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L 1 11 i f j l i
i Tree Tea
isUncolored and complies
with all Pure Food regulations
A tea to be high
quality must be first crop
must be mountain grown must be uniform
Tree Tea is I
first crop
mountain grown
0 always uniform
Beware of imitations
New and complete machinery
the best work at the most
raaionablo I
We clean everything and dye I
We go after the good
Wo return them
All you do Is to phone us
Bell 9871 IND 344
We want you to have one
of our 1910 Calendars
Please have your name
registered for one when
making your next pur
chase at our store in No
vember I
2453 Washington Aver e
jlI I
Successor to Allen Transfer Co
J C Slade Lessee
403 25th St Both Phones 321 i
of it Is Just thia
OUR Dry Cleaning Is everything
we claim for it It will clean
your garments of EVERY speck
spot and stain will return tho
fabric to a spotlessly clean con I
dition and do this without any
detrimental effects to the fabric
Launderers and Dry Cleaners
437 25th St Phones 174
Tho Superior Electric FLttiron
Best on Earth Is sold by Snively
Hcndry We also carry an up
todato line of 4ana Call and BOO
Snively Hendry
Bell Phone 731 2450 Wash Ave
I a
Clears Your
Head In
pplrablt of
KoniUtri r hoi
JeHr njmiul > nlnt b
iioftrtlt narrup ljci v
III Dnbiirniir mirtlllodoachaor
p nfl ooIt4rig pie lafli
ll Ill ckarjoarhMd Initanll Bretls cp
M In a few Lou n cores all form of citrrh
Ask Your Druggist
flrfrfennle prorr oir ittranle il claims bM < J on
tiyc nC onr 11JnJtu 1111 IIIIc2
llmtljtotlitMiKwirfXcnltrUM m Unt rrllef Tbo
htravtncit > rt > ta > xl niv l ikllirhUul rcnIy known
Lontjiin noi xnlnorotberliirmfiiliriiir ThoKKtulKi
ronfnlni tljrrc n ir n 11111 na tac V tub 15WM
dt1 c3 e11 l > < ia roij lao f fsmpoor writ
Ifcndon AIlo > Co Minneapolis Minn
fimuumiJiiinTiiiiiqiuiiyniliaillUlUIU Iill
Ki9s the
R Vel dale
Hft PB enl
fha is the
rTI mt t
32 25th Qt
Meals same prire 13 Broom Res
uiurant Ppcclnl Dinner 25c
Lunch frntu 11 to 4 p m
Dinner from 4 to S p m
h r l U J < Jo
f >
I 326 25th street I
Wires to all tracks on all
Sporting Events
J nt9
330 24th Street OGDEN UTAH
Danderine Korluwondcrtl ItproduceB
hair Just as eurely as miD
end sunsblno raises crops It produces a thick
Krowtlr or luxuriant hair when all otbe rem
dies fall Wo nnrantco Danilcrlno All drug
pUts soil It LOc And i per bottle To
prore Its worth vend this ad with JOe lu stamp
or silver and wo will mall you a large fIO o
Chicago 111
tI4 ti
IR i
1 tU 7r
Or rather the wants of your Live
SlQck to GROUTS 13e our need
large or small wo arc prepared to
give you quick service with only tho
beat of goods
Hay and Grain
J tT1 t1t3i 1I1r1
X t J1 Jrt lSf o181
JI lJlrr t1 ol I > uld kIlo
l 1wt ce lron1IUcl
I 1 i1 nVEL YhirlingSpray
tttJ 11 JV <
n rc JCIloe1conttll
7 It It cI CJ
c l3UlUT
An your drozrtIUor
H 10 CAnnot If
t il
tb r b t cl
JllClID4l bookI r I IIIrlT I9
fall particular ocil dlr riioij in I Il
81f IIQ7r
Tlnablo lCci M K hi llt
41 Lotji w vuxiv > OKIC
I In one of the most bitterly con
tested races ever run on any track
I the IrwIn Bros nice filly Fore sec
oud choice in tho betting yesterday
took tho feature event of a good card
at the Ogden track by the shortest
kind of a nose from Anna May the
King Eric more once owned by the
Jlalney BIO and a star on the New
York tracks not so long ago Tho
nice was a handicap affair put on JH
a special treat for those vho came
out to see them perform and It was
well worth the price of admission
from wire to wire To further on
liven the event Gresham the third
startur lifter breaking on even terms I
with the other two crossed his lega
and fell an accident that probably I
materially altered the manner of the
I running of the others
