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1 Watch Todays News WEATHER FORECAST
Wn tanbarb
Reproduced in the + 9 t c tn f att ax THE WEATHER INDICATIONS WILL ARE BE THAT WARMER THE
Morning Papers +
Fortieth Year = No 11 = Price Five Cents OGDEN CITY J UTAH THURSDAY EVENING JANUARY 13 1910 Entered as Second Class Matter at the Postofflcc Ogden Utah
Wonderful Things in Meteorology Are Made
Known by Observations Taken by Balloons
= = = Abysmal Depths of Darkness
Washington Jan l3A black and
remarkable Interstellar region has
been discovered through observations
taken by the balloon flying staff of
the weather bureau and by scien
tists abroad
Chief Willis L Moore of the weath
er bureau liua ndvlood the house
committee on agrIculturo that during
the last summer months we found
warm patches of air far above tho
We have found Raid Pro
Moose as a result of sending up
these balloons and our observations
are verified abroadono of the most
I wonderful things In meteorology
I All our phvslcs have assumed that
temperature gradually decreases with
elevation until In outor apace there
is no temperature We sent up bal
loons from Omaha and Indianapolis
above the storm stratum which IB
six miles deep rising and falling with
the seasons Above the storm strat
um there Is an entirely different at
mosphere floating upon the storm ele
ment like oil on water wilt an east
erly velocity of only half the lower
air From the storm stratum up
through this there Jo a slight rise In
temperaturo We call It an equally
heated stratumtho Isothermal In
this constant air ocean there are no
etorm eddlca the Minutest rays of
light are absorbed Wo aro living
In a thin skin of air Illuminated and
all the rest between us and the sun
is darkness
r 0M
Balance Device and
Steering Gear Are
Kammondeport N Y Jan 13A
coal black monoplane built along
somewhat different lines from any of
the American or European aeroplanes
la receiving daily tryouts above the
snow and ice which covers Lake Kouk
here Tho monoplane is the inven
tion of A L Pfltznor
fie new monoplane which has
made several short flights successful
ly has a new balance device while
Its stoarlng gear Is also novel In aero
pIano architecture Instead of steer
I ing with a rudder Pfitzner has his
right and left steering surfaces plat
ed in front over tho elevating plane
In the rear ho carries a rigid plane
I as a tail
Tho inventor will continue hie ex
I periments here until he has mastered
I tae control of the machine Later ho
exports to exhibit througout the
i Mnrstrflcld Ore Jan ISOf tho
thirtytwo men on tho Illfated etOtim
I er Czarina which struck on the Coos
I Bay bar yesterday and was practically
I wreck two bare been rescued and
there Is a possibility five more In
Iludlnf Captain Dugan and Harold
Mlllls will bo Hurry KentzcIL first
assistant engineer wa picked np un
conscious in the breakers Into pester
day and early today Second Assist
I ant Engineer J Robinson was wash I
I ed ashore Somo hours after Kcntzoll
was revived ho regained conscious
ness sufficiently to state drat Captain
Dugan and Harold Mlllls the only
passengor had been bound to one
of the masts
Robinson added that when the for
ward mast to which ho and five oth
ers had climbed went by the board
the master first officer Millie and
two seamen were still alive in the af
ter rigging These Robinson said
were tho only onen left on tho ship
Watchers on tho beach soon after Rob
inson was rescued declared that they
observed u light flare up for a brief
period from the wreck which was
taken to mean that tho five are still
rhe night WaD a trying one for the
watchers who continually patrolled
the shore since darkness fell Among
these were C J Millie the steamship
agent of the Southern Pacific com
l > auy at Marshfleld and his wife Ear
ly In tho night they gave up all hope
of ever seeing alive their sou Har
old a 1 > 0 of 20 yearn who had just
lelt them hound for college When
cent ll was rescued hope for a mo
iiiont sprang up only to he dashed to
irtii again by the assertion of IT1
McKcown that he had seen through
mnrhiA Basses holli masts of the
Czarina and a rope ladder carried
awn and with them their burden of
