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w i TUI
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I SpeCIals for flc Weel T jLJ l RID U
The management of the Orpheum
this week prwents a bill of ununuil
merit and vne that U lure to be n j
250 Ladies Suits At ThoisandS Oi Dollars ftplcndld drawing card Uuoufh the
JL U fiU1 u J fUJ i meek The topliner IK Mary Nor I
raitn who baa been tho Upllner at
i 150 Childrens Coat o he Orpheum theaters in Salt IAII >
Coat33 13 OJ 1 and elsewhere Hr act in a decided h
0 W b of FURS
1 350 Ladies Coats or o J clever one nod in greeted with much
n rlted applause It Is onlHle
SldrJs Jvtne Tjpcs of Women and they I
500 Ladies I
J U OFV t aio true to life Her act it extremely J
250 Misses Skirts From 20 to 500 Oh first Interesting auto ride and her Iii a type gem if a After woman re i I
peated encores Miss Norman closed
hfT act with a Salvntlon Array wom
an story that is good
m fJ The Dtifflniledcay troupe competed
Thousands 0 1 DoIars W OriD 011 nnil of Herbert Illlam Roy Rcdcay and marvelous George DulfU acro
bats present an net that IB a thriller
from beginning to end Their doubl
fl ilF t nb r
11 0 hnlf and double full somersaultM and
SILKS a t area t R p U C to 0 n Looping tho Ixxxl are without doubt
the best over seen In Ocdcn cithor In
t cJrciiR or vaudeville
Clmxsino who opens Uia bill and
announced as pedal and digital
lmdowgrapblstrt gives aa clean and
I 300 Broadcloth 54 inches Jide Special a 189 un entertaining tin entire perforamnco circuit na thoro is
Patrice assisted by Charles Hutch
lnsii and W B Crawford in tho
Lobbyist is great Whllo the act
docs not afford her amplo
r1 oQ I to show hor wonderful ability it Is
Ii J1 BLANKITS very Interesting and has ati Interest
or ing finale
I Values In I Tho MIssotJ Ethel and Emma Hop
present a scenic mualcnl special
ly entitled LunaLand in which they
are afforded an opportunity to icnder
a fou pleasing songs They arc clover
ffRESSED WIlD m A i Maaitac rnd Fred entertaining C Graham the popular Utah
5000 DoIs U uor rendered three solos In an aj
I V 0 li S preclatlvo manner In spite of the fact
AND CHi N A 01 ers C 0 S T Ihil it was done while suffering with
a sore throat He has a splendid
voice which it IB hoped will be In Its
tiMial good form soon
t Tho Orphoum orchestra rendered
wAT T EI 0 M A S some overtures and grcoted that wore with much applause appreciated
The klnodromo presents some now
A I r lf and Interesting motion pictures Tho
IE tJ audience last night was ono of tho
largest the house has had In many
I if = m weeks Mellwood S Wllaon tho
= Ei IEEiTii = genial assistant manager was very
plensod and said that Ogden was go
Bible Quoted to Sustain the Position or
the LatterDay Snlnts Able
I The subject entitled Some n n
> > on for Mormonism was discussed
al considerable length by > James
WothersK3on president of the Xorlh
i Wobcr slake of Zlon at the Taber
e nacle services Sunday Mr other
spoon contended that the Christian
I churches of today appeared to bo a I
Jf I failure 50 far as their membership
I I Iteoplng pace with the population was
O concerned and quoted as follows I
t I
L 4 The late Dev George C Lorimer of
J the Madison Avenue Baptist church
i said In one of his last sermons
j There is such a thing as are
I llslous crisis In America however
i much we may scoff at the Idea Re
I i ligion Is today of very low vitality
If 4 Si Many other New York ministers
J r have made statements of similar
a tenor which are Indeed substanti
4 t I ated more or less definitely by the
< findings of the Rev Dr Waller Laid
law of the Federation of churches
who has mndo extensive sociological
Li L I and statistical studies of church con
I ditions In New York clly Dr Laid
t J laW estimated that In 19c there
i wore over a million 10710S1
churchless Protestants In the city
By churchless Protestants are meant
I i people whose anlecedonts wore Pro
testant and who If they became in
1 j terested in religious work would
d Et naturally associate themselves with
4 I I some Protestant church Dr Laid
jp I law shows moreover that the mem
I liershlp In Protestant churches In
spite of ntpldly increasing population
ton lias barely held Us ujvn in
Greater New York while on Manhat
tan island there has been an actual
I loss of membership
In the first five years of his do
1 cade 19011908 ihe population of
Manhattan Island increased bv 300
000 but the number of Protestant
church buildings actually Increased
by three the Catholic increased by
only five and tho Jewish synagogues
buildings in spite of the enormous
