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Ainouncement 1
t1CBet1 T I1
January Sale of Muslin Underwear
Embroideries and White Goods
Will Start Some Day
Next Week
TIME when materials were cheapest gives to Ogden women the best
newest and daintiest underwear at nearly wholesale price
Our patrons arc assured that all garments are made in sanitary work
rooms and at the
and save your orchards
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Davis Counties I
Tho right lamp at the right price I
Sunbeam Tungsten Lamp arc
unexcelled for life and brilliancy
To BSD tbo Tungalon means to re
duce your light bill and havo twlco I
tho light for less money If you f
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explain I
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Bell Phone 731 2450 Wash Ave
< U
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Pay no attention to lying mis
I representations from our com
I petitors and do nol pay big
oommlfslonn to agents but see I
us we can save you mone
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t Wires to all tracks on all
ri I Sporting Events
r c
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Ii FesNpa
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i per I
J GUNf I Revolvers rifles shot
t J > >
Jj j Li
I guns at gacrlllco
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dition Specify kind aria write for
prices II
A H Y Adlor 1643 Broadway Now
York N Y
Danderine Vorncwoailcr3 > Itptod1OOl
hair Jutt as surely as rain
and snnshlno raises crops It produow a thick
growth of luxuriant hilr when all utbe rcmo
< 10 S fall Wo S rsiUw ninJorlno ill drug
Rlsts 6011 ItMo MO and fl j er bottle To
provo Us worth knd this ad with too ID stampi
or silver and
wo v 111 mall
you 1 larcofroo
1 Chlcco ILL
Chicago Jan 10 George Francis
Brown retired from tho Pullman com
pany of which he formerly was treas
urer died yesterday at the Calumet
club His death was not unexpect
ed he having suffered a long time
from heart trouble which forced his
rotlromcnt from active business two
yoara ago Mir Brown was born In
Chicago October 1 1843
Portland Oro Jan 10Tho trial
of former Congressman Bingor Her
mann charged with conspiracy to de
fraud the United Stales government
of lands hi connection with the for
mation of die Blue Mountain forest
reserve In this state commenced to
day in tho United States court
IL Is expected sovoral days will be
consumed in selecting the Jury I
San Francisco Jan IOPellro Do
r rando the Italian runner arrived
from the ant yesterday to prepare for
I the Marathon race which he IK pchc
dulcd to run against Johnny Hayes
In this city February Henri Sl
Y ves the French runner Is also hero
and will race tho winner
c t
By Eddie Smith
Oakland Jan 11Wltb the holi
days over and tho year that Is to bring
the pugilistic fan tho most Important
fistic encounter of all time fairly opon
cd the fans are beginning to become
more than over enthused over Jeffries
chanccr of heating Jock Johnson
Fact It tho fans ore so Interested in
the big fellow that his every moo IK I
being watched with the keenest Inter
est and the least indication of loss of
condition or regaining of condition is I
Yesterday Jeffries announced that
at the conclusion of his theatrical I
tour which is to end the 18th of next
month he will go to his home at Los
Angeles and take a rest prior to going
Into training His plans boiled down
mean that he will take a short rest a
trip to the mountains then put In
four months at tho training camp
From the very beginning those who I
know Jeffries best have maintained
that he would make a trip to tho
mountains before he would go Into his
active training and In verifying their
forecast as to the manner In which ho
will start the final preparation for tho
big scrap the fans feel that the big
fellow lb doing just the very thing
that will result In pulling him in the I
host at rnnHltlrm
Will Not Overtrain
To me the ono remark that Jef I
frlel mde that stands out above all I
others for real common sense is that
he will endeavor to keep from over
training This overtraining thing Is
nothing new to Jeffries and it will
require a great deal of argument on
tho part of his training staff to keep I
the gIant from repeating the very
thing that several times sont him in
to the ring in none too good condition
