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The Ogden standard. [volume] (Ogden City, Utah) 1902-1910, January 15, 1910, Part Two, Image 13

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CopjriKbt 1010 bj the > W York IlrrAM Co All niicHts nccrrrt 1
I OM13 eleven miles from the railroad at Port
S Jervls and two miles from the little town of
Milford Pn the Yule Forest School has
Iillclicd Its cnmp Here for fen healthy out
door weeks those who according to a camp
fire song
Wont to bo a forester
And worn for Glfford P
Assemble from the snows of Oregon to the sunshine
of California to receive their Ilrst Instruction In the
profession of forestry
The camp Is situated on a high plateau which Is
port of the estate of Mr Gifford PIncliot Chief For
ester of the United States whose home Gray Towers
lies half n mile away across the gorge of the Sawklll
The camp proper has four simple one story build
Ings and stone cottage near Gray Towers In which
those who are inking the short
course have their
These buildings are the mess hall loofcu but
to the winds of heaven on the sides
with Its
panying kltchenjuulof
junior hall
where the
SUITo lng In
struments are kept and the lectures and recitations
In surveying held a small building which
contains the
olllcc of the director of the
Calli with
camp a small work
ing technical library and
supplies of calipers
o hypsomctcrs and other Instruments pertaining to the
I profusion of forestry and last but dearest to the
heart of the students the club
house a building with
one large room and an Immense
e fireplace the walls
hung with pictures of past classes and the colors of
I many colleges
The students live In army tents two to each canvas
covering pitched along the two streets Fifth avenue
and Broadway which extend from the Flatiron Build
tag a rather dndlalily white tent Into the woods back
of the club house The residences along these two
famous thoroughfares are furnished
with cots and
blankets washsLaud with washbowl two lint i
n table Luxury creeps In In the form of bookcases
Improvised from fragments of
packing boxes and a
straight limb swung from the ridge pole of the tent ou
I which n man any hang his other flannel shirt and
khaki trousers These two streets arc the healthiest
In the world and trade
never has and never will en
r croach on them
r On July 0 1000 when the school opened there
r E were forest fires burning on the hills In scvcrnl direc
r tions and n call for
volunteers to fight them was
Issued The wise ones put on heavy hobnailed boots
and left their coats behind the uninitiated suffered
for their Ignorance There can bo no more pitiful
sight than a man wearing his cont and smooth soled
shoes trying to carry two palls of water up the side
f of n hill made glacial with pine needles
Under the orders of the Instructors and some senior
students the fires were beaten out with hemlock
boughs dipped In pulls of water then tiny hut effective
fire trenches were dug and scientific back firing foiled
the hungry fiame with Its own weapons
Many a Sore Muscle
it When night came the fires were either out or under
control but there were sore mumlcs and blistered
hnrub galore The way beans and roast beef disap
peared In the moss hall however banished all fears
of Internal Injuries
The next day tho camp was formed Into two di
visions ouo of which
went Junior Hall where It was
given a short lecture on the fundamentals of survey
fug and then turned loose outdoors with tnpe plumb
bob and Instruments to put Into practice what It hsd
Just heard Tho other division assembled In the club
i house where it listened for an hour and n half to a
lecture ou mensuration They were told how by
measuring an arbitrary distance from the foot of n
tree setting up a stick with a notch In It at a given
distance from the ground and lying down nnd squint
tug across this notch till they got It In line with the
top of the tree they could find the length by the
l method of similar triangles
They diecovcred that cnllpcns were pimply n piece
t > f wood with one fixed and one sliding limb which
J laced ou the trunk of n tree showed Its diameter In
niches on the piece of wood along which the limb slid
i 1 ind that a hypsometer was an Instrument which gar
the height of trees In u more refined manner than the
T stick and notch method After some Information had
been furnished ns to the standard lengths Into which
togs are cut they were divided Into crows of three and
four and sent into the woods with a small map to
find how many logs might be cut from a certain area
There arc only three subjects In the regular curric
ulum of the summer school all very practical The
surveying 15 all field work the glcc work being f done
later In New Haven
meuHura lou which
covers the
4r kr uEE h or S + A K E B 0 0 K S r c
1 ol 1
I I I j
t1 1
1 < < if
t A A 1 iiJ I i
in 1e
F rN1PTh eJ < 4A 0 3
9 Mr Gifford Pinchots Pennsylvania Estate the
Training Ground for Students Who Seek to Solve
the Mysteries of Dendrology
estimating cruising and valuation of timber from
every point of view the study of log rules and vol
