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Ii 1 1111
Jt l t i ie r
l L c
J dl O r J i c t f
If I J f
E > f
ih j > I cJ3c1
el rc
a OO I i
and j
l sol H i >
cs fine
water Anty Drudge Tells Mow to Avoid
Sunday Soaking
It I Mrs HurtyupHI always put my clothes to soak on Sun
day night Then I get an early start on Monday and
de I get through washing by noon I dont consider it
breaking the Sabbath for cleanliness is next to god
liness you know 0
service lAnty DrudgeYes but godliness comes first my dear
0 And you should keep the Commandments Get a cake
of FelsNaptlia and you wont have to soak your
clothes over night and your washing will be all done
Ife 1 by noon without boiling without hard work and with
more satisfaction than any other way
J Rough j red hands are the trial of most
housewives CCI dont mind the work if I
I could only keep my hands nice1 sighs the
young woman
0 You will have less work and nice hands
3 at the same time if you use FelsNaptha
soap in washing clothes Hot water chaps
the hands hardrubbing on the washboard
0 swells the knuckles Using FelsNaptha in
cold or lukewarm water you have neither
II 0 o hot vater hardrubbing nor nauseous
JI i steam But FelsNaptha must be used the
FelsNaptha way no boiling
Follow directions on the red and green
th wrapper
< I
I Cincinnati Nov 16chaB L War
rlncr former local treasurer of the
0 Big Four railroad was Indicted today I
by the grand jury on charges of grand
larceny and embezzlement In tbo
amount of 5OOO on each count
I While 631000 is known to have
eo t I been Btolcu the startling fact was
developed by todays proceedings that
the companys cash book prior to 1905 I
have disappeared and that It will I
ont be possible to tell tho full amount
I of the giant defalcation
I The comparatively small amount
4A upon which Warrlncr waa Indicted
r i represents the latest known thefts
It has been placed at that figures so I
that If conviction fall the railroad au
ru 7 thorltlOB may proaecuto on any other
T 1 of tho enormous thefts This means
Da r r that tho proKecullon may be main
tlsr tained Indefinitely
rt1ClpT Amazing figures were presented to
U ST 1 day showing tho progress of the
1 r thefts for the last five years The
10 l bhortagc estimated follows
j N 1905 58000 1906 59000 1907
j 00000 190S 62000 1909 83000
Total for five years 322000
aDO J Of this sum Warrlnor claims to
have paid 100 a month to each of
pV 1 two persons In the form ot black
2 J 1 mail Tho rest ho alleges he lost In I
j speculation By far the most In crest
S J ing person to appear before the grand
l jury today was Mrs Jeanette Stewart
new Ford the woman whoso connection
with the case Is still a mystery Al
fi ter sho had given her evidence she
is declared sho had said nothing beyond
I I the Indefinite statements sho has al
1 ready made public
After the grand jury had adjourned
kS for the day prosecutor Hunt an
nounced that Warrlner would be sum
moned as a witness to give evidence
I against those ho accuses of black I
j1 The funeral for Fred M Bramwell
J1InsC son of J F Bramwell who was killed
lll j
bO J It is pure
led tJ
oursd That is the one thing
n 1 rj about Ivory Soap that
vbollfj is of paramount impor
I lemrisyy
ho 6
> If 011
IfIm Tr I It floats it is econom
nca1 jl j ical it is available for
help ft use not only in the bath
the t j and toilet but also for
o ngk 4 fine laundry purposes
1 rriJI j these things are impor
uti tant but after all they
hen are secondary to the
u1IIJ fact that
certb 4 1 one great
Ins nol ti 1 j Ivory Soap is pure soap
I lI1ri il and nothing else
110 eJJ t I
Ivory Soap
Tr 5tree J J 99 > r o Per Cent Pure
UI ce 1 90
liS 3
tIc dC
last Sunday by a live wlro on the
Telluride power lino wlll be held to
morrow at two oclock from the Lynn I
Vard meetinghouse A Coroners In I
quest was appointed and viewed tho
body yesterday They will not report
until some time today
Benjamin F Dlnsdalc the 14year
old son of Benjamin DInsdale who
lives on West Seventeenth street
died yesterday after a lingering ill
neaa of typhoid fever Tho funeral
will be held tomorrow at 2 oclock
from the Marriott ward meetinghouse
Interment will be made in the city
Funeral for Mrs Jennie L Woods
The funeral for Mrs Jennie L
Woods will be held tomorrow at tho
First Ward meeting house at 2 oclock
The casket will be open today from 6
until 8 In the evening at the family
residence 2971 Adams avenue and
also from 10 until 1 Wednesday In
terment vlll be made in the City cem
etery Mrs Woods was the wife of
Francis L Woods of tho Ilussoy
Woods Realty company
Funeral for Miss Ellen Nordqulct
Funeral services over tho body of Miss
Ellen NordquIst aged 22 was held