The work so far done by Jeffries has
been reducing exercises such as
sprints on the road JumpIng ropo and
punching tho bag Tho big follow has
done little of the upbuilding exer
cises planned for him and for that
reason he Is not the perfection of en
durance and strength which he ex
pects to bo when he steps Into the
ring with John Arthur Johnson
Tho first step In that direction will
bo the trip to the mountains and there
tho big follow will get close to nature
and with his long tramps In quest of
game and his continual outdoor life
should come away with a world of
strength and lasting power
To be with Jeffries In the moun
tains Ir a thing of torture for the or
dinary man Jeffries Is the most per
sistent mountain climber and hunter
for game that this state boosts and
tho manner in which ho will leave
camp at an early hour In the morn
ing and wander about all day without
a mouthful of food Is simply wonder
Jeffries starts out and has his mind
KO strongly centered on tho game that
he really forgets all about where he Is I
going and how far he has left the
camp behind than when the time
comeR to return ho generally finds
himself BO far away that it takes him
until dark to get hack
Trip Should Tell Talo
Tho writer has seen many a man
start out with the big fellow on a
hunt aud come back before half the
distance had been covered The moun
tain trip will tell the talc as to wheth
er or not the big man Is to get Into
condition again for If he Is to attain
thQ condition to battle with such a
worthy opponent as Jack Johnson he
will have to show It on his return
from the hunt
Tho weightreducing Is all bosh In
sofar as the actual condition of Jof
fries Is concerned and there are a
number of his most ardent admirers
who would be more strongly impress
ed with his chances for condition if
I ho left for the hunting trip with plen
ty of waste flesh to work off
One more very Important thing was
announced by the big fellow that
comos as quite a surprise He says
that he will have with him tho big
gest and best sparring partners that
he can secure and will have thom
protected with pneumatic pads In such
a manner that he will bo able to
slug away with all biB force behind
oach blow
Will Do Hard Boxing
For my part 1 would noticaro to
take the position no matter how flat
terlnp financially the offer might be
But thor are any number of men In
l the country who would jump at the I
chnce to work with Jeffries and ho l
will no doubt be ablo to get all the
boxing he needs
If Jeffries sticks to his plan it will
be the fIrst time In all his training
that ho has boxed to amount to any
thing and It will be tho first timo
that he has over crowded his spar
ring partners With four months of
he continual slugging In his training
camp Ifcffrles may round to into con
dition wihout taking on a fight or so
prior to the big event although the
general impression of the knowing
fan is to the effect that Jeffries would
be the better by beating a few sec
ond rate pugs prior to the Johnson
Sorao six months ago the writer said
that the history of athletics failed to
reveal one man who has ever made
the heroic effort to regain a lost con
dition that Jeffries has and tho more
we read of his work the stronger we
are Impressed with the Idea that he
may break all past performances as to
coming back to a former condition af
ter such a long layoff
Chicago Jan 10 Battling Nelson
will meet Eddie Lang a local light
weight in an eightround bout at
Memphis Tan 21 This contest will
ho the champions only workout prior
to pitching his training camp at
Millets on the outskirts of San
Francisco for tho finish fight with Ad
Plttsburg Jan lOSnm Langford
will not box here January 8 The
men selected to oppose him would not
in the mind of Director John M Mor
in stand anythIng like a chance
When the application for a permit
is received It will be refused
New York Jan 10 Alfredo dc
Oro threecushion billiard champion
will begin his struggle here tonight
to hold his title against Fred Eames
of Boston A series of throe games
will he played each gamo for fifty
points In addition to the champion
ship tho winner will take tho Lam I
bert emblem tho championship
trophy and a side bet of 500
tI A tr
Tho board of control of tho Na
tional Wool Growers association and
the executive committee are as fol
Board of ControlFred W Goodlng
Shoshone Idaho J Johnston Black