ume tables and ends with stem analysis by means of
which the age contents and rate of growth of Indi
vidual trees Is determined The timber Is all felled
trimmed and cut br the students themselves Den
drologj the thlid subject teaches the bclentlfio name
of every lice The students are taught by frequent
Hold expeditions to recognlc at sight by both scien
tific and common name more than II hundred differ
ent trees and Important shrubs Those who had not
studied geology and elementary botany In college
were given this year an opportunity to take these
subjects Saturday and
Wednesday afternoons us
extra courses
There Is n short course In forestry covering seven
weeks which Is open to tho c who have not n college
degree but the men who Intend
to make forestry a
profession and receive the degree of master of forestry
at the end of their course must
be graduates of n
college or technical school of recognized standing
The aim of the greater Irt of the
part men Is to go into
the government forestry service but lumbering pi I
ute and State forestry claim their quota The de
mand for men with u technical
training In
suits Increases each year anal fur exceeds the supply
The students arc drawn from nil over the United
States with an occasional stray from other countries
ns many as twcntynlnu different colleges being rep
resealed In one class For tho most
part the
men are
athlete the absence of letter or numeral on a sweater
the emblem of prowess nt football baseball or track
being rather the exception than otherwise Inage
they range from the recent college graduate In tire
twenties to the man nearing forty who has finally
succumbed to the call of the wild
The standard of scholarship Is very high It could
not be otherwise when each man Is doing exactly
what he inns chosen for his
life work There Is up
nonsense In the course It Is Intensely practical and
weaklings physical or mental find themselves quickly
by the wayside
Plenty of Good Play
Ono must not think however that It Is nil work
There Is good healthy piny and plenty of It 1 V
baseball team and a very good one at that plffjtf
the neighboring villages on the Wednesday and Sutur
day half holidays while the students encourage lticlr
champions with a cheer which Is an astounding compound >
pound of one of the Indian tongues and the pleasing
note of the hoot owl
Kick n lack kick a lack loodle kit Psi
Kick n lack kick n lack
lacks tootllerklc uyl
1 lOfahQol cnhool < <
n1 Wrest School Forest r n Schooll I
Yale Vnlc Yule r
17 rI Lf 3
The translation of the euphonious first part being
Gut away get away little yaller dog
There me two good homo made tennis courts on
which the championship of the camp Is decided and
numeious trout streams In the neighborhood and
all the treasures of the forest
In the rugged gorge through which the Sawklll
flows willing hands have built a dam hohind which
there rises a beautiful deep pool Just the spot for n
tired forester after a twenty mile hike through tho
By far the most individual and characteristic feat
ure of the school Is the campfire which takes place
every other week
Mr GIITord Plncliot dropped In between trains
early In the summer and was present at one of these
events No body of men ever listened to a lender
with deeper attention than that silent circle lit only
by the names of the fire as he spell of tho life before
them warningly encouragingly prophetically Ho
spoke us man to man and the earnest living words
far surpassed any flights of oratory
t A lay or two after his advent the following slogan
Aiming Into existence l
Mine eyes have been the cbjjildg Of the Saviour of
the tree
n Fgreat and glorious champion who set tho forests
HIs name shall go resounding over land and over sea
While Plnebotmnrehes on f
Glory glory conservation
Glory glory conservation
ctt Glory glory cl1wlrrutlon r t
v Three ibecrs for Glfford P
When there Is no one to address uQ campfire meet
hlC HIP Mirrtonls h their
furnish own programme A
quartet sings nn ode to the pitch pine In which Ir
defiance of its scientific classlflcntlon It Is charac
tcrled as a daisy and the audience Is further In
formed that
It certainly sUcks to me
n statement which they have ample opportunity to
prove correct Or tho whole assembly breaks Into the
following classic ditty
Oh underneath the hill there Is a little still
And the smoke goes curling to the sky
You can easily toll by the snlfile and the smell
Theres good liquor In the woods close by
It fills the air with fragrance rare
Thats only known to few
So pucker your lip and take a little sip
Of tho good old mountain dew
while the echoes of the astonished woods and rocks
of darkest Pennsylvania give back the last long
drawn out len nWn
At other times representatives from various col
leges arc called upon to tell of their alma mater And
last but by for tho most Interesting are the tales of
those who have been In the forests of this land and
One Mans Experience
There was one atria who started to run by cousins
the boundary line between ° two South American re
publics some years ago ills bearers descried him
