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After Binding and Gagging the Night Em =
ployes the Robber Helps Himself to Sacks
of Gold in Safe and Makes His Escape
Seattle Wash Oct 11 Binding
and gagging tho night chief clerk and
his assistant and carrying them to an
unoccupied part of the building a lone
f holdup man robbed the olllco of the
Great Northern Express company at
the King street station early this
morning securing several sacks of
r gold and silver and a large amount of
paper money the total amount run
ning Into tho thousands
While A P White tho assistant
was out to lunch W Simoncon heard
a knock at the door Opening Il ho
was confronted by a masked man who
covered him with a revolver and or
dered Simonson to open tho safe Sim
onson says that ho complied with the
robbers demands and opened all the
compartments of tho safo whero mon
ey Is kept As soon as this was dono
robber threw Slmonson to the floor
bound and gagged him and then car
ried him to another part of the build
ing whero he covered his prisoner
with an overcoat
Returning to the office the robber
awaited tho return of Whlto whom he
made a prisoner disposing of him in
the same mannOr as he did with Sim
s onson He then cut all tho telephone
wires and taking all the money ho
could carry left tho place
After a short time Simonson sue
ceodcd In freeing himself and after
liberating White gave tho alarm
When the police entered tho office
they found that the robbers had loft
a sack of silver containing 500
It has been the custom to keep all
the money received from the Iran
continental trains in tho safe from
Saturday to Monday and it Is believed
that a largo sum was secured by the
For Charles Morse the
Millionaire Wrecker
of a Bank
New York Oct 11Fifteen years
at hard labor in a federal prison
came one legal step nearer Charles
Morse the former banker and capi
talist today when the United States
circuit court of appeals upheld the low
er federal courts In sentencing the
banker to such a penalty for misap
plication of the funds of a national
bank Mr Morse took the news calm
Morse surrendered himself and his
attorneys immediately began steps to
carry his case to the United States
supreme court and to secure a con
tinuation of his bail bond pending
further argument The court finally
granted a stay of 40 days
While the court today did not light
en the sentence which Morse has
been striving to annul Its decision
because It
was n t entirely adverse ecause
sustained only ten of the fiftythree
counts on which he was convicted by
n fury
This say hire attorneys will leave a
i means of appeal to tho court of last
t resort and an application for a writ
of certiorari to review the case will
he made on October ISth In Washing
ton Tho decision of the circuit court
judges today was unanimous To
Morses complaint that fifteen years
was excessive in view of the suspen
sion of sentence on Alfred H Curtiss
who was indicted with him tho court
answers that this Is a complaint to
be made to the President of tho Unit
ed States In asking clemency
W lliE BOY
f lie Will Be Shot if Posse
Can Get Sight
of Him
rntflllno Cal Oct 11 After
San Bernardino
preparations for
tlr making extensive
t another pursuit If Willie Boy the
Pluto Indian who killed his sweet
heart in the desert Sheriff Ralphs
will start out today on the long trail
Two previous expeditions have failed
Ralphs posse will be joined In the
desert by another band commanded
by Sheriff Wilson of Riverside county
The plan is to lay siege to the des
perado in tho granite fastnesses of
Bullion mountain where he was last
entrenched and starve him out
The necessity for making certain of
the capture of tho Indian murderer I
was made more apparent yesterday by
the arrival of numbers of frightened I
settlers who brought their families in
because they feared visits from the
Made Five Runs in First
InningGame Played
in a Rain
Detroit Oct llA leaden sky with
an occasional glimpse of the sun and
a damp field greeted the crowd as it
made its way lo Bennett Park for
the first of the worlds championship
games between Pittsbnrg and Detroit
In this city today At no time was it I
certain it would not rain but tho
thousands wont to the park determin
