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Thirtyninth yearNo 288Price Five Ccnte OGDEN CITY UTAH THURSDAY EVENING DECEMBER 2 19Q9
Entered as Second Class Matter at the PostoHlce Ogden Utah
Crtuser and Ganfeoat in Magdalena Bay Will
Steam to Corinto = = = Secretary Knox Hands
NicaraguanChar d Affaires Sis Passports
o 0
0 0
O Washington Dec 2The 0
O first slop of the United States 0
C government toward backing up 0
O the declaration made bv Sec 0
O retary of State Knox regarding 0
O the Nicaraguan situation was O
O laken today when the secre 0
O tary of the navy sent urgqnt 0
O odors to tho commanders of 0
C the cruiser Albany and the 0
C gunboat Yorktown the two O
C merlcan warahlps which are 0
G now at Magdalena bay Lower 0
C California to proceed forth 0
G with to Corinth the Pacific 0
O roast port of Nicaragua near 0
O ht tho capital of that country 0
O 0
WlJshln lon Dec 2Having
pr nptly Informed the Nicaragua
p rnmont in a lengthy cablegram
tiIt the American secretary of state
hid last night presented him with
his passports Senor Felipe Rodrl
3U z charge daffaires of Nicaragua
In Washington today awaited in
Irurtlons from President Zalaya as
10 what course he Is to follow now I
MM diplomatic relations between Nl
c a igua and the United Slates Iwo
II n separated What further repre
filiation 1f any ho may make to
the United States through the state
department or where he will go will
d innd entirely upon the orders
which he expected would be received
during tho course of tho day from
Ridrlguez said he had received no
further Information regarding tho
progress of affairs In Nicaragua Re
i MI ing to Secretary Knoxs note of
last night to the Nicaraguan chargo
Mi Rodriguez intimated that he
vonld ho willing to see that gentle
man unofficially The permission
not been taken advantage of and it IB
is not known whether it is Mr Rodri
guezs purpose to call at the stale
department before taking his depart
ure from the country
Having broken off diplomatic rela
tions with Nicaragua it is understood
to be tho governments purpose at
present to maintain a position of
watchfulness and preparedness and
it is not believed that It Is the inten
tion of tho authorities to land mu
j iiirt on Nicaraguan soil for the pros
tut at least unless some hoslllo act
on the part of the Zclayan govern
icnt directed against Americans or
Vmnlcan Interests should make
that stop necessary I
The troopshIp Prairie will sail from
from Philadelphia this afternoon with
rt rnimately seven hundred marines
1 < Colon The Buffalo now at Pan
Into can sail for Corlnto at an hours
rot ire fwd other warships along both
the Pacific and Atlantic coasts could
laud marines or bluejackets withIn a
fw hours Thus tho government Is
in a position to seize Corinlo or to
iile other offensive action should the
Mtunllon seem lo warrant
information received at tho state
tepurtment during the last few days
indicates thai the olayan army as
A oil as the Zclayan government is
On the other hand the revolution
ists under Estrada are receiving con
vtanl accessions and arns and am
munition are being landed in quanti
ties even beyond their needs
Philadelphia Dec 2Seven hun
dred marines equipped for any len
t IU1IIl will leave tho Philadelphia
navy yard at I oclock this afternoon
f > n board the transport Prairie for tho
Panama canal zone or possibly Nica
The Prairie originally scheduled to
hall tomorrow wIth 100 marinos has
In on rcadyi to loavo for nearly a
w ok
Tin marines arc In high splrlla and
tmer to got away
Besides taking south tho 700 marines
will two Hold
rines tho Prairie carry
ICeS 800000 rounds of ammunition
md tents and othor equipment for tho
< iccoiumodatlon of 700 men
Washington Doc Newspaper
twn who vlsilod tho Nicaraguan loga
J to
inn hint night wore not permitted
doiihi that Secretary Knoxs ultlmt
i in had fallen upon the complaconcy
Rodrlgnoz tho charge
rf Penor
fTalres whom It dlnmlswod with pro
fmrl effect Senor Rodriguez In per
son mot the visitors at the door and
of amazement at the
his protestations
state department wore
art ion of the
frllvorod in a torrent of mingled Bng
4 llsh and Spanish to an accompaniment
