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I I t lizWvP1b S ES
if I f I
I JY They wear best where the wear f
ro Z1l G is hardest Made of selected
7 p f leather specially tanned to resist
j 1 f exactly the kind of wear a healthy
I sC 1 boy or girl will give th em
i I 6 HI Two layers leather arc sewed In at
I i rl r u the tip instead of one to prevent the
I t ujry toes kicking out The soleD arc
1 of extreme toughness
1 r I Mayer Special Merit School Shoes
are made to fit a childs foot in a comfortable naturnl way
that will prevent foot trouble In Inter years yet they are
1 stylish and good looking Only t b e genuine have the
o r Mayer Trade Mark stamped on the sole
I 1 FREE If you will vend UI the name of a dealer who doer not
° handle Special MerltSchool Shoe we will tend you free poit
I paldn handsome picture lire ISxJOof washlncrton
i We also make Honorbilt Shoes for men
Leading Lady Shoeo Martha Washington
Comfort Shoes Yerma Cushion Shoes and
Work Shoes
I i
I I A Photo That Looks Like You Is a Joy Forever I
i That Why Our Let us convince you that our
i work is right Come in and look
1 1 Photos Are nt some of it You dont have to
I I j Appreciated buy Bring a friend
Cut out this ad and bring it with you and wo will give you one photo
I i j free with each order
A J Blum Presiding Judge W M Murray startor
Ogden Ut Nov S 1909 Seventh day Weather clear Track fast
I FIRST RACE Five furlongs selling fourvearolds and up Value to
first 100
lad I Hone IA IWljSI I 1f I I S1 1 Fin I Jacluy I Op1 01
251 nunsum 5109 I 1 11 21 1 Johnson 5 S
245 Esther 3L 4 104 1 R4 I 1 3nkl 2h Thomas I 3 2
241 Sunrise a 109 t G I 7 iYz13 lYl funro o 8 15
262 Salina a 109 61 5 1 G 2 611 4nsSmILh fil 4
I 16 B Taylor a Lid tll 9 S 2 5 9 Rencamp 5 2 r 2
264 Athgold j411213 7 1 51f 6 1 G 14 Nelsol1 2 S 5
253 Bernardo 41091 2 lr H t 2 r 7 2 Frach 4 6
2i7 Byron 1109 ij I 3 1 3 2 4 1 S 31lcCul 8 10
264 Altair J 109 S S 21 8ns 91 91Roonoy 10 20
AL post 5 min Off at 2 or rIma 25 5T15 lUI 45 tart good
I j Won easily Socond driving Third handily nun mm pI 3 sh 32 Es
they pl 45 sh 25 Sunrise she 3 ScratchedBelden Lancashire lad
11 WInner hm by KlntstonHatUc lrowbrldge Owner PocnLello Stable
Trainer J Bishop Runsnm a good one went to tho front nt once and
I breezed all the way Esther M well ridden gamely stood olr Slnrlo
i Latter dropped from clouds Bernardo had speed
SECOND RACESix furlongs selling threccarohls and up Value
to 115
first I
t Ind 1 Horse IA IWLI S 3s I h I ai I S1 I Fin I Jockey lOp I CI
2Gli IYelCoot 3105 3 2 1 1 1 1 21 21fdSmlth 1 2
264 Fountain I 3100 1 1 Ii 2 2 22 1 Gargan G 10
213 Antara a 109 1 J 1 3 I1h 3 2 3 lUwraa11 4 5
2JG Jerusha a1109 6 7 i G 2 Ins Nelson 5 2
25S M loblo a111 5 5A G 1 7 5 Bledsoe GI 10
t 262 Spdoollc a1109 71 G 2r Snil d4i 6 Andrews S 10
t C 256 Magnlflo 112 2 12 1 41 I fink Wilson I 11 2 2
At post I min ore at 325 TUlle 25 15 50 15 116 95 Start
j good Won easily Second and third same Yellowfoot pi 710 sh 13
1 Fountain pi d sh 2 Antara sh 45 ScratchedJane Laurel Sam Bar
I her Winner ch g by Yellowfoot Foollight Owner G H MIssmnn
Trainer J Coffey Yellowfoot went to tho front when ready and just
i breezed Mabel ran an Improved race Antara did her best Magnlficlo ran
u disgraceful race
c THIRD RACE One mile selling three year olds and up Value to
L t first 115
lad I Horse jA IWtjS l I Y I i St I FJn1 Jockey I OP ICI
262 KalsrhffI 4107 1 1 1 y 1 21 14 11 1 2Munro 2 1
262 Liberto a 102 4 3 11 1 3 1 3 I 2nsIGargan 5 G
P 260 Mossback 1107 3 22 2 1 2 1 211 3 Wilson S 5
J 259 R Rivet 5107 5 G I 73 j 4A Ph 4 3Andrews 6 G
269 Salpearl 1 5112 2 5 1 5 5 l 5 2 5 Corey 3 7 2
264 Contbn 1 111121 71 7 31 6h 1 GJh G1I 6 3 lcCul 6 G
254 AArB 1 31112 61 1 11 3 1 i 4 7 1 7 Johnson 2 7 2
256 Taora 1 a1112I S l SI SI S S S Smith 1 5
At post 3 mIn Off at 352 Time 25 16 51 15 116 144 Start
good for all hut Tavora Won cleverly Kal6erhoff pI G5 sh 35 Libel
