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oitHHHKHH + H + i H + OHI + H + HiHJ + H 1
j 1
1 II Under the Auspices Address all Communications to
t of the W PIGGOTT Editor S
I II OGDEN TRADES ASSEMBLY 375 Tventyfourth Street 1
f t
HMMlM I ll + + + + + + HO LJLLI r + i
Ogden Sept 13 and 14 1909 I
To Officers and Delegates Assembled
It IE with gratification that I an
nounce to this convention that from
all unions resiHrnding to this office
the past six months there seems to
be an Increase In membership unl
rersally and In only one or two In
stances has there been a decrease
While there Is no substantial In
crease In the number of affiliation
to the State Federation some have
come back after dropping out for a
year and some have dropped out that
will come back In less then a year
their reasons given were varied a few
came back because their Internation
als recommended It and some Lave
Ignored tbe fact that It Is the Intent
of their Internationals that every I
local possible should join the re I
spective central bodies of city dis I
trict and state Many Internationals I
are now passing laws making this
compulsory fdr their own protection
nod for the protection of their mem
bership who are sometimes unfortun
rnlcly within tbe evil Influence of
overbearing and mistaken alleged
leaders with a short term of Imperfect
authority who recurrently rise like
a boys spring kite and as quickly go
Into the oblivion thatJs reserved for I
all who do not gladly avail them
selves of the correct meaning of the
spirit of the law which has made of
unionism what It Is today and what
It will be In all time to come Unit
ed we stand divided we fall A
house divided against itself in what
ever particular Is bound to fall In
he same progression as four quarts
make one gallon and three feet make
one arddo the purpose of union
ism gain strength and ascendancy
Dimes make dollars and dollars do
the talking Nature organized this
world with all Its animate creatures
and Its Inanimate wonders for their
use and benefit and in all time the
world has not varied a hundredth part
of a second Jn Us course through
space showing the relentless force
of its compact organization in just
the same war will the marshaling I
forces of labor on Its fleJds and plains
cities and communities prove labors
In rodent weakness or growing
strength The little aut hill or the
busy bee hive tolls the story of union
ism all too plainly for denial of Its
patent force But poor humanity
with all its brains and aspirations
and high ideals sometimes and in
some things puts the beasts of the
field to shame With the 0000 or
mere men and women of Utah who are I
working at Iho various industries
great and small with all these in
one compact organization captained I
by true leadership in each vocation
there Is no telling what benefits they
cquld accumulate as the march of the I
years go by Capital and wealth or
ganizes as naturally as a child seeks
Its mothers side in time of trouble
4 In groups of the four hundred It tol
i erates anybody who has more than
1 enough and assists kindly to help
him by every known means of assist
1 ance to accumulate more I need not
point out to any sensible worker who
yr produces the bulk of this wealth by di
rect and indirect taxation where we
I do not do as do the rich and well to do
1J 4 I need say little where either fault or
remedy lies
< I The Federation of Labor was orig
I I inally founded for the purpose of al
T lowing the officers and heads of or
ganizations to meet regularly and
compare notes tell of success or de
l P feat how it was accomplished and
by neighborly and brotherly confer
0 ence find out each for himself through
such advice being traded of the daily
4 experience of his brother worker lu
other fields what It was that was I
good for the membership he repre
sented while circumstances some I
I what changed the original plan to
what you know now as the A F of L
t its original purpose was the very
best and as such should be applied
to its various branches and depart
meuts It Is aggregatod Industrialism
4i1 instead of isolated industrialism ami
has the same strength of accomplish
ment that aggregated wealth has
J m
against isolated and Individual
wealth And the larger and stronger I
We malic It naturally wo may resist I
in exact proportion the strength of
our organized enemy or rather oppo
nent He is an enemy whero he has
wronged us and an opponent only
where he seeks to get the best of us I
but by putting ourselves on the same
footing and meeting force for force
brains for brains only then can we
claim him for a friend Consequently
the men who come to State Federa
tion meetings from the different call
ings should come with this one pur
pose as said before of gaining knowl
edge by giving Ids own experience by
giving the best that is in him and
getting something good In return and
reporting it back for the benefit of his
local membership The education he
acquires ho may in turn impart by
agitating It in his own local union
But he must never forget that too
much agitation and too little education
produces quality or results that ruins
the whole undertaking
Yet ht must not come to his state
central body with a knife In his boot
nor n cheme up his sleeve aid expect
any brotherly cooperation or toler
ance He may find fault and want to
