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tt CT LYjzLE7 11 <
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Aft V
Al f 4 ZbJ7 I2 Z3 c911
Til the opening of tho col
t legiate nnd scholastic year all
ijU over the country the football
hero comer Into his own again
a Ere the leaves have begun to
C turn he is out ou the gridiron striving
t mightily to get Into condition for the
pruelllng he knows he will receive later
In the season when his team Is battling
mercilessly with an opponent and every
ounce of strength Is required to advance
the ball even a yard
The average spectator nt n football
panic sees nothing but the struggle tho
glamor nnd the final victory of one of
i the IJecnRnnd that through n haze
I I of excitement and partisanship Ho
knows nothing of the other side of foot
ball He knows only that there are two
d rival teams and that one IB better and
> therefore It wins Concerning the Inside
reasons why the victor won be U blissfully
Ignorant Least of all has he any knowl
edge of the vast amount of labor In
i I rolvcd In forming a college team nnd
> 0 rrhlpplug It Into shape and a victorious
< I Tho beginning of the football season la
1 t an anxious time each year In the colleges
1 f What kind of n tenm will they have
rp Is the new material good enough to com
rs I pensate for tbe Ices of the old by gradua
t tion Will they bo nble to put out a
> + winner
i Thore are three sources from which to
1 choose the players tho men who played
sn tho team the previous year freshmen I
1i1 frith high school or preparatory school
I rxpcrlencc nnd freshmen who have had
r j po experience nt nil but arc willing to
r t try for the tenm
The first mentioned are practically I
r + j Down The coaches arc familiar with
1q their nblllty and their shortcomings hut
1 fiR a result of their summer vacation
fq they ore not In condition DOll must 1
JI k demonstrate their right to play their
eld positions again
Tho candidates for the team who hnvo
i bnd experience In preparatory schools
f 1 t nro also known quantities to n certain
J extent Their work on the gridiron In
y t post seasons baa been carefully watched
t and when they appear on the varsity field
j 1 for the first time the conches have already
gauged their ability rind classed thorn ac
cordingly But they arc not allowed to
think for n moment oven that they have
1 N been watched This IK especially true If
I r n player happens to have been n star In
1 ih his minor firmament In such n case 10
ll i Is treated with more than ordinary in
iII difference
for several days be is apt to be abused
ond hnmlllnud nt every turn Good work
ou his part receives no more enthusiastic
praise than an unwilling grunt that stems
L 1 to Imply he might have done bettor But
t Jf let him make n blunder Right then and
1JesoL o
csorne O The
C InesPs cret
t5oCle X171 1 ergs
HtNATOWN IH doomed Thnt lit
tle section of Now York Just off
the historic and now ditcadcnt
f f Bowery bounded by Tell Mott
and Ijoycrs streets is to bo swept
Into oblivion and upon the sites now oc
cupied by the fantastic and gaudy front
ed shacks and tenements business blocks
of substantial and imposing character
r will rear nkywnrd
1crhnps no three blocks In the world
r have been the scene of more strife more
4 revelry more crime nnd crlmo of a most
sordid kind thun the three crooked llttlo
streets which In nny other city In the
7 world would be designated as nIles
t V But In New York every dark DUll forbid
j ding little byway and lane Is dignified by
the title of street
Tumultuous times have been hid In
Chinatown within the past year or two
1 nnd this accounts for tbe taut Just Issued
Chinatown must go and the police to a
unit will breathe easier when the razing
of these dark and squalid dens of vice
logins Murder has been rampant there
of Inte and so far the perpetrators of
rl these murders ore ut liberty While the
i pollen of the world hnvo been ordered to
no ou the lookout for Leon Ling better
t known au Willie Leon the celestial who
murdered pretty Elsie Sigel his Sunday
I school teacher and then stuffed her body
Into tho tinnk found In his rooms Willie
IK still among the missing None fnmlllar
t with Chinatown and the customs of Its
I habitues would be surprised to learn that
Leon IK still In Chinatown and never left
J there for n day since the slaying of poor
p mUguldod little rltdo
Chinatowns feuds Its tong wars be
tween the Hip Slug and the Ong Leoutf I
have been bitterly waged for tho past 10 I
years Occasionally there cmnc a lull
t r anti for tbe time being Chinatown be