ed to brave anything to see the great I
battle H would take a remarkably
heavy fall of rain for the national I
commission to postpone the game as
the officials and the two teams are
eager to finish the crucial series as
soon as possible It rained hard all
yesterday afternoon and for some time
after dark Then the rain stopped
but It became colder The chilly at I
mosphere was not conducive to good
work in the field and the glorious
weather for the two games In Pitts
burg made the contrast worse
The two teams camo on the fight
for their practice with hoavy sweat I
ers Tho Detroit team was given a
great ovation as It emerged from tho
club house led by Manager Hughoy
Jennings The local team trotted on I
the field and went about Its work In a
determined and businesslike way Ty I
Cobb was cheered as he appeared be
cause of his brilliant work In Salur
das game at Plttsburg I
While It was almost certain tho
game would be played In a series of I
showers the weather did not dolor tho
crowd which steadily flowed Into the
park until It was estimated that there I
were at least 20000 persons present I
Umpires OLoughlin and Johustone
held a conference with the national
commission concerning the ground
rules as the crowd had overflowoa
into every part of the outfield Um
pire Klem who Is not working today
was sent out Into the rlghtfield foul
lino to assist the umpires The use
of a third umpire In an advisory char
acter was an Innovation Umpire
OLoughlln worked behind tho plate
Summers opened the game for De
troit and Maddox opposed him as Pitts
burgs pitcher
First Inning
PHlaburg Byrne beat out a hit
along the side on a hitrun play Leach
singled over second sending Byrne to
third Clarko hit to Summers and
Byrno was run down between homo
and third Morarlty Schmidt to Bush
Leach went to third Clarko to second
Wagner sent a sharp grounder that
Bush could not handle Wagner stole
second and went to third on Schmidts
wild throw to center Wagner scored
on wild pitch by Summers Miller
walked Absloln singled to center and
Miller went to third on tho hit and
scored on Wlllett now pitching for
Detroit Crawfords throw past for
arity Abstein going to third Wilson
singled to center scoring Abstein
Gibson out Bush to T Jones Wilson
goes to second Maddox fouled to
Schmidt Five runs
Detroit D Jones flied to Leach
Bush singled over second Cobb struck
ouL Crawford forced Bush at second
Mlllor to Wagner No runs
Second Inning
Pittsburg Byrne out Morarlty to T
Jones Loach was hit on hand by a
pitched ball and went to first Clarko
hit on leg by pitched ball and went to
first Leach going to second Wagner
forced Clnrlo at second Bush to Dele
hanty Leach going to third Pitts
burg scores on a double steal Leach
Gearing and Wagner stealing both sec
ond and third Miller popped to Dele
hanty One run
Detroit Delehanty hit Into left field
overflow for two bases Morarity
struck out T Jones popped to BTu
Schmidt out Miller to Absteln No
Third Inning
Plttshurg Abstcin popped to Dele
hunty Wilson filed to Crawford Gib
son out Morarlty to T Jones No
Detroit Wlllott sent long fly to
Clarke D Jones filed to Clarke
Bush out Byrno to Absteln No runs
Fourth Inning
Plttshurg Maddox out Willett to
T Jones Byrne flied to Bush Craw
ford made a great running catch ot
Leachs terrific drive No runs
DetroitCobb out Maddox to Ab
stein Clarke made a brilliant catch
of Crawfords long fly Delehanty
singled to left Morarltj forced Dele
hanty at second Waguer to Miller No
Fifth Inning
Plttsburg Bush made a bad mess
of Clarkes grounder and it rolled on
into left field Wagner popped ono
over T Jones head for a safe hit
Clarke going to second In attempt
ing to sacrifice Miller bunted an easy
fly to WilletL Abstoln filed to Craw
ford In deep center and Clarke went
to third Wagner stole second Wil
son lined to Bush No runs
Detroit T loneR popped to Miller
Schmidt out Miller to Abstoln Wll
lott out Byrne to Absteln No rung
Sixth Inning
PltsbllrgGlbson filed to Craw
ford In deep center Maddox flied to
Cobb Byrne out Bush to T Jones
after the ball bounded off Wllletts
hand No runs
Detroit D Jones popped to Gibson
Bush singled to left Cobb forced
Bush at second Wagner to Miller