from the Lynn Ward meejLlng house
jcslorday at 1 oclock Bishop James
Taylor presiding Miss Lcona Brown
sang Softly and Tenderly Jesus Is
Calling The Misses Christenson and
Lenvitt sang Sometime Some
where and Miss Dean sang Some
Sweet Day The speakers were
David Jcnson Joseph Bjorklund Bish I
op Jones Bishop George Sinuin John
Lefgrecn and Bishop James Taylor
Interment was made in the City cem
Burial of William Cazler Funeral
services over the body of William
Cazier wore held yesterday at 2
oclock at tho North Ogden Ward meet
Ing house Mr Cazier died In Salt
Lake November 11 He was fortysix
years old at the time of his death and
was a staunch member of the Mormon
Church having been a resident of
North Ogden for a good many years
The music was furnished by the Ward
choir and the speakers were George E
Brown S C Shupe Charles Storoy
John McQuarrlc and J W Hlbson
The body was interred in tho North
Ogden cemetery
Lawrence Knn Nov 15 Bccaueo
of a crowded docket the ease of Willie
McKay accomplice of Earlo Bullock
In the robbery ot the Eudora tate
bank last Friday was not reached
by tho Juvenile court today The boy
probably will be arraigned tomorrow
Mayor Bishop tonight received a let
ter from Mrs William McKay mother
of the prisoner who lives In Jackson
ville Fla She says her busbaud Is a
day laborer and the family has had a
hard struggle to make a living Wllllo
was led to think of loading an easy
life because lie was compelled to work
she says Ho got permission to leave
home by telling his parents he had
secured a Job picking oranges on a
Soft cloth Is made up with tunic
skirls tho fullness usually drawn into
side Beams of the waist permitting
the skirt to fall free Comparatively
little trimming is aeon upon tho tunic
skirl The verr deep horn Is tho fea
ture of such dresses and tho wldo
banding of silk or latin Is employed
1 t8 a trimming upon the moro elabor
ate frocks
Salt Lake Nov I5Danlel H Mor
ton says that Emma N Mortons suit
Is brought as the result of a pre
conceived scheme to deprive him of
his home He denies explicitly prac
tically all thecharges brought by hla
wife In her complaint and then re
fers to a daughter of his wife who
seems to have afforder the parties
to tho suit with ground for some dls
According lo Morton he was not
cruel to his wife Is not a man of
high temper and did not compel her
to leave his home on September 13
hoodoo day of this year On the
contrary he asserts that on that day
he went to Murray leaving his wife
at borne and when he returned he
found his nest empty the doors open
and the birds flown He Confesses to
owning an acre of lana and a nouso
near Murray and to an Interest In
his fathers Iowa estate worth some
thing like 100 But he Is not near
ly so rich he asserts as his wife
makes out In her complaint
Ho denies that his wife oven con
tributed anything to tho expenses ot
the family and says that If she did
contribute anything it was for the
benefit of her daughter and not for
the benefit of the defendant
Morton says his wife ts richer thaa
he Is that she owns property at
Second East and Eighth South streets
worth 2500 and more land on South
Second East street worlh 1000 In
the suit he sees only an attempt to
drive him from his home
Ernest IJ Cuutcr Is just as anxious
to get a divorce from Mrs Minnie C
Custcr whom he married In Germany
thirtyseven long year ago as she Is
hut he wants to get It and not to let
her get It
He denies that he deserted his wife
in 1S92 and asserts that she deserted
him four years after that date He
denies that he ever took any of her
money admits that ho Is a stone
mason but Is old and cannot now
cam moro than 1 a day or so Ho
says he owns no real estate and has
no money In the bank He asks the
divorce on the ground that sho do
scried him
William Davis is suing Mrs Jennie
Davis for a divorce The were mar
ried January 23 1908 and whether It
was because that was skiddoo day
or for some other reason Davis says
that his wlfo deserted him October
1 the same year She is now he be
lieves living at Youngstown near Se
attle and he asks the divorce on the
ground of desertion
Two husbands who are fighting di
vorco actions brought by their wives
filed their answers In tho district
court today and the documents In
each case read as if there were
blood In his oyo
Salt Lake Nov 15Driven crazy
by worry over domestic trouble Mrs
WllliPlmlna C Dlttmcr divorced wife
of Edward C DIttmor committed sui
cldo by drowning in a slough on the
west side early this afternoon The
woman was not dead when found near
tho edge of the slough In which sho
had attempted to end her uphappy
life She was taken to the home of
her daughter Mrs MUms 323 Post
