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> I >
I fr I1T1tIiIi1ijcj I
I ii0 a Week Iiat Month r
liens and W omeifJs
Cio bt1Jfiig I
Stylish elegant Fall Suits Dresses Gouts Capes Skirts
Waists Millinery and other wearing apparel
L t
New Fall Suits Coats Hats and Shoes Also clothing for 1
Youths nud Childrens
Prices as low as in any cash store and a credit account
Dont forget that
i Tht MtarCtuli l flnsfallinonf Go B
HARRY REINSHRIBER Mgr 366 TwentyFourth St
d r
n rCT
Ind Phone two rlng No 59 I
Bell Phone two rlngl No 66
Ind Phone ono ringNo 68
Boll Phone one rlnQNo 53 I
Advertteoro must nave their copy for
the Evening Standard tho craning be
foro the day on which the advertise
ment Is to appear In order to Insuro
Purchased New Home Jamoa SI
Fcalherolf of the Forestry Service
has purchased the home formerly
owned by George B McCornlck at
2550 Monroo Ave and will reside
from now on In this city Tho pur
chase price IB said to have been 4
000 Mr and Mrs Featherolf will
be a pleasant addition to permanent
Ogden society
In tho baking of Heaa Bread all
hand work Is eliminated
Call Allen phonos 22 for carriages
for funerals and operas Private calls I I
t specialty Also prompt delivery of
baggage 412 26th
Appointed Guardian Daisy Stlgcrs
vas yesterday appointed guardian for
Orom Sligers
COAL Call up Parker Co for
rates on lump nut and slack Parker
Coal Co
Petition for Letters of Guardian I
ship Mrs Susan A McFarland i
petitioned for letters oC guardianship
for her minor children Isabelle Sus
an Donald Roy Wlllam and ThomacS
f Mrs McFarland says that hoi hus
band died on tho 16 of October leav
ing an estate of about 7155 of which
the children have an undivided li
tcrcsL She oaks that she he appoint
ed guardian of tho children and also
that she be named as administrator
of tho estate of her husband
Buy your coal from Asoal Farr Coal
Co Dealers In all kinds of coal Ind
1U Bell 256
Council Tomorrow NightDuo to
the activity of the members of the
cIty council In todays election there
was no mooting of that body last
night Some of the councilmen were j
1 out speechmaking and others were
merely rounding up the voters A
special meeting will be held tomor
row night
COAL Rock Springs Castle Gate t
and Clear Creek Gillette Coal Co j
U3 West 27th SL Phones 1074 >
Japaneoe Held UpA Jap Noodle
thop located at 209 Twentyfifth
Etreet was hold up by a lone highway
man last night and about 10 was
taken from tho proprietor About
twelve oclock a man who was un
masked walked into the place and
thovlng a revolver In the face of the
proprietor commanded him to throw
up his hands Tho Jap who was
t frightened out of his senses com
plied and tho man wont throught his
Pockets Ho then tapped the till and
carried away with him about ton dol
r y
JU5T 1t
i oT
1j The Difference
j In your baking when you try Pccrys
reacent Flour and decide to always
have such results as the trial proves
Ion can obtain
t l The beat of wheat milled in tho
1 tEl of ways la bound to produce the
El flour for making Good Bread 1
Make your Bread Good by ordering
from your grocer today
< rwJi
lars of the noodle mixers hard earned
cash Tho police wore given a des
cription of tho robber and they are
making a determined effort to catch
Another Lucky Strlkelbo Coal
from 400 up 2001 pound In each
ton Shurtllff < Co Phones 18
Railroad MCn on inspection Trip
Superintendent E B Manson and a
party of prominent railroad officials
will leave today for Twin Falls Ida
From there they will go over tho pio
posed route for the cutoff from Twin
Falls to Carlln Nov
Coal call up Parker Co for
rates on lump nut and slack
Choir at Weber Academy The
choir at the Weber Academy has now
Its full complement there being
about one hundred members in the or
ganization Tho choir is lead by Prof
Hullautyno and sings every morning
at Devotional Exorcises
EZMonoy Kelly money to loan on
any good real eotats Goo J Kelly
Boy Is njuredGor Vaughn a
115yearold boy on a bicycle this af
ternoon was run down by an auto
mobile and barely escaped serious in
jury The bicycle was smashed into
pieces but tie boy received only
light bruises about tho body The
lad was riding his wheel along Wash
ington avenue to the northward be
