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nd ye
jn all cOt
tcalBts W
nd a 1 3
oro conp
0 macJJc
every c
to glv
I wor
tvIIl calL
f French D1
Phones 17
Toti IuI
ten J
er today
Ifs Folly to Pay c0
When You Can Buy
earing Apparei 3ft I
Cash Store Prices
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depos tt crlloWIm9 bIIIuIC
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The Mercantiia hu tanmeni Co I
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Ind Phone two rln90 No 50
Bell Phone two rlngo No 60
Ind Phono ono ringNo 50
Bell Phone ono ringNo 50
Ladles of the Presbyterian Church
Iliimmago Sale Thursday Friday and
Saturday Oct H 16 1C nt 2522 Wash
Ave Room donated by courtesy of
Orpheum Management
Plated In County JallE OCalla
han a woII known member of tho
sporting fraternity was arrested and
placed In the county Jail yesterday by
Deputy Sheriff Naylln on complaint
of people on lower Twentyfifth street
who said OCnllahan had been acting
strangely at John F Smiths saloon
OCnllahan will probably bo given a
mental examination before a board of
t Its a good thing for this town that
our men have a chance to wear such
clothes as Hart Schaffner Marx
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bers of the organization arc urged to
attend the meetings
Buy our coal from Ascal Farr Coal
i Co Dealers In all kinds of coal Jnd
In Dell 25C
J Married In Pocatello George Phil
lips a well known resident of Ogden
was married to Miss Alberta Melford
lof Boise at Pocatollo on October U
COAL Rock Springs Castle Gate
and Clear Creek Gillette Coal Co
163 West 27th St Phones 1074
Deposited Cash BondH C Van
Horn arrested several days ago by I
Patrolman nrnmnloil Oil tho charge Of
robbing a Jap on the tabernacle I
grounds was released from the county
Jail jobtcrday after depositing a 00
cash bond for his appearance when
I his caso Is called in the district court
to loan on
i EZMoney Kelly Money
any good real estate Ceo J Kelly
MafAage Licenses
i ai19C
marry were Issued by the county clerk
yesterday to the following
H Baxter and Susie V Johnson both
L = =
Does Good Bread
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good brick building If you need any
room consult John Scowcroft Sons
Died In Hooper Mrs Anna Chris
tina Peterson died at her home in
Hooper yesterday after a long illness
from leakage of the heart Mrs Pet
erson was born In Sweden July 11
1S50 making her 69 years of age She
was the wife of Gustaf D Peterson
and had been a resident of Hooper
for man years Mrs f Peterson is
survived by five daughters five sons
and six grand children
In tho baking of Hess Bread all
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Advertisers must nave their copy for
the Evening Standard the evening be
fore the day on which tho advertise
ment Is to appear in order to Insure
Bannock Camp via Battle Moun
tain Nev Oct 11 Nevada is again
in the limelight Last August a Col
orado prospector Alex Walker who
has visited tho part of tho county
eleven miles southwest of the town of
Battle Mountain for five years past
found a bunch of free gold sticking out
of tho grouud about 800 foot south ot
a location ho had made two years be
fore Flvo feet of work showed a blue
quartz and oxidized porphyry and a
streak two Inches wide being almost
pure metallic gold Ho directed tho
attention of Q S Wilhelm general
manager of the NevadaOmaha Milling
Mining Co whom he mot In Battle
Mountain lo the find with tho result
that a salo was at once made Assays
from all material from tho fivefoot
hole outside the highgrade returned
4500 to tho ton and from the pic
ture rock which Walker picked out
ho got a button that showed a value I
of 130000 to tho ton
Late in September Manager Wil
helm started a shaft on tho find To
day the shaft Is twenty feet deep
and the highgrade streak varies from
two to four Inches in width This is
picked out with a candlo stick and
there is 180000 worth of gold now
ready for shipment The balance of
the ore body nearly five feet wide
with no walls in sight pans values
ranging from 5000 to 25000 to the
ton Tho company has retained a
block 100 by 300 feet and tho balance I
of tho six claims In the group ho
of which were located by Walkor two
years ago last July are being leased
in blocks Fourteen leasers aro now
at work every one has ore that pans
bright strings of yellow stuff and bev
pral of them are sinking shafts on
their Icdges and running tunnels to
crosscut A town han sprung up today
consisting of 150 people and about 35
tents and houses over 150 town lots
