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1 h tnudn d
Entered as oecondclaaa matter
at the Postofflcc Ogden Utah
under Act of Congreu March 9
Published Dally except Sundaye
by Wm Glasmann
One Month fn Advance 79
Six Months In Advancek 425
Vwolvo Montnc In Advance 800
r CtiTulpiton Guarantee
fl r t rrh4 >
but jft UL M 11 ay u fotraiteej bj the
ridrrrtitsrcCert6cd Circulation Dtut flooAJ
C rearA
r r n + fr SI
I Tbii Paper hat prom bjr intrttffttloo
flue the cirralMtioa record are iept with
etre and for clnolttioo tinted wltb ouch
heronry that tdrertiKrs may rtly on tnj
ilAttmtots of ttmt trade j for publishers
i ender the ownership acd management
D contro + Aug 20 1908
Tboro wcro 44 delegates present
when the Democratic city convention
adjourned at noon today If that is a
fair index of Democratic enthusiasm
the Republicans will sweep every
ward In the city on November 2
For some reason the Democratic
party In Ogden Is lifeless and Is only
awaiting burial day
Chas H Sraurthwalte bobs up
again this time much alive He was
chairman of the Democratic city con
vention held in the court house this
I morning Like Marys little lamb
1 wherever Brewer goes Charley is
sure to follow
t Charley Is now a reformer and so
I Is Alex Brewer was a reformer two
I years ago and so was Charley Then
I there came a period of forgetfulness
when gambling was at Its height In
Ogden and for eighteen long months
the promises Brewer made were for
gotten and so was Charley Sudden
ly About a month ago Brewer said
v conscience let me think
What Is It I promised I can scarce
ly recall Oh yes I now remember
I must close those gambling houses
Strange to relate Instantly Charley
remembered and he too said tho
gambling houses must close
And so It goes Whatever Brewer
forgets Smurthwalte forgets and
that which Brewer recalls Smurth
Waite recalls They aro Siamese
That tho telautograph or a writing
transmitter Is a machine of such in
genuity ag to excel the telephone In
w I many ways Is treated on by the Lit
crary Digest which says that most
ra t + + i people ask why write a message at a
f distance when It may be spoken more
f i easily and quickly Those persons
ft r should ponder the tale of the man who
ac f I finding a strange umbrella telephoned
y I to a friend Did you leave an umbrel
la at my house I think I did Well
i Is this Il7
With n telautograph the Inquirer
might at least have drawn a picture
t1 of the article But besides Images of
j umbrellas there are hosts of other
I things that n telephone will not trans
mit or transmits but lamely and Imperfectly
I perfectly all sorts of diagrams for
A j mulas computations etc These may
i 1 be written down quickly and plainly
o and tho telautograph Is thus the ma
chine to transmit them Where such
matter forms a great part of the ma
terial to be transmitted from point to
r point this device is more useful than
t a telephone A machineshop or a mill
S r IB a place of this type and A L Pratt
who describes two Installations of the
kind lu The American Machinist New
York September 1C thinks the
1 lautograph will provo an Invaluable
adjunct In all shops The first Instru
I ments described by Mr Pratt are I
the establishment of the Stanley Flagg
Company at pottstown Pa We read
By means of tills Installation the
shipping clerk can ask questions of I
the machine shop in rcgnrd to parts
for shipment request promise of dates
of shipment hurry neglected orders
and in fact bo in close touch with the
entire shop production
The advantages over tho telephone
I are two A request of any kind is
made In writing of which tho original
I Is with the sender and the reproduc i
tion by the
machine with the person
who receives
Thus there can ho no question as
to whether or not the message has
been sent and received
Such question frequently arise n I
connection with
Again tho written request serves I
as a memorandum
which the one re
ceiving can keep In any convenient
place until tho matter mentioned has
been duly attended to and a reference
to bib own Bondingfile shown whether
or not It has bean answered and the
I natuita of the answer
The system
seems almost
a bneans Co
means trace work
through the
shop get definite promises of
When Your Joints nro Stiff
and ttraablce sore from cold and rhoumn I
altowl bn you sprain ft joint strain your
I Bldoojbruirt yourself Perry Davis Paln
HlWrrfll tlMMi
nut hko out the trorenl and fix
right in ajtly For over 70 ctus iL has
been ho t ndby for <
Omernnclca in tbous
w3ho1fdqulk > ont 10 Jomo wit out a
tE i bt buit of the watt eta 3 r OOUl e
7 r L = w
> j n
I nn
19 Make Your Home Comfortable 1
1 Special Sale on AU Leather Goods f
This coming week we will have on sale all leather goods incTndinpr llavenporl5Iurkishroc