Crawford forced Cobb at second Mil
ler to Wagner No runs
Seventh Inning
Pittsburg ah made a high fly
to Crawford Clarko out Wlllelt to
T Jones Wagner singled to left for
his tliijd hit Wagner was out steal
ing Schmidt to Bush No runs
DetroitDelehanty hit over Clarkes
head for two bases for his third suc
cessive hit Morlarlty reached first
when Miller fumbled his grounder
and then threw wild to Abstcin Lele
lianly went to third Pittaburg began
to delay the game In the hopo Mad
dox would settle down Plttsburg ad
vanced the claim that Morlarity had
interfered with Abstein at first But
the umpire would not allow ft and the
game was resumed after a long dls
cuRsion T Jones singled to right
scoring Dolohanty and sending
Morlarlty to second Schmidt fouled
out to Byrne Mclnlyre batting for
Willett McIntyre struck out D
Jones bunted safely along third base
line and bases were full Bush hit
just out of Wagners reach scoring
Morlarity and T Jones and sending
D Jones to second Cobb singled to
center scoring D Jones and sending
Bush to second Crawford popped to
Absteln Four scores
Eighth Inning
Pitlsbl1rgA heavy shower has
Just started Works Is now pitching
for Detroit Millar aturck out Ab
stein doubled Into the center field
crowd Wilson out Works to T
Jones sending Absleln to third Gib
son fouled to Schmidt No runs
Detroit ntlehanty out Miller to
Abstcin Moriarlty drew a base on
balls Morlarity caught stealing sec
ond Gibson lo Wagner T Jones
walked Schmidt filed to Clarke No
Ninth Inning
Pittsburg Maddox struck out I
Byrne singled over second Leach
sent a two bagger into the left field
crowd sending Byrne to third Clarke
hit a sacrifice hit to Cobb aud Byrne
I scored Leach going to third Tho
game Is now being played In a down
pour and it Is so dark It is difficult
for tho players to see the ball Wag
I ner singled to tight field scoring
Leach Wagners fourth hit Wagner
stole second Cobb made a circus
catch of Millers fly turning a somer
sault and came up with tho ball In
his hand Two runs
Detroit Mullin balled for Works
Mullln struck out D Jones was safo
at first when Absleln dropped Wag
I ners pretty assist Bush beat a
grounder to Byrne sending D Jones
II to second making four hits for Bush
Cobb hit Into right field crowd for two
I bases scoring D Jones and sending
Bush to third Crawford out Wagner
I lo Absteln scoring Bush and sending
Cobb to third DeJeliauty filed to
Clarke Two runs
I Score by Innings
Pittsburg 510 000 0028 11 2
Detroit 000 000 406 11 3
San Francisco Oct 11 Secretary I
of tho Interior Richard A Ballinger i
who left here yesterday lo investigate I
1 the Sierra water supply gave out a
typewritten statement reiterating his
views on the reclamation service He
said In part
Taw disposition of tho phosphate
lands of the Rocky Mountain stales
presents emergencies calling for legis
lation All known areas of phosphate
lands in tho public domain are now
under temporary reservation awaiting
I congressional action Common pru
dence demands lhat this fertilizer he
dl posod of with Much restrictions as
will require its domestic uso so far
as possible In the renewal of the fer
tility of the American farm rather
than permit of Its exportation
Respecting coal lands slnco lOG
no coal laud entries have been per
mUted to be made In Alaska pending I
requests upon congress for legislation
to prevent tho monopolization of the
vast fields of this valuable deposit
lying In this territory and to secure
authority for permanent reservation
for naval purposes
Too much cannot be said In favor
of legislation which will provent the
absorption of those valuable coal de
posit lying In this Urrllory and lo se
cure authority for permanent reserva
lion for naval purposes
Too much cannot ho said In favor
of legislation which will provont the
absorption of theseivaluablo coal de
posits bj private interests with the
design of monopolization
Steamers Caught in the
Tanana Will Be in
Fairbanks Alaska Oct 11 Navi
gation of tho Tanana river was closed
yesterday by tho freezing of the
stream The unexpected freezo caught
a number of steamers in the river and
will hold them prisoner until spring
when two of them will be In a dan
gerous position at the breaking up