tValltiK down the stairway of sound
I efimlnply Indicating that the
above were en
Kunn on tho floor
cAavorlng to forgot all IntonrntlouHl
f Senor RedrlgTXcx was soon Joined ur
tenor Hucm the Zela nn minister
oMcnfct whom President Taft refuted
futed to receive after th rorrnllon
cxcmtln ir lit
Uf neWs of Xela as x
American Cnnnon and trur
suggested to his cob
Seer Hazcra
1axuc thai ho would think It over
before comnnmlcatinB Mr view to the I
but Sono Rodio H
hmw ftdh I < 1t
Inlli td U i b fJ
rl ie Wi < Idn rltl OI J
a ratld t HnfJi m flpant h th pta
trt of which the reportefi
only guess Thereafter Senor Rod
I riguoz returned to English and sum
med up the sensailong of the lega
tion In a few words
Wo arc stricken to the heart
we are paralyzed
Continued on Pago Five
Salt Lake Dec2Covering the
inmates with his lone
gun a high
wayman hold up the Washington sa
loon at 121 West Third South street
Tuesday night at 1140 oclock and
got away with more than 100 worth
of loot After robbing every ono In
the place the robber Kicked out ot
the front door of the saloon and told
tho inmates to stay insldo if they
wanted to keep a whole skin Tho
police have his description
i 10 R CAD
Champion Contest Will
Be Held in Salt Lake
or San Francisco
Now York Dec 211ho worlds
championship fight between James J
Jeffries and Jack Johnson will be
held IiTSan Francisco before a club
organized by Tex RIckard o Ely
Novaud Jack Gleas n tho fightfiT
take place probably on July I 1910
Tho bid made by Ricknrd and Glea
son of a purSe of 5101000 and the
contestants to take 6623 per cent of
the moving picture receipts was ac
cepted by representatives of n
and Jeffries this afternoon
The successful bid provides that
the fight shall take placo in Califor
nia Utah or Nevada on a dalo to lIe
selected later but it wag stated that
without doubt the contest would take
placo in San Francisco
In view of the fact that James Cot
froth manager of the Sunshine Ath
letic cljib at Colma Cal controls cer
tain patents on moving pictures It
was ilibughl Illckard and Gleason
would likely enter Into somo arrange
ment with him whereby they could
hare ho fight take place In the Col
ma arena
San Francisco Doc 21he news
that tho JeffriesJohnson worlds
championship fight would be held In
San Francisco although not unex
pected has caused keen satisfaction
among every ring follower in this
city Already speculation Is rife as
to the location of the battleground
and the consensus of opinion inclines
to the belief that tho contest will be
pulled off in territory other than the
city proper but Immediately adja
The laws of California permit fin
ish fights but contests within the
city are so regulated by the muni
I cipal authorities that only twenty
round exhibitions can ho glvon There
IK ground for belief however that
owing to the tremendous Importance
of the battle pressure may be
brought to bear by tho Richard
Gluasou combination with tho Incom
ing administration to waive all re
strictions and grant permission to the
promoters to hold an unlimited con
teat In Ihe city of San Francisco In
such nn event It Is generally under I
stood that the ball ground park of
tho Pacific Coast Baseball league
located on Valencia street neai
Fourteenth will be the scene of tho
bottle as the grounds are controlled
by John J Glenaon The seating ca
pacity can be enlarged so as to ac
commodate approximately 20000 or
216000 persOns
On the other hand thor IK an un
dorcurroul of opinion that nn alliance
hu boon effected with James J Col
froth in which circumstance It Ig al
most certain that tho fight will be
taken to Coffrolug Mission street
arena where nearly all of the im
portant ftotlc battle of rocent yearn
have boon held Hero unlimited con
tests are permitted without legal mo
loHtntlon hut tho arena would hae
to bo onlurged
Ocoan View mentioned In the dls
patches u a pcuslblo battleground la
in Alamadca county a few miles east
of Berkeley whore the local laws per
i mil tho handling of finish boxing con
Salt Lak > ltah Dw 2 Although
the slat anthtiriti huvo not > ot
iruuJr an official rxprer ioD thru ts I
t jnnrTfll IrqT I1II hat flu r < > will
be no loJ lutorferoncc in the way of
