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jlu Jftawto
Entered 03 secondclaso matter
at the PoEtofflco Ogden Utah
under Act of Congress March 9
Published Dally except Sundays
by Wm Glasmann
One Month In Advance5 78
Six Months In Advance 425
Twelve Months In Advance 800
Advertising Rates
for the
Formulated Feb 1st 1909
The Same Price to All
I c Q 1
I I r t
CI r
d c
Circus IT
Rnlc S g
d 3 g
JUBt v = U l
Ono ci go
Tlmo = =
c tcc
Ad to
< II I
4 run cr a C rr 0 = 0
P Once week 5 =
A d o E 0 c
Aru p 0 S c g g Ir
Twice wee1 0 J Po = sg
c o i
4 Adto g
ccuc u = C
r run r c 0
E 0 tAd 1 C r
j t 1
All to =
I 0 8 cr C = 1
run g
g = 2
Ecry day t a g I
J C L ° oi i
tD riI
co Oi
dc C1 i
0 = oJ >
1 I = i C 3 I
H o
= o E = C1I II
u = 0 l 0 < >
= b t
g o H
s cj II C U 0 I
rEe oc L tJ
g =
Vj 8 g L 00
1 X 0
i 8 g
o j g =
b oEg u t
U E E E g s So
< 3 r u I
g2 0 = c 1
5E j
ii I J Qc 0 I
< < < 110 = 110
A great stream of money is flowing
out of this city going to eastern
C I I ics
And how Is this Impoverishing flow
to he slopped
The people must bo made to feel
that Ogden prices arc reasonable
UtiC that confidence In our local
hmisos cannot be inspired while It Is
general knowledge that a combine
rules and dictates prices destroys
competition and crushes opposition
Tho very knowledge that thero is
a trust IB destructive of confidence
and by reason of that lack of faith
people are disposed to seek escape
However instead of attempting to
cure the evil by sending the surplus
money out of this city the consumers
should demand the dissolution of the
combine That will bring a better re
sponse and save Ogden the depleting
effect of spending money elsewhere
Tho grocers of the city should be
the first to see such ill eftecls to which
their policy is driving them and they
should gracefully turn back when
called upon to do so
As was predicted the Oklahoma
bank deposit guarantee law Is working
nut rather as a shocking than a use
ful example In finance says tho Boo
The largest slate bank in the sLate
was examined September 1st and
declared perfectly safe A short tlmo
after it failed owing depositors nearly
3000000 and while perfect confi
dence prevailed among the depositors
it Is becoming evident that there IB to
be no such walkover In getting their
money as thoro was when a small
bank failed and depositors were paid
off forthwith In the bank at tho limo
of the failure wero about 500000 of
public funds including 50000 of the
guarantee fund itself of which all
told there was supposed to be about
300000 with which to pay 3000000
Tho bank had large deposits from
country banks which Instead of get
ting back their money on demand are
being assessed for cash to pay other
depositors Tho public can find out
nothing about what the state authori
ties are doing with the bank funds ex
cept that they arc paying off small
depositors In full and letting largo
depositors whistle That may be hu
manity but It is
not much of a guar
antee of bank
deposits Things arc
booming now in Oklahoma and it is
supposed that somehow the thing will
be muddled through but it Is evident
to all that If such a failure should
cur In a panicky time one bank might
destroy all the banks
The lynchingofthe negro and
whiteman In Cairo Illinois is tho
most barbarous outbreak of which
an American mob has been guilty
Women were leaders In putting the
negro to death cutting ott his head
carving out his heart and distributing
the bloody rope as souvenirs of tin
Those outrageous acts are as shock
Ing as the heinous
crime which stirred
red the people to indignation and
fury I
and were tho motive not the defense I
of tho homo would be wholly
unjustifiable and Inexcusable As It
Is a crime against society has bet a
committed No doubt tho work of
tho mob hag brutalized hundreds
who participated for tho first time in
shedding blood and unlawfully taking
T the life of a human being If the act of
murder did not quite serve to make
tho mob brutal then tho souvenirs
will do that which was left undone
f and store in the fifth ds thoughts of
anger hatred vengeance murder
And thoughts after a Lime become
Tho crime of the mob will be
provocative of crime In years to com
Mothers will transmit to sons tho
passion of that hour w > an a negros
head Impaled and a negros heart
dripping blood were displayed In tho
streets of Cairo to the screams of ap
probation by women
That old plenum of a Roman arena
with the women In the galleries
thumbs down eager to witness the
blood spurt from a fatal wound Is
a companion piece for a picture of
mob in Cairo
No one Is grieving ovei the fate
of tho negro He forfeited his life
the moment his murderous clutch
fastened upon his victim but there
Is deep concern over the effect
