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4 t2 Rose Lect1e onght
S a r N IU u p r 7
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I at 8 dock tonight Hon David S Rose the mayor of Milwaukee wiS lecture to a
large aisdaeoce in the Tabernacle
The subject of his talk is Temperance Not Prohibition 0 Mayor Rose comes
i from a very recent study of this qyestSoo His plea 5s for true temperance He is one of
the conservative levelheaded business men who Hook upon a5 questions without preju
dice He is also a most engaging and eEoquent speaker
8 Odock onight at Tabernacle SEATS fREE I
f H I Jl r a plTt
I The FourState Fair was formally
opened at the grounds of the Inter
Mountain Fair association this morn I
ing All day yesterday an army of
men women and children was busily
engaged In arranging the exhibits At
a late hour yesterday afternoon every
thing was In readiness for the opening
While the heavy rains of the past few
days Interfered with the plans of
many who had decided to place ex
hibits at the fair but little space in
the main building and the the three
tents constructed for the purpose is
left unoccupied The fair was
opened by the Labor day committee
t from the Ogden Trades and Labor
aesembb and the entire morning at
the fair grounds was devoted to a
program arranged by the union men
In tho main building practically all
of the space has been occupied The
big show case occupying the entire
north half of the building has been
filled with beautiful needle work
fancy work and other tastefully ar
ranged articles of handiwork
In one of the tents will be found a
creditable exhibit from the public I
schools of tho city This consists of
drawings water colors artistic maps I
of foreign countries mado of tho pro
ducts of the soil and works of arL
The two tents to the east of the
main entrance have been reserved for
fruit and vegetable exhibits and can
nery products In these tents there
are field squashes weighing several
hundred pounds big watermelons
1 which would cause the eyes of a
r Georgia darky to bulge from tho
sockets mammoth turnips and sugar
beets and a variety of grains ar
ranged In an effective manner In tho
eastern end of the tent
Stablemen Jockeys and trainers
were busy all day Sunday looking af
ter the needs of the thoroughbreds
which are stabled on the grounds Tho
animals are carefully exercised each
day and then rubbed down so that
they will he In fit condition for tho
1 running events during the week
I r Consult County Clerk or the Respoc
I tlve Signers for Further
I Estate of Delia Keyes deceased
p J I Creditors will present claims with
p WI vouchers to tho undersigned at the of
fi > > i I fice of John E Bagley attorney for
Executrix room 311 First National
Bank Building Ogden Utah on or
I before December 10th 1909
ii Executrix
The farmers In this part of the
country are striving to improve the
standard of the homes used for draft
and farm work and It Is becoming
I j evident that they are workIng In the
rIght direction All over the country
I there Is a cry for better horses The
farmers form sort of a stock comjany
among themselves and send to Europe
End buy the beat the markets there
afford Consequently a better breed
I of horses is finding its way Into this
country and the standard is being
I Wm H Springer a Denver Importer
l of those thoroughbreds sold a Royal
Belgium stallion to some of the farm
ers in Weber county five years ago
7 and such exceptionally good results
were obtained that they decided to
buy more The stallion Is called
Royal Bob He is registered and
has a long list of ancestors He
weighs 2140 pounds and has won sev
eral medals at expositions This ani
mal will bo on exhibition at tho In
termountain FourState fair this week
As the investment In this animal
proved to be such a good one the
farmers got together again and pur
I chased another excellent horse
The Denver RecordStockman has
tho following to say about the second
1 Thos H Hill salesman for William
M Springer the importer of Royal
BelgIum draft and Oldenburg coach
horses Union Stock Yards Denver
hag just closed a sale of the grand I
oung Royal Belgium draft stallion
Bravo do Egheiu to parties In Web
er county Utah i
This young stallion Mr Springer
rconsldered one of the finest speci
mens and one of the finest bred horses
he ever bought In Europe and it was i
with great reluctance he allowed tho I
horse to leave his barn until after tho
laterState fair at Overland park Den
vor Colo to be held In September of
this year and the Western Stock show
k 1 at the Union Stock yards to ho held
In January as ho felt sure this would
I be tho champion stallion at both
shows It was oul because parties
I in Weber county had formerly bought
l a richly bred Royal Belgium draft I
5 =
stallion that he Imported some years
ago which has given so much splendid
satisfaction and proved such a won
derful breeder that Mr Springer con i
sented to part with this horse at this
