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Fifty Years the Standard
Makes finest cake and
pastry light flaky biscuit
delicious griddle cakes
palatable and wholesome
Ingredients found in the
Th lowpriced baking pow
I der are deleterious The
active principle is a min
j eral acid derived from sul
ir phuric acid oil of vitriol
No L ne Phosphate
Washington Oct 11 Tomorrow
probably will see the determination
of the question whether Charles R
Crane will be requested to resign his
recently acquired office of minister
to China or will be permitted to re
sume in that capacity the Journey to
Pekin He was almost in the act of
sailing from San Francisco when sum
moned by Secretary Knox to return to
I Washington and explain his alleged
responsibility for the disclosure in a
newspaper despatch of confidential
information about the attitude of the
United States toward tho new
treaties between China and Japan
Silence surrounded the situation to 1
day Secretary Knox was inaccessible I
and other state department officials I
disclaimed any knowledge of the state
of affairs and Mr Crane would not I
discuss the matter Notwlthstaudng
the general expectation that he would I
have a decisive conference at noon
with the secretary he diu not
call at I
4 the department nor so far as can be I
learned did he have any conference
vrlth Mr Knox at his home I
It camo at last to be believed that
the whole business has been referred
to President Taft It was supposed
t that telegrams had been sent to the
President last night after the extend
S t ed conference at Secretary Kuoxs I
r i house which followed upon Mr j
4 Cranes arrival here from San Fran I
cisco It Is assumed Mr Knox inform j
0 1 crt the prcsdent of all the materal
I facts in Mr Cranes case together
T r7
< < u I
with his own views upon the subject
All Indications tonight point in this
direction and no developments are ex
pended ponding advices from the pres
ident The interview last night in
which participated Mr Knox Mr
Crano and William M Hoyt specal
counsel of the department Is believed
to have resulted in clear understand
ing with respect to Mr Cranes con
nection with publication whose dis
closures the state department officials
BO strongly deprecated There re
mains apparently the question wheth
er Mr Cranes diplomatic discretion
hag suffered so great an Injury In the
estimation with the officials under
whom his delicate mission at Pekln
would he performed as to destroy his
I usefulness thre
There Is much discussion here of
course on the Crane affair regarding
the possible effect upon the relations
especially of the United States and
Japan of the premature announce
ment of a possible protest against 1
the material concessions in tho new
treaties China has given to Japan In
Students of the situation pointed
out that there could arise no conflict
with Japan In this matter since ther
was no thought of any protest by the
United States alone If made at all It
would be in conjunction with the oth
er leading powers Interested in the
Chinese future In such an event It
would be unlikely they argued that
China would be adverse to recasting
the treaties In the dhection of greater
liberty for herself As for lapan she
could hardly afford to resist a united
representation on the part of a number
of the great powers to the effect that
these treaties carried with them a
violation of her own pledges em
bodied In the treaty of Portsmouth
J r When = =
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Chicago Oct llThe loss of an
other mans nil the savings of years
which ho feared to entrust to a bank
and for which no postal depository
system is yet provided by Uncle Sam
has hun Chicago cigar maker Lew
is Stlcrrf had saved 450 by years of
frugality with the hope that some day
ho would have a cigar factory of his
own Ills was a part of tho 600000
000 of hoardings In the United States
He carried his savings In his sock
and tho very day that he sot out to
buy hiii factory the bills slipped
through a hole In tho slocking and
were scattered along the streol for a
mile or more Ills case is cited by
the postal savings bank league as
typical to show the imperativo need
for a governmental system of depos
itories Canadians have more money
per capita than Americans because
the banks do not do all tho banking
business of the Dominion said W
J White nn official of the Canadian
Department of the Interior while in
Chicago He added Of course not
every postoffico is a savings bank but
wherever there is a limited industrial
community savings may be deposited
at the postofflco As the postoffices
also transact money rder business
the advantage of the system to ho
given to tho depositor In that respect
IB plain You know thoro wore sev
eral great banks in Canada of Inter
national standing and these banks go
directly after savings accounts by
opening branches everywhere that lo
cation is desirablo Thus these banks
in addition to having principal officer
in Montreal Toronto Winnipeg Ham
ilton Vancouver and other cities also
maintain several branch offices in the
cities for the convenience of tho small
depositor the outlying small merchant
or manufacturer and others That
these branch offices are successful is
demonstrated by the persistency with
which thoy are added to from time