Jewish immigration by eighteen
The Godlcssncss of New York
A cloar observer the Roerend
liarles Stelze superintendent of the
abor department of the Preshuoriau
birch who sees the church from the
point of view of
the workman says
Tho church today seems to have
arrived at one of the most crucial
periods of her history
Nc I
I one can successfully deny that the
1 church is slowly but surely losing
I ground In the city Nearly every city
in America is witnessing the remova
of Its cbuhchcs from
the densely
C ulated sections whorr The church is
most needed Within recent years
forty Protestant churches moved out
of tlie district below Twentieth
street in New York city while 30o
UUO people moved In Alarmed for
her safety and her very life the
church luis sounded a uismnl retreat
In tho face of the greatest oppor
tunity which has ever come to her
It was a wise man who said < There
Is a great deal of difference between
tho Christian religion and the re
ligion of Christ for In that simple
statement he struck the keynote of
tho church problem A great many
of the presentday churches of our
great cities In particular are more
perfect exponents of the Christian re
ligion as Invented than the religion
of Christ as taught This is the pri
mary cause of the churchs failure to
moot its highest efficiency and there
aro three main reasons for this being
the case
First with few exceptions tho
church is all bound down with tra
ditional creed and dogma so that It
cannot rise to see the vision Viewed
In the white light of the direct teach
ing of Jesus the church with its tot
I ters of doctrine bears only a ghostly
semblance to the treat ideal
Now if those statements are true
no ono can deny that there arc some
reasons for Mormonlsm in the
world As her history shows that
she had steadily increased both as to
members number of church edifices
and also her missionaries which now
number about two thousand traveling
at their own expense
Ho then related a clmcumstancc
that occurred about two weeks ago
In Reno Nevada where he had at
tended a gospel mission and after
listening attentively to the discourse
which was along th < 5 lines of belief
alone bringing salvation to Its ad
herents took exception to this line
of argument because It was not scrip
turnT according to his understanding
of the Bible And asked the question
why It was that this offer was made to
mankind today when It was not in
hrmony with the instructions ot the
Apostle Peter on the great day of
Pent coat recorded In Acts 2nd chajj
Jvr 37SO verses wherein the people
p1 that day certainly believed and
put their belief Into action by calling
< o tho apostle Men and Brethren
What Shall Vo Do
nut the answer given by the great
Apostle Peter was very different from
that which bad been advanced Peter I
instructed them to repent and be bat
Irstid everyone of them in tho name
of Jesus Christ for the remission of
sins and they would receive tho gift
of the Holy Ghost
This then was a clear statement
made thnt baptism was for remis
sion of sins And If the people of to
day are laboring under any other de
lusion It simply furnished another
reason for Mormonism as It taught
and practiced this doctrine as it was
taught by the apostles of Lord Jesus
The question was asked Why in
thin the twentieth century this doc
trine of baptism for remission of sins
should be so misunderstood when we
find the grout Apostle Paul himself
although called direct by tho voice of
the master is directed to go Into
Damascus and there It honld bo tol 1
him of all things appointed for him
to do and among those things told
him was the following
And now why tarrlest thou Arise
ii 11 i f i fHf i v i jLi tLa f J S S
i j vlTT iL 7 Jlt T2Jta B r r E r
U taBQIBw T a
I 1 Have received the subloined
To Our Friends and Patrons
it s own The born California cr Winery doesnt make a practice of tooting its
very much and
< asks your IndulgenA for send
tag tbe
fi by telegraph from short Seattle item from or news The that came to us tl row das ago
R 1 above California all other California Winery awarded gold medals for seven of Its winos
Zinfandel Burgundy Port compeUUonCordoa Sauterne Claret
Riesling Sherry and Angelica Silver medal for
This Is indeed good and gratifying
now to us and will be wc1
too by our
V L many friends and patrons Il 15 all the more sat
I isfylng because
We wer not
aware the wines
wore being
H and On al this
do nOt know who the
hove therefore that Judge were Wo be
true merit must surely have
prook tho
awards to Cordova tho Wine
of Quallt
i Very truly ours CALIFORNIA WINERY