street where she died about ten min
utes later amid the frantic screams
of her daughter Oh save my
mother save my mother
Shortly after neon today a tele
phone message was received at the
police station saying that the woman
had left the homo of her daughter
and asked the police to look out for
her as It was feared that sho might
try to end her life
A short time later a message was
received at the station tolling of a
woman who had been seen wandering
near a slough between Third and
Fourth South and Ninth and Tenth
West I no message said that tho
woman was acting In a strange man
nor The patrol wagon with Driver
Moore and Sergeant Roberts hurried
at once to the place whore the woman
was supposed to be
A block before the patrol wagon
reached the place where the woman
was last reported to have been seen
a light rig was met In which wero
two men who were holding a woman I
The woman was wet from head to foot
and was otldently in a dying condi
tion As quickly as possible tho rig
followed by the patrol wagon was
driven to 323 Post street where Ser
geant Roberts carried the woman into
the house
Mrs MIkus was crazed with grief
and It was with dilllculty that sho
was able to tell those present hero
to take her mother
The woman was laid on a couch in
the parlor of the home and an at
tempt was made to revive her
Hot water and hot cloths were ap
plied and a small amount of whisky
which was pourojl down the womans
throat by Sergeant Roberts 1
For a moment she
seemed to re
vive Sergeant called a number of
tho neighbor women who had gathered
into the room and ordered that the
wet clothing be removed from tho I
woman and that she ho given hot I
water and hot
cloth applications
quickly as possible
In the meantime a physician had
boon summoned Before the women
could get half of the wet clothing
from the woman she breathed her
Tier daughter
was completely
nerved and it was with difficulty that
those present prevented her from
rushing Into tho room
Oh it Is all his fault It Is all his
fault He took advantage of her Jack
of knowledge of tho laws and ho
drove her to this Ho is the one that
is to blame for this walled Mrs MI
kus when she was told that her moth
cr was dead
The trouble which led to the trng
edy Is said to have been one of sev
eral years standing The woman was
married to Edward C Dlttmer several
years ago In Germany according to
the statement made this afternoon
The couple came to this country and
later to this city
On May 9 1907 Mrs Dlttmtor filed
suit for divorce In the local court
charging nonsupport Tho dlvorcn
was granted and the woman was
given tho custody of a minor child
300 to pay her expenses to Germany
and H a month almony
About three weeks ago Mrs Dlttmer
filed a socond action for divorce In
which she alleged nonsupport that
hor husband WHH living with another
woman and that ho had forced her
son to 50 to Germany Whon the sec
ond case came up for hearing the at
torney for tho woman was informed
of tho divorco granted more than two
years ago The woman who talked
and understood English but little
stated that she had never understood
that she had been granted a divorce
and that at the time she filed her firs
action she supposed that she was I
suing for separate maintenance I
It was stated that the husband had
not paid tho alimony as required by
tho court order On this showing tin
caso was continued for one week ty
Judge Morse last Friday that the hus
band might bo given an opporunltv to
appear before the court and show
causo why he had not paid the all
mony to his wife
Salt Lake Nov 16The city coun
ell tonight will have the opportunity
of viewing more carcasses of cattle
slaughted at tho Instance of city and
United States government officials be
cause of tuberculosis One of the
cases Is particularly Interesting to J
W Treman city meat Inspector be
cause it Is one of tho few cases when
advanced tuberculosis has been found
In calves
The postmortem examination of the
carcass In this caso further showed
that the disease In all probability had
been transmitted from the mother lo
the calf
The first point of infection said
Mr Treman today was clearly in the
umbllcal cord Lessons showing the
Infection have been found scattered
through the lympathlc glands and oth I
or parts of the body Including boll
lungs thereby showing that the case
had become systemic
In all about thirteen cows and two
calves have been slaughtered by city
officials recently because of tubercu
losis Examination of the carcass In
each case has proved the diagnosis
Possibly 5 per cent said Walter
J Frazier city food inspector this
morning possibly not that much of
the cattle In this vicinity so far as