r comes quiet At tech timed the Swing
New York cars reap a harvest Nearly
every visitor to the metropolis thinks thnt
he or she must ace Chinatown before
departing for their faraway homos It Is
quite the thing to do nowadays anti the
t tourlxtM file In and out of the dingy Illy
lighted foulsmelling little cribs that In I
lJ lI zooOlV72 O2c2 f2EzCZr t to Brec2 c OCL12 heLlne
there he Is given u thorough calling
down It may even bo Implied In the
course of the conchs remarks that the
plnyer In question was cut out for
pinochle or Iussywantsacorncr rather
that for football Two Ins of this sort
of treatment is apt to cause a shrinkage
In the largest of swelled heads
With the man who has bad no expe
rience however nn entirely different
course is pursued Primarily he Is no
ticed because of Ma size strength and
probable agility Most coaches claim that
n born football man can be spotted In
n minute by his appearance He Is urged
to come out for the team The captain
himself and perhaps the couch drops In
to see him and talk It over and Instill In
him n bit of school spirit finally per
suaded he is fitted out with n uniform
and makes his appearance on the field
The rules cf the game arc explained to
him simply omitting many of tbe finer
points For days and days the couches
drill him In the mere rudiments of the
game If he Icarus quickly and shows an
aptitude for tho game he Is advanced In
proportion to his knowledge and may
oven eventually be given a place on the
team Should he he slow he Is kept at
work nnd encouraged to do his best
Every good play ho makes Is praised and
his dronpluK spirits are bolstered up at
every turn While be may not attain a
piece on the scrubs even this year the
conches argue be has three moro years In
college null there Is always the possi
bility of his developing Into n varsity
star Even If this docs not happen until
bin last year the conches consider their
labor In training him n thousandfold re
paid If he does no better than piny on
thc lrulJlIth second team during
1tarpY > r
i t
y y
s Ss
foC 2acA
fcst Chinatown and depart with the feel
ing that they have seen nil there Is to
be seen of New Yorls under world In
other words they arc Inspired by the de
sire to do Komotblng real devilish and
they really believe this Instinct has been
gratified to tnc fullest Aa a matter of
fact they only see that which Chinatown
wants them to licealld at so much par
see All that can be siren to Chinatowns
advantage Is proudly displayed At the
same time the wily chink rakes In the
There arc many Chinamen living In
that squalid quarter whose wealth Is
reckoned In the hundreds of thousands of
dollars They are rich but they arc Just
ns eager to bleed a tourist today as
they were years ago when they didnt
have the price of a bowl of chop suey
In their balloonlike trousers
Two of the most picturesque characters
In Chinatown are Mock Duel lender of
the Hip Sings and Tom Lee commander
of the Ong Lvong Tongs The Hip Slugs are
Culnntowns disturbing cloinent This
tony Is made up of tho sporting clement
Nearly nil of Its member arc gambler
bunco steercr9 confidence men runners
for those establishments which conduce
n white slave traffic and murderers of
the moat coldblooded type A life In
Chinatown IB not worth a dish of yok >
itmnln Let n victim bo marked for
death by tbe leador of either of the rival
tongs and It Is safe bettln tbot be will I
the whole of his college career the game
Is well worth the candle for players on
the lowly scrubs must possess some
merit or the varsity team galas but little
III practising against them
The coach is really the power behind
the throne In intercollegiate athletic
though few persons realize the Import
ance and the amount of work which de
voices upon him lie must first Instill
the principles and fine poluts of the
game In the men and teach them the
score or more strategic plays used by
the team lu past years and the new ones
bo himself evolves lie must choose the
11 men whom he thinks best fitted to
defend the honor of the college on the
gridiron If they win he Is lauded to
the skies If they lORe his shoulders must
bear the bulk of the criticism Ho must
also choojto the scrub eleven each day
and hurl them against the varsity at
Its weakest points III order to strength
en the latter by showing them up Ills
work is hard work and upon his hand
ling of till men themselves depend much
of Ills success A good couch commands
n fancy salary but he holds big Job only
so lout as be producer a winning team