SHEEHAN VlccPrcs and Gen Mngr
1 I
1J L
and be baptised and wash away thy
sins Calling on the name of the
I This baptism was not sprinkling
or pouring but baptism by immersion
I compared to a burial by the apostle
in Romans Cth chapter 345 verses
But let us not misunderstand the
I value of the blood of Cnrlse for our
personal sins As we read In 1st John
567 verses as follows
This Is the message which we have
heard of him and declare unto you
that God Is light and In him no dark
ness at all
If we say wo have fellowship with
j him and walk In darkness wo lie
and do not speak tho truth
Bui if we walk In the light as he is
In the light we have fellowship one
with another and the blood of Jesus I
Christ his Son cleanseth us from all
Thereby proving clearly that wo
must be In the light doing those
things that the Savior and Ills apos
tles Instructed us to do Then the
blood of Jesus cleanseth us from all
sin And wo become fit persons to I
receive the Holy Ghost
Tho speaker then explained his boy
hood experience In being taught the
shorter catechism In Scotland One of
the questions being What is God
And the answer being God Is a
spirit and they that worship him
must worship him in spirit
and In thuth And the next
question was What is the Godhead
composed of Answer The Godhead
Is composed of Father Son and Holy
Ghost These three are ono the same
In substance equal in power and I
Now the question to be solved from
the foregoing Is Can it be possible
that the Lord Jesus Christ is a spirit
I In the face of tho fact that he was
horn of woman and looked so much
like other men that tho people said
he was the son of a carpenter
Ho commenced his ministry at the
age of thirty continued for about t
three and a half years was put to I
death on tho cross hurled in the i
I iMhb of Joseph of Armnthoa to which
Mary went on tho third day and
I found that he had risen and when It
I siread about Thomas would not be
lieve It and when Thomas finally I
mot the risen Redeemer the Lord I
knowing tho doubts in his heart call
for him to come forth and examine
him thrust his hand In the ppear
wound for salth He A spirit bath
not flesh and bone as you see me now
have Thereby proving that he had
tho body In which he was crucified
And we all know that lie wna with
His disciples and ate hones comb anc
fish with thorn Instructed them fur
ther and finally ascended up on high
In tho presence of the multitude And
i the testimony of the witnesses present I
was that this same Jesus whom you
I see ascending Into heaven shall in
like manner descend and It this Is II
true Our Mnslcr must have the bodY
hoW that He was raised from the
dead In I
If this line
of thought Is true we
find Another Reason for Mormon
lam from the fact that we believe
I that God the Father and His Son
Jesus Christ arC personal glorified be
II ings In fact we bellovo we me In
the image of God
Another matter that could profit
I ably be discussed In this connection
I is the foundation upon which the
church of Christ was built iiamelv
Ihe apostles Jesus Christ himself be
ing the chief corner stone and that
the apostln pliuhels evangelists
pastors and teachers wore for the
perfect ins of the saints for the work
I of the ministry for the edifying of the I
hotly of Christtill we all como in the I
I unity of the faith I
And if we are not In the unity of
I the faith then the apostles should
have continued until wo arrived at
that condition
I Now the facts arc that divisions
have Increased
v r t
John yaw while 1111011 tIIe lila of
I Patmos how the gospel in its purity
I vas to be restored to tho earth wholl
I II ni
Be sure and get FclsNaptha
I j from your grocer today
Co r d
h e declared he saw another angel fly
ing through the midst of heaven hav
ing the everlasting gospel to preach
to them that dwell upon the earth
saying with a loud voice
Fear God and give glory to him for
the hour of His judgment has come
And worship HJm that made the
Heaven and earth the sea and founda
tions of water etc Revolutions 11 tli
chapter and 6th verse
Thus you cansee that If tho gospel
was to be rcsJorjQd by means of an I
angel there Is Anolhor Reason for I
I MormonlBm as Mormonism so I
called Is the Gospel of Jesus Christ
restored to the earth as seen by the I
Prophet John while upon the Isle of
t i
I therefore tryst that we may all
I be able
to see understand and ac
cept the truth oJ this message obey
iO s precepts amlyrgceivo a salvation In
our Fathers Kingdom I ask In the
name of Jesus amen
Chicago Nov 29r Stronuous com
plex and democratic the Twentieth
Century Is demanding and as it
