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I r 1
The Successful r
Fooiba PI3yexa
ADLi y k i
esl I I Studies Every
Phase of the
ns k Game I
tkeL I
d i
ItllI I
t h el i
ling I
Our Success in business is
in il due to the same cause We
j have studied every angle of
the Clothes Game from the
j Quality of the Cloth to the Fit
I of the Garment
rt That accounts for Our ex
Li ceptional line of Mens and
tie 1
Young Mens Suits and Over
f emits at these prices
on R
129 15 and
j 18
J > W
v I tR
< o
tly 1f 2345 WASH AVE
THREE good rooms 800 263 21st
10 26 Iwk
MODERN housekeeping rooms 2663
Grant Ave 10 26 Imo
a s I
onds 1 ix Ind Phone two rIng No B t
t1lghlI Bell Phone two rings No 66
010 l Ind Phone one ringNo 60
r 15Ott Boll Phone ono ringNo 59
nIH t
I I I Buy your Approved garments at
t Ihc Utah Knitting Co They mako
them Sale now on 302 25th St
Granted Divcttcc Pearl Sachctt
11 Jam
I tas given an Interlocutory divorce
faiCfiit dfHree yesterday separating her from
a < > r husband Earl SacketL She was
1 leo granted tho custody of their
c iTr child Earl Sackett deserted his wlfo
rs J shortly after they were married and
she has had no trace of him since
has t2 Forfeited IICbarles Wilson and
Id e b i J E Mosaic forfeited their hall i
15 Ji amounting to 600 and 300 respect
int abDdlf Ihely by falling to appear In the dis I
I j trict court yesterday I
Id tbIs i it
salleb GZMoney Keijv money to loan on
e thenp l any good real eotate Goo J Kelly
ayor4 I Default Entered Default was en
Councn U terod in the case of the Ogden Sav
u dlLcrR ings bank vs Peter Anderson The
fact aU WiJi bank Is suing Anderson for 025
3UOD 1rt1 which was loaned him on a note
am1l11if3 6 Call Allen phones 22 for carriages
It i Private calls
for funerals and operas
all lItlffi Also prompt delivery of
a specialty
dett Ii I
baggage 412 25th
lOnslbl 111
hl hatH E A Ludwick In From Nevada
nrstar1h E A Iudwlck of Tuscarora Nevada
the pb arrived In Ogden yesterday WhIle
refore rtc In this city he will attend to somo
his hold
or ten I mining business relative to
lzens kl i i lags III Nevada IIo is the guest ot
h eUD Mr W H Staker of the Reed Hotel
ecoids pti J Barber shop
part51 Buy your coal from Aseal Farr Coal
JkB and a Co Dealers In all kinds of coal Ind
e f
Itlcd d I 141 Boll 266
the IS
to be ti Inspecting Rolling StockSupt E
0 to 4 ocd C MaiiBon Supt Jones and Sept Da
1d thalLMi vis arc in Ogden Inspecting the yards
the foloS and rolling stock
tit this ca COALRock Springs Castlo Gala
I Cull 3UtJ1 and Clear Creek Gillette Coal Co
hbolJlis 152 WeEt 27th St Phones 1074
l Oakland
f t W A Whitney Leaves for
lJ aI Superintendent W A Whitney ot
scp ScU i the Utah Division of the Union Pa
HY r in Pol r cine Railroad was given a beautiful
B f diamond by the under officials of his
t k division last night Mr Whitney
cn a t5 Jj 1 1 leaves the service of the Union Pa
ac cc cs iJ J cific to assume the euperlntondoncy
5p ect to of the Southern Pacific at the Oak
n t h1sf land Mole Mr Whitney will leave
ooCgclU1 i
le en JLt J
115 cotU 1Il f j
tbocb1r for 41 JL5
1e r ccp i
jii Hi ATII f M
fit t
etsas ape
J thetr gu
n1arri 1 The Difference
childrenj 1 In your baking when you try Pcorys
to always
to 111Cresccnt Flour and decldo
Fe use of I have such results as tho trial proves
the th i you can obtain
epaf The best of wheat mlllod In tho
f he rOfi t 1 best of ways Is bound to produce the
I r
carf1es Ira l beet Hour for making Good
l ordering
i Mako your Broad Good by
ED om your trcxcr today
He Poses as a Martyr and Appoints a Committee Himself a Majority of
Which Is Against Glasmann to Investigate His Own Actions
Republican Chairman Will Appoint Another Committee
to Report Monday Night
At a meeting of the city council
last evening a communication from
Mayor Brewer was presented in which
he asked that a committee of ten be
appointed to discover whether ho and
his associates had been honest in the
waterworks business and then the
mayor proceeded to name the commit
This looks very much ns though the I
mayor is posing as somewhat of a
martyr No one has availed tho hon I
esty of the mayor and his assoclnte
except to point out that tho water
works report Issued by the comiuittic
was misleading and false Whatever
of insinuation has been directed at
tho mayor and his inner circle has
been nothing more than a turning of
tho innuendoes put out by them be
ginning with the one that Charley
Smurthwaite as chairman of the
Democratic city convention directed