fifteen men
Uoblnsons statement revived hope
for a rfiscuo cventuall
ew York Jan 13 William Wat
IOn the English poet and his wife
t < hr 1
e y l I8iI
sailed yesterday on the Adriatic He
ld not look well and Ersklno Ely
speaking for him said he did not wish
to talk Ho had found the United
States a remarkable country but ho
had been much disappointed with
some aspects of his visit
City is Shivering Owing I
to the NonArrival
I of Fuel
Boise Idaho Jan IS Notwith
I standing that twenty cars have been
received In Boise during the past
three days the coal supply is entire I
ly exhausted and unloss more cars I
reach here today the situation will
be as serious as It was last week I
The dealers declare thoy have
many cars on the way and nro waiting
for tho railroads to deliver them I
Three cars which were being brought
here this afternoon on a special train
were dltccd near MoreGlan owing lo
a slippery rail iho engine leaving
tho track
Now York Jan 13 Tho mixed
changes shown by the opening prices
of stocks today gave an appearance of
hesitation to the tone of the market
The principal speculative Issues how
ever showed sharp gains Union Pa
cific Reading and Colorado Fuel rose
1 and Southern Pacific Chesapeake S
Ohio and Utah Copper large fractions
The market moved In a very un
even way but thero were few points
of weakness shown Fluctuations wore
wide in a number of cases causing
Rock Island to dip point under yes
terdays close and wiping Union Pa
cifics gain The tone was uncertain
at the end of the hour
Now York Money
Now York Jan ISCloso Prime
mercantile paper 4 l2n5 per cent
Sterling exchange firm with actual
business In bankers bills at 48380a90
for GO day bills and at 48686 for de
Commercial bills 182 l8a5S
Bar silver 52 3Sc
Mexican dollars 44c
Government bonds easy railroads
Money on call easier Sal 1t ruling
rate J closing bid and offered at 3
Time loans very soft and active CO
and 90 days and six months 4 l4al2
per cent
Chicago Livestock
Chicago Tan 13 Cattle Receipts
estimated at 7000 market steady
beeves 10a775 Texas steers 400
a500 western steers i00a6 10
stockers and feeders a00ai > 10 cows
and heifers 210a550 calves 775
a97Hoga Receipts estimated at 18000
Market lOcalGc higher light S30a
866 mixed 830aS86 hear S2G
a85G rough S35aS55 good to
choice heavy 86GoS 85 pigs 730a
S25 bulk of sales 3S55aS70
Sheop Receipts estimate at 12
000 market steady native 400aG
00 western 400a610 yearlings 4
OOa7SO lambs native 426R875
western G25oS75
Omaha Livestock
Omaha Jan 13CaltleRecelpls
2300 Market steady native steers
400a725 cows and heifers 330a
500 western steers 400uGOO cows
and heifers 276a500 calves 300a
730H0gg Receipts 4000 Market lOc
higher Heavy S45aSGG mixed
840a845 light S20aS40 bulk of
sales S15aSGO
SheepReceipts 2600 Market
steady yearlings OGOa7GO woth
ers 500a58K ewes 500a530
lambs 57IOaG40
Chicago Produce
Chicago Jan l3BuUcr steady
I creameries 2Ga34 dairies 25o30 Eggs
steady at mark cases Included 24 12
a30 13 firsts 35 prime firsts 3S
I Cheese teaM daisies 16 34al7
j twins Ifi lJal2 young Americas and
longhornB 16 12
Metal Market
New Yprk Jan l3Copper weak
Kiaudard spot and March 1312 l2a
j 13GO
lUfiCItl quiet 467 l2a 72 12
Silver 62 3Se
San Francisco Jan l3A morning
J t > riper hOe says that Nolll H Castle
I former prominent Sall Francisco at
fy j
torney received a decree of divorce
on Tuesday at Nome Alaska from
Mary Scott Castle who shot Wm D
Craig a New York attorney In an
elevator of the Waldorf Astoria last
August Castle is now assistant Unit
ed States district attorney Mrs Cas
tle is rumored to be In Canada
St Louis Jan l3The ice gorge
which broke in the Mississippi river
at Hermann last night reached St
Louis this morning In one hour the
Mississippi river here rose more
than a foot and the gauge stood at
257 feet
The gorges below the city continue
to hold and damage to shipping may
result from tho ico gorge and water
The danger stage Is 30 feet
The weather bureau notified houses
along the river that flood stage was
likely to be reached within 24 hours
If tho ice below St Louis did not
break Thero Is a possibility of the
gorge breaking