to pI 2 sh 1 Mossback sh Ji Winner ch g by Lord EsLerllngHol1c
Owner and trainer J McPherson KalsIhoff cane Into his OWn today set
his own pace and won as he pleased Liberto ran an Improved rice Moss
back may have been a trifle short A lgArBen badly ridden had 110 chance
I FOURTH RACESix furlongs three year olds and up Value to first
InilL Horse IAIWqsl I I ai I St Fln1 Jockey I Op1 CI
251 Valencia a 111 1 1 1 2 11 111 1 1iSmith a 5
255 lnclemnt 3110 3 1 2 12142141Tilson 41 6
I 360 IElmdalo 511i 2 I 31h 3 111 3 14 3 IOtls 6 s
267 JlIloLt h 611061 JI I d 3 4 1 t1h 1 flRoonor 61 2
2j4 I Alteliberg 31101 5 G 1 I 2 Ijh JhlNelson 6 G
2ljfi Raarla 1 41111 i 2 5 3 C 1 G 2ITlwmas 31 5 2 I
259 IRj Royal 1114 6 I fih Ghj 7 2 Ins Murphy 4 G j
254 C Sarto I aI114 Gi S 81 8 SIRencmnp G 41 6 2
At postl min Off at 421 Tiate 26 54 115 15 Start poor
Won easily Second and third same Valencia pi 2 sh 45 Inclement
pl 2 sh IT Elmdalo sh 65 Scratched Bouton Rose Daly The Mous
er Winner bm by Woolsthorpe norlre Owner Irwin Bros Trainer
A Rick Valencia set all hor own pace and never was in trouble Inclem
t ent ran a good race Elmdale taken wide most of the way Jlllett has gone
back Ravarla ran a dull race So did Sarto
FIFTH RACEFour furlongs selling threeyearolds nnd up Value to
first lflO
Inct I Horse IA I W I 1 14 I I 01 I St I Fin I Jockey I up Ill
I X267 NappaI 51151 3 2i s 1
n 1 U oj 71 l JI tiEunro S 2 I 3
I 03 St Joe a 11 1 12 4 1 22fCorer 2 3
23 B in Bush t 410i 1 1 1 f 3 1Snilth 61
261 Chelpcl r 6112110 1 5 2 551 116 Nelson 4 4
215 Llherale ar109 0 G 1 Gnlel 5 1 Frach 101 10
G2 Chanute I 31O3 5 1 7111 7 G I homas 1 4
1 fir S Gregg j n 10i 7 10 S1I 7nlell1l1s II G
1 I 2p1 SLanhope I 3 loa 91 1 9 I 9 3 S Andrews 10 10
I 2Ga B Brady I II0il 81 8 2 1J 9 21Wllson 3 3
= 263 IMaywth I 611121 j IJI
21 3 11 c lOJohnon S S
At post a pin Off at iM Timo
vll u nuu 5 iu ov jt > Start good Won
driving Second and third easily Nappa 111 sh 12 St Joe pi l sh
r Ft 12 Bird sh 710 Scratched Aquiline Kismet Jr Miss Mcaumonter
a Winner It h by Solitaire IIAlmn Dale Owner and trainer L F OLeary
Nnppa quick to catch her stride followed Bird to stretch and then easily
I stood oft St Joe St Joe closed well Bird had a world of speed May
worth ran out
SIXTH HACFSlx furlongs selling threeyyear olds and up Value to
first 115
i fttl Horso IA I wqsl Y I V I 1St I Fu11 Jockey lOp I L
2GIPr ton8n 1 a ll1 G 211 1 2 1 Ink Taylor 3 2 a
1 1 tHrtlau 4111 4 1 11 1 2 1 1 2 lWrach 1 4
I g 1 n0 Luxurlo 411111 21 11 10 I 11 3 1f 3 21 G 8
n0 Oaafan ajll1i 3 I Gnk 5 I Ii 2 I 2 Pauley J 2
57 Sin Inn will1 i 7 1l 11 t u 5 111Bonuts fi S
44 55 iSi ICliih I will 1 84 i I 2 G 2 G 2 Nelson G J
GIIHolln I j1111 S 8 S S 7 I J ° boson S fj
2 al rq Slono 4110 I 51 1 714 711 S Nelson 61 G
F At post 7 min Oil at 623 Time 25 35 50 a 5 117 Start good
VJ Won driving Second and third easily Pretension pi 05 sh 35 Hy
I mug pi 1 eh 12 Luxurio ah 1 Scratched Dr Slayer Winner bg by
OrlllUmb Vanity Owner H AMorcer Trainer S J Kelly Pretension
caught Hyumn tiring and outgamcd him at undo Hyman did his beet
Luxurio ran a good race
Handsome boas are theirs of mam Notd shown this fall
are unusually
bint III rnrnlilmtlton ttltii ostrich
handsome Russian nets with
M inv cf fur hoa an nude of I metal
mara In
frtlotn fin anon the most atrlk
I mint In
lIJhLluJ toltn
i 1 In of the taur > ones
f I
Kansas City Nor S Packy Me
Farland the Idol of the Chicago Stock
Yards district was given the decision
over Cyclone Johnny Thompson of
Sycamore Ills In a whirlwind fight of
ten rounds here tonight
The battle was that of a scientific
boxer who was able to hit and get
away against a man whose main as
set is slugging and who would not
got near enought to his shifty oppon
ent to land
In but one round the second was
Thompson able to send homo enough
telling blows to make It appear that
his strength would carry the fight
homo to him But with Packy haw
ing on ducking and making the most
