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I Deofnoss Cannot be Cured
br local application an they cannot rcadi the
dimmed portion of the ear There is only one
way to core DeDfnClI and that ii by conitltu
uionat rcmedito Dealnei it caused by in in
flanged condition of the mucous lining of the
Eustachian Tub When this tube gee inflamed
rvou have a rumbling sound or imperfect hear
ins and when it Is entirely bard Dtafnos it
the result and rtD the lnannuna ion can be
taken otit Dod this tube restored to ita normal
coudJtion bearing will be dcMroyrd forever
ho ii
r 1 11t
tine eases oul of ten arc caused by eatnrrb
I which h nothing but an Inflamed condition of
the mucous xurfacei
t We will Rive One Hundred Dollar for any
J l cue of Deafness e3ucd by catarrh that can
not be cured by halt Catarrh Cure Send for
e circulars free
tVSold by Druggists 75c
1 Halls Family Fills arc the best
So Pore Its Good
r Tor f Urr > buy teer con bs
per IHrotti trn Inttant rrllrf
s lt L and curt Rrltnorltvt
Sample Free
torer3toaodrnQlltts A1nr
i te < Prep h ndy XAa or toe MolUry
rotx In ih KcKiia or poctet
1 Hondon Mfg Co
i MLnacapolU MIna
I e e
Every Woman
U UkrriKd tad tiould know
tu woodntL11
t fAA YELWh1rNn Spray
lisp roe 4ckl lrtee
i 8fl111 tglrtn
fl plumes
I I taautr
I J li
ibaTJLI t a
7rr tar d t 1IanI t
> 1t piru
It JJiir 11 WOR4t
t9 > Of IayXOR
t7a Dig Q tor nnot sttl
dlsabup + s taa
QeuunM IrrlUtlou or alctrmUaag
I na It rtrktv of IQllCtSI XDfZbrM
C Nlalm and not ulrta
I ing tUHtClrtl flUte t Dc or poUaoout
truttl0 Bold byt9rwg 4ati
b04 or sot IB > lUn wri
br rxpr i jtrwld set
100 or S fcatUa staid
OtmlkT pent oa rgdaIa
On April 24 1907 John E Dooly
i gave a least over Sylvan park Just
north of the Ogden river to the Syl
I I van Amusement company for a term
I of fire years It was agreed that regu
I lar rental Installments were to he
I paid quarterly for the use of the prop
erty upon which buildings were erect
ed and different amusement places
I established
John K Dooly the owner of the
property yesterday filed a complaint
In the District court In which he al
leges that the amusement company
had neglected to pay the rent on the
resort for the quarter ending last
September and that there is now due
3150 Upon this showing the DIs
ti let court Issued attachment on
tho property at the park when atten
tion was brought to the fact that the
company contemplated Ib removal
Sheriff B B Wilson served the at
tachment yesterday and the property
will be sold to tho highest bidder af
ter the necessary advertising required
by the statutes is made
PAZO OINTMENT ID guaranteed to
cure any case of itching blind bleed
ing or protruding piles In 6 to 14
days or money refunded 50c
Chicago Jon 10 Ercret C Brown
president of the Amateur Afu1 tic
Union of the United States today de
cided that the union will back up the
International Skating union on its rul
ing in the case of amateur champion
Lamj This supports the action of
the Woetern Skating association
which protested against the action of
the Eastern Skating association In
I declaring Lamy a professional
Chicago Jan 10 Zbyeco defeated
I Charles Cutler tonight in two straight
1 I falls the first with a chancery and
bararm hold In 6457 and the second
with the same hold in 1659
01 Interest tot
t the Public
December January and February
Are the months for big lighting bills
I 0
0p Anticipating that Coming Event
Cast Their Shadows Beforo ° we pub
i lished a series of educational adver
tisements during October and Novem
ber on the economies of the Tung
r sten Lamp commonly called bulbs
t and globes
We told you to use a Tungsten In
tbo room where you use the most
z li htIt would not be economy to
e k place them where you now use four
I and eight candle lamps The small
4 est Tungetens are twentyfive
1ff candle power and use forty watts of
electricity every hour while burning
I I An eightcandle Edison lamp uses
I 1 j forty watts per hour therefore In this
case you would not economize In cur
7 y 1 rent but you would get twentyfive
candles Instead of eight candles for
the same amount of current con
I The sixteencandle Edison lamp
