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iL1R VilAP9f Y I A < + 17140Y eW
IDl1 3Enrntugtaub arb
Published Dally except Sundays by William Glasmann
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p f > > g Hoc t
t c Co 5
ebaB run 2 s
Ac1verUscmcntlballrun Oc Sg
I g = 3 = = o b n c
f < D d C g o 0
tnungo each rnaue 00 lc e e I
Ad to run twice without change Hc it c I Ic r c
Ad to run tierce limes without change I 60 I Jie I JFc 1 ic
Art to run Rlx lime without chanco lie lSc I + v t7r r
ClusslflcJ want arts ono cent per Word each day no flrrft Insertion lut11 than
25 cents or T5c per line per month
Random ncfcrcnces I5c per line firs t Insertion y canr nch sul cquent In
scrtlon M cents per lino per week or 300 per line per month with cnnnso
onco each week
Local Renders 15o per line flrnt Insertion roc per lino each aubacqucnl Inser
tion or We per line per week
CHURCHES SECRET SOCIETIES and ChnrltubJe Institutions S 13 conls
per line either Random References or Locals No head nliowcil I nantlonu
Advertise and the world will trade with you
Sleep and theyll leave you alone
If the world owes a living to mortals
Success inert hope brings to none
Advertise long and lusty well preach it r
II Advertise laud your goods far and wide j I
II AdvertiseLet us publish your message
To our many hundred folks true and tried
Montgomery Ward Company of Kansas City Mo is a socalled
mail order wholesale house Those people have sent out a Jubilee
Catalogue in which they offer reduced trices in groceries and other
goods Yesterday a lady called on the writer aid said she had paid
for 25 pounds of granulated sugar 10 pounds of rice 10 pounds of
salt and for 20 pounds ginger snaps the sum of 262 delivered at
the railway station Kansas City Mo naying cash in advance and
she asked the Standard to reproduce the articles at the same price
We informed the lady that we would gladly do that plus the freight
and drayage from Kansas City to her home in Ogden and here are the
figures and prices the It Jubilee Catalogue quotes also the freight
on each article to Ogden the last column gives the retail price of
the goods When the lady had our figures she said I Stung Again
Montgomery Ward Co Kansas City Kansas City Ogden Retail
Articles Quoted in Jubilee to Ogden Prices
Jubilee Catalogue Price Freight Delivered
26 lbs Granulated Sugar 112 32 160
10 Ibs Job Rice 46 13 76
20 lb Box Ginger Snaps t 98 26 140
10 lbs Table Salt 06 13 15
Freight on 30 lbs of boxes 39 nothing
Cartage from depot at Ogden 50 free
Kansas City Prices 1 262 173
Plus Freight to Ogden 173 I
TotalsI 435 390
For the privilege of buying in Kansas City 55 cents
The weight of two boxes and packing was just 30 pounds If
the party should carry the goods from the depot there would be just
a loss of 5 cents
The retail prices quoted by the Standard we believe will be
accepted by every grocery store in Ogden and the public will there
fore understand that they are not some special cut prices of some
particular grocery store
Just study these figures a moment The prices are taken from
page 35 of Montgomery Ward Companys great Jubilee prices
The freight charges are figured out at the lowest freight rates from
Kansas City to Ogden viz fourth class or 128 per hundred pounds
It will be seen from these prices quoted that after the goods are laid
down at the home in Ogden they cost more than the retail dealers
chargo in Ogden for the same goods delivered to your homes
For three or four years past these eastern mail order houses
have induced the people to send their cash and money direct to the
East by making them believe they were buying cheaper but if the
people who have been buying in the East will simply add the freight
to the prices of the goods they will discover that they have been
paying more than the cost of the goods if bought at home
The Standard repeats that we will duplicate any order filled by
an eastern house at the same price plus the freight
We will convince any person who bought in the East and ship
ped to Ogden by local freight that such person got It stung
Bring your invoice and freight bill to the Standard office and
let us prove it Keep this secretpay cash and buy more than one
days supply at a time and take the best rate on the market and you
will find it profitable to buy at home
The lady above referred to claims however that prices were
higher in Ogden some time ago She may be right
The Salvation Army is doing excellent service in behalf of the
poor and the Army should be assisted There is a Shelter on
Twentyfifth street which has
telephonic communication You can