tween Twentythird and Twenty
fourth streets The boy wheel and
all were thrown high into the air
young Vaughn alighting on the top
of the machine and tho wheel falling
In front of H
Theatrical Manager John Cort
general manager of the Northwestern
Theatrical association accompanied
by Mrs Cart and Miss Cort spent tho
day In Ogden with Mr and Mrs R A
Grant of Salt Lake While here Mr
Cort and Mr Grant conferred with
Horace and Harold Pcery and George
T Kelly In regard to the new theater
being built opposite the Reed hotel
which is to be known as The Og
den with Wm Allison manager
i Jlamuel H Cave III Reports from
the home of Deputy Sheriff Samuel
H Cave this afternoon wero to the
effect that Mr Caves condition Is ser
ious Mr Cave was removed to the
hospital several days ago to undergo
an operation for kidney trouble but
ho was so weak that tho operation i
I had to be postponed and ho was re
moved to his home at the corner of
Twentysecond street and Adams ave
I nuo During the past two days he
has been very weak
SjJit Over Taxes Tho George A
Lowe company has brought suit in
tho district court against the Simmons
Hardware company to recover 48792
alleged to be due for taxes paid on a
building purchased and upon which
II paid the taxes were alleged to have been
Indianapolis Nov 2Il is believed
tho results of todays municipal elec
tions In Indiana will bo far reaching
In deciding which party shall control
the next legislature This legislature
will elect a successor to United States
Senator Bcvoridgc and will have to
deal further with the liquor question
which has been the principal political
Issue In Indiana for tho last two
In the campaign the Republicans
have charged that the brewers of tho
state have lent their assastance to
the Democratic candidates In many
of the cities and especially In milan
apolls The entrance of Thomas
Taggart former chairman of the
Democratic natilonal committee Into
the campaign a week ago gave In
creased vigor to tho fight In this
cityBoth parties are claiming the vic
tory A week ago the odds were in
favor of Samuel Lewis Shank the
Republican candidate but yesterday
the belting was all in favor of Chas
A Gauss his Democratic opponent
Paterson N J Nov 2Flft Ital
Ian laborers employed by a construc
tion company on a trolley line and
housed In a shanty were hold up carly
today by four armed men and robbed
of nearly 1000
The four bandits represented them
selves to bo officers of the govern
ment Ono by one the laborers woic
called out of tho barracks and bound
and gagged The bandits escaped
O Jackson Ky Nov 2NcWs C
O has reached here this afternoon C
O that Tilden Glanton and Ash C
O ford Jacobs Democrats had C
O killed Demosthenes Noble a Re C
0 publican at the Sprlngfork vot C
O Ing precinct In Breathitt doun C
O ly today
Taft Willing to Accept
Jefferson Davis as
a Hero
Columbus Miss Nov President
Taft received a joyous welcome here
today when ho came to visit the birth i
place of Sfccretaij of War Dickinson
and brought the secretary with him
Mr Taft held u reception at the old
home of General Stephen D Lee of
tho Confederate forces as the guests
of the son of tho house Blewctt Lee
Later he made an address from a
stand erected on Main street and be
fore leaving at 230 p m for Bir
mingham attended his Hrst barbecue
of tho trip at the Girls Industrial
school The President took occasion
hero to pay tribute to Secretary Dick
inson In fact ever since he has en
tered Mississippi Mr Taft has lost
no opportunity to give evidence of
his high regard for the secretary of i
war In the course of his midnight
speech at Jackson last night tho I
President said of Secretary Dickin I
sonNow I have got Mac Dickinson In
I the cabinet He did not come because
he wanted to He came because ho
know why I wanted him I wanted
him because I wanted to give an
earnest example to the South of the
truth of my declaration that I was
anxious to bring you closer to tho
government at Washington and I also
took him because I wanted one of tho
ablest men of the country 1 wanted
that Panama canal built and I knew if
he took hold of It It would go
One of our great horoes of Missis
sippi is Jefferson Davis and I am glad
