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Publlohed Dally except Sundays by William Glasmann
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The state supreme court made an important decision yesterday
when it upheld the city ordinance of Salt Lake which requires a
milk deafer to obtain a permit from the food and dairy commis
sioner before he can sell milk in that city The history of the case
is briefly this
Salt Lake City brought action against H E Howe Howe was
arrested under the pure food ordinance for selling milk in the city
without first obtaining a permit from the food and dairy commis
sioner He wn found guilty in the city court and fined 50 He
then appealed to the district court where he was again found guilty
and fined tho same amount He then appealed to the supreme court
In his appeal he contended that the city had no power to pass an
ordinance regulating the sale of milk for the reason that it had
only such powers in that respect as have been either expressly or
by necessary implication conferred upon itpy statute He con
tended that under the statutes of the state no such power was con
ferred upon the city
The supreme court holds that the pure food ordinance in regard
to the sale of milk in the city is valid In reaching this decision
It refers to subdivision 44 section 206 of the Compiled Laws of Utah
1907 which in part is as follows To provide for the place and
manner of the sale of meats poultry fish butter cheese lard vege
I I tables flour meal and all other provisions The court holds that
milk comes within the portion of the subdivision cited included in
1 other provisions and hence declares that the ordinance regulat
j ing the sale of milk is not inconsistent with nor doe it contravene
j the statute quoted above
t There is no one article taken into the home more important than
that of milk and the purity of the fluid should be carefully guarded
f I More typhoid and baby diseases are transmitted through milk than
in any other way and we cannot be too exacting in demanding that
I I the milk for the homes be kept free from pollution Salt Lake
has made a big step forward in the right direction and it is a
source of satisfaction that the highest court has upheld the citys
That the Utah laws on taxation tax collection and delinquencies
are not to be ignored or made light of is clearly set forth in an
opinion by the state supreme court handed down on Monday
William Bown sued to recover the value of 181 head of sheep which
were levied upon by Treasurer Owens of Garfield county on October
3 1906 and sold for taxes due on Bowns herd The amount of
taxes due on the entire band of sheep numbering about 10000 was
35240 The lower court rendered judgment in favor of Treasurer
Bowls claimed that he was a resident of Wayne county and that
hio sheep were asse3sed in that county and he paid taxes on them
there The evidence showed that he had filled out a statement for
the treasurer of Garfield county showing that he had about 10000
4 sheep which grazed in Garfield county and he was accordingly
assessed for only 8000 sheep
The treasurer introduced in evidence in the lower court the
statement made out by Bown showing the number of sheep which
+ he said grazed in Garfield county and upon which the tax was
levied Ho also showed that the sheep never were taken from Bown
r but that they were sold to one of Bowns employes and paid for by
Bowns own check Upon that showing the lower court rendered
k judgment in favor of the treasurer This judgment the supreme
i court affirms
Mr Bown should congratulate himself on escaping with nothing
i more severe than the penalty of delinquency involving the sale of
JI 181 head of sheep
p o J Our failure to strictly enforce the laws on taxation has been
t productive of hundreds of cases similar to that of Mr Bown with
t this exception that few of the cases have been brought to the final
= r1 test ofthe courts
J The most serious weakness in our methods of levying and col
lecting taxes is the failure to uniformly assess the big and the little
proporty owner and this discrimination has tempted many to evade
r taxation whenover possible
i < i It basins to look as though the Harriman system will be
S I I broken up and the roads forming the merger placed under separate
control as prior to the drawing together of the many Interests under
one organization
I There are many things to indicate that the Harriman people have
prepared for tho dissolution of the merger The segregation of
h the diningandhotel interests which occurred a few weeks ago was
interpreted as a preliminary action looking to the disruption of the
The dissolution would not injure Ogden unless by dissolution I