to time as growth of communities and
business warrants The United
States has been found a profitable field
for several of these big banks and
branches have been established in
this country with great results as to
profits This shows what can be done
under a constructive instead of an
obstructive policy Americans who
have gone Into the agricultural sec
tions of Alberta Saskatchewan and
Manitoba soon learned all about the
postal savings banks and advantage
was taken of the opportunity to make
limited deposits In them Tho Ameri I
can Bankers association has set out
to defeat the Carter postal depository
bill notwithstanding no substitute
system is provided by the Canadian
The hopes ofall Chicago for tho
Cubs to make a now record In the
number of games won during tho
season even if he baseball pennant
was lost were partially fulfilled No
team which has finished second in
the pennant race of the major leagues
has ever before had 100 games to Us
credit The Cubs won 104 games
and lost tv which Is a better record
than they made in 190S when they
won the pennant by a record of 09
games won and 55 lost When Pills
burg won the pennant il 1903 It was
with the record of 01 games won and
40 lost But in 1907 the Cubs won
107 games and lost only 45 in 100G
they won 116 and lost 36 When New
York went wild with joy over the
pennant victory of the Giants in IDOl
and in 1904 the Giants won lOG games
But up to 1S92 no championship team
had won 100 games during the sea
S < Jn That year Boston took 10L
games and In 1S09 Brooklyn won 101
In the American League no champion
ship team has taken 100 games De
troit in 1008 having won the cham
pionship with tho record of 91 and
63 games lost
Against the bad hotels that serve
in Chicago to trap thousands of girls
for salo as white slaves a triple at
tack is planned by the American Vig
ilance association which will succeed
to the work of the Womans World
committee the chief of police and
states attorney in active efforts
against the evil that swallows over
60000 girls annually in tho United
States Investigations havo been con
clusive that there are u score or more
hotels wliloh serve tho purpose of
cadets and procurers for red light
houses These have boon subject to
spasmodic regulation political pro
tection has been as important to
them as mattresses Close relations
of some aldermen including the pride
of the First ward Hon Hlnky Dink
and Hon Bathhouse John have
been suspected Regarding those ho
tels Attorney Clifford G Roe who is
special prosecutor of white slave cases
for the Womans Wrirld committee
and other cooperating organizations
said Wo are going after theso ho
tels simply as a phasE and an Import
ant phase of the whole white slavery I
question We are working with the
polico the states attorney the Unit
ed States district attorney and the
American Vigilance Association and
have begun to make headway Our
aim is to drive from this city
and other cities tho men who live
off the wages of the while slaves
themselves Chief Stewart said
We have started a campaign against
the vicious hotels and in ono night of
ficers turned away 10 couples from
hem Bver > couple that enters one
will he Inspected and their descrip
Lions taken Tho particular attention
of tho states attorney to this mat
tot followed the arrest ora 11yoar
old girl with a boy of 18 in one of the
hotels The Sunday Evening club and
Jewish Irish and other organizations
as well as foreign churches have tak
on up tho matter of the white slave
traffic with vigor and will cooperate
with he American Vigilance associ
ation as other organizations in cities
throughout the United States are In
vited to do
w light on the passing or bo
ox A hunt for oxon used to tho
yoke of old made by society women
through the length and breadth of
Chicago resulted In a brand now thrill
of knowledge novel to city women of
today on tho way to drive and the
place to whip tho ox M camo about
by tho need at the Illinois pageant at
Evanston when explorers and events
of he state wore marshalled with im
posing pomp and realism fOI two
yolies of oxen wore needed among tho
propei ties The discovery then
was made that airships wore more
numerous than oxen that among all
the thousands of trampling beeves at
the stockyards and In tho streets of
the city there were no oxen almost
none Rumors of oxen accomplished
In the arts of traction woro pursued
by society women from one end of
Chicago lo the other and everywhere
Tthc social grande dames were eyed
gently and reproachfully by bovInes
1 who had unmistakably joined the
leisure class Oxen there were a few
in cly stables and ninny iu thC su
burbs but oxen used for drawing a
prairie schooner or any other wagon
the keepers wore inclined to put in
the same class with horses who could
fly or ostriches broke to the saddle
When two yoke of oxen were discov
ered tho women In charge of the nag
canthad to go further and find a driv
er who know not how to drive a mag
nificent car but oxen and an appeal
was sent out through the many strata
of society This required knowledge
of qualifications of ox drivers so that
I bucolic lore of where and when to
i spank an ox Is hew the accomplish
1 monl par excellence The pageant
I served to vivify many scenes of Il
linois early history from George Rog