of his wonderful foot work the Cy
clone could not corner him After
that round there was little doubt as
to the outcome although Thompson
took a brace In the last 3 rounds and
did some good work
A mighty shout of approval went
up at the end of the tenth round
when Referee Joe Coffey of Chicago
raised Packys right hand signifying
that ho had won Then a few o f
Thompsons friends clamored for a
draw but the decision was poular
In the main
Wearied by the terrific pace of
the battle McFarland did not realize
that he had won Two minutes after
the decision had been rendered ho
hurried across the ring to the pres
box and asked Did I win
When assured that ho was the vic
tor a broad smile overspread his face
and happy as a school boy he danced
back to his corner saying gleefully
I Two gotten rid of the last man who
blocked my path for a scrap with
Thompson expressed the opinion
that he could defeat McFarland in a
longer fight
It was the general opinion about the
ringside that neither was In shape
to stand a long gruelling battle
Round lBoth advanced with cau
tion Thompson led with a left and
was blocked Thompson landed light
loft to stomach McFarland felntnd
with left and crossed with stiff right
to Jaw McFarland landed two upper
cuts and crossed with a hard right
McFarland sent right to eye Thomp
son rushed McFarland to the ropes
McFarland landed hard right to car
as gong sounded Even round
Round ThompFon rushed Me
Farland to the ropes and sent a hard
right to ear Packy returned straight
rig Jab catching his opponent on thn
jaw Thompson rushed McFarland to
the ropes and referee broke them
Thompson landed two hard rights to
the jaw staggering McFarland They
clinched and McFarland hung on des
perately and seemed weak Thomp
sons round
Round McFarland landed right
to Jaw They clinched Thompson
landed good right to body McFar
land drove right to the Jaw and stag
gered Thompson Thompson rushed
McFarland to the ropes McFarland
uppercut hard with his right and bor I
ed In landing three stilt uppercuts I
McFarland seemed stronger at tho
end of the round
Round MeFnrland opened with
a savage right upporcut to jaw
Thompson bored in but could not
land McFarland landed two rights to
jaw McFarland sent hard right to
jaw and right to heart Thompson
rushed McFarland to ropes Thomp
son rushed McFarland and recqlved
two uppercuts Thompsons right ear I
was badly puffed at end of tho session
and McFarland was bleeding at the
Round Thompson came In with
a rush and met a short right Ho
landed two straight lefts and crossed
with a right The mon exchanged
rights McFarland uppercut with two
savage rights they clinched and ho
sent In another Thompson drove
a right to the body and McFarland
returned a right and left but they
lacked steam
Round Thompson carried the
fight to his opponent and landed a
hard right to the jaw McFarland
backed away but when Thompson
tried landed two staggering rights
McFarland drove a light right and
left to Jaw as the round ended
Round Thompson landed good
loft to body and swung right to jaw
McFarland staggered Thompson with
right to jaw and followed with a
left Thompson rushed McFarland to
ropes McFarland landed the hardost
blow of the fight a right uppercut
to the jaw sending Thompson back
Thus far the fight was in McFa lands
Round SThe men came from
their corners with a Jump and clinch
ed Thompson sent a loft to the body
and seemed trying hard to regain
lost ground McFarland appeared to
be tiring He sent hard right to the
jaw and Thompson missed a right
McFarland pelted Thompson on top
of head and Thompson asnwored with
staggering right to jaw McFarland
had tired perceptibly as the round
Round 9Thompson waded jn with
a right McFarland landed right to
body but Thompson chased him about
the ring Thompson drove in hard
right both mon fighting hard They
exchanged hard lofts and rights as
McFarland backed away McFarland
was bleeding profusely from a cut