the JeffriMJehnwjn contest It s
scarralh undtrctiKxl that before a Md
vi rho > mattir was can
afi 7 rl1 111 the In IHl
I tiiif J iianfi > c vir < m n that fhrr
11 It i ti l
l Ttr I IidfJL pit
and boxing contests in Utah is the
I same as the California law
Gocrnor Spr said today that IIP
had not > ct finished his examination
of the law and was not therefore
prepared to make any statement ret
New York Doc 2ln anticipation
of the definite announcement of when
and where tho JeffriesJohnson heavy
weight championship fight will be
held a crowd of sportingmcn again
assembled at Hobokon N J today
But the fact that Jeffries had gone
to Buffalo and would not appear
dampened the second days ardor of
many and the crowds which filled the
streets yesterday were thinned to
I was not at the opening of the
bids said Jeffries before leaving the
city because I only want to meet
Johnson once more and that Is In the
ring And that will be the last time
1 will see him
Before the final announcement of
the successful bidder for the fight
all of the promoters and sporting men
generally were of the opinion that
Tex Rickard of Nevada In conjunc
tion with John 1 Glcaaon of Califor
nia would be the winner by his bid
of a purse of 101000 cath and two
thirds of the moving picture proceeds
Other bids were considered better
by some particularly lhal or Tom
McCarey of Los Angeles bul the
control of the moving picture patents
bt Jimmy Coffroth and the triple al
liance of RIckard Gleason and Colt
roth was too strong for outsiders like
McCarey and Eddie Graney
Richard said today that Coffroth
had offered to bet him 1000 that he
RIckard would get the fight Cot
roth sent a message to San Francisco
last night declaring that Richard had
been awarded the fight and Coffroth
is considered the best authority here
Amalgamated Copper 86 18
American Beet Sugar 45 73
American Sugar Refining 118 31
Atchlson IIS 68
Atlantic Coast Line 132 12
Baltimore Ohio 114 7S
Brooklyn Rapid Transit 7S 1S
Canadian Pacific 178
Chesapeake Ohio S5 31 I
Chicago Northwestern 175 12
Chicago Mil St Paul 151
Colorado Fuel Iron 49 3S
Colorado Southern 56 14
Delaware Hudson 1S2
Denver S Rio Grande 49 1t
Denver Rio Grande pfd S6 31
Eric 33
New York Central 126 11
Norfolk Western 93 12
Northern Pacific 141 14
Pennsylvania 12S 7S
Pullman Palace Car b 190
RendIng 16S 38
Hock Island Co 39 34
Rock Island Co pfd Sf 38
Southern Pacific 127 31
Southern Railway 31 I
Union Pacific 198 3S
United States Steel S7 I
United States Steel pfd 123 12 I
Wnbauh 21 1S J
Wabash pfd 5C 34
Western Union 77 3i
Standard Oil COO
Chicago Livcstock I
Chicago Dec a Cattle Receipts j
estimated at 7000 market steady I
Beexes 3S5915 6 Texas steers
370 < Jr475 western steers 400j71
740 stockers and feeders 310
515 cows and hollers 210gi5C5
calves 0250650
IIogsRecolpts estimated at 20
000 market steady Light 770if
R20 mixed 775j835 heavy 770
tIlS40 rough H90810 good to
choice heavy 510 840 pigs 665 I
fij770 bulk of sales S100 > 830 j
Sheep Receipts estimated at 16
000 market steady Native 275G >
500 western 3000500 yearlings
540gi680 lambs native 525
775 western 5250760
Chicago Close
Chicago Doc 2Cloo Wheat I
Dec 106 12 May 105 34a7S
July 973S
CornDec 57 7Sa6S May 61 38
JulK 60 34
Oats Dec 10 11 May 12 38 July
40 14
Pork Jan 2150 May 2065
Lard Doc 1290 Jan 1212 12 I
May 1152 12 July 1147 12
Ribs Jan 1127 12 May 1075
Rye May 76
Barlo > Cash 61a67
Timothy March 390
Clover March M90
Omaha Livestock
Omaha Dc 2CnltlaRecelpts
3500 market steady Native steers
400aSOO western steer 360nG2fi
cows and heifer 2S5al35 stockers
and feeders 275a625 calves 350
Hogs Receipts 3COO market
strong Heavy S05aS10 mixed and
light SOOa805 pigs C75a750 bulk
Sheep Recolptg 1600 market
strong Yearlings 540a64G weth
ors 5l40aS40 ewes J400a600
lambs GGOu7G6
Sugar and Coffee
Now York Dec S Sugar Raw
steady fair refining I2 centrifugal
ft ragt IM molawev sugar 35S Ro
flnfii steady
crrfSte dr No 7 Rio 7 3S
No 4 Santo S 44
Metal Market
New York Doc 2Copp wak
standard roppf pot 121 7 1Ja I
1 ln 1 2ail
I I ltft J 1 11 1
Id 1 lc i
House of Commons Ac
cepts the Challenge
of th Lords
London Dec 2TlJe House of Com
mons by a vote of 310 to 134 today