grows older will demand more of Its
young men than any century that has
This was the keynote of an address
delivered last night before the Chi
cago Sunday Evening club in Orches
tra hall by President David Starr
Jordan president of Lclnud Stanford
university I
It was a young man of the Twon
llelh Century who gave us the ox
p csslon The Strenuous Life he I
said and by Its very nature the life i
V Q must lead is strenuous of course 1
There Is so much to be done In this j
country and nine years of it already
are gone
Look at the wonderful Inventions j
that have already come In this cen
tury there are more things to dodge
in Michigan avonjip now than there
were In the lasL century but there
are more things wo must know IR
noance Is nOl safe any longer we
Just know whatwe are about Things
liappou quicker now I
Ono thing we demand and that Is
training If Abe Lincoln were alive
now he would not be studying his
Blacltstone and reading his Shakes
peare by the light of a log fire he
would be in the nearest slate univer
sity working his way through It Title
century wants men with character
Chicago Nov 29Hhllng under a
bed and waking for tho family to
retire a burglar was trapped by a
maid Saturday night In the Henry W
Carter home Yesterday the family
found two diamond rings and a brooch
valued at 5500 which the Intruder
threw nn the lawn after bis arrest
Pretending not to have seen him the
maid went singing from the room
then ran to a telephone and summon
ed the police Two gold watches and
three diamond rings which the Car
ters wore unable to identify as their
property were found in the mans pos
ing to receive some very strong bill
I In the future E T S
William Hall and Frank ShafTrcy
were arrested last evening by watch
man J W Roll and William Martin
in the Southern PaclJlc railroad yards
Roll and Martin are watchmen em
ployed iby the Southern Pacific com
pany Last night they started out
together looking for hobos and soon
after they had left the shops they
noticed two men coming toward them
The two watchmen hid behind a box
car hoping that the other men would
pass The other mon did not come
and Roll becoming curious looked
out to see where they had gone Ho
saw them put a sack down near ono
of the cars and pick up a bar pos
sibly preparatory to breaking a seal
The two watchmen then stealthily
sneaked up behind tho hobos and one
of them shoved a gun In their face
and commanded them 10 hold up
Both hobos threw their hands In
the air and Roll and Martin went
through their pockets A razor was
found on one of them The watch
men then examined tho sack and
found ten pairs of shoes
The shoes had boen stolen the night
before along with three hundred
pounds of cundy and about a dollars
worth of tobacco Tho stuff was Oak
en from a box car belonging to tho
Denver Rio Grande There wore
three cases of shoes taken and the
men were each wearing a pair when
The recent cases of boxcar robbery
which have been brought to the atten
tion of the police recalls the death
of Deputy Sheriff Seymour Clark who
was killed a year ago Friday night
Clark and Deputy Sheriff Murphy wore
returning to Ogden In a rig with a
sick Kalian for whom they had gone
to Ulntah to bring to this city to be
given medical attention When they I
approached the crossing at Ulntah a I
few yards from the depot they saw
tho burglar crouching behind five
noses of shoes which he Lad piled up
ready to be carried away Clark got
down from the vehicle and started
towards the boxcar robber who fired
killing the officer instantly wounding
Deputy Sheriff Murphy through the
hand and the Italian in the arm Af
ter working on the case for many
months following Innumerable clues
tho officers have not yet succeeded
In establishing tho identity of the mur
That clau of criminals who rob box
cars as n means of livelihood are
generally regarded as the most dan
gerous crooks They usually work In
gangs and hacofencesin every town
where they can dispose of their Ill
gotten wares without much danger
or detection Developments which fol
lowed the Investigations which were
conducted after Deputy Sheriff Clarks
murder have led the officers to be
Here that these gangs are well or
ganized and cover hundred of mile
in their operations
When the contents of a certain
sort of jug get inside a man tie man
somehow often manages to get In
side the jug
About Coke
I have been telling how to reduce your lighting bills and he reason
why a corporation can lake a personal interest in their customers by
teaching them economy Now I want to tell you about coke
