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HH +
Marxian Club Socialists
+ x
c Any question concornlng Social Editorial Committee +
II ism answered Address all com KATE S MILLIARD X
t munlcatlono to K S HllllarJ E A DATTELL
r 436 Horrlck Avenue ROY E SOUTHWICK E
1WWtts ItI44HHHii + H + HJ +
Slowly but surejy the fundamental
l locnlno of Socialism Is permeating
t the brains of the people and It was a
matter of astonishment and pleasure
to hear some of the ropreapntntlvu
men of the Wool Growers associa
tion gravely stale that the profit
system was to blame for the oIls
that exist
It Is barely possible that lie would
follow his statement to Its logical
conclusion but the Idea is there and
will grow a sprout and ripen and
the end take root somewhere The
following speaks for the above It Is
taken from Mr Bcarupps speech at
the convention
You shepherds of the United States
you men of peace It is well that you
have met In Ogden n place well awny
and high up above tho war centers
for there are places when life is
counted cheap where under ground
and above It lives arc snuffed out
by the hundreds at a time and Uic
harvest of death never ceasos
Profit System to Blame
I urn going to make the charge that
nil these horrible things are charge
able to the profit system to the
things that make it possible for men
to get something for nothing to take
from others more than a fair labor
I Those thIngs are the direct and In
direct ownership of great power ma
chines called manufacturing ma
I chinery upon which you are all de
pendent for food shelter and cloth
Captains of Industry Fight for
Profits While the Workers
I Go IllClad
There stands the auctioneer in his
rostrum grave unemotional
Seated on a gallery fronting him
are the buyers each at his own desk
Young men old men bearded men
cleanshaven men thin men fat men
dark men fair men men of nearly
every aspect under heaven but all
with the one characteristic In common
eyes that spring bids At the aucti
oneer with a lightning flash
Thore ranged behind them sit the
clerks with pens traveling rapidly over
er paper
In various parts of the room cards
are hanging up proclaiming the stern
injunction Silence
What can it mean Silence
Why the place is a pandemonium
You stand amazed halfparalysed at
the hubbub thai crashes upon your
The labors are all talking at once
No not talking screaming shrieking
I yelling bellowing roaring the veins
of their necks swelling out with the
terrific agitation of their ocnl 01
I gnna
And their actions arc suited to the
I pounds They jump to their feet they
gesticulate wildly fiercely madly
arms flung out with imploring or
I threatening motions towards the im
porturable auctioneer muttering al
most Inaudible so that his words have
to be half guessed by the movement
of his lips 12 11 12 13 11 I
Babel was surely a quiet suburban
retreat compared with this Such a
hideous din could never have been
hoard before outside tho Plutonian re
gions Have these men gone mad all
at ouco dancing and howling like
demons let loose from their
A sudden silence so sudden that it
hits you like a blow The mallet has
fallen with an all but Imperceptible
lap and tho stolid auctioneer has
passed on to the next lot
So It goes on through a long cata
logue siroccos of fury separated by
brief spaces of silence that arc mere
ly palnlnl lulls in a series of storms
You see here what men will become
when there III profit to be made They
will get right back to the wildbeast
stage and toss away from them all
the humanizing impediments of civil
ization They will trample over one
I I another in every way but In actual
fact and in that way too if it were
likely to give him the bid or Impress
that modern descendant of Thor who
rules this world of theirs with a ham
What a history what an epitome of
human life it would be could you fol
low thU wool In Its travels and learn
Its dustiry
l You would see it taken to tho mills
to be woven into raiment You would
see it made into superfine clothes for
T tho rich for tho proud paupers who
live upon tho labors of other people
and count their dependence nobIlity
You would see It transformed iito
dainty garments for fashionable wo
men and warm coals for their pet
dogs And you would see that for
millions of halfnaked creatures there
will be not a unreel of this wool to
cover their shivering forms
The bitter cry of the illclad poor