passed the resolution of Premier As
qulth to the effect that In rejecting
the governments budget bill the
House of Lords had committed a
breach of the constitution and usurp
ed tho rights of tho House of Com
Arthur Henderson leader of the
labor partY in the Houso of Com
mons announced that the government
would have tho whole hearted support
of the laborites
It is underatood that parliament
will bo dissolved so as to permit the
holding of elections between January
10th and 20th The prorogation will
take place tomorrow
Premier Asqulth announced In the
House of Commons today that the gov
eminent had advised King Edward to
dissolve parliament and that his ma
jesty had accepted the Invitation
The premier added that if tho Lib
erals were returned to power the first
act of the government would bo the
reenactment of all the taxes for
which provision WPS made In tho
budget by the House of Lords
t I
President A R Heywood of Weber
Club Extends Invitation to Lovctt
< and Associates
Judge Rober S Lovott the succes
sor ot the hate Edward H Harriman
RB president of the Union and South
ern aPelfic ralrCfulr accompanied by
Julius ICruttschnltt director of main
tenance and operation J C Stubbs
traffic director E 0 McCormick as
sistant traffic director and a E Still
man of the New York offices of the
Harriman lines will arrive In Ogden
tomorrow morning between tho hours
of seven and ten Tho exact hour of
the arrival of the party will not be
known until this afternoon
When tho part arrives at Sparks
Nevada they will be met by Vice
President and General Manager W H
Bancroft of time Oregon Short line
and Superintendent E C Manson of
the Southern Pacific
The trip of Judge Lovott which Is
Including all the lines of the Hard
maO system Is his first one In his
official capacity as president The
Journey Is for the purpose of familiar
izing him with the present needs and
problems of the Union Pacific Ore
gon Short Line Southern Pacific and
the Oregon Railroad Navigation
railroads During his entire trip
Judge Lovett has declined to discuss
or express himself on any question
Involving the railroads of which ho
Is at the head On account of his
Imperturablc silence on questions of
railroad policy a writer in an eastern
magazine recently called him A smil
ing sphinx
While In Ogden an effort will be
made to have Judge Lovett and his
party as the guests of the Weber
Club A telegram was sent this morn
Ing by PresIdent A R Heywood of
the club to Mr Bancroft at Sparks
Nevada aklng him to convey the
Invitation to the distinguished visitor
and party If Judge Ixjvett accepts
and decides to slop In the city he
and his party will be taken for a
short auto ride through the principal
streets of the city and then to tho
Weber Club for luncheon
A mans beauty may be only skin
deep but somehow too much of it I
always appears to affect his back i
Judge Murphy of tho Municipal
court this morning rendered a ver
dict of not guilty In the case of
the City vs W H Van Noy who was
tried before tho court last Monday
for keeping a place resorted to for
The court stated that his decision
was based upon the decisions handed
down by n number of supreme courts
to tho effect that the proof of a single
overt act in such case wan not sum
clont to establish tho fact of keeping
a placo resorted to for gambling
but that a number of acts should bo
proven as the keeping of a gam
bling houso means the continuous
ur of the house for gambling pur
POM The testimon on tb pan of
the City in this 11 Ui > cum main
itiird l ftJ pot Urn fie
hcii the vrdut of not gml >
Secretary and Manager J W Burn
ham of the Southern Pacific Gold
Copper Mining Milling company Is
in the city today exhibiting some fine
samples of gold and copper ore re
cently taken from the properties
owned by the company Mr Burn
ham is sanguine in the thought that
his company has a big mine and that
It is ti question of only a short time
before the people of Ogden will real
ize the fact He states however
that he does not contemplate ship
ping are before next spring
The mining company was formed
in 1S94 and since that time there
has been no cessation of development
vorlc on the properties There nro