The first days practice proper begins
with the opening of the college or uni
versity Every new mint lt urged to
conic out and try tor the team by word
of mouth and notices put up on the col
lege bulletin board That afternoon In
all probability the candidate assemble
In tho college gymnnslbui where the
coach and captain make speeches In
which they relate the past glories of the
teams that have represented the old col
lege on the footbiill llPld nnd urge the
now men to Innl ute them After firing
thorn with college spirit they arc told I
that uniforms await them In the locker
rooms A wild rush follows to lit them
selves out from tho conglomeration of
discarded uniforms of other yearn
As each man dons bin clothps he
rushes out to the held where the coach
with his assistants arc waiting The
couch takes a football stands oil a few
yards from the green candidate rolls
U along the ground town rll him anti tells
him to fall on IU Nluo tluicn out of
Lee the preen man flops down on the
ball only to discover to his chagrin that
It has bounded away from him Ho Is
shown how to fall ou It1011 hold It
a by no menus easy feat It Is rolled
toward him away from him nt every
conceivable angle and then ahead of
him so that he must run after It be
fore falling upon It During the entire
process ho Is given one oft repeated ad
monition Keep your eye on the ball
The entire afternoon and a portion of
every other afternoon the entire season
U devoted to this essential feature of
tbo training
This fundamental point must be inns
toted A man who retrieves a ball fum
bled by the other side often turns de
feat Into victory for bin own team The
coaches explain this to the cnndldntcs
std Insist that they read mark learn
ntul Inwardly digest 11 At the close of
the first days practice everybody Jogs
ni omul the running track which gener
ally Inclones the gridiron and gets heat
ed1 for the cold shower that follows
The second days work seems a trifle
more like the real article 1 The falling
m tbe ball stunt Is riMiupfu nnu those
who wore awkward about It the day be
L yQir1l d H
JLY cZ JeeZ ddqCLc2i7 er of me
Ocf Leonj Tor19 c czeiy
receive n bullet In the back of his skull
or a knife thrust between lila Shoulder
blades within 21 hours after the ukase
wout forth The opportunity is easily
made aud the executioner knows there
can be no slip Ha h1i been designated
to do the work and this he does Whether
In broad daylight or Jn the Inky black
ness of a Chlnntowu hallway But In
either event be always gets hIs roan for
be well knows that ills life will he the
forfeit should there be a slip
There arc few misses In Chinatown and
the police who mount guard over this
turbulent Hoctlon of the city do ont heal
into to say that many 11 man met his
death In Chinatown whose carcase wns
disposed of without a hint of murder
ever percolating from the closemouthnd
highbinder who accomplished his undo
The Ong reoiiKi are of n brtt r cla
The members of this tons arc nil well I
todo Chlnainea nr < timt < who o com
blnod ve rl bapo ni mrt high
luto the ruil Y t r iic Tom I
who married a white woman nud whose 1
r >
r < J
son Is one of the honor men at Columbia
University rules this tout with n rod of
Iron But for 10 years he bus lived In
constant dread of an assassins bullet or
knife thrust So determined was the ef
fort to make way with him that he fi
nally heeded the advice of his counsel
ors and moved from Chinatown to Ilnr
hem where with his wife nnd son he
occupies n handsome apartment
In this home Tom Leo lead the life of
a military prisoner lie never goes out
unless surrounded by several of bin trust
iest lieutenants He never answer a
summons to hla doorbell for fear he will
be shot down for several times this has
boon attempted When Ju > visits China
town he docs JO surreptitiously und then
toM to tin conpcll room of bin tong en
trance to which Is gained through a ninzp
of passages anti door bat bottle nuyoiie
not familiar with its construction Even
tin br wears n bnlut pr < u vct nnd bin
bxly U cnn > wl In a ilt P It > orator I
i vOlltl I dir U L Ii 1 1 iii ants
thiu Ir tho I T nl ± r
ho rller Cut bee counsel la worth I
t = = r n
for Inches
fore arc kept nt It The ball to tossed
or passed In the air from one man
to the next In order thnt they may learn
how to catch or handle It cleanly
Then the candidates for the back field
or ond position are coached especial
ly In catching punts balls kicked by
other men further down the field They
an taught to start quickly from a
stooping stationary posture In order to