of the Ice
Two steamers crowded with slam
peders from the new Iditarod district
are frozen fast A thousand tons of
freight within a short distance of
Fairbanks will not be available un
til next May
Geo J Kelly Chairman and W D
Van Dyke Secretary Committees
and Candidates Meet Tonight
While the Democratic convention
was In session Saturday night the
Republicans met In an adjoining room
and organized by electing the follow
ing executive commltttco
Coo J Kelly clnairunan
J M Rorristall first vice president
Geo H Davis second vicepicsident
B T Hulanlski
William Howell
C R Hollingsworth
Carl Allison
0 B Madson
William Craig
J Pingree treasurer
W D Van Dyke secretary
The entire city committee the ex
ecutive committee and all the candi
dates are requested to meet at tlic
ofllce of the chairman this Monday
evening under tho Ogden State bank
Reed hotel building
Do not forget to register tomorrow
See page six of this paper for tho
place to register
Colored Man Accused of Stealing a
Gun is Sentenced to Forty
Days In Jail
In the criminal division of the city
court this morning a number of Sun
day drunks weio arraigned and plead
ed guilty to the charge They all were
of thc bootleg variety each one
having been found with a bottle pur
chased Saturday
The personnel of till party was
John Snoed John Duff Ed Halvoy
Ben Harris Ed Longsdalo and M C
FoIl All except Duff were sentenc
ed to 5 or five days In the city jail
Duff Is a cripple and In a deplorable
physical condition lie was given a
Dil dugs suspended sentence and ad
monished by the court to move out
l of the city
James Smith a colored man plead
ed not guilty to tho charge of vagran
cy and was started on his way to the
cell to await a time for the hearing ot
the case when his heart suddenly
changed and he asked Captain Brown
to take him back to tho judge that ho
might change his plea from that of
not guilty to that of guilty Tho
amended plea wan accepted by the
court and Tames was sentenced to a
fine of ro or ten days In the Jiastllo
Sam Henry a colored man was ar
I raigned before the court on the charge
of petit larceny lie pleaded not guil
t > and the trial of the defendant was
begun The complaint In the case al
leges hat Henry on October 4 stolo
from the secondhand store of I T
Alvord a certain revolver valued to
The testimony showed that tho de
fendant was at tho AUord store Im
mediately prior to tho time that the
gun was found to have been tul Mi
away Ho with a companion tried
to purchase cartridges for a gun an
swering tho description of the 0110
taken away a few days after the al
leged heft This together with a
number of contradictions on the part
of Henrj as to when he came to the
city and what ho had boon doing while
here convinced the court that tho man
hoforo the bar was tho man who stole
Alvords gun lie was sentenced to a
find of 40 or to spend 10 days In tho I
city jail I
I Evidence points conclusively the
presence In Ogden of a gang of for
gers doing a firstclass business Sat
urday afternoon a number of checks
were presented to the business men
of Ogden to be cashed and many of
thorn were cashed Disappointment
camo to the ones who had paid out
their money when they presented tho
checks to the banks and learned that
the parties were not known and that I
I they did not have a rent on deposit
Most of the checks were drawn on
the Ogden State bank In favor of
George Graham and Jams Leonard
Somo of those who were victimized
were the Ogden Beer house to tie
tuno of 2005 and Jj B Best who
cashed two checks for the young men
aggregating 2110 Tho checks were
signed In the name of Fisher C Healy
New York Oct ISince the dis
covery of radium and its value as a
I therapeutic agent laboratory workers
I have been striving to find an efficient
substitute for this costly adjunct to
I the outfit of physicians and surgeons
and Dr J B Shober seems to have I
found one that is cheap and reliable
The discovery resulted from his In
vestigations of tho radioactive prop
erty of cocoanut charcoal Dr Shober
says he passed a slow current of nit
through a celluloid tube eight Inches
long and threequarters of an Inch in
diameter coated on the inside with a
collodion solution containing one mil
