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i I r F j r
l Bingham Attacks
1 Magistrates and
jij Says that crooked incompe
jf i tent judiciary is the very root of
i the police problem Innocent or
itj guilty the prisoner will be offered
i a chance to pay for leniency
i Says that he could have made
j j 1000000 a year bribe money
I j Vas offered 5000 cash and
i F 500 a month for a mere hand
t Free at last to II speak out
j General Bingham reveals some
I I startling inside informationabout
L his official life as Police Commis
I I I sioner of New York one of the
f most difficult jobs any man ever
1 held
i i You must not fail to read his
stirring article in
t f
I I Among the twenty other great
I features that will make you say
I that this is the Best Magazine
i in America are
I I Why Japan Wont Fight Us
Dr Thomas E Green contri
t butes a most intensely interest
ing and important article on the
I Japanese question
f I It The Birds Tribute to Van
1 ity Reginald Wright Kauf
man tells why Dame Fashion is
I costing the farmers 800000000
J a year
Confessions of an American I
Heiress Charmingly told by I
tl Mrs John Van Vorst
I II The Way of the Transgres
J sor Charles Edward Russell I
writes an article of absorbing
I t interest about Modern Prison I
I Reform
if 11 The Vow icftceA t
I of typ
1 ical story by Alice Hegan Rice
in the happiest vein
i Buy it today any live newadenlcr
I 15 cents
i Pretty Divorcee Coerced by Pistol
I 1 Causes Arret
t SL Louis Aug liA loaded revol
I I ver was used today by Charles Baron
j I of Edwardsvllle 111 to Induce Miss
iI Bertha Williams a pretty divorcee to
come bareheaded to St Louis to mar
I I ry him according to tho young wom
I 1 Miss Williams who formerly was
I Mrs William Probst said Baron had
I been attentive to her for eight months
but although ho frequently had asked
I her to marry him they never had been
r I engaged 1
lIss Williams and Baron arrived In I
St Louis about 1130 a m and as they
n passed a store Miss Williams suggest
t ed that she buy a haL Baron did not
bavc the nerve to face tho millinery
counter and waited outside holding
I iho girls yellow parasol Once out
1 > f sight she told an attendant In the
tore to get a policeman to arrest the
1 man with the yellow parasol
I i Baron was held to answer a charge
I if carrying a concealed weapon
London Aug IGLtdy AlmaTad
ema wife of Sir Lawrence Alma
Tadema the painter and herself an ar
list of note tiled today Sho was a
daughter of George Napoleon Eppa
i I I Andrew Larsen of Sorensen Lar
son merchant tailors of Salt Lake
II City was so low with kidney dlscaro
hat he was in bed
1 and death was
i looked for almost dally
i I The treatment was changed v He
bf 11 mend His partner phoned
the doctor He was slightly better i
i The doctor replied it makes no dif
ference It Is as Impossible for him
I to recover a3 R l8 l ° Cmpty the
I The progress was so slow that the
II patient would get discouraged and
read our book for a hracor nc
J 1 ho thinks he read it a hundred times
But iho day he fInished the third doz
on ho was back to business Wonder
I 1 what his physician thinks about
I eniptying > the ocean
Il i > Physicians call kidney trouble Nc
I j phritls This moans Inflammation of
I I the kidneys
j I Tho old diuretics kidney medl
clues are kidney excitants No won
i dqr the kidney deaths have doubled
1 I Fultons Renal Compound Is tho
I first successful kidney emollient thus
I reducing kidney InJlammatlon and
l I controlling kidney troubles that have
I rqsistCd all known treatment as in the
1 I above Salt Lalo cane Literature
I mailed free
San Francisco Cal
Win Driver Sons Drug Co are
1 j our olo local agents Ask for bl
1 I monthly Bulletin of late recoveries
American Bankers Will
Get One Quarter of
Big Loan
Peking Aug 17 American partici
pation in the HankowSzeClnicn rail
road loan was definitely settled at the
offices of the foreign board today by
Henry P Fletcher tho American
charge daffaires and Linn Tun Yen
president of tho board The loan is
to be increased from 27500000 to
30000000 and of this latter amount
American bankers are to get onequar
ter the other threequarters going to
British French and German interests