have been sold and the mails and
wlros from Battle Mountain kept hot
which calls for building material
Many operators from different parts
of Nevada declare the district will
make Goldflold sit up and lake notice
From C B Trimble and R E Ray
mond who aro In Quincy today from
tho Cromborg section it IB learned
that a fine showing is being made on
tho a8bestos deposit discovered anti
located about two years ago near tho
eastern portal of the Western Pacifics
long Spring Garden tunnel Tho lo
cation which Includes five claims hi
I now owned by C E Trimble of Crom
berg and W M Richards and W J
Clinch of Qulncy
The asbestos formation Is of tho
crossfiber variety the fiber running
eight inches to two feet In thickness
according to the reporL Tho deposit
has been developed by ten open cuts
and 0110 bhaft for a distance of be
tween 100 and 500 feet in all of which
asbestos has been found Samples of
the mineral taken from this claim are
on display at tho Plumas county min
ing bureau and the specimens show
good qnalllj of asbestos with unusual
length of fibera very desirable at
The owners of thn property have al
ready received offers to purchase but
as yet no deal has been made Most
of the asbestos deposits In Canada and
the United States In fact all of any
consequence aro controlled by tho
trust nnd any promising prospect is
usually snapped up by it Nearly all
of tho asbestos used in tho United
States comes from Canada there be
lug only a few deposits of a very In
ferior quality in this country How
ever this discovery in Plumas county
promises to be an exception to the
rule and a verdict on Its commercial
value will be awaited with Interest
It Is stated that a mining man who
claimed to be well Informed on the
subject recently visited tho property
and stated that the showing was far
ahead of any other in tho stntePlu
mas National Bulletin
Nairobi Oct ThCoionol Roosevelt
today sent a cablegram to Command
er Peary at Portland Maine saying
I deeply appreciate your cable and
congratulate you from my heart All
Americans and Indeed all civilized
mankind aro your debtors You per
formed one of the greatest feats of
the age Theodore Roosevelt
The Roosevelt party arrived here
this afternoon from the north of Qua
EO Nylro All are well A reporter
accompanying tho party was tossed
b y a rhinoceros but ho is recovering
Colonel Roosevelt has killed three
more elephants completing the group
intended for the Smithsonian Instltu
lion at Washington Ho han also
killed a bull elephant for tho Ameri
can Museum of Natural History in
Vow York Other game bagged in
cluded a rhinoceros with excellent
horns a buffalo an Hand a zebra an I
ostrich and an oryza
Some of the skins have boon pro
served for tho Washington museum
Kermit Roosevelt killed two ele
phants and an exceptionally large
New York Oct 151hS Edmund
K Stallo mother of Carl Hnnnn a
grandson of tho late United Stato
Senator Marcus A Hanna said to
day that she would begin tho neces
sary legal proceedings to annul the
marriage of her son and Miss Ger
trude Louvitt without delay
Friends of young Hanna said today
that he had declared no one would
over separate him from his wife Mr
and Mrs Hanna arc now In Boston
Both Phones 323
Performance every evening at 815
Wilbur Mack Nella Walker
Bison City Four
Hughes Musical Trio
Hcrr J Rubens Eddie G Ross
Klinodromc Orphcum Orchestra
Prices 1tlnce1S 25 50 cents
II All seats reserved Evening 15
25 50 75 cents
Charles A Smurthwaite Representing the Brewer People Publishes
an Open Letter Which Is Filled With Slanderous Ref
erences to Wm Glasmann
L H i
Charles A Smurlhwalto chairman
of the Democratic City convention I
which nominated Alex v Brewer for
mayor and who therefore must bo I
accepted as tho mouthpiece of his
nominee has Issued an Open Letter
to William Glaflmonn which appear
ed in the Examiner this morning and
Is here reproduced for the purpose ot
disclosing first the character of the
men who are loading thoDemocFatlc
campaign second lhc dosporate I
straits to which they are driven third
ho moral lurpilvfdo of aman like
Charles A SmurlhwaHe wfio the head I
of a llltle family stooptrsp low and
bccoriiPs so vulgar and coarsely Snaln
tinting as to make a woman of the un
derworld the solo topic of his public
utterance coupling her name with
hat of another man also the head of
a family and doing so on nothing but
the low evil promptings of a mind
looped In nasty conceptions and base
creatlops without ono known or sub
stanllaled fact on which to establish
his filthy libel
Tho article taken from this morn