above tho right eye when the gong
ended tho round
Round I0Thompson refused to
shake hands and they wont to a
clinch Thompson rushed McFarland
to the ropes McFarland drove a left
to jaw McFarland sent a right and
left to the head but they were weak
Thompson rushed but received two
hard rights to jaw Thompson lauded
a hard right as the bell rang
Memphis NO Crhe practical ad
mission of tho California state leajgue
an outlaw circuit to the National
association of Major League and
minor baseball leagues was the re
sult of the last days session of the
National board of arbitration here to
day Tho board spent the day discuss
ing the terms under which the Call
fornians will be admitted
J H Ferroll secretary of the Na
tional association and Frank Her I
mann president of the California state I
league were appointed a commission
to draw up the agreement under
which the new league Is to be ad
mil ted The agreement will be sub
mitted to the National board and If
approved by that body will then go
before tho entire association tomor
row for final action
J Cal Ewing president of the Pa
cific coast league and Dr Hermann
had a conference before the question
went before the National board It
was decided that the new league shall
share three cities with the Pacific
coast organization Nonconflicting
schedules are to bo fixed nnd San
Francisco Oakland and Sacramento
will have two teams as a concession
to got the Callfornlans Into the field
This agreement was approved by the
board Stockidh Fresno and probab
ly San Jose will be the other cities
to make up the six club circuit of
the California stale league
The title to sixtyone players will
be decided by the national board and
the title to five players by the Na
tional commission
These players are men who arc
either under contract to or on the
reserve list of some national agree
ment club and went with the Cali
fornia stale league while it was an
outlaw organization It Is expected
that tho majority of these cases will
be decided without trouble but the
majority of these cases will be de
cided without trouble but the Nation
al commission will have to be called
on In several cases where major
league clubs are Involved
Four National League clubs Chi
cago Brooklyn New York and Pitts
burg have claims on players now
In the newly admitted league Chi
cago has n claim upon outfielder
Smith of Oakland Brooklyn has
a hold upon pitcher Stricklctt of San
Joso and third baseman Sheehan of
Oakland Plttsburg has a reserve
claim on first baseman Noalon of Oak
land and first baseman Pfyle of
Stockton Is wanted by New York
The National board will resume Its
session and the entire National asso
ciation will meet tomorrow
It was decided that contract jump
ers must remain In tho California
state league for four years while
those who have broken their reserve
contract must remain for two years
When any of these players are sold
or drafted during the four years one
half the money will go to the Cali
fornia state league and the other half
to the National association Tho min
imum purchase price In these cases
must equal the drafting price
Tho new league will be admitted
in class B
Phlln Nov STho University of
Ponnslyvnnla football team began Its
final preparations for Michigan this
afternoon No radical shifts will be
made because of the poor work I
against Lafayette Hutchinson how
ever will bo substituted for Scott as
Particular attention was devoted to
the ends whom the coaches blamed
for the weakness the quaker attack
In the Lafayette game
Lntonia Results
Latonin Nov SFirst race six
furlongs Sir Ormonde 11 to 5 won
Milton B 13 to f5 second Colonel
Ashmeade 9 to l third Time 113
Second race mile and a sixteenth
soiling Dextrine 5 to 2 won Plume
9 to 5 second Lady Hill 7 to 2 third
Time 148 25
Third race six1 furlongs selling
Descomnets 3 to 1 won Grenade
20 to 1 second Congo 7 to 2 third
Time 113 2 it
Fourth race six furlongs Ethel D