The ferry boat Madison at Venice
Ills was stink by tho gorge
Topeka Ices Jan HThe Kansas
I river rose ten feet during tho night
and stood at 18 feet this morning
The river bridges at Wlllard Valenc
ia and compton have been swept
away Ice Jams wero responsible
The Lecompton bridge withstood the
1903 flood but those at Willard and
I Valencia wore destroyed and had been
I Tho gauge shows that tho water
reached its maximum height early
I this morning and It Is now falling
slowly There has boon no damage
to the surrounding country
Ottawa Kas Jan 3on tho Mar
ais des Cygncs river an Ice gorge
formed against a bridge two miles
east of Ottawa and by this morning
I it had extended to that city block
Ing the channel The water was rIs
Ing rapidly this morning and a force
of men started out to dynamite tno
gorge In an attempt to flood Il
Lawrence Kas Jan 13The ice
f gorge in the JKan as river reached
Lawrenco today carrying out a wagon
bridge and causing several thousand
dollars loss botweon Lecompton 11
miles west of Lawrence The Ice as
It moved this way was tossed forty
live feet high All trafllc between
Lawrence and North Lawrence was
stopped and the electric light plant
was shut down Schools in North
Lawrence wero closed
flIGT Of
May Be Attempted by
Paulhan the French
i Los Angeles Cal Jan 13 Exhtllr
ated by his easy success in breaking
all hIgh flight records Louis Paul
han the French aviator who became
I a world hero by his exploit of yes
1 terday may next essay a flight to
San Diego which lies more than 100
miles southward in an air line from
tho Domlnguoj Aviation field
After enthusiastic visitors from tho
southern city had presented Paulhan
with thu 500 silver cup trophy for
his thrilling achievement they ex
tended him n pressing Invitation to
visit San Diego at your conven
Paulhan replied Not mine but
my engines convenience
When ho was asked today If that
meant that he would attempt such a
flight ho answered
It Is not Impossible In endurance
tests other aviators have traveled
more than 100 miles though never be
tween cities that far apart
Then he recalled tho fact that r
Uss machines have fuel capacities
for flights of ten hours duration at
30 miles an hour and remarked that
as his Farman biplanes were much
larger with correspondingly larger
motors and tanks he saw no reason
why he should not make such a flight
This however is Pasadena day at
Aviation Camp and that may suggest
to the Frenchman a flight to Pasa
dena instead
The exact height Paulhan roached
yesterday In his marvelous flight is
jet In doubt The Judges are still
working out the figures of the trlan
pulaUon But It is certain tint ho
has surpassed Lathams Mourmelon
record by at least 800 feet rho last
figures tho Judges announced wore
414G feet but before tho calculations
are completed today It may be found
that the altitude reached was but 100
or 200 feet less than a mile Tn any
I event the Frenchman has reached
I the height of the snow mantled moun
tains that surround tho aviation field
And that it in what ho said he would
do the day he arrived
Cortland Field Bishop of Now York
I president of the Aero Club of America
was one of the most enthusiastic
witnesses of tho night
It was a magnificent achievement
and one of the most Important of the
ago he said and ho added that It
was all tho more marvelous because
of tho fact that Paulban has boon an
A i
aviator not more than six or eight I
Paulhan is still under thirty Just
how much under he politely declines I
to say
Mr Bishop first knew him four years
ago as the engineer of one of tho
French governments dlrlglblo war
balloons Before that he Is said to
have been an aerial wire walker so
that ho came to be an aviator by de
grees Ho Is his own best mechanic
Inn but that Is natural as ho started
out as a mechanic and exchanged the
overalls for the spangled tights of the
wire performer
Big Program
II Aviation Camp Los Angeles Calif
Jan l2lllg white clouds threaten
ing rain and a wind that blow six
miles an hour and carried a chill
were features of tho opening ot Pas
adena day at aviation camp when the
crowds began to assemble Tho
I weather bureau promised rain and
tho promise seemed about to be ful