timeMr Springer in speaking of the
sale cars that his dealings with the
people of Utah have been the most
satisfactory and he Is always willing
to strain a point to continue the
pleasant relations that exist between I
his customers and himself He has
found them to be people always well
satisfied when they are fairly treat
ed and they have proven to be the
ory best debt payers
Bravo de Eghem is a beautiful
chestnut with light tail and mane
three years old this last spring and a
horse when fully developed will weigh
from 2000 to 2100 pounds and he Is
considered by the best judges as he
Ing a near a perfect model of a draft
horse as could be desired He is one
of tho highest bred stallions to be
found In Belgium as shown by the ex
tended genealogy that uccompanlea
him His sire and grand sires were
all celebrated prize winners In Bel
gium He was a prize winner as a
colt and was approved by the com
mission of experts for breeding pur
poses this last year
Mr Springers many years oC ex
perience in buying In Europe enables
him to purchase the very best at as
reasonable prices as such stalllous
can be bought for It Is conceded b
all who know Mr Springers record as
on importer that when a horse had
been bought and imported by him ho
is a good one both in breeding and
While many thought that the rain
yesterday might tend to react again
the opening of the big race meet
which will be held In conjunction with
the FourState fair beginning today
the effect has been exactly opposite
and the track has been packed and
laid until It Is in good condition for
the inaugural contest as far as the
runners are concerned With the har
ness horses it is different and in con
sequence the harness event scheduled
for this afternoon has been called off
and an additional running contest will
replace It
Preparations have been made for a
big crowd and William Murray man I
ager of the racing together with his
associates has loft nothing undone
that would tend to add to the com I
fort of the patrons of the track There
will be no hitch in the program and
there will be racing every day rain
or shine
All is Complete
Final details of the preparation all
were completed yesterday and when the I
field in the opening race goes to the
post it will be under as perfect con
ditions as It Is possible for the man
agement to secure
Ono thing that is especially pleas
Ing to the regulars and others who
follow the game Is the fact that Wil
liam Murray will officiate at the bar
ncr Murrays work never has failed
to win commendation and those who
back their opinions with good money
usually feel every confidence that
they will receive the evenest kind of I
a break with the veteran handling the
starting gate
The effect of the advent of the
turfmen already has been felt all over
Ogden Every hotel and rooming
house is filled and trade has been
unusually brisk during the last few
days When the meeting has been
under way for a time It is expected
that there will be still further ac
tivity in business circles
Good for Track
Not a few of the horsemen were
rooting for more wet weather yes
terday as a number of the horses
quartered at the track by breeding
and natural preference would rather
race over a muddy track than over a
dry one In some cases animals which
will not extend themselves on a hard
course become record breakers with
mud under foot
As a matter of fact rain has little
effect on the Ogden track which Is
splendidly banked and of a forma
tion which sheds water easily always
leaving the going a few feet from the
rail hard and good
A number of wellknown horsemen
arrived last night together with a
car bringing sixteen horses from
Sept Iflth 43 75 round trlp which
I Includes necessary ran ami stage
transportation also hoiel accommoda
tions In the Parlor tho complete
fiveday tour
Ono should never stay In a tub bath
more than ten minutes nor In a
shower bath more than two minutes
In a plunge bath onp may safely stay
twent minutes as the exercise pre
vents had effects
Salt Lake Sept 5Word reached
Salt Lake Saturday evening of the ap
pointment of A J Davis president
of the city council of Salt Lake as
grand esquire of the grand lodge of
the Benevolent and Protective Order
of elks The appointment Js one of
great honor and ono that Is eagerly
sought after by members of the
grand lodge In point of deslrabllty
and Importance It IB second only to
that of grand extlted ruler
Tho appointment of Mr Davis as
grand esquire was unsolicited and
came as a complete surprise to the
recipient There were 3000 applicants
for the position and it was practically
conceded that It would go to some
eastern man It was probably given
to Mr Davis as a reward for his act
ive work In tho grand lodge meeting
at Los Angeles last July
The appointment was made by J
U Sammis of La Mar Iowa grand
exalted ruler of the Elks Mr Sam
nis was elected grand exalted ruler
over August Garry Hermann of Cin