The weather was colder even than I
usual and tho crowd slim despite tho
splendid offering by Manager Mur
ray Liberal prices were on tap for I
those who cared to play Salt Lake j
outdid Ogden In the matter of attend
ance but Monday usually is an off I
day and no great throng was expect
ed Tlo feature of the day was the i
nplendil starting Mr Murray getlinq I
I them off with f6w delays and in per
fect alignment Always a masterful I
handler of the barrier the starter had
an exceptionally good afternoon yes I
The victory of Fore under the mug I
mflcently judged ride by Manders
where any mistake would havo been I
fatal camo as another to the credit i
cf A Rick trainer of tho Irwin Bros I
horses at SL Joe later In the after I
noon Increased the lead gained by j
this stable In the matter of winnings
The Irwin horses which have started
ed more times than any others at the
track have been the most consistent I
performers ever seen in the state run
ning almost all their races exactly I
alike much to the credit of Rick who
has them in perfect condition
In the special race Fore opeived I
choice at even money but the play
on Anna May soon made her favop I
ftc while Gresham was neglected I
They broke to the perfect start with
Gresham on the Inside The start
was at the turn and Gresham just
straightening out crossed his legs I
and fell throwing Corey who arose
Immediately and walked in unaided
Meanwhile Fore had caught her
stride most quickly and was leading j
Anna May by a half length on the In i
side Wilson hurried Anna May a lit I
tle and the two passed the stand on
even terms Around the turn Fore
kept In close and in the back stretch I
had opened a gap of a scant length on
Anna May with Wilson biding hid
time Here he sat down to ride and
Anna May gradually closed up until
the pair wore on oven terms again
as they turned for the wire It was
a great race and tho spectators wero
cheering wildly Fore bore out car
rying Anna May with her and when
the two had straightened again thu
Irwin filly was in tho lead Wilson
went to the whip and Apna May
gamely coming on once more began to
eat nil the lead Fore was stopping
and Manders went to a hand ride I
Anna May was going great guns at
the end and the two went under the
wire so close together that only the
judges separate them Fore get
tllg the verdict
Sam Barber and Antara drew tho
play in the opener and these two had
the race between them throughout
Sam Barber led past the stand the
first time but gave way to Antara
which was in front to the stretch
whore Barber coming on again cas
H drew away and won by three
lengths Antara beat Yolo a length
for the place
The third furnished a big upset
when Dorothy Ann came down tho
easiest kind of a winner Wlnebcr
ry was favorite and after they had
made the first circuit of the track
with WInobcrry in the lead by four
lengths It seemed to ho all over
Murphy however took the horse in
the heavy going and he began to
tire allowing Dorothy Ann which
had led the pursuit to assume thu I
lead Dorothy thereafter always hold I
the field safe and camo along to win
by a couplo of lengths from Liberto
Lady Alicia which had trailed tho I
feld most of the way closed with a
rush and finished third Wineberrya
race was very bad I
The talent went to Chitterlings in
the fourth taking even money but
the winner turned up in St Joe which
lay alongside Chitterlings the first I
part then drew away and won as ho
pleased by nearly three lengths Chit
terlings beat the fastclosing Dorian i
1 Prince a length for the place Orif
lamb fror a bad break ran a great
race closed a world of ground and
might have won with better racing
At home in the going J T Striloa
Eel a speed marvel which generally
stops at a half mile went fivetights
