old In all department Poultry peo
ple with please bear this In mind
A0 L SMIITfffl
Wealthy Sheep Man survived by Wife
a Son and a DaughterWell
Known Character
A R C Smith a prominent shoop
man of the state died al his resi
dence In North Ogden yeotcrday morn
Ing about 9 oclock after suffering for
about six weeks from diabetes
Mr Smith came to Ogden In his
early manhood J3y economy and In
dustry ho became one of the solid
men of this region He was born In
Castle Morton Worcestershire Eng
land August n 1852 and was the son
of Samuel and Mary Elizabeth Smith
Both his parents are dead tho father
having died In England at the age of
ninetythree and the mother at tho
age of seventysix An uncle John
C Smith lives In KaysvIIle Davis
Mr Smith remained at home and at
tended tho parish schools He was
naturally studious and apt In mathe
matics He loft home in ISC and
found employment with a bal < 01 In
Mcdvorn Wells a vlllago about three
and a half miles distant He stayed
there only a short time and then start
od out to see more of tho world After
traveling about Europe lintll 1870 ho
loft England and sailed to America
and upon his arrival here came di
rectly to Utah
He remained with his uncle for a
year and thou wonl to Skull Valley
and worked on a ranch He liked tho
work and became impressed with the
possibilities of sheep raising and In T
the early 70s began to familiarize I
lilniaelf with the best methods of
handling sheep In 1880 he was ready
to start In business for himself lie
stnrted with n thousand head of sheep
and the prollts derived from this small
flock were used In buying more He
continued thus until at the time of
his death ho owned many thousand
head of sheep and owned largo tracts
of the best grazing lands
In North Ogdou he built a most
beautiful home In Alvord Lane
In 1892 Mr Smith married Miss Re
becca NIchols daughter of Bishop A
C Nichols of Brigham City There
were four children Two of these died
With the widow one bov and one girl
survive him
Brewery Workers day Is almost
here Join them at the Hermitage
Thursday August 19 1
Mayor Brewer Suggctts That Bank I
Cashiers Be Appointed to Do
tho Work
Mayor Brewer in a communication
to the city council last nIght stated
that Inasmuch as the statement ot Su
perintendent Klrcher of the water
works department had been question
ed ho recommended that a committee
of one or more disinterested persons
entirely free from political bias be
appointed to audit tho accounts ana
make a public report of tho findings
The mailer was referred to the wa
terworks committee with power to
uct Councilman Austin voted
against tho proposition
In the communication Mayor Brew
er suggested that It mrgiit be well to
appoint the cashiers of the five Ogden
banks to do the auditing The mayor
also recommended that the city engi
neer make a thorough Inspection of
tho waterworks system and report Its
capacity and also make such recom
mendations as the Investigation would
warrant regarding the Improvement
or repair of the same
Curront Expenses
The commlllee on claims reported
current expenses for the month of
July amounting to 303586 which
were Allowed and warrants for their
payment ordered drawn
The committee on laws recommend I
ed that tho city attorney be advised
to compromise the damage suit of Hat
tie J Miller against Ogden The re
port was adopted and the advice ex
tended to the attorney
In the matter of the request made
somo time ago by A L Agee for an
appropriation by the council for the
Auditorium band the committee hay
ing the mailer In hand reported
against the appropriation The report
was adopted
The report of the committee on
Finance against the allowing of dam
ages to Emily Champncy asked for
because of alleged damages to real es
tate caused by certain rurblng and
grading dono at the Instance of the
city was adopted
Railroad Wants Water
A communication was read from the
waterworks dopartmont calling atten
tion to the application of the Harrl
man Interests for a supply of water
from tho city plant and explaining
that If the contract were entered into
there would necessarily have lo bo
passed a now ordinance providing for
a change in tho present water sched
ule This question was referred to
the waterworks committee and the
city attorney
The city engineer reported that hl
had received protests against the cre
ation of some of the newly arranged
sewer districts The mailer was sent
back to the engineer ana no was ad
vised to figure the protests and to de
termine whether jurisdiction had been
obtained in the promises and if It
had or as soon as It should to ask for
bids for advertising
The request of tho city recorder for
eight copies of the Ogden City direc
tory that Is now being completed was
Tho clerk of the municipal court re
ported 32C2 collected during the last
month In fines and forfeitures
Tho matter of water supply to the
street superintendent for sprinkling
purposes and Its cost was referred to
the finance committee
Payrolls amounting to 33S715 for
tho month of July were allowed and
ordered paid
Vacation for Fire Chief
Fire Chief Thomas J Paine was
granted a leave of absence for two
weeks that he might attend the con
vention of fire chiofa of the nation at
Grand Rapids Mich
It was reported that there is yet
duo for the building of the reservoir
and the additions to the distributing
system of the city waterworks the sum
of t71fil6 The claim was allowed