C 7 I II IS 1 oe Icers Chairs Hookers and Parlor Suits W I
have a large Stock of these goods Oil hand and would fake great pleasure in showing yon and quoting you prices We buy these iu 1
uj mux j
4 straight car loads direct from the factory The price is right
I L I Rocker
t 1r hv r
f f n
9J 4 tt
No 371 Genuine Leather Tur
kish Rocker tufted back large
and roomy Platform Rockers
r perfect comfort Price was
3500 now 2500
i v 1
s l i
t rt ItimI
R 11b
T 1ji a
t fi t
S Star Oak pickle rim and nick
tt t r le foot rail
i91 No 211 Ideal 650
t No 11 Grand SOO
No 13 Grand 1050
1 No 112Oak 1500
rr No 512 Model 1800
Our Universal Ranges and Heaters are guaranteed by the manufacturer to be perfect bakers use less fuel and last longer than any
I other make The Ranges have white porcelain oven doors bailed ash pan top raises for broiling or toasting can adjust damper to rJ
any position and is made of rolled steel a
r Ask to See Oiii Line of QaniUs aect Blankets o YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD 11 rs f
r = r u 0 H I f < r u t
= h L 1 y
mcnt and check tho keeping of these
promises Another valuable point In
Ibis system is In the fact that there
in no waltng to get a connection with
the person who Is to receive the mes
sage II that person is absent from
his desk tho message IB sent just tho
same and awaltn hls coining Com
pare this with thc use of tho tele
The Morning Examiner seems to be
somewhat In doubt as to tho Republi
can city administrations Tu Murphy
referred to when In nominating Wil
liam Glasmann in the Republican city
convention on Thursday last that gen
tleman promised a return to the wis
dom and economy which prevailed dur
ing the Republican city administra
tions of the past As there have beep
but two Republican administrations
and they wero under the came man as
mayor there should ho no confusion aa
to the full meaning of Mr MurphyM
In nominating Mr Glasmann Judo
Murphy said
Mr Chairman ladles and gentle
men of the convention I wish you to
bear In mind that In what I may say
here there is no personal feeling I
have the honor of the friendship of the
two gentlemen already presented for
your otes and I highly esteem both
of them and would gladly see then
I honored and if this convention seen
fit to disregard my advice and nom
I inate either of them Iwill gladly do
all In my power to aid In his election
Personally each is all that his cham
pion has claimed for him and I gladly
concede that In private life each Is
blameless and I fool proud to call
both my friends But it seems to mo
that the Republican party in Ogdou
City 1ms reached a point In lib his
tory when we should heed the scrip
turo which says Come let us reason
I take It that It Is notcomplimen
tary to the management of the Repub
lican party In Ogden that having more
than 1000 majority over all parties wo
have permitted tho election of a Dem
ocratic mayor A responsibility at
taches to a majority party In any com
munity and that responsibility Is only
over whon that party plves to the peo
ple a wise and economic administra
tion of civic affairs
Eight years ago I stood upon the
floor In a Republican city convention
and named a man for mayor making
two pledges First That if nominat
ed he would be elected second that
If elected he would Make good In the
administration of the citys affairs
After a campaign In which detraction
and personal abuse svgs a factor he
was elected by a majority of 100 votoi
anJ that over tho best and moat pop
ular Democrat In the city Two years s
r t <
r t
l I
No 116 Davenport solid oak frame upholstered in the best Boston
leather tufted back drops to make bed and has a box under seat for
bedding I
Prices was 4500 now 3750
fP7r Jc c
C t 7 tIfeY
ljt i waS x iferiu
PoD Y r
i Jq 1 t a rti 3J y t n
4 I
f 1 c T
Invincible Good Baker 14in Oven Sq 53000
xVctive 14in Oven Sq 3500
Active 16in Oven Sq 4000
Marvel 16in Chen Sq 5500
Marvel 18in Oven Sq 6500
later I again faced a Republican con
I vention claiming a fulfillment of my
pledge and asking as a roward the
I rcuoniinatlon which was granted and
after another bitter campaign in
which personal detraction waa a weap
on used by some disgruntled mem
bers of his own party he proved his
popularity with the people by being
I reelected by over 700 majority
My friends the Republican party
in Ogden has nov wandered for four
long weary years in the wilderness of
dofoat loiiRpr If we take Into conplrt
oration tho difference of modern equip
meats in railroads telegraphs steam I
ships Marconlpraphs and aeroplanes
over primitive methods of travel and
communication than the ancient Is I
raelites wandered in the desorL We
I want to reach tho Promised land of
victory and wo want a leader who can