food gave out water was only drinkable when taken
Scorn certain rind winch stored it up and when cut
released It drop by drop After wading through
swamps at times breast high for the bettor part or
t aro day s where the alligator made night hideous by
their belo vhtigs he cached do laud only to be in
= Jj
w f
> >
k S h t
T f I
Cty 1
formed that n revolution was taking place nnd that
bandits were lying In
wait ou his trail The story of
how ho avoided the bandits and the final quelling ot
the revolution Is an epic In Itself
A young Westerner had
spent the previous summer
with n surveying party which was running n line
through the heart of the KuKlux
country By chance
they stumbled on a store of the characteristic garments I
of these gentry hidden In a cave and which had evI I
dently been undisturbed for many years They
promptly appropriated them as souvenirs swearing
each other to secrecy nnd went their way i
Unfortunately n rodmnn looked on the local untaxed
liquor In its original virgin white strength and let
the secret out
Not many days afterward In the dend of night the I
surveying camp was visited
by a party of masked men
with large and businesslike
revolvers The
were driven from their tents their bags uncercmonl
ouiy dumped on tho ground and the KuKlux
ments recovered and burned They were then given a j
drink of moumnlu dew null warned to leave all such
finds alone In the future and not to mention the pres
ent incident on pain of very disagreeable solute
And you bet your life we didnt concluded the
narrator until we got good and plenty out of UK
There were tales Innumerable of the wild beast
of the wilderness of might trees great forests llret
and the devastating rush of winter avalanches t
It was all delightfully Informal The train lie arouid
the big fire on blankets the smoke of their pipes drift
Ing Into the darkness
Two miles down the bill and three mile back home
up the same bill lies Milford The Inbnbltauts can
never understand why the embryonic foresters pay
for doln work that they could get n dollar and a halt
a day for doin hut nevertheless they welcome them
to the hotel dnncos
The last campfire Is ladles night The club house
Is decorated with axes saws and calipers and spoils
of the forest contrasting with the bright colleg
colors on the walls Fair maidens and their escorts
sit around the campfire whllu the quartet sings Its
sweetest and the bold foresters look their boldest
There are no carriages and each man gallantly sees
the lady of his choice to her doorstep
When the ten weeks are up as happy and healthy
a set of men as there are In the United States leaves
for the two weeks vacation They have had a solid
practical experience on which to base the highly tech
nical work In New Haven At the end of September
they gather together In the City of Elms and continue
their Instruction half In the field half In the class
room until the spring
For the most part they then secure minor positions
In the government forestry service for the summer
teach or work with surveying or cruising parties and
coma back In the autumn to finish the course of
which they spend the last four months In the South
ern lumber woods
They are graduated after the two rear course with
both a practical and technical knowledge of forestry
In all Its branches and find an opening ready for
thorn in lumbering teaching private forestry or after
passing Mr Pinchots examinations a place Ju the
government forestry service
t < plIB old order changes all right said the white
TIIEOh1 bookkeeper taking a tray from a pile in
one of the Help yourself quick lunch plnccs
and passing down the counter Its changed bo blame
much that nowadays you dontglvc any order at all
Io been buying lunches down town for thirty i
years he went on as he settled himself at a table 1
with his selected repast and I td you I miss lho kind
of restaurant wo used to have before these norcelalL j
automatlp self clocking resorts came in Why there r
used to bo some mental stimulus and agreeable amuse
ment with your hash Cut now you hurl In as much I
as you can hold oc afford glare at your neighbor as if f
you thought ho was going to grab the pic and break
for the door
Tails this matter of orders You wont hear nny
thing iu hash dialect nowadays except maybe one
In the black or brown the wheats1 even where they
still keep waiters A man used to be kept guessing Iu
file old days figuring out the combinations every res
tuurant had for certain dishes
Now there was Tommy In the liOowl Tommy
Youd hear a waiter bellow that and It you were Inl
Hated you knew he was ordering tomato soup Bobby 1
blue onthe Iron was certainly an effective snbstltute
for baked bluctlhb Moonlight on tho Inks had a lot
more poetry to It than plain poached egg on corned i
beef basin Adiim and Eve on n raft was way ahead
of a prosaic demand for pouched eggs ou lonst But
thats tic tendency these days tiffs Is growlml
biirdor faster and earlier YvVre losing tilt glamour
The hush dialect > cot oiil vI It eranklny tlllpholtCS I
and the Couuti Democracy I

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