The question of repaIring and mak
ing new street and sidewalk Intersec
tions on streets In tho paving dis
trlcls was taken up and upon the rec
ommoudatlon of the engineer that it
would cost about 22000 to do the
work It was referred Co the commit
tee on streets and railways
Miscellaneous accounts against tIme
waterworks department for 1118 07
were allowed as was also the payroll
of tho department for time month In
the sum of 00090
Regarding tho matter of having I
street car trucks laid on Lincoln aye
nile prior to the paving of the street I
the city engineer reported that ho had
written to the Sail LaKo Ogden
Railroad company about It and had ic
oolvcd no response It was flnally
ordered that the streets and railway
committee together with the engi
neer confer with Simon Bamberger
the president of the railroad and
learn from him what ho expects to do
In tho premises
To PIco Poles
Tho council decided that it Is neces
sary that a committee ho appointed
to take charge of the placing of street
car poles In tIme streets The com
mittee appolnlod by TMciiIdcnt Brown
ing were Councllmen Peer Humph
rla and VlInon The city attorney
o +
low Excursion
Jates Easic
When you go East take advantage of the round trip sum
I mer tourist tickets from Salt Lake to Chicago at 5500
Tickets on sale August 13 14 September 10 11 Return
limit October 31 1909
Arrange to have your railroad and sleeping car tickets
between Salt Lake and Chicago read via O S L Union
Pacific and
Ch kago
Mllwakee St Paul
Two dally trains via these lines to Union Station Chic
ago leaving Salt Lake 710 a m China and Japan
Fast Mall 225 p m The Overland Limited
S In connection with the above there are very low round
trip rates from Chicago to Detroit Plttsburg Buffalo New
York and many other points
For further Information ap ply to
Commercial Agent
General Western Agent
s lOG West Second South Street
Salt Lake City 1524 Farnam Street Omaha
rl k V c = PI oj
r J itirj riJt >
t Elegantly equipped service second to
none with a stock that is equal to the
if 0 Smith Co0 Props
308 Twentyfifth St Ogden Utah
r i R o
The Low Priced Fruit Dealer
< 11
i atn 0 1 a
Q Rl J
r is now handling
SPR88 G iUe MfiMS
A large supply on hand j also n large stock of lemons cheap
call before they arc gone or phone your order and it will be A
prompt filled Ind 3791 D 7
and toe engineer will advise with this
On motion of Councilman Dicks n
persons who have fallou to do their
sidewalk paving In somo of the die
trlcls will be notified by the city en
gineer that the paving must be done
within the next thirty days It was
reported by the engineer that there I
Is much paving of this cuaractvr iVt
should be done before the cold
weather sets in
The poll tax collector put In a claim
for 11930 which was due him If
commissions for collections made Tin I
claim was allowed and ordered paid
Wires Still Above Ground
The Western Union Telegraph com
pany employes In the city advised
the council that they could do noth
ing regarding tho placing of their
wires under ground until they had re
ceived Instructions from the officers
of the company
A petition asking for the adoption
of what rs known as the Taylor addi
tion as a part of the city was referred
to the committee on streets and the
city engineer
A communication rrom the Salt
Lake Ogden Railway company
asked permission of the council to
erect wood trestle work over the
tracks of the Union Pacific rail
way between Wall and Stevens ave
nues In Thlrty second street pending
the arrival of steel when the company
would build an overhead crossing as
provided for in a decree from the sec
ond district court Mr Bamberger
president of the road makes the state
I ment that It has been impossible for
his company to got a sufficient quan
tity of steel to build this overhead
crossing and that It Is necessary for I
him to use the wood trestles for the
time being The question was turned II
over to the law and street commllloea A
and the city attorney
A petition signed by M S and J M
Browning asking for the opening of
Hudson avenue between Twenty
fourth and Twent > fifth was read to
the council and the matter referred tc
the streets and the law commllteos
the city engineer nnd the city attor i
I ney
Ogden to Salt Late City Via Oregon
Short Line i
Wednesday Aug 11 in 8 a m Spe
lal returning leaves Salt Lake 11ill
The 110 round trip rate on SBQ
I dally Aug Sth to 1lth good to go and
return on any 0 S L train Final JI
I limit August 17th
7 oa > i OIri J
J ncr1VIIl 4 r
fliiv r > von not Tnnny things valiiahlp jowcls heirlooms
notes and perhaps YOUR WILL which you would like kept 1
in an absolutely safe plane Our vaults are strictly fire and
I burglar proof We shall gladly show them to you if you will
Ir p
fiVu SJ On nnil up xvo will ipnf yrm n hnv in ont snfnty
I vaults for a whole year Then your valuables will be safe
Omen State B 81IDlk
Capital and Undivided Profits
David EccleB Pres l
G II Tribe VicePros tq f
John Watson VicePres I
M S Drowning VicePres
John Plngroe Cashier
Jas F Burton Asst Cashier
St Joseph Mo Mug IGTbrco
deaths wore reported today due to
the heal among thom being William A
Kenycu a Civil war veteran aged
r t l d l i ciB U ci i h
BANK > riJ
J E Dooly PresIdent
Horace E Pcery ViceProa
larold J Peery VlccPrea
Ralph E Hoag Cashier
A V McIntosh Ant Cadlor

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