iteofi from the cold countries of the
I earth
But In the Insano noise of shouting
at the wool sales in this maelstrom
of mercenary passion all sounds of
humanity arc drowned burled deep
er than tile river that flows so placid
ly and heedlessly outside the window
About once in every so often some
ono comes along and administers a
few whiffs of oxygen to the Social
ism Is the philosophy of failure
mummy and sends It out Into the
arena to do battle with the greatest
growing movement in the world to
If Yale continually beat Harvard
at football runs a recent re
crudoacMico of the old argument rand
Harvard should apply for a change In
tho rules of the game as It was
played we should Justifiably hold that
Harvards failure to win was the mo
tive of Its seeking to change the rules
So in the case of Socialism With
everybody successful there would be I
no Socialist movement
Nothing is truer than that state I
ment as it stands nothing Is moro
false than the Implication attempted I
to be read into It
With exorybody successful there
would ho no Socialist movement Of
COMTBO Without any chattel slaves
I there would have been no Abolition
movement Without any oppression I
by King George there would have been
no American Revolutionary move
ment With everyone enjoying eco
nomic Independence good wages com
fortable homes security for the future
and ample leisure for selfImprove
ment what less than this can bo
called success naturally there
would be no Soclallut movement But
t era Is Just the rub Our present
economic structure Is so framed up
that everybody cannot be successful
For a few to be successful a vast
number must be kept under And
hence comeR the Justice and necessity
Again with a free field and oppor
tunities equal failure may be a dis
grace But with a field obstructed by
entrenched might and opportunities
preempted by those in possession
failure becomes not n disgrace hut
the inevitable state of all those not
on the Inside track Today the vast
majority of us come Into the world
handicapped Proporty less and capi
talless we art1 also powerless against
those who have already usurped to
themselves tho tools we need to live
by Under such conditions failure
loses its shame the charge of fail
ure Its opprobrium Under such
conditions the charge that Socialism
is the philosophy of failuie is not a
point against It but rather the strong
eat point in its favor Tlmt philoso
phy has a world to conquer
Furthermore the simile of the foot
ball game is absurdly beside the
question Football Is not a matter of
compulsion Nono need tread the grid
iron unless he so elects He has full
and free choice either to play lie
game as It Is or leave it alone How
is it though with tho gamo of the
struggle for life Here ono may not
take it or leave it us he pleases
With all Its iniquities with all its
injustices whatsoever It is forced
upon him and he must play What
better right can there he then than
his to demand that Its rules be
framed so as to give him his equal
Socialism the philosophy of fail
ure So Is tho desire for a drink
the philosophy of thirst and the
desire for a fire the philosophy of
being cold And as thirst cannot be
stilled save by a drink nor cold dis
pelled save by a fire so can the neces
sity of failure for the many in or
der to afford success to the few
never be abolished except by Social
i Ism While its opponents worry Its
flanks with oots of failure that
I movement marches on to success
I Miss Anne Morgan daughter of T
i Pierpont Morgan has joined the
I Womans Shirt Waist union How
I kind of her indeed Miss Morgan is
i not under the lash of the capitalist
I exploiter therefore she can derive
I no benefits from the union
Tho working class can lake care of
itself and needs no help from a
charity worker and the daughter of a
big capitalist
Stop exiloiuiUou of human la
bor power and them will be no need
of charity Charity organizations
show that the exploitation of the
worker Is unbearable and that they
are not making a living wage
Lotting Miss Morgan into the Wom
ans Shirt Waist union shows the
pure and simple character of the
trades unions and Miss Morgan is in
the Womans Chic federation an
other pet organization of the capital
ist to keep the workers In subjection
Workers of Ihe world do not accept
charity from the capitalist class but
take possession of the means by
which you make your living and