ers Clark to the coming of Jollct and
down to Abraham Lincoln and the still
more modern Chicago fire In writ
ing tho hook which was recited by
Donald Robertson the actor Thomas
Wood Stevens followed a blank verso
vein of ponderous dignity which roll
ed with the romance ot Lake Michi
gan In a high wind
When beef cattle are selling at
nearly 9 cents a pound In Chicago
the agile statistician has added 200
000000 to the fluctuating farm wealth
of the United States an addition
which of course the farmer will nev
er cot It Is another enormous gain
If Sales of steers at the stock
yards made at SG and SS cents give
promise of 9 cent heaves soon Un
do Sam figures the average value per
bend of his 54000000 head of cattle
at 31980 per head which is only a
fifth and less the price at which the 1
recordbreaking sales were made of
carloads of burly shorthorns from
southern IHnols The prices secured I
demonstrated the foresight of the far
mer who haH Introduced the best
broods und careful breeding Into his
herds he Is securing golden returns
for all the cattle ho can ship This is
Just as true of beeves from ranges I
as those from feeding farms of Illi I
nois Bidding was active for all tho
host class of cattle In sight and it
was made evident that the day of the
underfed and neglected herds is pass
ing and that for profits the day of
the pure bred bull and pure bred cow
has come Advance In the permanent
value of beeves Important men In
comf arlon with the great crops for
according to government figures the
live stock sold from farms and
slaughtered on them is worth nearly
twice as much aa the cotton crop In
1907 1270000000 Viewed from the
standpoint of the consumer and his
pocketbook the dwindling of the free
range as one after another region Is
fenced Is alarrilng for there Is alvays
a premature rise and belated fall In
the price of meats when beef on the
hoof is expensive
Now the banagainsi babies In
flats proclaimed by many landlords
In Chicago and other cities has reach
ed a test In court under the new Jill
nols law Rolla R Longenecker has
brought suit because he claims he was
ousted by a landlord because of Lon
gcuecker and his two babies and ro
II fused to renew the lease The law
makes this act f a landlord n misde
meanor The fine provided is from
50 to 100
Consult County Clorli or the Respec
tive Signers for Further I
lnformatan I
i I
In the District Court of the Second
Judicial District of the Stale of Utah
within anti fox Wlbel Count
In the matter of the estate of Laura
A Minly deceased
It appearing1 the satisfaction of
the court from the verified petition
of W B edeIi administrator of tho
estate of LauraA Mint deceased on I
tile herein that It is uecossary to sell
the whole oC the estate of said de
IT IS ORDERED by the court that
all persons Interested In said estate
appeal before the court In the county
of Weber State of Utah atthe court
room thereof In saId county and state
on the GUI day of November 1909 at
nine thirty oclock in the forenoon of
said day and then and there show
cause if any they have why an order I
as prayed for In tho petition should
not be granted to said administrator
to sell the real estate of said estate
at either public or private sale for
the purposes mentioned in the peti
tion as ho ahnll judge for tho best
interest of said estate and of the
parties Interested therein
It Is further ordered that a copy of
this order be published at least once
a Week for four successive weeks in
Ogden Standard a newspaper
printed and published in said county
Judge of the Second Judicial District
In and for the County of Weber and
Stale of Utah
First publication Oct 11 1909
Last publication Nov 1 1000
Portland Oro October 12Tho
seven members of the Interstate Com
merce commission who have boon sit
ting during ho past wok In Seattle
arrived in Portland yesterday and
will resume the hearing of the Port
land rate caso today
Tho presentation of Portlands caso
was during tho Seattle hearing but
It was Impossible to bring several im
portant witnesses before the commis
sion there
There are about ten witnesses to
testify in behalf of Portland ant
counsel for Its Interests do not ox
pect that It will require more than two
days to bring out the evidence it has
to offer There are however several
Individual cases which though inde
pendent of the main cases of tho cities
against the railroads are hy nature
closely allied to them Time hearing it
is believed will occup tho commis
sion until Friday when it is expected
it will leave for San Francisco
o 0
0 ½
O Key West Flu Oct ItAs 0
O a result of tho hurricane which O
O struck tho southern coast of 0
O Florida today Key West to 0
O night Is a mass of wreckage 0
O and the damage to property is 0
O estimated at 2000000 Mar 0
O Hal law was proclaimed and 0
O the Key West guards took CM
O charge of thecity 0 i
O 0
Chicago Oct 11New and astound
ing facto about the spread of the co
j calne habit have been secured pre
paratory to the final drafting of tho
bill to place habltformlug drugs un
der regulation by the Bureau of In
ternal revenue which will be introduc
ed during the next session of con
gress The Currier commission for
th Investigation of Drug Additions
has received from state boards of
charities and corrections reports and
Information which will go far to im