foot Idaho N J Bell Laminle
Wyoming Dan Smythe Pondleton
Oregon John B Austin Salt Lake
A J Knollln Chicago
Executive CommitteeArizona F
W Perkins Flagstaff
California C A Kimball Hauford
Colorado Antonio Oritz Oritz
District of Columbia George
1IIlnolsOW W Burch Chicago
Iowa E S Leonard Corning
Kansas N A Gwlnn Lawrence
Massachusetts B P Bennett
Michigan C A Tyler Montana
Missouri M V Carroll Sedalla
Minnesota Magnus Brown Farm
Montana J L Asbrldge Billings
Nebraska Robert Taylor Abbott
Nevada C H Duborg Elko
New Mexico Sol Lima Los Lunas
Now York G H Davlson Mill
Ohio A A Bates Irwin
Oregon Dan Sylhc Pendleton
Pennsylvania J E Perrln Inde
South Dakota M J Smiley
Texas Arthur C Anderson Free
Utah John E Austin Salt Lake
Fred HorrlnglbnvOgdon t I
Wisconsin R W Harding Wan
Washington FM Rothbrock Ya
kaml o
Wyoming E J Bell Laramie
West Virginia Samuel C > Gist
Hawaii GJ Waller Honolulu I
I j
Now York Jan 10The report of
the Copper Producers association for
December show a decrease In stocks J
of copper In tho United States of 11
237410 pounds
Visitors Go Home Pleased With the Three Days of Business and
Pleasure Local Committees Did Excellent Work Many
Comments in Praise of the Gathering
Convention place 1910 Portland I
I Oregon
Officers for 1910
PresidentFred W Gooding Sho
I shone Idaho
Eastern VicePresident J Knol
lln Chicago Ill
Western VicePresident A Del
Mdor Walton Wyo
Secretary Georgo S Walker Choy
cane Wyo
Treasurer Lewis Penwoll Helena
The closing hours of the fortysixth
annual convention of the National
Wool Growers Association were as
tempestuous as a storm at sea Not
withstanding that the convention was
among the most successful conven
tions ever held In the history of the
association more business having I
been done and better results ob I
The tempest of the last few hours
of the convention Saturday afternoon
was brought about through the charge I
of insubordination made by President
Goodlng against Secretary George I
Walker It wasn personal matter I
largely hut was taken to the floor of
the convention where It had to be J
threshed out The storm had been
brewing during the entire time of f
the convention and It was plain to
be seen that It would burst forth In
all Its fury when the time came for
the election ot officers It was very
certain that both Gooding and Walk
er would be candidates for reelec
tion to the offices they had held for
the past year When It came It
was a battle royal many heated
words were spoken and perhaps
some hard feelings were engendered
The line of demarkation was clear I
ly drawn across the convention hall I
the adherents of Gooding one one I
side and the advocates of the cause of
Walker on the other It could not
bo said tobo a question ff compe
tency or Incompetency on the part
of either Gooding or Walker nor was
It a question of popularity before the I
convention between the two men I
Both were really the choice of the j
convention all the time for the re j
spective places but it seems that
President Goodingdesired the conven I
LIon to any when does a president of J
the Wool Growers Association really
become presldcntivitli all the powers
and dignity of the ofllce In other
words Who is It the president or
the secretary
Somo line during the year Presi
dent Goodlng had called on Secretary
Walker to come to Shoshone Idaho to
attend to business meetings connect
ed with the association and Mr
Walker had written him that he was
not yet a hired man to be cathauled
around at the beck and call of any
one This angcreH the president and
the Idea began tddreep into his mind I
that Walker was trying to be the
whole thing If that were true time I
president contended that there should
he something dorte by the convention
to determine whether the president I
had any powers and whether at any
time he had control of the offices and I
the officers supposed to be under him
In the discussion on this question I
many bitter words were uttered and
the lie passed number of times It
reallv looked at one time that the I
breach could not be covered and that
an adjourned lslbn would have to I
bo called to settle the matter But
wiser counsel filially prevailed and
the contention was amicably set
It was supposed that the two men
had settled their petty differences
the night before in a personal con
ference but It broke out anew In the