nevelop their speed and nglllty The
best backs quarterbacks and ends
arc the fastest and they mint be able
to start from nny position nt full speed
Tim men trying for the positions In
the line guard center anti taoklc are
lined up against each other and shown
how to charge ngnlust an opponent and
bow to repel his charge The Inca art
worked In squads each opposed to the
I other and the coaches watch anxiously
for the display of unexpected aptitude Iii
this respect on the part of auy one The
center man In one of the opposing Hues
snaps back the ball which hf holds ou
the ground between his legs Every man
In both lines Immediately charges his op
ponent All then arc urged to keep their
eyes on the ball and charge the precise
second It IK snapped back
The struggle lasts but a minute each
man doing Ills level best to dislodge or
break through his opponents by push
ing or butting him out of the Way ho
cannot seize him and hold him but can
use his shoulders elbows and arms ex
cept the hands The coaches Instruct the
candidates how to accomplish this with
out holding and criticise them for bad
work The essentials Impressed upon the
men arc speed and low charging while u
fellow who hesitates about hurling him
self against his opponent when the ball
IK snapped Is warned to get rid of his
yellow streak or get oft the field
The candidates who have survived the
charging period arc next Introduced to
the dummy or tackling machine This
consists of n stuffed football suit made In
the semblance of a man minus head and
feet of course It Is suspended between
two staunch uprights deeply set In the
ground and hangs the height of a man
from a trolley between uprights It
can be drawn along rapidly or slowly to
represent n maD running
An experienced player stands back n
half dozen yards from the dummy runs
I to It nt full speed throws himself at It
hcndllrat nnd tackles It as In the game
when an opponent Is running with the
hull If In biN tackle he hits the dummy
hard enough and bolus on a spring re I
lease Unhooks the dummy from the trol
ley and duwn to earth It conies with a
crash If as describe the player throws
the dummy wall anti good If not the
conch OH toll him Just what n weakling liu
Is and send hlni back for another try
I far too much to tho Ieongs for them to
allow him to run nny risks and no mon
arch of Europe Is more carefully or
more zcnloiisly guarded than this crafty
old Celestial
The Ont Loongs nro ostensibly China
towns law and order society Toms
slogan Is fair piny But dont lose
sight of the fact that when an undesir
able member cf thu Hip Sings becomes
too obstreperous that the Lcongs do not
hesitate to encompass Ills undoing Quite
as many Sings have disappeared as
fcougs The only difference Is thnt less
Is heard about It The Loongs Invariably
lake tbo public and the police Into their
confidence when a Lcoug has been mur
dered by n Sing But reverse the order
of things and they remain Just us mute
us thu nip Slugs
When n nip Sing has been murdered
the whole long gets busy for their
slogan Is Ten Lcongs for every Sing
Wluui the Sing go ou tbo warpath they
usually wreak their revenge before the
army of detectives anti police spies who
are kept constantly circulating through
Chinatown have had an inkling that
thcru was troublo brewing
H was not so Ions ago that one of
the Hip Sings WitS shot down In the
trees of Chinatown Several policemen
two plnlnclothes men or bulls as
they nre called ID this quarter wit
lIe lcd tho tragedy Thu assassin darted
Into n doorway filtered through n nar
row hall nnd vanished as completely as
If the earth had swallowed him The
Sings held a council of war that night
and Mock Duck reminded his trusty
band of highbinders of tbulr ootbtell
Longs for one Sing That night a
celebrated Chinese tragedian was billed
to mako his first appearance In the
Chinatown theatre lucldnulally one of
IUMO tniffwllcj runs n year before the
full pM of the play Is finally unfolded
ti the audience
Ton Uc II several of his wisest
to mMlor vro among the audience
Miifwbiu u number of Outs Lcuues of I
Tackling a dummy no parlor trick as It
s heavy the earth la hard and the momen
tum of the player himself Is great If the
enthusiasm of the candidates lags a Jersey
and letter In the colors of tho colleges
most bitter rival nre sometimes fitted on
the dummy nail the players told to show
what they would do to It should It be n
real rival Instead of a dummy
A week of this sort of training bas got
ten the men Into fairly good condition
and allowed the coaches to make n ten