there will be no need of charity
The militant workers must educate
and organize their fellow workers
on a revolutionary basis to do away
with capitalism and stop tho exploit
atioji of man HOWARD HALL
Lo the fight is theirs not ours so
the selfish say
They can bear the bent aud burden
of the battle day
They can starve aud they can suf
fer who would say them nay
God forbid that we should speak so
God forbid that we should bend
Knee to Baal or knee to Mammon for
some selfish end
I Or turn back upon a brother or be I
I tiny n friend
Theirs the fight Methlnks tis ours
I ours their loss and gain
Think for us and for our children
I all their battle pain
Woe to us and them my brothers
If they fight in vain
Here or there the battle rages where
it matters not
What affects one Labor squadron
must affect tho lot
TIs the Cause the Cause that mat
ters not the fighting spnl
You and f must do our portion they
are In the fight
In the foreranks and the danger fac
ing all who smite
You and 1 I know you brother
will not flee the right
Lo tho fight Is theirs and ours
this is Labors cry
While our comrades need our succor
stand we heedless by
No ten thousand hearts have
spoken No Is their reply
Brisbane Worker
Ts it such an uncommon thing for
a woman to put aside
her sorrow or
pain to attend to her duty that It
needs to be heralded abroad Do
iou claim that loyally to tho cause
of tcmpoianco alone cultivates that
virtue It was only a few weeks
ago that a performer in one of tho
Orphcum skits received a telegram
of Ijpr mothers death but she went
on with her work Just tho same her
heart no doubt full of grief for the
dear mother Instances like this an >
many in the live of public woikers
whether they va lecturers actors or
I vaudeville performers it cannot be
claimed that any one cause produces
this heroism It Is the loyalty to
duty that is tho instigator whether
it be a temperance lecturer or a hum
ble little vaudeville girl When duty
culls and is obeyed at a sacrifice to
the feeings it Is In response to the
responsibility that IB felt for the work
to be done
XootfH Hi + + + HHtH + l
I +
X +
I t t t + f I t t
One of the principal causes that
militates against civic righteousness
health nnd prospeiity both municipal
and national Is Bocaliod moderate
drinking Tho torm cannot be used
in a scientific or practical sense
There is no law making tho use of
alcohol as a beverage safe The fal
lacy that ono may remain a mod
erate drinker hat ho has the situ
ation In his own hands Is tho comfort
of the average moderate drinker
aud the ruin of many Habitual drink
ers were once moderate drinkers The
habit starts from the first glass
Under no consideration Is tho habit
ual moderate use of alcohol safe and
the physician who recommends It has
advised the first step toward physical
mental and moral degeneracy
Moderate drinkers are more liable
to disease than total abstainers and
are regarded as an inferior risk by
underwriters for Insurance Their
children are subject to nervous dis
eases with a special tendency to In
ebrlet The mother who habitually
uses alcohol though in moderation
may give her child an alcoholic ten
dency or physical defect Epilepsy
Insanity Idiocy imbecility degener
acy weak vitality and short life mark
the track of the hereditary alcoholic
degenerate the starting point in his
career being the socallod moderate I
I use of alcohol by n paroril who prid
ed himself on never having been
drunk There Is only one way In
which we can prevent Use moderate
drinker from becoming an habitual
user of strong drink and that Is to
ouch not taste not handle not tho
accursed thing for scientific experi
ment has proved that the use of al
cohol even In moderato quantities
will affect the higher nerve centers
and produce permanent tissue
changes Therefore we recommend
that tho term moderate use of alco
hol be excluded from our nomencla
ture as indefinite misleading unsafe
unscientific and impracticable
Let me refer to tho family bottle
or private flask kept or carried for
emergencies Probably If thore were
fewer emergency bottles hero would
be fewer emergencies Men who car
ry a whisky flask have emergencies
quito frequently and the mere sight
of tho family bottle will sometimes
create an emergency
Let us not tolerate a poison In
our homed as a remedial agent or a
ciUnary necessity for happily we be
lieve tho time now Is when they are