at Win Glasmaun
The mayor Is assuming too much
the air of Injured innocence and > s
Injecting too much politics In his mes
sage to the council No ono has at
tacked the Republican councilmen
and the mayor Is entirely too heroic
in vouchsafing protection lo those be
rand his Immediate political group
He Is playing as strenuous a part as
did Don Quixote when to prove his
chivalry that knight of old wont out
to fight Imaginary foes and was
knocked down by tho vane of a wind
The mayor Is beside himself with
gallantry He would do well to care
for himself tho Republicans can take
cure of thomsolveB
It Is evident that Chairman Kelly
thinks tho Brewer people arc playing
a little sharp practice us he makes
tho following statement
Statement by Geo J Kelly
Geo t Kelly chairman of the Re
publican central committee said
If Mayor Brewer wants to be fair
In this matter be should favor a joint
committee onehalf to be appointed
by each side to tho controversy and
unless that is agreed to the Repub
lican central committee must appoint
another committteo of Its own In or
Continued from Page One
by M Kokovsoff and the Russian and
Japanese officials
The Russlan ambassador to Peking
Is accompanying the body to Kwan
cluing Tsu All along the railroad
line honors arc being shown to the
dead statesman
Minister Kokovsoff has telegraphed
his condolence to the Japanese gov
Toklo Oct 25News has been re
ceived hero that Prlnco Ito the fa
mous Japanese statesman has been
assassinated by a Korean at Harbin
The fateful news was received at
Toklo at 3 oclock this afternoon The
dispatch contained only the brief an
nouncement that Prlnco Ito had been
assassinated It has caused great
grief consternation
Prlnco IllrobumI was perhaps tho
for Oakland some time this week and
will take up his duties at Oakland on
November 1
In the baking of hess Bread all
band work IB eliminated
Returns From Idaho Chief Forest
er Clyde Loavltt of tho Ogden JIs
Irlct returned from an extended trip
to tho forests of Idaho yesterday Ho
reports conditions In tho Idaho sec
tion of the country ot be excellent
Mr lyoavltt han been away from Og
den a couplo of weeks and during
that time he visited headquarters of
every forest In the Gem state
Another Lucky StrlkeTbo Coal
from 100 up 2001 poundo In each
ton Shurtllff Co Phonos 18
Only the Score Marred Trip Tho
defeated University of Utah football
team passed through Ogdon last
night on their way to Salt Lake Tho
boys said that they were treated fine
while on their trip and nothing hap
pened which tended to marr Itonly
the score
Coal call up Parker Co for
rates on lump nut and slack
Union Meeting The Union meeting
of tho North Weber Stako Sunday
schools was hold at the Third ward
meeting house Sunday October 21
The meeting was well attended and
was considered to be very success
ful Superintendent Walter N Farr
conducted It
For Sale Real Ectatc Wo always
have a farm to soil HUNTER < 5
John Robinson Burled John Rob
inson tho colored porter of tho S P
who died at the hospital Friday after
nn operation for appendicitis was
burled yesterday afternoon In tho Og
den city cemetery Brief funoru
services wore held at Rlchcys fu
urral chapel Robinsons relatives
live In Alabama
COAL Call up Parker Co for
rat a on lump nut and alack Parker
Coal Co
Visiting In Ogden W L3 Jacobson
and R A Margetts of Salt Lake I
stopped off In Ogden yesterday on
their way home from Battle Mountain
Nevada where they have been pros r
pectlug They brought with them oror
which was taken from ono of tholr
claims which assajed 250 per ton I
Mr Jacobson will remain In Ogden
for a fow days as the guest of his
Bister Mrs S B Good
STORAGE at reasonaoio rates In
brick building If you need any I
good room Company consult John Scowcroft C Sons 11
del to get a square deal
Think of a man going up In couit I
before Judge Howell to be tried for a I
serious charge and then naming hla I
own jury That Is what Browcr did
In appointing his cotnmltltcti 1 he
committee may bo composed of tho
best men in the world but a < tho
same time American justice does nut
permit any accused iieifion lo name
Ills own jury
The Republican candidates will
present their sldo of this mailer Mon
day night at tile Weber Stake acad
emy Signed
GEO J KELLY Chak man
William Glasmanns Statement
William Glasmann when asked
about the commltttec named said
They are ten good substantial I
business men of Ogden men of high
standing but a majority of them are
known to bo unfriendly to me yet