Americans are to have equal oppor
tunity to supply material for both the
SzoChuen and the Canton lines and
tho branches they will appoint sub
ordinate engineers and they will have
also onehalf of all future loans of tho
SzeChucn railroad and its branches
with the corresponding advantages
The details of this settlement will
be arranged after the arrival here the
end of this week of Willnrd D
Straight the representative of the
American financiers Interested where
upon tho protest lodged by Mr Flet
cher against the completion of tho
loan with British French and German
Interests alone will be withdrawn and
an edict issued authorizing the sign
Ing of the agreement The entire
question will then bp settled The set I
tlement reached toda prevents actual
American Investment In the abandon I
od lino but nevertheless It Is the
opinion here that American capital
has been placed on an equality with
other capital in China
Army of Defense Repulsed I
by Invaders in
Mimic War
Continued from Pac One
Squadron A of New York and the Es
sex troop of New Jersey and a detach
ment of District of Columbia bicycle
scouts representing the invaders and
a portion of the Eighth Massachusetts
infantry on outpost duty for the de
fense This resulted in the killing
of ten cavalrymen and six Infantrymen
men according to the umpire it
was merely a skirmish and at Its close
the two scouting parties fell back to
their supporting bodies
Scouts Are Captured
Just to the north of this point six
Blue scouts were captured by a cav I
alry advance Without knowing It this I
advance was within a very short dis
tance of a strong force of of Blue in
fantry which was marching toward
Mlddleboro It was said by one of
the umpires that had the Red cavalry
men been sufficiently alert they could
have located this body of Blue Infantry
and could have sent an orderly back
to the main cavalry body about a mile
In the rear and a strong force would
have been hurried around to cut off
the Blues a very Important capture
Before they were ordered to fall
back to the rear the scouts of Captain
Ryan of the mixed cavalry captured
about forty privates of the Blue scout
ing partIes and outposts
The game became considerably en
larged tonight when It was announced
that a theoretical fleet of battleships
and smaller war craft was on its way
to assist the invading army of the
Red by a series of night attacks on tho
Boston harbor defenses
The harbor fort today received re
inforcements from the transport Sum
ner which brought six companies of
coast artillery from New York 720
Reinforcements Are Distributed
The newcomers were were dis
tributed among Forts Heath Banks
ndrows Warren and Strong and to
night each of these strongholds was
I fully manned to resist an attack by
the fleet of the enemy The fleet
will consist of transports tugs and
mine planters numbering fourteen In
all and each designated either as a
battleship cruiser or torpedo boat
They will carry sixpound guns and
small arms Instead of the real war
ships guns and tho fire will be en
tirely subcaliber
Nice little pleasant gentle easy
cafe and sure pills arc Rings Little
Liver Pills Plucsalve carbolIzed
soothes pain In any emergency
bruises cuts sores burns scratches
ate Plnesalve carbollzed is best
Sold by Geo F Cave Drug Stores
Bcllefontaine Ohio Aug liTho
white wings of the town of Lake View
near here are literally white wings
now Theyre ducks
Recently the finances of the village
fell to such a low ebb that it was im
possible to longer employ a otroet
sweeper so his services were dis
pensed with Still there remained a
Cow dollars In the treasury One of I
tho aldermen proposed that the
money be Invested in a flock of ducks
which would orage in the streets and
eat the rubbish
Loan ducks were brought and turned
IOOBO In the streets They start In
to eat the waste from the streets at
one end of tho town early in the
morning and to eat to the other end
when they are turned back or shifted
to another street
SI Louis Mo Aug HTwo hun
dred citizens of Wellslou a newly In
corporated city In St Louis county
last night pledged themselves to a pro
gram of rloflanco against the author