tative selection of players for the scrim
mage practice between the first and
second squads From each n team U
picked each afternoon nnd a regular foot
ball game Is begun Every man of any
promise Is given n clinncu to get In the
game on one squad team or the other
rite lineup Is changed constantly men
being tried lu several different positions
before being weeded out as not worth
developing further In a comparatively
tdiort while the conches have two teams
of picked men with substitutes for every
position on both of them
By this time the training table In In
full swing The candidate cat their
meals together where their diet Is care
fully watched by the coaches nail train
ers They may have as much wholesome
food calculated to build brawn and In
crease their weight na they want but
desserts sweets pastries etc arc barred
Soon the day for the first game of tho
season rolls around The manager of the
team elected by the plnyers the previous
season has arranged his schedule with
other colleges so that his team ploys the
weaker opponents first gradually work
lug up as the season progresses until the
moat hated rival Is played at tbe end of
the schedule when the team Is logically
In Its best form
As the first game Is generally an as
sired victory the coaches nre enabled
to shift their players around trying sev
eral men In each position und thus gut
a line on the work of each under tins
The strength and weakness of the team
as n working unit Is determined null
steps nru taken to remedy tho defects
In practice the following week If tbo
team fumbles the ball repeatedly It Is
certain the next few days practice will
be devoted to passing and falling on the
ball If a certain position Is shown to
be weak In the game the coaches la
the ensuing practice direct especial at
tention to tho player or players Who
occupied that position
At sometime during the season n fall
lag oft In tho condition and ability of
the players Is noticeable This Is called
n slump and Is due to the natural re
action from a period of unaccustomed
rigorous training Such n state of af
tl IrS Is the bone of existence of every
coach In the business It Is a critical
n d cregf
H2 CA 22ltOWn I
Tom Lee
lesser light At n given signal several
men arose and scanned tho audience
They wero nil Hip Sing As ono man
they shot When the smoko of battle
cleared len Leonga lay stretched upon
the floor of the little theatre cold In
death The tragedy on the singe was
not Interrupted and ran on to Its con
clusion but to this day the murdlre of
tho ten Lcongs aro still unnpprohended
Tom Leo bad a miraculous escape but
his cent was pierced by six bullets
It Is an open secret among the police
that Chinamen Invariably chose a
weapon of ono pattern nnd calibre A
blue steel 41 Colt sixshooter IK their
favorite engine of death This ho carries
In his bnnd and with arms folded across
his body the hnnds tucked Into the
opposite flowing sleeve he shuffles nSong
The gun Is panned and cocked for In
stant use A Chlnamnn never shoots
nt long range lie always gets clone
to his man and then pokeS the gun Into
his ribs null blazes away Morn often
he has shot while tbe hand grasping the
gun Is concealed In his sleeve Of course
when a killing Is planned all the mem
I bers of the tons arc aware of the fact
I and they crowd around the murderer
while the gun Is passed from man to
man until It Is In safe bands Mean
while In the hubbub that arises the Teal
I murderer makes his escape
Many visitors to Chinatown expect to
see scores of Chinamen stretched out In
n stupor In the opium dens that they
think Infest the district Opium 19 smoked
to n considerable extent in Chinatown
but for more opium dens flourish In other
sections of the city than In Chinatown
The few that arc there are far Iwlow the
surface of tho street and none but Iregu
lam are permitted to visit them China
town Is cntncombed with wcrct passage
ways far beneath the surface of the
streets and many of these shacks have
ng many as six subrcllnr beneath them
The whites who infest Chinatown cause
the police far more trouble than diceCc
leHtlals They are luvnrlably the very I
lime and fortunate Is the team mat ex
PrlcncoM Its slump early In the sermon
At last the great rlnrthe day of the
contest with the star rlnlIII nt hand
The players arc sent to bed early and
Instructed to forget nil about the game
until the morrow They go to bed bat
orgcttlng and uot worrying and won
Bering who will win la another mailer
Only the most experienced players are
lice from nervousness I1nll even they