twelve claims upon which prospect
Ing has been done Much of tho work
has been done on the Wizard claim
one of the group of twelve The
properties are situated in the Sierra
Madre mining district in Weher
county about two and a half miles
southeast of the Utah Hot Springs
Tunnels have been run in different
places and open cuts dug so as to
reach tho mineral one of the com
paiiys properties On one of the
claims three tunnels wore run a dis
tance of 00 feel 50 foot and 16 feet
respectively tapping the AOin of ore
300 feet below the surface The av
oiage assays In these places give
u 20 in gold and I per cent copper
The most of the work however
has been done on tho Wizard claim
upon which three inclines were sunk
Water was encountered in these in
clines and they were abandoned but
good mineral Values were found all
the way down At a level 300 feet be
low the inclines the company has
been running a tunnel The first
vein hits been encountered something
like 500 feet bolow tho surface of the
mountain and in a COfoot drift from
the tunnel an ore chute five by six
teen feet has been uncovered that
gives 1 per cent copper and as high
as 80 in gold A hundred feet far
ther In the mountain fivefoot vein
of copper has been encountered The
company has had returns from picked
samples that went as high as 79 2
per cent copper and 500 in gold
Sinco the organization of the com
pany from three to seven men have
been kept constantly at work on the
Deputy Sheriff Thomas S Peony
is president of the company and the
majority of the capital stock Is owned
by Ogden people
It is the purpose of the company
to continue development work during
I the entire winter the expectation be
ing that as soon as spring opens ship
ments will be made to the smelters
Pioneer and Former Newspaper Man
Dies Wednesday at Residence
Salt Ixilcc Dec 2Georgc W
Reed pioneer former newspaper man
and widely known citizen of Salt Lake
died at his home 77 J street In this
city at 305 oclock Wednesday af
ternoon at the ace of 76 years Mr
Reeds death is supposed to bo the
result of injuries received in a col
lision with an automobile at Seventh
East and South Temple streets on
October 16th
As a result of the collision Mr
Reed suffered concussion of tho brain
and Will unconscious a greater por
tion of the time until his suffering
was relieved by death For two
weeks preceding his death he had
been unconscious continually Im
mediately after the accident Mr Reed
was removed to the Holy Cross hos
pital where he remained for a week
after which he was taken to his
Mr Rood Was horn in London Eng
land 76 years ago last April and as
a boy learned the printing trade Ho i
came to Utah In 1SG2 and was first
employed on the Deseret News Later
he and other prominent men organiz
ed the Utah Magazine then the Salt
Lake Mormon Tribune and still later
the Salt Lake Tribune On the old
Salt Lake Tribune Mr Reed was In
the advertising department where ho
remained until the purchase of the
paper by P II Lannau and C C Good
I win at which time he retired
Court Following Supreme Court Decisions Decides Against the
City Administrations Spectacular Raids of Ten Days Ago
More Testimony to Be Heard in the Frye Case
The court tho nadvised the city at
torney that he was ready to render a
decision In the cane of the City VS
George Frye tried Co the same al
Igd offense Unless said the court I
ou desIre to introduce more tes
timony I take It that although you
havo rested the citys case it Is with
in the discretion of the court to per
mit you to furnish further proof in
support of your complaint
In tho faco of the courts an I
nouncd conclusions of law In the Van
Noy case said Attorney Do Vine I
I should like to Introduce further
testimony In the Frye case I have
the testimony at hand but cannot
introduce It In court today I
The Frvo case was then continued
a flu pleasure of the attorneys The
at ojr v ante Ilia nc fiSt will I
likpi ot taken tip ajaln next Inure I
da A
Strike Causes Closing of Big Flour Mills
Throwing 5000 Men Out of Employment
= = Switchmen Say Trainmen Will Aid
St Paul Dec 2Wlth the Importa
tion of strike breakers from Chicago
and other points and the pressing in