pell prompt enactment of the meas
ure to check tho further spread of
tie cocaine curse and the lessor evils
of morphine and opium by federal reg
Two members of the commission
Charles W Collins and John Day
have mado public some of their ac
cumulated evidence In an article In
Everyday Life for October They de
scribe the sniffers and Jabbers
of the world of dope the victims of
morphine and chloroform and ether
inhalation They say
Another affecting human dealt
Trent from morphineland can be re
I corded in the form of a letter which
the writers have received anony
mous but none the less vital on that
account It reads I am a morphine
user and got the habit from a phy
sician who gave It to me for neural
gia a disease that Is responsible for
many morphine victims I have found
It hard and held It down fairly well
for years and yet it IB a terrible
thing But It is brutal to think of
taking it away from ho sufferers
First they must havo some treatment
some help or else many of them will
die and more will suffer the tor
ments of the damned I am a hash
ness man well read n hard worker
and one who realizes the awfulness
of the habit I haveS Is there no help
for me The medical fraternity
ought by all means to do something
for tl1 < u ands of them are to blame
for the careless manner in which
they have handled the drug and caus
ed their patients to become victims
No one on earth except my good and
loyal wife knows of my affliction per
sonally and she will tell the druggist
It Is for herself she buys the stuff
In order to shield me God knows 1
want a cure
The lonely jabber has been de
scribed as a typo of morphinism
what now of the snifter In a for
mer article of this series the cocaine
victim has been thoroughly character
ized and he may be passed by with
his bottle of heaven dust and his
blower as a repellnnt incredibly de
based figure of the slums But there
Is another kind of sniffer more un
usual and more athe Inhaler
of ether or chloroform
Insomnia and nervousness form
the starting point for ctherism pro
fessional mon and society women
comprise the majority of its slaves
Here at any rate the malpractice of
doctors cannot bo blamed A casual
whip at the stopper of a bottle In
vokes drowsiness when needed the
experiment Is repeated with deeper
< ntl longer inhalations each time and
a ruinous habit is soon established
Foriurialely this Is a vice that is
rar contracted through Ignorance
bill the loving friends of the dissi
pation make It dangerous enough to
the world
Foreign exchange through matri
mony between American money and
European titles usually ends disas
trously but few of these s
have had a more tragic story than
that of the Due de Chaulnes and Theo
dora Shouts daughter of the ratlroad
man who for a time war in charge of
the Panama canal operations Dc
Chaulnes died suddenly and under
peculiar circumstances within recent
recollection leaving his bride of a
few months with an unborn heir It
has been assorted and the facts bear
out tho report that Dc Chaulnes suf
fered from an overindulgence in the
drug If this is not absolutely true
In this particular case there are oth
ers which could bb verified by sor
rowing American women who have
sold their happiness for titles if their
lips would speak the truth
I To prevent such a fatal outcome
which Is liable to happen when sleep
I comes on with the ether bottle still
at the nostrils the sophisticated prac
tlcers of his habit resort to an exped
ient which physicians easebooks
could their secrets he revealed would
locateln many a fashionable bed
chamber A sponge is suspended over
he head of the bed by an elastic I
cord Moistened with ether it Is
held over the nose and mouth until
sleep approaches Then released It
flies out of reach and the suffcrc
from Insomnia falls into the longed
for stupor
Etheripm develops personal pe
culiarities as marked as those of co
caine Tho shopkeepers and clerks
of he retail district In Chicago are
all familiar with the strange aclioiu
of a woman of high social standing
She has accounts at all of the lead
Inp stores and is an active shopper
Sits will swoop In handsomely gown
fJ order some expensive finery sent
nut lo her home and then lean over
tlv counter and whisper In the em
playos ear Could you bo kind en
ough to lend mo some carfare I find
that I have come away from home
without my purse The loan Is always
forthcoming and Is included In the
bill for her story Is well known She
One of the biggest fur
niture manufacturing
concerns in the United
States says The pro
per thing to use for
cleaning furniture is
clean water If the fur
niture is particularly
dirty add a little Ivory
Soap Rub dry with a
clean cloth
Ivory Soap
994j4 Per Gent Pure
than ether fiend and la under treat
ment and close survcilancc
liS Nice little c2oo plcssan gentle easy
s sofc and sure pills are Rings Little
Liver Pills Pln salvc carbolizcd
soothes pain In any emergency
bruises cuts sores burns scratches
etc Plncsalvc carbollzed Is best
Sold by Ceo F Cave Drug Stores
EI Paso OcL HWith thousands
of flags and counties yards of bunting
fluttering in the breezes while armies
of decorators arc still at work Jaurcz
and El Paso are tonight almost ready
to welcome the presidents of Ameri
cas two greatest republics I
Jaurer IB crowded tonight with