lead us to it My friends I am going
I i
to name the man who In my opinion I
can deliver the party from the bond
I age of defeat and give to tho city a I
wise economical and buslnossllko ad
His administrations wore so suc
cessful that friend and foe alike prais
ed his executive ability his public
spirit and tho order which he evoked
I out of chaos ho voluntarily retired
asking It hostile political administra
tion to audit his books which It did
and In all the vast sums handled for
the citys good not ono ponnj was
found to have gone amiss or been
f squandered
I I shall certainly not go further In
I praising his past administrations than
I did your distinguished chairman in
his nddrosb nor than your platform
I committee In the resolutions you so
unanimously adopted
I I take great pleasure In present
I Ing you the name of the man who has
the leadership to win a victory not
for himself alone but for all tho
ticket as well and the executive ablJ
ity to give to
tho citizens of Ogden a
model administration of public affairs
I nominate William Glasmaun
The tomato season just closed han
been one of the most profitable to
tho farmers The acreage has not
been an large as In other years but
those who planted reaped an abund
ant harvest for which the reward WitS
great In sonic cases totaling over
200 per acre
The tomato Industry Is one of which
the valley immediately around Ogden
can refer to with pride The finest to
I matoes produced In the world aro
crown hero and any region with tho
finest of anything in stable canned
goods Is a most favored spot
Wero freight rates more favorable
Ogdon could find a market In the dull
est years for moro than tho combined
canneries of this district could pre I
pare for shipment
California reached a crisis at one
time U ifiult industry when a limit
Illv R t
I r
t t c I 1 f +
lll ti l 1r
One Teddy Bear Turkish Rock
er tufted back wing side
large roll tufted arms genuine
black leather Callin ton
spring Price was 3750 now I
2600 I
rtST3 1lI
1 t
t I t I
J t 1
Empire Universal has stickle base
and side rails is for hard or soft +
No 114 S2500 If
No 117 53000 t
No 516 Champion 3000 dz
I apparently had been reached in devel
I opment because of tho circumscribed
market but when sufficient prossuro
was brought to bear on the railroad of
ficals tho big roads were made to try
the experiment of granting more fav
I orable rates and as n result the
orchardists of California and tho rail
roads were abundantly rewarded and
California took on growth the begin
ning of the present greatness of that
Ogden has now In the tomato indus I
try reached that point at which Cali
fornia halted and It Is for the rail
roads to make possible the shipping
of the Ogden canned product Into tho
Eastern market in order that this val
ley may go forward In rapid develop
ment and the railroads in turn reap
a rich reward
A young man who truck formed on
the eastern coast of Florida just
aboc the coral reefs says the most
profitable product of the farm was tho
tomato which sold to New York pro
duce commissioners at 3 a case If
Florida tomatoes bring that price I
what would tho connoisseurs of New
York par for n case of the local rlch i
red firm tomatoes of unequaled flavor i
Some day the Ogden tomato ship
pod In refrigerator cars will bo bold
In the New York market and when
that time arrives the farmers of thin
district will be prospering beyond their
fondest dreams of landmade riches
I Now York Oct nThe tightening
of the money market this week or tho
calling of loans tospeculative holders
I of Stocks precipitated some heavy
liquidation and prlcoa broke with some
violence The vanishing surplus re Cc
servo of tho Now York banks gofer
the continued demands of Interior i
trade expansion and crop moving nc +
ccbsitatcd this action In the strug
gle to maintain their position spec
ulative borrowers resorted to foregi
money markets for enormous SKUS r
and helped to force up the official
discount rates at the principal Eu
ropean centers
Speculative confidonco was shaken liJI
by the vulnerable position disclosed S
In United Statos Steel which formed t 1
market sentiment by Us long Impres
filvo advance Favorable developments
were practically Ignored fu the block
market o
o 0
O College Park Md Oct 9 0
With practically a deal calm 0
O over College Park Wllbgr 0 r
O Wright today broke tho worlds 0
O record for spend In an aero 0
O piano over a 500meter course 0
O Including a turn beyond tho 0
O courses his time being oR 35 0
O seconds or 20 seconds less than 0
O that made by Dc La Grange 0
O over a similar course In France 0
O Wright attained a speed of 1C O
O miles an hour for the distance 0
i1eeda a
> +

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