consumes aixtyfjve waste of electric
ity each hour while burning
The ntyrlvecandle Tungsten
coniumcB forty waltb per hour In
this tho Tungsten saxes you 38 per
cent in the currant used and 3C per
rent more light received
In the stoic If you change to the
new lamp Rod do not Increase the
Illumination you wfll save 38 to to
p r cent of the current formerly used
The demand for Increased illumina
tion rrlll no doubt encourage you to
displace thirtycandle Edison lamps
rind In their place install eighty to
100candle TungntenR This will in
crease the Illumination 150 per cent
I anti your bale from 12 to 20 per cent
Our engineers are at your service
to anslst you in arranging your illu
mination to get the greatest effect
wh tho smallest consumption of cur
1 rent lt D DECKER
Local Manager for Utah Light
Railway Company
By James J Jeffries
There have been a lot of erroneous
reports about my plans for training
for Johnson Almost every day 1 am
I I credited with hiring one or more
trainers and with giving out absurd
statements concerning the scheme of
t preparation In order that there may
not be any more talk about my plans
I 1m going to tell the people just
how I will train for Johnson and just
why I think I can beat him
I shall finish my tour of the country
February 18th at Los Angeles and
then will have nothing left to do
jut get In trim for Johnson
I have been advised to get right
sown to to business at oncethat is
start boxing and road work and keep
it up until July 1th If I were to do
that r would go to work into the ring
overtrained and stale No man In
tho world cnn stand for a five and
a hair months training siege and be
at his best
bestW4II iFleh and Hunt
I shall take a short reel after my
stage course is over Then I shall
take a party of friends and go Into
the mountain where expect to
spend a month or six weekG hunting
fishing and tramping through the
mountains and get away from the
fighting game long enough to bo able
to start my regular training routine
about April 1st with a clear head and
world of strength
I am going to have a small staff of
husky fellows to box with me and
Uikcgood sound lacings I need a
lot of real fighters and there will
be plenty in my camp Heretofore I
have been unable to get enough strong
fellows to assist me fellows who
were able to take a good hard punch
I shall have Con OKclly Gotch and
Roller purl of the time James J
Corbetl will be with me during the
last forty days I intend to fit m >
sparring partners with pneumatic
pads and then wade into them and
punch away for dear life I am going
to Imagine that each and every one
of them Is Johnson so you know
that the Job of training Jeffries Is
not going to be a parlor task
Few Visitors Allowed
The training camp will be run on
a thoroughghly businesslike method
There 0 will he a small corps of men
to help me and as few visitors as
possible will be permitted to see me
work I dont want anything to lake
my mind off my work
I have not decided Just where I
shall work If the fight comes off In
California Ill do my preliminary train
ing on my ranch at Burbank If it
is pulled off In Utah or Nevada Ill
work near the side of the battle All
this talk about my not bejng able to
fight In Utah on account of the alti
tude Is rot Why of course If I were
to walk into Salt Lake City one day
and try to fight the next I would be
unable to go any distance All I will
need will he about sixty days train
ing In Utah to be able to put up thu
fight of my life there
James J Corbett has volunteered
to help me with my training and I
think that he would be of great assis
tance to me He is a great boxer and
should be able to make me go at a
tremendouus pace I offered to pay
him for his services but he declined
to take any remuneration declaring
that he would gladly help mo the
last forty days of my work for friend I
Ships sake We probably will have I
two or three good hard scraps for I I
dont know any man in the world
who would be better able to try me
than my old friend and foe Jim Cor
Compares Self With John L
A lot of people believe that I am
going on to my slaughter when I take