ities of the municipality and the ordin
ance which the latter have enacted
or may pass Plans for a defense lu
In the courts of such of the Insur
gents as may be arrested wore adopt
ed and attorneys retained to look af
ter the interests of hose who may find
themsolvps engulfed In the sea of leg
al complications which has complicat
I ed the launching of the new ship of
The 200 anarchists as thC con
i stituted authorities of Wellston dub
bed thorn are charter members of the
nni incorporation league
Without exception they contested
the formation of the city asserting
that annexation to SI Louis was pre
This struggle was carried Into the
courts and lost to organizers of the
city but since then quo wnrraiilo
proceedings have been Instituted In
the Missouri supremo court and are
expected to bo heard In October
Meanwhile the antis will refuse
to pay licenses or taxes will resist
the enforcement of ordinances and defy
the three members of the citys police
force its mayor hoard of aldermen
and prosecuting attorney Arrests
will bo welcomed and In all cases a
change of venue will be asked from I
the St Louis county court the tri
bunal which decided that the Incorpor I
ation of the city was legaL
Los Angeles CaL Aug 17 Des
pite efforts to prevent rae facts be
coming public it became known last
night that Mrs Ada Otis divorced
wife of Thomas Otis a wellknown
Arizona mining man and formerly
Miss Ada Tilt of Chicago committed
suicide at the Van Nuys hotel In this
city on August 4 by drinking poison
Ill health and general despondency is
assigned as the cause
The woman left a note addressed to
William Coleman a wealthy real es
tate and automobile dealer of Chi
cag In 1S9S sho married Otis from
whom she obtained a divorce In 190S
San Francisco Aug 17According
to a statement Issued from the office
of Japanese Consul General Nagal yes
terday the Japanese government was
withdrawn tho subsidy heretofore ex
tended to vessels engaged in hunt
Ing seals and sea otters In order to
check the operations of seal poachers
among the islands of the Alaskan
coast The statement says In part
It may not bo generally known In
this country that the Japanese govern
ment has tor many years subsidized
vessels engaged In deepocean fishing
the purpose being to encourage the de
velopment of the Industry
From time to time certain adven
turous Japanese taking advantage of
this liberal provision of the law have
extended their operations beyond the
limits originally contemplated hy the
government until fishing boats had
been put on the high sens bordering
Alaska As Is already known to tho
American people some of these fisher
men either through ignorance or with
criminal intent have occasionally com
mitted acts leading to International
controversy and much Illfooling
It Is niw learned that the Japan
ese government has revised its fishing
laws in such a way as to cut out all
aid from the national treasury to ves
sels engaged in hunting seals and sea
otters The new Imperial ordinance
went Into operation July 1 1909 It
Is believed the withdrawal of the sub
sidy will discourage Japanese seal
fishing as It cannot be carried on with
out government aid
I Denver Aug lGA Sunday morn
1 hlweon a man and a woman
In which tho combatants used kettles
i u niig water yesterday resulted In
the severe scalding of tho woman and
a lenblnck chase by police officers In
a patrol wagon to capture tho man
The princIpals In the fight wore Mrs 1
Emma Brown 1C years old and L A
Bunch 62 years old who live at HOG
Tenth street
Mrs Brown and Bunch got Into a
heated argument shortly after break
fast Neighbors heard highly pitched
voices for a quarter of an hour before
the water throwing fight occurred
YoUI name Is Bunch and I am go
ing to hand you a bunch yelled Mrs
Brown as she ran to a kitchen range
and grabbed a kettle of boiling water I
Bunch however hold the woman off
until he also got hold of a kettle of
water Then he dashed the scalding
liquid upon the woman who dropped
her kettle and ran screaming from tho
When the police arrived Bunch was I
running down street and the patrol
wagon pursued tho man until he was
taken prisoner Twice tho running
man eluded tho officers by dodging