mobocracy has upon the people gen
The Europeans have a keener sense
of utility than Americans They arc
quicker to take advantage of new dis
coveries Hero is an account of the
people of an old mining camp in Aus
tria planning to make a resort where
the waters of the old silver mines
closed years ago can be used for bath
ing purposes by those who desire to
obtain the benefits of radioactivity
Though radium IBa discovery of the
last few years and Us curitic 01 medi
cinal properties aro yet to be deter
mined tho foreigners St Joachims
thai Austria nc advertising the bene
fits to be obtained from a dip in the
water lowing from the pitchblende
veins of tho exhausted silver mines
Pitchblende is the raw ore of uranium
which contains radium
This Is a suggestion which might
be acted iiion by some of our own sil
ver mine owners who have pitchblende
eins on their propcitles
Although the medical profession is
widely at variance as to the value of
the radium treatment of disease It Is
iiuilo generally conceded that good re
sults have been secured by its use
vln regard to the water taken from the
mine Director Joseph Step says
The radioactivity of the water
from tho Jouchimslhal mine is decid
edly stronger than the Gasticn waters
or the Bohemian hot springs The
Carlsbad waters ary from SS5 down 1
to JO volts Marionbad from 15 to
152 TopliUSchoeiiiiu from 151 to 72 I
and Franzorisbad from 222 to 20 The 1
St Jonchlmsthal water shows an en I
tirely different result There are sev
eral galleries in the mine and water
from one has a different intensity
from any of the others as follows
Entrance tunnel a level from the side
of the hill to the main shaft 751
olts Uarbara level IHO and second
Werner level 1270 volts for 1 liter
and 15 minutes I have found water
In the Danilll gallery of more than
12500 volts So It is apparent that the
water at St Joachimsthal is by far tho
most radioactive of all
The radiated electrones of radium
are absorbed by gas air and water
Such air and water are said to be
radioactive Radioactive water docs
not contain any radium in solution It
has only absorbed the radioactive gas I
This does not last long and In order 1
to be retained must not ho exposed I
for any length of time to the air
How difficult is the process of ob i
taining radium from pitchblende is ex
plained in the report of the American
Thirteen grams of radium chloride
have been produced at the Imperial
Austrian radium factory located at St
Joacliimslhal It Is estimated that
this mineral has a value of 45000 to
50000 a gram or moio than half a
million dollars for the entire amount
Pure metallic radium is never seen
but is always In combination The
bromide or chloride Is extracted from
pitchblende by repeated reductions
This latter mineral is taken from a
workcdout silver mine near St
Joachimsthal a village In the Erzge
birgc about twelve miles northwest of
Carlsbad Before the Thirty Years
war the mine was operated by various
owners but was abandoned when the
vein of silver became exhausted The
properly camo into the possession of
tho Austrian government and the
pitchblende has been mined during the
last 50 years for the uranium which
is its principal mass 01 about 50 to 90
per cent of the whole This Is used
In the manufacture of decorated glass
and porcelain Its yellow oxides arc
employed by glass manufacturers to
give a delicate greenishyellow tint to
glass and the black oxides arc used
as a pigment In porcelain painting
The colors arc exported extensively
and sell on an average for 12 a
At present about 100 men arc en
gaged In mining the pitchblende
which Is found in small seams They
work In the mine oight hours a day
and ho rest of the time cultivate
bniall farms in the neighborhood As
the mine and radium factory have
never paid the government and divi
dends they are operated largely for
experimental purposes and partially to
give employment to these extremely
poor people Tho annual output of
the mine Is about 400 cwt of pitch
blende equal to nearly 100 cwt of
uranium ore Jt requires approximate
ly 10 tOilS of pitchblende to yield 1
pram of radium bromide which Is
l tained In thp residue after the uranium
is extracted In the process 11000
pounds of chemicals and 110000
pounds of water arc employed
In order to oblnin radium bromide
more than a thousand crystallizations
and reductions have been made in the
factory These require from a few
hours to several days each growing
more difficult the nearer the approach
to the rudum chloride
Omaha Nov l1Gul1l as found
In the Indictment is the verdict re
turned tonight by the Jury in the caso
of D W Woods Wm Mathews Law
rence J Golden Frank Grlgware and
Fred Torgonson who have been on
trial in the federal court charged with