have been tested have proved to have
tuberculosis Our experience has been
such too as to show the danger or
allowing an Infected animal to remain
with a herd any length of time be
cause other animals then contract the
The city law Is strict on this mat
ter It orders that no cream nor mill
shall be sold In the city from herds
where the cattle have tuberculosis
We find however that In no two
cases the dairymen and ownor arc
willing that their animals be tested
and that when It Is shown that the
animals are affected the owners arc as
glad to get them out of their herds
and to get rid of the danger as any
one Is
The method of testing for tuborcu
losis is interesting The temperature
of the animal Is taken the preceding
day In order to get tho normal Then
tuberculin Is Injected by a hypodermic
syringe and the temperature of lie
animal Is taken from eight to sixteen
hours after In a series of tests Ii
the animal shows marked fever it is
affected with tuberculosis
In cases where the postmortem ex
amination show badly affected ani
mals the entire carcass Is condemned
and cooked for soap grease soon
hours under fifty pounds pressure of
Provo Nov 15A smallpox cpl
dcmlc Is Imminent at Provo A dls
sease supposed to be rash was pro
nounced smallpox today and vigorous
quarantine measures were adopted bj
the health authorities It Is feared
that the precaution comes too late
however since practically all of the
citizens of this place have been ex
posed to the disease
Fifteen well developed cases of
small pox have been discovered and
quarantined In the boarding house
on North First East street where
twenty college students board thrqi
cases were found The students have
all been vaccinated and quarantined
It IB thought that the disease made
Its appearance here from persons who
bad been exposed to it at Sprlugvllle
Great excitement prevails
EXPENSE 400000
Washington Nov 15Four bun
drod thousand dollars In the judg
mont of Secretary Wilson of the Do
pertinent of Agriculture will be nec
essary to administer properly the 25
000000 acres of public lands added to
tho National Forests by President
Roosevelt during the last six weeks ol
Ce for Lqor
I Hab t
Give Orrine and Destroy All De
sire Sold Under Guarantee
Orrlne Is the most successful cure
for the liquor habit that the world has
ever known It Is a home treatment
given without publicity detention
from business or loss of time and Is
absolutely guaranteed If the simple dl
dections on each box are carefully
followed So remarkable have been
the changes wrought for suffering
drinking men by Orrlne that leading
ministers charity workers philanthro
pists and druggists ovry where rec
Jinmond the treatment Thousands of
indorsements have betH iveu for the
Read this one from the Quaker
Drug Co Seattle Wash
During the past five years wo havo
sold thousands of packages of OH
RINE and have never heard It spoke
of except In highest terms of praise
kVe havo dozens of people como to us
nd state that ORRINE has cured
them or their husbands or dear ones
from the curso of drunkenness OR
RINE Is one of the fow articles on the
market that wo can conscientiously
recommend to our customers and we
do so dally feeling that we havo don
what to us seems a duty as well an a
service 0
0 Orrlne is prepared In two forms
No 1 a powder absolutely tasteless
and odorless given secretly in food
or drink Orrlne No2 In pill form
i s for those who wish to euro them
selves Orrlne coats only 1 a box
In every box Is a guarantee which entitles
titles you to a refund of your money
1C Orrlne falls to effect a cure Write
for Free Orrlno Booklet mailed In
> latn sealed envelope to Orrlne Co
n Orrlno Bluldlng Washington D
C Orrlno Is for sale In this city by
ladcona Pharmacy 2121 Washington
They know Orrlne Is a reliable aud
tfllcacloug ramolv for drunkenness
md thry wIll not offer jou a suustl
a a a S ggft5 I
W i1 fP iiX 5 f lP i 2i L f reJ ttirl rd j1 WjV < tt v
I t Pronion4ory4idevv land Co g A g w J
EccRes BllildiIlg Logan Utah 0 C
u t
q The ctnan e ol a Mlcfiume to buy a faome or to make a e
J safe and sure MwstrneM
NOVEMBER 23rd9 199
Jf VVV 0 r V C 0
In Ut ta j
Good Ranches Good Dry Farms Good Range
A This land is situated in Townships 7 8 9 and 10 North
32 Ranges 5 6 and 7 West
t A limited number of sections in Townships 11 1213 and
14 North Ranges 4 5 6 and 7 West
i1 Practically all the odd sections in SAGE AND CURLEW
ti21 VALLEYS in Townships 11 12 13 and 14 North Ranges 8 9
10 West
jJJ THE DZLLIE RANCH 7680 acres in Townships 14 and
t 15 North Ranges 6 and 7 West A good cattle ranch with an
abundant water supply 0
o in idaho
jl A limited number of choice sections in Township 16 South