the administration at Washington has
wiped out the evidence of that ex
treme partisan bitterness of Cabin
John Bridge and that his name Is re
stored there and I am glad because
I know and can testify from my ex
perience In the South that the same
Joy that they experienced at that act
on the part of the administration is
the joy of a common country and
loyalty to a common flag
I cannot pass from these walls
without testifying to the gratitude 1
feel toward all of Mississippi for this
most cordial welcome I am glad to
believe that you would cordially re
ceive the President of the United
States under any circumstances but I
am also glad to believe your reception
is in some degree warmer because
jou believe I value that reception
most highly as an evidence that wo
are coming closer and closer togeth
er and that wo are one country with
the same ideals the same aspirations
and the same determination to make
us all better nfid to raise tho stand
ard of our citizenship beyond anything
that heretofore bus been seen
En route to Columbus today the
President made brief carend speeches
at Kosclusko Ackorman Starkvlllo
ana West Point At each place he
was greeted by an enthusiastic throng
the negroes on one side of the track
and the whites on the other At Koa
clusko tho President gave further ut
terance to his desire to bring the peo
ple of the South closer to tho other
states lie said
j have been glad to bo here be
cause I think this state as nearly aa
any represents tho opinion and lypcu
of the South and I am anxious to come
as closely In contact with the South
ern people and explain to them as
sincerely and sympathetically as I can
mj desire to unite them and bring
them closer to all the other states
It is not that wo want to make you
Republicans or that we want to be
come Democrats We all have our
views and our tastes In that regard
but It Is that WQ shall bring you and
that you shall come to believe that
you are as near to the heart of tho
central government now adminis
tered as any other people In tho un
Manila Nov 2A general election
was held throughout the Philippines
today for members of tho assembly
and provincial and municipal officers
Little Interest was shown and It Is
doubtful if tho total vote will equal
that of two years ago when only
about one In thirty of the population I
Domlnador Gomez former president
of tho Nationalist party who was oust
ed from the lust assombly furnished
the only picturesque feature of todays
election in this city Following his
election to tho assembly two ycats
ago the court decided that Gomoz was
not a citizen and therefore Ineligible
to hold office or to vote Accordingly I
he was unseated when the asesmbly I
organized Nevertheless Gomez Insist
ed upon running for the assembly again
today and probably has been defeated
As was tho case at tho first election
hi 1007 the contest for the assembly
was between the Nationalists and the
Progressives The original Issue for
which the Nationalists stood was tho
Immcndiate Independence of the isl
ands while the Progressists accepted
American suzerainty
The Nationalists won easily In 1907
but their policy of independence was
blocked by the Philippine commission
which constituted tho upper house of
legislation and is composed of the
governor general and eight commis
sioners of whom four arc Americans
and four Filipinos Today there were
no Important issues Involved in the
assembly contest and there were many
Independent candidates The provin
cial elections wore for a choice of gov
ernors and the municipal elections for
tho selection of presidents ice presi
dents and councilors In no Instance
was a sharp contest developed
With the continued vogue for collar
less gowns for house wear necklaces
will continue to be worn
I BAY MARE with carriage harness
I and rope around neck Return to
I Hen Transfer and receive reward
> 112lwk
WANTED TO RENT Sixroom mod
ern house 7fi9 22nd 112lwk
WANTEDA girl to do light house
work 3 adults one who would
sleep at home preferred State age
and salary expected Answer Box 0
this olllce ll22t
C > Considerable excitement was cre
ated In the Seventh voting district
where llngbert Anderson arrested two
colored women who went there to