holding up and robbing the mail car
of the Overland Limited train on the
Union Pacific on the night of May
The jury was sent out at five oclocll
In the afternoon and the verdict waa
returned four hours later
The penalty for tho crime Is life Im
prisonment Attorney McForlnnd sig
nified his intention to rIle a motion
for a new trial and was given until
tomorrow morning to prepare it
Woods was tho only one of the flvo
prisoners lo say anything With hid
usual gusto ho declared Well they
would have hanged us If they could I
Paris Nov 11That Mrs Stcinhcll
aided by some unknown accomplice
murdered her husband in order to ob
tain her freedom to wed the wealthy
and infatuated Maurice Borderel but
that tho killing of her stepson was
I unpremcditaled and merely an inci
dent to the tragedy is the theory of
the slate as outlined by Tronurd
Riolle judge advocate In opening thc
argument for the prosecution this aft
Driven to desperation by her finan
cial and domestic situation Mrs Stein
hell saw in Bordorul a savior with
whom onco rid of her husband sho
I could live In luxury as wife if possi
ble or mistress Seeking to simulate
in a graphic manner that her husband
I had been assassinated by burglars
who had bound and gagged herself
and her st < M iiiollior he argued tho
defendant had hrnticht Mine Japhy to
her home but In the fovovTsh hasl j
the binding of the mother had been
overdone and the murderers found her
dead when the slaying of Stclnhcll had
I been accomplished
The judeo advocate admitted that
I the crime of parricide did not appear
I lo be sufficiently established but ho
was convinced that the prisoner had
called her husband and had assisted
in his murder The prosecutor joined
in the earlier declaration of M Do
Valies presiding judge that he would
raise before the jury time general ques
tion of the complicity of the accused
This was Interpreted as an acknowl
edgcment that the evidence was not
sufficient to maintain the charge that
Mine Steinhell was the principal and
therefore he would ask for her con
viction as an accomplice
Time judge advocate will conclude
his argument tomorrow afternoon M
Aubln counsel for the defondant will
follow nnd a verdict probably will bo
returned on Saturday
Washington Nov 11 Strong rep
resentations on the part of the stato
department have resulted In the re
lease by the government of Honduras
of the American gasoline launch Per
las which was seized and held at
Puerto Cortez
Tho launch which is the properly
of the Port Perias banana plantation
company of New York was recently
pressed Into service by the revolu
tionists of Blueflelds Nicaragua
When the launch arrived at Puerto
Cortez enroute to Puerto Barrios the
vessel ran out of fuel and was
obliged to put in Ono passenge
was on board and the launch was
seized by the Honduran authorities on
the ground that she carried a sym
pathizer of the Nicaraguan revolu
tion and that her clearance papers
were irregular
The United States however insist
ed that tho vessel be returned lo its
owners but only after repeated rep
resentations was the restoration ac
There seems no doubt that troops
of tho Nicaraguan government now
fighting the revolutionists have in
vaded Costa Rica on the southern
bank of the San Juan river The gov
ernment of Costa Rica the state de
partment is Informed has asked Nic
aragua for an explanation
Recent developments seem to Indi
cate that Honduras Is in full sym
pathy with the Zelayn government I
and that she has given substantial
aid In the operations nj iinst the rev
olutionists This would be a viola
tion of article 2 of the Washington
The state department Is watching
dovelpments in the disturbed section
Costa Rica Is believed to be acting
In good faith and Zclayns invasion
or her territory Is thought to be with
out her knowledge or connivance
Dispatches to the slate department in
dicate that the revolutionists are
making substantial headway
Stockholders of the Overland MinlnJ
mind Milling Company attention
At a meeting of the board of direc
tors hold in Ogden City Utah Octo
ber 25 1009 an assessment of ono
mill per share was levied against tho
capital stock of the corporation the
same payable Immediately to the Sec
retary at C7I 23rd street Ogdcn
Utah If not paid on or before Novem
ber 2C 1109 the stock will bo adver
llsod as delinquent and If not paid
with costs of advertising on or be
fore December 11 lOOP sufficient
shares thereof will he sold at public
auction 071 23rd street at i oclock
p m of that day lo pay delinquency
cost of advert Isfng and expense of
Washington Nov 11 Commander I
Albert Glavls of St Louis was to
day designated as naval aide to As
sistant Secretary Winthrop lie will
succeed Read Admiral John Hubbard