convention hall The old sore was
opened no doubt when the commit
lee on bylaws recommended an
amendment to tho effect that the sec
retary should ho selected by a board
of control consisting of five per
sons with the approval of the presi
dent This aroused the suspicions of
tho Walker men they Immediately I
concluding that a little sharp prac
tice was being attempted against 1
them They rallied their forces and I
fought the proposed amendment I
For Constdp81tioru
A Medicine that Does Not
Cost Anything Unless It
Gives Satisfactory
If you suffer from constipation In
any form whatever acute or chronic
we will guarantee to supply you med
icine that we honestly believe will ef
fect permanent relief If taken with
regularity und according to directions
for a reasonable length of time Should
the medicine fall to benefit you to
your entire satisfaction we promise
that It shall cost you nothing
No other remedy can be compared
with Roxall Orderlies for tho easy
pleasant and successful treatment of
constipation The active medicinal
Ingredient of this remedy which Is
odorless tasteless and colorless Is an
entirely now discovery Combined
with other valuable ingredients It
forms n preparation which Is incom
parable as a perfect bowel regulator
intestinal Invigorator and strengthen
or Rcxall Orderlies arc eaten lIke
candy and are notable for their gen
tle and agreeable action They do
not cause griping or anj disagreeable
effect or Inconvenience and may be
taken nt any time day or night
We particularly recommend Rexall
Orderlies for children and for deli
cate or agdd persons because they do
not contain anything Injurious Un
like other preparations they do not
create a habit but instead they over
come the habits acquired through the
use of ordinary laxatives cathartics
and liaish physic and remove time 1
causes ofi con tlpatlQn or Irregular
bowel action that are not of surgical
We want you to try Rcxall Order
lies at our risk Wo know of noth
ing that will do you so much good
They aiv prepared In tablet form In
two sizes 3C tablets 25 cents and 12
tablets 10 cents Remember you can
obtain Roxnll Remedies In Ogden only
at our storo The Roxall Store T II
Carr orner Grant and 25th
I with such vehemence that tho
vention soon became a veritable
storm center
ExGovernor Gooding of Idaho
brother of the president of tho asso
don championed his DroUiers cause
This added fuel to the fire and the
fight was on The exgovernor con
tended that there must of necessity
bo a change In the bylaws of the as
sociation In order to protect the office
of president by giving him power to
control It and to hold tho officers un
der him In some form of subjection
If this wero not done ho said chaos
would prevail and the power for good
of the organization would be lost
Explanations on tho part of the
two officers wore forthcoming In the
heated debate which were to the ef
fect that the trouble after all arose
through a misunderstanding of each
other and that both were willing to
make amends If it wero deemed ne
cessary Both Mr Gooding and Mr
Walker advised tho convention that
they did not care to servo the asso
ciation If It would bring about dis
cord and that they thought the ap
ple of discord had been thrown Into
tho convention inadvertently and was
not of enough moment to quibble over
The amendments were finally adopt
ed with some modifications one of
them being that the selection of the
secretary should be by the executive
committee consisting of seven per
sons rather than live This was
considered a victory for Walker but
the greatest victory for him was In
tho adoption of a resolution to the ef
fect that the executive committee
should select Mr Walker as tho sec
retary Immediately after the ad
journment of the convention the com
mittee met and selected Mr Walker
as their secretary and Mr Penwoll
as treasurer
The convention over tho delegates
devoted themselves to the fnsllvlllea
and pleasure arranged by the enter
tainment committee Thereafter par
ties dancing boxing contests and
many other forms of amusement were
tho order of the evening and so great
was the Joy the small hours dawned
before all had retired Many of the
delegates left the city Saturday even
ing because of pressing business at
their homes and the urgent necessity
for them to get back to their flockn
on the range
A pretty feature of Saturday nights