vote The news spread over the town
rapidly and Mayor Brewer exMayor
Glasmaun District Attorney Harrto
City Attorney De Vine and Demo
eratlc Chairman Hiimphrta appeared
on the scene
The two colored ladles voted last
year but woro arrested for vagrancy
today Chief Browning was there and
said that Mayor Brewer hud Issued
the orders last night that If any of
the socalled vagrants should leave
their homes today they should be ar
From tho workers at the polls It
was discovered that If these vagrants
were known to vote for Brewer they I
were permitted to vote unchallenged I
but if hoy were against Urowcr they
were arrested I
The trouble was still on when this I
paper wont to press
Washington Nov Commander
Robert E Peary practically was en
dorsed as a discoverer of the North
Pole by tho National Geographical
Society today
Every indication Indicates that
Pearys personal statement before the
subcommittee of the society today
convinced its members that he had set
foot on the top of the world The ex
plorer has been Invited to deliver the
first of his lectures before tho so
ciety here on Nov 12 and It was
pointed out tonight that had tho
proofs been open to the slightest
question ho never would have been
asked to appear
It was announced at tho homo of
Rear Admiral C H Chester retired
that a public statement of the find
ings of the society probably Alll be
forirnornlng Wednesday This rapid
ity Ji determining the genuineness
of Pearys claim Is taken to mean
that there is no difference among the
three experts who are diving Into his
Arctic data
Peary declined positively to discuss
ris testimony before the committee
There is nothing I can say he
declared All that I have lo explain
or elucidate was given to the subcom
mittee of the geographic society this
afternoon I dont know what those
gentlemen will do with it and na
turally I wont discuss that point
It was evident from his manner that
the explorer was satisfied what the
verdict would be
For more than two hours members
of the subcommittee Interrogated
and cross examined him They al
ready had made a close stuly of his
dataUpon request of Ulie society Peary
forwarded all of his memoranda to
It a few days ago Tho organization
promptly turned the papers over to
the board of managers which In turn
named a subcommittee of Imcsl gat
ing consisting of Rear Admiral C H
Chester 0 H Tittman or the Coast
and Geodetic Survey and Henry Can
nott chairman of the United States
Geographical Board These are re
garded by the society as the best
fitted scientists in the United States
to pass upon Pearys documents
Washington Nov IA working
balance in treasury offices much the
samo as a month agoI little less
than 31000000 balance In the
general fund of S913107S or approx
imately 6000000 less than a month
ago the ordinary disbursements over
running the ordinary receipts by 1
923895 and an aggregate debt whIch
decreased 390544 are some of the
features shown by todays treasury
statements for October
Treasury officials consider the situ
ation gratifying The customs and In
ternal revenue receipts are booming
The aggregate debt of the U S Is
2661425301 which Includes 13GG
277809 of certificates nnd notes out
These notes and certificates offset
by an equal amount of cash In the I
treasury Increased 13218000 which
came from an advance In tho out
standing amount of gold certificates
or greenbacks
Divesting the grand aggregate debt
of notes and certificates the regular
interest and non interest bearing debt
Is 51295147132
Tho Interest bearing debt Is 913
317490 debt on which interest has
ceased since maturity 2GS5S95 debt
bearing interest 379113047 Gold
coin and bullion constituting the re I
serve fund stands of course at 160
000000 or the 13CC277SC9 trust
funds gold coin amounted to S74
C50SC9 silver dollars 187587000
and silver dollars of 1890 1034000
In the general fund there Is S16S
794235 In national bank depositaries
49490654 and In the treasury of the
Philippine Islands 6107046
Gold certificates and greenbacks
outstanding aggregate 874656869
silver certificates S4S7GS7 000
Custom receipts for October were
29278695 which brings receipts so
far this fiscal year to 89301376 In
ternal revenue receipts are approxi