cinnati by majority of only sixty
three votes Mr Davis was an act
ive Sammis worker and succeeded in
securing for Mr Sammis every Utah
vote in the grand lodge BIO two
Is Always Active
Ever since the organization of Salt
Lake lodge No 85 of the Benevolent
and Protective Order of Elks Mr
Davis has taken an active Interest hi
the lodge He has been prominently
connected with Its chqrlty work and
with the building of its home In
the spring of 190S Mr Davis was elec
ted exalted ruler of the local lodge
of Elks by a vote that was practically
unanimous Last spring he was
chosen a member of the grand lodge
of Elks without opposition
At the Los Angeles meeting of the
grand lodge of Elks Mr Davis had
charge of the Utah party and
through his careful arrangements the
Utah Elks were among tho beet treat
ed of the visitors at the convention
Mr Das ability as a member of the
grand lodge was recognized early in
the proceedings and he was given sev
eral important committee assign
ments He was among the floor lead
ers for Sammis during the exciting
grand lodge election
His appointment as grand esquire
Is a greater honor because of the fact
that a member of the grand lodge
serving his first year as a member of
that both Is seldom If ever given TII
important appointive position The
fact that in importance the position
of grand esquire is the gift of the
grand exalted ruler gives an idea ol
what this recognition means
Duties of Grand Esquire
As grand esquire Mr Davis has en
tire charge of the preliminary ar
rangements for the grand lodge meet
Ing at Detroit next year He will do
clde on national headquarters ar
range for state and local lodge head
quarters and plan the program for
the grand lodge sessions The great
Elks parade is entirely in the hands
of the grand esquire He arranges
the divisions plans tho line of march
and assigns the lodger to their places
In the parade He Is the grand mar
shal of the parade
The grand esquire accompanies the
grand exalted ruler on all of his of
ficial visits to the subordinate lodges
Thin year Grand Exalted Ruler J V
I SammIs plans to visit every ono ol
the eleven hundred subordinate
lodges Including Honolulu and possib
ly Manila Mr Davis will probabb
accompany Mr Sammis on all 01
these visits
In 1905 Parley P Christensen was
appointed grand esquire and served at
such during tho Denver convention
I Salt Lake City Sept Embittered
Ty lost and unrequited love and with
a brooding nilnd subject to hallucina
tions Louis Hirsch aged fortvtwo
years whoso home IB In Cincinnati
0 last night made a desperate at
tempt to end his life About 11 oclock
with a dulledged penknife he endeav
ored to sever the arteries of both
wrists then jabbed the blunt blade
Into his right leg and with a firm de
termination hacked his throat Ho
was found lying In his bed at 211 South
First West street this morning at 7SO
oclock Btill conscious though weak
ened from the loss of blood and was
removed to the onigrgeucy hospital
and then to St Marks It was stated
by the attending physicians that ho
would survive
The attempted suicide of HIrsch Is
lone of lie most desperate recorded
hoie The only motive given by him I
for selfdestruction is tho brooding
over lost love
HIrsch arrived In Salt Lake Thurs I
day night while on his return from
Portland to his home In Cincinnati
Ho secured a room yesterday morning
at the rooning house kept by Mrs
Ballev at 211 South First West street
Ho was accompanied hore bv M 0
I Wallace of NQrwalk Wis uho with
his wife and little daughter met Hirsch
on the train at Portland and became
traveling companions It was through
Mr Wallace that much of what Is
known of Mr Hirsch has been learned
Wanted to Tell Troubles
It was Mr Wallace who found
Hirsch this morning and called tho
police Mr Wallace said
We met Mr HIrsch on the train aa
we left Portland Ho seemed to
brood a good deal but as we became
acquainted ho wanted to tell us all his
troubles According to his story he
had been married twice There were
two children born to the first wife the
eldest dying at about the age of three
years and both the mother and the
second child died a day or two after
the latter was born Ho had married
again and had a little daughter Tho
I second wife secured a divorce and took
the child with her Lately Hirsch
said he had met another woman In
Cincinnati and their friendship had
grown Into affection until a month or
so ago something happeed to sep
arate them Apparently In the en
dcavor to forget his trouble he took a
trip to the Pacific coast leaving Cin
cinnati August 27 He was on hl3
I way home when we met him and the
fact that ho was demented was shown
In his constant fear and apprehension
that his ticket wasnt right He scOrned
to worry a lot about the fact that ho
might be put off the train and yet his
ticket was all rlcht
I When we got td Salt Lake my wife 1
and I secured rooms near the place I
where he got his room and we were
j together a good deal yesterday He