hospitality of the city was tho opening
of all the club rooms or the town to
the visitors and the rendition of ap
propriate programs The Weber and
tho Elks club rooms were crowded
to overflowing during the entire even
ing and interesting hours were spent
in both places
The visiting flockmaslers with ono
accord proclaimed the convention tho
best that had beon held and they
were lavish In their praises of Ogden
tho lcoplo and all the committees
who had in hand the handling of tho
affair No complaints were hoard from
any quarter that the sheepmen had
been overcharged for accommoda
tions except in Qte or two Instances
It was reported that rooming house
keepers had overcharged This mat
tor was not reported to the hotel
committee until Saturday night or
It would have been corrected by hay
ing the overcharges refunded
The convention has cost something
in the neighborhood of 0000 and It
Is estimated that fully SIOOOOO were
spent In the city by the visitors So
that tho board of control feel hat
the 56000 was well spent from t
monetary point of view and that un
told good will come to tho city by
virtue of the advertising of Ogden In
all parts of the United States and
in the establishment of a clean re
cord as a convention city
The committeemen worked like Tro
jans to accomplish the work In hand
and their efforts were crowned with
success President Pingree of the
board of control and President Hey
wood of tho Weber club are well
pleased with the results
The sheep show was a decided suc
cess and was really about tho only
revenuegetter for the finance com
mittee In every other respect It was
pronounced by the sheepmen who ex
I hibited their sheep and by those who
wero only spectators the best show
of Its kind ever held in the United
States To President Herrington and
I Secretary Richards much credit Is due
for the manner in which they con
ducted the show and the congenially
in which they transacted business
with the sheep owners
It was said by the exhibitors that
they had never seen a show handled
better than was the Ogdcn show
I They were unstinted In their praise
of Ogden and her people many of
them making the statement thai Og
don should be made a permanent
sheep show point by the national as
1 sedation
j Tho hotel committee handled the
great crowds without a hitch and
1 every visitor to the city during the
I three days had a place to sleep and
plenty to cat The committee routed
i over 500 rooms outside the hotels
j and no reports of disappointment
I came to them
I The committee on entertainment
J made tho time lively from the first
to the last day President Gooding
I saidThis convention heats them all
There has been something doing all
the time and we all have had the
lime of our lives The entertainment
has been supurb and of such high or
I der that tho most fastidious could par
ticipate with pleasure We shall not
forget the Ogden con enton
A pleasant feature of the closing
festivities of tho Wool Growers Na
tional convention was the entertain
ment given at the Elks club rooms
The place was beautifully decorated
and the program arranged was excel
lent There were more than a hun
dred guests at the entertainment
among thorn being some of the Core
most men of the association
rJAftcr tho regular program delicious
refreshments were served and short
addresses were made by President
Fred W Goodlng of Shoahone Idaho
Vicepresident A J Knollln of Chi
cago J J Stockslnffer of Idaho and
R McKnighl of Oregon Responses
were made by prominent citizens of
Ogden I
Because of the heavy snow on the
ground the culling out contost be
tween sheep dS that Wore here on
r exhibition had to bo abandoned and
the shearing contest was aUo eli
Mrs Jane Millard aged S3 years
died Sunday morning at 730 oclock
at tho residence of her daughter at
Clinton of bronchitis and old ago
The deceased was born In England
March 11 1S27 and came to Utah
many years ago She Is survived by
a large family Tho funeral will be
held Tuesday nt 11 a m at tho Clin
ton ward meeting house Tho inter
ment will be in the City cemetery
Irma Bullough the infant Son of
Mr and Mrs Samuel Bullough tiled
at 330 p m Sunday at tim family
residence 2110 Reeve avenue of
cholera Infnntum The notice of tho
funeral will be announced later
Tho Infant son of Mr and Mrs
Thomas Bingham died Sunday morn
Ing at the family residence at Mid
dleton Weber county The funeral