on Johnson They say it will be an
other case of John L Sullivan and
Corbett with me playing the role of
Sullivan Why man there Is no com
parison between the John L who
fought Corbett and tho Jeffries who
will whip this fellow Johnson Sul
livan was in no Condition whatsoever
when he met his Waterloo I am go
Ing to be better than nt any time of
my life and If Johnson whips me I
shall have no excuse to offer Ho will
have whipped Jeffries at his very best
Thla talk may sound like idle talk
but I know after being in partial
training for the last nine months that
lam In better shape than ever before
nnd with six months ahead of me
In which to complete my training
I am going to get Into the ring in
as nearly perfect condition as It is
possible for q man to attain
Now Haven Conn Jan HYalo
athletic teams yesterday all reported
for the spring campaign Walter
Camp general athletic coach and
Captain Phllbln met the baseball can
didates in the gympaelum last even
Ing and outlined the seasons plays
Registration IB not complete but forty
candidates are assured
Captain Wodell yesterday called the
rowing candidates together Work
on the rowing machines has been or
dered to begin immediately Thirty
candidates reported for the varsltv
and forty for the freshmen One of
the candidates for the 1913 eight is
AvPrill Harriman son of the late Ed
ward H Harrlraan
San Francisco Jan 10 Positive as
surance was given by Jack Gleason
tonight that the Jearies Johnson cham
pionship fight will be held In San
Francisco the Immediate vicinity
This statement followed the formal
application which he made before the
new board of supervisors for a per
mit lo conduct a fortyflvo round ring
contest In San Francisco somo lime
this year The local law at present
recognizes only twenty round fights
and this Is the first time in years that
a permit for a fight of a greater num
ber of rounds has been applied for
Gloosons application has been re
ferred to tho police committee
Gleason stated that the big fight
would not bo held In Salt Lake City
or In any of the Nevada towns and
T that as noon OB any action was taken
upon his application for tho long dis
tance permit plans for the ring will
be drawn
The fight will be held in San Fran
cisco or in one of Its suburbs accord
Ing to Gleason I do not know what
action the supervisors will take on
my proposition to him but whatever
it Is the fight will come here ho
By Tad
New York Jan 30 Tommy Mur
phy is the first of New Yorks near
champions who will break the home
ties and go west with the tough guys
in search of a championship
Tommy Is lo meet Hoe Bedell at
the Bedford club in Brooklyn on Mon
day next and if everything turns out
well will hop upon the train tho next
evening into the country that Horace
Grcelcy boosted
Ill never be more than a near
champion here In New York said
Tommy last night as he folded his
real estate chart and poked it Into a
1oeket A fellow could fight six or
eight round hero all his life and nev
er get any better No championship
was ever decided in such a short con
test 1 want to get out there where
they give us twenty or fortyfive
rounds and see how 1 stack up Im
going to fight ray way right back from
here Ill stop In Pittnburg then start
for Kansas City and from there hit
Denver T expect matches In nil these
cities and when 1 land In Frisco will
be right for any of them at any dis
Eddie Smith has offered me a
fight at the Oakland Wheelmans club
hi Oakland if I want it and Im liable
to accept Low Powell Is mentioned
as the best card there now and I
think hed be meat for mo If Wol
gast can boat Powell so can I I beat
WolgaRt early In our sixround spill
outboxed and outfought him and
Im sure that if I can get him for
twenty rounds that Ill eventually got
Oakland Cal Jan 10 Arazco
proved an easy winner in the mile
event feature of tho card at Emery
vale today He was an oddson favor
ite and led all the way bowing Ral
eigh and Sonlo The two earold
dash went to Cluney The daughter
of Salvation showed a high turn of
speed and won easily She was a
heavily played favorite
Redeem was one of the outsiders to