was a little despondent and we had
I taken a few drinks together but he
was In no way drunk and never hinted
at the possibility of his taklg his own
life He was in a brooding humor and
I wanted to repeat all his troubles but
I laughed at him and tried to cheer
him up When we separated In the
evening he went to his room and we
had an understanding that I was to
awaken him In the morning and that
he would go with US to breakfast then
go out to see the city
Found With Throat Cut
When I went toTiis room this morn
1 ing about 730 oclock I found the door
wide open and ho was lying on tho
bed with his throat cut and the bed
cloth < saturated with blood I Imme
diately callo r the police
I At the hospital HIrsch was conscious
and while understanding all questions
put to him he was unable to talk and
could only answer either by writing on
a tablet or with tho shake of the head
With almost tragic signs of the
hands he told by counting on tho flng
ers the time that he had tried to take
his own life Indicated that It had been
a knife he had used and when asked
why he had done it shook his hands
about his head to show a whirling
brain and then with a sigh and with
one hand pointing at his heart and
tho other grasping his head expressed
his regret
Tho condition of the room showed
his determined effort to end his life
I Mrs Bailey the landlady of the
rooming house said she had heard
I Hirsch coughing and sneezing about
111 oclock last night and this was
i about the time he had made his first
attempt After slashing his wrists ho
had arIsen and raised two windows
opened the door and then had gone to
tho dresser as evidenced hr blood
stains A writing pad and pencil on
tho bureau showed that he had In
tended writing but changed his mind
i Ho had then gone back to his bed aud
I slashed his throat
I According to fragmentary statement
I made to Mr Wallace he has several
brothers living In Cincinnati engaged
I In the cigar and tobacco business and
it Is understood also that for several
years he was one of the city judges of
A telegram from the chief of police
I of Cincinnati to Chief Barlow requests
that no expense be spared In caring
for Mr Hirsch but conveys no Infor
mation as to his present official po
sition there
Brighnm Sept 5Muck dissatis
faction Is expressed by the people
along the louts of the Malad Valley
branch of the Oregon Short Line
against the now schedule that went
Into effect last Monday when the now
motor car was put Into service Pe
titions are being prepared in the van
Oils towns betwen this city and Malad
including the latter city Thebe peti
tions will be pouring Into the passen
ger department within a few days
Patrons of the branch say that they
will be compelled to remain away
from home one and some times two
nights when going to Ogden and Salt
Lake as the motor car does not reach
theho cities until practically after bus
iness hours and departs In the morn
Ing before business hours thereby
compelling themtto remain two nights
where before thoHiew schedule wont
Into effect they could go down In tho
morning upend the entire day In those
cities and return home to Malad and
Intermediate points In the evening
Willard ScpL 1An important ses
sion of the city council was held last
evening In which the questions of 1
waterworks system and of the street
lights were considered
A mass meeting was called for next
= = = = zq
I Monday evening to decide on the ques
tion of a waterworks system At this
meeting plans and specifications will
be presented and an estimate of the
cost of the construction and mainten
ance of the plant will bo made I
The Willard Power company offers
I to furnish pipe for the carrying of the
water from all the various sources to
tho companys plant at the mouth of
the canyon If the city will furnish
the men to lay the pipe In this way
the power company will be able to
greatly Increase Its volume of water
and at the same time the city can
I establish Us plant at a greatly re
I duced cost
An excellent site for the plant can
be secured on the foothills just west
of the power plant and a sufficient
pressure would result for all emer
gency needs as well as regular use
The question will be explained at tho
I mass meeting and the sentiment of
the taxpayers secured
Sept 16th The round trip Special
trains leave Ogden 30 10 1030 a
in returning leave Brigham 630 S
1030 p m Free peaches free wat
ermelons for everybody
New York Sept 5Speaker Can
non arrived hero tonight purely on
pilvate business my son he said
and will return to Danville 111 later
to mind his fences You see said
Mr Cannon confidentially Ive been
In congress BO long that It behooves
me between the sessions to look after
my fences a bit so that I may not
stare Im a poor man althougb
somebody has said somewhere or the
other that Im a millionaire AU bosh
you know
What do you think of the tariff re
vision by the last congress Mr Can
non was asked
I think It Is ancient history ho