into an alley and then cutting across
Rhemls Aug 17 = Glenn H Curtiss
the American aviator sprained his I
ankle In his accident yesterday To
day he Is able to direct the repairs to
his aeroplane but he said ho could
not state when he would resume his
The storm that last night swept
over the aerodrome here destroying
Its roof was responsible for slight
Injuries to 200 workmen Cortland
Field Bishop the foreign representa
tive of tho Aero club of America to
lL silenced the rumor that the
Wright brothers Intended suing Mr
Curtiss for alleged violation of their
Los Angeles Gal Aug 70n tho
ground that they must have It to stop
tho alarming increase In the death
rate among their countrymen leading
Chinese hero have made demand up
on the police for fifty tins of opium
confiscated from a don before the re
cently enacted federal law banished
the soporific drug They assert that
Chinatown has already been reduced
from 3000 to a mere GOO population
and declare that the new law baa
sounded death knell of all their breth
ren who are habituated to the dream
producing extract of the poppy The
police have aukod for a writ authoriz
ing the destruction of the BOlin lot
Spanish Forces Isolated
I Peace Negotiations
Madrid Aug 17 Advices received I
hero from Ponon Dc La Gomera ou
the coast of Morocco set forth that
the Moors again have cut telegraph
wires and Isolated the Spanish garri
son there The bombarding Is con
stant and there have been many cas I
ualties among the Moors The Ka
byles arc mobilizing near Aihuccmas
preparatory to marching on Melllla
Paris Aug 17The correspondent
at Melllla of the La Llberte says In
n dispatch today he understands that
Spain has opened peace negotiations
I with the Moors Continuing he says
it is reported that Gen Marina not
wishing to assume the responsibility
of the projected Spanish advance has
I asked to be recalled on account of ill
I health
Ceuta Morocco Aug 17 Spanish
gunboats yesterday captured a Moor
ish bark with contraband off Poinlo
Des Pecheurs Moois on the beach
fired on the Spanish vessels but there
were no casualties
Goldfield Nov Aug 1G Patrick C
Sane formerly a railroad man of San
Francisco onlght shot and killed Mrs
Thomas Heslip wife of a well known
mining engineer seriously wounded
I Mrs Alice Mann and stabbed Frank
Dunn an undertaker
Casey who came bore four months
ago was drinking tonight when ho
saw Mrs B > slIp and Mrs Mann silting
on the doorstop of the formers home
After killing Mrs Heslip he shot
Mrs Mann twice In the leg Dunn In
terfered and was stabbed in the shoul
der His Injuries are not serious Mrs
Mann may not recover
The Hesllps came here from Cripple
Creek Colo
Casey who has hut one leg mado
no effort to escape After his arrest
there were threat of lynching
Chicago Aug 17An increase of
rates on code messages was an
nounced yesterday by the Western
Union and Postal Telegraph com
panies The new schedule aimed at
the cinhcr messacos coos into effect
September 1 General use oT the code
system the campanles argue has har
a tendency to complicate traffic
By the terms dt the dictum cipher
messages will bocharged at the rate
of five letters to the word instead of
ten letters unless the telegram is
built on Words which appear in the
dictionary Domestic messages oiuy
are affected by the new rule cable
I ciphers escaping the increase
Vancouver Aug IGJame and
William Mortlmqre tailors who havo
been in business tor many years died
last night under dramatic circum
The men brothers lived together
Last night James complained of hav
ing a pain in his side and went to the
basement of their dwelling for hot
water When be did not return within
a reasonable timo his brother went to
Investigate and found James dead
William Morllmore then called their
housekeeper and after telling her of
the occurrence assisted her in moving
the body of the dead man Then Wil
liam complained of feeling sick ami 1
lying down died before a doctor could
be summoned Both died of heart dis
Lons Angeles Aug IGilayor Al
exander figuratively tendered the keys
of the city to the members of the
American Pharmaceutical association
this afternoon The fiftyseventh an
nual convention of the association be