7 to 10 won Handzarella 3 to 1 sec
ond Don Diaz 15 to 1 third Time
114 25 1
Fifth race mllo and an eighth
Molesoy cven Tyon Grecnbrldgo i
to 1 second Cull 5 to 1 third Time
154 25
Sixth race mile selling Banrldge
ft lo 2 won Kokomo 5 to 1 second
Mystifler 5 to 2 third Time 141
Reno Nov Nov SA E Talbot
the gambler and sporting man of this
city who was shot by his wife ten
days ago during a quarrel over the
settlement of their properly rights
preliminary to an action for divorce
d leel yesterday evening Plonro pnon
muola said lo have been superlnduc
ed by the wound In his right lung was
tho cause of death Mrs Talbot is I
still In jail here and will be formally
charged with the murder by the dis
trict attorney today
Almost every new style In the way
of a finish to tho neck Is found In
tho new sweater coats Some but
ton high up around tho neck others
have turnover collar while others
have no collar at all
Gold and silver tissue Is used as n
lining to sheer net yokes and sleeves
Every Claim is Backed by Local
Tf the render wants stronger proof
than the following statement and ex
perience of a resident of Ogden what
can It he
J AV Browning 581 22nd St Ogden
Utah says I believe the exposure I
underwent at different times during
my life caused my kidney complaint
Aboul ten years ago I felt the trouble
first There was a pain In my back
especially severe when I ovorexerlcd
myself About five rears ago the doc
lojs lold me I had dIabetes and I be
lieved this to be true as my kidneys
were in a terrible condition Tho kid
ney secretions were unnatural and
filled with sediment and the passages
were entirely too frequent I was
obliged to get up from len to twelve
limes during the night on account of
this weakness and my health steadily
i an down I lost forty pounds In
weight and felt tired and listless My
back pained me n great deal and I
had rheumatism In my limbs A few
months ago I heard about Donns Kid
ney Pills and began their use Before
long I was In good health I have In
duced several of my friends to take
Doans Kidney Pills nnd I know ono
case where the contents of two boxes
effected a complete cure From
statement given March 7 1907
MI Browning was Intervlewod on
July 2S 1909 and said Although I
am now soventseven years of ago
mv health Is excellent 1 have never
had an attack of kidney trouble since
Doans Kidney Pills cured me When
ever I have the opportunity I give
this remedy my endorsement as I
consider It lo be a specific for kidney
and bladder dlUlculllcs
For sale by all denlers Prico HO
cents FoslerMllbnrn Co Buffalo
New York solo agents for the LJnllcd
Romomhcr the name sand
lake no other
New York Nov SHeav sklo
and a steady drizzle outside detracted
nothing from the brilliance of the first
night of tho twentyfifth national
horse show at Madison Square Garden
Judging began this morning at 10
oclock but society did not fill the
boxes until evening Costumes wore
not startling this year and there was
more Interest In horses than In the
I gowns
The only mishap occurred late to
day Judge William H Moore of New
York was just pinning the Blue ribbon
for horses shown In harness to his
bay gelding Flourish when the ani
mal reeled and diving his forefeet
Into the Judges stand upset chairs
broke a table and bowled over a gor
geous flunkey Judge Moore regained
control without leaving his seat and
drove Flourish out
Judge Moore was again winner pf
a Blue ribbon In the class for novice
harness horses with his Lady Seaton
Gangolt of C W Watsons Fairmont
Farm took second and Quicksand
another Moore entry third
The classes were so largo that they
had to be shown In squads and judg
ing was much delayed George Wat
son with Indian Flowers a chestnut
mare won a Blue ribbon in tho class
for novice saddle horses Judge
Moore was again to the front with
his winning fourinhand Phyllis
Aamarlllla Chiqulto and Thornsdale
Second went to the Fairmont Farm
quartet of which the famous Ringing
Bells was one