r the Harriman roads be weakened in the financial world and be
placed in a less favorable position to command money through bond
issues for extensive improvements
Whatever ohangeg ore brought about the hope is uppermost
that Julius BfrrUtflchnitt will remain the commanding figure in the
affairs allJftq roads No doubt the Harriman roads can be placed
under ep azct utrol and be freed from tho merger and yet gain the
benefit of the supervision and direction which men like Kruttechnitt
have oxercjuedfitt several years There should continue to exist a
harmony of interests except in those things proscribed against by
the antitruBllawB J
With tho merger dissolved the Southern Pacific from Ogden
to Sparks would go back to the management of the Southern Pacific
proper and the yards in this city be
might operated jointly by men
in the tanploy of the Union Pacific and Southern Pacific
JUST FOR FUN ww would never ask for Permission
to speak to rneBoston TranBcrlpt
High pinto A New Way to Save
Jlediuro ThQFEllJt of your wife UnclnI hope you dote l spend all
a inliM to peAk with you rour earning Mike
Man Ttro AC x rank fraud My 5Iikeo Mrroe L wako It a rulo
never to spend moren twothirds of
mo wages
v Uncle Ah thata good thats good
And you put the other third In the
T MlkeNo r give it to the missus
to keep house on1 Judge
Choosinga Time
tlI made up my mind lo have bettor
discipline said Mrs Crosaiots so
I told our cook exactly what I thought
of her
How did you dare
OhJt didnt rcallyi make any dif
ference She wall going to loavo any
how Washington Star
Before tholr marriage he said MO
should be treated like a Queen
Well answered Miss Cayenne I
ho has kept his word after a fash i
ion His household is very much like
one of those little European monarch
ies Washington Star
The Divorce Age
I dont want you to many him
Why not mother
You may be able to do much bet
ter In tho future
Well I can cross that bridge when
I come to It cant 11Kansas City I
Journal I
Too Buoy I
Mrs Neighbor Did you over not
ice that Mrs Chatterton novel tells
you a thing about herself I
Mrs Homer YPS it keeps her so I
busy telling things about other peo
ple that she has no time to talk about
other people that she has no time lo
talk about herself Chicago News
He Was Handicapped
Sagebrush Sam Yor Hal Dill died
of a Inmo arm How could that bo 1
Cactus Charlie Why per see his
arm WU1 so stiff that he couldnt
draw his gun quick an the other fel
lei got the drop on him TitBits
Wonders of Modern Science
Professor what Is Intensive corn
Exchange Persistently wearing tight shoes I
Too Quiet
Lady VisitorThat new girl of
yours seems very nice and quiet
MistressYes shes very quiet
She doesnt even disturb the dust
when shes cleaning the room Ex
Counter Irritants
Fu l1yWell I suppose men and
women both have their troubles
Duddy Yes and Ive noticed that
the chief trouble of one Is generally
the other Boston Transcript
Hio Little Weigh
That chap used to be a champion
What A boxer
No A grocer London Opinion
Lovers Lexicon
Proposal The height of a womans
KimA mans mark of conquest a
womanc Reset In a breach of prom
ise suit
Matrimony Tho mirage on the des
ert of life
Tliertcr A place where money Is
spent until the preacher is paid the
final fee
NothingWhat a youngman saves
while he Is courting
Candy Matrimonial bait
Wedding Invitation polite re
quest IQI anything that will ad In the
establishment of a household Judge
Oh dear sighed her husbands
wife I cani find af pin anywhere
I wonder where all the pins 50 to
Thats a dlfllcult question to an
swer replied his wlfos husband
became they are always pointed In
one direction and headed another
Lifelike Attitude
Some of our prominent men sug
gested the photographer like to hao
their photos taken In a characteristic
Suits me responded the subject
Photograph me with my nose against
a grindstone Got one handy
Louisville CourierJournal
The Farmers Dilemma
You are a lucky man said the
city dweller When prices are high
you can raise all you want to cat
Yes answered Farmer Corntos
sol but when I think of what It
would bring In market I dont feel
as if 1 could afford to eat It Wash
ington Star
Not All Guilty
Move inside gents cried the con
ductor on the crowded trolley yore
brcnkln the rules slandln on the plat
form here
Some o them aint piped up a
little man theyre utandin on my
feet Catholic Standard
How Did It Happen
Indignant CustomerI want to re
turn this Jewel box Its not Ivory an
Dealir muningly Now j wonder
if it can be possible that elephant had
false teoth Cleveland Leader
The manager canned the leading
Because she kicked and cut up
Ho also fired the gaY soubrette
Because she didnt kick enough
St Paul Dispatch
A Queotion of Time
How much does It cost to got mar