change every basic law In the book
but lie must do son In the manner of
humidity and friendly kindliness that
means that he would desire to give
only that which he would ask for
himself that while all men were
made equal for the opportunities that
the world affords all men have not
been afforded the op > orlunitics in the
world to be just exactly equal Then
let our deliberations bo on this basis
and we wilI little by little conquer all
opposition even in the bee hive all
work to one kindly common end they
light only the intruder who would
change these conditions they drag
out the drone who does not do hlG
part and put him to death
Among the things we should con
sider at this time Is a labor paper
for ourselves to advertise our con
ventions to diffuse our knowledge of
occurrences to each other and to
speak our concrete opinion In the face
of our common enemy Knowledge
is power and the Interchange of
thought and news of local conditions
each week Js a powerful help mill
solace and director In shaping the
things we most desire to do It makes
our team work efficacious and cen
ters our efforts to definite ends It
cheapens and economizes money spent
uselessly The Montana state body
now has a referendum vote and to
secure for a slate journcl a pledge of
support Who would not give 2 conts
a week lo have such a medium of ex
change Instead of having to print
postals or circulars for notices of
meetings special occurrences and
other out of the regular things Just
compute what our 85 to 100 unions
could save on this one little Item
For organizing and other purposes
that we each spend some money on I
each ear there would ho ten items
and our efforts would be reinforced to
answer our critics or tell the public
tho reason for any troubles a very
large amount would be saved in the
final results To toll the nonunion
of the community what we think of
them and to punish political rascals
is worth a million In satisfaction In
a few years such a veil I tire would he
a valuable money maker the same as
any other established publication
But It must be launched by the per
sonal popular sympathy and help of
every union man In the state or Its I
commencement would be as precari
ous as the foundling placed on the
doorstep Capitalists and politicians
control and own the dally press You
know how much and what to expect
from them Our attention and un
derstanding of other things that are
of groat and immediate benefit should
be cultivated The income tax based
on a man being taxed in the propor I
tion that he earns would make the
very rich pay the taxes for the very
poor Now it Is that the poor
arc kept very poor by paying taxes
seven ways crisscrossed going and
coining eating and drinking asleep or
I awake working or loafing The In
heritance tax cannot hurt a pool man
= = = = 1 I
The LEME i
1r4 f9 Invites your in
spection of their
ijrArl Fall and
4 I I ltr u
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t i satisfaction and our new suits
arc pressed and cleaned six
months free Cleaning and
pressing a specialty of ladies
and gentlemens clothing
183 TwentyFilth St
Phone 261
who inherits nothing but a small per
centage of what lue works fOI some
thing like oneeighth of what ho pro
duces to make heirs And ho can
make any law that Is right and Just I
if he will educate himself on what
and who to vote for Ho Is in the very
large majority about S5 men III hub
country arc trying to put the world
in their pockets and not let anybody
else get any of It except what they
may be pleased to dole out Till last
tariff legislation is a sample The
half has never been told about It It
now takes lGrj to buy what formerly
was purchased for ino and yet we
grow and prosper By a little hOrse
sense we can reverse things and pin
that 100 In our own pockets and glvo
the other follow tho C5 for his trou
ble and then he wJILol more than
what Is coming to him To under
stand things Is whore ti6 cme will
come Every good man acts on his
understanding of things But It has I
become an historical fact that the
good men arc good grafters through
bad conditions made possible by bad
eyesight and a bad understanding and
lack of knowledge of how these bad
laws enable such a good rakeoff If
we could mail parcels of 25 pounds
In our postal system wo could avoid
being held up 1jvotur local grocers
and other holdup furnishers of our
dally needs By tho present postal
laws on an International agreement
a German tradesman can send a mail
ed parcel from Hamburg to Seattle
cheaper than we may send an express
package to Pocatello Do we under
stand these things If a gold stand
ard money system is good for the
rich man instead of paper money frac
tional silver and copper currency and
all must be based and redeemed In
I this selfsame sold why not have a
universal label based on unionism
I and displace the seventytwo freaks
we arc attempting to teach an unwill
I ing public Seventytwo letters in
the alphabet would put reading out of
the question for the average child ex
cept for the Jap or Chinaman Sim
plification not mystification Hhould he
the order of our efforts
To attain a degree of public health
should be another of our first con
tentions The poor man is the Invar
iable victim of predatory disease Ho
never has the living conditions which
I equal his rich neighbor sewage