considered nonessential and we know
that a man ennlf he will maintain
his social position and taste not
The example of the respectable
moderate drinker on the young and
Inexperienced Is far more serious and
wide reaching than the exaggerated
forms of drunkenness that presents
the victim of the liquor habit in all
Its hideous cspect and deformity
for the moderate drinker presents
the habit in the garb of respectlblllty
and safety the sot the terrible and da
basing effects of alcohol in physical
degeneration He Is an example of
the fact Ilia the habitual moderate
drinker Is the predecessor of tho Im
moderate drinker or drunkard
t J Lcl 1a r ro
I Eave received the sub Gine
To Our Friends and Patrons
Tho California Winery doesnt make a practice of tooting Its
own horn very much and thciefore asks your Indulgence for send
Ing ho following short Item of news that came to us a few days ago
I by telegraph from Seattle from The Alaska Yukon Exposition
California Winery awarded gold medals for seven of Us wines r
above all other California mreUlionCordoa Sauterne Clarot
Zlnfandol Burgundy Port Sherry and Angelica Silver medal for
This Is Indeed good and gratifying news to UB anti will be itch
corned too by our many friends and patrons It Is all the more sat
IsfilnR because we were not aware tho vrines were bolus Judged
i and oven at thin wrltinp do not know who the Judges were We be
lieve therefore that true merit must surely hao provoked tho
awards to Cordova tlio Wine Of Quality J
Very truly yours CALIFORNIA WINERY
I j E M SHEEHAN VlcePrcs and Gen Mngr
T i s wra t
t tJJ = LI
i 9 t r
ti ir
A 1I
a4 yp 4i1
L ii h t cj
1c ° tf I1
They are beautifully THE GILBERT
designed and In ap o SPARE TIRE ous
pearance utility and 9
adaptability surpass t m t e +
anything In this line k
ever brought out l
Above not No 775 con 0
sists of two adjustable
arm plocoa with sock
ets and ono running
board piece for hold
Ing one tire
li Inlntubtil aud Uioulil loor
I about da oriltrlul
IMARVELVhlrling Spray
T iO BEVT V n ln l rjrWc
llrtl Modcoinrn
lent U
AIK jonrdrnjctdforlt
If bo cannot tupplf tbo
il A U V E L accept no
other but wna Bin TIP for
maitmcd book 4lcit It frtTM
441oil ItIC
TJio BLs O for ancIlQrsl
1 1 14 1 dibirgu1nflmua1ioQ
flILI4 irrlutlooi or ulCMttlcnc
tuLII of mncont Dimbraoci
a rrti u c uc4 Ptlaleii onJ not sunS
O flTMtEVMSCHtHttALCO gent or polwoom
CInmNtT1O acid b
rs or uS1 In pliln tfrnpter
br eiprtti prepaid for
tlOO or 5 bottlct 27J
b Circular a < nt en rcijOKn
Ho 4iys he would like to meet the
vonrm that can beat his wife cook
ngI suppose he would elope with
hcrllouston Post
Valuable Hand Book on
PATENTS httTOnddcil tlOaO000CCO to Uioirealtb
of tbo UulUJ btatn lucy havo laid Ibo bojls
of rcany eoloual fortunes Our tcrvlccJ nro entirely
rroferjlotialt our opinions os to iialontoblllty nra
entirely nnbtajc < j and mauy thousands Of InYcntora
can thank ua for bouoslndvlco wlilch has proTCWcl
rlltllN > olntnCUL and 10s of monorwucro tbero 1IU
no prtwport of ooccws It you lab tho oarrlws of
nttornora of tho blcliuJt atandlDC bftrlnx tho laX
gCt pntont practice In tbo world consult us person
ally without orp njo or obligation or irrlto us
Patents secured throneU 11 U N N k OO
receive a apcclrU notice Free In tho
The Lcndinc Journal of lu Claw In tho World
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I Hand Book OD PaltnU FREE
I MUNN CO Attorneys
Rnach Office i 625 F St Wsikingtcai DC
A Suburban Cottage for 233O
gjaM Ti1
= T rrl
bED 2c4t 7x74 KiTCH
O > l2 iOxiZ
bED oo bED P001 N
iG4xj4 1LJG a Iitd2 Lcl4J OIIZ llzxt4
The style of this house will appeal to the prospective home builder as it is a splendid
example ofa modern cottage at a reasonable cost It is uptodate in all appointments and
the exterior is of bright appearance and in good taste
The first floor contains a reception hall library dining room pantry and kitchen to
gether vth spacious porches at front and rear of building In the reception hall there is i
an open fireplace
On I lie second floor there arc throe good sized bed rooms all equipped with ample
closets The hall contains a linen closet The large well ventilated hath room is a feature
of this house having three large windows two on side of the house glazed with n beautiful
leaded slass that adds to he iirlrnctivencss as viewed from the outside