in tho fifth and beat a good field
handily Eel rushed to the front
right after the start and opened a
gap of three lengths followed by May
Bride Sam McGlbbon camo with a
rush in the stretc 1 and catching
Eel stopping all but got up being
beaten a half length for the money
May Bride was third two lengths
away and as far In front of Dr Row
I Small fields make up the card this
afternoon with five good races sched
uled and the Ogdcn Tovcrs of racing
should enjoy more than ordinarily
good sport No compllmeutarles are
good today
The horses which appear to have
the best chances arc
First race Tme Sir Egotist Mon
slo Moblc
Second race Arlin Oriflamb Billy
Third race Valencia Slyvla U
Arthur Hyman
Fourth raceDorIan Prince Maud
McG Dorothy Ann
Fifth race Black Domino Osalan
One best bet Dorian Prince
New York Nov 15The greatest
star In football today Is Ted Coy of
i Tale The same thing could have
boon said last year with just au little
fear of contradiction Ho proved It
at West Point Only a few days away
from tho surgeons knlfo this young
Jlcrculcs saw hjs team weakening iq
J beanie wHJ1 tho army Tearing
away from the coaches he leaped into
I tho fray and within tap minutes had
completely changed the situation
West Point was torn into shreds and
I Yale came out an easy winner Seeing
i that his work was well done Coy retir
j ed from the game and repaired to the
side lines where ho took a little
more time to recover from his illness
Ted Co as timid as a school girl
when off the ground is a terror In ac
tion He forgets everything but the
fact that Ynlo must win and the Prin
ceton line remembers to Us sorrow
I how an attempt was made to stop his
I vicious rushes a year ago
Exports say that Coys great power
Is In his legs He weighs less than
I 190 pounds and he Is only 6 feet 10 12
Inches high The proof that his won
derful power Is In his legs Is shown by
his marvelous punts He is the great
est kicker In tho world It is on Coy
that Yale depends for n complete
string of victories this season
Camp Discovers Coy
The wonderful career of Ted Coy
as a football hero began four years
ago when as a freshman ho stood
In the middle of the Yale field and
sent a drop kick whirling between tho
goal posts 55 yards away This oc
urred when the varsity team was
taking a rest and the freshman was
being permitted to romp over tho
gridiron for exercise
Who Is that boy 7 one of tho
coaches asked of Walter Camp
Wait a minute replied Camp
Watch him He is about to try a
puntWith a pistonlike drive of his log
he youngster stuck his too Into the
ball and It went spinning across tho
field for seventy yards
Why that kid is a marvel ob
served the coach Who Is he
That Is Ted Coy a freshman re
plied Mr Camp He is a son of
Professor Coy principal of the school
at Hotchhlss Conn an old Yale man
Dont you remember his brother
Sherk Coy who played on tho var
sity some years ago
Totally unconscious of the fact that
he was attracting attention from tho
varsity coaches Coy continued to
make those wonderful punts His log
apparently had the force of a pile driv
er No matter how ho kicked tho
ball the terrible force behind It
would send It skimming over space
The coach walked out and tapped Coy
on the shoulder
Try and kick a high ono straight I
toward tho post suggested tho
coachWhy II
Why II stammered Coy wasnt I
I doing It right
He trIed agaIn and again but he i
was so covered with cnibarrassmeiu I
that his kicks fell shorter and shorter
As soon as he got a good opportunity
the freshman quietly slipped off the I
field and nobody saw him for two or
three days After being noticed by a
varsity coach he was too timid to
oven don a uniform
Tho freshmen were not long in
learning of Coys ability however and
two weeks later he appeared in tho