ried asked the eager youth
That depends entirely on how long
you life replied the sad looking
man Philadelphia Record
Send Us
1 Your Name
On a postal if you have kidney trou
ble and wo will send you by return
mail the moat Interesting literature on
the subject of Kidney Disease that
you over read
It will not only entertain you for a
half hour but may prolong your Jo
lt explains why tho deaths from kid
ney trouble havo doubled
Thin offer will appear but a few
Union h tter send today
Wm Driver i Son Drug Co
Throw nome friend a llfe lIne by
Kendlnc his name
Attractions at The >
H j d New Ogden Theatre
Headed by the Millionaire Minstrel
and Americas Dancing Idol
with hIs own splendid company ot I
fifty of the greatest known
people In minstrelsy II
J A N Charming Singing Music CheerUp I I
I Happy dianENovel Ideas
Surpassing anything heretofore soon J
1 under the groit name of PUIMEOSE
I 2 and the that time anywhere at popu
01 lar prices
If You Have Never Seen Anything ij
Better Since Fun Began gj
ll ixc i2 >
In the new and what is said to be the best edition of the famous I
George Primrose Minstrels which comes to the New Ogden theater
Wednesday Jan 12ththe management have neglected none of the
apparently trifling details which go to make up a perfect minstrel
production The roster of talent supporting Mr Primrose embraces
fifty of the best known names in minstrelsy of which there are a i
number of splendid singers who have voices and know how to sing
many beautiful melodies which are a marked feature of the produc
tion There is a certain subtle originality to the comedy i a certain
airy atmophere that is often striven for but seldom attained The
entire performance goes with a vim There is a spark and snap to
Stirs Rivals by His Sud
den Spectacular
Flight II
Los Angeles Cal Jan 11PlLIll
bans debonair assumption of the hero I
part with his spectacular series of
ights at aviation field yesterday has
stirred his rivals the American avi
ators to a determination to oust him
today fro mthe position he snatched
suddenly from them when he swept
from behind his aeroplane tent and
flew over the hugegrAJid d stand dan
gerously close to the heads of the
cheering thousands of spectators
Glonn H Curtlss prosaic rather
than theatric the opposite of the to
tie Frenchman In every way says lit
tle It became known today that the
propeller he damaged when he es
rayed a flight following Paulbans
was the one with which he Intended i
to clip the little Frencnmans wings I
That propeller has been repaired or I
replaced and before dark today prob
ably the enthusiasm of the excited j
throngs will be centered around the I
American instead of the diminutive
I It Is now a contest between Ameri
I ca and France and this is the day on
which flights will count for prizes
I Wlllard and Hamilton also no lees I
than their chief Cnrtiss are deter I
mined to eclipse the performance of
I tho Frenchman spent hours after I
dawn today coddling their delicate
flyers getting ready for the tests I
They are as silent as their vivacious
I competitors are voluble Curtlss was I
somewhat more conversational
I do not know what I will do ho I
I paid but I know what I wont do I I
believe it IB essential for those who
I operate aeroplanes to take Into con
sideration the welfare of those who
might be injured in the event of an
accident while in flight For this rea
son I do not believe In flyin gover the
heads of spectators I
The program today Is mostly of an
eliminating character At 2 oclock
Masson or Mlscarol will make tho
first flight ever made in a DIoriot
monoplane in America
At 230 oclock without any of the
waits that delayed the events of yes
I terday all the aviators on the field
will take turns demonstrating starting
I and landing
At 3 oclock Curtiss or ono of his
t pupils Hamilton or Wlllnrd will 1
I make the first attempt to wrest away I
the advantage of Paulhan with a test
flight for altitude This will count In I
the final award of the prize
At 4 oclock tho three big dirigibles
on the field Knabenshue Boa chys I
and the ono belonging to the United I
States government will rise Hero
Knabenshue according to the pro
gram will repeat his performance of
yesterday when he reached Bcachy
but thin time his opponent will bo the
governments aerial war craft
Cortlandt Field Bishop president
of tho Aero club of Amorlca who ar
rived last night said today that while
he still maintained that some of tho
conditions attached to the prizes were
impossible nevertheless it was prac
tically that with modifications they
would be approved His principal ob
jection was the proffered prize of
10000 for the dirigible that could fly I
to San Francisco
When shown tho dispatch from