talk with the captain 1341 Bell II
by calling The Shelter is as 1
its name implies a place where the homeless can find succor This
morning the writer was in need of a laborer and he was promptly
supplied by calling up Phone No 1341
We are of the opinion that if the people generally knew they
could call on the
Salvation Army in an emergency of this kind and
obtain a reliable worthy worker there would be more calls made
from the homes
and as a consequence many a struggling penniless
fellow would be made to feel less forlorn and
hopeless and
many a
For 30 Days
In order to introduce coke for heating homes during the
cold weather we will sell in our yard at Twentyfirst and Lin
coln avenue firstclass
screened coke at 500 per ton In
half ton lots 275 and
smaller lots at 30 cents per hundred
You can save money by using coke with your coal Coke
Will keep a small
fire in
your stove all
night if the proper draft
Is used Send for a free sample sack and try it
D DECKER Local Manager
housewife would be relieved of a great worry in looking after the
rough work of the home
During this period of Christmas cheer a little thoughtfulness in
the direction of opening a field of employment for those out of work
at the Shelter might be the means of doing great good
Some of our sheep men have gained the impression that they
must buy goods in Salt Lake in order to buy to advantage in shipping
to their desert sheep camps on the line of the Western Pacific They
labor under the false belief that by buying in Salt Lake they save
the local freight from Ogden to Salt Lake
They are wrong For years Salt Lake and Ogden have been
common points on the Oregon Short Line That is to say goods
shipped from Salt Lake north into Idaho take the same rate as sim
ilar goods sent out of Ogden and likewise freight from Ogden for
points south of Salt Lake enjoy the rate given Salt Lake freight
We are informed that this common point application of
freight rates holds good on the Gould system so that supplies pur
chased in this city by sheep men or others are shipped to their des
I tination on the Western Pacific at the same rate granted Salt Lake
I goodsFor
For instance there are large sheep camps near Wendover on
rue border line between Utah and Nevada The owners of those herds
can buy their goods in Ogden and ship from here over the Rio
Grande and thence over the Western Pacific to Wendover at the
same freight rate accorded shippers from Salt Lake to Wendover
With Ogden houses selling on a smaller margin than Salt Lake
houses and with freight rates equalized by the cities being declared
common points it is folly for local wool growers cattlemen or others
to buy goods in Salt Lake for shipment over the Western Pacific
At the Bargain Counter
Ten Christmas shoppers standing In
a line
One got elbowed out and then there
woo nine
Nine Christmas shoppers shopping
very lato
One fell asleep and then there were
Eight Christmas shoppers shopping
till cloven
One fainted dead awny then there
were seven
Seven Christmas shoppers cross as
two sticks
On flounced home to bed then thero
were six
Six Christmas shoppers only just
One remembered baby Then there
were five
Five Christmas shoppers pawing bar
gains oer
The salesgirl snubbed one and then
there were four
Four Christmas shoppers nervous as
could be j
One studied smoke and then there i
were three
Three Christmas shoppers making
TO great todo
One had hysterics then there were
Two Christmas shoppers with shop
ping not half done
One thought sho saw a mouse then
there wits one
One Christmas shopper whod spen t
all her iniin
Her husband came for her then there
was none Judge
Didnt See the Crowd I
Were you in thut crowd on the cor
ner asked his mother
Was ther a crowd asked Bobby
with interest I didnt sec it myself
What do you mean his mother
Why me anfl Billy Burke was hav
ing It out and I was tendin strlkly
to business and didnt BOO no crowd
Pop always tells mo to tend strikly to
business dont you popBuffalo
A Thoughtful Maid
Goodbye forever said the
young man coldly as he prepared to
depart I leave you now never to
Goodbye said the fair maid in the
palor scene but before you go let
me remind you that you can telephone
me lu tho morning ever so much
cheaper than you can send a mes
senger and you can buy a box ot
chocolates with the difference Chi
cago News
How She Conciliated Them
Fllmcr How did it happen that
those five men who were so angry
with the woman in tho nickelodeon
for not taking off her hat became so
friendly with her afterward
Scrcenors It was raining like fury
when the show was over and she In
vited them to take shelter with her