troops the flower of the Mexican I
army arriving just at nightfall
Ignaclo Marlscal secretary of tho I
department of foreign relations of
Mexico arrived in Juarez today by
special train and took general charge
hero A small body of Mexican troops
will accompany President Diaz as a
body guard during his stay In El
Paso and a like number of American
troops Is expected to accompany
President Taft into Mexico
General Albert S Meyer U S A
commanding the department of Texas
and his staff arrived here this morn
Ing The oOOO troops at Fort Sam
Houston and Fort Clarke will arrive
in ten trains Friday and go Into camp
Immediately after his arrival Gen
oral Meyer was In conference with
the local committees and the chief of
the United States secret service It
was decided to make a slight change
in the route of President Diaz as he
comes lo El Paso so as to give the
population a better opportunity to
meet him
The menu for the banquet to bo
given In Juarez to President Taft by
General Diaz has been arranged as
Consomme Regence
Chablis Moutoune 1S9S
Paupiettes do Brocheta la Olga
Chateau Bon Air 1893
TImbales a In Palormltaine
Filets de Boeuff a la Varin
Gorton Clos due Rois 1S93
Chaud Froid do Volallle a In Estragon
Quartlers do Chovruil
Aux Deux Sauces
Champagne Votive Cllquot Brut
Salade Charboniorc
Aspergos Lance Sucdolse
Gateaux Napolilains
The gold and silver plate the china
and cut glass servce lo be used have
arrived from the palace at Chapulto
pec and arc heavily guarded
Manila Oct 1 Representative
Alterson W Rucker of Colorado was
Injured severely when ho was struck
by the boom of a boat ho was sailing
on Lake Lanao in Mindanao It was
learned today when he was brought to
the division hospital hero for an op
eration At the hospital It was said
after the operation had been perform
ed that he was recovering nicely
Cure for Liquor
Give Orrine and Destroy All De
sire Sold Under Guarantee
Orrine is the most successful cure
for the liquor habit that the world has
ever known It Is a home treatment
given without publicity detention
from business or loss of time and Is
absolutely guaranteed If the simple dl
dcctlons on each box are carefully
followed So remarkable have been
the changes wrought for suffering
drinking men by Orrine that leading
ministers charity workers philanthro
pists and druggists everywhere rec
ommend the treatment Thousands of
endorsements have been given for tho
Read this one from the Quaker
Drug Co Seattle Wash
During the past five years we have
sold thousansd of packages of OR
RINE and have never heard It spoken j
of except in highest terms of praise
Wo have dozens of people come to us
and state that ORRINE has cured
them or their husbands or dear ones
from the curse of drunkenness OR
RIXE is one of the few articles on the
market that we can conscientiously
recommend to our customers and we
do so dally feeling that wo have done
what 10 us seems a duty as well as n
Orrine is prepared In two forms
No1 a powder absolutely tasteless
and odorless given secretly In food
or drink Orrine No2 In pill form
Is for those who wish to cure them
selves Orrine costs only 1 a box
In every box is a guarantee which en
titles you to a refund of your money
if Orrine falls to effect a cure Write
for Free Orrine Booklet mailed In
plain sealed envelope to Orrlno Co
Il Orrlne Bluldlng Washington D
C Orrjno Is for sale In this city by
Badcons Pharmacy 2421 Washington
They know Orrine is a reliable and
efficacious remedy for drunkenness
and they will not offer you a subglf
rtjt1 l lItI A
New and complete machinery t
the best work at the most
I rsaconablo
PJr1CP r
I We clean everything and dye ri
We go after the goodR
Wo return them
All you do Ic to phone ua ir
Bell 9S7K NO 344
zNfYfIoo rI
fTI31 iff S ft <
The conservative quiet
conventional suits this Fall
need these new quick waist
coats to put sprightliness into
em There arc plenty of
years coming when you tan
don sober greys The style
now is for color and dash in
vests cravats hats and hand
Modern Clothes
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at 2365
The cause of piles Is Internal
Sluggish circulation In the lower j
Piles cant be thoroughly cured by
outward treatment
An Internal remedy is needed to
euro the cause
Send for our booklet HoW Piles
Can Bo Cured by Internal Medicine
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den Utah wno sells Dr Lconhardts
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antees it to cure
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falo N Y
J E Dooly President
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service and for reasonable Ii
cost you will find this
I store 4
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Medicines to give right
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medicines here and you
get all the advantages of
care in selecting tho drugs i1 i
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ple or plexthat r jl
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lightso will you x
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l Sf
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r C
hiof I
t 1i
c I th
ir o
a i
for tl
IcfK ai
and f
unid r
of he
t w
pa er
cd Vo 1
igs o

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