gan here today Meetings of the as
sociation was called at 2 oclock The
address of President Oberg was read I
the president being prevented from he
ing present through illness
Tonight a reception was teneder the
visitors by the Los Angeles chamber
of commerce Later a grand ball was I
given In Blanchard hall which was at
tended by about 5000 persons I
Banff Alberta Aug 17A terrific
forest fire Is raging in the Castle
mountains sixteen miles west near
Laggan Ihe government fire fight I
ers left yesterday to combat the
flames Hunk Head and the whole I
district for ton miles up the valley is
enshrouded In smoke
Vancouver B C Aug 171Ie
lives were lost In an explosion which
wrockod the dynamite house of flue I
Western Explosives company at Tun
stall Bay FJowon island thirty mllos
from horn last night Tho dead are
William Zelleia and four Chinese all
employoB of the company I V
Provisional Administrative Com
mittee Swears Allegiance to
Greece and is Defiant
o 0
O Canea Island of Crete Aug 0
O IGThc provisional admfuls 0
O tratlve committee to which the 0
O administration of the Island 0
O was entrusted when the Cretan 0
O cabinet resigned Sunday took 0
O the oath of allegiance to the 0
O king and kingdom of Greece to 0
O day This actIon apparently in 0
O dlcates that It Is not the com 0
O mittces Intention to meet tho 0 I
0 demands of the protecting pow 0 I
O ers to haul down the Greek 0
O flag and that therefore the pow 0
O ers again will be forced to land 0 1
0 troops to Insure tho autonomy 0
O of the island 0
O o
II Niagara Falls N Y Aug 1G
Eighteenyearold August Sporer of
this city drowned today In the whirl
pool rapids
I With three companions Sporer went
swimming In tho river He struck out
I at once for the middle of the stream
His companions called for him to turn
back for the current is very swift at
that point but he kept on down stream
and was caught in the great sweep
the first break from the smoother wa
ters to the rnplds
lie was but a frail boy but he went
Into the rapids swimming strongly
and held his own until ho struck the
giant wave Again and again he dis
appeared only to reappear again each
time fighting desperately against the
Then when within 300 yards of tho
whirlpool his strength gave out and
he sank and was lost to view Even
then ho had swam perhaps 100 yards
further than did the great English
swimmer Captain Webb
Seattle Aug 16Thc debate in the
American Prison association congress
today on the Indiana plan for pre
venting the propagation of criminals
and Idiots developed an almost unani
mous sentiment In favor of tho plan
and was according to President J T
Gllmour of Toronto Canada the moat
profitable discussion tho association
has held In years
The feature of tonlghto session was
the report of the committee on pre
vention and probation presented by
Judge Ben Llndsey of the Denver Ju
venile court who said in part
Our criminal laws as it came down I
to us through feudalism tanted with
Its extreme respect for property that
only equaled Its corresponding disre
spect for human life and feeling was
an instrumentality of government far
from perfect even for the purposes for
which It was Intended Admitting 1
that it was necessary and justifiable I
as a system In that period of social
development as we must yet we
must equally admit that It must do
more harm than good as ions as It
rests alone on force violence yen
geance and punishment
The time may come however far
in the future it may be or ho v un
prepared wo may be for It now when
tho state will come to ueal with a
criminal much as we now do with the
But this treatment of the criminal
will be as much unlike the extreme
methods In vogue of stripes Iron cells
and other reminders of degradation a
It is unlike tho treatment ot tho in
saneMrs J Ellen Foster of Washing
ton spoke on The Harmonies of
of Frank
Progress and Ell Brown
fort Ky on Probation In the South
Mistake of Engineer and Failuro
of Conductor to Act Cause of
Hufited Wreck
Colorado Springs Colo Aug 1C
Mistaking of an extra engine for a
regular engine by Engineer Holllngs
worth of No S and failure of Conduc
tor Fallen to apply the emergency
