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t < T JE ff 11 v If A iV IT Tr IT fffi
I 11 lliI jJ UJ 1J IE A 1 II R A 1 Jlj r 1I JlI
lilts jewels and laces never lose
I F their charm and the woman who
i docs not caru for diem is to be
I avoided as not mentally well
balanced Furs more than the
others are anallimportantpossession
bi any save n tropical climate and this
hlnter moro than ever are to be reckoned
with as one of the principal items in the
roblem of dress expenditure > It is in
teresting to note from year to year how
lashfon rules the question furs There
fro often years when comparativelylittle
fur is worn when apparently the question
ilf warmth and comfort matters nothing
> nd the coldest blasts of winter arc d
In a cloth or velvet costume when a
I mall neckpiece on the order of a high
lollar of fur is deemed quite sulli
jiontas recognition that the winter season
Vi here Another time during the sum
I tier a cool evening will provide an excuse
for the display of n sable or ermine stole
+ I
I I or even a cape with n lace gown but the
comfort loving woman knows that while
r there may he wnrmth in a bit of lace
r Jn the fine sahlo stole or wrap them is
f > vcrylhitis that could possibly be wished
ti Jor as n wrap fords protection from
lither n summer sea breeze of a winters
1 Vy blast
Muffs Enormous and Eccentric
Muffs arc this season most extraordi
I nary not only tin regards size and shape
i r but variety of style itnd the skins that
1 I ire used Apparently many now species I
I sf fur bearing animals liavo been discov
I red within the last twelvemonth and
teen the best informed naturalist would
ftd it ditlicnlt to classify many of the
1 err furs that are so proudly worn by the
nnaiT E gowned women today Fox Is a
name applied most indiscriminately to
i 1 nrlous furs Sealskin baa more diffcr
rnt species not to say imitations than
I were ever hitherto discovered ermine
f i with or without tails often bearing a
I Ingulnr resemblance to rabbit and coney
f boar nnd wolf arc some of the novel
t I
I tics of the season Alaska sable better
known ns skunk fur which has Mlainid
to such dizzy heights of popularity as to
bo classed with the cxpennivo furs is now
rot only made up Into neckpieces and
I mpQNbut trims gowns to be worn In the
house There was a lime when such a
thing would have been declared quite im
r jj possible for many reasons
Imitation furs have always been
1 I ranked as impossible by the woman with
i i E refined taste and inexhaustible pocket
i Shook but today the cost of the imita
cion is satisfactory enough to those who
feel that because an article is cosily it
s necessarily most desirable Conse
quently the possessor of priceless sables
is quite willing to have her opera cloak
trimmed with some of the lately fash
ionable furs like fisher and to have a
muff aird neckpiece ofthe same
Made Without Interlining
There would seem tn be just as much
uncertainty over the size and shape of the
muffs as of the hats this year Absurdly
large and even grotesque are many the
apparent object in view being to give the
effect of reckless extravagance As a mat
ter of comfort and warmth the old fash
ion d small round muff was much better
than the flat wide open ones that arc made
with so little interlining
The body of the muff made separate
I from the fur is one of tho favorite fash
ions his winter Of large size but more
I often round rather than flat the muff it
self is of satin The fur is so arranged
ns to Bhow the markings of the skins to
hest advantage by leaving them flat al
most a rug indeed it is known ns the
rug muff The satin of which the muff
itself is made can Ivo black white or any
color desired and while it is not conspicu
ous it is quite evident The skins nn
not sewed together but left each intnct
and fastened to a flat lining of chiffon or
satin quite apart from the muff which
gives n much richer effect than when they
are sewed close together but both styles
arc fashionable The latter fashion how
over carried out on quite a different plan
from that of former seasons shows off
any beauty of natural markings or color
ing to great advantage
Apparently the end and aim of fashion
i H to give the ttppearnnce of fur being
used most lavishly the stoles and in
deed all neckpieces arc much wider and
longer than last
year and with the ex
aggeratedly large muff the equally cx
ggcratcdly largo scarf or stole and a
mt trimmed with a broad band of the
same fur a woman looks as though she
were completely clothed ill fur The wide
shawl collars on the cloth coats the big
muffs to match and again the same fur
in the band around the velvet turban or
the entire fur hat arc only other varia
ions of the same suheme It Is not so prac
tical to have the fur collar on the coat
attached but that detail is decided by j
the individual then the wide cuffs of
fur must not be forgotten for they add
still nnother touch giving even more tlit
effect of warmth and lavish expenditure
New Kinds of Fur I
Fisher skinner monfllon all pre com
larutivoly new names but ones that arc
ii Ircady well known to the fashionably
gowned Tho evening wraps nfford fine
opportunity to display these furs and the
wide band round the botlotn of the coal
or the medium width one that encircles
it completely and thu very long shawl col