said but It Is the best thing done by
congress In fifty years When you
consider that a public measure like
this requires a majority of 392 In the
house and 92 In the senate you can
hot that the majority cannot be great
ly in tho wrong
That tariff bill was the proper
thing even If It did have its faults I
have gone through many tariff re
visions since 1883 and this latest en
actment fits present day conditions
better than did any of Its predecess
And return via O S L daily Sept
16th to 19th Return limit Sept 25th
Tho above account Twin Falls Oak
ley land opening Ask agent for rates
arid particulars
New Yqrk Sept 5 Activity
strength and even buoyancy have
been the prominent characteristics ol
the Iron trade during the week with
Interest centered largely In raw ma
terials Including ore pig Hon scrap
and coke
The last two days of August and the
first of September developed great ac
tivity in foundry and forge iron in the
eastern districts tales for the three
days aggregaUng 30000 tons not In
cluding 10000 tons additional of basic
Iron Then followed a lull but at the
close of the week tho demand was
more active and urgent than ever
Total transactions made by New York
housed alone for the week aggregated
50000 tons Some furnaces have again
advanced prices of foundry grades
Eastern Pennsylvania furnaces arc
obtaining t17 but come sales haP
been iuade at 1750 There IK much
Irregularity No 2 having sold as low
as 1C 50 and as high as 1750 while
other furnaces are demanding 18 an
n 1850 Basslc Iron has sold
mainly at 1S delivered for tho last
quarter of the year
I Rail contracts placed during the
last week of August aggregated 40000
I tons making the total for the month
I 100000 tons
The car orders placed by railroads
during August aggregated 26000 and
20000 more arp pending
There Is an active demand for bil
lets and lotp of from 500 lo ioon tOUR
of opeq hearth have sold from 2650
I to 27 at thqraUl Cold shafting Is 3
per ton higher Rolled Iron pipe was
adyanced 2 by sonic mills steel ens
ing line and drive pipe are 2 higher
San Francisco Cal Sept 5The
eight armored cruisers of the United
States Pacific fleet weighed anchor
at 2 oclock this afternoon and
through a heavy fog steamed7 slowly
out of tho Golden Gate on 10 long
cruise for Asiatic waters
Long before tho hour for tho sail
ing of tho fleet spectators gathered
on the cliffs overlooking the entrance
to the harbor and though the hoavv
I fog blowing In from the ocean at times
obscured the shore on the opposite
side of Ibo Go4en Gate the patlontlv
I waltttl for the first sight of the fleet
as it rounded tho forts at the Pre
Finally the fog on the inner bay
lifted and those 1m the cliffs near the
o ean saw the Pag ship Tennessee I
coining around the Presidio and enter
ing the narrows
The seven other armored cruisers
followed the Tennessee single file the
whole line extending nearly a mile
The fleet wJll go direct to Honolulu
and thence to the Orient where it
will be joined by the Asiatic squad
ron under Admiral Barber
The enlarged fleet will then engage
In battle practice in Philippine
Arco Idaho excursion Tickets on
sale dally Sept 11th to 14th good to
return until Sept ISth Cheap rates
for nil Utah and Idaho points Ask
agents for rates and particulars
New York Sept 5When business
began In the stpck market last week
evidence had been accumulating over
Sunday which served to dissipate the
anxieties which had been keeping the
market unsettled and excited More
exact Information of E H Harrlraans
state of health quieted hysterical al
most Insane trading A personal
statement from Mr Harriman himself
late on Monday confirmed the more I
rational Impression of his health
This retirement of the subject from
prominent consideration by no means I
ended Its Influence as a factor on
prices as there was a residue of uncovered
covered shorts also of stocks based an
the expected Illeffect of the declining
strength of the president of the Union
Pacific and the Interruption to he
caused to the vast financial projects
which he is supposed to he pursuing
Tho approach of a holiday Interval
of three days at the end of the week
intensified the disposition to close up
speculative contracts and Increase the
demand from the short Interest With I
the clearing away of the anxieties
caused hy Mr Harrlmans Illness the
way was opened for resumption of In
fluence by the favorable factors In the
general situation
The Influence of the steel trade was
not supplemented effectuallj from the
copper trade owing principally to the
statistical position of that metal Re
sales of copper metal and a further
accumulation of stocks In Euronean
warehouses suggested the Inference
that speculative buying had been a
large factor in such Increase In de
mand as had occurred while the sus
talned rate of production argued a
difficulty In sustaining the price of
the metal
The agricultural prospect suggested
some causes for anxiety The govern