logs Examiner Is us follows
Smurthwaltes Open Letter
In addressing to you what follows
Bill you will no doubt be astonished
to note the entire absence of the I
word liar The reason is obvious
your ropulatlon in tho community Is
so distinctive that It is not necessary I
to so describe any of your statements
Let mo say at the outset Bill that
I am not nn Issuo in this campaign
notwithstanding you are doing your
best to mako out that I am in har
mony with jour favorite pastime of
desperately utlompllnij to establish
the false that tho truo may be over
In thinking over your waterworks
campaign and your failure to got
thorn and some other things try and
pmomber what David Copporfleld
Tdld to Uriah Heepo It may bo profit
able to you to rolled in future that
there never wore greed and cunning In
this world yet that did not do too I
much and overreach themselves It
s as certain as death Exactly as
if describing you Bill
Charles Dickens in Hunted Down
again fairly describes you Bill as if
comparing you to Brewer in the fol
lowing words Dishonesty will stare
honesty out of countenance any day
of the week If thero is anything to bo
gained by Ilfor instance the major
ally of Ogden and the advertising pat
ronage ate etc etc I
And this leads me to say Bill that
It would bo an honor to bo Friday to
Alec Brewer a man of pure personal
lIfo and whoso commercial and public
Ute Is equally blameless But what
may be said of you Bill who are Fri
day to Belle Ogdon Queen by
your grace M t
You know Bill l1HHrJt never owned
II salt farm so could not have offered
ono for sale to the church at anj price
or at all If you will prove that I
did I will glvo you 1000 Say Bill I
icros a chance to gratify jour well
known IOVQ of money My money Is
just as good as Belles Bill I
As to that new church Bill It is not
One Thousand Dollars Deposited in Bank for Proof of Coarse In
sinuations Smurthwaite Lost to All Sense of Decency
Charles A Smurlhwalto Do you
mean to Insinuate that I over received
a dollar from Your Belle Queen of
Ogdon or that I over spent n dollar
directly or Indirectly at her place
Can you show that I ever visited her
place other than on two occasions
when I accompanied preachers on
trips Inspection
Speak out You have my permis
sion to make public any act of mine
in connection with Belle Queen of
Ogden or with that of any other
public woman
Chas Smurthwaite you know that
my moral life Ih clean Why then
do jou Insinuate that 1 have relation
with Boll Queen of Ogden You
squirm and whine because 1 called you
a liar when a few days ago In
tho Democratic convention you na
sal led my character What bettor
word could I have used for such ma
licious false and conlcmpllblo as
saults as you make Have you no
Cranes Friends Claim
He Is the Victim
of Trickery
New York OcL 15 Charles R
Crane who was appointed minister to
China and who was recalled just OH
he was about to anil for his post de
clined today to reveal what his friends
declare are tho real reasons for his
retirement Ono of these friends
however Waller 1 Fisher ot Chi
I cago intimated that the iucidonl waD
far from closed and that revelations
which would bo made in du t1U1
likely that Divine Providence or any
other providence will set yOU aside lo
start a new church but I rather fancy
Satan might If ho could trust you
but he couldnt as you well know But
if jou felt sure you could sot ono up
yourself thorp Is no doubt you would
do It Bill and any old seer could fore
shadow what your commandments
would ho Chief among them wquUlhp
this Thou shalt have no othoirgo3s
before Bill him only shalt thou nerve
whether In heaven above or In the
earth beneath or in the water under
tile earth thou shalt not take tho
name of Bill In vain for Bill will not i
hold theo guiltless If thou taketh his
name in vain thou shalt bear falso
witness against thy neighbor If there
by thou canst help BIIII arrang
ing your Sacred services you would
command that tho Doxology to bo
sung at tho opening and closing of ail I
services called by tho profane Repub
lican primaries conventions and poli I
tical meetings shall bo
Praise Bill from whom all blessings
now to Bill
Praise him ye creatures down below
In tho alley
Praise him above ye gambling
hc tH
Praise Bill Praise Bill Praise our
And they are doing It already in an
ticipation Oh what a power their
praise anti prayers would have It
tho promise was the prayers of the
wicked availcth much
You know Blfl that I did not testi
fy against any man at Washington
but that in answer to tho command
of tho United States government I