bathing light and ventilation good
warm meals of the best the market af
fords and In variety the poor man has
only a portion or none of these bene
fits which serve to ward off disease
to himself and family Well fed and
warmly clad bodies arc of the great I
est Importance Disinfectants ami
hygiene will neither feed the hungry
nor clothe the naked And state con
trol of openair camps and tubercu
losis sanitariums Isolated and free of
cost would cut tuberculosis down to
onethird and put half the fees paid
doctors out to work for an honest liv
ing The while plague Is the common
enemy of the poor If a rich man gels
It he gel It from one who at least
comes from poor conditions and but I I
few of thorn ever contract It Legis
lation is either for evil or for good
and the proper kind of legislation
means everything that Is best and
good The State Federation offers
the strongest factor to secure good
legislation get all we are contend
ing for It Is generally the most in
llncntlal of any labor body In any
slate because it represents all And
If It is decently organized and con
ducted It represents more people
than any other organization in al
most any of the states We should
lake Immediate steps to secure a rep
resentative of all the railway brother
hoods of the State Federation of min
ers together with one of our number
to constitute a joint legislative com
mittee It would save about sovon
eIghths the cost we will be forced to
pay by isolated methods Such a conl
mittee did more last year In Ohio anil
Texas than In all the years past com
blnod together With ono delegate I
representing the farmers union
which Is now larger in numbers than
the total of the A F of L We should
also start the education for the elec
tion of U S district and circuit judges
by the people every two or four years
Instead of giving the lickspIttle
henchman and lackeys rich life posi
tions Selected by a congress ma lo
up of corporations controlled and lob
bied members who select these vam
pires for the special mltsion of dls
e o + L H v + 1
+ f Marxian Qilb Socialists I I
y +
± Any question concerning Social Editorial Committee t
+ ism answered Address all com KATE S HILLIARD l
munications to K S HllliarJ E A BATTELL +
1 436 Herrick Avenue ROY E SOUTHWICK =
T 1 J I
t t
1 r + o +
I The below is part of an article
which was written by Fannie Chornln
an S L P member of El Paso Texas I
answering a long argument against
Socialism In the El Paso Herald Miss
I Chernlns article appeared in the El
Paso Herald of July 20
> Throughout the pages of history we
find the social systems which pro
coded the present oho consisted of two
lasses the opprcBBors and the op
pressed That In spite of our modern
1 civilization ami tendency toward nlru
i ism there exist today and In this
I country and elsewhere oppressors and
I oppressed would bo folly to deny
j History relates the uprising of the
approssedagainst their oppressors To
I day similar occurrences take place
Classes have mn to tholr last Bands
I There is no class lower In the social
scale than Lhe proletariat of all coun
I tries United States second to nono
and when their emancipation will be
I effected which Is inevitable the
i face of modern economic determinism I
I there will exist no motive for base In
centives detrimental to their fellow
I men The mission of history is to point
out tho cause of an effect nnll the re
sults attained This is the only inter
I pretation of history that Is worth
while and which should be embraced I
bv conscientious students
I That the position of the working
1 class is growing steadnyworsGj an
I other truth defying proof if any to
lie contrary
Bankruptcy of Capitalism I
Capitalism has allestcd Its economic
and sociologic bankrupt by hurling
Iho country Into a financial and Indus
trial panic unparalleled in Iho annals
of capitalist progress
Who will deny that more discontent
and social unrest exist today on a
linger scale than several years ago
Who will deny that If wages aro
I higher tho nccessllloK of Hfo have
risen In proportion and over
Who will deny thai In spite of tho
shorter honrs machinory has been In
troducod Intensifying labor thus coun
teracting In the majority Instances
tae virtue of shorter hours And fur
ther these ciuaullc labor savins ma
pouslng Injustice and contortion of
laws to the breaking point
The Prohibition Question
Wo should noxt take those mlsguld
od though horjest persons and teach
them Home prohibition lessons ol
cause and offocl thai long hours slnr
vatlon wages and had living condi
tions are the prolific causo of Intem
perance and crime rather than these
two evils are the results of Intemper
ance Its a poor rule that docs not
work both ways and an unnatural one
Bad food and worse cooking drives
hundreds to the saloons to get lie
stimulation that the love of life crave
for Its results arc seen but the I
cause Is lost sight of by tho glaring
lure of the effect Christ made wine I
In tho cornfield and the logical fight
should bo to legIslate nganlst planting
cdrn When wo1ivQloarnel that U
strike in politics correctly will save
IIB from striking on many a job then I
wo will have Iqarncd that tho State
Kudcration Is the organization to sup
port and maintain as an economy
forum from whence will come in I
moulded con rcl 1ess the forms of ac
tion that will make of us free men I