they should be able to state If tho wa
ter report made by Mayor Brewer and
his water committee Is true or wheth
er the report and books of the city
auditor are correct Brewerss water
committee report shows a balance of
9S94 31 cash on hand while the au
ditors books show that warrants have
been drawn against tho water fund
so that there Is an overdraft on tho
water fund of 230 CC Both cannot I
be right
I regret that Mayor Brower saw
fit to appoint the whole committee
himself Eell If the men selected
stand high in the business world yet
the fact that he selected tho ten men
himself among them known enemies
of mine carries with It tho idea that
at least a majority of the ten men
are unfriendly to the Republican can
didate and are actually In favor of
flickers candidacy for mayor
In the next place the committee I
Mayor Brewer appointed was not ap I
pointed to state whether or not the I
water report was untrue and mislead I
ing which Is the direct charge I
I have made no charges of dlobon
csty against any city oflK al or even I
of false entries In the books at the
city hall In fact I claimed the audi
tors hooks aro correct
I did say and continue to stale I
that the waterworks report Issued by
greatest statesman of New Japan I
The achievement which his namo was
chiclly associated with In tho minds
of Occidentals was the framing of tho
Impdrlal constitution by virtue of
which Japan took her place for the
first time In the rauk of modern civil
ized states
As the emperors trusted advisor
and the medium through which tho
state was placed on a constitutional
base he must be regarded as ono of
tho positive factors which have
helped to win for Japan her present
standing among the nations
Prince Ito was GR years old In
1863 he made his celobiated pilgrim
age to England at a time when It
was against the law ot his country 1
to so abroad and tho penalty for tho
jngrlngemeul was death Neverthe
less inspired by a patriotic feeling
and a desire to learn tho secret of
Ocldental supremacy he undertook
tho trip which proved so beneficial
lo his country later on
Prince Ito who was president of
the privy council of Japan left Toklo
Oct 16 for a tour of Manchuria Ho
was to havc arrived at Harbin today
Tuesday where he was to havo
mot M KokvsofT Russian minister
finance The conference it was said
was at the behest of Japan and Rus
sia Foreign diplomats had attached
great Importance to although thu
exact motives impelling Japan to pro
pose the conference were not known
The subjects to bo discussed wore
hot stated In the Japanese overtures
and M Kokvsoff It was said had
I barred political questions He said
that he was competent to discuss only
financial and technical subjects
In some quarters It was believed
the tour of Prince Ito was to have
been planned that It had as a basis
an attempt to forestall the protests
of the powers against Russias domi
nation of the Manchurian railroad
zono under her agreement with China
by effecting a complete understanding
bolwcon Japan and China It has
rD aiy
Is necessary
To keep body and brain
In perfect condition
Proper food deep breath I
ing Jind exercise arc requir
ed and must be taken with
The scientific food
makes Uns rebuilding pro
cess simple and easy
It contains the vital
phosphates and other food
essentials for certainly re
newing wornout tissues in
Nerves and Brain
Theres a Reason
Read the famous little
book The Road to Well
vile n in every third p < g
Po tum Ccroal Co Ltd
l Battle Creek Mich
the water committee Is a false and
I misleading report of what the records
show at the city hull
Tho committee appointed can do
nothing but make the lopoit In m
favor if they consider tho said report
and make a comparison with the
Committee Did Not Meet
The mayors waterworks Investiga
tion commltttcc Is not In session to
day and there Is a likelihood that It
will never take up the work mapped
out for It
Tho selected chairman Angus
Wright Is out of the city and will not
bo hero until late this evening so ho
cannot If he would call the commit
tea together earlier than tomorrow
The other members ot the committee
seem to be not much concerned in the
matter and It Is quite possible that
when they aro called together If at
all thc > will refuse to mix up In the
bitterness of the campaign
Business actlH on Twont > fourth
street continues each day hymn
Bclnap has completed his brick build
ing for office purposes In his lumber
business and he has moved Into H
The Kiesel building on the corner