ligramme of strong radium bromide I
into a porcelain vessel containing n
quantity of cocoanut charcoal At the
end of a week he found the charcoal I
strongly radioactive discharging his I
electroscope more rapidly than would
I a specimen of high grade pitch blende
ore Ho then spread a quantity of
this charcoal over a key on an X I
I ray plate and obtained a strong pic
ture of the key after an exposure of I
four days
Duluth lInn Oct 1L Following
a long period of balm weather and
ushered In with a sixtymile north
caster accompanied by snow sleet
and hail Duluth and vicinity have
boon wrapped in the first blizzard of
the season since early yesterday oven
log Lake Superior is running high
and shipping has been delayed
Kansas City Mo Oct ItWith thc
first ejiow of law season falling at
Sioux City Iowa and Omaha Nebras
ka and with sleet at St Joseph Mo
portions of those states as well as
eastern Kansas experienced a decided
fall In temperature today In Kan
sas and Missouri a temperature of 15
degrees above zero was recorded
Sioux City this morning reported a
heavy fall of snow which melted as it
San Francisco Ocl 11The Japan
ese cruiser Idzuml detailed to repre
sent the emperor of Japan during the
Portals festival In this city arrived
today Ono of the minor officers on
the idsuml Is Prince Shimadsou a
member of the royal family of Japan
Tine Idsumi Is a protocoled cruiser of
2SOO tons displacement and was
launched from tho Elswlck ship yards
In lh7 She was the flagship of Vice
Admiral Kamlnmra commander of the
second squadron during the Russo
Jnuanesp war
The visiting warship was saluted on
heir arrival by tit forts and othor j
fighting vessels anchored in Iho bay
City of Havana Denuded of Trees and Tele
graph Poles and Ships Have Been Sunk in
tlarbor = = = Weather Bureau Warns Florida I
Havana Oct ItA storm of hur 1
ricane proportions struclc this city
early today and raged with uuubatcd
fury for several hours No fatalities
have been reported up to this time but
the property losses from wind and
rain probably will be enormous Many
lighters and other small craft In the
harbor have been sunk or driven
ashore All tho telegraph wires In the
city are down the electrical power
service IK crippled and scarcely a tree
is left standing In Havana
Washington Oct l1Grelt de
struction of property and loss of life
on the South Atlantic coast and even
In the interior according to Professor
Willis L Moore IK certain to result
from a great hurricane which hap al
ready touched southern Florida and
I is making Its way up tho coast
Since the reports issued this mom
lug the weather bureau has received
additional information that has led
Professor Moore to take every meas
ure possible to protect the inhabi
tants of the sea Islands off the Flor
ida coast from the approaching storm
At noon be wired tho signal officer
observers at Jupiter inlet Tampa
Jacksonville and Thomasvllle Ga to
Incur any necessary expense to des
slminato warnings to the Islands
coast cities and even the interior of
the stale
Just before noon the barometer at
Key West recorded the remarkably
low reading of 2881 and already at
that point the wind had reached hur
ricane force
In the opinion of the forecaster tho
storm envelopes the entire Florida
peninsula It is due In full force to
night and the weather bureau appeals
to all newspapers and commercial or
ganizations in the threatened district
to spread the news of its approach
The West Indian hurricane is fast
approaching Key West according to
a dispatch received a1 noon by tlic
weather bureau from He observer at
that point Ho reported tho barom
eter had further dropped to 2870 and
the wind was blowing at the rate of
CS miles an hour In order to safe
guard the life of the weather bureau
observer at Sand Key a small island
to the southwest of Key West Chief
Moore ordered the man to abandon
his post The observer has reported
to Washington that he has taken re
fuge in the lighthouse on the island
Girl Found the Dead
Body of Her Father
in a Cornfield
Washington Pa Oct 11Look
somebodys knocked papas scarecrow
over wait until I go over and set It
up said Miss Maud Ileufuaglo to
her companion as the two girls were