In each of tho manifold things we
seek to have and now have not for
the reason that we dont seem to
know how to go after it State Fed I
erations in eight states report a two I
hundred per cent increase In two
years and none report n falling off i
in growth Each delegate who comes
to these concntl ns should be a del II
egalo for his organization In his own
local until his successor Is elected
I and qualified Each city body or lo
cal having a legislative committee
should send its chairman as a dele
gate or other experienced and ablest
men During the last few months and
since the last convention many let
ters have been written and received
on every conceivable subject that
might affect unionism and its pres
tige The best and most efficient sot
of officers and committees have sup
ported and advised your secretary
loyally and with sympathy Few men
can be found who arc oppressed with
tho dally toll and the care of famil
ies as well as a proper care for their
situations who would sacrifice more
than they Two general committee
meetings have been held OHO In Salt
Lake and one In Ogden where tho day
was spent in planning our educational
anti active policy Many State Fed
erations han not reached our present
general efficiency in five or six years
By a loyal and courteous enthusiasm
we may do much lathe next two years
That will bo but the beginning The
union men of the state look to you
delegates for Iho big boost that will
make of us an influential body The
slate body is what Its delegates make
It It cannot make for delegations
nor make conditions to fit delegations
There are somo unions that can bo
brought In and saved from the results
of their lonely Isolation Then there
are all the minersthat Is a propo
sition that time and forbearance will
take caro of and control Our finan
cial aspect will he given by the aud
itors report on secretarys books
which are simply kept and easily un
derstood It will be my last report
as at the last moment I am compell
ed by reasons of health and the work
to be done if done well to relinquish
the position which was unsought and
so kindly continued by successive se
lection I have tried to do as much
as possible to get slarled tho beat
organization possible for those who
strive for a higher Jllane of unionism
I have succeeded Tn having tho or
ganization become well known through
out the states and it is beginning LO
be respected in Utah by those for
whom it was designed and by thoso
naturally friendly to any movement
which will lift labor to Its higher
piano and to thelplaco In the affairs
of the people wllfrq Its strength ana
wisdom redounds the cause It rep
resents This ofilcc has handled over
1000 pieces of mall matter since I
have boon secretary I have spent
ovor 100 days In Its service and trav
eled ocr 2000 miles in its Interests
With the deepest regret I lay down
my work unfinished I et my succes
sor be one who Is experienced and
competent is my earnest desire so
that whatever good has boon done
will not have been done uselessly
With kindest wishes and strongest
desire for the continued success and
growth of our organizations I am fra
z I
chines displace many workers and tho I
result Is an army of unemployed
Apologists of ho capitalistic mode
of production should please take note I I
that the law Of nature will not toler
ate Iho hanging on ot a system that I
has outgrown its usefulness Your
apologies which h vo for their pur
pose the moulding of public opinion
may retard and ondangui iho ultimate
triumph of practical Socialism but you
cannot oxpnnge the principle
Capitalists and their spokesmen
would have us believe that the condi I
tions of the worker are getting bet
ter and better Much of this is based
on nefarious statements
The Labor Market
Conditions in this country as well
ns in all other industrially developed
countries stand accused of the piti
able sight of workers marching In I
Uiousands on tho streets and demon
strating thoir desire to work if given
an opportunity AVljile they waste
their energy in seeking for work In
vain those who are holding positions
alp justly In fear lest this reserved
unemployed army bo willing to take
their jobs for less pay
To see the workers in such a plight
is especially gratifying to the employ
ing class as it renders them powerful
to dictate terms to the workers This
Is slavery and practically exists today
Too workman has nothing to sell but
his labor power and when necessity II
forces him to sell it and submit to un I
just terms he Is a slave and there
fore right has been coined the word
the labor nmrkot
Prevailing Conditions
Prevailing conditions show that the
present distress of a multitude of un
employed cannot exist much longer
Nor are these conditions the outcome
of overpopulation has been point
ed out above no more than over
population had to do with the driving
out of England thousands of its stur
dy conn and daughters In order to
make room for sheep walks
Capitalism Is founded on the bellof
that Its labor Is based on something I
other than working the workers I
The better a fellow can concoct
schemes cheat and lln Lhn hraud out
MW b
I 1
1 J
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of he other fellows mouth the more
is that business fellow recognized as
a capable and successful compet
itor And that Is an exercise very