of Lincoln avenue and Twcnlj fointh
street which Is being constructed for
the use of the national forest service
Is approaching completion and it Is
thought that b > January 1st the for
est department of this district will be
established there The building Is
costing upwards of 75000 and will bo
among tho finest buildings to bo used
by foresters In the United States
N J Thomas nays his business
block on the corner of Twenl fourth
street and Grant avenue likely will
be finished within the next CO days
It Is a line building remodeled from
the old structure and will cost In thc
I neighborhood of 10000 The front
age of the building on Twentyfourth
street and also on Grant avenue will
I be of plate glass and the second story
will be constructed of pressed brick
I The ground floor will be used for bus
Iness purposes arid the second floor
I will be utilized as J lodging apartments
been stated that China had sent sev
eral high officials to Harbin to con
fer with Prince Ito
Prince Ito passed Saturday and
Sunday at Mukden where ho had con
ferences with Hsi Liang the viceroy
Prince Ito visited tho United States
In 1870 ae a commissioner to investi
gate the financial and banking sys
tems On his return to Japan he was
appointed vice minister of public
works In 1880 he made a treaty
with LI Hung Chung on the Korean
question and c u luded the treaty
which formed the basis of Japans
justification for her war with China
In 1S94 Later ho made a treaty
with China and at the close of the
war was made a marquis
After tho RussoJap was ho was
resident general in Korea In which
character he urged the Korean situ
New Institution Will Be Entirely Free
From tho Japanese Banks on
The Coast
Receiver W D Brown of the Jap
aneseAcrlcan bank has practically
finished the auditing of the banks
accounts and will be ready to make a
report to the court within the next
few da > s He will not give out Infor
mation however regarding what the
report will be It has been rather dif
ficult to get at tho real condition of
tho bank because ot the fact that all
tho writing on the books Ig in the
Japanese language and Mr Brown ll s
had to depend upon the Japanese
employes of the Institution to Inter
pret the meaning of the entries
The former cashier of the hank
Snburo Icblmura made the statement
Ibis morning that he and other Jap
I anese people of the city are inter
eslhiE themselves in tho formation of
a new and Independent Japanese
Amorlcan bank and that the pros
pects for success are fluttering He
says tho now banking concern will
be Incorporated with 50000 capital
and that It will be absolutely Inde
I pendent of any other bank of Iho Kind
In tho United Status
It lg anticipated that most of the
stock of the proposed company will
be taken up by Japanese business
men but an opportunity will be ex
tended Amcilcun capitalists to Iden
tify themselves with tho business
Mr Ichiroura slates that he has
had this in dew for some time past
and that ho was on his way to San
Franclpco lo Interest capital in the
new enterprise when he rocoivcd a
telegram telling him of the sclmc of
the bank hero by th state bank ex
aminer Tho original idea was to pur
I cba = e the Interests of the Ogden bank
from the parent Institution In San
Francisco and sever Its relationship
entirely from tho California concern
I Mr Ichlmura together with other
Japanese financiers of Ogden are of
tho opinion that there is room in tho
city for a TapancseAmeilcan banking
I house and that the Investment of
money In such business would be re
muneratho They argue that Ogden
I is really the most Important point
5 for such business In the United
bottled sunshine and
4 v ersp mOllln ajjn air i
fI I
The clear crisp mountain air and the
I high altitude sunshine which produce the grains
LL from Whieh BECKERS BEER is made arercspon
siblc for its richness and its health giving properties
ffr I 1
I and it is true that Becker more thai1 lL
other beers will give to the blood and the wenkC
ened body the same kind of strength and the glow of
health which this crisp clear air and this welcome
sunshine gives when inhaled deeply into 1hcl lungs
414 This is a good lime to fortify your body
Y for the cold of winter Y
i I r Jt f
I < Y t I
I if t 6 f y
I ii i nu 1 I
I 4
OJr fi
Slates It is the distributing point
for most of lie Japanese laboring men
of tho country most of tho Japs be
Ing employed In the intermountain
region and more Japanese money
would be handled from Ogden than