arc by no menus Immune
The trainer nan personally examined
every mnn and done everything In his
power to put him In lit condition The
couches have finished their work except
for the field Instruction In the game It
self of course It la op to the men
If they win they are heroes It they
los no one feels the sting of defeat i
more keenly thnn they
At noon n light lunch only IK eaten
Everyone Is on the qul rive The picked
men are going over In their minds tht
lest Instructions of the conches point hj
point and wondering If they will bi
equal to their tasks The substitutes
arc hoping and praying they will have
a chance to get lu the game
Just before the game In the dressing
rooms when the men have donned their
habiliments of battle the coach maker
n final speech appealing to their college
patriotism and reviews his most Import
taut Instructions
the quarterback
over n number of signals with the backs
and the manager nnd trainer are Hying
hither nod yon attending to the last dfr
Finally at a signal they tilt ont oh
tho Held pass the ball around while tM
captains toss for goal and possession
tbe haiL Then they line up the whistle
sounds and tho great game IK ou
Then follows the execution or fnllurt
to execute the many esoteric points the
spectators do not see A seasons work
Is being tested The gains nod losses
the mistake and successes all exert two
Influences encouragement for the fortu
nate players despair for the loscrn Up
and down the field the battle wages the
conches ever on the alert to substitute
new player anti proffer advice and In +
struction In the Intermission between the
halves In the end the best team wins
nnd the football season Is brought to a
close with joy for one nod sorrow for
the other
There arc several changes In the rules
this season that are well worth repeat
Ing A goal from the field now counts
three Instead of four as last year Tho
forward pass remains unchanged tho
only alteration being that the rules now
make It clear thnt there Is a one lying
behind the scrimmage line In which
an end may stand anti by assuming tblt
position be not eligible In any event to
receive n forward pass This position Is
more than one foot back of the lino of
scrimmage but leas than a yard
One of thu most Important changes II +
that a side having a kickout may
have the option of taking the kick or
having the ball down for a scrimmage on
Its 25yard line In this way a team that
bag been forced to make a touchback has
n chance of pulling out of Its predica y
ment Formerly they were forced to
kick the ball out to their opponents The
referee must not blow his whistle this
year to Indicate n foul as any blast of
the whistle Indicate that the ball In
dead The referee must also stand be
hind the lino of offense
scum of the earth for when a man or
woman strikes the downward path and I
becomes steeped In vice and crime they
always drift Into Chinatown
Religious fanatic have felt JtIhelr
duty to reform Chinatown For every
reformation thor effect therea genuine
and sincere reformation anywhere from
one to a dozen young white women arc
sacrificed With few exceptions the
young and attractive white girls sent to
Chinatown to work In the various mis
sions established there sooner or Inter
fall a victim to some unscrupulous Celes
tial From then on these girls become
the Chinamens slaves and there they ore
kept In their miserable dens fed ou
opium and rice whisky until they sluk to
the gutter Their good looks gone nuil
their senses steeped In opium and whisky
they finally find their way to tho psyco
pathlc ward on Blackwells Island nu <
there end their days In the workhouje
Nearly every minister In New York city
Is alive to the perils that assail young
women In Chinatown nnd their cry tudiir
Is Keep white women out of Clilnui
town I
i I in i
Snow on St Bernard I
WA OTW1THSTANDING the fact that
iy the heat Is extremo at the base of
12 St Bernard the top of the moun
tain Is covered with snow all the time
l costs Sbr
The monastery on St Bernard
000 unuually to keep up and this money
Is partly collected In Switzerland and
partly derived from tbe revenue of the
monastic ordor It Is estimated that over
0000 tourist paH by the monastery t
yearly When the first heavy snows come
In September the mountain paths are
marked by poets 20 foot apart When
these posts are covered with snow and
disappear other ore attached to the Cups
of them The irrcjitcst damago on the
mountain cornea from the heavy salty
which blow all winter long

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