land Ed Ball repeated his vltory in
the fifth
First race six furlongs selling
Redeem 1 Oto 1 won Phil Mohr 8 to
1 second Redatlon 9 to 2 third
Time 11115
Second race twoyearolds purse
throe furlongs Cluney S to 5 won
Vague 15 to 1 second Maorle A 25
to 1 third Time 35 S5
Third race futurity course soiling
Dai gin 9 to 10 won Orollo 10 to 1
second Marseabe 7 to 1 third Time
Fourth race one mile purse Ara
zeo 1 to 2 won Raleigh 12 to 1 sec
ond Sonla 4 to 1 third Time
Fifth race mile and a sixteenth
Ed Ball 2 to 1 won Keep Moving i
to 2 second J C Clem 10 to 1 third
Time 14745
Sixth race futurity course selling
Ana May 7 to 5 won Banoulda 30
to 1 second Iskra 12 to 1 third
Time 111
Tampa Jnn 10Onl two favor
ites won today The event was assur
edly the best day that the layers have
had since the meet opened The two
yearold race was a feature with Gol
den Ruby winning at a good price
First race three furlongs Golden
Ruby won Louise B second Count do
Oro third Time 3535
Second race five furlongs Masks
and Faces won Blrdelayer second
Vanadium third Time lO 25
Third race five furlongsLocust
Bud won Nebulosus second Malocon
third Time 10515
Fourth race six furlongs Escutch
eon won Tom Dolnn second Circlet
third Time 119
Fifth race one mile Paul won Dr
Young second Nellie Burgess third
Time 150 26
Sixth race one mile Earl of Rich
mond won Bronte second W I HInch
third Time 14825
Plttsburg Jan 10Wlllie Hoppe
and Ora Mornlngstar have been
matched to play championship bil
liards in this city on February 2 3
nndl for a purse of 1000 and the
gnte receipts Each has posted a for
feit of 250 The play will be 182
balk line and there will be three In
nings of 500 points each
The victor of this match will play
Calvin Demarest of Chicago who won
I the tournament
Memphis Jan 10Sam Langford
I disposed of Geo White better known
to the ring as the Dixie Kid winner
I of many local fistic encounters at his
I pleasure tonight The fight was
scheduled to go eight rounds but
Langford terminated the farclal exhi
I bition at the start of tho third with a
Mrs Nanny O Bohne Sues fop Di
vorce SaysSpouse Threatened
to Burn Home
Salt Lake Jan 11Aflor having
withdrawn her action for divorce
nearly a year ago Nnnny 0 Bohne
filed a new action in the district
court Monday against Hugo W Bohne
In which she makes n number of seri
ous accusations against her husband
They were married in this city on May
21 1907 and have two children She
alleges that his abuse of hor began
on the day after their marriage when
ho threatened to hill her Since that
time she declares he has repcatedlv
called her vile names and several
times threatened to kill her so that
she was In Constant fear of her lIfo
until last October when she fled to
her relatives and ho left their home
taking with Mm most of the furni
In May 1908 she alleges that ho
abused her and threatened hor life
and In December of the same year he
again threatened her and assaulted
her with a knife On February 3 and
1 she claims that he ordered her out
of the house and threw nearly all
of the furniture out and threatened
to burn the house and furniture If It
were replaced
Since last October she says ho has I
contributed only 310 to her support I
She asks the court for a divorce the
house and furniture 80 per month
alimony and 50 attorneys fees and
also the custody of tho children
Six Men Become Involved in Alterca
tion and Cutting Affray
Park City Tan 10About 420
oclock this morning six men became
involved In an altercation In the red
light district which ended disastrous
ly for two of them The men whose
names are Hogan Swanson John
T3cnoon S O Nelson Tver Strand
Harry Boyle and Ed Wing had been
drinking together and began quarrel
Ing It seems that Swanson Nelson
Benson and Strand attempted to whip
Bovlo when Wins interfered and dur
ing the altercation the first four mon
drew knives and began cutting right
and loft
Boyle received a bad cut on tho
side of the neck and one in the back
besides several minor cuts on the arm
and hand Wing received a painful
cut In the right loin and also In the
back Both of the mon while pain
fully Injured arc not considered to