lineup of tho lower class team To
this day they talk in Yalo of how ho
ripped up that opposing line as if it i
was mado of cardboard I
The next year Coy reached the
height of his ambition and appeared
with the big Y on his shirt front r
That fall ho tore the Princeton line I
into ribbons and turned defeat Into
victory Last year ho did the same
thing carrying the whole Princeton
rush line on his shoulders <
It is pretty hard to figure how
Coy could not be a great player says i
James Hogan tho former Yalo cap i
tain but his failure to be looked up
on as a world wonder his first year
was due to his own shyness Coy la
a natural punter He could kick juSt
as well when he started as he can
now Coaching has been of little
avail to him I
Yes said Hogan Coy Is to C t
all what Wagner Is to baseball
They are natural born players You
will notice that Wagner swings a bat
loosely and different from every other
batter He hits at tho ball as ho
pleases and he always drives it hard
Ho bats his own way It Is the same
with Coy Nobody ever taught him
how to kick Ho simply takes a looso
swing at the ball with that powerful
foot of his and no matter how ho
strikes it the ball goes and goes hard
Ho can hit it on the top on the bot
tom or In tho middle It shoots for
Card just tho same It is the great
power behind it That is his own
way of kicking and as ho is the best
kicker Yale ever had nobody can as
sume to himself the duty of trying
to teach Coy anything about his pecul I
Inr art I
Latonia Nov 15First race six i
furlongs purse 300Slr Ormonde
to 5 won Col Ashmeade 12 to 1
second Long Hand 1 to 1 third I
Time 114
Second race six furlongs purso
300 Sister Phyllis S to 1 won I
Chalice 10 to 1 second Plume 9 to
5 third Time 111 35
Third raco mile and a sixteenth
selling Osorlne 7 to 2 won Lud
hiana 10 to 1 second Lad of Lang
don 1C to 5 third Time 145
Fourth nice mile selling Kiddy
Lee 12 to 1 won My Gal 3 to 2
second Hatchie Coons 3 to 1 third
Time 141
Fifth race seven furlongs Nlabus
7 to 10 won Bonnie Bard G to 1
second Pocatollgo 7 to 1 third
rIme 125 33
Sixth race mile and a sixteenth
Mamie Algol 7 tel won Huerfano
i Ogden Nov 16 1909 Thirteenth day Weather clear track heavy
AT Blum Presiding Judge W M Murray starto
FIRST RACEFour and onehalr furlongs tielllnb threejear01els and
1I11 ralt lo first 75
In j Horse iAIWtSI I2Lh I iU StI IF1n Jockey 1 OP I Cl
mDT6f1O4iijfl TI lOlls S
I 29S Antarn 6 107 1 lhl1 h 2 1 2 1 SmIUl 7 5 2
j 298 Yolo 3105 3 I 5 2 14 3 r1hll 5 Corey 1 1
275 MonIo M G 110 5 6 13 1 G 1 2 IBledsoe 10 10
291 Wild Dill I 3110 G 3 i 3 1 I 15 2 1 landers 2
291 IDr Sber I all09 2 4 1 I G 15 1 IG Johnson 1 3 2
At post ono minute ore at 302 Timo 111 Start good Won easily
Second and third same Barber pi 710 sh out Antara pi 45 sh 25 Yolo
sh 710 Winner ch g by Bannockb urnLaura Agnes Owner and Train
crfi Warren
Sam Barber easily followed Antara came away when ready and breeze 1
home In the better going on outside rail Antara did her bcsL Yoo ran
a fair race
SECOND RACE Five furlongs handicap threeyearolds and up Val
I ue to first 75
ThiIjI1orso IA WtISI I 1h I t tTFin Jockey I Op I iT
2 re nil 1 1 ½ 1 ns Manders 1 i
I 266 1 Anna layi 6 11051 2J 2 12 2 Il WIlson I S 5 1
2GG Gresham 4I1 j Fell Corey L6 5 2
At post 1 minute Off at 324 ½ Time 107 Start good Won driv
ing Fore pi 13 sh out Anna May pi 13 sh out Gresham sh out Win
ner ch f by Oaarlon Influent OwnerIrwIn Bros TrainerA Rick
Fore caught her stride quickly chose the best going and gamely stood
I off Anna Mays bid all through the stretch just lasting Anna would
have won in another Jump was carried wide at stretch turn which may
have affected her chances Gresham crossed his legs after the start and
I 304