fev Ranges 30 and 32 East Boise Meridian 0
I s
his administration The bulk of these
lands are In Alaska Approximately
194fiOO000 acres of public land arc
now Included In the National Forests
and i to caro for them proportly costs
a great deal of money tho appropria
tion for the current fiscal year for
that purpose amounting to 4621000
What They Do When They Have
Kidney Disease
Druggists know that Kidney
trouble is inflammation of the kid
neys and that If It doesnt yield
promptly It becomes chronic which
the books declare to bo Incurable
Hence they dont lose much time with
socalled kidney medicines
W H Bell the leading druggist of
Live Oak Fla went to tho Atlanta
specialist Dr W M Durham to treat
his kidney disease He had it In such
a serious form that ho wanted tho
best He also went to Dr C Drew
the leading physician of Jacksonville
Fla All efforts failed and tho drop
alcal stage began
He then sent to California for the
Fulton treatment
The seventh month thereafter he
wrote as follows
I am doing finely the swelling is
all out and 1 am 100 per cent better
Mrs R W Price or this city also
had serious kidney disease and
could not turn over In bed I told
her about the treatment Sho took
It and is now doing her own work
again and says she Is well Another
lady here had kidney disease all hor
life and could not get out much I
put hor on to the treatment and she
is well too
How can people doubt the curability
of chronic kidney disease In view of
the constant stream of testimony like
the above
For Inflammation of the kidneys
whether called kidney trouble Ne
phritis or Brights Disease get Ful
tons Renal Compound
Druggist Bell sent across the Con
tinent for It Isnt this a strong
pointer for the unltlated
Literature mailed free John J Ful
ton Co San Francisco Ca
Are our sole local agents Ask for
Bimonthly Bulletin of late recoveries
New York Nov 15 More detailed
reports regarding the Impending mer
ger or agreement among great copper
producers today sent prices to new
high records for tho year
There were denials of rumors that
merger negotiations had gone beyond
the tentative stage but It was gener
ally admitted that certain Interests
are trying to bring about an agree
mont between producers Jo regulate
output and thereby to prevent over
production and depreciation df values
Tho capitalization of the combine
I according to the best reports prob
ably will be close to 1000000030 A
report from Boston that a corpora
tion with a billion dollars capitaliza
tion Was to be formed with the firm
of J P > Morgan In charge of tho fin
ancing wis denied by a member ot
the Mqrgnn llrm
Similar guarded denials of several
Lidcpendcnt copper concerns Indicated
I that negotiations are merely tenta
tive I
On the other hand Wall Streets
confidence In the ultimate success ot
the merger plans are Indicated by the
trend of the days prices
Amalgamated Copper advanced to
94 14 a new high level since the
I spring of 1907 and Anaconda reached
63 a new high record for tho year
0 When the market closed 160000
I shares of Amalgamated 10000 shares
of Anaconda and 55000 shares of Am
I I erlcan Smelting had been traded In
with net gains for the day of from I
I 1 7S to 3 points of each
I Denver Nov 15 Senator Simon
i Guggenheim today refused to dlscucji I
the rumored merger among the great
I copper producers He denied how I
I ever that the Guggenheim Interests I
J would be merged with the ColeRyan
I interests and the Amalgamated prop
I fertles
I He sail conferences were being
held on the situation which better
I conditions of copper I
I Nice little pleasant gentle easy 1
i safo and sure plllo are Rings Little I
I Liver Pills Pinesalve carbolizcd I
I soothes pain In any emergency I
bruises cuts sores burns scratcho3
etc Pinesalve carbolizcd is best I
Sold by Geo F Cave Drug Stores I
I Washington Nov 16 Recent treat
Ics entered Into by China and Japan I
as to the operation of the coal uilnsa
i along the South Manchurian railway
and the AntungMukden railway do
i not create monopolies and hence arc
i not violations of the open door or I
I the equal opportunities principles
0 to the observance of which all load
i Ing powers are pledged I
This Is the conclusion reached by tho
I slate department after a long and
careful investigation of the question I
I Involved
Tho department today Issued the
following statement
In slew of the widespread publicity
of the statement thai tho recent Chi
neseJapanese agreement relating to
Manchuria created for Chinese and
Japanese subjects a monopoly to carry
on mining operations along the South
Manchurian railway and AntungMuk
I don railway which would exclude Am