Very few people know anything about the use and good qualities of
coke as a fuel A too of coke contains 75 per cent of the heat contained
In a ton of anthracite A ton of anthracite coal coats between fl4 and
H5 nhile coke costs only 700
The cleanliness of coke alone Is a groat relief and on this account
its oO Clancy is higher than soft coal because It does not cover the inside of I
tho furnace or the stove with soot vblch acts as an Insulator preventing
the heAt from penetrating the iron ot the stove
Coko and coul mixed make a good furnace fuel The coke holds the
fife the same as hard coal which yot cannot do with soft coal If you
use coke in our kitchen range you can hae broiled steaks and what Is
more delicious tbnn meats broiled over a clean fire
We want to introduce coke as a fuel for domestic use and will deliver
free samples to those desirous of trying II The price is 35c per hundred
delivered After vtW hate read this aJ phono us for a trial lot and you will
be pleased when you hare learned Ij use It
D DECKER Local Manager
A P ChrtaiwiMn tHe proprietor
of a small grocery store at 31I Pa
cific avenue reports that his store
was broken Into last wek by burg
lara who stole a number of rings
stamps grneerl and confectionery
Entrance to the building was effect
ed by breaking a pane of ylasc In
one of th windows and crawling
Mr Chris tonn swpecU a lad liv
ing in the community aa being guilty
of the burglary and baa reported the
matter tu the Juvenile roan asking
that some action be taken to bring
tie guilty party to justice
The tracks found near the broken
window next door are of the same
sis as the shoe worn by the an
peeLed lad and Mr Chrtatanaen bo
liovpH hat the youngster Is guilty of
the burglary
Salt Lake Excursion via Bambcrger
Line For Everybody
Dec lat 100 round trip Tickets
Krod returning Dec 2nd Dec tit
In Ogden Day at Salt take Pure Food
Imposition The finest ever held in
the West Trains leave at 010 a m
S45 L nt 1115 a m 22S p m and
Merchants Special at 515 p m and
866 p m Merchants special re
turning about 1130 p m Dec lit
Tellurium Ore Found In Bruneau
County Runs 380000 in Gold
Boise Idaho Nov 2SA second
Tolluride is promised for Idaho aa Ute
result of a gold strike In tho Uruneau
country In n somewhat Isolated dis
trict ft linn been known by certain
parties for thirty yean that n sheep
herder discovered a rich goldbearing
quartz in that district He told some
friends about It and went back alone
He never returned
Recently a skeleton was roporlwd to
have been loon in the nlghbnrliood of
the reported discovery of thIrty year
ago This led to a revival of the story
and a search for tho lost claim Tho
discovery was made some time ago
and while rumors of it have gained
currency It WitS not until today that
authentic Information was available
This Is contained In an Interview
with D A Bourne who made tho dis
covery He says the ore Is tellurium
and carries sensational values some
as high as SO000 n ton The smallest
return from liberal sampling was Kti
a ton Figured at only 20 a ton
however ho says there Is 1750000
in sight ready to be taken out like i
building stone from a quarry
In the spring thousands of miners
will seek the bonanza field which
Judging from present Indications will
be the scene of ng Intense told ex
citement as has over boon witnessed
in fun country
1 nu
Will Pay City Warrants
Ogden Utah Nov 29 1800
Notice is hereby given that tho un
dersigned Treasurer of Ogden City
will at his office on and after this
dato pay City Warrnnta bearing meg
iatry numbers from A4S01 lo A5500
in elusive and number BIS01 in R
5500 Inclusive and further that nil
such warrants not presented to mo for
payment on or before December 8
1909 will cease to thaw interest there
after Signed
City Treasurer
San Francisco Nov 20A revision
of the Imperial laws of Japan which
will extend to aliens tho privilege
of owning propert In foe simple for
agricultural and other purposes will
be the chief consideration in he next
trent that Is consummated in Japan
with another nation According to M
Zumoto proprietor of the Japan Times
of Toklo the close friend of the late
Marquis Ito and one of the big figures
In the piosentday public life of the
Island empire
The editor Is n member of the Jap
anese commercial commissioners par
ty which Is visiting here during Its
last fow days In ho United States I
Ever since tho days of Isolation
declared Zumolo yesterday we have
boen taught to believe that the for
eign or Occidental world sought to
obtain supremacy by gaining posses
sion of Otto public lands I believe
that by permitting foreigners to own