under her hat Chicago News
A Not Unnatural Mistake
Frleld looking over Browns unfur
nished flaDAnd what is this pass
ageway for1
Brown Passageway Great Scott
this Is tbo dining roomBoston Tran I t
scrIpt 1 I
The Authoress
With ink on her fingers
And smudgo on her nose
She looks literary
Wherever she goes
Kansas City Journal
How Is This
Pugilism Is barred in most of our
States now
And yet they say the Constitution
guarantees tho right of free speech
Kansas City Journal
Poor Santa Claus
BobbleSanta Claus must have a
hard time to get all the presents he
Papa Ho has a harder tlmo paying
for themJudge
She Was Willing
Yulotlde Is fast coming dear
If you my wife will be
Ill draw my cash and start right i n
To bo your Christmas tree
Jack Johnson Aged 15 Years May I
Have Sustained Fatal injuries
Salt Lake Dec 17 Bleeding from
wounds and gashes and possibly suf
fering from serious internal injuries
Alexander and Jack Johnson of GOD
Sixth avenue 13 and In years of age
respectively and Julian Butler S3 > J
street who Is but 11 were taken to
the Latterday Saints hospital at 820
oclock last night shortly after their
double runner sled had collided with
a speeding westbound street car at
the corner ot J street and Third ave
nue f I
While Alexander Johnson w ns
found to have fractured his left el
bow the condition of his brother Jack
IB regarded as the more serious j
Though ho escaped fractures he suf
fered frequent hemorrhages at the hos
r pital during tho night and his condi
tion is considered alarming Julian
Butler escaped serious Injury But he
is bruised almost from Lead to foot
and it is feared that his face will be
disfigured for life
The trio of youngsters had select
ed tho steep hill on T street for
coasting regardless of the warnings
against the danger of the Third ave
nue street cars With their double
runner crashing over the avenue at
top speed they had frequently passed
dangerously closo to moving care dur
ing their evenings coasting But to
miss them had seemed great sport
Jack Johnson one of the best skill
ed youngsters of the J street djBtrlct
ut steering a double runner was guid
ing the big sled as It tore down the
hill at S oclock last night Just be
hind him were his brother Alexander
and playmate Julian Butler When
they had coasted half way down the
hill they heard the clank of a motor
mans boll and the rumble of the street
car down on Third avenue The dou
ble runner had attained almost light
ning speed and In the judgment of
the youngsters there would be ample
time to pass Third avenue before the
arrival of the car T
Persons passing the Third avenue
crossing gave a cry of warning but
it was not heeded
When tho car reached tho corner
the double runner was crashing ahead
with a speed It was Impossible to
check Tho street car No 111 with
Motormau D 0 Parker at the con
troller had reached tho middle of J
Street when the double runner crashed
into Its side In the effort to evado
the car Jack Johnson had managed
to turn his sled and when It crash
ed into the street car the three young
sters were hurled slrtewlsc and
smashed into the trucks as though
thrown I
Conductor E B Kelsey who sat
the accident says that it would hits p
boon Impossible to have evaded he
collision He explained that the sled
was coming yilontly and with such
speed that it would have boon im
possible to have gotten out of their
way even if they hud been 100 foot
up tho bill when the street car reach
ed the crossing
The boys were taken to the home
of Thomas W Howo at C27 Third ave
nue Dr J C Luudenberger was
summonod He found that Alexander
Johnson had a fractured elbow When
he turned his attention to his brother
Jack he ordered that an ambulance b
called with all possible speed
At the Latterday Saints hospital
Jack Johnson was found to have suf
fered internal Injuries and he had rr
quent hemorrhages Julian Butler was
taken to his home
o o
O San Francisco Dec 17 0
O Baron Y Uchida the new Jap O
O anese ambassador to the 0
O United States arrived hero O
O early today on tho liner Tonyo 0
O Maru He was accompanied by O
O Baroness Uchida who Is a 0
O graduate of Bryn Mawr college 0
O Baron Uchida has not been O
O in Washington since 1998 O
0 when ho was an attache of the O
O Japanese legation there He 0
O said today that he had always O
O been anxious to return and O
O that his present appointment 0
Ozwas the ono he desired the 0
O most He represented tho 0
O Washington Post while he was 0
O serving as the Japanese repro 0
O sontative in Vienna where ho 0
O spent two years The new am 0
O bassador will Immediately pro 0
O coed to Washington o
O 0
o 0
o 0
O Indianapolis Ind Dec 17 0