Among the Blue ribbon winners In
the judging of early classes wore Ja
cob B Perkins of Cleveland and tho
Willlsden farms of New Centorvllle
Pa The Willlsden twoyearold hack I
ney aGtlon TInkner Bell took first
prize In the hackney class
Toronto Can Nov SThat the
American Federation of Labor will
stand by President Samuel Gompers
Vice President John Mitchell and Sec
retary Frank Morrison In their fight
to escape jail sentences Imposed In
the District of Columbia for contempt
of court was Indicated today by the
altitude of delegates In attendance at
the annual convention It Is apparent
that the committee on presidents re
port will recommend that the case bu
carried to the supreme court of the
United States At least this Is the
expressed opinion of mnnv delegates
Delegates vigorously applauded sal
lent points In Mr Gompers report
summarizing the Buck Stove and
Range Injunction case and the con
tempt proceedings that followed
Mr Gompers In his report dis
cussed a wide range of labor Issues
and those of Secretary Frank Mor
rison and treasurer John B Lennon
showed that organized labor has made
substantial gains In tho last year and
that the federation has a balance of
1115303 In the treasury
The conventions attitude toward
the factional strife among members
of the International Brotherhood of
Electrical Workers was shown today
when the credential committee re
ported in favor of the faction headed
by F J McNulty and declined to scat
James J Reid of the Eric Pa cen
tral labor union president of the In
surgents and other delegates from
organizations from Ohio lown Ala
bama and Michigan whosO charters
have been revoked
Thomas L Lewis president of the
United Mine Workers of America ob
jected to the adoption of the com
mittee report as a whole and at his
suggestion delegates against whom
there was no protest wore scald the
convention taking up others for sep
arate action President Gompers
ruled that only organizations In good
standing were entitled to representa
tion in the convention and It did not
take long to vote after seating repre
senlnllves whoso organizations char
ters had been revoked
James P Egan of Toledo repre
senting the Ohio Federation of La
bor one of tho rejected delegates
tried to address the convention when
President Gompers gavel came down
with a hang as he declared Mr Egan
has no scat In this convention II
It Is predicted that the dissatisfied
electrical workers eventually will air
their grievances on the contention
floor They contend that their char
ters wore revoked before they had
an opportunity to appeal to the con
President Gompers said these ap
peals would form n part of the report
of the executive council tomorrow and
that appeals would be heeded by com
mlllces The greater part of tomor
rows session probably will be de
voted to tho report of the executive
council and various committee ap
Paris Nov SWlth the opening
today of the second week of tho trial
of Mine Stelnhell who Is accused of
murdering her husband Adolphe
Stejnheil and her stepmother Mme
Japy the public interest In the re
markable case is higher than ever
No direct evidence Implicating the
prisoner wIth the crime yet has been
adduced while the conflicting stories
told by thc witnesses and the brave
duel of the accused In her fight
against the Judge Is turning the sym
pathy in her favor Mme Stelnhcll
professes to have the greatest confi
dence in her acquittal The prisoner
though looking haggard was consid
erably calmer after a Sunday of re
pose Mme Alanzlo wife of one of Stein
hells models and Dr Archary the
Stelnhell family physician though
called by tho stato both testified In
favor of accused The former Insisted
on tho frenzied condition of the wom
an on the morning after the crime
and the doctor contradicted the tes
timony attributed to him before the
examining magistrate
Dr Archary testified Adolpho Stoln
hells death was due to strangulation
and that Mme Japys resulted from