who has Just been appointed to com
mand the third squadron of the Pa
cific fleet
1 L12e WIre
Conducted by
How dye dcf
They say
That the press
Has thrown a bomb Into the camp of
the retail trust
And that it will die a natural death
That tho common people are rejoicing
That the forest reserve forces are
working overtime preparing maps
on Utah and Idaho for tho gentle
men who will soon convene in
And thai
Certain land holders in this city
May find in the future
That they have been misled
That Mr Cook of the force is not an
admirer of Idaho restaurants
That Ogden Is home sweet homo to
That the Burr sisters who hall from
Are going to have some holiday goods
como direct from home and that
consequently I
They have many admirers at present
Thai State Treasurer Mattson got a
crick III his neck looking at tho
Metropolitan building in New
But that ho did not ouy any green
That TL S Butt thinks that Ogden Is
all right
That there is gloom in the city hall
That Supt Mills of public sohools is
on to his job
That Interest in racing Is getting red
That Slpes of the forest reserve force
Is home again
And though a Methodist
Has strong thought about stage
That there are many changes going
on in the railroad olllccs
That they dont reduce tho price of
Dear Editor What Is a good name
for our nowborn son His father is
In the trust
Answer Rob
Des Moines Iowa Nov 11 Sen
ator Nelson W Aldrlch of Rhode Is
land chairman of the national mone
tary commission continued his series
of western addresses on finance hero
tonight In a speech before the Bank
ers club
Des Moines is the home of Senator
Cummins ono of the insurgent Repub
lican loaders but ono of those who
expected tho Rhodo Island senator to
made any uncomplimentary allusion to
the Iowan were disappointed Mr
Aldrich spoke especially of the grow
Ins importance of the West as afford
ing the best reason why people of
Iowa should demand a stable banking
system Senator Aldrich gave more
attention than heretofore to the Im
portance of commercial paper in ftc
banking systems of Europe In dis
cussing this feature of foreign bank
ing Mr Aldrich said
In Germany all notes taxed or un
taxed must be covered by an amount
of specie equal to onethird of tho
total issue and an amount of bank
able bills equal to the other two
thirds Those bills are what we would
call commercial paper They must
bear the name of two solvent parties I
and must not run for more than nine
ty days to answer tho standard fixed
for bankable bills In France they
have a provision that bankable bills
there must bear three names and
must have the same limit as to limo
as the German bills In Great Brit
ain the custom is to require two names
of English citizens one of whom must
be acceptor Of course you aro
aware of the difference in terminology
of our commercial paper and theirs
Our people use promissory notes ei
ther with a single name or with In I
dorsera They give a form of obliga
tion with mortgages and sometimes
with collateral wlhch Is perhaps ftc 1
closest approximation to our form 01 I
promissory note There if a dealer
sells a customer any article the mer
chant makes a draft upon the purchas
er and that draft is accepted and the
paper Is known as a hill of exchange
It Is for a real transaction and those
bills are bankable and they are the
foundation of tho credit system of the
countries I have named
Mr Aldrich explained that in re
ferring to foreign banking systems ho
had no Intention urging the adop
tion of any of them
In making this statement to you
as to tho character of those banks I
do not want to leave any opportunity
for any misunderstanding whatever
he said It is not the purpose of tho
commission certainly is not my
purpose to try to make any part of
the American people bellee that any
of these systems could bo adopted in
the United States certainly not with
out important modifications
The habits of the people tho rela
tions between banks and borrowers
and banks and depositors the 25000
independent Institutions In the United
States all related to the development
of various communities must be con
sidered and no system can be adopt
ed In this country that does not rec
ognize that tho continuous existence
of banks and the prosperity of their
business must be maintained
If we have any credit organization
at all we propose that It shall be the
servant and not the master of existing
banks Any institution or organiza
tion that we may adopt must be ono
that can be fitted into the existing
syfctcm and any changes at all rad
ical in their nature and I am I
to think that in some respects we
shall have to make some changes that
will he scientific and radical in their
character must be amMo with a view
of adjusting them to our existing ays