j THIRD RACE One mile selling tbreejcal < > Ids and up Value to
first 75
t Ind I Horse IAlwqs 14 I If I rZ I St I FIn I Jockey lOp I CIr
2H Doro Ann 411091 212 1 11 ns 1 11 2 1 2 IAguayo 5 4
r 2S5 Liberto 1 a DS 5 4 3 3 2 2 1 2 2 1 2 JhIGargen G 10
I 295 Lady Alic 5 103 1 5 13 1 3 I 2 3 3 Smith G 5 2
I 2S5 Winebey 3 105 311 2 2 31 13 Mi 4 1 Murphy G 5 G 5
301 Albion H 1 411091 1 3 1A14 15 5 5 McCarthy S 5 5 2
At post 1 minute Oft at 357 Time 2G 15 51 123 14 153 35
I Dorothy Ann pi 32 sh 710 Llborto pi 4 sh G5 Alicia sh 13 Scratched
Alice Collins Rather Royal Bonton George Guyton Winner br m by
The Elector Klsnadale Owner and trainerC P Dye
I Dorothy Ann always a contender went to front when ready and always
I held field safe LIberto ran a good race Alicia closed fast Wlneberry
I In deep going ran a bad race after showing all tho early speed
j j 305
j FOURTH CESlx furlongs selling threeyear < > Ids and up Value
to first 75
2nd J Horse IA IW7t1SIjI 11 I J J StJ Flu I JoekoY I Op1 Cl
300 St Joe a HI 6 2 3 1 2 1 2 11 24 landers 3 22
300 CblUerls 3108 1 1f 2 211 2 1 2 1 Munro 1 5 1
290 Dorian pr G 111 3 fj 1 5 If 2 3 1 PauleJ 5 S I
I 300 OrIflam 4 111 7 7 7 G 1 13 11 WIson G 5
294 Arthur HJ 4 lOS 2 3 If 4 1 1 4 fj 1 Eisenzapf 4 G
ti > 1 Sylvia U I G HI G G 2 3 3 1 5 13 G 1 Aguayo 1 5
272 Elmdule1 5 114 4 1 G 2 7 17 Otis G 3
I At post 1 minute Oft at 420 Time 122 45 Start good for all but
Oriflamb Won easily Second and third same St Joe pi 35 sh 13 Chit
i terlings pi 25 sh out Prince sh 32 Winner ch g by St Bancras Jonnlo
I Harding OwnerIrwin Bris Trainer A Rick St Joo easily caught
Chitterlings went to the front and never was in danger thereafter Chit
terlings best of others Prince wants longer route Oriflamb ran a great
FIFm RACEFh furlongs selling all ages Value to first 75
Ind I Horse IA IWtlSI 1 I 1f I = i I St Fin I Jockey I Op1 CI
Eel 1U 1 4 1 3 1 I Smilh
274 Sam ole G 119 I i 3 4 1 3 11 11 2 Otis fj ii
278 May3ride 2102 3 2 1 24 23 33 McCarthy 1 1
286 Dr Rowell a 119 7 5 14 5 2 4 nlt4 1 Pharris 5 3
WS Inbel FL 3110 5 3 nk 3 If 5 2 5 7 Cargan 1 6
27G Faurusa 2 105 71 0 4 1 6 5 6 6 16 1 Murphy 3 3
302 Miss Beau i 115 7 7 7 7lEisdnzapf G 10
At post Iv minutes Off at 451 Time 108 Start good Won hand
ily Second antI third easily Eel pi G5 sh 35 McGibbon pi 2 sh 1
May Bride sh 14 Scratched Marwood Probe
Winner b f by Kenllworth Cora Goctz OwnerJ T Strite Co
Trainer T Strlte Eel had all her speed reveled In the going and last
ed handily McGlbbon closed very fast May Bride always outrun quit
at the end I
25 to 1 second Sir Walter Rollins
12 to 1 third Time 147
PAZO OINTMENT Is guaranteed to
euro any case of Itching blind bleed
Ing or protruding piles In 6 to 14
days or money refunded 50c
A large party of Utah delegates to
tho national farm land congress in
Chicago left Sunday night over tho
Denver Rio Grande to remain un
til tho congress is over November 20
In the party was John Henry Smith
representing the state conservation
service Georgo Austin the cattle
man Arnold Giaque representing tho
stale land board J G McDonald of
tho McDonald Candy company Jos
eph Geoghegan R S Northrop C
J Ross of Ogden R E South of Salt
Lake and A II Snow of Salt Lake
Probably more of the party will
leave later The delegation will be
joined in Chicago by J E Taylor
Thomas Judd and Dr B D Ball who
wont recently to arrange tho exposi
tion which will be given by the Chi
cago Trlbuno at the Callseum
Sousa his band and his soloists
charmingly entertained a crowd of
people last night which filled the
large auditorium at the Tabernacle
Sousa has long been tho idol of the
music loving public and last night
accorded him still greater laurels
Tho easy grace of the leader the re