to service of other employes of the I
roads the railroads of tho northwest
I that were affected by tho strike of I
the Switchmens Union of North
America which went into effect Tues
day evening began their ilrst real
work today In trying to restore nor
mal traffic conditions between here
and the Pacific coast
Local warehouses were open today
and the roads accepted limited
freight shipments to points la Dakota
and Montana
Despite the efforts of the railroads
there was no noticeable Improvement
In business conditions in tho Twin
Cities this morning In Minneapolis
all of the flour mills with the excep
tion of one of tho smaller ones were
stopped and tho cessation of this In
dustrv alone threw about 5000 mon
out of employment It Is stated that
the niillmen will lose 75000 a week
in wages while the mills are closed
and that the loss of business to the
milling concerns will amount to
700000 a day
At the head of the lakes where
the most Important Industries are
chiefly dependent upon traffic condi
I tions a continuation for a few more
days of the present congestion will
force 10000 men out of employment
Reports were circulated thIs morn
Ing that the entire Brotherhood of
Railway Trainmen will be called out
in the affected territory but these
reports could not be traced to an au
thentic source
The switchmen appeared to be satis
fled with the situation and were par
ticularly pleased with reports from
the west of tho trainmen Joining the
Spokane Wash Doc 2 Bro
therhood of Railway Trainmonr while
sympathizing with the striking switch
men does not intend to break its con
tracts with the railways according
to orders issued today from the gen
eral brotherhood headquarters These
direct that where the men arc in the
majority in a switch yard and have a
contract with the railroad they shall
keep the contract and continue at
work Whoro the brotherhood Is in
the minority and does not have a con
tract covering tho yards its members I
are advised to resign and quit
work This latter condition pre I
vails In Spokane where the men em
ployed In the swItch yards have walk
ed out
The Great Northern has sent out
several freight trains from Hllljanl
in the last 29 hours officials and of j
fice men attending to thc switchIng j
The Northern Pacific while not so
active Is handling some business
that needs Immediate attention
The switchmen bore have offered to
furnish a patrol and guard the rail
way tracks If necessary to prevent j
any attempt at violence or damage
Seattle Wash Dec 2TIme Great
Northern and Northern Pacific rail >
nonunion switch
roads are employing 1
men today Offcials say that freight
train service will be restored within i
a week and that they have the nssur I
mince that there will not be a sympa
thetic strike of other classes ot em
President W S Carter of the I
Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen
pave the following instructions to Se
a firemen
Our men should pcform such duties
as our agreement requires them to
Under the agreement tho firemen
will assist In making up trains If re
President A B Garretson of the
Order of Railway Conductors sent
this message to tho Seattle conduc
Men in the train service will con
tinue lo do what theyt have done up
to this time If we have men in yard
service thor must choose for them
selves whether or not they will cast
their lot with the organization on
Two Great Northern crows and ono
Northern Pacific crew handled pas
senger trains at tho union station last
night The switchmen were nonunion
men and tho foreman a former yard
All passenger trains aro moving
in on lime oxcopt for delays due to
high water anti landslides
The Northern Pacific will send out
two local freight trains on the Sc
attleTacoma run today Tho Noi th
em Pacific superintendents here en
gaged several former railroad men to
take the strikers places The new
men aro promised permanent em
ployment at the new scale of wages
The railroads have not advertised for
men but are taking all applicants who
have had experience
Kansas City Livestock
Kansas City Dcc 2 Catttlo Re
ceipts 5000steady Native steers
J4fiOS50 stockers and feeders
3150550 western steers 3S0fJI
550 calves Oi50 western I