asphyxiation Because of tho manner
In which tho bodies were bound tho
doctor suggested one person alone
could not have committed the mur
ders I
St Louis Nov SThe gimlet
hurglar who has boon robbing West
And many other painful and
RISING distressing ailments from
which most mothers suffer
can be avoided by Using
S RB S Tcan that s Friend This rem
edy is Godsend
a to expect 0
ant mothers carrying them
through the critical ordeal with safety No woman who uses J
Mothers Friend need fear the suffering incident to birth for it robs it
the ordeal of its dread and insures safety to life of mother and child i r
leaving her in a condition
more favorable to speedy re 1
covery The child is also
healthy strong and good
Our book eonialnlnp Tilaa
nature Wo information will be tent
fnM by writing to
a AtUnta 614 c
p t 1
0ts 1 I 1
F t
tT f i t r J a I
Anty Drudge on Mending
Mrs Houseiuife I seem to do nothing but mend and
darn all the time Half the clothes are full of holes
after a few washings
Anty DrudgeIts the boiling of your clothes in the °
wash that causes you all this work Dearie Boiling
weakens them and makes them soft just as it does
meat or vegetables Use FelsNaptha soap in cold
or lukewarm water and the clothes will wear much I
Did you ever year homespun Prob
ably not but your parents did Oldtime
clothes were coarse and tough able to
stand the boiling and rubbing and pound
ing of the oldfashioned way of washing
The delicate fabrics of today wont
stand it Perhaps your clothes are boiled
and rubbed hard and that is why they get
frayed edges tear easily and wear out
before their time
FelsNaptha soap is the modernway
of washing I t cleanses clothes thorough
ly in cold or lukewarm vaterno boiling
no hardrubbing little time
Follow directions on the red and green
< 2
o t
Rrouir Rlaht ttronir night Itlct3t Wrona Rlllht Vron
nn Wu trap tiro Star tray Tray TOY
Formerly s
I Now
V c r 8100
i REBORN is tt > ondcrful nen invention that straight ns round
I shoulders without discomfort or stoppage of circulation
REBORN always expands the chest two to five inches positively
preventing lung trouble by compelling deep breathing I
REBORN increases the height by straightening the body
REBORN gives women a fascinating figure with or in place of
corsets without their unhealthful effect
I REBORN gives a man that erect commanding appearance that
stamps him as young energetic and successful
REBORN is light and washable weighs only three ounces and
j you hardly knoll that you have it on only when you stoop it gently
reminds you to brace up
I REBORN is extremely comfortable and straightens you up gently
I being free from the unpleasant effects caused by other braces
Put REBORN on your childrea and they will grow up to be well
proportioned healthy men and women
Price SI Moil orders filled Send chest measur
I Badcons Pharmacy Ogden Utah
End homos In St Louis for a year
and a half was shot dead by William
F Mnnulon a watchman In the yard
of Colonel Edwin F Bnldorfs homo
6057 Washington boulevard today Tho
burglar a negro was surprised by the
watchman as he was trying to enter
James Kavanaughts residence next
door to Baldorfs The negros IdonU
ty has not been established
Mathews Woods Forgonsen Grig
ware and Golden the men charged
with holding up the Union Pacific
eastbound Overland Limited at Mud
Cut In the suburbs of this city on
May 22 last and robbing the mall car
of several registered pouches
Attorneys for the defense In their
opening statements announced they
would endeavor to establish an ablll
for the prisoners It was announced
I stand that the defendants would go on the
Omaha Nov SThe government I Princess rorms prevail for dinner
rested this afternoon In the trial of dresses and evening wear
Only One BROMO QUININE that is
Laxative Bromo Quinine i lS l I box on every Zc
Cures a Cold in One Day Grip in 2 Days c
Q iiI = l NiiiI
r I

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