I filled but there was fno lack of en
thusiasm either on the part of tho
people who came to see the expected
I record breaking flights or on the part
of the aviators who sniffed the
I breeze and scanned tho sky and then
i returned to the task of preparing the
machines i
The program for Pasadena day
promises great things and Paulhan
I and CurtlBfl both promised greater
things Hamilton and Wlllard also
I agreed to go aftor a record or two j
and MIscarol and l1LS SOIl talked in
I French to each other < kilo thoy kept
one eye on the sky ajid the other on
their Bloriot machines Harmon tht
I amateur contented himself with walk
I Ing around his now jfiachlno and fro
nuontly seating himself in It and
I working a lover or two
I Hours before any flights could bo
expected the electric cars from Los
I Angeles were disgorging and the saw
dust path to tho grandstand was tined
i ed with pilgrims to tho air tourna
I mont i
I The thrills of Paujhans flight of
I yesterday when he rose nearly a mile
to the evening sky had not died away
i and the attendance promised to
eclipse the three previous days of the
RecordBreaking Crowd
Tho aviation field where the eyes
of tho world are turned In expectation
of greater marvels than the meets of
the old world have sh pwn lay a fair
meadow in the morning sunlight Only
p monoplane Jumping in the far end
like a huge grass hopper disturbed
the slience
I Over the field the white clouds
whispered together as if in a consplr
I ncy to blow a little and see what tho
sputtering creations of wood and silk
I and steel would do In the face of their
frolic or anger
A huge vulture came out from tho
black mountain crags tothe east and
hung over the courac ln silent chal
lenge to tho men bind as If In
answer the GIllDogch biplane No
10 a Baltimore entry on which great
hopes of American honors hung left
tho ground
Tho machine after testing out Its
engines in a brief flight dropped
gracefully It Is expected to make A
formal flight later In the day
French Jubilant
In the Frenchmans headquarters
all was Jubilation They hope that
Paulhan will carry away all the bIg
prizes of the meet
Curtiss showed his sportsmanlike
spirit in talking Partlhaas feat He
expressed pleasure that the record was
made In America and said
The credit for a flight such as
Paulhan made belongs entirely to tho
aviator and It Is an evidence of his
daring skill and confidence
Curtics Reticent
Reticence reigned as usual in Our
tlss tent over his program but there
was a well defined feeling that hs
would try some great things today to
take from France for America a por
tion of the glory that is awaiting her
He must do something soon say
tho gossips The meet has been
brought Into definite shape now A
big black board on the Held given
each official event Megaphone men
announce it to the grandstand Thu
Judges require an announcement from
the aviators before each attempt at
speed height and endurance records
j Each aviator who does not fLy around
II the course at least once a day is pen
alized five per cent of his best time
I The local aviators tinkered with
their machines In their open air shops
I expecting to make trial nights today
These machines have not been tried
and accidents have been carefully
guarded against Sheriffs on horse
back remained near the machines
ready to dash for the ambulance If
To Enact Taffs Idea
of Incorporations
Into Law
Washington Jan 13Now that the
main features of the bill to be recom
mended by the President providing
for a federal Incorporation act have
become known there Is a disposition
1 on the part of many members of con
gress to Insist not only upon a full
discussion of the measure but upon
amendments which in their Judgment
I will bo necessary to make It effective
In dealing with great corporations In
II deed it Is believed that nothing short
of tremendous administration influ
ence will enact It Into law
I The need of a forfeiture clause
which a corporation persistently vio
lating the law can have Its charter re
voked Is declared to bo absolutely
necessary If corporations are to bo
effectively controlled
Many congressional lawyers advo
cate compulsory Instead of voluntary