be dangerously hurt All six men
were arrested and had their prelim
inary hearings yesterday hut the case
was continued until today
Boyle was allowed to go on his own
recognizance Wing was put under 60
ball while all the others wore held
for tomorrows hearing
Salt Lake l1n11 = Although Sadie
Cooper and her husband William H
Cooper whom she Is suing for divorce
In the district court have been for
some time at swords points figura
tively speaking yet aftor the hearing
of the order to show cause before
Judge Morse Monday they bade each
other a very affectionate farewell
whon they parted In the court room I
and gave an lllustraUon of tho soul
kiss which made all present In the
court room sit up and tako notice
Mrs Cooper charged her husband
with various acts of cruelty and also
with non support She had him cited
In before Judge Morse Monday to
show causo why he should not pay
her temporary alimony until their
case IB finally disposed of In court
Cooper was called to the stand and ex
amined as to his ablllb to pay alimony
and as he loft the witness stand he
reached out his hand to his wife and
bade her goodbye Great was the as
tonishment of tho court and all pres
ent when the woman responded to hor
husbands adieu by giving him a
hearty kiss which resounded all
through the court room and even into
the conldor
Judge Morse ordered Cooper to pay
his wife 20 per month as temporary
alimony to bo paid at the rate of 5 a
Salt Lake Jan 11 Opening the
midwinter camp meeting of the Sal
vation Arm In the hall 1391 East
Second South street Chaplain J Cle
mens of the United States army stn
I Cloned at Fort Douglas made an earn
est address Monday night exhorting
his hearers to seek the better lIfo
Chaplain Clemens was plven the clos
est attention by an audience which
completely filled the commodious hall
Chaplain Clemens cited Incidents In
the lives of men he had known both
In this country and In the Philippines
and drew from them a number of
moral precepts His address was the
You Will Make No Mistake If You Fel
low This Citizens Advice
iNevcr neglect your kidneys
If you have pain In the back uri
nary disorders dizziness and nervous
ness HB time to act and no time to
experiment rhese are all symptoms
of kidney trouble and you should seek
a remedy which is known to cure the
Dnans Kidney Pills is the remedy
to use Xo need to experiment It
has cured many stubborn cases In
Ogden Follow tho advice of an Og
den citizen and bo cured yourself I
Mrs George Wahleii 2860 Grant
I Ave Ogden Utah says Kidney
complaint came on me gradually three
I or four years ago and I spent a groat
deal of money experimenting with
I doctors medicines and socalled kid
neV medicines of all kinds without be
ing helped to any extent Finally
Dorms Kldnoy Pills were brought to
my notice and II procured a sample
I from Radeons Pharmacy They
helped me from the first and the con
tents of sovcn boxes entirely removed
the backache and corrected the kid
ney disorder J always keep Deans
Kidney Pills on hand and whenever T
have the opportunity I recommend
i thorn
j For sale by all dealers Price O
cr > ntf > FoslorMllburn Co Buffalo
l New York solo agents for tho United
I States
Remember the name Doans and
take no other I
be n
c < III
For Less Than
001 A
r <
v I > iI 3 t Jt J
> t
I II all
I < T6AI1 Subscribers
I ii r U
01 the
I I 1 rice 6 DAILY
A Combinat on on SilverE3Piated
I < co Spoons
+ n
ti4 i t i l y
Y1 t rr
rice rF
Tale Your Choice
Six one set of either of above warranted silver plated Teaspoons with one months sub
scription to the Evening Standard for only 125 These spoons will give you satisfaction
try a set Extra sets for 150 per set of sis The Standard one month and six spoons
for less than the price of the spoons
Call at the Standard office and sec them Call up either Phone 56
JHIo lBo ARNOLD 9 CircuUatlon Manaer
principal feature of tho opening even
ing of the camp meeting and was fol
lowed by the singing of hymns in the
usual stirring style of the Salvation
The camp meeting which is under
tho charge of Ensign and Mrs Pitt
lasts until January 17 Inclusive No
admission Is charged and everyone is