PhI first story is of shingles stained a dark brown or green the second floor being
rough roatrl viMi cement plasor and all exprior wood work should he painted colonial
cream Story heights are Collar 7 feet first floor 9 feet second floor 8 feet 0 inches
Below is given the itemized cost of construction
Excavating 110 Lumber 400 Hot Air Heating 7
Stonework 125 Painting and Glazing 250
I Range JO
Carpentry 510 Plumbing etc 175
Millwork 310 j Plastering 150
Hardware 00 Brickwork 100 Total JJ52330
xcatlnrOo to Me per cubic yard
Stone J2CO to i Z 25 PCI percn
Brlcfc M 00 Per thMi > an < 1
Jot Mutlrilni mj nevy framing
timbert > o > er thousand feet
IloiKlv 1 jer thousand fool
6hoaliiriKJ I W let thousand feet
AVhltu pins ueathtr boarding 1200
per tliounuiiil tttl
Plastering two coat work 25c per
square > ard
Shingles JSM to 1000 per thousand
llrlcklayi wu rc irc to COc por hour
Carpenters wo 54Ze to 7c per
Laborers WSgCF5mO to 11i5 per iliy
Stone mn ona42 PO to J3 ff1 per lay
Interior doom run ltJUtS 00 oieh
Fran < 1 > f riih SevoIeJ ilitu glass
tODIIdoC encli
Windows complete 7 00 each
u = 6a
Washboards J45 00 per thousand foot
I Window and door trimsSOc per fool
Porchea Cost from 300 to S1l1il per
run of fool
IIRrdwarcfJiOO to 125CX according
lo design
Painting and glazing for an ordinary
6room hduse S7SOQ to 310000
Hot air hi > atlns 100 M to 1230
Hot waicr heating 2COOO to 32500
Tin work About He per mtmro foot
Rain water conductor ISc per foot
Water closets low down tank 1250
Wash basin enamelled Iron 1000
Hath tub enamelled Iron 2000
Kitchen sink ernmellcd Iron500
RansoJlOOO to IJo
Cement work lOc pur square foot
Gas and Plumbers piping of an ordi
nary 6ri cm house JWW to 12500
= > = = Ld
dkr4s I
W j >
4Eccyj > J
f t I
J 1fALh t
I f f
4 j 0
Don i Buy a Doped Horse
and dont let yourself be swindled by a
crooked horse dealer on any of the score
of tricks he has up his sleeve
The gyp is abroad in the land Every day
buyers of horses are shamefully Reeced DONT
protect yourself in buying selling or trading Get
the sensational new book
C I 4orse Secrets
by Dr A S Alexander and make yourself horsewise
and crookproof
Learn how C bishoping is done how a heaver
is cc shut a roarer plugged how lameness spavins
and sweeny are temporarily hiddenthe burglar dodge
the horsehair trickcocaine and gasoline dopingthe
ginger trickthe loose shoe trickin short how to beat
ALL the games of crooked auctioneers and dealers
It is all in the H Horse Secrets book and
m if you ever buy or sell a
horse you need just this knowledge to protect yourself from being swindled
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A WORD ABOUT THE FARM JOURNAL Til li She lortrwit turn und bCitc aoaMr In ihe woild
53 yesr old 610000 tubicilttri Itcta M lne to California Cheetiol qoilo ec cr Incenielr prictlcil well
printed tod illumatcd t > for cterybcdy town illace luborbi or cojnirr ann wcescn top clrhrbc
whole fttallr abtolulely clun lId pure 24 to CO pjce maolblj Wc rccocuntnj It abjololclr to ererr rcac1
el bit IllelOIl will Sod It unlike ant ether In the world
OUR OFFER f O SW Standard U 1 yrr h 1 All 3 fer 22 5
Wo cruinol ncll H cloths Combination
iif f ot t1 r i it t l
Want Ads Bring Big Results
Electric wiring SOOO lo JCOM
AVull papering and lighting nxtllr
are xeldom Included as this in Konei 1
done by ihu owner at the comolotlni lOr
the building and at his leisure
Tho method of calculation for the In
proximate cost of a frama house Is 11
Multiply the width of the front i tu
foot by tho length of tho building l
feut omitting porches by the dlauir 1
from cellar floor to the center of n 1
roof In height This canals the o
cal contents of tin bulldlnc w i
should bo multiplied by Iftc to 12
which will equal the approximate o l
oC a frame building complete
CLVDIJ 3 ADAMS Architect
Absolutely tho Dost Buttoned
Tire Case on the Market Water
proof gloveflttlnR and extremely
handaomo In appearance easy to
put on or take off
Black enameled duck sizes 28 to
3C 3CO 37 to 42 flOO
Black Fabric Leather alzeo 28 to
36 460 = 37 to 42 500
To hold back your live stock when
they see HOmo of our hay and grain
In sight Let us send you an order
and convince you
352 Twenttourth St
y aIL C > y
522 25th St
Meals game price as Broom RomP
iaurnnt Speclil Dinner 25e
Lunch from 11 to 4 p m
Dinner from 4 to 3 p m
LEE FOON 8 TOM Managers

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