federal Incorporation They cite as
sound the great principle that If con
I Teas has constitutional power to
grant voluntary charters to corpora
tions doing an Interstate business it
has power to require corporations do
Ing such business to make a federal
incorporation just as it has power to
require them to comply with Its lawn
regulating interstate commerce
Among the questions that will come
up for consideration is that relating
to the effect of federal Incorporation
upon the right of states to control and
to tax tho property of such enter
Some members of congress will
wish to have the rights of tho states
clearly defined In respect to such mat
ters as regulations for sanitation and
factory inspection They will alHO
wish to reserve to tho states their
right to tax such property after tho
corporation has assumed Its federal
charter Some of them will wish if
possible to separate the state from
interstate business so that the states
may still have power to control In ro
pect to business conducted by the cor
poration solely within the state
Can Be Seen Lashed to
the Rigging of
a Ship
Marshfleld Ore Jan 13 After an
allnight vigil tho patrols who had
spent the night pacing the beach and j
scanning tho waters for possible sur
vivors of the wrecked steamer Czar j
Ina wore rewarded at daylight by tho I
sight of half a dozen men lashed to I
the rigging of the only remaining
mast of the vessel
At first it was Impossible even to
hazard a guess at the identity of the
little group but as the daylght be
came clearer field glasses were
brought to bear on the survivors and i
tho Impression has gained ground that I
they are Captain Duggan j
Mlllis son of C J Mlllls agent for
the Southern Pacific company which
operated the steamers Marshfield and
San Francisco First Officer James i
Hughes Purser B F Hodges and two
other men
Two survivors reached the shoro
during the night First Engineer K H
Kentzell and Second Assistant Engi
neer J E Robinson both of whom
are In a serious condition as a result I
of their terrible experience
If the six men on board are saved
tho death roll probably will reach
twenty four as there were thirtytwo
persons on board
Terrific sens which are running to
day make It impossible for the life
crews to approach the vessel close i
enough to bo of any assistance but
It Is expected that later in the day
the lifesavers will make a desperate I
effort to get a lino oer the steamer I
Two of tho six survivors oa board
the Czarina have dropped Into the
sea and another of the four remaining I
men appears to be dead
Denver Jan 13rhc National
Livestock association at Its final ses
sion today ovejrwhclmingly declared
in favor of federal control of the open
range In spite of the protests of the
Colorado delegates that federal con
trol and a lease law benefited the big
I catle companies at the expense of the
small stockman the resolution com
mending the administration 01 Gifford
Pln hot and advocating a range lease
law under federal control was adopt
ed The discussion led to bitter per
sonalities between VicePresident
Murdo MacKenzie and E M Ammons
of Littleton Colo
Resolutions condemning the Payne
tariff law advocating the Increase of
power of the Interstate Commerce
commission and the fixing of a mini
mum speed limit fur stock trains wore
also adopted as were resolutions on
tho death of Senator W A Harris of
Kansas and Mortimer Levering of In
President Jastro of Bakersfield
Cal First Vice President Murdo Mac
Kenzlc of Trinidad Colo and Second
Vice President Joseph Carey of Chey
enne were reelectd
Fort Worth was selected as the
next place of meeting
New York Jan ltTho body of
D 0 Mills who died on January 11 at
MJllbrac Calif has reached New
York In charge of Mrs Whitelaw Held
I Mills Tbo funeral will
i and Ogden
j church tomorrow
I bo hold from St Thomas
morrow morning
J Plorpont Morgan Cornelius Van
derbllt Chauncoy M Dopew Joseph
H Chonte and Cornelius N Bliss will
attend the funeral as representatives
of the New York chamber of commerce I
Toklo Jan 13Thc emperor gave
an audience today to Rev Francis E
Clark of Boston founder of tho United
Society of Christian Endeavor who I