brakes when not certain that the
freight had passed led to the deaths
and Injury of more thansixty persons
This was brought out at the coroners
inquest conducted today through the
testimony of the two men themselves
No decision will bo rendered by the
jury until after a personal visit to the
scene of the wreck tomorrow morn
Ing Twentyeight victims of tho
wreck are still In the hospital
o 0
O New York Aug ltiErnest 0
G W Smellis Now York manager 0
O for a glove manufacturer has 0
O been sued for 100000 by Em 0
O ily Jones his cook because it O
Q IB charged he kicked a cat 0
O through a window screen Ills 0
C small daughter had complained 0
O that the cat scratched her The 0
O cook says that her eyes were 0
O Milled with a shower 01 parti 0
O cles of rusty iron 115 a result 0
O and sho estimates tho damage O
O to her sight and her lessened 0
O chances of matrimony at 100 0
O 000 O
O 0
Denver Aug 1GTh BalllnRor I
Plnchot controversy may not be car I
ried from Snokane to Denver The dif I
fcrence between friends of the two I
officials which wns a feature of the I
National Irrigation congress at Spo
kane last week would be resumed It I
was expected at sessions of the Trans I
MIssissippi Commercial congress i
which will be formally opened here
tomorrow morning Many delegates
to the congress arc said to be opposed
to a recurrence of hostilities aud to ho
making efforts to have discussion of
the controversy barred from the con
vention I
I Ballingor was expected in Denver
but Is not coming There Is a report I
among the delegates that President I
Taft hinted to his secretary of the in
I terior that it would be well to absent
himself and let tho controversy with
Pinchot cool down
Plnchot will be here Any delegate
may bring up the subject at any ses
sion and Irrigation reclamation and
conservation of natural resources are
among the most important of the many
to be acted upon
With Opening Addresses
Tomorrow morning will be aken up
largely with opening addresses and
it will not be until afternoon that
subjects of Importance will bo dis
cussed The welcome will be delivered
by Governor Shaffroth United States
Senator Hughes and Congressman A
W Rucker will speak for the congres
sional delegation from Colorado
Responses will be made by Governs
I Brooks Wyoming Curry New < Mex I
ico Sloan Arizona Hartley Missouri
Hay Washington
In the afternoon President Thomas
F Walsh of Denver will deliver hit
address John Barrett head of the
bureau of American republics will
speak on commercial relations tho
United States with the southern coun
tries La Verne Noycs Chicago pres
I ident of the National Business league
will speak on the consular service
Truman C Parker California on the
beet sugar industry and its relation to
I western agricultural interests and
Donald C Fletcher Taconia Wash an
municipal control of railway terminals I
Insurance to Be Discussed
At the night session Insurance will
be discussed by Charles BoRWorth
Smith of Chattanooga Term and by
F E Campbell of St Louis Thomas
P Love will explain the Robertson
law of Texas
Washington with its Columbia river
project and tho Mississippi river
states are enthusiastic for waterways
while the central western states are
working for larger appropriations for
irrigation A Denver man Cornelius J
Gavin has the only entirely new
Ike T Pryor of San Antonio prob
ably will bo elected president As the
next meeting place of the congress
the Missouri delegation in caucus de
cided that St Louis was entitled to
the honor The boom for this city
was sprung without notice and spread
The San Antonlans urge in support
of their citys claim the custom pre
viously followed by sending the con
gress to the homo city of the newly
elected president
Kansas City Aug 1C UnuBually
intense heat ofllclally recorded by the
government weather bureau as high
as 110 degrees caused at least three
deaths numerous prostrations and
much damage to crops today In Mis
souri Kansas nna Oklahoma
Throughout the southwest the day
was the most trying since the devasta
tion of the drouth of 1S01 Tho with
ering winds swept across the plains
and much vegetation fell
In Kansas City the heat Killed ono
and prostrated a score some of whom