Paris saying that the International I
Aeronautical association had fixed
dates for numerous aerial carnivals in
various parts of the world during tho J
year Mr Ishop aald that he could
not understand why the International j
aviation meet was set for iCovombcr
2 A full moon has a great deal to I
do with the success of tho intorna I
Uonal balloon contest Mr Bishop
I said and there will be only a halt I
moon or three quartors on October 25
the date selected by tho federation i
I am not at all certain about any I
of those things he went on T was
the American delegate to the meeting
but I cut attendance In Paris to come
out hero for the aviation meet f
wrote an otnclal communication slm
r RY7 4
ply ruuestlng that dates be selected
BO as to not conlllct with then condi
tions for tho international balloon and
aviation cups I think that this Is
what tho federation did leaving to us
the choice o fthe actual dates
Mr Bishop denied reports that New
York was certain to secure the inter
national aviation cup meet and that
preparations had progressed so far
that a tract on Long Inland had been
purchased for the aviation field
Nothing has been done towards a
selection said Mr Bishop In fact
there are several objections that
might be raised against New York
for Instance the stiff coast winds
Besides before 1 end the present
Journey I shall visit several cities
that have bid for the international
aeroplano contests among them being
Washington and Baltimore which aro
working together and also Des
I shall also go lo Denver and St
Louis both of which cities arc seek
ing the balloon meet I intend to In
vostlgato closely the facilities offered
by each and then report to the direct
ors of the Aero club of America who
will finally deoldo I do not think
anything definite will be done until
March or later
All the time Intervening between
now and November will bo needed to
perfect arrangements for the two In
ternational meets which will be held
in Anlorlca because America swept all
honors last year Each country repre
sented In the International aeronauti
cal federation Is entitled to enter
three champions in the aeroplane and
balloon contests The members of the
federation are the United States Eng
land France Germany Holland Bel
pram Russia Italy Spain Sweden
Denmark and Austria All these with
the possible exception of Russia
where aviation is said to be discourag
ed by the bureaucracy will bo rcprp
senreil at the international cup meet
Mr Bishop Is ono of the principal
judges of the nights here and he de
clared that the meeting ranked higher
than moots of international signifi
cance following that at Rhelrns
That Is so he said because it
already shows the advancement that
has been made In aviation during the
past few months Each of the con
tests is Important because it teaches
something In the way of lessons thai
tend to advance the art of flying Pro
gress In aviation can only he made
through healthy competition stlmulat
ed by enthusiasm on the part of the
U11 B 31MEi
Salt Lake Jan OTho regular
meeting In point of attendance and
perhaps tho most important gathering
held by the association since the or
gnnizalion of the Utah Welgrowers
association was called to order by E
If Callister president of the asso
ciation shortly after 10 oclock this
morning The meeting was held In
the olllre of the secretary at 51C Judge
building but on accourit bl the num I
ber of delegates Iu attendance the
gathering was adjourned to Kennedy I
hall on Market place where the bal
nnco of the morning and tho after
noon sessions were held
President Calllstor called the mod
Ing to orderIn a brief speech In which
ho said that a number of questions
uf great moment to the sheepmen con
fronted the gathering and expressed
the hope that wise and united action
would he taken by the association on
all these matters The question most
prominent In the minds of the sheep I
men President Canister said was per j
haps that of the regulation of the for i
ost reserves within the slate as re
lated to the grazing of sheep and In
this connection he referred to tho re I
cent action of President Taft depos
ing GIfford Pin bot as chlof forester j
I think Mr Plnchqt is an abc man
and a good official said President
Callister but 1 do not agree with his
told him HO I
forest policy and I
think he and tho other olllclnlB of the
rd to
with regard
government aro at sea
the prcvilllnj on the
true conditions
forest reserves and I hope ono of the
will be to I
action of this
endorse as tho successor of Air Jrm i
oratleast a
chat a western man
with tho condi
matt who is familiar
cxW In the weal
tions as the really
In relation to forest reserves
Tha order
crazing of sheep
111 ii nan U M MJB IJLMH > M nrrurr
I In Wyoming