i ericans from an extensive field of In
I dustrial enterprise Inquiry has been
made of the two signatory powers and
official assurance has been received
i from each to the effect that no such
I exclusive claim to mining rights was
intended by the agreement and that
If minerals are found by Americana
and others within the designated tur
0 rltorlcs no objection would be made 1
J In Sf liJ1Ii m Jm E I
I at T gae LvW 6r a t1I
ji More selling at ra I
than ever Pric clt to
I i la tfi pIeces Get busy 0 r I
m2 JnEI n J tt Jr1 n1
= T
I t 1
Sealed Bids 0
will be received up to 10 oclock A M on above date at which
time they will be opened at the Companys office above stated W
and the land sold in parcels as appraised and subject to the
recommendations and reservations of the appraising commit 4 0
tee to the highest bidder except that no bid will be received I
that is below the appraised price 0
ALL BIDS should be marked Bid on PromontoryGur
lew Lands and delivered or mailed in another envelope to the fl
Company 0
TERMS OF SALE Onefifth cash balance in ton equal
annual payments at 7 per cent interest per annum
THIS LAND is some of the choicest dry farm and grazing
lands in the state of Utah the farm land being the equal of the
famous dry farm lands of Cache Valley I
lands in the Blue Creek Valley surrounding the townsite are W
now being surveyed
t itiiI
a °
r r
r1I For particulars concerning appraisemcnts and other desired information address
I Promontory uriew land Co p 0
e A
to their working mines under conces
sions granted to China The whole
scope and purpose of the agreement
being that any operation by Chinese
and Japanese subjects of the mines
within the territory mentioned should
be joint as between themselves
Tho above assurance confirms tho
conclusion already reached by the de
partment as a result of Its careful
study of the agreement in the light of
I related and contextual evidence
Secretary Knox has reached a con
clusion commended In diplomatic cir
cles as fair and statesmanlike amid
of great Importance In view of tho
explosive possibilities of the situa
Whether other provisions of the
treaties the state department Is con
sidering are possibly Inimical to Am
erican Interests the department was
noncommittal But from the fact that
0 the provision as to the operation ol
the mines was regarded as possibly
0 containing the best grounds for com
plaint It seems reasonable to believe
that other features of the treaties will
not for the present at least ho
brought In question
The conventions were signed at Pek
ing on September kh bv China mill
One referred to the district of Chi
t en tao Two questions were involved
first as to the territory itself and
I second as to jurisdiction over Koreans I
I inhabiting the territory
Japan yielded to China on both
points Al the samo time China open I
ed several places to the residence and
trade of foreigners and confirmed the
vested rights of Koreans already liv I
ing on agricultural lands within the
China undertakes to build lie
I Chang ChunKlrln railway to connect
with the Korean system at Holryong
on the same terms as the Chang
ChunKlrln railway Itself namely
with joint Chinese and Japanese cap
I Ital
Spokane Wash Nov IiiWhen the
clocks west of the Rockies were strik
ing 10 oclock today William Howard
Taft standing in the White House at
Washington touched a little button
twice and two sharp rings of a big
gong In Spokane announced the for
mal opening of the Second National
Apple Show Screaming whistles In
the railway yards and factories of
Wiibhlngton and Oregon helped to tell
the news to the western world Just
a few moments later came this mes
sage from President Taft
The White House Washington D
C Nov 15 100
To Howard Elliott President ot
lie National Apple Show Spokane
WashHearty congratulations to the pro I
moters of the Second National Applo
Show and best wishes for Its SUCCPSH
The Second National Apple Show
which will continue all this week la
a much more ambitious affair than
the successful experiment of 190S A
single class has brought sixteen full
carloads of apples neatly arranged In I
polished tiers nnd alt getllqr it la
ostimated loOOOOit apples have been
assembled In the 111 entries Mated fur I
prizes 0 0
i SpccchpK parados and amIOYltto
fnutures bonidcsi Cider Mill Lane
with Its varied shows provide culSc
tulnmcnt for the visitors
Nov 16th and 17th
December 16th 1909 2
United States Land
Irrigation Exposition
Nov 20th to Dec 4th
0InternatIonal Live Stock
Nov 27th to Dec 16th
For Further Particulars
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233 Judgo Building
Salt Lake City
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