related under oath on incident In
my life It Is printed In full and com
pletely refutes your my Bill I was
almost tempted to use nn ugly epithet
but it isnt necessary You under
stand Bill dont you
But really Bill you know that all
these things are immaterial to tho is
sues In this campaign You know I
what the real and only issuo Is Bill I
I gave It to you Saturday night It
in this Will you govern Ogden if I
elected mayor like you did before I
That Is nil thorp is to It I challenged
you to answer that categorically but I
you entirely ignore it Why Dill
As to the 50000 you so kindly offer
for proof of the charges I made in my
speech at tho Democratic convention I
J suggest to you Bill a more effective
and economical way and the cheap
ness of It while not as cheap as
yours ought to commend Itself to
you that Is Invoke the courts which
are the only compotont anti proper
tribunals to pass upon the proofs to
find my Saturdays speech libelous
Say Bill Dickens In his Pickwick
Papers says If your destiny leads
you into public life and public sta
tion you must expect to bo subject
ed to temptations which other poo
pie are free from So we must after
all Bill b < > charitable toward you
Wo know you succumbed before but
we must really take into considera
tion your extra temptations But that
la not saying Bill that we should
tempt you again does it
Ogden Utah October llth 1909
P SPardon my forgetfulness Bill
but I almost overlooked that llltlo
matter of being mayor if Brewer is
elected Bo It so If you will Bill
But who will be mayor If you are
elected Belle Bill
respect for your own family oven If
you have none for mine
I have deposited 1000 at the First
National Bank to be paid to you on
presentation of the proof that I over
had any discreditable or any other ro
tations of any kind with Belle Loudon
or with anybody representing her
Now if you still object to being called
a base liar present your proof and re
ceive 1000
I leave for Plain City this morning
and will give your salt farm uiy at
tention tomorrow
October 15 lOOP
Received from William Giasmann
tho sum of 1000 to be paid lo Chas
Smurthwalte on receipt of tho legal
proof that William Giasmann ever In
all his life had any dishonorable re
latIon with the woman referred to in
Suit rthwal tos attack on Glasmaun
First National Bank Ogden
would show Mr Crane to have been
the victim of a political Intrigue
While Mr Cranes official relations
arc definitely ended said Mr Fish
er there are many things connected
with this matter of such a character
and appearance that tho AmerIcan
people must continue to be deeply
concerned In them Mr Crane has
preferred not to go Into thorn now be
cause of the possibility that a public I
dlpcusslon at this time might be harm
ful to tho public interest So far as
ho personal indignity and official em
barrassment that has occurred which
has boon duo to the publicity the re i
sponslbllltv Is on tho department of
state and not on Mr Crane He did
not even Intrust his telegram to tho
ordinary circles but took It to the
presidents private secretarY to bo
sent in cipher Not until Secretary
Knox gave out his astounding state
j ment to the press did Crane make any
public statement and oven then ho
I purposely omitted many important and
significant matters because It might
Injuriously affect public interests to
mention thorn now
In the Ions ride ncross the con
tinent to Washington Mr Crane did
not mention the reason for his re
I call He could not as ho did not
I know that the offending newspaper ar
llclo had been published and did not V
HPC It until tho day after ho cached I
Washington It Is deeply significant
that none of the scores of newspaper
men whom ho mot on his journoy men
tioned this article or m rjinnrds
concerning an American protest to Ja
The Importance of the article may I
be judged from lie fact that it was
not suspected of being the cause until
the tip was given In Washington and
not from Mr Crane
It is duo to Mr Crano also to note
that In carrying out the presidents
wishes that he should do some vig
orous public speaking and In the ab
sence of instructions in the state de
partment Crane carefully confined
himself to lInen laid down by Mr Taft
himself In tho famous Shanghai speech
ringing with vigorous Americanism
and so definitely friendly to the Chi I
nese that It ended all talk of the dis
memberment of China
When hp let them have It hot Mr
Crano talked only of tho common In
terests of America and China and ho
received no criticism from the state
Those who are so concerned about
whether he was proJapanese or anti