cows 275 f150
Hogs Receipts 10000 steady
Bulk of sales 795S20 heavy W15 I
Z1S26 packers and butchers 820
330 light 7S5 jSn5 pigs 6nO < Q > I
750 J
Sheep Receipts 5UOO steady
Muttons 450J3oO lambs 450 5
56 range wethers and yearlIngs
j Woman Escaped Detec
tion Until Sister Had
Body Exhumed
St Louis Dec 2Atel weeks of
labor and mainly through her own In
dividual efforts Miss Kate Erder
whose brother William J Eider dlel
suddenly here last July has apparent
ly succeeded in bringing to trial Er
ders wife now Mrs L B Doxey on
i a charge of murder
i A report to the coroner of St
Louis by Dr William Vnrren of
Washington university today showed
I that the chemical analysis of the vis
j cera of Erder established tho pros
I Once of arsenic In the vital organs
1 Based upon this an information
charging murder has been Issued by
Circuit Attorney Jones of St Louis
against Mrs L B Doxcy of Colum
bus Nebraska who was Erders wife
at the time of his death Mrs Doxey
was arrested In Columbus last night
nt the request of Prosecutiug Attor
ney Shackloford of St Louis coun
t who issued warrant against her
charging bigamy
Anpllcatlon for extradition papers
on the Nebraska authorities was
made by Governor Hud ley
The Investigation of Dr Warron re
vealed a quarter of a grnln or more
of arsenic in tho body ot Erder which
was exhumed November 20th after
Miss Kate ISrder had convinced tho
city officials that her brothers death
might have been caused by other than
natural causes
Miss Erder started the Investiga
tion to determine whether her broth
er had died from natural causes af
ter she had traced Dora Errtor his
wife of two and onehalf months to
Columbus Nebraska and found her
j living there as the wife of Dr Lorou
I B Doxey
15rdor vas ill only a few dRrs and
had convulsions at frequent inter
vals in Ibo 48 hours Immcdlaloly pre
ceding death In July
Dr Arthur Frledeberg signed a bur
lal certificate stating thai death was
lime to abdominal tuberculosis and
gastrllls He has since staled thfit
he prescribed sl rchnlno and codeine
but not in sufficient quantities to
cause death
In the iwo nnd a half months they
lived together Mrs Dora Erdor In
duced Erder to transfer to her 2700
of life Insurance on his mother and
sister who were the original bono
flclarles She also after his death
went Into the probate court and
claimed 500 insurance on the life of
Erders sister Elizabeth who died
the day Erder became ill In order
to obtain this Insurance she made an
affidavit that she was Erders l l
Through the shipment of furniture
to Dr L B Doxey at Columbus Neb
Miss Erder traced Dora to that town
and found that sho was living thoro
with Dr Doxey
In order to gain time and detain
Dora until an investigation could be
made here Miss Erder had the Dox
06 arrested on a statutory charge
Then she hurried hack to SL Louis
and had her brothers body disin
terred to determine whether poison
killed him
The hearing of the talutory charpfo
Is set for tomorrow at Columbus hut
will probably bo dismissed Dr and
Mrs Doxey having been married at
Burlington Iowa in 190C
From Wednesdays Editorial Tho
State Veterinary after applying the
tuberculin test condomned 22 head
of cows In tho herd of 30 furnishing
milk to the Utah State prison and tho
animals wore slanshtcred and burled
In quicklime yesterday
Think of It 22 cows out of 30Z Had
theo animals been disposed of to tin
inspected slaughter houses thoy
would undoubtedly havo been put on
the market It makes a meat buyer
study And this Is only one of the
diseases out of many
Can you assign any reason why
you should lay yourself liable to such
infection when the government is an
nually paying out thousands of dollars
in order to protect the public against
such meats
Wo have the only IT S Inspected
packing plant in the city All our
meats carry the Inspection stamp As
a guide for tho public we are publish
ing elsewhere In this paper a list pf
markets where Inspected meats may
be purchased A desire has been ex
pressed to know whore inspected
meats are handled We shall cheer
fully furnish the information If you
call us over either phone No 1ft

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