welcome Tonight Adjutant and Mrs
Brawn will speak of the local social
and Industrial work pf the army
Wednesday night Mrs Pitt will give
an Illustrated talk Thursday the
Rev Charles C Mclntlre of the West
minster Presbyterian church will
speak Friday night the address will
be by the Rev David Crane of Illff
M E church Saturday night Mrs
A E Marpurg will speak on The
Goodness of God Sunday night the
prayer meeting will be led bj Com
rade Tripp tho holiness meeting by
Ensign Pitt the praise meeting by
Cadet Kinney and at S oclock John
II Pape will speak Monday the
Rev Francis Burdette Short will de
liver the closing address of tho camp
A Bain Overpowered by Thugs Near I
Franklin School No Weapons
Are Uoed
Salt Lake Jan nA Bain a rail
road man living at 317 South Ninth
West street was strongarmed by
two holdup men in front of tho
Franklin school on Seventh West and
Second South streets and robbed of
119 this Tuesday morning at 2Ao
Bain immediately notified the police
of tho robbery and gae a description
of the men He told tho police that
he at first thought that they were
friends ojshing with him
Salt Lake Jan HSalt Lake coun
cil No G02 Knights of Columbus will
Install Its officers for this year at tho
new quarters in the Woy building 137
East First South street this evening
at S oclock A smoker and buffet
luncheon will follow The entertain
ment committee of the lodge has pre
pared an Interesting program for the
occasion I
The local council Is forwarding its
check to the national body to cover
its portion of tho COO000 endowment
fuud for the Catholic University of
America which endowment was given
the university by the order It Is a
splendid move on the part of the i
Knights Columbus and one worthy
of note when one considers that this
great amount is being contributed by
each loyal knight voluntarily In the
interest of education
Salt Lake Jan 11 Machinists
helpers and drill pressmen met in tho
Federation of Labor hall Monday oven
Inrr and perfected tho organization of
u local union for Salt Lake ttnd > > r the
direction of G N Spaldln organizer
lor the American Federation of Labor
for Utah Tho meeting was attended
by sixtvtwo machinists helpers and
drill prWmeu and according to Mr
Spalding the now union here Is start
ing out under most favorable drcmn
rhe Sewing Light
Th Lamp I
n TheJldo 1
makes the long evening brilliant with
its steady white light for sewing or
reading Made of brass nickel plated
and equipped with the latest im I
proved central draft burner I
The Rayo is a lowpriced lamp t
r but you cannot get a better lamp at tr
any price r
Once a Rayo user always one f
Every Dealer Everywhere If Not At Yours Write for
Descriptive Circular to the Nearest Agency of the I
Incorporated r
= = t
w v T < rH = = u id
Tree Tea
Uncolored and complies
with all Pure Food regulations
A tea to be high quality must be first crop
must be mountain grown must be uniform
Tree Tea is
first crop
mountain grown
always uniform
Beware of imitations I
stances null with a good membership
I The meeting Monday evening was
for tho purpose of completing the or
ganization which was begun about
two weeks ago Officers wore elected
but their names will not be made pub
lic al this time The new union will
meet the second and fourth Mondays
of each month
Evauston Wyo Jan 10The an
nual meeting of the stockholders of
the Goldfleld Consolidated Mines con t
pnny held here today elected the fol
lowing board of directors
George Wlngfleld J B Hubbard J I
H Mackenzie J H Carstnlrp W B
Ralston A H Howe and W G Rool
I The officers elected for the ensuii
year arc George WIngflold presiden
J B Hubbard vlceprosldent J h
Find lay general manager A A I
Howe secretary and treasurer
The company annual report forth
past fiscal year was submitted and ac
= t
Washington Jan 10No acton
was taken by the supreme court of
tho United States today on tho petit
tlon of John R Walsh for a writ of
certiorari I
Only One BROMO QUININE that is
ILaxative Jgromo Quinine boy r
Cures o Cold in One Day Gnp i 2 Days 7 25c I
J f < > r I If =

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