from any other point In the United
Register this Tuesday evening
Call up Republican headquarters
if you do not know where to reg
ister Call 421 Independent
phone or 408 Bell phone
8Rlfi lAM
Line to Huntsvlllc Through the Can
yon Is Alco to Be Constructed
by Same Company
By spring thc Ogden Rapid Transit
companys line will certainly reach
Brigham City
The abovo Is the statement made
by Judge Henry II Rolapp to a rep
resentative of this paper In answer
to a query as to the extension of the
Ogdon lino to tho Box Elder county
metropolIs He stated that the work
upon this extension would be rushed
during the winter months beginning
as soon as Engineer Joseph West ar
rived in Ogden from Baker City Ore
where he has been In charge of the
Sumpter Valley railroad running
southwest from that city and owned
by Ogden capitalists
Upon Engineer Wests arrival In
Ogden surveyors will be put to work I
upon the Brigham City extension as
well as the continuation of the Ogden I
canyon line to Huntsville and Ogden
valley This latter line will be rushed
during the cold months of the year
while lie river Is low as all tho
bridge and concrete work can then he
done without any Interference In the
early spring the line will be opened I
to the Idlewlld resort
From the Idlowlld resort the route
will probably go to Huntsvlllo on tho I
south side of the canyon Unless a
more feasible route can be found tbo
company will bildgo a corner of tho
reservoir of the Utah Light 6 Railway
company cast of the Oaks The line
will then follow on the hillside to a
point southwest of Huntsville whore
A fine example of a recovery in a
case of kidney Itemise that was sup
posed to bo incurable Is reported from
Sacramento Mr I T Gibson of 5UI
Ninth street Sacramento was in Oc
t hor last In a local hospital lu the
Capital City swollen with dropsy that
ollou attends ho serious and supposed
Incurable forms As is usual in these
cases the hospital treatment got no I
results when he was advised to try
Fultous Renal Compound by a friend I
Charles A Newton the yardmaster
of the S P It R Co at Sacramento
who had himself been cured by the
tieat clout Dropcy began to subside
and tho renal inflammation gradually
abated and Gibson Is now buck to his
employment with the S P R R Co i
aflei recovering from a disease that Is
rated as Incurable the world over I
In a letter he has just written ho
states I believe It has saved my life
It Is the greatest remedy for kidney
dseaso on earth
No matter whether called kidney
trouble Nephritis or Brlghts Dis
ease the real difficulty Is INFLAM
Renal Compound IR the first emollient
for inflamed Mtlneyn that tho world
has ever seen Send fort literature
San Francisco Cal
Are our solo loral agent Ask for
bimonthly Bulletin of late recoveries
= 1
W w ltL y
4fh The Man Whose Services
r i Are Worth Having L 1
c Is not compelled to go from
door to door but can remain
In his office and those who hap need of his services will como to
him If you suspect any difficult with TOUT eyesight call up 102 I
Ind and make an appolntmcut for examination
I T nf
J T RilSHMER Manufacturing Optician
1S i XHJS > inilVJljei4 2464 Washington Ave
2 = 5i
It will cross the rl < again to Hunts
ville It la the desire of David Eccles
tho president of the company to se
cure a grade such as will be suitable
for tue handling of freight and sugar
heels from Ogden valley
The continuation of the Ogden Rap
id Transit companys line from Ogdeu
valley over the Cache valley divide
and connecting will tho Logan Rapid
Transit companys line south of the
Logan sugar factory is a matter of
speculation and will probably receive
no consideration at present from the
owners of the road
Tnc Brigham City line has been
long contemplated by tho Ogden I
street car officials and ono or two sur
veys of the proposed line have been
made at different times and It Is
thought that from these surveys tho
most feasible route will be selected
No One in Ogden Who Has a Bad
Back Can Ignore This Double
Docs your back over ache
Have you suspected your kidneys
Backache is kidney ache
With it conies dizzy spells
Sleepless nights tired ruB days
Distressing urinary disorders
Cure the kidneys io cure it all
Doans Kidney Pills bring quick re
Bring thorough lasting cures
You have read Ogden proof
Read now the Ogden sequel
Renewed testimony tested by time
Mrs Sine Larsen 573 27th SL Og
den Utah says My experience
with Doans Kidney Plllo proved them
to be a remedy of great value I pro
cured my supply from Badcons Phar