O Altkon and KIncaid both driv 0
O National class No 1 cars 0
O broke the record for one mile O
O today In the trials flat Aitken 0
O went the mile in 50 210 sec O
O onds and KIncald In 50 flat O
O The records in this class had 0
G been 59 210 seconds O I
O o
l0 o
o 0 I
O St Louis Dec 17Tue ap 0
I 0 peal of the Standard Oil com 0
O pany of Now Jersey Its sub 0
O sidfarles and the seven Individ 0
O uals against whom the govern 0
O ment recently won its dissolu 0
O tlon suit in tho United States O
O circuit court was filed here to 0
O day 0
Provo Doc 16A marriage license
has been issued tho Steve George
Skillhorn and Esther Pearl Urry both
ot Proo
Judge Murphy Held a Short Session
of Court Prior to Going to
Salt Lake
The police court session was of short
duration this morning The program
was brief The court had occasion to
visit Salt Lake on business and cases
that could conveniently held over
for a day were not called
M C Afce pleaded guilty to the
charge of petit larceny and was sen
tenced to pay a fine of 60 or CO days
in Jail The young man was accused
of stealing a suit case from John
Shlply which contained clothing val
ued at 25
James Johnson was sentenced to a
fine of 5 or five days in Jail upon his
plea of guilty of drunkenness
Joo Spanner accused of stealing two
boxes of cigars from the saloon of
Ed McGuire pleaded not guilty Ills
caso was set for trial tomorrow morn
ing and he was placed under a bond of
20 The cigars are valued at G
Kansas City Mo Dec 17Dlck Hj
land of San Francisco and Johnny
Thompson of Sycamoie Ills will meet
In a 10 round bout at the Hippodrome
in this city tonight This promises
to be one of the best lightweight con
tests of the season Both men are
said to be in excellent condition and
the local followers of pugilism are
about equally divided In trying to pick
the winner The betting opened at
even money and remained at that fig
ure today
There is only a halfpound difference
In the weight of the two men Thomp
son weighing 133 pounds and Hyland
132 12
Interest In the contest Is increased
by nrohabllity that the winner will
be > to secure a match with Bat
tling Nelson or Ad Wolgast Hyland
said today
I have fought Thompson three
times and know exactly what he can
do He will come at me rushing and
I will be there with the punch to stop
him A victory for me means a fight
with Ad Wolgast
Thompson said I have but one
chance to get a fight with Nelson and
that is to whip Hyland I am confi
dent of winning
Boston Dec 17Attracted by a
newspaper clipping which stated that
his brother had died in Boston in
testate leaving fortune of 250000
James F Corbett for thirty years a
wanderer in Canada England and the
United States has returned here to
lay claim to a share of the estate of
William J Corbett who died on Sep
tember 23
Rival claimants eager for the first
sight of an own brother lawyers and
newspapermen sought out Corbett on
his arrival at the south station last
night and eventually the police had
to take a hand to insure the man CH
cort to a placo of retreat
Corbel learned of tho fortune await
ing a claimant while he was in Wind
sor Locks Conn yesterday nnd went
to Springfield where the police as
sIstQd him to come to Boston
Brussels Dec 17Klng Leopold
died at 235 this morning his ngod
and wasted body being unable to static
the strain put upon it The collapse
occurred suddenly and at a moment
when the doctors seemingly had the
greatest hopes for his recovery
Throughout yesterday bulletins Is
sued from the sick room Indicated
progressive Improvement The bulle
tin posted at 630 oclock gave the
kings temperature pulse and respira
thou as practically normal Apparent
ly the drainage of the wound was per
fect as no foyer was present all day I
The king had been able to lake no I
The public at large was satisfied
that the king was on the road to re I
covery but within tho pavilion whore
the king lay there was a feeling of
anxiety chiefly because of the kings
great age After a restful day the
patient was able to sleep for a brief
period early In the evening and to
night passed quietly
How End Came
But towards 2 oclock alarming
symptoms appeared Suddenly the I
King turned and called to Dr Thlrar
Jetouffo doctuor jetoulTe I am
Dr Page was summoned and the
two physicians did everything possible
to prolong life but without avail
The end came quickly and after a
spell of weakness
Prince Albert arrived at the death
bed about 25 minutes later
He was accompanied by Princess
Clementine Albert kissed the dead
king and left tho chamber weeping
Baron Geofflnct the kings secretary
started Immediately for Brussels to