walking along a path through a corn
field on their way to church yester
day A moment later a scream from
lie young woman drew her companion
lo the spot She found Miss Hour
naglo stretched in n dead faint besido
the mutilated body of her father
I which the daughter had at first mis
t ljkcn for a scarecrow
Tho finding of the corpse revealed
lone of the most mysterious murders
I In the history of this section Charles
Ilcufnaglcs body found In a fence
corner was literally hacked to pieces
h his slayers
He was one of tho wealthiest resi
dents of northern Washington county
Ho left home on the morning of Sep
tember 30 to go to Plttsburg to visit
a sick daughter and on his way to
the train took a short cut through tho
cornfield It Is believed that he was
waylaid and murdered while walking
along this path There aro signs of a
desperate strugglo
Heufnaglo Is known to have had
large sums of money nml valuable
papers In his clothes and these are
New York Oct 11 Two sisters
found brother
have unexpectedly a
who was lost when all of thorn were
filc children In Germany Miss I
l Clara Pfortsenmelr of Chicago came
hero to visit her ulster Mrs Minnie
Lohman of Brooklyn during tho Hud
sonFulton celebration
Both attended a reception given to
the officers of the German warships
In tho harbor and there they wore
Introduced to Second lieutenant Fritz
Hehl whom they Immediately recog
nized as the long lost brother
When eight years old ho was sent
to market In Germany and lost his
way He was sent to an iiiHlitutlou
and from that was graduated Into the
nav Ho had not seen ills relatives
for moro than twenty years and
through bin sisters learned the name
of his home town
Bombs Exploded Near
His Car While in Ba
kersfield Cal
LAS Angeles Cal Oct 11 Presi
dent Taft arrived in Los Angeles at
746 and was met by the local recep
tion committee The train proceeded
immediately to San Pedro harbor and
will return to tho city at 1 oclock
The President had an unusual Sun
day experience at Bakersfield CaLf
last night which sao those attached
to hla party especially the secret ser
vice men a great deal of concern
Despite Instructions sent ahead that
no fireworks should be used at any
celebration tho Presidents train
rolled into Bakersfield to the accom
paniment of a flaro of rockets and ro
man candles and exploding bombs
Some of the rockets badly directed
whizzed along the ground and one
broke within fifty feet of the Presi
dent The President declared the re
ception was entirely unexpected and
made a little speech
Chicago Livestock
Chicago Oct 11 Cattle Receipts
estimated at 26000 market steady
beeves 425aSSO Texas steers 400
a5 00 western steers 400a725
stockers and feeders 310a525 CO S
and heifers 220a60 calves 700a
HogsReceipts estimated at 21000
Market steady light 725a790 mix ltt
ed 715aS10 heavy 7o5nS15
rough 75a755 good to choice
heavy 755a815 pigs 575a700
bulk of sales 760aSOO
SheepReceipts estimated at 40000
Market weak to lOc lower native 2
COa4S5 western 275al90 year
lings 440a540 lambs native 1
25a700 western 4GOa700
Kansas City Livestock
Kansas City Oct 11 Cattle Re
ceipts 2000 Market steady to 10c
higher Native steers 450aS60 na
tive cows and heifers 225a550
stockers and feeders 300a500 bulls
2GOa876 calves 375aSOO west
ern steers 375a675 western cows
HogsReceipts 11000 market
steady Bulk of sales 730a775
heavy 760a7SO packers and butch
ers 740a775 light 720a760 pigs
Sheep Receipls 10000 market
weak Muttons 400a500 lambs 5
OOnG75 range wethers and yearlings
125a540 range owes 290a4SO
Chicago Close
Chicago Oct llr Wheat Deo 1
03 lSal4 May 104 12 July OS 3S
Corn Oct 69 11 Dec BS May GO
5S July 60 1S
Oats Dec 39 1M May 41 S1a7S
porkoct 2300 Jan 1852 12
May 1527 12
J > ard Oct 1237 l2a210 Nov
1177 12 Jan S10S7 12
Rlhft Oct 1125 Jan 970 May
967 l2a970
I Barley Cash 4Sa65 s
I Sugar and Coffee
New York Oct 11SugarRa
firm fair refining 373 12a375 cen
Irifugal 96 tost 423 l2a425 mo
lasses sugar 348 l2a4GO refined
steady crushed 586 powdered 5
25 granulated 515
COFFEE Quiet No 7 Rio 7 5Sa
34 No4 Santos S 31
Register TofflofoSure = For Places to Register fee Page Six Tills Paper I
MlM I 1
fL 18
I L4 q

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