sponse or his musicians and the beau
tiful music rendered took the audi
ence by storm and encore after
encore was called for
The work of the soloists was good
but Herbert L Clarke the cornetist
took tho house by storm The violin
solo by Miss Florence Hardeman was
well executed Her encore To a
Wild Rose accompanied by the
cz Y41s caw1k Is to love children and no home
O MJj can be happy without them
L tJ yet the ordeal through which
6v the expectant mother must pass
eJATtJEE usually 5s so full of suffering
and dread that she loolcs for
ward to the hour with appre
hension Mothers Friend by its penetrating and soothing properties
allays nausea I nervousness unpleasant feelings and so prepares the
5ystem for the ordeal that she passes through the event with but little I
suffering as numbers have
testified and said lit is worth Oflj ptn I
its weight in gold M I 1
Cl 00 par bottlo at dm RE I its Book
of raluablo formation mailed free oq
Atlanta Ga it iT I
harp was superb The Misses Hoyt I
were enthusiastically received and
as enthusiastically recalled
The programme was Interspersed 1
with grand opera and light opera and I
Sousas ever pleasing marches The
music was greatly appreciated by tho
students and others but the entire
audience was visibly affected when I
the band struck up such stirring
marches as El Capltan and Stars
and Stripes Forever
The audience was highly amused by
Mr Sousas conception of Harrigan
The chorus to this popular song was
played for the most part on tho Pib I
roch and at the end of each strain
I one could fairly hear the instrument
I say Harrigan Thats Mo
The program rendered last night I
was as follows
1 Overture Tanhausor < Wagner
Encore El Capitan Sousa I
2 Cornet solo Showers of Gold
Clarke Mr Herbert L Clarke I I
Encore Sextette from Luccia
3 Bacchanalian suite People
Who Live in Glass Houses Sousa
a Tho Champagne
b The Rhine Wines
c The Whiskeys
d The Cordials
Encore Dondo DAmout
4 Vocal duet Como to Arcadie
Edward Gorman Misses Francis
and Grace Hoyt
Encore In Cuba
5 Prelude to the Russian drama
Crime and Punishment Rachman
Encore The Fairest of the Fair
C Minuet and Farandolo from sec
ond suite Bizot
Encore Amina and Harrigau I
wtyh Pibroch
7 a nlr Acto Helmsberger I
b March The Glory of thu
Yankee Navy Sousa I
Encoro The Stars and Stripes
5 Fantlsie for violin In Romeo
and Juliet GounodAllard Miss
Florence Hardeman
Encore To a Wild Rose
9 Rhapsody Slavonic Fried
The report of the board of canvass
ers of the recent election held In
Iluntsvillo was filed in the county
clerks office yesterday The board
of canvassers are unable to determine
whether or not the city Is to bo dis
incorporated They claim that the
machine was in poor condition It
was so locked and dot that no per I
son could open the booth without J
voting on both phases of the ques I
tlon simultaneously There wero six
votes lost 273 were cast 267 polled
mid eleven were In the wrong place
whore no question was submitted
The canvassers who were C Wangs
gard Alma Peterson and C C Wangs
gard all members of the city council
say that the machine was in such
Vrif >
it There are no other shoes at popular prices
that in any way compare with these classy i
fashionable goodfitting shoes They are made
on lasts that insure the utmost comfort yet
give your feet that trim and stylish look
ohoca combine style and wearing qualities to a degree that
easily makes them the most popular dressy and serviceable 1 1
ladies fine ohoea obtainable nt a cost no greater than ordin
ary oboes Your dealer will supply you if not write to uc
To 6e xitc you get Ac LEADING LADY I
look for the Mayer TiaJc Mark on the rofo
FREE If you will send ua the name of a dealer who doe
not handle Landing Lady Shoe we will tend you free post