IJclln ham Wash Nov HJohn
F Logan held in jail at Colviilo I
Wash charged with the murder of his
housekeeper and the cremation of her
body has been identified < is Frank
Romandorf wanted here for the mur
der of John F Logan at Maple Fail
in the autumn of lOt
For two years alleged proof that Ro
mandorf committed the murder haa
been held by the police here but tho
man could not be located
Logan and Romandorf were neigh
boring ranches near Maple Falls In
October 190C Logan disappeared and
a few days later was followed by Ro
mnndorf shortly afterward a letter
was received which purported to come
from Logan telling a friend ho was
on his way to Germany His ranch
was deeded to another man and tho
proceeds were sent to the supposed
Logan A year later portions of Lo
gans body were found evidence point
Ing to Romandorf as the murderer An
attempt had been made to cremato
the body in the forest on Logan3
San Franclaco Nov 10 Nearly
half a hundred uniformed patrolmen
plain clothes men and detectives aro
patrolling the streets and alleys ol
the Chinese quarter tonight In the ef
fort to prevent a continuation of tho
Tong war which has cost five lives
since the first of tho month The
stores and dwellings of the members
of the Yea family and On Ylck Tons
men are closed and tho diminished
numbers of Chinese on the streets In
dicates the tension In tho quarter and
the expectation that the gun men are
but biding their time to renew the
blood feud
The discovery that two of the throe
Chinese killed last night met their
death through mistaken identity one
of thorn not being an On Yick as was
supposed by his assailants hut a mem
ber of the Blng Kongs the most pow
erful and influential Tong on the
coast and the other one according
to the police apparently having been
killed by gun men employed by his
own clan and the issuance of war
rants charging Gee Kong Ong pres
Ident of tho On Yick Tong and Tong
King Chong secretary of the Chinese
Free Masons numerically tho strong
est organization among tho Chinese
in America were among the develop
ments of the day Both the latter
arc believed to be In hiding as tho
detectives up to a late hour tonight
had been unable to locate them
Tong King Chong Is editor of tho
Chinese Daily Free Press the organ
of tho Chinese revolutionists in this
country and is said to be an influen
tial member of the Chinese reform
party oC which Dr Sun Vat Sen for
whose head time Chinese government
has a standing reward of 50000 ia
the leader Chong is well educated
speaks good English and during the
war between the Chinese Educational
society and the combined Tongs sev
eral cars ago moved out of the Chi
nese quarter because a price of 5000
was offered for his death
It Is not claimed that oil her Ong
or Chong fired any of the fatal shots
but members of tho Yee family al
lege that they were Instrumental in
the Instigation of the murders I
Should the Bins Kongs join the
fight from motives of revenge in re
prisal for the death of one of their
number last light the coast will wit
ness the greatest Tong war it has over
PHOTO COUPONSBefore buying
or using coupons already purchased
see the SOc dozen photos at The Tripp
StudiQ It will save you money not lo
use your coupons I
Mrs Pettlt wife of Captain Pettit
6f tho Salvation Army called up the
iSxamlner yesterday and told of a pit
iful cue of destitution in this city
Mrs Pottit called this paper up to
make an appeal to the good citizens
of Ogden to see that the family are
taken care of and to assist thorn in
seeming raiment and food
The family resides at 2128 Jeffer
son avenue In a little two room
house The children of which there
are three the oldest one being seven
were running around in shoes that
wero no protection from the elements
There was little food In the house
and but one lump of coal was in tho
bin The father was lying In bed
cerlotifily afflicted with rheumatism
rnd the mother who had strived to
keep the family by working out had
worn herself out and t now nearing
a phyuical breakdown
Mrs Pettit called on the famllv
and look them some food for last
nights supper and this mornings
breakfast but as the coal yards were
closed she could not secure them any
fuel and the brave little mother said
that she would try to make the one
lump do through the night
Time Salvation Army asks the kind
hearted people of this city to send
supplies to the family as they arc In
most dire need Whatever can be
sent to the family should be and If
any person does not care to send it
directly to the house the Army will
get the contribution and sec that It
is properly placed
Before tho close of next month
through freight trains will bo In op
eration on time Western Pacific rail
road This statement wail made yes