are in a serious condition The Union
depot was like an oven Babies be
came seriously ill and mefllcal atten
tion was needed before their mothers
could resume their journeys Tho dis
tress of a party of immigrants was
great The likelihood of an ice fam
ine added to the gravity or the situa
tion here Dealers reponec that the
factories were running night and day
but that the unusual demand has ex
hausted the supply Most of tho deal
ers refused to deliver more than twon
tyilvo pounds to any residence Ind
feared they would nave to cut this
quota down by tomorrow
Corn Is Suffering
At Wellington Kans the official
I temperature was lOG Corn is suffering
ing greatly In that district on account
of lie heat and lack or rain
The day was the hottest Topeka has
seen for fortyeight years 112 degrees
being ofllclally recorded Two pros
trations resulted there
The past eight days In Kansas each
with a maximum temperature above
00 degrees and a minimum which has
not been below 70 Is the hottest pe
riod of that length ot time since 1901
In Oklahoma City the government
thermometer registered 103 degrees
while thermometers In the business
district reach 112 It was the hottest
day recorded there in fifteen years
Dispatches state Oklahoma crops have
been materially damaged by the sul I
try wind
Hot Winds Blast
At Muskogce the government ther
mometer registered 110 This was tho
highest recorded In the three states I
A hot wind blew all day at MC MGR
ter with the temperature at lOS Veg
etation there is being killed Cotton I
is materially damaged Reports from
the Panhandle indicate that little more
than moderate temperature has pre
vailed on account of the altitude and
prevailing winds
No Rain In Nebraska I
Lincoln Aug lbAll local hot
I thinnest coolest
j vestments meant
for men who are reluctant
to give up the convenient
i pockets and trim appear
ance of the waistcoat
Washable of course
made from linen duck
pique and French flannel
Prices From
75c to 5
Modern Clothes
Tell Everybody
Washington Avonuo
at 2365
LWw 1
rt i
Chance of Life Time
Photo of future
or Wife lOc
weather records for ths year vera
broken today when the weather bu
reau reported a toniperainrc of 101
this afternoon Suffering has been In
tense There has been no rain in thi
section tot two weeks and reports
from the country as that the con
crop has already been seriously dam
aged J
Chicago Aug 16A murder epi
demic prevailed here toda This 13
attributed to the peculiar weather con
ditions that have prevailed since last
Friday In one Instance a man mur
dered his wife wounded his son
probably fatally and killed himself
In another a woman was shot six litncj
and the man whom she accuses as her
assailant was rescued from mob vl < >
hence by the police Two men wew
shot in saloon brawls and several at
tempted suicides were reported
Antwerp AilS HPrlnce Albert
Leopold heir to the Belgian Hi rone
arrived here today on his return from
he Congo and was given nn ovatlou
He spoke In praise of what KluS
Leopold had accomplished in lute
oCngo and said the resources and
possibilities of development of Ue
country had exceeded his expectation
Belgium he declared would work for
the moral and material welfare of tltf
natives in lessoning their burden
combatting the sleeping sickness am
Increasing means of communication
Chambersburp Pa Aug 1C A >
Pomeroy of this place president of
the National Editorial association In
day appointed a committee on lesislV
Ion consisting of G K homer Den
ver R L McKcnzio Talassio Alai
S M Wells Crete Neb W L DlicZ
Elgin 111 James A Metcalf GICmlhi
TH 8 L M VDGaFP D A t n Will soon be electrified but that is no reason
JLiL4 n L LJ JLJj lflUr V for going to Salt Lake to buy meat
If it is quality you want If it is cleanliness you want HUY YOUR MEAT FROM
If it is variety you want If it is courteous treatment you want TilE CHICKS MARKET i
The best equipped place as regards refrigeration and convenience Our fresh Sausage and RUSSELL = TA MfC f0 J8J183I85 24th Street
Hambergcr are fine made every day No Freezcem We dont need it in our business IUJJLJUU mlULk W0 Bell 866 Ind 52J V
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