was presented by Ambassador OBrien
Dr Clark has as the distinction of be
ing the first person to he received by
the emperor because of his promt1
neuce In Christian work I
f 1
Ray lamphere When Dying Disclosed the
Horrors of the Farm Douse of Mrs Gun =
ness = = Woman Herself Last Victim
SL Louis Jan 13 Ray Lamphore
who died recently In the Indiana pen
itentiary at Michigan City while serv
ing a lifo term for complicity in the
murders on the farm of Mrs Bella
Gunness near LaPorto Ind did not
carry tho secrets of the Gunness char
nol farm to the tomb with him ac
cording to a copyrighted story In the
PostDispatch today When he believ
ed death was near ho confessed
Tho confession was made to the
Rev Dr E A Scholl formerly pastor
of the Lnporte Methodist church
now president of the Iowa Wesleyan
University at Mount Pleasant Iowa
and held by him Inviolate as a secret
of tho confessional Tho PostDispatch
says Dr Scholl would verify if he
would consent to break tho silence
tho confession it publishes The Post
patch however says the confession
wns made to a man of unassailable
Lamphere according to tho confes
sion had a guilty knowledge of the
murder of three men in tho Gunness
homo during tho time he lived there
about eight months in 1907 and he
assisted Mrs Gunness In disposing of
the bodies of three men
He said ho thought he had not re
ceived as much of the profits of the
transaction as ho considered himself
entitled to and ho went to the farm
house at night with a woman chloro
formed Mrs Gunness her three chil
dren and Jennie Olsen He and the
woman searched the house finding be
tween 60 and 70
The light they used was a candle
and they loft tho house without know
ing they had left behind a spark that
soon burst Into flames
Mrs Gunness method of murdering
her victims was first to chloroform
them as they slept if tho drug did not
itself kill to sever the heads with
an ax
Each time a man was to be mur
dared according to Lamphero she sent
him to purchase chloroform Lam
phere said he saw one ot the meu
killed and aided in burying all three
These men were Andrew Helgeleln
and probably Ole Budsberg and Ton
nes Peterson Ller Helgeleln Lam
phero thought was the third husband
of Mrs Gunness
At the time of the Lamphere trial
It was thought Jennie Olsen had been
killed by Mrs Gunness Lamphore
however details how Mrs Gunness
had secreted her in the house after
she returned from a visit and she was
chloroformed by Lamphere and his
Mrs Gunness Informed Lamphore
of the coming of her victims The
first man to bo killed was from Min
nesota He never awoke from his
sleep in the Gunness iteiiB In the
darkness Lamphere was ordered by
Mrs Gunness to drop a gunnysack and
1 Its contents In a hole that had boen
I made by another farm hand for rub
bish Mrs Gunnoss never told him
what became of tho man but Lamp
I here received money from Mrs Gun
ness Within a month another man ar
rived He wanted to know his rights
before paying off the mortgage on the
Ouunets farm and Mrs Qunness took
him to SL Joseph Michigan Lamp
hero thought where theo wore mar I
ried A few nights after they came
back there was another burying
Lamphere received money once
more from Mrs Gunness and he said
he became the trusted ally of Mrs
Then Andrew Helgclcin came from
South Dakota with a check for 2
S9320 This was CAShed and He
I geleln was given to understand he was
nothing more than a farm hand Lamp
here was sent on an errand to Mich
igan City to remain all night He re
I turned to the Gunness home and
I through a hole in tho noor heard Hel
I gelein groan In distress He was beg
ging Mrs Gunness to send for a doc
tor It was chloral she had given
Helgclcin according to Lamphen
Presently Holgeloln fall to thc floor
and Lnmphoro said ho saw Mrs Gun
ness strike the prostrate form and end
the mans life
Lamphere tho following night bur
led this body with Mrs Gunness as
sistance Shortly after Mrs Guuness
and Lamphere quarreled over money
md he was ordered off tho farm She
put her money in the bank the after
noon before Lamphore seeking mon
ey chloroformed all in the house
robbed and set fire to the place
Lamphere said ho wan drunk the
night ho visited tho place He thought