terday by Charles H Schlacks the
It will be some time later before
through passenger service will be in
augurated on the new road The spec
ial train the first to be run over tho
new rond came Into Salt Lake Wed
nesday afternoon with VlcoPresldont
Schlacks General Manager Charles
M Leo and Engineer T J Wyche
of the Western division as passengers
The exact date when passenger ser
vice will be opened on the now road
has not yet boon determined It Is
the intention of tho officials to test
the roadbed thoroughly by running
heavy freight trains over tho line for
several weeks at least so that Limo
track will bo settled and entirely safe
for tho operation of passenger trains
Although the road is practically
completed at this time a stretch of
about eighty miles of track rcmaliiK
to be ballasted before passenger
trains can be operated at any speed
with safety
The officials of tho new road went
back lo San Francisco yesterday Be
fore leaving It was announced that the
appointment of officials would not
be made for some time
Medbury Idaho 10000 acres choice
laud Caroy act Round trip rates
via 0 S L Nov 13th to 15th See
agents for rates and particulars
While soutache braid Is holding its
own rattall braid Is glowing exceed
ingly popular
DEVISE Invented by Hal C Drummond and W J Blake both of thorn are Utah boys
FAIR 1909 I
The Board of Directors have decided to place on the market for the Benefit of lh i f
Public 2000 shares of the Treasury Stock at 50c per share for 10 days only
TIME Now is your chance to get in while it lusts This is a fully paid company non
assessable Patronize Home ndustry
i a
f mi
> SOfitmrirJ 1
Showing working parts of
Full view oC machine machine
o L 1
mproved Aeriator Company
For references and information see Hal C Drunmiond Reed Hotel also rooms 1S10
Eagle Blodc Salt Lake City
KEFER13NCES Utah National Bank Salt Talc City I
I = r 11
Denver Nov 1iSeized with vio
lent convulsions during her trial on
time charge of attempting to secure
100000 from Mrs Genevieve Chandler
Phipps on the threat of death by dy
namite Mrs Allen F Read lies at
the point of death at the home of her
sister Miss Jennie Campbell tonight
Mrs Read who is a victim of a drug I
habit first collapsed during the noon
recess but was icvived and reappear j
cd at the afternoon session A few
moments later she again become un
conscious and was removed to tho
homo of her sister
Mrs Phipps the complaining wit
ness again took tho stand today and I
was crossexamined by Mrs Reads
attorneys In answer to questions re
garding methods by which Mrs Read I
had secured an interview with her
Mrs Phipps said that Mrs Read had
told her that a spy In the Phippa
household who was endeavoring to
secure material for a sequel to Joseph
Medlll Pattersons A Little Brother
of the Rich had been placed thero
by Henry Phipps of New York an un
cle of her divorced husband Lawrence
Phipps in an effort to prove that sho
regarded money far beyond her child
ren and that she was an unfit person
to have the custody of hor two daugh
In spite of the grilling crossexam
ination Mrs Phipps adhered strict
ly to the story told yesterday Sho
again told of how Mrs Read had pro
posed to return the amount she at
tempted to force from Mrs Phipps by
Insuring her life for the same amount
and committing suicide by djnnmlto
while visiting a marble quarry
Mrs Read was surrounded by alien
ists this morning and should she ho
able to face the tribunal after her col
lapse today her attorneys will Intro
duce tho plea of Insanity
Mrs Phipps1 two daughters lichen
and Dorothy the first of whom was
held as a hostage by Mrs Read while
her mother negotiated the securing of
the money from the bank sat in tho
court room during time trial this morn
ing accompanied by Mrs Phipps
Wash father C H Chandler of Belllnghnm
Toronto Nov 11 Affiliation ot
tho American Federation of Labor 1
with tho International Labor Congress
of Europe and other international I
bodies was proposed in a resolution
presented at todays convention meet
lug of tho Street Railway Employes of
America Fifty resolutions in all were
offered at the close of the session
Ono resolution Introduced by the I
Piano and Organ Workers suggested 1
that tho time has conic for the wago
workers to become a factor In politics
and urges the early formation of a
labor part
The longshoremen want tho deeD
waterways projects throughout tho
country Indorsed tho street railway
men would have the convention de
clare in favor of a universal label for
al affiliated organisations the Ala
bama State Federation wants tho es
labllshincnt of a national tuberculosis
sanitarium considered
P J McArdle president of the Iron
Steel and Tin Workers introduced a