vxill bo hold this morning at 11 oclock
nt the Mlddlcton ward meeting house
The Interment will be mado In tho
Httntsvllle cemetery
Twin Falls Idaho Tan 10 Con
firmation of the genuineness of the
Jarbrldgo gold discoveries came In
further today when R Waring of
Burley arrived with samples of a re
cent strlko he made five miles above
the camp which Is clustornd around
tho original Bourne discoveries and
where Waring disclosed at olght feet
depth a vein of Identically the same
class of potzlte He has the fifth
property that shows In a vein of about
four and onehalf feet lying beside
tile Rhyollle dykes which outcrop in
easterly and westerly courses and In i
tersect contacts of porphyry and limo
which cut the country from north
west lo southeast Undoubted
proof has been established alflo that
that the ore Is of tellurium charac
ter carrying on an average 25 per
cent gold and 40 per cent silver
through some thirtyfive tests recent
ly made at Salt Lake and including
camples from all the prospects which
are considered already in the cate
gory of producers
W A Slovens manager of the Del
mont larbrldgo company which took
over tho second big strike made In tho
district and the Interests In which
arc principally held among the bank
ers and merchants of this city after
Inquiring of the smelters in Salt Lake
concludes that Tarbridgo ban four
properties already capable of shipping
crude ores of 100 grade providing
road facilities were available which
would leave large tonnages of concen
trating ores worth an average of 13
per ton The higher grades average
around GOO and It has already boon
demonatraled by the investigations
mado by Mr Stevens who Is an ex
perienced mine operator as well as
an expert whose judgment Is highly
regarded on the coast and In Nevada
among large mine Investors that by
running the higher with the lower
grades the district will begin to pro
duce on a very profitable basis just
as soon as roads are built suitable
for wagon traffic to the railroad tor
mlnal of Rogersou near this city
The ease with which prospectors are
enabled to locale the ore shoots along
tho dykes time perfect similarity of
all the ores and the knowledge that
it is almost useless to seek values
anywhere except In the vicinity of the
dykes have made the prospecting of
the region comparatively sure of re
sults to the men having knowledge
of the business
Poor Mans Camp
There arc conditions In Jarbridgc
therefore which make it in the very
beginning one of the most favorable
poor mans gold camps ever found
and the recognition of this fact per
haps has encouraged everybody who
has gone In and taken a look at the
district to either slay or come out
merely for additional supplies
Waring aid he left the camp on
New Years morning and that there
were then 175 men there The snow
was about five feet deep on the level
and he encountered considerable diffi
culty In gelling out via tho Salmon
dam He met ho states fully fifty
men on the road going In and they
were climbing over the snow drifts
with considerable difficulty Mall
written on the 27th has Just arrived
here showing the trouble that the
carrier has encountered In getting
through It Is expected however
that within a few days the snow will
I have been sufficiently packed lo ren
der trips Into the district from this
city comparatively easy and therefore
tho many prospectors and representr
lives of capital from adjoining states
as well as many other points of Idaho
who arc collected In Twin Falls await
ing opportunities to start are likely
to reach Jarbrldge In less than a
There are probably 100 pIoneers
of this class hero every ono of
whom after seeing samples of the
ores and learning fully of the gee
Icglcal conditions of tho district Is
convinced that Jarbrldgc Is destined
to prove tho ono great gold seekers
mecca In the United States during
the coming season
I B Perrine the wellknown Twin
Falls booster accompanied by F H
Robinson for many years chief engi
neer of the Oregon Short Line aro
preparing to make an Initial reconnoi
ter between Twin Falls and the camp
as soon as the snowbanks will permit
for a railroad which it iu proposed to
construct Into the district from the
present terminal of the Mlnldoka 8
Southwestern nt Hollister and Roger
Twin Falls people talk of nothing
lut Jnrbrldge and letters of Inquiry
are pouring in on everybody here