ment report on the cotton condition
showed so heavy a deterioration as to
bring It to a percentage lower than
ever before at this season It needed
full allowance for tho compensating
influence of the enlarged acreage for
the crop and the heavy reserves Im
plied by the showing of last years un
precedented crop to mitigate the bad
effect of this showing The lack of
moisture for the corn crop and the
conviction that It was going back had
also to be faced
The money market Is subject to
9 t
Labor Day
So called because Its NOT a1
day of labor the first Monday
In September Store closed t
We have opened the advance
fashions for Fall and It will
be more plcaoure than labor
to ohow them to you
The styles for Mens Business
Suits are devoid of all funny i
business no weird eccentrici
ties In cut or trim but the
cults are trim and neat and
give you that air of elegance
Modern Clothes
I Tell Everybody
Washington Avenuo
1 at 2365 r
o 0
o 0
o To base expectations of reward on a solid foundation of ser 0
o vIce rendered to be willing to pay the price of success In honest p
o effort To look upon my work as opportunity to bo seized with 0
o joy and made the most of and not as painful drudgery to be reluct 0
o anly endured To remember that uccess lies within myself In my O
o own brain my own ambition ray own courage and determination To 0
o expect difficulties and force my way through them to turn hard ex 0
o perience Into capital for future struggles To dispel ill temper with 0
o cheerfulness kill doubts with strong convictions and reduce active 0
o friction with agreeable personality THIS IS MY CREED 0
o 0 I
= = F I
i rim rw U SEPTEMBER 15 f
Excursion V9 regon Short Line
None Such Peaches Jo Luscious Watermelons Famed Cantaloupes
and Miscellaneous Fruits of Every Description
Special Arrangements for Entertaining Visitors Amusements of All f
Station ITime of Departure Rate h
Sa Lake Leave
Woods Cross Leave
Farmingtpu e Leave
Kaysville Leave
Layton Leave
Clearfield Leave
Roy Len c
Og len Leave
Harrisville Leave
Hot Springs Leave
Willard Leave
hi Brigham Arrive
close scrutiny owing to the known
factors at work there to effect the fu i
ture but the actual effect on rates has I
not been sufficient jet to become an
active Influence
New York Sept 5 National pride
aud worldwide Interest in the achieve
ment of Dr Frederick Cook found ex I
I pression today In New York pulpits i
The congregation at tile First Me
thodist Episcopal church In Williams j
burg In the eastern section of Brook I
lyn of which Dr Cook Is a member
passed resolutions extending to Dr
Cook heartiest congratulations and I
felicitations upon his achievement
Rev E L Thorpe In an Interview J
said Wo believe Implicitly too
I statement of Dr Cook He Is a man
of unquestioned veracity and If ho
I says he has reached the pole it may
be depended upon that he has dono
1 so
soDr Frank W Gunsalus of Chicago
preaching before a largo congregation
at the Celleglate church orst Nich
olas from the text It was expedient
that one man should dies for the
world paid a glowing tribute to the t
strength of will and steadfastness of
purpose which had enabled Dr Cook
to fulfill the dream of centuries J
845 a m
S5S a in
9 083 m
919 a in
923 a m
931 a in
937 a m
1000 a in
1013 a in
1022 a in
10 80 a m
1045 a m
125 iJ I
100 1 I
100 1
100 1 il
100 j
70 fi
50 CA m
A Special Train making stops at Ogden only will leave Salt Lake < It
P 815 a m Leave Ogden at 930 a m Arriving at Brigham 1015 m
a m Specials returning will leave Brigham at 630 p m 800 p rn Fi 1
I and 1030 p m sharp See agents for further particulars Join the j i
crowd and have the time of your life r
Wt to jas MaBMt aJ aB
ribR 1W
Heating Water by Gas m t
So many people want to know how wo heat water when using Gas
for cooking We have Instantaneous Water Heaters used in the bath I
room giving three gallons per minute at a cost of 1 14c for ten gal
lons We can heat enough water for a bath in fifteen minutes cost I
with which are connected to the
Ing 5c our Lyon Coil Heaters
kitchen boiler The heated vater IB stored In the top of the boiler
and the first water drawn will he hot water
modern home and dote on modern j
If you are to build a nrccmodern
conveniences you can have an automatic Rund Heater InstnllcdJ 1
this heater furnTsics hot water to all the faucets In the house and I 1
heats It only when wanted The efficiency of this heater is as high J
water with Gas
as any other modern machine for heating
11 cup butter 4 egg yolks
1 oup Hour
34 cup sugar ri > 1 level tcaspoonful Rum SI
14 cup milk ford Baking Powdor J
Cream tho butter add grad ually tho sugar then the Of K I
Sift together thoroughly tho il
yolks beaten until lightcolored
Hour and baking powder and odd alternately with the wJ Iti
to the first mixture Bake In a uarrow deep cake pan Start
with cold oven and bake slowly
r w
m J t
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