much indulged In to the detriment of
In recent investigations into tho In
dustries of the Southnot made by So
cialists mind you but by congresslon
al and other Investigations It is shown
that the natural order of things was
reversed thp wife and children being
in tile mill while the husband and
father displaced by his own flesh and
blood has no work to do Ho slays
at home attends to the house anti car
ries the dinner pall to his wife anti 1
children at the factory And it is
told us Socialists would destroy the
family The accusers arc like the rob
ber who cries Stop thief and joins
in tho chase raised by his cry
Women in the Field
This change released a vast amount
of labor power thai had been used lu
home production for home consump
tion and made It available for capi
talist exploitation Woman now be
came a factory operative But as ma
chinery made easier the work that
skill and strength had previously re
served to man women who could not I
obtain employment at what had been
female occupations hogan to compote
with man and to do so had to under
sell him to get the job Thus woman
became bclfsupporllng ns it is called
Many men unthinkingly hate the
women who compete with them The
revolution that was worked In women
lives was none of their making Or
iginally the workman hud to earn
wages high enough to enable him to
support himself and family but nor1
that women and children can support
themselves by competing with him the
vorklngmans wages must necessarily
go down So that under the present
capitalist social system the family life
is destroyed the mother Is forced to I
leave home and enter the factory
there to compete with tho father and I
very often her own children
TheWaYOut I
Now if the lt 0plo ns a whole owned
the capital of the nation and pro
duced wealth for use and not for prof
it can you imaginea state of affairs
In which the people would bo foolish
enough to say We have produced
too much food therefore we must stop
production anti starve We have pro
duced too much clothing we will have
to go naked for awhile
Well that lu what is done today
under capitalism When the workers
I have produced more than the capital
ist can got rid of he says Stop and
the overproduction In his and so are
iho tools that produced it Civilization
Is threatened by such a system
Vhat Kind of Work Do They Do
The primary touet embraced by cap
italists that the wealth produced is
theirs by right of their work is fal
laclous What kind of work do they
Years ago when a man used his
tools and worked to a finish the com
modity ho was justly entitled lo all
he received in exchange therefor To
day we find gigantic labor saving ma
chines owned by capitalists who hlro
men to work for them creating the
wealth All the work the employers
do is work the workers and outdo Ms I
The merchant uppermost thoughts
arc to create profits Thai the petty
and other business concerns waste
energy time and money In advertis
Ins their commodities Is another fun
damental fallacy which tho trusts and
their pinnacle of economl methods
have proved
Competition is a crime because It Is
waste As before stated the man who
can concoct Uio bascal scheme of
cheating and lying la the succoasful
competItor Ye who prate pf Christi
an Jtv Klmiild denounce a method which
i I
o V
r J
attention is shown by us on all collars
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takes the bread out of another mans
mouth Bestir yourselves Christian
ity is yet lo be brought about in prac
tice Remember the words in prac
tice Yet competition in all Its ab f
ominable phases Is devoutly wished
for by impractical beings
The use of machinery dont con
found this with sewing machines
worked a great revolution in tho liven 1
of women Whon a man was a hand
craftsman It was part of the domestic
duties of woman to spin weave and
bow and she did many other things
such as make candles soap etc These
things which she had produced at
homo and for family use wore next
made In factories and much cheaper
than could bo done at home I G
Circumstances today wholly deter
mine for the average nina what ho
should or should not do Lifo Is not
what we make It it Is made for us by
circumstantial forces more potent than
our volition and abilities This force
J do not atttrlbute to a wllful Divine
It can be traced to those captains of
industry who know what thoy can do
and therefore wo cannot forgive thorn
Capitalism and Socialism are diam
etrically opposed for the simple reason
that the interests of tho appropriating
class aro Inimical to lie intorosts of
the producing class hence tho class
Society is In travail and the birth
pangs of the day of reckoning and the
rumblings of a new order of things
nearer ever nearer to the kingdom
come on earth Is heard and felt and
will soon bo understood
Thoso who wish an unbiased view of
capitalism and Socialism a more ef I
fective and well connected argument I
on the fallacies of iho formor and
logic of the latter should not content
themselves with tho morO rattier of a
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All you do Is to phone un DII
Bell 9S7K IND 344 the
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Successor to Allen Transfer Co CrN
J C Shade Lessee i north
108 25th St Both Phones 321 i od
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