Japanese seem unable to understand a
man who has been first last and all
the lime nimplj proAmprlcan and
as the Amoilcan minister to China
also proChinese his only thought In
connoction with tho offending news
paper article was that If the Ameri
can government should decide that
its Interest In tho open door demand
ed a protest tho American press
should then bo prepared to discuss it
intelligently and effectively
The possibility of a protest was
so much a matter of common knowl
edge that the offending article in
which it was mentioned attracted no
particular attention It was not until
after its connection with Mr Cranes I I
recall leaked out in Washington that
the Japanese embassy sent to the I
newspaper offices for a copy of tho
The effort to Involve Mr Millard
as the real cause of Mr Cranes re
call is equally unfounded Mr Mil
lard had a commission to write some
magazine articles on the Far East and I
asked if there was any objection to
his traveling on the same ship with
Mr Crane who consented with the ap I
proval of the president with whom
Millard had once traveled
It will be recalled that Mr Miljmd
also addressed that celebrated Shang
hai meeting and that Mr Taft then
publicly spoko of him as one who hah
written much and well on the Far
East and has given close attention to
tho statistics of the trade between Chi
na and tho various countries of thb
The fact that because Mr Millard
Is vigorously proChinese ho is put
down as antiJapanese may throw
some light on the present situation
But time entire mailer can be under
stood and discussed more Intelligent
ly and safely as tho facts become
public property in tho future
New York Oct 15 Charles R
Crane whose resignation as United
Stales minister to China was ac
cepted has arrived here with his In
Umalo friend and adviser Walter L
Fisher of Chicago and today they ex
pect to meet Mr Cranes father Rich
ard T Crane who left Chicago yester
day Following the conference It Is
probable that a statement will be is
sued The elder Mr Crane has taken
a lively Interest In the forced resig
nation of his son having declared
that ho was the victim of a plot
Although the deposed diplomat in
sisted on his arrival here that the In
cident was closed at least tomi > orarl
lj Mr Fisher declared that Mi
Cranes friends hold strongly to the
contrary and Intimated that futuvo
events might throw Interesting infor
mation upon what thoy have sought
to stamp as a political Intrigue
Mr Crone said that ho knew abao
luloly nothing of tho Chicago Inter
views which was made the basis of
Mr Knoxs action until he reached
Washington Until then no ono had
mentioned thai matter to him
Mr Fisher said that Mr Crane nev
er had In all his public statements
since his appointment gone outside
of tlio limits sel by President Taft in
kin speech at Shanghai in 1907
The contention that Mr Crano had
engaged a newspaper man as a press
agent was a downright falsehood
said Mr Fisher In tho presence of
Mr Crane This newspaper man
was bound for the Orient for the pur
pose of writing magazine articles and
asked Mr Crane If it would embar
rass him if he wont to China on the
steamer with him That man sailed
for China on the ship Mr Crane In
tended to take and on board of it is
Ambassador OBrien bound for To
klo and I assume that Mr OBiien will
not be accused of having a press
Washington OcL 15Thc Universi
ty of Copenhagen was today requested
by tho National Geographic society to
renounce its first claim to an exam
Ination of Dr Cooks observations
nindp during his search for the pole
Tho mcspago signed by Willis T
Moore president of the National Ge
ographic society said
National Geographic society re
quests waiver jour first claim to Cook
observalions of latitude and longi
tude American scientists Impatient
at delay and feel that this Is a mat
ter that should be settled in America
A message was also sent to Com
mander Peary at Eagle Harbor Me
Board of National Geographic soci
ety wishes to act upon your oxpedl
loin at regular meeting next Wednes
day Canyon not immediately for
ward us sufficient records to justify
action then
Portland Ore Oct 11 Informa
tion of felony against C C Vaughn
a real estate dealer now serving a
four months sentence In the county
jail horn for assault with a clangorous
weapon was filed jestonlay in the
municipal court today by District At
torney Camoron charging Vaughn
with ttllempllni to Injure by poisoning
Mrs Lola G Baldwin of the womans S
auxiliary of the Portland police do
parlmcnl The information charges
Vaughn with sending through tho