mately 21000000
Ordinary receipts so far this fiscal
year run ahead of tho same period
last year by almost 28000000 while
1 ordinary receipts for the samo period
outdo last year by almost 13000000
Of disbursements for the month
civil and miscellaneous reached 15
7S071 war 201S9SC9 navy 9581
822 Indians 1027916 pensions 11
850221 postal deficit 3398612 In
terest on public debt 3270216 and re
payment of unexpended balances
Washington Nov lI the supreme
court grants a writ asked today by
the California development company
in the case of that company against
the New Liverpool Salt company It
will review the entire proceedings be
tween these corporations
The suit invojvcs a controversy over
lie question of responsibility for tho
overflow of the Colorado river into
tho Salton sink in 190n by which the
salt mines of the Liverpool company
were badly damaged It was claimed
bv the salt company tho overflow hau
been due to carelessness In the con
struction of the head gates of tho Ir
rigation ditches and the United Statob
circuit court for the southern district
of California hold such to bo the case
giving a verdict for damages to the
extent of 450716
New York Nov INow Yorks trl
angular political campaign ended to
night William Gaynor Demo
I cratic candidate for mayor made his
final speech In Harlem Otto T Ban
I nard Republican and Fusion candi
date closed his campaign with a noon
I day address on tho water front and
a brief talk to negro voters at a
downtown Baptlsl church In the even
Hearst Independent wound up his j
formal speech making last night at
Madison Square Garden but same
of tho lessor lights burned red fire I
and endorsed his cause with a final
burst of oratory at open air meetings
In tho four corners of Manhattan to
night while many of the minor candi
dates had meetings of their own
In each rival camp complete con
fidence in the result was expressed
Charles F Murphy Tammany lead
er said
We are well satisfied Gaynor will
receive more votes than both the
other candidates for mayor and ho
will carry tho whole Democratic tick
et with him In every borough
Herbert parsons Republican lead
er said
Our fight against Tammanj mis
rule has won Reports from every
district In the great city show Ban
nard will be elected by 50000 plural
My The entire Fusion ticket will go
t hrou glu
Charles H Goring for the Hearst
forces said
Hearst will get more than 300000
votes winning by 100000 plurality
over the Tammany candidate I look
for a landslide to Hearst
All three sides thought about 600
000 voles would bo cast out of the
total registration of 641500
About 125000 was wagered on the
result of the mayoralty contest In
New York today in the financial dis
trict the prevailing odds favored Gay
nor by about 2 to 1
Ba nard In his closing appeal to I
the voters said I
I have fought this campaign
against Tammany Hall against cor
ruption waste graft and Improper
contracts Public Improvements
must be solely for the public good and
not for plunder Petty graft must be
stamped out I have favored as much
personal liberty as Is consistent with
law and order
The final word In the Hearst cam
paign came In a brief statement from
tho Hearst headquarters expressing
confidence In the result and promising i
a clean and Independent government
Tho vleloiy tomorrow Is certain I
the statement said The vote for
Hearst will be enormous It will
mean the end of Tammany and a new
eru of government In this city
There was big roundups of alleged
I repeaters today as a result of Inves
tigations of registration rolls by tho
state superintendent of elections
A special grand Jury In the bor
ough of Queens returned fifty Indict
ments tonight against men said to
have registered Illegally
Courts aro prepared to handle a
I great volume of election day busi
ness tomorrow Four justices of Iho
supremo court were assigned to sit
In special term at tho New York coun
ty court house Eight other Justices
announced they would hear election
cases In other parts of the city
Among the watchers at the polls
will he nearly 2000 student volun
teers recruited from Columbia Yalo
and Princeton
This brlof but spirited campaign
has been conducted largely upon tho
old issue of opposition to Tammany