ho would find 1500
Lomphero said tho chloroform he
used woo a part of tho quantities ho
bought for Mrs Gunnets
Lamphcro did not desire the death
of the GunuesK children and Jennie
Olson His first question when ho was
arrested on suspicion of having set
Ire to the house vas whether the chil
dren had escaped Ho did not even
Intend to kill Mrs Gunness
Although ho confessed to greater
crimes ho did not admit that he In
tentionally started tho fire in which
Mrs Gunness and tho children per
Onco he was willing to enter a for
mal plea of pullto to that charge in
the hope of leniency but when ho
learned that In the confession of ars
on would be Involved a confession of
murdering tho family he refused
Denver Coin Jan 13 The resolu
tion presented to the National Live
stock association yesterday endors
ing the Plnchot administration of the I
forest service and urging federal con
trol of range lands met with fitter
opposition from the Colorado dele
gates today
The Colorado delegates declare they
see In the resolution an attempt by
the larger cattle companies to secure
grazing land at a merely nominal
figure thus replacing range land own
ed by them but now grown too valu
able for grazing purposes
It Is probable that President H A r
Jastrow and tho other officers of the I
association will bo reelected I
Tho selection of the place of meet C
ing In 1911 promises to be a close
fight between Fort Worth Texas
and Denver I
t A ID 1 A bm i
rtl ri 1 I V I
fS EAR i 1
Roosevelt is Referred to I
as the Late La
Washington Jan 13 Politics in I I
chiding Democratic references to for t
mor President Roosevelt as the Into
lamented and the absent ono was 1
Injected Into a debate in the house to
day on a resolution which was adopt
ed providing for tho destruction of a I
thousand tons of worthless public t
documents y t 1 1
Mr Fitzgerald of New York declar y i
ed that In the million or more pamph 1
lets woro approximately 19000 copies r
of messages of former President
Roosevelt Documents Mr Fitz
gerald said that arc both illuminat
ing and precious and were highly
prized but a short time ago They
are messages of one who though now
absent can never bo forgotten in this
august assemblage
Reply to a suggestion that thero
were many copies of President Clove i
lands messages still undisturbed Mr
Fitzgerald sold ho supposed that at I
some time the Democrats moat have t
entertained the santo sincere affec
tion for Mr Cleveland as the Re 1
publicans entertained for the absent f I
lamented President whoso presence In I
Africa Is so pleasing and his return
so much feared I
endors r
Chicago Jan 13 Vincent Altmnn
who is on trial here for the throwing I j
of bomb 31 which partly wrecked 1
the central exchange of tho telephone r
company June 27 1909 told Bruno t I
Verra he was going to throw it ac l
cording to testimony given by the lat k l
ter today Terra Is tho chief witness 1
for the state and the man who told r
the police Altman had thrown the I
bomb Verra testified ho knew the t I
bomb was to be exploded two weeks
before it was thrown
Altman came to me two weeks be 1
fore the explosion testified Verra I
He said he had been hired to throw f
three bombs into conduits belonging
to the Chicago Telephone company 1 1
He said he would get 100 for each I
and offered mo half If I would help
himAltman was an agent for the Car
jontora union
Kalamazoo Mich Jan 13MLss I I
Luclno Goodenow daughter of Mr I
and Mrs George L Goodonow was
last night married to Kolhl Inukn a
Japanese artist of Chicago
O 0
o Lincoln Neb Jan 13 The 0
O Nebraska Insurgents hare se 0
O lected January 20th a A the date 0
o for tho state rally
o Resolutions praltdnjf the roc 0
o ord of tho Nebraska inaur 0
o gents in congress will too pass O
o cd it is stated A candidate 0
o will also be endorsed to op 0
O pose Senator E J Burkett for 0
O O reelection O
O 0
0 0
o MillBbrook N Y Jan 13 0
o Sarah Drawer a name mold
o employed by Mr and fmO
of thin place
0 Barnes Compton
I 0 was strangled to death this 0
morning by burglars who rob O
mansion of 0
1 bed tho Compton
Jewelry valued at 410000 0 0 i

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