malls a quantity of tea containing sufficient
ficient strychnine to kill Vaughn will
I he arrested before his present term
expires Tho lea was received by Mrs
Baldwin in a package mailed at Scat
I He ten days ago
Prominent Mining Man
Had Correspondence
With Barrill
Hartford Ark Oct liiJamolt A
Bolcn a coal mining operator well
known in the southwest and who say s
ho has hunted with the companion
who made the Mount McKinley Klu
with Dr Frederick A Cook In or11
lied with declaring here today Jh if
he did not believe Edward Barrlll 1ml
signed the Mount McKinley affidavit
credited to him In the story sent out
from NPW York yesterday
Mr Bolpn Is president of the Boleu
Darnell Coal company of McAlostcr
Okln and was In Hartford today on
business Ho formerly lived In Run
BaG City When Dr Cook lectured at
Kansas cit on October 7 Mr Bolen
met and talked with tho explorer Mr
Bolon was credited with having dur
ing that Interview told Dr Cook a
Rt ory of the Mount McKinley trip of
exploration that had been related to
MI by Dr Cooks guides Barrlll and
01 Prince To a representative
It tho ABSoclalcd Press here today
Mr Bolen declared he did not boliovo
Harrlll had signed tho affidavit cred
ited to him Mr Bolen agreed to fur
nish a statement of the story he had
told Dr Cook at Kansas City and as
related to him by tho explorers
guides I
Mr Bolen said to the Associated
I hao on file at my office either
in Kansas City or McAIester Okln
correspondence with Banill and Fred
Prince Cooks guIdes In his two as
cents of Mount McKinley Until I
Sec the pictures which Cook has of
these two gulden and can verify IhQlr
signatures I will not believe that Bar
rlll signed that affidavit denying
that they reached the summit
Until I examine that correspond
enco I can talk from memory I as
sociated with Prince and Barrlll In
1905 and corresponded afterwards
My recollection is that these letters
told of the attempt to scale Mount Mc
Kinley in 1901 which failed two thou
sand feet from the summit The let
ters describe the successful ascent In
1006 and state positively that they did
reach tho summit and that Barrill
claimed to have reached the summit
a few feet ahead of Cook
Fred Prince was an attache of the
federal survey party that surveyed
the line between Montana and Idaho
and recommended by officials of this
party to Cook as a guide
Chief of Police Browning will speak
to the parents of the Fourth Ward
Sunday morning October 17th next
under the auspices of the Sunday
His subject will be along the line
of his former talks The public gen
erally is invited v i
Fall River Mass Oct 15 Wilfrid
Thlbcault and Professor Frank Hill V
who were examined hero yesterday
in connection with the Tlberton R
I tragedy were formally charged
with the murder of Amelia St Jeane
of Woonsocket R 1 in police court
here today Both pleaded not guilty
Tho caso was continued for ten days
The men wore committed to the Fall
River Jail without ball
Thibeault Is 2S years of age and has
a wife and two children For the last
eighteen months he has worked as
chauffeur for a local attorney Prev
ious to that he was employed for
about two years in the office or a phy
sician here
Hill Is 41 years of age and has a
I wife and one child He has maintain
ed offices as an herb doctor hero
I for some time
The main evidence on which tho
men are held according to tho po
lice is comprised In admissions said
to have been made by both that they
wore acquainted with the Stl Jeano
girl and that she had taken them In
to her confidcnco on subjects person
al to herself
New York Oct 158ince Howard
F Conger son of Colonel J W Con
ger ono of the wealthiest residents
of Cleveland boarded a Metropolitan
hue steamer nt Boston last Monday
night nothing has boon seen of him
When the steamer reached hero Tues
day ho dill not leave the boat and
when the door of his stateroom was
unlocked his suit caRe was found in
side but tho berth had not been occu
pied Mr Congers family In Clcvc
land were notified and the police of
New York and Boston were ask dto
holp find the missing man Mr Qon
ser was 31 years old and unmarried
Ho was engaged In tho automobile
supply business here
Washington Oct Discoveries of
precious stones and gold in Liberia
have beou reported to the state de
partment by George W Kills United
States charge daffaires at Monrovia
capitol of tho Siberian republic Ac
cording to Mr Ellis one company has
already begun to mine gold deposits
and he believes that American capi
tal might bo profitably invested in tho
interior of Liberia
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