notify members of the royal family
Ae he was entering his motor car he
To think that only yesterday we
were still full of confidence and now
the king is dead
Doctors Unprepared
It appears that the doctors were to
tally unprepared for a fatal termina
tion It was a nun acting as a nurse
who first noticed the heavy breathing
I of the king
She called Dr Thirar to the bedside
Doctors Thirar and Paso resorted to
Injections of morphine but these had
not effect
Soon after tho end had como the
ministers were notified Tho first of
ficial to arrive at the death chamber
was tho royal chaplain The minis
ters remained In tho chamber for con
sldcrable time discussing in subdued
tones the sudden death and matters or
Leopold IT king of the Belgians son
of tho late King Leopold upon whoso
death on December 1 1SC5 he suc
ceeded to the throne was born at
r IIIIIIPf h7Ji > f JT fg 1fJj Ta r n 4
T 1
What Lady Does Not Admire Beautiful
China and Cui Glass
What is there more appropriate for a
Christmas Gift
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are always Low quality considered This season we have
a an especially attractive display We invite your inspection
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I I 10 r r i ftW 8 H A D L S O 1 G R A lfm f T C Le
The Crockery People
4f J jJW 1J Zf i t
Brussels April 9 1873 His father was
tile former prince of Saxc Coburg Go
tha and his mother Princess Louise
daughter of King Louis Philippe of
On August 22 1S53 he married tho
Archduchess Marie Henrietta daugh
ter of Archduke Joseph of Austria
Sho died Sept 19 1902 There were
I three daughters born of this union
Louise Stephanie and Clementine
The two elder princesses has been
estranged from their father but Clem
entine remained in his affections
There being no direct hereditary
heir the crown passes to Prince Al
bert the only son of Leopolds broth
er tho late Philippe Count of Flan
ders The new monarch was born on
April S 1875 and on October 2 1900
married Princess Elizabeth of Bavar
ia They have three children Prince
Leopold years old Prince Charles
six years old and Princess Marie Josio
three years old
Prince Is Popular
Prince Albert Is ono of the most
popular of tho reigning house of Bel
glum His wife is equally popular
their home life being such as to at
tract the love of the people Prince
I Albert has travelled extensively and
Is a man of affairs In appearance
he Is strikingly like the late king but
their dispositions and temperaments
has always been In contrast
Prince Albert has been a great stu
dent of politics and economics and has
frequently lectured on these subjects
To broaden his grasp of the affairs of
the world he visited tho United States
and other countries always studying
and always adding to his store of
knowledge and philosophy
There la another side to the now
king which appeals to popular fancy
He dearly loves clean and healthy
sport He Is an accomplished horse
man enjoys motoring and has taken a
flight or two in a dirigible balloon
In his Intercourse with others he
is most gracious His frank good na
tured face bespeaks Intelligence and
excites confidence In hid manners
he Is a man of firm decision and king
ly dignity
Always Conspicuous
While always conspicuous before
the public on account of the naturu
of his private life particularly In re
cent years King Leopold has latterly I
had much of the world against him
ou account of his attitude towards the
I Congo independent state Hid great I
Interest lay in tho development of I
that country for he was practically
the founder of It and was Its ruling
sovereign The Congo Free State in
western Africa was recognized and
defined by the conference of Euro
pean powers at Berlin In 1SS5
Portland Dec 1C Samuel Custis
a civil war veteran pleaded not guilty
to a charge of having murdered Bert
Wilson here Nov 24 and asserted that
he shot in self defense Custis stat
ed that Wilson stole his wallet and
that when he tried to get It back was
met with blows He shot Wilson dead
and under his pillow found the prop
o 0
O o
O I Columbus Ga Dec 17 0 I
O Four persons were killed and 0 I
O a number injured by the col 0 I
O lislou of a Central of Georgia 0 I
O passenger train with a passon O I
O get train on the Macon Bir 0
O mlngham railroad at Harris 0 I
O City Ga today 0
O 0 I
I 1t I
1 r
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mas Presentsbuy some
I t thing that will be of us
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I s
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> t
r Liens
r i A
r y
i A
I pro
t ITh
I th
4 r
fl L
1 =

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