paid a beautiful picture of Martha Washington 320 15 x 20 1
We also make Honorbllt Shoes for men Martha Vash
intrton Comfort Shon Yerma Cushion Shoes Special
Merit School Shceo and Work Shoes
JF Mayer Boot Shoe Co
Milwaukee Vi
Racing Racing
Ogden Racing Association
At Fair GEOIDlJffids
Six Uigh Class Races Daily
Racing Rain or Shine
Admission 50 cents
0 0 0 O VjfTJ centsI
Including Grandstand
ladies Free Mondays and fridays
W M MURRAY General Manager
Races Start at 230 po fio
I Af > < rooow JLfho dlo J l A7U1J
conorny hi Lghtng acid Cookg
I If you have been reading our ads during October you will re j
t member we promised to give our reasons why a Corporation can
take an interest in its customers lighting and cooking bills by sug I
gesting methods of economy We can truthfully say that tho pros 4
perity of our customers is our prosperity To teach people to cut
< down their lighting bills does not reduce the Incomeas much as one
would at first suppose for the reason that when people discover a
good idea others will soon adopt It
Another reason why we take an interest In teaching economy Is H
k that a pleased customer increases our business while a dissatisfied fj
one retards it
Sometimes people are unconsciously extravagent with lights dur
ing the winter months and the bill runs higher than they expect and
unless we suggest ideas for economy they will remain dissatisfied
1 Every properly adjusted gas stove and reasonable gas bill gets
us additional consumers f
J Our Motto is Good service attention to details and reason i
I able bills for our consumers
D DECKER Local Manager
l O 1 1 toZ 1rJC J r
jT 1 J < I or J WIITIilll1
Have received the sufojjoioetS
To Our Friends and Patrons
The California Winery doesnt make a practice of tooting Its
own horn very much and therefore asks your Indulgouc0 for send
ing the following short item of news that came to us a few days ago
by telegraph from Seattle from The AlaskaYukon Exposition
California Winery awarded gold medals for seven of Its wines
above all other California competition Cordova Sauterne Claret I
Zlnfnndel Burgundy Port Sherry and Angelica Silver medal for
This Is Indeed good and gratifying news to us and will be wel
comed too by our many friends and patrons It is all the more sat
isfying because we were not aware the wines wero being judged
P and even at this writing do not know who the Judges were We bo
ti Hove therefore that true men t must surely havo provoked tho
awards to Cordova tho Wine of Quality I
Very truly yours CALIFORNIA WINERY
1 I E M SHEEHAN VicePros and Gen Mngr r
7r > I 1I
a condition that ono person could go
In and vote as many times as desired 1
The matter will now be referred to
the district court to determine
whether tho vote was legal or not
The report of the judges of election
was also sent in Tho judges were
C Fred Schads P A Anderson and
Fred C Waugsgard
Subscribers of tho Evening Stand
ard are requested to avail themselves
of the Ideal Dust Pans offered to
those who pay three months sub
scription in advance This dust pan
has a spring attached to It which the
lady presses with her foot and causes
the dust pan to ralso and Is thus firm
ly hold and the dust can he swup
in without any difficulty whatever
Five hundred additional of these duSt
pans will arrive In a few days and
when they are gone no more
pans can bo secured It costs yon
nothing to got the dust pan excepting
to three subscription
pay months sn
advance Call at the Standard offlc
and see the dust pan and you will be
convinced that It Is the nicest labor
saving device ever offered to tro
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see tho 50c dozen photos at The TriPP
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