macy and less than the contents of
one box convinced me of their cura
tive powers I personally know ser
oral other people who have used
Deans Kidney Pills with good results
I gladly recommend this remedy to all
persons in need of a kidney cure
From statement given July 25 19061 I
Mrs Larson was Interviewed on
July 29 1009 and said You may
continuo to publish my former en
dorsement of Doans Kidney Pills I
still hold this remedy hi high esteem
For sale by all dealers Price 60
cents FosterMllburu Co Buffalo
New York sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doaus and
take no other
Tho preliminary bearing of Alexan
the Mun
net Waters was held before
icipal court this morning and the man
was bouqd over to await the action
of the district court Fred IA Bur
this the romplainlug witness who
has been held under a bond of 300
was released Iris testimony having
been given under oath at lie hearing
Walor bond was fixed at 500
Tho complaint against Waters re
lated that on tho night of October IG
at the Assembly saloon Waters as
saulted Fred La Burtlss with a knife
and attempted to kill him it will be
remembered that La Burtla was bad
ly out up and at one lime It ivan
feared he would die of the Injuries
The assault was brought about
through an alltcrcatlon with words
that the men enlerod into upon the
occasion designated
Txcgislcr this Tuesday evening
Call up Republican headquarters
if you do not know where to reg
ister Call 421 Independent
phone or 408 Bell phone I
Special meeting Tuonday night at
tho K C ball at Sclock BiiHlnesfi of
Importance VlcePrcs R McJutyro
in the chair
R A IRVINE Secretary =
Ctre for liquor
Give Orrine and Destroy All De
sire Sold Under Guarantee
Orrine is tho most successful cim
for the liquor habit that the world ha
ever kuown It Is a home treatmesii
given without publicity detent on
from business or loss of time and is
absolutely guaranteed If the simple dl
Elections on each box are careful
followed So remarkable have berru
the changes wrought for suffering
drinking men bv Orrino that leading
ministers charity workers philanthro
pists and druggists cvuywhere rec
ominend tho treatment Thousands
endorsements have boo iven for the
Read this one from the Quaker
Drug Co Seattle Wash
During the past five years wo have
sold thousands of packages of OR
RINE and have never heard It spoke
of except In highest terms of praise
We have dozens of people come to lib
and state that ORRINE has cured
them or their husbands or dear ows
from the curse of drunkenness OR
RINE is one of the few articles on hit
market that wo can conscientiously
recommend to our customers and we
do so daily feeling that we have don
what to us seems a duty as well as a
Orrine is prepared In two forms
No 1 a powdei absolutely tasteless
and odorless given secretly iu food
or drink Orrine No 2 In pill form
Is for thoso who wish to cure them
selves Orrine costs only 1 a box
In every box is a guarantee which on
titles you to a refund of your mono
If Orrinc fails to effect a cure Writ
for Free Orrlue Booklet mailed In
plain sealed envelope to Orrine Co
991 Orrine Bluldlng Washington D
C Orrluo Is for sale In this city b >
Badcons Pharmacy 2421 Washlngto
They know Orrine Is a reliable and
efficacious remedy for drunkenness
and they will not offer you a subf l
Into S
Having enlarged my Hair Dressing
Parlors I can now with ably assist
ants accommodate all patrons b >
appointment or cal Hotel and homn
calls promptly answered Woik dona
treatment tonic shampoo manicur
ing newest Ideas In Hair Dressing
Imported Hair Goods and Toilet Re
qulsltos Hair weaving at moderaa
charges Mall orders given prompt
attention Ladles Invited to rest room
Personal and correspondence Inolnio
ions Bell 1353K
MRS KELLAR 2468 Wash
The HolierthanThou men an
the fellows with pious faces who to
hear their plaints have never done
wrong and never could do wrong but
who did as a matter of fact mako a
false and misleading waterworks re
port H is fortunate for thoso Holler
thanTliou men that tho report they
made waG not on tho condition of n
national bank otherwise their 5anc
timonioiih and pleading physlogfi
would not sate them from the man
with the big staring eyes and long
clammy fingers who reaches out and
nabs bad boys and occasionally chases
after bad men whose conscience w111
nol let them sleep
You aro requested attend a social
and smoker at tho K P hall Tmirp
day evening Oct 28th

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