from his acquaintances elsewhere
The Oregon Short Line offices nl Salt
Lake have upwards of 100 letters
from all parts of the country asking
Information of the strikes and all
Indications point to one of the big
gest mining booms in the history > l
tho country In Jarbrldgo during time
comlnr nummor The tellurium tea
tUres r the strikes are attracting es
pecially tho pioneers In Cripple Creek
and Gcldfleld many of those pros
leCtors having been among the crowds
that embarked for the district from
Twin Falls within tho past ten days
Modcna Jan 10Thc great dam
r n by time recent flood to the
San Pedro Los Angeles Sal Lake
railroad Is probably not yet generally
rcallfd and It Is doubtful If the ofH
iJfI 44j
If this is the Hmo yon have 4
been waiting for nows your 41
lime to act r i
Thirty of our 25 suits now 1 J
Twenty of our 20 suits now I
Fortytwo of our 1S suits I
now 1150
All garments rightly tailored I
fit guaranteed or no sale
Modern Clothes
AT 2365
clals themselves arc cognizant of the 1
I lull extent of the damage as you
From the best news obtainable via j
Plocho which point la again In tele
graphic communication with Callonte
and from which point volunteers have J
investigated as far east and west as 1
possible it may be safely staled with 1
out fear of exaggeration that tho L
damage to the railroad will easily ap i
proximate 1000000 I
Pioche Branch Destroyed 1
Tho branch from Callonte to Plochc I
Is nearly all gone and while the 1
washouts between this polnl and Call 1
onto resulted In great damage condi 11
tions at Callenlo and for practically
fifty miles west of there arc In the 11
nature of such wholesale destruction 3
that the construction of a now line by i
an entirely different route IB already II
being spoken of as offering tho easi
est and best solution of the case I
That tho railroad officials are stag
gored by tho extent or the devastation i
there Is little doubt and it is learned
on apparently good authority that an
extensive change In the main line
and time abandonment of the present
Pioche branch Is not at all unlikely L
Contact which IB to be an Import
ant point on tho new Twin Falls 1
Cobro line of railroad which has I
been completed almost to the Idaho
Nevada line has literally mountains
of lowgmdo coppor ore carrying I
Strong values In silver and gold ac
cording to Frederick A Graham of
Reno who recently visited the camp
The district acquires its name from
the immense contact between limo I
atomic and granite taking tho course J
01 a great horseshoe with arch to the
westa line of contact treaccnblc for J i
28 miles i
What gives those whose faith has 1
been pinned to the now camp thc
strongest hope that it will become a J
second Butte according to Mr Gra f
ham Is that the most powerful Inter
i I
strongly cats in the country are gelling In 11i
The United States Smelting Refin I
ing Milling Co has acquired con
trol of the Ivy Wilson group of thir
tytwo claims
The ColeRyan Interests have Just
takon bonds and leases to the extent
of 200000
SnatJor W A Clark has taken i
over tho Brooklyn mine and Its eight
claims long known as the only shaft
proposlllon al Contact tho shaft be
ing 322 feet S V Kemper of Butlo
transferred this property to Mr
Clark who will spend 10000 putting
the shaft through the contact
Sam Snider of Minneapolis former
ly of the GIroux and the Calumet
Hecla has acquired control of the
Bonanza group of twentyeight I
claims and Anderson of Mlnne l
apolis a partner of Snldor hut In
dependent of him at Contact is work
Ing tho Anderson McArdlo group
The SeattleContact Mining com
pany owns the Delano group of forty
eight claims There Is now a deal on
for this group and the Armstrong
group to the Guggenhclms Tho
SeattleContact company Is one of the
strongest and wealthiest holders of
the camp
James Raleigh of Ely who left
Contact only a week ago will re
turn In the spring and resume work
on the Rallelgn group
Mr Graham emphasized the fact
that Contact is a big lowgrade prop t I
osI1l0na sort which all copper men
prefer to the reverse He said that J
George W Maynard of New York
H wellknown mining engineer has
estimated the general average ef the
ore bodies there nt from 6 to 11 rr
cent nut said Mr Graham some
SO wngonloads have been shipped
out which ran nearly 15 per cent
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