hind In our country the nation would
derive many advantages and I have
boon unable to appreciate under what
conditions such an arrangement would
prove preparatory to us
When the time come for Japan to
consummate a new treaty with one of
the olher nations I am confident that i
the matter of foreign ownership of I
lands will be the chief consideration
Salt Lake Nov 29The rank of
the Knights of Columbus were swelled
Sunday afternoon and evening when
an even forty candidates were Initiat
ed into three degrees ot the old order
The ceremony took placo In the lodge
I rooms and was marked by all the Im
presslvenesB the Knights of Colum
bus ritual This now givo the order
390 members In this city
Tho first degree was worked by I
Grand Knight D Laramle of the
Salt Lake City council the second
by Grand Knight Charles Magulra of
the Ogden council assisted by T J
Fanning and the third degree by Dis
trict Deputy Edward McGnrrin and
staff Following the giving of the third i
degree a sumptuous banquet was serv
ed In the lodge rooms There wan
no set program for this ovent but
Impromptu speeches were the order
The banquet was one of the moat
pleasing held by this worthy order
In a long time
Salt Lake Nov 9Albert Bo wen
a butcher 45 years old dropped dead
at State and Second South street
Sunday morning at 1016 oclock of
heart disease
Patrolman Tyler and tt number of
pedestrians carried the man into the
drug store on he corner from which
he was removed to the emergency hos
pital in the patrol wagon Dr Steel
was summoned Immediately and af
ter making an examination said that
the man had evidently died from heart
disease with a probable leakage of
h hart
i Jk Th
II i
We had a iur rxp4 I
Jut week A runt inner h h
back a bath relic heruse it was
not rmvpnettwl Tic exchanged
it fur a bHthiiiK null But for
the man or woman who witnta
a robe to wenr to and from
the bath or n robe to loun r on
tilt lounge brirtj a luxurious i
assurtrnent1 to 12
Modern Clothes 7
AT 2305
An Offer Backed One
< by of 11
Our Most Reputable
Concerns I r IC1 C1
Wo pay for all medicine used dn > c
lug tho trial If our remedy fails Ij I
completely relieve you of constipation C
Vo toko all Die risk YOU urn not
obligated to us In any va what 1
ever if you accept our offer Tbati J
I a mighty brutal statement but we I
mean every word of it Could any 1
thing be more fair for you t
A most scientific commonscnoe I
treatment II nexall Orderlies whleti 1
aro oaten like candy Their active t
principle la n recent scientific dljcot
cry that Is odorless colorlotu ami I
tasteless very pronounced grille and I
pleasant in action and particularly
agreeable In cry way Thl lnffrcI I
out does not cause dlarrhixi mto oa
flatulence griping or any InronTenl
cane whatever Rcxall Or < > rllcj are C
l > artrciilarly good fr children Hgc4 e
and dollcate persons I
If you suffer from chronic or habit
utjl constipation or the associate vf < <
lepoitdent chronic ailment we urge
yoll fo try Rexall Orderlies at our
risk Remember you can get them I
In Ogdon only at our start 12 tubcLi
10 cents 36 tablets 2 cents VK
Hexall Store The T II Curt Dr I
Co ctrner Grant ave and Tventv
fifth street
Proceeds Are to Be Turned Oocr to
Mrs Riley by Athletic I
Club r
Salt Lake Nor 9A boxing car I
nival Is scheduled for Monday nights L
entertainment by the Manhattan AU > t
lotlc club In the new gymnasium I
rooms No5 West First South strict I
and a great many tickets ban been
sold the proceeds ol which will KP
to Mrs C C Ulley widow of the
Mlccman who was murdered by 4
II 1C Downing the bicycle rider Is
Ute manager of the club and hr > BIT
that be has arranged n card that wl
pine the boys There will be fhe
boxing contests niid each one ought
to be a hummer as fOr OK weIght and
science goes Bird lag Collm i who
ra to box a fourround exhibition w i
bis sparring partner RHM will ab C
what he can do In the glovi llre aii
the fans will be able to > < a U OJ co
on him He will have to be prctiy
feat to beat Sullivan with whom ht
Is matched but he is confident that
he cnn do it Manager Downing nali
that he expected every ticket sold by b
oclock r
The large ball which the club ha4
has undergone a aomplete rhani
There Is a seating capacity of about
ion people and the ring In s situate
hat it can be seen from all parts of r
the house
New York Nov Announcement
was made from the pulpit of St
I Georswa church today by the jiaifcr
the Rev Dr J 0 WIlkins that a
gift of 50000 had been received to
ward ho 5000000 fund being rab
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