Friday Jan 14
I Seat Sane Wednesday Jan 12
y > h h a
< < o = Jr U <
Com 0 I
T m V nrgmn fJ an
j YIOnd3Y9J3JllUaJrY 17 I
= S W < 1A1 < < iI l u rl
it that pleases everybody and sends the most blase theatergoers
away with the delightful sensation of having been actually amused
Mr Primrose himself leads the big fun festival
Seats now on sale at box office Prices 100 75c 50c and 25c
= = DoUA anmrr
1 made some yours ago shutting out
500000 sheep from grazing In the Uln
tall forest was unjust and the forest l
officials WOre arrayed against the I
sheepmen and In favor of the cattle
men at that time and had It not bean I
I for the action of President McKinley
before whom the real situation was
laid by Senators Smoot Sutherland
and other western senators the sheep
men would have been shut out entire
I ly from a great portion of range which I
i of right belonged to thorn i
I The convention should also take
j united action for the eradication of
tho Up and leg ulceration called ne i
I crobacIHofilB Wo do not wish out I
state quarantined by tho government
because of thisdisease and In ordo I
10 prevent this we must work together
to eradicate It
Another point which demands Im
mediate and constant attention Is the
destruction of wild animals which
prey upon the locks The flockmnR
tens must also bo united in this work
or the extermination of tho coyotes
and other predatory animals will ncv i
or bo accomplished
President Callistors address was
well received On account of press
fag business elsewhere he was com
pelled to leave tho meeting and called
John II Seeley of Ml Pleasant to
the chair
The convention then proceeded to
I the business of discussing the resolu
tion offered by he members of tho
I association from Sanpeto at the can > I
cus of the Utah delegation at the I
meeting of the national association at
Ogden recently condemning tho ad
ministration of the Mantl forest re j
serve and asking for a change In the i
I personnel of tho directory of that re
I serve The matter was passed over j
nt that time to come up at tho meet j
Ing of the state association in Salt I
Lake today and a free and full dis
cussion of the matter was had at this
mornings session
The resolutions framed by the San i
pete delegation condemn in unmeas I
ured terms tho conduct of the Mantl
reserve by the present supervisor and
charge that official with undue preju
dice against the ahoepmon and In fa
I vor of the cattlemen Tho supervisor I
had issued orders cutting down tho
number of sheep permitted on the
Mauti reserve until as one man who i
said In the meeting that ho formerly
giazed 3000 sheep was now only per
muted to 785 sheep on the
graze re I
I serve with tho prospect of being cut j
down by the supervisors next order
to 500
New District Secretary of Board of
Underwriters Arrives Tcday
I George V Lowry who will tiUCPPll
Karl A Schold 03 district secretary
for the Pacific board of underwrlera
i for district E will arrive from Snn
i Francisco Tuesday morning although
Mr Schclds resignation is not effec
live until next Saturday Mr Lowry
I will spend most of the week at the
I local offices in the Boston building
getting In touch with the details of
the work connected with the Utah of
i ficoMr
Mr Lowry has had a wide range of
I experience In the fire Insurance busi
I ness having been provlbusly connect
cd with the board of underwriters and
In recent years he has been at the
I head of an office In Vancouver which
i IB similar to the local office although
not representing as large or Import
ant a territory
Salt Lake Jan HChief of De
tectivos Sheets and his staff aro trying
I to corral a gang of shoplifters that
arrived in Salt Lake only a few day
ago They have committed only i
very few depredations thus far bu
the sleuths Intend that they shall not
I be given any more chances to show
their skill For this reason Harry
Johnson when arrairned In police
court yesterday charged with having
r stolen a bolt of silk valued nt 100
from Walker Bros Dry Goods com
pan was remanded to the custody of
the chief of police
Johnson was reticent and glum Ho
did not have the appearance of a
prosperous transgressor but the de
tectives have learned that in other
cities men dressed as laborers have
been making away with expensive
silks even more effectually than well
dressed thieves because from their
attire no one Imagines they have any
use for silks
Johnson will bo bold until tho de
I tectives establish their suspicions or
Ileum that they are unfounded
6 o 5zggGg EISCOLJNT
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I rl o 0
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1850 Mink Neckpiece consisting of 5 minks J il d1
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