Hall but aside from the mayoralty
contest there has been a bitter un
derlying struggle for the character of
the board of estimate and proportion
ment a body that during the next
administration will handle the expen
dlluro of nearly a billion dollars In
cluding public Improvements and the
annual budget which this year Is ap
proximately 105000000
Hearst and Bannard have conduct
ed their campaigns largely along simi
lar lines both making pleas for the
defeat of Tammany Hearst entered
the campaign at the last moment as a
passive candidate to assist the ticket
holnw him hut as thn camnalcn nro
grossed he n began attacking Bannard I
as well as Gaynor with the apparent
hope of election Bannard has avoid
ed personalities and adhered to a dis
cussion of tho business Issues
Gaynor has made tho campaign
without a manager and without official i
headquarters Whllo endorsed by
Tammany he has declared ho would
be dictated by no boss and has made
personal liberty and tho abolition of
police patronage his chief topics
Washington Nov lTo devise
some means of defense against aerial
navigation tho bureau of ordnance of
the war department It was learned
today is about to begin a series of
experiments of shooting at air craft
with cannon
The experiments were carried on at
the Sandy Hook Proving grounds III
New Jersey CapL Chas Dey Chand
I ler of the signal corps one of tho two
qualified pilots In the army left
Washington today for Now York lo
make arrangements for the balloons
to bo used lie will be stationed at
Fort Wood near New York for that
Three balloons of comparative amall
size will bo purchased No one will
occupy the baskets of the balloons
when firing Is in progress
The signal corps soon will be en
gaged in the problems of navigating
the air with greater assurance Ex
periments will bo conducted In muf
fling the motors of the Wright aero
piano owned by the government so
that the flight of an aeroplane may
be made comparatively noiseless
Vancouver B C Nov lfwo
masked highwaymen held up the Carl
boo stage at 150Mile house in Carl
boo early today and stole several
sacks of registered mall The robbers
wore armed with rifles and met with
no resistance from tho driver or tho
passengers It Is believed that they
obtained four or five thousand dollars
The yoke and tho collar arc parts
of a dress that cannot bo slighted
There Is nothing perhaps that makes
a gown more artistic than a beauti
fully shaped yoke and collar Too
often one has a design created of
satin lace applique tinsel and pa8se
I sementlere until the real style Is
lost and there Is nothing to sec hul
a collection of really fine articles
I xuw it V
242924312433 trom cor
B R 0 S This
LJ a Wash Ave Stato
I Exfraorthnary Showing j It thin lion in
and Ihee or
o wo pieced obcr
i 90D
You hove hundreds of stun C lepb
s Is
ning different styles to n In
choose froman assortment 4
a city 5 times the size of Og I i tab
could of Each
den he proud of
day sees many new arrivals Lug
on the floor By which jrth
means AVO have been able to feet
keep up the splendid assort o 1
ment inn
I Notwithstanding Ing
Tremendous Sales era
Most important Sull i ol
luu IflIE cat
Announcement i rails
250 Handsome Suits have PZA i or
been selected and placed for 11 ol
t ons
cns fitting
easy In
at ttie Great Dis ple Ith
coumt olIn i1I
ps 2r
I Ion
In this showing are suits thai J j o I I
sold from 2000 to 6000 IiI
P i
Childrens is
i luof
Coats I
Sizes 1 to 6 Jearsa great f II eel
collection to choose from in J5Jj 7 4 tel r
Broadcloth Kersey and I 20
Bear skins You may cftoosc 4J5 1J js
for 13 their usual price J22 iar 6
We are showing the great IBB
I est line of Ladies Misses 1 I 2CS Ich
and Childrens Coats to be ins
I in at 00
seen Ogden prices 1
which can not but plcnse the 7 I ich
most shrewd buyer E I In
= 7 ige
H an
Dress Goods jal lid
and Silk Sale It Pays to Is
Values Extraordinary I nu
throughout the entire two Buy at d In
1 in
departments Ie
i o Prices for the week which BUR T S I p
YOU should not miss
I 14jo
I There Is Nothing i
I In which delay is so dangerous as In EYE TROU
1 1 BLE when you consider that you can get along i I
I fairly well without any sense except sight you