Inr are all most popular Gray moufllon
on a dull blue brocade or heavy ribbed
Ottoman silk coat is extremely smart
while a palo yellow satin with chinchilla
is exceptionilly hen ntiful Chinchilla is
extremely fashionable this season and is
made up in all the new styles of muff and
stole The markings of this fur as well ns
its exquisite softness were never shown to
greater advantage than in this winters
fashions and it is not strange that wom
en feel tho outlay for a chinchilla
set Is worth even the price that must be
paid for It It is not a universally becom
ing fur und furthermore is Badly perish
able two details that endear it to the
hearts of those whom it graces The
skunk fur is extremely becoming and the
dark coloring and the length of the hair
make a good contrast with both light and
dark colors nnd materials
Fancy muffy of all kinds are most popu
lar this winter and it would seem as
though there was no end to the now
shapes Satin and satin ribbon velvet
and velvet ribbon and the heaviest of
chiffon nil nro combined with fur and
often there is less of the fur than of the
other materials
Flat without stuffing oblong in shape
and of goodly size these muffs aro most
decorative and add greatly tel any amart
costume but it should bo borne in minll
that they arc not appropriate with a plain
street costume With this the simple
style in furs is tarsmartcr and there arc i
plenty of smart lets in the bmpler style
UK well
One of the fads of this season is
the round stuffed mutt of large size quite
on tho linos of the old fashioned ones anti
there aro signs and indications that it will
not be long before the small round fur
muff of olden time will again be in style
not this inter though The rouud muff
that are fashionable this winter arc most
clumsy and uhwllill and have nothing
to recommend them save that they are a
new fashion It Acorns strange to speak o 11
a muff as becoming but that onu of the
points in favor of clue Hat styles and the
reason for their never waning popularity
lor he benefit of thoxe forced lo be econ
omical bo it realized this wiutr that the
IiItIl1lIot small sized muffs not j i
hopelessly and conspicuously out of date f
but it is quite possible especially if tho
fur is of good quality
Fashion Cetails That Every Woman Should Know I
BnL beautiful nre the fur coal and
VI5RY costumes of which almost all
I women who luy claim to n place iu I
fashions van possess at least omv They
are In a grout majority made of broadtail
with trimmings of tho longer furs Due
most charming suit was made with a
rather close lit big skirt of broadtail
trimmed around the font with u broad
band of skunk The rather short semi
lilting jacket was made so that except 1
in the coldest wcathor it camp together
only at the waist line It was tnnuniul
I with a rolling collar and turned hack
fronts of skunk The long sleeves were
also bordered with skunk A broadtail
turban with n black aigrette a skunk
muff and n black satin blouse with n
cream lace chemisette tuid collar com
pleted this costume
Another most charming costume ofj
broadtail was trimmed with chinchilla
The costume consisted of a black satin
frock with a very deep band of broad
tail forming tho lower half of the skirt
I which wits bordered at the lower edge
with a band of chinchilla With thin
was worn a ICussian blouse coat which
reached down to the broadtail on the
skirt The coat was bordered with chin
chilla around the lower edge and the
cuffs Jot buttons were used on the coat
iml at the throat there was a knot of
gray velvet With this costume was
worn a largo velvet hat trimmed with
er full black aigrettes
I N Figure 1 is shown n chnnnin model
for a cloth velvet or cashmeru
1 gown I
trimmed with embroidery The costume
shown was made up In old blue cloth and
c 1f
ti II f
N r JPf j1
4 1
t 1
cumj GOWN
trimmed with embroidery of shaded
blues und silver The belt was a crashed
girdle of black satin with a blue and silver
buckle Tho chomlHCtte of blue chiffon
was finished with a high collar of loco
with a design outlined in blue unit jdIver
The chiffon was used for the full under
sleeve and finished with a cuff of lace
AR1CUrHLX handsome among
f the braided costumes Is the model
shown in Figure 2 This costunu
was of violet cloth braided in the sane
n n
I r f
I rF e
I I r I r r f
ly ru
Jill fi I
shade Tho coat was also trimmed with
jewelled buttons old with n little very
dark violet velvet which forms the tiny
waistcoat at the top of the jacket fronts
and appears again on the lower edge
With this costume a black velvet hat was
worn nud fox muff with stole if neces
sary for warmth but the coat is particu
larly effective when tho fine collar and
jabot oC cream batiste are permitted to
With another costume made in the
same model the waistcoat was of cwil
skip and muff and hat of the same This
effect was both rich and becoming S mJ
skin is particularly fashionable whun
used in this way to trim handsnino
braided costume or coats The fur Is so
quiet iu effect because of its close short
inlr and deep color Hint rlio braid stpis
to be necessary to give the garment n
striking quality Otter short haired furj
irmiiio Ao lire tilled in the same mau
mitt for waistcoats in braided costumes

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