resolution requiring nil organizations
affiliated with tho federation to
arClaterl wih fedorton con
trbute 25 cents a year per member
for the creation of a national defense
fund In aid of organizations engaged
in strikes or boycotts I
I A feature of tho day was tho re
port presented by John Mitchell on I
behalf tho I
of special
committee ap
pointed to Investigate the subject of
industrial education I
Some of the late winter hat models I
show the use of silk ribbons woven
with gold threads 1
Honolulu Nov 11As a result of
numerous complaints nnd reports that
Japanese and other poachers aro
slaughtering large numbers of birds
for their skins on Layson island an
order was received from Washington
today directing that the lighthouse
tender Kuknl proceed to Layson to pa
trol It nnd other islands northeast of
Honolulu as a revenue cutter At the
some time a ruling was received from I
the treasury department cancelling tho I
lease of Laysan island made by tho
territory to Captain Max Schlemmer
The department took the ground that
the territory had no authority to least
the island
This action on the part of the treas
ury department is understood here tim
mean that Laysan and many other of
Limo smaller Islands northeast of Oahu
upon which vast numbers of birds
mako their home will he made u bird
reserve and Is to be patrolled by n
revenue cuter against poachers to
prevent the extinction of the birds
Washington Nov 11 Secretary
Nagel of the department of commerce
and labor In discussing tho functions I
of the naturalization division of his
department took a position opposite I
from that embodied in n recent ruling
of Chief Campbell of that division I
on the naturalization of Syrians
Mr Nagel declared that tho func I
tion of the naturalization division was
to present the facts and not to at
tempt to force any particular interpre
tation of the law
Mr Nagel said there wa3 no reason
for any action on the part of the
department antagonistic to any race
of immigrants
Court decisions have been rendered
In states as far apart as California
Louisiana and Rhode Island favor
able to time Syrians
Durham N C Nov l Miss
Maggie Hutchins died here last night I
of pellagra making tho tenth victim
of the disease in this city She was
the the second malady white patient to die from
j OrrQne Cured ftrnof
I Her Husband Now Spends Hie Even
ings at Home
She bought Orrine from the druggist
in her home townshe bought II after
reading the Orrine Free Booklet In
the Booklet she read of the woruloful
cures of drunkenness which were ac
complished by the aid of Orrine On
page tel of the Booklet she read tho
liberal guarantee to refund all money
paid for Orrine If It failed to effect a
cure After reading the Booklet ehc
became convinced that Orrine wan a
remedy of unusual merit She decided
to purchase it and cure her husbinl
of drunkenness Orrine cured him
Now sho is a hal wife in a happy
hpnif Orrine helped to purchase the
home Read the following letter from
Walter K Schmidt Co SI Canal St
Grand Rapids Mich
For a number of years we hate
been agents for Orrine During that
I lime we have had occasion to be con
I vinced beyond a doubt that Orrine is
a reputable remedy worthy of recom
mendation One of the many cases
coming to our attention a mechanic
earning 2250 per week who had not
taken a foil pay envelope hOle for
river five years wau induced to try Or
vine a complete cure being the result
The man became worth mol to bs
tlrm receiving an advance In pay ami
has purchased a home The house
stands hOle showing the merlin of
Orrine We cannot help but feel that
wo were most fortunate when we se
cured the agency for this reliable
liquor cure
Orrine Is prepared In two forms
No 1 a powder absolutely tasteless
and odorless given secretly In food or
drink Orrine No J In pill form Is
for those who wish to cure themselves
Orrine costs only 1 a box The guar
antee is In each box Write for Free
Orrine Booklet mailed in plain sealed
envelope to Orrlno Co 991 Ovrlno
Building Washington D C Orrine
is for sale in this city by Badcons
Pharmacy 2421 Wash
They know Orrine is a reliable and
efficacious remedy for drunkenness
and they will not offer you i substitute
Ermine will be used more for even
ing than for day wear though some
of the black fur coats show pretty flat
collars made of this fur to offset the
dead blackness of tho other fur
W llJ rp Qc J
I 9to12am
Specia for Saturday
Any womans suit in the house for
39Q J j
These suits did sell at 1000 to 3500 each First come
first servedonly one suit to a customer
We will sell a line of childrens shoes both heavy calf i
school shoes and viol kid double solo shoes from 5 to 9 12 r
for95 10 to 2 for119
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