will understand how Important it is to take no
chances with it
Our business Is to tell you when you need I
4 glasses We have the proper means of finding out =
J T RUSHMER 2464 Manufacturing Washington Optician Ave r
1 Interwoven stitched down and made
I Into a compact > oko and collar You
cannot appreciate anything of that
kind for it is Inartistic whereas
something soft fragile and delicately
trimmed at ono sounds the harmoni
ous keynote Today modistes arc us
ing a great amount of net with son
ache but soutache looks best right
on the edge as a finish A few neat
tucks aro better than many tucks
that are divided with colored sections
of braids or laces Let the yoke and
collar represent something then fin
ish the yoke on the edges This line
cannot bo severe neither should It
bo noticeable but It must be a pat
tern that will untlo jorfc and bodice 1
In the most attractive way
An Imitation coral fruit basket can
bo made In the following manner
With a bundle of old hat wire white
covered with sjlk shape a basket like
a shallow plate The wire Is loosely
braided and Is held together with flor
ists wire A handle at least sixteen
Inches high is mado of braided wire
and Is firmly attached to the plato
This Is tho skeleton foundation for
tho plate Next make a preparation
of white wax and plaster of paris for
the coating One pound of white wax
Is placed In a pan and melted over
hot water While hot It Is thickened
with ten ounces of plaster of paris
An old tin spoon is used to pour this
mixture over the wire The basket is
to catch what
placed on newspapers
drips off It Is feoon covered and be
fore It js qulto hard all uneven places
are cut off It takes two weeks for
this to harden but when done It Is a
beautiful basket and durable as china
It Is used to hold bananas oranges
and apples
Why could a fern dish not be made
Take the
in the same manner
braid It and shape It over a crock
to get the desired site Cover
plaster of parlrf and coat with gilt
banana paint After the plaster of
paris hardens It is not easily broken
or chipped
This sample suit Is developed in
galatea Tho blouse which has the
effect of a wide panel In the front
faslons along the left side with mo
diumslzed pearl buttons similar but
tons ornamenting the right aide A
small breast pocket is also placed on
I the left side of the blouse and the
lower edge Is finished with a wide
hem The sleeves may be short or
330 24th Street OGDEN UTAH a
long according to taste and the D
knickerbockers are gathered to the
knees by elastic run through the
hemcasing Tie pattern Is In four
sizesto to B years For a boy of p
years the suit requires 3 31 yards otc
material Inches wide 3 14 yards a
27 inches wide 2 34 yards 36 Inches n
wide or 1 6S yards 54 Inches wide n
I n
t n
To butter crackers It Is necessary to
have the proper proportion of butter i
and crackers otherwise tho crumbs I
will be butler soaked Melt onefourth l
cup of butter for one cup of crumbs 1
Pour It evenly over tho crumbs and a
stir until tho butter is well distributed
over all the cdumbs Pour them Into i
a pan to cool and sprinkle lightly over I r
prepared food beforo baking
When cheese Is added to a food that
Is covered with cracker cdumbs it in I
grated and added just long enough be
fore the food Is removed from the I
fire to melt Into tho crumbs 1
j 1
I do not know that this formula In I
practical but It Is so cheap that ono
could try it without being much of a 1
loser even If It should not tuin out
well Put rose leaves In olive oil
leave them for twentyfour hours I
press out the oil and add fresh roses
continuing In this manner until tho
oil Is thoroughly saturated with the
odor of flowers after which mix it I
with rectified spirits to make a fine
rose perfume i I
To extract nlon Juice Instead of I I
grating the onion In the usual man 1
ner movo It In a rotory motion over i
the flat grater and do not allow the
pulp to get Into the juice Take up I
all the pulp place It In a little muslin
square and squeeze out all remaining
Jujce Many prefer adding extract to
pieces of onion in salads
Braiding still has Its part In fashion
but it not nearly so freely used ai r
last season J t

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